ERM - Tape 102 - This Generation Shall Not Pass - Matt 24:34


TAPE NO. 102  -  By Ella Rose Mast




The word Generation carried a double meaning which is often not realized. It carries the meaning of RACE as well as a period of time in someone’s life. The Generations of the Adamic Race begins in the Scriptures in Genesis 4:1. When The Christ walked the earth as Jesus..Saviour..the word still carried the meaning of Race because many of the generations of this race would come and go and still the Kingdom Administrations is not in place. Jesus thus was saying that there would still be some of His race here in earth as He comes as KING OF KINGS. He was also saying that the Viper Race would still be with us also right up to the time of the Return of The Christ as KING OF KINGS. They would still be denying the Resurrection, still be trying to pervert the doctrines of the Church (the spiritual center of the Kingdom), still be trying to subvert the plan of this Divine Administration of earth, and still be shedding the blood of men who are on the 'RIGHT', as well as usurping the position of God's chosen people.

For instance:..'The tree (family tree or race) is known by its fruit ...O Generation (race) of vipers how can ye being evil speak good things?' Matthew 12:34. 'The children of the World (order) are in their generations (races) wiser than the Children of Light' (Luke 16:8). 'A seed shall serve HIM; it shall be accounted to the LORD for a generation (race)'. Psalms 22:30.

Today we still find the same battle raging between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness. In this tape we are recalling to your memory another time in our history when this battle was very much in focus. At that time in our history as a nation there were still too many communists in our Government, too many people in high places in our nation did believe in our God, and the drive was on to make these United States a part of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, no longer a Sovereign Nation.

At this time in history then God 'called', and another Patriot stood for God and Country and denounced the enemy. As we look into the life of this other Patriot in this continuing battle we have the testimony of a Lady who worked for this Patriot during the time the powers of Darkness sought to destroy a young Senator who sought to warn the American people of this Communist infiltration of their Government...this was Larry Lent. We also have a book by the young Jewish attorney who worked for this Senator and his name was Roy Cohn.

This Patriot...Joseph Raymond McCarthy was born November 14, 1908, on a farm near Appleton, Wisconsin. Young McCarthy became a lawyer at an early age, and then a circuit judge. He left his Judgeship to enter the Marines when W.W.II came, and he served in the Pacific area. It was during the War that he became acquainted with John F. Kennedy and although they were of very different backgrounds they became friends, and this friendship continued after the war.

Young McCarthy returned home from the War and became interested in the situation facing his government and he decided to enter politics and see if he could be of any use in that area. He ran for the U.S. Senate against Robert La Follette...and this young Senator won the election.

Larry Lent tells us that Senator McCarthy loved his country very much and this was always on his mind, as well as his love of the American people and of course our Constitution which has served us well. He believed that he could help get rid of the enemies in our country. Senator McCarthy was a friendly unassuming young man, as soon as people met him they were his friend. He had a fabulous mind and a brilliant memory and he should have made a good Senator for this nation.

This was the type of young man who came to Washington D.C., to serve in the United States Senate at a time when many hard core Communists still remained in different 'high up' jobs not only in the Government but also throughout the nations. Even the Defense plants had been full of Communists who were outright 'security risks'. Harry Dester White had risen to great power and even the President was fooled by this man. Edward Rothchild still remained in the Government printing office in spite of dozens of F.B.I. reports concerning his Communists activities until later exposed by the McCarthy committee.

The Over Seas Libraries had been set in place in foreign countries...supposed to contain reading material telling about our country, its people and our life style and beliefs. But upon examination the shelves were found to contain 30,000 books by Communist Sympathizers, or those who promoted Communism. There were tax supported libraries and Senator McCarthy was appalled that this had been allowed to happen, this use of tax payer money to help and promote Communism which was the enemy of these United States. The more places he looked the more he found and this young Senator then started the Senate Committee of Investigation.

All at once this Young Senator became a menace to the United States Congress because of his outspoken charges. He upset them so they said the sensitive feelings of this great house called the Senate of the U.S. with his outrageous charges:....

