ERM - Tape 098 - Those Amazing Aryans


TAPE NO. 98.......By Ella Rose Mast




In our tape series..'The Mysteries of the Kingdom', we have covered much of Ancient History. Some have asked:..Just what did Dr. Swift teach that was so different than what even some of so called 'Identity' ministers preach? Basically we would say that Wesley A. Swift under inspiration as a Warrior Priest for his God, and his Race went much further back into the eons of yesterday to the beginning of this story of a Race of People who came into physical earth as these Aryans...came thru the Adamic Race for a purpose.

We would say that Dr. Swift was guided through his education into an intensive study of both sides of the physical picture of what we call 'The Church'. His father was a Methodist Minister and he was raised in such a home, and he himself became a minister at an early age. We believe this was simply his journey forward in the path of his destiny. He was then introduced to what people call 'Identity' and we believe this was but a giant step forward into the total story contained in the Scriptures. Immediately things clicked in his mind and the Scriptures then made more of an impression on this young minister.

Dr. Swift under 'Inspiration' realized that some time back in the eons of yesterday, in fact before even the foundations of this earth were laid, that YAHWEH had brought forth Spirit or Celestial children for a great purpose. The more Dr. Swift studied and searched the more he realized that this story was never put forward as he had studied to be a minister, perhaps for a purpose. Then began Dr. Swift's study of old books he could find to confirm what he under inspiration was allowed to learn.

In his teaching Dr. Swift told us that there were four great Archangels who under YAHWEH controlled the Universe. After YAHWEH had announced.....bringing forth children of His Spirit for a purpose, one of these Archangels came before Him to ask:..'Will they be as great as I?' As YAHWEH replied:..'They will be even greater for they are Spirit of my Spirit.' This brought about a feeling of Jealousy on the part of this one Archangel. Up unto this time this Archangel, Lucifer, had been considered an Angel of Light (Knowledge) in his area of the Universe as he had proclaimed the great purposes of Almighty YAHWEH (God). But remember that any time you produce a good or positive position there is also a negative side which may come forth. YAHWEH would not allow this Archangel to rebel to prove 'once and for all times' that the positive way under the guidance of YAHWEH is best for all concerned. With this rebellion the whole Universe would see the enactment of a great lesson which would teach this purpose of Almighty God.

In his rebellion, Lucifer would even challenge YAHWEH'S control of the Universe. (Isaiah 14:12-15) You are to remember that if there is a total good, then the challenge would turn in the opposite direction. Lucifer of course would sow throughout his area of the Universe these many falsehoods until one-third of the created Celestial beings in that one-fourth of the Universe would follow this trail of rebellion and cause disaster first in space and then into earth where Lucifer and his followers would finally be confined and Earth would then become the Theater of the Universe. Thus this rebellious Archangel took a physical body and became a Prince of Darkness.

Out in space on one of the planets Lucifer took a wife and set out on his program of 'Race mixing', and his followers followed suit. Great damage was done to a people especially on this planet, and then YAHWEH sent the Archangel Michael to run Lucifer out of the Heavens and to confine him to this planet earth which was in that portion of the Universe.

Yes...there was war in the heavens and this continued from planet to planet even in our own Solar system. However never did Lucifer gain control of the planet Jupiter which was a symbol of YAHWEH for people on earth. But for a time he did have a base on Mars.

After being confined to earth then Lucifer and his fallen comrades began to corrupt the earth following this same program which was totally opposite from the purpose of YAHWEH (God). This led to great disaster for the people of earth until the earth was destroyed by the World Wide Flood of Genesis 1:1-2. You may then pick up the story of the restoration of earth and the people...male and female of Genesis 1., before you move into Genesis 2., for the bringing in of the Adamic Race.

People unfamiliar with the work of Dr. Swift or Pastor Comparet for instance would perhaps by this time have thrown this message into the trash bin, but with an open mind and much study you will find all through the Bible the confirmation of this story up to now, and then be able to follow up through the great flood of Noah's time which was only in that High Tarium Basin.

