ERM - Tape 106 - Race Life Of The Aryan People by Joseph Widney, 1907


TAPE NO. 106 - By Ella Rose Mast


(The author, Joseph P. Widney---printed in January of 1907, in the U.S. Copyright by Funk and Wagnals Co. New York, and London.)


Once more we bring by book review, a tracing of our ancestors. Two volumes were found bearing the title ‘Race Life of the Aryan People,’ by Jeannette, in the library of WSU (Wichita State University). These two books are in very good condition, perhaps not been read by many. But they have thus been preserved. Again, as others found in that library there is some marking of interesting passages as though someone understood what they were reading.

We of course, read from an ‘Identity point of view.’ But as you read some of the thoughts of our author, remember what has taken place since he penned these interesting thoughts:--(quote) ‘Every masterful race of this world’s history has its tales told, from father to son. This is a story of the race in spoken language, and side by side is the tale of Race life, not in words, but lived in deeds done. This epic ‘Lived’ is always more wonderful than the epic told. Race life is broader and deeper than the life of any man or of many men. The great men of the Race stand out as Landmarks of a people. But the marvelous tales of how the Aryan people lived, made the deserts bloom, built up Empires, sailed the unknown seas,---these are the tales handed down from father to son which become the history of a race of people. (Unquote)

In those days when our author was assembling his two volumes, our race was interested in their family history, family trees. And our author unfolded a picture of life these Aryan people lived throughout their generations. The author then asked, ‘who are these Aryan people?’ You can read of the Negroid, or black race and its branches, of the family of the yellow or Asiatic people, of the Jewish people. And yet, there is still the Aryan family who are traced back to the ancient Brahmins of India down through the Medo-Persians of Iran, the Greco-Latins, the Celtic, the Slav, and the Teutons, to name a few of the family names of these Aryans. You find them listed in the Sanskrit, the oldest of the written tongues of the Aryans. In the Vedas, the Brahmins speak of their ancestry as Arya. And their older homeland as ‘Arya Avarta.’ The word ‘Airya’ is but a derivative of a root form of a word which is yet still older. It then comes down through the Latin, Greek, Slavic, old English, and still retains the meaning of ‘to plow or till,’ and on back to the meaning of earth. Thus the children now in earth.

The term ‘Aryan’ pertains to this whole family born in earth from the beginning, one family--(Adam and Eve.) These ancient people can be and have been traced through the kindred of languages through the so called myths, traditions, and Folk Lore held in common by the whole family as it spreads out over the earth, carrying likeness in mental and spiritual types. In the world family, there are different types of people. A Japanese book is not a Chinese book. Yet is it a Mongol book. Homer is not Milton, yet both were Aryans. Asia is Mongol and the Aryans left Asia early. Anything left after their departure, has been swallowed up by the millions of Mongols. Yet these Aryans have disappeared from view in one place and yet they emerged in another, then set in place a government of the people, for the people, and by the people which became the Law of the Land.

Go back in time, 2000 years, or even 3000 years, and you find the Mongol has remained the same as has the Jew. But these people called Aryans, are neither Jewish, Mongol or Chinese. Rather a race of people resembling none of those mentioned. The mixing of foreign blood always produces simply a mixture of both, losing your race line.

Our author then asks, ‘Where then, was the common Race home of these Aryan people before they spread out over the earth?’ He then answers his question the same as other writers by going back to the ancient Veda which describes this former homeland of the Aryans before they came south to the Indian plain as a high country of winter snows, stabled cattle, sheep and clothing of wool. A land of butter and milk and red apples, of autumn leaves, and fall haying. Only in the area of the Tien Shan mountains north of India into the highlands, do you find this climate condition. (Basically, it was the Tarim Basin as Dr. Swift told us years ago.)

People have tried over the years, to locate this homeland in many different places along this migrating route. But our author, after further study, realized that these Aryan people descended into the land of India from the highland of Asia. He calls attention also to the trail left by these people as they marked their message upon stone, as to who they were, who was their God. And they did this all the was even into these United States. Most of these people would also hold true to their lineage and their faith, thus, preserving their Aryan Race. There is no doubt that this Aryan man came from a vigorous stock because of the impression he has left on earth. He is described as being of medium height, varying to tallness rather than undersized. He was full chested, long limbed, a lover of outdoor life, a man feeling that he was the superior of the races about him, tanned by the winds of his life afield, yet back of the tan, a ruddy specie of the blond. In all ways, the Aryan was the opposite of the Mongol of the east, the Negroid of the south. And with the Aryan, came the written word.