1. He charged the Democratic Party with 20 years of Treason, and this infuriated the 47 Democrat Senators.

2. He accused the Eisenhower Administration with appeasement, retreat, and surrender to Communism.

3. He charged General Marshall, a friend of the President with being soft on Communism.

These were serious and outspoken charges and of course they raised the hackles of the sitting body. But if the Republicans were to win the control of the Senate in 1954 then Joseph McCarthy would have been the Chairman of the Committee on Government Operations, this of course was uppermost on the mind of Senators as well as those in control behind the scene of the Eisenhower Administration. They realized that Senator McCarthy was popular with the people and if he were to break away from the Republican Party in 1956 this would bring disaster to the Eastern Liberals of the Party. Thus we would say that politics would play a large part in all that happened to this young Patriot who came to Washington D.C. hoping to help this nation. He had been greeted by no one on his arrival, after all he was just a young Senator and would not be welcomed by the Entrenched Senators for they did not want, so to speak, 'to Rock the Boat'. Besides many of the Senators were locked into the Eastern Liberal Philosophy that suggested that a little Communism would not be a bad thing in our modern world.

This was the climate that the young Senator would run up against as he tried to remove the enemies from our nation. Gerald L.K. Smith would say this about this young Senator McCarthy:..(quote) 'he was a decorated Marine, a fighting Christian Irishman, a handsome heroic son of God fearing parents.' (unquote)

Imagine then that after fighting as a Marine and winning the war how he must have felt to come home to find his government through 'negotiations' had lost the Peace. From a victorious nation we became a defeated nation, not only would Stalin control one/half of Berlin, and one/half of Germany but Stalin also convinced our leaders to sacrifice Poland, and all the nations which joined the Soviet Union. These little Eastern nations had all been free and independent nations before this and there was no good reason to let the Communists take over.

While in the Marines, Senator McCarthy came to know the Coast of China and Japan real well, and when reminiscing later he maintained that our policy to maintain a friendly China was a wise one because the Pacific Ocean was essential to the protection of the United States. Imagine his surprise to find that this policy was being abandoned and China was being turned over to the Communists.

Sometime after coming to Washington D.C. the Young Senator was invited to have lunch with the Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal. Larry Lent was to wonder if perhaps God had a hand arranging this meeting because Secretary Forrestal was to bring the Senator up to date on the Communist infiltration of our Government, our school, and our News Media. In the State Department the Communists had recommended other Communists for jobs, and those people were now in policy making positions. Our Foreign Policy was therefore slanted toward Soviet Objectives. Before this meeting with the Secretary of the Navy the young Senator had thought that we were losing to the Communists because of the Incompetence or stupidity. When he mentioned this to the Sec. of Navy, James Forrestal, the Secretary replied:..'Consistence has never been a mark of stupidity..if our State Department boys were merely stupid they would make a mistake once in a our favor'.

Now; the FBI had not been asleep during the 40's and 50's, their investigations had produced volumes of files on Communist infiltration into the American Government, but they had no way to get this information to the people, and no authority to remove these people from their Government jobs. One time the FBI notified President fact they had notified him 7 times that Harry Dexter White was a suspected traitor, but President Truman under the influence of the enemy only gave the man a raise in position. The Un-American Activities Committee had held hearings and exposed Algers Hiss as a Communist in the State Department and reported this to President Truman, but the President ridiculed this report calling it a 'Red Herring'. Secretary of State Dean Atchison declared that he would never turn his back on Algers Hiss. Thus American leaders in blindness were being influenced to betray their nation.

Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal however was one of the men who was able to see beyond all this blindness and he was now informing this young Senator as to the danger our nation faced at this time in our history. Then the Almighty raised up Patriots to counter the threat to his nation and Senator McCarthy would play a great role in this uncovering of Communist infiltration and its results. The Secretary of Navy named names, and places and this young Senator began his crusade. It was soon after this that Secretary Forrestal fell, OR WAS PUSHED from the upper window of Bethesda Naval Hospital and another voice of protest was silenced.