To us...Dr. Swift told the story well, then confirmed it from the old records and acquired a great library almost impossible to obtain today. Through the 'Mysteries of the Kingdom' series we have been bringing you these facts as found in the Swift ministry since we have had access to the tapes and books of his remaining Library.

The one blinder which still exists today for our people is this realization that Adam and Eve as they came into physical flesh were still Children of Spirit. It was only in the flesh that they fell here under the guidance of this rebellious Archangel, just as the other races had fallen. However with Adam and Eve this situation was different for they were children of YAHWEH'S Spirit and their spirit would not fall..only the fall of the flesh would require the work of a Redeemer for this race, and this was promised to the race before they were put in earth, for the purpose of building YAHWEH'S Kingdom here in earth where this fallen Archangel, now a devil, would be defeated.

The Scriptures will confirm this story if you will search for understanding. This is the reason we always suggest that to understand the future you must go back and search the past. Dr. Swift made our job easier for us since he did so much in that respect.

In this tape we are once more going back in time to help establish just who these Aryan people were who came out of the Celestial mountains of that Himalayan Chain, and then spread out over the earth long before those of the race, known as Israelites, came on the scene.

From the Swift Library came another of the old books, this one is entitled 'The Prehistoric Antiquities of the Aryan People.' This book is by a German author, Dr. Schrader, and translated into English by Frank Byron Jevons in 1890 with the consent and advise of the author.

You find that always throughout history and even today there has always been a great interest in tracing family trees. This has nothing to do with what is termed 'Racism' or Bigotry' of today. This was merely a longing of people to search for their roots since there are memories which linger of by-gone years that drives them to search. Even Valentines Day which has been used and corrupted by the enemy still stirs some of these memories.

From the old records we find that the Ancient Aryans believed that YAHWEH demanded and blessed their family type of life style. They had come forth after the birth of Seth proclaiming they were the sons and daughters of YAH (Genesis 4:26). They believed they must maintain this family life style and their Racial purity because this was in the purposes of their Father and God. They honored and protected the women of the race realizing that without them there would be no race. These early Aryans believed they were to bless the World Order by showing these people of earth now under the influence of the fallen Archangel the advantages of this type of life and worship, not only for all of the children but for the whole family as well. They believed that there were footsteps which YAHWEH ordained which they were to follow and which would bring all a better life.

Yes, the enemy would work always to turn this custom full circle, and at times they would seem to be succeeding but we find that in each generation there is always some who hang on to the old ways, and draw our people back from the brink of destruction.

In the 1800's once more there arose a great interest on the part of the people in Europe as to the background of these people now called...'Indo-Europeans'. Many people then began to try to trace their family trees and to publish their finding. Some families were even able to trace their family migrations back into Northern India where once was a great civilization created by these Aryan people. There were even traditions uncovered which went further back from Northern India into the High Himalaya Mountains.

In their tracing of history these writers of the 1800's used many different approaches in their research. They studied the Sanskrit which is the Ancient Aryan language of the Hindus of Northern India including the language of the Veda. With this science of Etymology (the origin of words) they could also compare the philosophy and religion of these people of their race. All avenues used pointed to this portion of Asia from Northern India into the Himalaya Mountains as the Birthplace of these Amazing Aryan people who much later in their migrations came into Europe to settle permanently. From Sanskrit to Veda, to Hebrew, and to Armenian, for instance, the researchers were to trace these people as coming from the East...building a civilization in Norther India, then on to the West thru Persia. Then through the Mid-East areas around the Caspian Sea they came in their Westward migrations pausing once in a while to build a civilization. When their numbers increased in this area they would split up and move out, some going one route to the West and others taking another route as their destiny required.

In this Westward movement they were bringing their family style of civilization, their knowledge of Agriculture, Astronomy, Architecture, and their worship of the Great God of the Heavens. This all even before the Flood of Noah's time. In their research these Europeans found that these Aryans who had come into Europe were also related to the Brahmin people of Northern India. They also record that there was a great difference between the original inhabitants of India and these Aryans who came into that land..stating that their complexion marked a great difference.