This picture of the early Aryan thus comes to us through the Sanskrit and the Zend where we find these people called ‘Indo-Aryan’ and ‘Irano-Aryan.’ In the old books, you find folk songs of the long forgotten days which take you back, not only to ancient India, but on back further north to the upland plains. A picture of a people then develops as largely a pastorale people in type, well advanced in the art of government as they came out through the mountain passes which led to the fertile lowlands of ancient India. The plowman of the upland Asian plain, then became the Nobleman of the Indian lowland. Overlord of the less capable Negroid type, he found dwelling in that land. In all the differences in land and people, this Aryan placed his stamp upon time and history, never forgetting he is ‘well born.’ This ancient Aryan knew his God. He looked past the storm gods of the hills and upland plains, as he sang about his God to whom he offered sacrifices, a God who gave him strength, He who is God alone, above all other gods. It is HE who is to make the Supreme sacrifice.

As our author turned to examine the life of the so called ‘Irano-Aryan,’ he found that these people in their songs, reached back to an older Racial life, an older race homeland where that old Hebrew man Adam learned to know good from evil. To the Irano-Aryan was the conception of a great spiritual battle between good and evil. Back of and above the world of spirits is the ONE GREAT CREATOR--A LIVING GOD, the embodiment of all good. And opposing HIM is a spirit of evil and darkness. Between these two is a war that never ceases. And man’s soul is the storm center. The ‘Irano-Aryan’ looked beyond the present to the promise of ‘Immortality’ and held on to the good, still looking backward there in that land of the Tigris and Euphrates to their beginning.

Our author also found that the Medo-Persians were of this same race, because Darius assumed as one of his titles ‘Darius the Aryan.’ These people were race conscious. They understood that the mingling of blood brings about this law of disaster. The Eurasian, who like the Mulatto of the south, only betrays the crossing of blood, and is only an Asian, the force and vitality of the superior race is lost in the inferior stock. The Aryan thus was an alien in Southern Asia. But he held his place for centuries. And the laws of the Medes and Persians held sway until destiny was performed in that area as well. As the Aryans came through the passes of the Hindu Kush land, the Mongols were pressing them hard. But they moved West hanging on to their belief in their God and their heritage. They moved with their families and possessions, choosing a path which led to water, grass and wood, with an easy grade for their wagons and carts. Those who followed, moved on this path following footprints left to guide them. Always they were moving toward the setting sun. As they moved, they would find fresh land. And some would stop to build a civilization while others would overtake them and move on. The front edge of the migration was like an ocean wave, overlapping new land. Always they were required to fight their way for there were others in the land as they came in. As they reached this New World called America, this same process was followed from sea to sea, from East to West.

Asia is a land Continental, whereas Europe was encircled and pierced and overawed by the sea. But it was in Europe that these people were able to let loose from the old Asiatic way of life. No longer did an Asiatic Army threaten them. The wave of Aryans moving through the Mediterranean area would face a different world than would the area further north. These were not Nomad people. They were moving because of necessity, whereas the Mongol and the Jew in some of their branches, were the nomads of the world. The Aryan was a man of Agriculture. And whenever he stopped, he grew a crop, produced seed for further. Around these fields the cities would spring up and eventually overcrowding occurred and some would pull up stakes and move on. Since the sea was close, some always took to their ships. Trusting in the stars, they pressed on always Westward. The great Deep then became their Empire, the restless wave their homeland. The Aryan thus, emerged from the Asiatic highland and pressed on until they caught sight of the Atlantic Ocean. Life was easier along the seashore although, they did not search for an easier way of life.

The Valley of the Po found Celtic people and blue-eyed folks of the north land were to be found among the darker complexioned people of Spain. And yet, they were all Aryans. The Visigoths were found there also, as well as further north. They possessed the traditions of a common origin, a continuous kinship. Even their languages were interlacing, as was their religion, and their type of architecture.

Our author tells us that it was in the south of Europe that the Papacy developed, while the Teuton-Aryan was able to cast it aside more readily. The hopelessness of the Roman struggle for the position of a Church Universal, lies in the fact that it was the system which broke down. The foundation was not quite fitted on bedrock. Rome made a mistake and then Protestantism fell in to the same trap. With no new blood then coming into these areas, the heroes died off and the past came not back again. The east came west to try to wipe out the Christian civilization. And altho turned back, still would leave its scars. Mystery remained. People were forgetting their beginning and yet some would still say, ‘Know the truth, surely God knows best.’ As the old life became a dream, the Greeks even had an ‘unknown God.’ Oh, they fought the battle to save the race as did Rome, and the North would come into the fray. And at that time, if Asia had won, the Greek philosophy and the intellectual freedom it involved, as well, as Roman Jurisprudence, and the rights of the individual would have been no more.

Rome was able to keep thru the dark ages, the message of Christianity, if only in part, or the world would not have had a Light. They would guide the world to better things even with a pagan mixture. But Rome was not content to guide, rather claimed the Divine right to drive, and fell away from the path. And the Latin Aryan paid the price.