After he had come to Washington D.C. and took his oath of office Senator McCarthy found that there were other members of Congress who were also outspoken and had also been trying to alert the American people for years, but when they had proved for certain that some one was a Communist the story was hidden..if printed at the Want Ad sections of the Newspapers. Senator McCarthy was soon aware of the frustration of these Patriots who witnessed our Foreign Policy 'give-away'. He after day the evidence of Treason, but unless this evidence could be gotten out to the American people, and they rose in anger, how could you expose the Traitors as well as the Dupes who were helping them? After all Foreign Policy does not just happen, it is well planned, it has faces and names and these would have to be exposed. Even J. Edgar Hoover believed that once you exposed the Traitors and Dupes to the public then you could expect they would no longer be able to do harm to our nation. The problem was, how do you bring this exposure when the enemy controlled the Communication system? It would do little good to try to reform Foreign Policy as long as those men forming that policy were your enemy.

Day after day this young Senator had come across more and more evidence of Treason, and more and more government employees were now coming to the Senator with 'absolute' proof of Treason or Sabotage in their departments of government. The Senators files were now bulging with proof and he decided he must begin to speak out no matter what the cost. Some Senators came to him and advised him to be quite, for there was nothing that he could do and it would only look bad for the Senate of the U.S. if he tried to expose all this conspiracy, but the young Senator could not settle for this which he termed cowardice.

The first opportunity to speak out to the American people in hopes of awakening them came when he was asked to speak at a Lincoln Day Dinner in Wheeling, West Virginia. This dinner was given by the Republican Women of Wheeling on February 29, 1950. This was the opportunity the Senator was looking for to put his Crusade in action. He began his speech this way:..(quote) 'Today we are engaged in a final ALL OUT battle between communism and Christianity!' In his speech he charged the Communists who worked in the State Department. He stated that he had names of 57 Communists who worked in the State Department. He showed a letter from Secretary Burns showing that earlier there had been 184 'unfit' persons working in the State Department, and that there were 205 people considered as Security Risks working in the State Department, and he had the names of 57 of them. He declared that he would give these names to a Security board, or another interested Committee. All this information would also be sent to the President of the United States, and the President then could ask Dean Atchison who these people were.

The President never acknowledged receiving the letter which was sent, and the Press of course ridiculed the charges, but at least they did admit that the charges had been made. The Senate then moved to appoint a committee to investigate Senator McCarthy's charges, and the Communists in this country then lost no time in coining the word:...'McCarthyism', and they began a ferocious attack upon the young Senator and anyone who would join him.

Senator Tidings was appointed head of the Senate Investigating Committee and he challenged the figures given by Senator McCarthy in an effort to confuse everyone. The Committee sent a man to Wheeling, West Virginia to interview the people who had heard Senator McCarthy speak, and everyone gave the same figures. This angered the Committee so they sent another man to Wheeling, and one of the Committee members went along. Back in those days of course the speech was not taped as it would have been today. Larry Lent had coffee with the man who was first sent to Wheeling, West Virginia and he told him that Senator Tidings was furious, and was out to destroy Senator McCarthy. When the second Committee report was the same as the first, they fired the man who reported to the Committee.

After Senator Tidings was defeated in the next election the McCarthy people began to realize why the Senators who had held power so long did not want to disturb the 'status quo'. The Press was turned loose, and McCarthyism began to mean an attack on innocent people, character assassination, a witch hunt, but this was the enemies way to try to destroy anyone who seemed to stand in their way.

Senator McCarthy then wrote a book in which he explained what McCarthyism was all about. He urged the American people to take a hard look at what happened as the Communists took over the Soviet Union, how this had led to total destruction of freedom. One Old Line Communist said:..'Now it is total war between Communism and Capitalism of the West. We are today to weak to strike, but our day will come in 30 to 40 years. Today we must lull the Western Nations to sleep with a Cry of Peace and Disarmament, then when their guard is dropped we shall smash them with a clenched fist'.