These people coming down from the high mountains were said to be a peaceful, pastoral people who if they settled in one place for any length of time became interested in Agriculture. Soon they had domesticated the animals for their use, and the dog is listed as being one of the first such animals because of its faithfulness. As their numbers increased some would migrate to the West taking their animals with them as well as seeds for their Agriculture programs. They were said to be a peaceful people unless attacked, and then they became fierce fighters protecting their families and their livestock. They had tamed the horse, the ox, the sheep, goats, goose and duck, but of all the of these the dog became their pet and faithful companion.

These people moved with their carts and wagons and on horseback as the smaller animals and fowls were transported in the carts, as well as food for their animals and themselves if the trail west did not provide. The wagons became their traveling homes, especially for the women and children.

The researchers, quoted in these old books, agree that these Aryan people built houses and walled villages whenever they paused for a time. They would then share their knowledge of Astronomy and it was also noted that they had quite a knowledge of their own bodies which seemed to reach back into the yesterdays. This was established by their carvings, their Ancient monuments, and the buildings they left along the trail of their migration. Many of the local inhabitants along this trail called them 'children of progeny, of the sky', because of their knowledge, their beliefs, and the rituals of their religion which had a connection to such words as 'Father' and 'Sky'. These words carried over to the symbols and signs they left along their path even to the stones of their cemeteries.

The form of Government of these Pre-historic Aryans was based on the organization of the family, with a Patriarchial system. It seems that the word 'Trees' was of great significance for those Ancient people. The Oak Tree was symbolic of Supreme Deity..a Ruling Tree..or lineage from their Supreme Deity...this was what made these Aryans a part of this Great Oak Tree. They left this type of message along the path that they carved to the West, and others of the Race were quick to realize that some the race had gone before them.

The Caspian Sea area was one of the Cross Roads for these migrating people coming from the East. The land called Armenia saw many of them even before the coming of the children of Noah when they migrated from the high country. The word Caucasian came from these migrating, tall, light skinned, and pastoral people who always paused in their migrations long enough to enrich an area with their knowledge, and leave behind the markings of their race, as a path for others to follow. This was the case as they marked the resting places of their fallen loved ones.

Archaeology which has developed into a proven science has been of much help in tracing these Aryans. It has helped to prove that the descendants of Adam were somewhat different than any other race on the face of the earth. It has helped to prove that the worship of the ONE True God was the religion of the Aryans, as well as to uncover facts to substantiate the other claims put forward by these researching the past.

In the Tapes..'The Mystery of the Kingdom' Series we have given you descriptions of the work of Architecture of these Master Builders, and Stone Masons as they marked the path, and told their stories in stone circles, mounds, and great buildings in different areas such as Egypt and Great Britain.

After all these years there is still a great interest in the Great Pyramid of Giza altho not many know why or when it was built. But these Ancient Aryans knew that a Capped Pyramid would mean this race...was restored to their perfect predestined relationship with YAHWEH as YAHSHUA their Saviour. They were looking forward to the coming of their promised Redeemer. Those of the Race building the Great Pyramid and the other marks of the story knew that the Pyramid was built with the passage way 'off center' showing this race was to be left to God's purpose, caused by the fall of Adam. But they looked forward to the coming of their Saviour, and to the time when Symbolically the capstone is placed on the Pyramid as Restoration takes place. Today we understand that we have been redeemed, but physically we have to be restored, as mentally we are changed in our concept of life.

Today with Insurance supposedly to cover even death we always hear that remark...'There is nothing more sure than death and taxes', but this also will change as we are restored in our thinking. Only then will we be able to worship God 'In Spirit and in Truth'...John 4:24. Only then will we be able to 'Walk in the Light as HE is in the Light..I John 1:7. In perfection these Amazing Aryans...God's Israel..will be a part of this ONE GOD, for we are Spirit of His Spirit, and thus also part of this Capstone in Symbolism. Natural Israel is symbolized as the Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The Kings Chamber is a symbol of the Ministry on natural Israel until Israel is restored into a single..'God Fearing'..'God believing unit'. This is the message left by the Master Builders of those Amazing Aryans.