Our author then goes on to say the wrong people entered the church. The Inquisition brought tragedy to the people of Spain and other areas, as the Aryan people were sent by the thousands to the dungeons, or to their death in the name of religion. All done in the name of HIM who said, ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.’

Again, the persecuted flee from France to Germany and over the channel into Britain. And then beyond the seas bringing the best of the blood to America. And here in the New Land, they never went back. They helped wrest from Roman Catholic France their vast possessions in the New World and gave it over to the English speaking Protestants---all the vast and broad lands of the West.

If Rome had faced the world, gone out with an open Bible, she might have become the messenger. Instead, Rome closed the Bible and chose the ‘writings of the Elders.’ This was the turning point in Rome’s history, the message bearing was then given to the Protestants. History thus repeats itself. For when the teachings of the Elders largely supplanted the spirit of the old Covenant, then Israel was in trouble. Here in Rome, the ‘writings of the Elders’ once more took the place of both Covenants, and Rome was blind to the possibilities held out to her, and the Bible became a sealed book to the Aryan people. It would be up to the Teutonic Aryans to take up the work of releasing the Bible once more to the Aryan people.

The Greek Aryans gave beauty to the world. His literature and history made the Greek letters the training school of the ages. The Latin Aryan was the builder of the law and order through the use of arms. This was their legacy to the ages. And the Celts and the Teutons are his joint heirs and debtors.

The Teuton Aryan was not the first to reach the Western shores of Europe. The Celts were there before him. And others before that. Yet they were all of one blood. The early Aryans with their Druid Priests, were remarkable. For these priests and their faith were their own. In their own land, they were called Celts among other names. The Latin, they were Gauls according to Caesar. It was into this group of people, divided into tribes, that the armies of Rome drove a wedge. And yet they were of the same race of people. But the Celts survived and moved onward in their path of destiny. It will be remembered that over the centuries of Phoenician colonization and domination, that the Islands of the Mediterranean were filled with Aryan people coming FROM THE EAST. But Roman domination then kept these people under their thumb for some time, altho they did not stop their march to destiny.

The peasant behind the plow, the workman at his bench, the herdsman afield, were all the pure blood of this race. The ruling class at times, has mixed their blood stream. The Aryans under the White Czar ruled the Russias for years. German and Slavic people of Central Europe, became citizens of Russia, but they were not Asiatic. The Great Mongol invasion of the 13th Century, no doubt, brought some mixing of the blood. Yet the Slavic people also still remain at least part of them, as a part of this race. The Slav developed a passive resistance which allowed them to survive. (In 1990, they are now trying to come out from under the Communist yoke.)

The mixture of blood in the Russias, led to a type of individual who needs to be led, although brute force will only work for a certain length of time. However, much of the brain power of a people must be destroyed so that a tyrant can rule. Thus ages of oppression and repression renders dormant any trace of the Aryan race in a land. TRUE LIBERTY IS BORN, NOT PURCHASED WITH A PRICE, OR A FAVOR. Under Asiatic influence, the Will of an individual must be restored before LIBERTY IS BORN.

The Teuto-Aryans were not all German, as some writers would have you think. They had names such as Norse folks, Jutes, Danes, Saxons, Germans, Dutch, and Engels. But in their speech, all was a folk name of common root origin which in different languages meant all people, a common Race designation. The shores of the Baltic were one of the halting places of the Teuto-Aryans in their march from the ancient eastern homeland. Here they were feeling the tempering influence of the air currents coming from the Atlantic. Yet these people were still on their normal of 50 degree temperature. In this type of climate, then agriculture had possibilities. This was a land of trees, of grass, of men following the herds. And yet, now he was also able to dwell by the sea. Now they would launch their boats and add fishing to their source of food. The Baltic shores would become a homeland for a migrating people. Here was a new life style. Memory of the past lingered and mixed with the things they were now learning. Here they would rest for a while looking to the future, as they realized their Promised abounding mercy of their God, and a brighter Faith began to grow within these people until they would pick up their lives and struggle onward in their destiny, carrying this Faith ever Westward.

In Mid-Europe, stands the Germanic-Teuton people like a great part of the ROCK. (The Stone Kingdom). The nations of the world have beat against this Rock from all sides. And yet, still today it stands. (Here in late 1990, we find East and West Germany now united, a symbol of fate, for Germany is Judah--ON THE EAST.) Each time Germany has been overrun, still she rises to take her place signifying surely proof of a vitality and virility of a race. She must maintain her foothold in destiny. For land to develop has not been available to the increasing population of Germany. As to her commitment to the Race, the German has always been the rear guard of Teutonic civilization. With this shelter, the Race has had a chance to develop and build world powers.