When the Senators book was published it was sent to Libraries, but almost never displayed, it was hidden from the public while the Press played the tune of 'McCarthyism' again and again. Today we still have people who think McCarthyism is a dirty word, whereas old time Conservatives looked on Senator McCarthy as an American Patriot, one point of light, standing tall for his god and his nation against the Children of Darkness.

One of the names given by the Senator to the Investigating Committee was Owen Lattimore, for he was a highly placed individual who the State Department look to for Foreign Policy decisions. He was known all over the world for the book he had written about China. Mr. Lattimore was a professor at John Hopkins University. Again the News Media was in an uproar, and the Committee soon cleared Owen Lattimore of all the charges. The Liberals were in control and they did not plan on loosing that control, and they protected those they considered their friends.

Larry Lent had worked in Washington D.C. for some time, she had worked for the Navy and she had experience in seeing how the Communists moved in on a country and enslaved the people. She had at one time worked in the Pentagon, and in the Far East Intelligence Division, and had come in contact with the names of people who were working for the Communists. She was also acquainted with the work of the Institute of Pacific Relations of which Owen Lattimore was a member. If you will remember..this was a Rockefeller Organization as is the C.F.R. Larry Lent also became a secretary of the Committee that was finally investigating the McCarthy files therefore she had much experience in these investigations and she became a good judge of character, all before she joined the staff of Senator Joseph McCarthy and then became his personal Secretary.

The Senate Committee finally took possession of all the McCarthy files, and after a five month study the investigation started, and for six months more hearings were held. This was the most careful investigation ever conducted by a Committee of Congress in the opinion of Larry Lent who was in and out of the hearing room frequently. At times she was taking dictation from one or more of the witnesses. There were many Pro-American witnesses, even Elizabeth Bently testified who had joined the Communist party at one time and had become a Soviet Courier back in those days when Communism was a craze in Washington D.C. Now she was working to expose her former Party members. A number of witnesses took the 5th., Amendment while others refused to answer any questions, and a number of witnesses answered the questions but failed to tell the truth. The Committee finally had to agree that Owen Lattimore testified falsely in reference to 5 separate matters that related to the inquiry.

In July of 1952 the Investigation report was finally published, and among the conclusions of the Committee was:..(quote) 'We find that effective Leadership of the Institute of Pacific Relations used its influence to promote the Interest of the Soviet Union in the United States. Through the year of 1945 that 49 persons associated with the IPR were effective in keeping the U.S. policy on a course favorable to the Communist objective in China.' Owen Lattimore proved to be a Conscious Conspirator of the Communist conspiracy from sometime in the 1930's onward...this was now an established fact, and once more an American Patriot was correct, but this was not to be the end of the affair because this is not the way the 'Children of Darkness' play in their battle to take over the world for their god.

After the Senatorial hearings were over Larry Lent applied for a job in the office of Senator McCarthy. In her interview for the job she tells us that they talked mostly about the sad problems of our country, and how best to solve them. She then became Sub-secretary to Senator Joseph McCarthy and when his secretary left she became Secretary to the Senator. From this position she learned much about the personality and beliefs of this young Congressman. She tells us that 85 to 90% of the mail that came into the Senators office was favorable, and that people asked..How could they help? The Senator always replied...You can alert the American people to a much greater danger than even the Communist in the State Department. Always the Communist line of thought is that if you control the minds of the youth of a nation then you can control that nation indefinitely, this was why the Communists were then trying to move into the schools, and Universities... to control the education of the youth of America. They were moving in the areas of teachers, and books, and only the mothers and fathers of America could sweep that out of the schools. Senator McCarthy went on to warn that if you were to expose a Communist teacher you would be attacked, and smeared, and accused of in-dangering academic freedom. But to the enemy... this Academic freedom means to force you to hire them to teach your children a philosophy which you do not believe.