Today Israel's Faith is now alive in 'THE CHRIST', and will in time be as 'Gold tried in the fire (Shekinah Light)..I Peter 1:7. This is a part of the restoration of Israel as she becomes known to the World as..This NEW JERUSALEM...this race which came into earth for a definite purpose. Then people will understand that since the first parents of this race fell as they came into flesh, then this called for a restoration so as to continue the building of this Kingdom Administration on earth, so as to bring this Glory of God to all flesh. Understanding some of this great purpose, no wonder these Amazing Aryans left their message all over the earth. But until Sonship is restored completely, this symbolism of Husband and Wife marriage between the Great God and these of the Race will not be understood.

Today it is study...and His WORD in us is quickened, by appealing for understanding, His way, forgetting self will bring you closer to your goal. There is only ONE Gospel (Romans 15:16-19) the 'Spirit' of Truth which quickens until we respond with these words:..'Thy Word is Truth.' This is the Gospel we are to use so as to come into the fullness of Sonship (Romans 8:19). We the children of God have to be fed again by the 'Spirit of Truth' so that we may grow until all error is gone from our minds.

This is the message these Amazing Aryans seemed to understand, and Dr. Swift picked up this Vision in his time...that this was a covenant of marriage..and Israel would be called 'The Woman.' As Eve listened to Lucifer, now symbolized as the Serpent, this was a great departure from TRUTH. to bring us back to that Truth lost by the fall. This race comes back into the realm of the Abrahamic Covenant by being circumcised in our hearts by 'TRUTH'..pledging 'all that YAHWEH has written in our hearts we will do.' With TRUTH once more as our guide, all stubbornness of empty pride will vanish, and we will be able to see the program for Israel which our Ancestors have scattered over the globe, and also see how this program is for the good of the World Order as well.

These Aryans offered sacrifices on an Altar, in Tabernacles, all over the world proclaiming the coming of their Saviour, but it will be the True Church (Spiritual Center) of the kingdom which will take the wisdom of the Restoration of the Kingdom to Restored Israel.

The Prophets of old talked about the Restoration of Israel. The Apostle Paul took us further..until we expect a Glorified Christ with his sons and daughters to be revealed, yet this is also the story the Great Pyramid tells...from Adam to when the earth is filled with the knowledge of the Glory of YAHWEH as the waters cover the sea! Habakkuk 2:14.

Still today there are people who will put up the argument against this knowledge that there is only the theory of evolution to contend with altho they cannot explain why Archaeologists call the Ancient buildings in South America the work of the Master Builders. They cannot explain who built the pre-Inca roadways in Ancient Rome in many respects. Archaeologists have proved that Ancient inhabitants of South America were capable of dressing and moving large stones just as were those Master Builders of Ancient Egypt. Archaeologists have also tied this work to the mysteries of Easter Island where the Great Stone Statues are said...'To walk.'

The Archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl studied all that was written about these mysterious stone statues of Easter Island and then went to study them at first hand and he came to the conclusion that the early Aryans, Adam-man, traveled further and faster than others had previously suspected. He was sure that we must not look down on the people of the past, since they have more in common with us than most realize.

Easter Island is a mystery..but it is there, it is setting on solid rock protruding from the Pacific Ocean and west from South America. Thor Heyerdahl was born in 1914, then became interested later in the ruins of South America. He learned that in early times 'Reed Ships' had traveled the seas, and these ships had been built like those of Ancient Egypt, and in the Middle-East. Could it be that they had a common cradle? Thor Heyerdahl with the help of South American Indians brought from the Lake Titicaca area, built the second Reed Ship after his first failure at such building. Then he and his crew sailed this Reed Ship from Morocco...the 3790 miles.... westward across the Atlantic in 57 Barbados. This ship..Ra II., is now on exhibit along with the original Balsa-wood raft KON TIKI, in the famous KON TIKI museum in Oslo, Norway.