On the northern seas, another branch of this Teuton-Aryan family made its home. This was the Norseman. And although this was a cold and inhospitable land, yet the Aryans here were in no way inferior as is testified by the old Viking records and the voyages of Eric the Red and Lief Thorwaldson, in their boats over wintering seas to the shores of Greenland and America ages before Cabot and Hudson ventured westward from the European coast. Here in this Northern land, population also increased and the push was on to find more land. And the people turned south once more and left their blood mingled with their kin of a warmer land. It is through the Norseman that we know how our forefathers lived, what their thoughts were of the Mystery of Life, what they knew or believed they knew of the hereafter. The Sagas and the Runes of the North land have done for the Teutonic Aryan what the Iliad did for the southern European branch, and the Avestas did for the Irano-Aryan, or the Vedas for the Brahmanic branch. It was the Norseman who carried the old life beliefs and folk lore to Iceland where it was preserved and put in written word. Through these sagas, runes, and chronicles, we may now study the Race life before Christianity and modern civilization had touched or changed it.

The Norse Aryan was a strong self-reliant simple hearted man of the forest, field and sea. Half farmer, half fisherman, wholly a battler, whether with his own kin, or with the stranger afar, looking upon a muscular, active, complexion fair, eyes blue of grey, hair reddish or flaxen. In temperament, he was restless, ready to launch his boat upon the waters of the sea, whether for a fishing trip or an expedition on the unknown ocean. It was this Norseman of the farm and woodlands, not the city man who has remained most like the scattered Aryan people of long ago. There was this same close touch with nature, the same calling of the mountain pines. And added to it was what the ancient Aryan lacked---a touch of the salt spray of the sea.

The Norseman would be no man’s servant. As they came sailing up the Seine, the French had asked, ‘Who is your overlord?’---and were promptly told that ‘We have no overlord. We are all equal.’ Later, Charles of France demanded that Rolf the Granger of Normandy kiss his royal foot, but he was told, ‘I will never kiss anyone’s foot. I will never bend the knee before any man.’

The Danes had to migrate because of the narrowness of their homeland. The Scandinavians had to migrate because so much of their land was untillable. Therefore, the Norsemen had strengthened and built up other sections of the blood of his Race, but his homeland could not hold the population as did the lands further to the south.

Today, the Aryans may no longer be tillers of the soil, or even fishermen. Yet the family connection still remains. There has been an intermingling of the Aryans. The Englee man crossed the Channel, and the Saxon and Jute moved together, but it was the Englee faction of the Aryans who gave the name to whole British land. The increasing pressure of the crowding of the Germans forced the Englee to cross the Channel for more room. Need of more land, rather than lust of land, lies back of most race migrations of the Aryans.

The later Germans (Judah) were late comers to Europe. The Norseman proceeded him as did others of the race. But out of the kin bloods of Englee, Saxon and Jute, came a people we know as English. It was the Englee who came to the land before it was known as the British Isles. Still the bloodline was the same. As the Saxon and the Jutes disappeared, form the developing history, it was just that the greater simply absorbed the lessor.

This Race Epic brings a picture of men, records of families, rather than history. And they are mirrors to a long buried past, to mental, and social life and Race Characteristics. They reveal to us the things which are neglected in history, the daily life of these ancient people, who they worshiped, how they buried their dead, and their view as to the life to come. From this, we learn that true history is not just a chronicle of Kings and arms, but the story of a RACE OF MEN.

As the Englee disappeared from the continent of Europe, he became the Englishman of Britain. In America he was more able to develop his race power without strife from the old country. Here, he could go back in spirit to the older Teutonic trust in HIM, that all Fader (Father)---HIM of whom the Aryan man of the early Vedas sang ages before in the highlands of Mid-Asia---’HIS SHADOW IS IMMORTALITY---HE ALONE IS GOD.’

In Britain, the struggle went on and on as different men of the same blood came claiming the throne. And in Britain, there was a fusing of the blood of different strains of the same race. As people increased in Britain, they also migrated, on to America, Australia, New Zealand. And as they came west, they brought their Faith, and the old Hebrew Sabbath with them---the one day in seven for rest. ‘If thou honor the Sabbath, I will make thee to ride upon the high places of the earth; and I will fee thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father, for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.’

In the New World the French and the English battled for the broad lands of North America. The French seized and held the one great direct waterway from the Atlantic to the interior, whereas the English took the mountains and trackless forests. When the duel of 200 years ended, however, it was the Cross of St. George and not the Lilies of France, which waved over the land from the St. Lawrence to the Ohio.