We remember when this fight was on and parents were trying to fight back although they did not quite understand what was happening. President Kennedy had been educated in an Ultra Liberal philosophy and he helped open the way for Communist Propaganda to flood the schools. From his far Left background he saw no wrong in this. But as we move into the 90's we now see some of these things exposed...we wait for everything to be exposed so that our people wander no longer in the darkness which has obstructed them for so many centuries. At that time they will have CHILDREN OF LIGHT AND THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS. They will finally understand the part that controlled Media has played all this time in this age old fight for the Kingdom Administration.

Back in the days of Senator McCarthy this young Senator did not realize that the President of his own Party..President Eisenhower under the same influence as the presidents before him would also become his enemy. The Senator decided to come out 'publicly' once again, and he went to Chicago Ill., and gave a speech. He took along all the documents that Larry Lent had numbered. He asked the reporters to come backstage after his talk and receive the Documentation of all that he would say. Not one reporter came back stage, yet the next morning the Newspapers carried a vicious attack on Senator McCarthy. This still goes on today my friends therefore you do not want to be too influenced by what is reported in the so called 'news'.

Senator McCarthy following his path of Destiny exposed 81 persons....Communists working in the State Department, and all were proved guilty and removed. He turned over names of many other suspected Communists working in our Government. In his position as Senator he investigated other departments of Government saving millions of dollars of tax payers money. He was thought of as a hard working, dedicated Patriot by all who knew what he was trying to do, but the enemy would never forgive the exposure of their plot to take over these United States, with the help of the Ultra Liberals in both major political parties and the people who became dupes because of the power they had acquired and wished to keep.

The attacks on the Senator would of course continue, with the Press suggesting he was just trying to be President, but according to his secretary he only wanted to remain a Senator from Wisconsin, and work to rid our nation of Traitors. Hollywood even got into the act of character assassination with their movie..'Tail gunner Joe'. This movie carried many untruths one after the other, even suggesting that McCarthy was shooting down coconuts. Today we see how Hollywood handles the John F. Kennedy story and how they replay it over and over again, yet these two young men were both in the Pacific War Zone and Joe McCarthy had received the 'flying cross' Medal. However it was even suggested that McCarthy had not earned it, just requested it.

A few years ago you will remember that Roy Cohn died of Aids, and people recalled that he had at one time worked for Senator McCarthy, and they wondered why the Senator had hired him. Roy Cohn came from a Jewish family who were opposed to Communism because they believed that it would upset their lives they had carved out here in America. Most of the Jewish people however were in favor of Communism. This was a known fact..Roy Cohn was a young Attorney, and he became a prosecutor and learned about Communism and when Senator McCarthy headed it then these two young men did not get along to well. Kennedy was the minority Counsel for that Committee.

In his book 'McCarthy'..Roy Cohn spoke well of the Senator and pointed out many facts. He pointed out that President Eisenhower in his 'Memoirs'...'Mandate for Change' said that McCarthy made wild charges against James Bryant Conant..Harvard President when Eisenhower nominated him for U.S. High Commissioner of Germany. But the charges were made because Conant had endorsed the 'Morganthal Plan' for as we know today the destruction of Germany. Roy Cohn tells us that President Eisenhower at one time asked Senator McCarthy to stop all public hearings and to hold only executive sessions. The minutes of these Executive sessions would be taken to Ike personally and he would then read them carefully and take appropriate action on an Administrative level against the people named in the testimony. Of course the Senator could not do this for then the public would have been shut out of the picture. Roy Chon thought that this rejection of the President's plan led to the plot to destroy Senator McCarthy for the powers that-be now believed that he could not be stopped any other way.

Other Senators then began to call in Roy Cohn and intimate that he should resign or he might be caught in the 'crossfire'. The Republican Senator on the Committee were urged to resign..let it now become just a one man show and only Senator McCarthy would thus be hurt. Besides they were under pressure to get rid of Roy Cohn because he was thought to be the Attorney who was digging up all the evidence against the Communists. After all remember that although his people were Jewish they had been against Communism, and this would make him a target for the enemy never forgets or forgives anyone.