Next Thor Heyerdal went to Iraq, formerly Mesopotamia, and there built the large 'Reed Ship' called 'The Tigris' which was 60 feet long and named after the River form whence it was launched. This crew of 11 men sailed from Iraq out through the Persian Gulf, then from Oman to Pakistan, and the final leg of the journey found them crossing the Indian Ocean from Asia to Africa to the entrance of the Red Sea. With this journey they were showing that 3 great civilizations from Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley could have made overseas contact using the kind of vessels common to all three.

It was thus established that long before Columbus or even the Vikings hoisted sail, these Amazing Aryans had sailed Westward. On reaching Peru much later the Spaniards found that white bearded men had once ruled the whole Inca territory. They had brought their families with them as well as their skills as Master Builders.

It is Thor Heyerdahl who tells us that from his investigations he learned that Kon Tiki, the legendary bearded sun-king who reigned in Tiahuanaco, who raised the stone statues in Ancient pre-Inca land had finally left that area leading his followers to the coast, from which they had sailed Westward into the Pacific. This white skinned ruler of the area was also known as 'Viracocha' which means 'Foam of the Sea.' The Archaeologists and explorers of old have confirmed that these Ancient people of our race, had a written language, had great knowledge of astronomy, had a `atriarchial type of government, and great knowledge as to the carving and dressing of great stones. They built homes and Cathedrals, not of wood which was plentiful, but of stone. They blessed the area where they paused to build a civilization until they were overpowered by the darker races of the World Order, and then they quietly moved on in their destiny. We then notice through out history that as the World Order took over these great civilizations..soon they were in ruins.

Many explorers came to Eastern Island and then left their reports as to their impressions of the Island and its people. It was determined that once these Islanders had been versed in Agriculture. As Catholic missionaries came to the Island they found inscribed tablets in every hut, and not understanding they ordered them destroyed, saying that they were the work of the devil. Later a certain Father Zumbohm would make the discovery of the inscriptions of certain stones. Then seeing that Father Zumbohm was interested...pieces of wood were brought to him, even a piece of cloth with pictures of miniature fishes, birds, and animals were on this cloth. Although no one deciphered the characters still this signified a forgotten language.

The native tradition was that the first King brought to the Island 67 tablets containing Allegories, traditions, genealogical tablets, and proverbs relating to the land from which they had migrated. A knowledge of these written characters was said to be confined to the Royal Family, and the Chiefs of the 6 districts who were also the sons of the ruler, and also certain Priests and teachers with them. It was learned that the people assembled once each year to hear all those tablets read.

It was still remembered by the Islanders that the people who built Easter Island into a Paradise in the long forgotten past came from the East, from the land of Western South America where their civilization was crumbling. It was said that they came in what the Islanders called 'Boat Rafts'...or perhaps REED SHIPS? These Ancient people were said to be 'Ancestor worshipers' and that they believed in their descent from the gods. As Christianity came this was declared...of the devil, and yet today we have people who think that they are descendants from Apes. While the Ancients desired to preserve the good of the past, ours are trying to improve the dubious future.

Royal Genealogies were most important to the Ancients because of the remembered connection with the Creator God. These people believed in an immortal soul, in a supreme and Omnipotent God who had created the world, and the first man and woman, even before Adam and Eve. They believed that the name of this God was 'MAKE-MAKE'...because from HIM descended the line of the Sacred Kings, one of them was their leader who founded the Easter Island Dynasty. These Ancients were Stone Masons, and they built their houses of stone, and in a circle. They brought with them to the Island many cultivated plants such as the Sweet Potato, the bottle Gourd, the Maniocs (The roots is where Tapioca came from) and the Totora Reeds.

It is an established fact that the first contingent of Spaniards who were able to conquer the mighty Inca army were able to do this because they were mistaken for the Viracocha People..Returning. This is also another conformation of the appearance of these Amazing Aryans who came so long before the Spaniards.

As each of the explorers came close to Easter Island the first thing they would see was those Great Stone Statues, then later many people would come to take a closer look and to study these 'Walking Statues'. Mrs. Routledge and her party did a great study of these statues before Thor Heyerdahl and his group came to Easter Island. Her group found that a great number of these Stone Statues had been in the works when the activities through out the quarries suddenly ceased. Hundreds of men must have been busy in the volcano area when the work was suddenly interrupted.

