ERM - Tape 101 - Continuing War Between Children Of Light And Darkness







In this series...YAHWEH willing...the theme is the same and Identification is the story, and we will be using as always the Tape Ministry of Dr. Swift and my understanding as we try to bring you more details in this continuing battle in our time in the flesh.

Today all people walk under one banner or the other, as they move here in their time table in this program of Restoration and the eventual Restitution of all things. Today there are two ways of teaching..One is of Light, and one is of Darkness. There is a great difference in the two, one is of the LORD from Eternity to Eternity, the other is the rule of the present time of Iniquity. One is the Gospel of the Kingdom which is the Administration of the earth by Divine Law, from the throne of God, and The Children of LIGHT who inherit the kingdom while the other is by Satan and his Children of Darkness who have been trying to gain total control and hold the whole world in Darkness.

In the DEAD SEA SCROLLS there is recorded:..'the war between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness'. This is written as though a battle here in the physical, which it is, but also it is in allegory and symbolism, and we have learned when we find his reality to look further for a much deeper meaning.

This battle between the 'Sons of Light' and the 'Sons of Darkness' has been an on going battle every since Adam, but this war is here recorded in the DEAD SEA SCROLLS...and it also has an ending. Reading it from an identity point of view we find that as this battle ends, all the Sons of Light WILL BE STANDING TOGETHER RETURNING TO THEIR INHERITANCE. At this time all Israel now stands together for (quote) 'for it is a time of Salvation for the people of God. This is a time..the critical moment when those who cast their lot with HIM will come to Dominion, and those with Belial (Satan) shall be doomed to eternal survivors shall remain of the 'Sons of Darkness'. Streaks of Lightening will flash from one end of the earth to the other, growing ever brighter until the era of Darkness is brought utterly to an end. Then in the era of God..His exalted Grandeur shall give Light for ever more, shedding on all the Sons of God..Peace, and blessing, gladness and length of days.

This will also be a time of Great tribulation for the people redeemed of God, but unlike their previous tribulation THIS ONE shall come to a speedy a Redemption which shall last forever. (unquote)

During this final battle the Sons of Light are said to be successful in three areas in discomforting the forces of wickedness. We then remember that this control extends over the political, economic, social or religious fields, and then we read:...(quote) 'Three times the hosts of Belial (Satan) will try to hang on this control, but the great hand of God will finally subdue the army of Satan. Then YAHSHUA...Himself will appear and HE will make the truth to shine forth bringing doom upon the Sons of Darkness and they will surrender.' (unquote)

This we know is a literal war in that it has been going on for a long, long in earth. Today it is still the children of Jacob-Israel against the Children of Satan..each led by their God. It is also a battle...until Victory..for the Children of Light.

A multitude of the Hosts of Heaven are also in this battle...(quote) 'The God of Israel has summoned a Sword against all nations, but with the Saints of His people, He will do the work of Power'. 'This is the day which HE hath appointed for abasing and humbling the Prince of the Dominion of Wickedness. But HE will send help to those who have a share in His Redemption through the power of Michael, the Mighty Ministering Angel (Daniel 12:1) and HE will also send an Eternal Light to Light up the Children of Israel with Joy. They that have cast their lot with God shall enjoy peace and blessing. In this way the rule of Michael will be exalted among the Angels, and the Dominion of Israel among all flesh. Righteousness shall flourish and all who expose God's truth shall rejoice in the knowledge of Eternal things.

Ye...the sons of the covenant, be of good courage in the trial which God visits upon you until He gives the sign, that HE has completed HIS test... HIS secret power (Spirit) will always support you.' (unquote)

In the 'Manuel of Discipline' for the future congregation of Israel we find again that...the WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL IS NOW TOGETHER FOR ALL TIMES, and this is the rule for all who make up that body..for all..that is, for every individual who is an Israelite, by Birth:..'The Mystery of the Manifestation of the Sons of God, embodied in earth is revealed.' In this hour you are going to do a mighty but short work of Righteousness. This will start with the understanding of the Knowledge of the MOST HIGH. (quote) 'Each person will be trained from childhood in the Book of the Study, to be enlightened (so far as his age permits) in the various injunctions for a period of ten years.' (unquote)

As I was reading this translation of the story from the Dead Sea Scrolls I far we have allowed ourselves to be pushed away from Divine Teaching. Here in the instructions for our people a young man is taught for ten years in the program of the kingdom and then he is considered as able to follow the rules, and at 20 years of age he is to undergo an examination which will prepare him to vote as a member of his family. Oh! yes he has had 'Sex Education' but much different than that which is being pushed on our young people of today. After all his education is considered to have reached the age of discretion, and at age 25 he is ready to take his place in the formal structure of his community and be eligible for office in the government.