Finally another young lawyer was brought on board as an attorney for the Senate, and his last name was Schine, and he was also of Jewish lineage, but this young man was always trying to gain an advantage for himself and even went so far as to use the Senators name to gain this advantage. Young Schine then was called to the army and the McCarthy hearings were then turned into a public side-show. The plot was to become sort of like the 'Iran-Contra affair'..the idea being to try to find out if McCarthy and Roy Cohn had used their 'Influence' to get young Schine a soft place in the army. Even the top brass of the Army were called out in these public hearings, in this waste of tax payers money, in this side-show, of investigations. But the actual objective was just a ploy to stop McCarthy's investigation into the Communist Infiltration in all parts of the United States society.

After those hearings were over then the Senate set up the Watkins Committee to investigate Senator McCarthy himself, and the Senators who sat on this Committee were:..Samuel Irwin Jr. (remember him? later he would be in the same position as President Nixon would be removed from office, for Nixon has also been in the drive to expose Communism in this nation), Francis Case, Edwin Johnson, Arthur Watkins, John Stennius, and Frank Carlson (of Kansas). This of course was a 'cover-up' Investigation it was said to focus on a young Jewish aide to Senator McCarthy but everyone who was paying any attention knew that it was to stop Senator McCarthy from exposing any further the enemy infiltration, not only into the U.S. Army, but the Congress of the United States as well.

The reason this was thought necessary was because the enemy knew that the people were with the Senator from Wisconsin..he had made a speech at Carnegie Hall in New York City in 1956, and Larry Lent was in the McCarthy group and reported that people had come from all over the nation, until they had to put loud speakers on the outside of the building so that the people arriving on the busses waving American Flags and McCarthy banners could hear the Senators speech. The enemy had watched this and had been worried by the show of awakening on the part of the American people. General Douglass McArthur had been honored at this meeting and Larry Lent told us that when President Truman had removed McArthur from office that the Post Office did not close day and night for some time trying to handle the bags of mail coming in. Bags were dumped on the floor at the Senators offices, and secretaries tabulating the letters said that 90% of them were from furious Americans at the removing of General McArthur. But remember that the enemy was moving to turn China to the Communists, and even the President did not seem to know just which way they were working. Being blinded by his advisors he had gone along with the dumping of McArthur.

Since the enemy had determined that to succeed with their program another American...Patriot must be moved out of the way then the heat was on the Senators to get rid of the trouble-maker out of their midst. Senator McCarthy had suggested that:..(quote) 'The casting out of McArthur was testimony to the fact that the reigning Liberal-Bi-Partisan Machine had cast into exile the principals of National Honor, Natural Freedom for which George Washington stood'. (unquote) This of course was just another instance which did not endear the Senator from Wisconsin to his colleagues. McCarthy also went on to say that our Government had made 14 mistakes which had seriously injured our prestige and leadership:...

1. In 1945 the U.S. Government instructed the Chinese people that the only way for them was to take the Communist into their Government. General George Marshall went to China and presented this ultimatum to them.

2. in 1947 our Government made good on that ultimatum when Chang Kia Shek refused to take Communists into their government then the U.S. government cut off his supplies and let the Communists take over China. Thus men high up in our government had turned China over to the Communists and Senator McCarthy had pointed this out.

Senator McCarthy also pointed out that there were still hundreds of American Service men still in Communist Servitude, he pointed this out time after time. The U.N. was then called to Investigate and 15 of those men were released and the U.N. was given credit for this release and the rest of the men were forgotten. Even today we know that men were left behind as we pulled out of Korea, and then Vietnam..for after all, men high in our Government allowed the Communists to take over the Far East. Men of our own race under the influence of the enemy did the work of the enemy. General Marshall actually saw material and all kinds of arms given to the Communists in China so that their army could be trained.