Looking into the family life of this people, we find that with all this battling between themselves, still you find truth, and reverence for their women, and loyalty to the home and fireside, and sacred regard for the marriage tie. Thus, we find nothing to be ashamed of even before the coming of Christianity. They held a religion which grew in the pure air and open sky, in the shadows of the great forests, and on the stormy seas. They carried with them the story of Odin, the all Father, and of Thor, with his hammer. And perhaps, this would be considered child-like. But remember this man of the forest and field was only yet as a child in the infancy of a race. Yet they also had a vision such as John saw on the Isle of Patmos of a New Heaven and a New Earth, and the coming of ONE who was above all gods. As Wodin and Thor were put aside, they turned to HIM who at the mouth of the tomb said, ‘I AM the Resurrection and the Life. He that believes on ME shall never die.’ The Christ from the land overseas, came with this Aryan race and their hungry heart opened to HIM for they were a free people.

As soon as the New Faith (Christianity) was seated in Britain, the battle was joined to keep it in its purity. The Latin part of the race accepted Rome with the Christ. But the Teutonic branch of this same race in their hearts never did. Roman Ecclesiasticism came with Roman rule. But in 1688, no one from Rome ever ruled over the English branch ever again. The Rome of the simple faith, became the Rome of the infallible Pope, whereas the Englishman became more and more a man with an open Bible. The children were trained and bred in the scriptures by the fireside at the mother’s knee until the whole mental and spiritual life of the race was shaped by it. The open heart of the old Wodin worshiper put aside the Monk, the Nun, the Pardoner, and Rome going back simply to the man of Galilee. It was the open Bible which saved the Englishman from Roman domination. The Puritan was the outcome of it all. For the Puritan was the joint product of Wodin, the Bible and Rome. The English thus, prays to one true God, accepts the Atonement, and moves on as a people on a mission. The deep faith of this race then moved on with the Race.

The defeat of the Spanish Armada was the fatal wound to the Papacy in its reach for world domination. Thus there was a religions divergence between two great western divisions of the Aryan people which would see the English people transplanting their simple Faith westward to a new and fertile soil. This was the expansion of Puritanism which opened the flood gates to the West. Yet the Pilgrims were not the first of the English race life in the New World. Others had come before them. There was always a hunger for land in those Aryans, an all consuming hunger for homes, in this temperate climatic belt of the globe. There has always been no rest for the Aryan, save in death. The danger lies in the individual life when one ceases to look forward. It is also true of races. The secret of youth is this ‘looking forward.’ The Aryan renews his hold upon the world in his children because they are by the freeborn Teuton having kept their blood pure. Britain, however, is the connecting link between the past and the present. No other nation so widely touched the great currents of the world’s progress. Her people have sailed the seas constantly going out to mix their blood with the younger blood of the race, thus, bringing to the old homeland, the freshness of the life and vitality beyond the seas. No other country of Europe has been thus revitalized. The day will come when the STRENGTH OF THE CHILDREN WILL BE THE SAFETY OF THE MOTHER.

(Here in 1990, we would say this has come true. Today is the time of the Outstretched wings of the Eagle, the air age of prophecy.)

In Volume II, our author continues his story of these Aryan people now, especially here in these United States.

In this new race homeland overseas, as the time came for the colonization of the New World, again, we find the Teuton Aryan in the middle of the struggle with the French on the north, and the Spaniard on the south. The French and the Spaniard were of the Catholic faith and those in the middle were the Protestants. The French landed at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and pushed inward using the great waterways. The Spaniards landed in Florida and the mouth of the Mississippi River, and pushed north. The Teutonic stream came to the New World where no great rivers led them inward with the Appalachian Mountain chain to slow them down. The Teutonic then drove an entering wedge in the north the south bank of the Okio river, and the southern limit the north bank of the Tennessee River---this was their territory.---Again, in the middle. The objective point was again the rivers which moved out and converged in the great Mississippi. And from there, the race would be on, always to the westward. As in battles of old, it would be the deeper wedge shaped column with its broad supporting base which would win the battle.

According to our author, the possible causes leading to Teutonic supremacy in the New World, was that this Teutonic blood had kept its blood lines free from the ad-mixture with inferior races, more than any of the strains of the Aryan Race. The fact is well established, that the limits within which Race bloods may be crossed without resultant deterioration is very, very narrow. In the great grouping of families of mankind the lines of demarcation are well established, and may not be lightly transgressed.