What is supposed to happen as the final victory comes for the Kingdom as portrayed here in the Dead Sea Scrolls is that...'all iniquity will end... Wrong is going to depart before Right, as Darkness departs before Light. As smoke disappears so will Wrong disappear for evermore. But Right will be revealed like the Sun. The world will then rest on a firm foundation. All the world will be filled with knowledge and ignorance will exist no more.

My, how we long for that development, but as we wait we plan through this series to look at what has been transpiring as our nation fell into the trap of the enemy. Archaeologists have been uncovering the past to seek answers to many of the Mysteries of our faith, recording their finds, and from an identity point of view bringing us Amazing Answers. Here in our own lifetime these recordings are coming forth and you are some times amazed that these facts were published, although not many people seem to be reading.

A Harvard Professor by the name of Barry fell wrote a book entitled 'America B.C., and this book was published in 1979. This book replaces legends with facts although History still teaches that Columbus or Lief Erikson came to America first. This Harvard Professor brings these facts into view that (Aryan) people were in the Americas before the Birth of the Christ Child.

This book proves once more that the information we brought to you through the Series:..'The Mysteries of the Kingdom' is so true. We thus recommend this book for your Library, and to anyone with an Identity point of view it is not surprising as to its contents, what is surprising is that it was published by Simon and Shuster. It is not surprising that the Author would find that these Ancient Aryans would be called Celts, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Semitic (Shemites) and so forth. Nor is it surprising that these Ancient Aryans would be found to have used the great rivers of this North American continent as highways to penetrate far into the continent. This Author found as did others that these people also left their 'marks' which identified them as a race of people.

In our modern schools they sought to drop the use of phonetics in teaching our children to read, yet it was the Phonetic value of letters which helped this Author determine the identity of these Ancient people here in....North America long before the time of THE CHRIST. When translation of the 'marks' is made of these people through their letters left a message proclaiming the worship of their God, the color of their skin, thus identified themselves as being here on our soil long before the birth of The Christ Child in Bethlehem.

For to many generations the Archaeological world, under great pressure from the Darkness, tried to hold to the old notion that only the navigational abilities of the 5th., Century A.D. made it possible for people to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Many scientists had tried to point out the difference in the Asiatic-Mongol type of Indians, and some of the others, but most of these ideas were thrown out the window as the World Order proclaimed that all people were the same..all came from Adam. Our Author asks if it was egotism or something else that encouraged this blindness as to who these Ancient people were, even though some tribes of so called Indians even practiced circumcision. We would suggest that it was not egotism, but deliberate misinterpretation which helped encourage this blindness.

Our Author tells us that at one time there was also a tribe of Eskimos who were white people, where as Eskimos were considered as Asiatic in their Background. To one of an Identity viewpoint this is just one more example of how far these Amazing Aryans roamed.

In Oklahoma..on Turkey Mountain an early Celtic explorer cut his autograph in two languages:.....'GWN (Gwynn) a common Celtic name meaning white or fair haired. And Pa-ya-a which is Iberian Punic and means white'....This carving is estimated to have been done around 500 B.C.

In this book 'America B.C.' our Author tells us that the Celts addressed their Deity as:...'Thou Being of Law, and the Stars.' They looked into the future after death and accepted the end of existence as a mere personal detail. They are said to have been 'Sun Worshipers' but we now know that the Sun was but a symbol of YAHWEH...their God.

Since the beginning of Adam's time it seems that this race has been in a fight for existence, and yet in the early years they built great civilizations. Today we find three yokes on the backs of this Adamic people, and it seems they have always been there to a certain extent. These yokes are in the political field, the economic field, and the religious field, but it is the economic field which holds the other two in place. Here today the political world is in an uproar. Communism does not work, although they are now asking the Western Christian Nations to bail them out financially. The economic field is hanging on by a thread yet many people do not seem to understand the situation.