Here in our own United States character assassination would be used to 'get' Senator Joseph McCarthy for pointing out the conspiracy which was wrecking our nation and the world. It was a Senate subcommittee which handed down the resolution to censure one of their own Senators for so called 'alleged' and unethical behavior toward the United States Senate.

Believing that if Senator McCarthy was not silenced the Liberals of both parties would lose their hold over this nation, and the people would take control, the program to stop the Senator went into high-gear. Jewish concern for Civil Liberties was also pushed by the Press and Senator McCarthy was censured. Senators under the influence of the enemy were so helpful in this vote of censure, and with it the threat to the Far Left was removed for the time being.

Later as the Communists repudiated everything they had agreed to a few months earlier the Press then presented President Eisenhower as Disillusioned, and although Senator McCarthy was proved to be RIGHT, still this was soft peddled, after all Eisenhower was the President and it was just a junior Senator who had been silenced.

Jean McCarthy the Senators wife had helped him to write the book... 'McCarthyism', and he had written the book..'Retreat from Victory' and she knew that the Senate was turning against her husband who had only wanted to help his nation. She stood in silence as this young Senator, only in his 40's, gave his life and at that time it must have seemed to no avail.

Senator McCarthy died May 2, 1957., at that same Veterans Naval Hospital where the other Patriot, Sec. of the Navy James Forrestal died. He had contracted..of all things..acute hepatitis. Where did he pick that up? His friends would like to know.

And then after turning their back on this good man the United States Senate gave him a big State Funeral, and although 67 of them had voted to condemn him for un-senatorial conduct less than three years before...many of his sharpest critics were now at this State Funeral. President Eisenhower did not attend, but he sent Vice President Nixon.

The Tribute from the Catholic Church was the greatest in the memory of Washington Officials. 300,000 people came to the Funeral Parlor on Pennsylvania Avenue not far from the White House, to pay their respects to an American Patriot, for he had become a symbol of the war against the Communists and their sympathizers.

In Appleton Wisconsin where he was buried, long lines of people moved slowly to pay their respects to this man who had aroused their devotion. More than 70 bags of mail was received by Mrs. McCarthy in the first few days after this funeral.

Thus the United States buried another Patriot, one the people loved and respected. There was however two avenues of thought as to this man Joseph McCarthy the Senator from Wisconsin. One was that he was just a 'country' boy who never outgrew his origin, friendly and ready to help anyone in trouble. To his enemies he was bestial, got an enormous pleasure out of heckling people. He would not 'play the game' after being elected to the Senate of the United States. HE PUT THE PEOPLE AHEAD OF THOSE WHO FINANCED HIS ELECTION. His enemies then tried to say that he had a drinking problem and that liquor had eaten up his liver but his Secretary and friends said that they never smelled liquor on his breath.

Today anyone who reviews the facts will not deny that Senator Joseph McCarthy was right when he claimed the Government of the United States had in it enough Communists and sympathizers, and pro-Soviet advisors to twist Americas Foreign Policy for two decades. No one will deny that this young Senator gave his life trying to help lead America back to her Destiny. He fought a monumental evil which most people do not as of this day understand and he did this against an opposition even from his own race. But he did his job and guided the U.S. back toward the path of her Destiny.

Thus again we saw the Almighty change the balance in this battle between the CHILDREN OF LIGHT and THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS. Here in 1990 we are seeing this great struggle as the Eastern European Nations try to come out from under this Communist oppression that was imposed on them. We are seeing the re-uniting of the German People and we know that this battle is far from over. Always this enemy draws one step backwards in hopes to take two steps forward later.

Today we believe this is all in God's hands as we struggle onward trying to stay in place for the setting up of the Kingdom of God in earth. We recall the struggle to hang on in Ancient Egypt until The Christ Child would be brought there for protection. We see this struggle enacted many times in these lost generations, and we believe that everything that is to happen will thus happen and we do not fear, we are just anxiously awaiting the outcome of this great battle between THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT and THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS.


Until next time may YAHWEH BLESS