Our author points out the effect of the mixing of Aryan with non-Aryan bloods in the history of the Latin settlements in America. The best blood of Spain was poured into the regions held on the Western continent, yet that blood has left as its heirs in these regions, only the mongrel broods of the south land--Indian, Negro, and Latin all mixed and mingled into one. Why did this happen? It was because the southern Aryans did not take their families with them as did the Teutonic North. In the French try for a new homeland, this was also the rule. The Frenchman did not bring his family with him. Unlike the Spaniard and the Frenchman, the Teutonic man brought his family with him. The mother of his children was of his own land, his own faith, and his own blood. The brand of social ostracism has ever been placed upon the man who has transgressed the unwritten code of the Race, by intermixing with an inferior blood. Whereas the progeny takes caste with the race of the mother, NOT THE FATHER. Of all of the Aryan blood of Europe, the Teutonic is probably the purest. In this pride of Race Blood, the Teuton and notably the Englo-Teuton, stands side by side with his kinsmen, the Irano-Persian, and the Brahmanic Hindu. Beyond all other causes it has been--the home---the law of pure blood that has given America to the Teutonic order of the Aryan Race. It was the Teutonic wife who settled the question of ‘Race Empire’ of America, as she battled side by side with her husband maintaining that family as best she could. This even according to our author, was the telling force in the history of this Nation of America. Another factor according to our author, was the religion of the two factions of Aryans. The Inquisition and St. Bartholomew had done their work all too well. The hundreds of thousands of Huguenots who went out from France for Conscience sake to the Teutonic lands were absorbed, assimilated by their kin. And their mechanical skill had gone to help up-build Teutonic power. The Huguenot blood outlawed by France, rejected by Spain, helped swell the current of the Teutonic stream into Georgia and the Carolinas and gave a good account of itself in this Teutonic wedge which finally broke the Latin power in the Mississippi Valley. However, the Huguenots were after all, not Latin. They were the Norse blood such as of Rolf the Granger and his Vikings.

In the old country, the Protestants still argued and fought and this drove a steady stream of those people to the New World helping to swell this family life style which is the backbone of this nation. Thus, it was through the working of natural laws, general in scope, that the Teuton, and not the Latin was to control North America. This Race Amalgamation continued here in America and the race emerged stronger and English was the dominate language. (We would say that now destiny was fulfilled, for all the tribes of Israel would thus be represented under the banner of the OUTSTRETCHED WINGS OF THE EAGLE.) The common perils of this new land helped forge this union of different strains of this Aryan (Adamic) race. The incessant years of war in the old country added to the numbers of Colonists in the New. And the best blood of the older lands poured across the Atlantic into the New World. On they came, whole families, but ARYANS ALL.

Those already in the land, mixed with those coming in until they became a force under one banner, their belief in the ONE GREAT GOD, now JESUS THE CHRIST. Possibly in their clashing with the Red man, the Teuton could not have been other than he was, being in the grasp of a power working out the Race Destiny of a nation, also bringing together ‘a Family’ that was ready to stand together for a purpose, forgetting not the old country, but independent in a new Race home ready to cut loose from the past. A common future would necessarily mean one tongue, one race affiliation, no longer English, Dutch, Swede, Huguenot. The American Colonies must absorb and assimilate each other. And he who was to dominate would win. A broader nation of men and women would now become Continental. No narrow shoreline would shut them in. The time had come, and the march across the broad lands of this New Continent began.

Again, as it was in their beginnings, even from the Tarim Basin of ancient Asia, these now in America loaded their families and supplies into their carts and their wagons, and headed west carrying the families of these many strains of this Aryan race.

Southward the Gulf plain, with its produces of cotton, sugar, and rice, bred a great Plantation system and slavery in its most intense form. Northward was the land of corn, wheat and the apple, and the small farm with slavery of no use. Even the soil was different and deeper, more inclined to produce year after year. And always, the Rivers became the roads for this advancing people reaching for their destiny. The flat boats joined the long wagon roads carrying the basic needs of a population moving ever westward. Far sighted men were planning a great trunk line railway across this continent to link East and West, and to compliment the short canals built to link the rivers. There seemed to be no stopping this building of a Continent as a homeland for the Aryan family.

West of the Mississippi, factors left behind on the semi-arid plains of ancient inland Asia, began to play a part in this westward march of the Aryan family. Wood, water, grass, again begin to be the law that determined the lines of migration. Nightly camp grounds, wild game in the cooking pots, the watch by day and the guard by night with the stars looking down upon the sleeping forms, easy grades, and low mountain passes determined the routes westward. The Indian, hunter of bison, born of the wilderness, content to eat and drink and hunt in the free air of mountain and plain, would now be crowed out. Land hungry Aryans had been coming for ages, but now in enough numbers to crowd all others.

The American Aryan, after all the long centuries, was relearning the lesson which his semi-pastoral forefathers had learned ages ago upon the arid plains of another continent. Forgetting the settled habits of the European home, he began to revert to the semi-pastoral race life of his far off ancestors. The cowboy of the Western plain was but the copy of the uplands of Mid-Asia of 3000 or more years ago, now come to life. The Vedas and the Avestas tell of both the cowboys and the rustlers---thus, there is nothing ‘new under the sun.’