Back through history any man who tried to go around this International hold on the economy of a nation lost his life. When the Civil War came in America, Abraham Lincoln the President of these United States asked the Bankers for a loan and they demanded 28% interest on the needed money. Abraham Lincoln persuaded the Congress..and they passed the Act of July 17, 1861 which allowed the United States Government to print its own notes and pass them into circulation. This way the Government was able to buy the goods and services needed using its own 'Credit' instead of paying the Bankers to use Bank Credits. This was done without any 'middle man' and no taxes collected to pay a profit to the Bankers. President Lincoln in this way saved the Union, and then he took a big Step..he presented a Bill to the Congress to make these 'notes' legal tender of the Nation. The Bill passed the House of Representatives but was help up in the Senate while the 'Financiers' sought ways to regain their hold on this Nations monetary system, and the Bankers won the battle when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

When Woodrow Wilson came to power he was a historian, and educator and realized the worth of Lincoln's ideas but the 'Money Handlers' moved quickly to control. This man was a ministers son, and people trusted him as he spoke idealistically of people's ownership of their monetary system, but he was also already in the Banker's grasp, and beholden for his rise to power, and they used him. Wilson when elected President had promised the people a money and credit system free from Wall Street interest, yet his Campaign had been almost entirely financed by the men from Kuhn Loeb's National Bank. Such men as Cleveland Dodge, Jacob Schiff, Henry Morganthau, Bernard Baruch, and Samuel Utermyere now controlled the President. Woodrow Wilson paid his campaign debt, and America was saddled with the Federal Reserve Act which was hurried through Congress and signed into law..Dec. 23, 1913.

Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr., father of the flyer, fought the Federal Reserve Act all the way. He said:..Politics are controlled by a trick..'Office Holders' understand that by joining with the interest to exploit the people their reelection is more certain than if they serve the people who elect them.' (quote and unquote)

The people were then told that it was the duty of the Federal Reserve System to supply an elastic currency, and this power to turn on and off the supply of money was tested in 1929-30 in the Great Depression. The officials deliberately withheld money while hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were foreclosed. The Industrialists and Big Bankers had made great fortunes in W.W.I. while soldiers fought in the trenches for $1.00 a day. In this great depression these W.W.I. Veterans who had endured the horrors of war supposedly for their country were unable now to find work. Their families were destitute but there was still some gold the Bankers did not own, and they were arranging for that to come to them also.

The Federal Reserve Act in 1913 had contained 27 pages, then it was added to, and added to by Amendments until by 1966 it contained 651 pages. It was a maze of double talk, and no one could understand it. Congressman Wright Patman, a dedicated Patriot, worked for years trying to Amend the Federal Reserve System and in 1971 a New Edition came out and it was now 60 pages, but in the meantime the gold had been taken from the American people and stored in Fort Knox and from there mysteriously disappeared.

People seemed to think that we must accept the burden of Interest-Usuary as though it were a law of nature, but Usuary was devised by men, and when practiced it has been found to be ruinous.

Over the years our people have been vaguely aware that in some way special privilege has set aside a favored few and given them great wealth. They know that from their meager income the government takes the means to feed millions of the unseen, those who wore out in their struggle, and those who never had a chance, but few of our people realize that their very lives are controlled by unseen forces who operate behind the scene. Few understand just how all this has happened, or how to remove the yoke from off their backs.

Actually the greatest crimes are not committed by violent people on a dark street, they are committed by quiet men sitting comfortably around a conference table. It is there that secret plans are made to swindle Billions of dollars from an unsuspecting public. It is around those tables where the vote is cast for War..sending millions to their death, while the profits of war goes to those who already have more than they could spend in a hundred lifetimes, and their sons they prevent from going to war. World War II cost 318 Billion dollars, the Vietnam war cost the United States 50,000 dead, 340,000 wounded and 140 Billion dollars. It tore this country apart in many ways, and we have not fully recovered from that tragedy..yet time marches on and our people keep moving forward in their Destiny.

Dr. Swift in his ministry always said that...'never again'..would our people take a great depression like the one imposed in 1929-30. Never again will they stand for that type of depression. Perhaps that is why we have had only small depressions called recessions, but there had to be a way found for the enemy to make their money.