It was determined that after being carved on three sides the statues were cut loose from the rock and then lowered to the foot of the hill beneath the quarries. It was determined that there were three roads leading from these quarries down which these 20 to 30 foot statues had walked. Some for an unknown reason, had fallen along the way, or perhaps had been left to mark these roads and had in time fallen over. Some weighing 40 or 50 tons had reached the 'Ahu' (final resting place) without a scratch. After the statues were in place the hats of Red Stone were rolled to the standing images and lifted to the top of those standing statues and placed in the depression already in place. In time a Frenchman was to record that this Red or reddish blond stone on top was only to signify that it was a tall blond or red headed civilization that had built the Great Stone Statues.

As for these was learned that a special curved bottom was carved on the platform on which they stood, and they could thus be moved by a rocking motion. As they reached their final position Stones were placed under the edges of the bottoms so as to make them solid and level. It was only 'Time' which had removed these 'Leveling stones' and caused the Statues to fall.

As to the eyes of the Statues being missing in some of the Statues, this was also said to be a mystery. They had found in Pre-Inca land the Weeping eye, and it was said to be symbolic of rain from the Sun God. But those of the modern world were not about to admit that there had been such a people as these Amazing Aryans who had spread out over the earth and been known as Master Builders. After all we now had this theory of Evolution which was clouding the minds of the explorers, as well as some of the Archaeologists.

As the Thor Heyerdahl group came to Easter Island they confirmed the findings of Mrs. Routledge and her group as to how the Statues were carved, down to the last detail, in front, and on both sides and then cut out of the rock, with the back being finished after the statue was lowered to the ground. This group excavated around some of the statues at the bottom of the Quarries and they found that each was a full length statue, altho now buried up to the waist in debris. They also confirmed that these statues showed a much longer head than the round headed Asiatic type of the population of the Island.

Thor Heyerdahl was convinced that at one time these great Statues had all had inlayed eyes. Two years later a large eye was found, and now they knew that at one time the statues did have eyes but in TIME they had fallen out and were buried in the debris. His group had found a similar eye in Peru which had fallen out of a wooden statue, and this led them to search for a stone eye. They found such an eye and fitted the eye into the socket of a statue and found that it fitted perfectly, and one more mystery of Easter Island was solved.

Archaeologists for the most part tried to give credit for these amazing the Hittites or other people of the World Order, but the fact remains that in their work they do trace, altho they do not acknowledge...that a long lost race of people which we call the Amazing Aryans moved out from the High Himalaya Mountains on a Mission for their God. Always as they moved they took their women and children with them. They left the traces of their migration and its purpose everywhere they paused in their journey. They were a blessing to the people of Earth as they paused to build in many places a great civilization. There they passed on their knowledge which had been given them for a PURPOSE. In time these early Aryans had disappeared from the earth but their mission had been completed.

The Great Lesson learned from their work, not only for the Race.... Adamites to follow, but for the rest of the world as well as for those watching throughout the Universe, was that 'Race Mixing' had destroyed each one of these great civilizations. This is a program of the Devil and it totally destroyed 'That World that was' before (Genesis 1:1-2). Then its program of destruction carried on after the restoration of the earth as told in Genesis I. In the continued story the Bible then records that never again will the earth be wiped out by a great flood as it was before in Genesis 1:1-2. Instead all things will be cleansed by fire which is Shekinah Light and the Administration of the Kingdom will cover the earth to accomplish God's designated Purpose.

It is men like Heyerdahl..respected and admired, who has been in the forefront of the news, of history, archaeology, anthropology and other important pursuits since his earliest days in the South Seas that has brought much enlightenment to our day. His explorations have been recounted in significant books, both popular and scientific, and in films. He was educated first as a biologist, trained also in Zoology and geography, he is the author of KON-TIKI, AKU AKU, THE ART OF EASTER ISLAND, THE MALDIVES MYSTERY, AND THE TRIGIS EXPEDITION and other works. He reveals much in his works without antagonizing those who would deny. In time our people will be able to see and seek the common bond with our ancestors which is there for the discovery.