The Oregon Trail became the pathway to the Northwest of this Continent with its branch off to the focal point of San Francisco Bay. Spaniards were found to be already there in residence. The Southern route west of the mighty Mississippi crossed the rolling prairies on the Old Santa Fe Trail to the uplands of New Mexico, and the headquarters of the Rio Grande. Then on westward over the low southern passes of the Sierra to the valleys of Southern California. Others somewhat later, passed over by the long east and west valley of the Gila which contained easy grades, an abundance of wood, water and grass for the emigrant trains from the valley of the Rio Grande to the portals of the Pacific Ocean. Here they also found the Spaniards in possession. Here was a kindly civilization. That of the Old Missions which the Castilians had built. While the Englishman was still looking down from the crest of the Appalachians, the pastoral life of the Franciscans had spread northward to San Francisco. The trading ships were their connection with the outer world. But as the Englo-Aryan pushed west, the gold rush in the North overwhelmed the old life. And in Southern California where the gold rush never came, it simply faded away. The broad ranchos passed into other hands and the Mission bell became silent.

The Continent was won not by the politicians, or the Statesmen, but by the people, the family. The Race Truth, that land meant Empire was accomplished by the people. A Senator from Missouri disagreed with many politicians. His statue stands by the banks of the Mississippi with outstretched arm pointing westward. And the prophetic words inscribed are, ‘There is the East.’ He looked to the future, and saw a Continent, with two oceans and the World power that was to be. While other men argued and saw only the great American Desert, he saw the Highway to the Pacific.

If these European Aryans had been content after crossing the Atlantic, to remain subject to the authority of the old world, it would have reversed the Race Law of Europe. Always this was the case. The son going out from the father’s home, builds his own family home and looks broader and knows that this is true. If this were not true, the still broader history of the Aryan people would not be possible. The reaching for Destiny would have been over. Fate thus decreed the American Revolution. And out of that battle, was born a still broader freedom even for Britain herself. Time has proved and keeps on proving this to be true.

Here in his new homeland, this Englo-Teuton Aryan is still in the general climatic home. Yet here in the U.S. there are more extremes than in the old country of Europe. Our author first noticed the marked change from the European type of Aryan to the American Aryan while he was stationed as Post Surgeon at Apache Pass in 1867-67. This Post was upon the line of the great Southern Overland Trail from the Gulf States to California. This was in a pass in the Chiricahua Mountains in the midst of the hostile Apache country, and was established to guard the way west. The emigrant trains from the Southwest camped at the ‘Springs’ below the Post as they rested after the long march from the Rio Grande before they crossed the arid plains of Arizona. Our author was a medical officer, thus was frequently in the camps to visit the sick. Born from generations of frontier blood, upon the line at the Ohio, our author found here a people longer native to the soil of America by some generations than himself. Of all the bloods of the U.S., the most thoroughly American is that of the Mountain regions of the south. It is a blood which had known hardly any ad-mixture with an inferior blood.

As our author went among the emigrant camps, his countrymen became an interesting study for him. He found a people tall, erect, not al once of superfluous flesh, full chested, mostly straight hair, eyes alert, hands and feet shapely, approximating the better types of the American Indians whose type is still to be found among the Aryan people in the uplands of Afghanistan and Northern Persia. This was the man who had met the wild Indian and proven his superior in endurance, in cunning, and in woodcraft. This was the man of the long flintlock rifle and buckskin hunting shirt. This was the man from whose ranks came Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln. This was the man who could endure all things, even death, for the sake of loyalty to the Old Flag of the South. This was a man who had untold possibilities in him now that a better day had dawned.

To a man of narrow horizon, life becomes narrow. The Sea and the widely scattered Empire saved Britain from the narrowness which grows in an un-maritime people. Yet the broadness of the sea is still different from the Continental thinking man. As Post Surgeon at Apache Pass in those early days, our author knew the feeling of loneliness and isolation. After months went by with the isolation broken only by the weekly arrival of the Military Express Rider, coming and going at night, so as not to be detected by waylaying Indians, in nearly two years of this frontier duty, our author slept only one night without a revolver and a rifle by his side. This was life on the frontier. This was life as our forefathers lived it, over and over again. But these things do leave their mark upon men and races.

After nearly 40 years, the sound of the mountain pines was still sounding in our authors ears. It was like the call of the wild which is hard to overcome. Yet did not our ancestors as they crossed the mountain passes of the Hindu Kush 3000 or more years ago, have this same feeling as though somehow they reached out to touch the infinite. The axe and the rifle and a few cooking utensils formed the outfit for the young couple who went further into the forest. The home established and the land subdued was their mission. Oh, not all at once---for generations, would new homes be hewed out. Yet before them lay the receding forest life. It was a simple life, but such life makes Nations. He was a man born free---the American of the future. The Aryan of the past had emerged at last. Possibly no other man has been so misunderstood among the people of the earth as has been this English speaking man of America. The world who has so long misunderstood, perhaps is now beginning to understand this American Aryan. And perhaps he is only beginning to understand himself.