Many today are fearful of change and they say:..But what could happen if we were to throw out the Federal Reserve System...What would happen? You would find that we could solve our monetary problems in short order with very little effect on the lives of our Citizens. There are men who know exactly how this situation should be handled. Take our elected officials out from under the thumb of the International Bankers and they would set up a U.S. Treasury Department to handle and control the Nations money supply. No more tax exemptions, no more foundations to protect the ultra wealthy who prey on the people. Remember that it is this financial yoke that controls politics and yes even religion. Remove this yoke and all comes crashing down. Then as you realize that...this Great Babylonian System is finished and exposed will then be THE IDENTIFICATION OF THE SONS OF GOD. The Sons and Daughters of Light. You remember that the Apostle Paul said that all the world is waiting for the Manifestation of the Sons of God. Then Prophecy would be fulfilled, the program of the Kingdom will come and the Darkness will disappear.

The Systematic suppression and distortion of truth in order to force the Western Christian World into the framework of a Godless One World Government began with the idea that all people are the difference in races. This is a fallacy, the greatest of our time, and in following this fallacy lies most of our disaster of policy and blindness. After all take a look 'back' in history and what happened as the Aryan civilizations dies out? No wonder the Children of Darkness moved to obscure the past.

From F.D.R. on, the Presidents of the United States have echoed this new creed:..President Truman under guidance said:...'God has no favorites'... when speaking of the races. President Eisenhower said that 'racial inequality was caused by the bitter prejudice about skin pigmentation; and was one of the Blemishes which mars the image of the U.S.' President Kennedy then said:..'Racism is a cruel disease.'

The process of this One World Establishment is being conducted under the cover of such slogans as Freedom, Justice, Humanity and Brotherhood, yet every value it would suppress. Read your Newspaper, or watch T.V. for a while then shut your eyes and form a picture of this Humanity they worry so much about, and what do you see...not a mass of white people moving together in most instances. But it is not these masses of humanity that the modern 'Inquisition' is preparing for ..because it is the white race who stand in the way of World Domination by the Sons of Darkness.

The work of the Liberal Idealist is made easier by their unsuspecting victim ..the white race. The world would have nothing to complain about if it came under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of God, but the Anglo-Saxon Christian West would not be so happy under a Mongolian police force enforcing the decrees of an Asian style World Court.

Some people seem to think that the non-white people of the world will eventually overwhelm us because of their numbers. We are thus to surrender to them because of the injury we have done them in the past by trying to change their life style and religion. This philosophy is supposed to make us helpless and see us give up without a struggle. But look at the results of this in Africa where the last of the White Ruled Nations is supposed to fall. The results of the United Nations work in Africa should show clearly how this idea will sweep the West into disaster.

Yes, the church got into the act and now is so concerned with our so called un-Christian behavior in the past which is to force us into accepting the 'coming mastery' of the non-Christian people. This is the cause of some of the blindness that has brought us into the situation that we face today. It is the task of the Intellectual..used by the try to convey the idea that our race had everything easy, that we seemed to have been born with a silver spoon in our mouths which they must find a way to take away. In fact as you study this situation you find that we are the only race in the whole world that is being taught to despise itself. No wonder then that any Patriot who stood to defend his race, his God and his Nation would bring down persecution upon himself. This could not be allowed in this battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness...this does not mean that the Children of Darkness will not keep trying, since they believe that ultimately they will win.

During the 1950-1960's a program was in progress to stop the work of any American Patriot who had not been stopped during the war years. Why? Because they were against Communism, Liberalism, and the United Nations. A program was established to list so called..'Right Wingers'..and if possible knock him out of his job both in government and throughout the Nation. A file was kept on each such individual as to their influence on society, and of course those in government were first on the hit list, then any person thought to advocate Patriotism, America first, Christianity and its beliefs were a target. The Press was oriented toward the left and use efficiently. Such organizations as the World Council of Churches were taken over by the Left Wing philosophy and their influence on the Christian religion was extensive. This helped to pit Christians against Christians Patriots who were called..'Right Wingers'. Those setting up their One World Government were preaching the philosophy of the 'Middle of the Road'...just anything to get along.

One of the Patriots of this Century was Gerald L.K. Smith best known for his exposure of what he called the...'Counterfeit State of Israel'. He was very opposed to Communism and any force which he felt threatened Christian civilization. He believed that America needed 'Leadership' dedicated so completely to Truth as to be willing to live completely for it, and to die for it if necessary. Gerald L.K. Smith would not compromise his principals and he faced imprisonment, character assassination, and threats to their lives. However he was given a great speaking voice and he developed a vast audience in all the areas of the United States where he appeared to speak. He published the monthly magazine..'The Cross and the Flag'...and was associated with some of the best known individuals in American History... such as Huey Long, Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford Sr., and General Douglas Mac Arthur.

After the death of Gerald L. K. Smith, his wife and his friend put together the book...'Besieged Patriot' from his autobiography episodes exposing Communism, Traitorism and Zionism. This book was published in 1978. Showing some of his influence on the enemy was this quote from 'Pravda'... the news agency of the Soviet Union which said:...'Gerald L.K. Smith is one of the five most influential men in America that is the most dangerous to the Soviet Union. 'The Jewish Voice' said:..We have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to destroy Gerald L.K. Smith, but even so he rises now stronger than ever.'

This Gerald L.K. Smith as a child was taught by his parents that he was a 'Child of the King'...this is the song he remembered that his mother sang to him...'MY Father is rich in houses and land. He holds the wealth of the world in his hands. I'm a child of the King.' At the age of 23 Gerald L. K. Smith became a minister..his parents were Danes and devout Christians and they were happy with the choice of their son. In 1929 Gerald L. K. Smith was called to be the Pastor of the Kings Highway Christian Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. This church building was the most beautiful in the South, and it was considered a great honor to be called to be Pastor of this church. This would however be the last church of which he was to be Pastor for he retired as Pastor in 1934...for a reason.

The Stock Market Crash came in 1929 and people over night became penniless. People were losing their homes, when maybe they owed only $500.00 on the home, but sharp operators were anxious to exploit the emergency and were stealing these homes before the Government could by emergency measures help the people. The minister, Gerald L.K. Smith went to the Institution that held most of the mortgages in that area, and he appealed to the Director of the Loan Company to postpone the foreclosures. The Director ridicules his concern saying:..'Mr. Smith you are a Clergyman who does not understand business.' Mr. Smith replied:..'Perhaps, but I also understand the Bible and it says...Thou shalt not steal.'

Shortly after this Mr. Smith received a call from one of the prominent members of his church. In this church were Bankers, Public officials, and Chamber of Commerce members, Executives and so forth, and than a group of these men came to the Smith home to challenge his right to be concerned abut the foreclosures. Some of these men admitted that they were stockholders in the company which was virtually trying to steal these millions of dollars worth of homes in that area. Higher authorities in the church who held the mortgage on this beautiful new church building then contacted Mr. Smith and threatened him with the 'Call in' of the loan if he did not resign from the church.

Gerald L.K. Smith then called Senator Huey P. Long and told him what was happening and the influential Senator then made a few phone calls, and the Director of the Organization holding the mortgages relented. Gerald L.K. Smith then resigned as Pastor of the church and set out to give his life if necessary defending America and the Christian Faith.

One evening Mr. Smith and Senator Long were walking through the beautiful State Capitol Building of Louisiana which had been built under Senator Long's direction, when a young Jewish Doctor by the name of Carl Weiss stepped out from behind a marble pillar and shot Senator Long and then turned his gun on Gerald L.K. Smith, but the bodyguard shot the killer before he could harm Gerald L.K. Smith. Two days later Senator Huey P. Long, who many thought would be the next President of the United States was dead. Gerald L.K. Smith was at his side, heard his last words, then delivered the funeral oration over his grave which was the largest funeral in America... largest in history...larger than the Kennedy funeral. It required 3 acres just to lay one bouquet beside another. It was estimated that 250,000 people attended the funeral with thousands of people unable to get across the river in time for the funeral.

Now; it was no secret that the Franklin Roosevelt machine hated Huey P. Long with a passion. And since Gerald L.K. Smith had stood with Huey Long then he was on the 'hit list' and he decided to move out and speak to the people of America on the 'greatest issues facing them'. He felt this was the preservation of America which had grown out of the dynamics of The Christ's personality.' Later the movement that he led would become known as Christian Nationalism and this resulted in Mr. Smith and his wife cris-crossing the U.S. and speaking in every major city in the Nation, and broadcasting to millions of people over the Radio.

After the burial of Huey P. Long then Gerald L.K. Smith moved out on the National scene to deal with the most controversial issues of this generation. He joined Henry Ford Sr., and Charles Lindbergh and others in opposing the U.S. entry into W.W.II. The Jewish influence was now strong here in the United States and they were in favor of W.W.II. and there became a hidden hand persecution against all those who opposed our entrance into this war...these were men who believed that we should pit Hitler against Stalin and keep America out of it.

This work of Gerald L.K. Smith brought the organized hatred of the Internationalists...procommunist manipulators throughout the world against him. He then revealed the relationship of Organized Jewry to the establishment of the Soviet Union, and that with his statement that the so called State of Israel is a 'counterfeit' set up by anti-Christ made him a target for assassination, but since he was on a mission then he seemed to receive protection until his work was done.

The then principals of the Christian Nationalism Organization, when adopted at the Christian Nationalist Party Convention in St. Louis, Mo., on September 30, 1949., would only provoke further this battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness.


1. Preserve America as a Christian Nation being conscious of the fact that there is a highly organized campaign to substitute Jewish tradition for Christian tradition.


2. Expose and fight and outlaw Communism from our shore.


3. Safeguard American Liberty against the menace of bureaucratic Fascism.


4. Maintain a government set up by the Majority which abuses no minority, and is abused by no minority. Fight mongrelization, and all attempts to force the intermixture of the black and white races.


5. Protect and earmark National resources for our citizenry first.


6. Maintain the George Washington Foreign policy of friendship with all Nations, trade with all Nations, entangling in alliances with none.


7. Oppose a World Government and Super State.


8. Prove that the American Citizen can enjoy more abundance under a true American system than under any alien system, now being processed by Foreign propaganda.


9. Stop immigration so that American jobs and American homes can be safeguarded for American citizens.


10. Enforce the Constitution as it pertains to our monetary system.


Gerald L.K. Smith then would go on to say:...(quote) summary, it has been my lot to be involved in most of the Life and Death controversy of the Century. Anyone engaged in the following controversies can expect smear, abuse, character assassination or assassination itself:....


1. Resisting the Tyranny of Left Wing Bureaucracy.


2. Fighting Communism with knowledge and effectiveness.


3. Expressing Intelligent and alert awareness of the plot for International power carried on by the World Jewish Organization.


4. Giving opposition to the destruction of our racial self respect by these who would mongrelize and degenerate the white race.


Gerald L.K. Smith in his speeches made it plain that he believed that Senator Huey P. Long would have defeated Franklin D. Roosevelt for President of the United States if he had not been assassinated. This made him a marked man in that time period. But there were other reasons as well that this man became a 'Besieged Patriot'..He also said:..(quote) Always remember that I believe it is a sin to hate any man because of his race, his creed or his religion, but I do not believe it is a sin to contend without compromise in defense of the Deity of My LORD and Saviour-Jesus The Christ. Do not forget that wherever Zionism and Communism rule that Christianity is virtually outlawed.

This besieged Patriot pointed out that in America a double standard had developed which resulted in the persecution of the white man. That the NAACP Organization...supposedly for the advancement of the Colored people was not formed or headed by Colored people, yet the newspapers and many Clergymen think this is a patriotic, honorable group. Yet if the white man would form such a group you would be represented immediately as a bigot, hatemonger and a racist.

You can now begin to understand why this Patriot was hated, even tho in the early part of his mission as he moved out to speak across the United States he did not understand what we call Identity today. Later on he became acquainted with a young minister whose name was Wesley A. Swift and since both men were servants of our God this was supposed to happen. Gerald L.K. Smith was a Democrat, as was his friend Huey P. Long but he also tells us that in 1972 the Democratic Party was kidnaped by a fraternity of Homosexuals, Lesbians, Hippies, Vagrants, Outlaws, Demagogues, and Traitors and they then nominated McGovern for President, but the Democratic Party from then on no longer bears a similarity to the Party of Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Smith published two entitled 'Shame on the United States', and the other 'Watergate...a white paper' and we see how even after Dr. Swift had finished his mission and gone on home that this Patriot was still carrying on, his God given mission was not yet complete. He would go on to expose those who were in the Drug business, and men in high places who were Traitors in the U.S. Congress of the United States. Even certain teachers and certain public officials and certain educators who had been advocating the distribution of drugs in America...all were identified in his speeches.

Now; the epidemic of ridicule of THE CHRIST, and blasphemy against the Name of THE CHRIST did not start in the 1980's with these so called 'Art forms'. This was something that had been going on for a long time, just part of the effort to destroy America and her Christian heritage. After all this is the Great Battle, and in this battle we see that THE ALMIGHTY has raised up Patriots in this Nation to hold the balance from sliding to far in the 'Left' direction. Even the United Nations failed in their effort to produce this One World even after the U.S. and other Christian Nations joined it.

During the time that the United Nations was being established in San Francisco., Dr. Swift told us that only two ministers were there to protest this organizing of a World Government under the domination of the most ruthless power on the face of the earth...the Zionist and their Political Club of Communism. Dr. Swift and Gerald L.K. Smith were thus in San Francisco and worked together to try to stop the forming of the United Nations, but through all their efforts as Patriots..still they were so out numbered it was to no avail.

Mrs. Smith accompanied her husband all the time as he spoke across the Nation, although there had been attempts to lynch her husband, to imprison him, or kill him in other ways, she was always there. Both stood firm in their convictions of the mission given them. Their conclusion was (quote)...'If anyone planning a future public life would like to know the formula for being opposed bitterly, every minute of your life, then resist the anti-Christ, the communist complex, and the Zionist conspiracy for World Power. One of these is enough to get you in trouble, three of them are enough to get you killed or imprisoned...but for the GRACE OF GOD.' (unquote)

When Allie and I were in Louisiana some years ago we visited this beautiful State Capital where Senator Huey P. Long was killed. This spot was still being pointed out by the guide of that day. Today we understand better how THE ALMIGHTY kept America in HIS HANDS as the Children of Darkness hurled all their weight against this Nation of His Kingdom. We thank HIM for sending Patriots with the courage to stand seemingly God Ordained.

One episode which is recalled in this book 'The Blessed Patriot' tells of the time when the Smiths were in California and applied for the use of the High School Auditorium for their meeting. Before this the Communists had been able to pass a law opening the schools to communist rallies, thus now anyone would have the right to hold meetings there??? But when it was learned that Gerald L.K. Smith was to speak in this school building, Polytechnic High...all hell broke out. The Jews, the Communists, new Dealers and leaders brainwashed by our enemies moved in on the School Board led by Eddie Cantor the multimillionaire Comedian. He brought a host of so called witnesses with him, and all testified, and when they were through Mrs. Smith could not figure out who they were talking about although it was supposed to be about her husband. The School board then bowed and voted that Mr. Smith could be denied the privilege they had supposedly granted to all citizens of the State of California.

Gerald L.K. Smith was also a friend of Father Coughlin the Catholic Priest who had also spoken out on these same subjects. One day Mr. Smith was present in the Rectory of the church of 'The LITTLE FLOWER' of which Father Coughlin was the Pastor, and the two men were discussing how to reach the American people with truth when two men came to a Bishop. The men went into another room with Father Coughlin for a few moments. When they left Mr. Smith learned that the Pope had been trying to get an American President to appoint a Fraternal delegate for Diplomatic purposes, but no President had been willing to do this because of strong pressure coming from Protestant organizations against it. Now Mr. Roosevelt assured the Pope he will do this if the Broadcasts of Father Coughlin could never broadcast again except strictly religious comments. From that time on Father Coughlin descended into a state of Semi retirement and frustration, and Gerald L.K. Smith felt that he died of a broken heart..a victim of Political tyranny and Zionist pressure.

Gerald L.K. Smith asked:..(quote) Did you know that regardless of any other issue that may arise in the political, social and cultural life of our Nation, the real issue is the conflict between the dynamics of our civilization and Christianity, and the forces bent on the destruction of this dynamics? Did you know that 27 Popes issued special edicts warning the Christian communities of the World, of the Jewish conspiracy to overthrow and undermine the Christian Faith? Did you know that organized Jewry boasted after his death that the Purging of Senator Joseph McCarthy was the result of their highly organized efforts? Did you know that Lyndon B. Johnson when persuading Arthur Goldberg to surrender his seat on the Supreme Court to Abe Fortes promised Goldberg he would be the Vice President candidate in 1968, which would put him in line to be the first Jewish President of the U.S. in 1972? These are some of the questions asked by Gerald L.K. Smith that did not set well with the opposition.

As you will remember this did not work out quite as planned. Perhaps that is why we hear here in 1990...Go back to the 1960's...those were the years when the enemy thought they were going to win. But we are not going back to the 60's...we are going forward to victory in the program of our Father who HOLDS THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS.

The Gerald L.K. Smiths were married June 21, 1922, and in 1972 they celebrated their 50th., Wedding Anniversary and both were then 75 years of age but still believing that the enemies of THE CHRIST will even consent to a mild profession of Faith if it will bring their desires, but if one really believes in the Supreme Deity of Jesus The Christ and dares to resist those who curse HIM...then you must put on the whole armor of God, so as to resist these negative forces which are pitted against our Christian Civilization.

As the pressures grew to silence Gerald L.K. Smith, he began to make tapes and send them to Mexico to be broadcast over a radio station from there. But this did not last long because the same enemy went to Mexico and threatened...until the station was forced to quit those broadcasts. This shows the power of the Children of Darkness who play for keeps.

I mentioned in the earlier tapes that Dr. Swift and Gerald L.K. Smith had met, and in the book this meeting is described this way. When Mr. Smith was to speak at a meeting in L.A., the meeting was being picketed by between 20 to 25 thousand people. The whole Police Department seemed to be in the streets. As Mrs. Smith and Gerald L.K. Smith made their way to the platform under Police protection, Mr. Smith realized that anyone out of the audience could then come to the platform and kill him without much resistance. Then Mr. Smith turned to his right and there sat a young man who said to him:...anyone who comes toward you will be sorry. Later Mr. Smith learned that this young man was a great student of the Bible. His name was Wesley A. Swift. Always during the L.A. campaigns when Mr. Smith spoke this young minister was there, but this was not his greatest contribution. After one meeting Dr. Swift said he would like to bring his Bible to the Smith's Hotel room and talk...and he was invited, and he did just that. He opened his Bible and proved to the Smith's that Christ's worst enemies were not God's Chosen People. He identified the true Israel which gave us the Messiah and demonstrated to the Smiths that we were the Heirs of the Covenant, that God made with Abraham..that our race was indeed Israelites of the Book. He pointed out the text which reads concerning those who accepted Jesus The Christ even though they may have forgotten their lineage back to Abraham..for they were now circumcised by FAITH. Mr. Smith said that this young minister we know as Dr. Swift demonstrated that the crucifiers of The Christ were apostates...sons of Satan, and the seed of Cain. He proved that Jesus The Christ was not a JEW.

Gerald L.K. Smith had this to say about Dr. Swift:..(quote) He had to die too soon and it brought grief to the hearts of those who were familiar with the magnificent gifts which had been poured out upon this young man. The greatest gift he made to me was to help identify myself as an Heir to the Covenant of God made with Abraham. When Dr. Swift said:..'Him that blesseth thee I will bless, and them that Curse thee I will Curse'...then I realized that the Jews had used this text to cover their evil ways. This text was meant for those who are a part of the true Israel of the Old Testament, and who fulfilled the purpose of God's Covenant by accepting Jesus The Christ as their Savior. Now I knew what I should have realized before. (unquote)

Having this error corrected only made Gerald L.K. Smith a more forceful and dynamic speaker and he carried on in his work after Dr. Swift had been taken home. Carried on until it was almost impossible to accomplish anything. Then the Smiths went back to the Ozarks and settled in Eureka Springs, and the money they had was used to establish the great Statue...THE CHRIST OF THE OZARKS, thus dedicating this part of the world to their god and Savior. Gerald L.K. Smith was born February 27, 1898 and after his passing his body was laid to rest April 15, 1976, another Israel Patriarch had gone home.

YAHWEH thus raises up men and gives them strength to accomplish what their work in earth is to be. For this we are grateful since by this help we as a race march on in our Destiny.

Before the Kingdom Administration is set in place errors in the thinking of our people must be corrected. There are so many errors that must be corrected before we march forward as we should be doing. It is by these errors that The Children of Darkness have been able to hold the world in Darkness. As the climax of this Final Battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness is in progress then all error must be corrected, and Righteousness...Rightness...must prevail, and we as a people will quit thinking about dying and going to heaven and realize that we as a Race..a pure Race..are trying to survive here in earth until the Kingdom Administration is set in place. The children of creation will also realize how they have been used by the Children of Darkness and will be ready to help set this Divine Program in place. Since God is going to win then every generation he raised up Patriarchs to help hold the line in this battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness as outlined in the Dead Sea Scrolls and confirmed by the Scriptures, and the balance of earth is held in place. Therefore understanding must come before the battle is finally over and there is rest for the Children of Light.