When the Mountains were crossed, the Aryan man carried his Bible. But he had no church. The log school house was a humble temple of learning but it did its work well. It turned out MEN. Scholarship alone is not the aim in education. The true aim of a school should be to MAKE MEN, not merely scholars. This the early schools did. The Bible was practically the family library. And it was termed ‘the Book.’ In the west, it was as in the days when there was no King of Israel. ‘Every man did that which seemed right in his own eyes.’ Especially was this true of religions matters. The warring sects of the old world were learning, ‘We be brethren.’ Going back to THE CHRIST for their theology, the Bible came into its place, as the WORD OF GOD instead of the writings of the church fathers.

Perhaps there was not as yet, developed a school of literature called characteristically, America. But perhaps it is not time. It took Britain 1000 years to tame an island, 10 Centuries to produce Herodoto of Halicarnassos. Who can imagine how far the Aryan American will go, the thoughts he will think, the destiny he will fulfill. It will be in a new way of looking at old things which will be the enlightening of the American Aryan. There is no going back to the mistakes of the past, the olden authority of Popes or Kings. These were but stepping stones to the true faith of our ancient Ancestors accepting the fulfillment of the Prophecies.

Slavery was a great disaster for this Continent of America. Men sought to take the Negro from the plantation field and set him equal or above the White men saying he will soon learn. But the Race which in 3000 years or much more, never built a civilization, only looks back through other eyes to a barbaric race which lived out its crude life in far-off infancy of man, then withered and died, will only bring disaster in a borrowed civilization. A Race war will develop as they increase in number and no solution will be found by blending two races into one. People in the religious world like to quote the Apostle Paul in that speech made on Mars Hill:-- ‘And God hath made of one blood all nations of men, to dwell on the face of their earth.’ Yet they do not, in their argument, finish the sentence:-- ‘and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.’ The argument being that since man started from one man, they must go back to one man, one race. Yet to Abraham, God said, ‘Get thee out from among them.’ Which does not sound much like integration. This was to call attention to a special people, to raise a standard, but not to inter-marry or mingle blood. No, that was strictly forbidden. The whole history of Israel shows this to be an established policy of Race under Divine direction. This command of Race selection, God enforces upon HIS people under the law. One in kindly sympathy in justice between man, yes. For we are to be kind to strangers. But one in intermingling and merging of bloods---no!!!

Always history has proven that the world’s advances have not been through the Mongrel races. When a pure blood portion of the Aryan Race has mixed its blood with the lower types this people has not only stopped in growth, but rapidly deteriorated and went retrograde. The Pure Seed man knows better than to allow his seed to become crossed with inferior varieties. The horse man or cattleman, will not allow this to happen to their stock. There is thus a pedigree of Races. And a pedigree of families. Races are only families on a broader scale, and their traits are passed on by Race heredity. The money making Jews, the land hungry Teutons, the fighting Celts are examples. Is the law which has lifted man from barbarism to be all at once reversed? Is now this Aryan man to make his advances by retracing his steps? Miscegenation is not going back to a common stock, it is only the crossing of collateral branches. This crossing of bloods is not even in harmony with the theory of Evolution which is preached as a fact. The crossing of bloods is only beneficial, at least not so destructive when it is between two branches of the same kin. Too close inbreeding is also not productive. It is to be remembered that man did not make the LAW. He is only its creature, NOT ITS CREATOR.

The black man has the same right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that belongs to the White man. It is his right to be protected and uplifted because he is a weaker race, and the White man is stronger. The Black and the White can live together with the White man as the master altho this will harm the White man more than the Black. But they cannot live together as equals. At once the old Race Law begins to work, and Race war will continue until separation will end it.

Skirting the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean, and up the river valleys of the equatorial waterway of South America, is a region in which the Aryan cannot live. Some other man then the Latin and Teutonic must subdue it. The Negro is fitted by race constitution to be this subduer after he had been trained by this advanced civilization and with the help of this other civilization. The Black man has helped the English speaking man to make for himself and his family a home upon the North shores of America within the climatic belt which is a normal race home of the Aryan. It would now be in the power of the English speaking man to help the black man build his home in the climate which is normal for his race home.

As one strong American power, it fell to the lot of the U.S. to be spokesman from all the American nations both North and South. Her position has not always been understood in Europe and not even all the time by her own people, especially the intellect of her schools. Yet the U.S. made her stand and the world has learned to respect the heed. The Monroe Doctrine applies only to governments, no man, or woman, from Europe soil is forbidden to come. All are welcome to home and citizenship. But the governments of the European homeland must be left behind. Any change of ownership from any portion of American territory still held by European powers must not be transferred to another power. It can only be abandoned to the people resident or transferred to another American power.

The Monroe Doctrine says that Europe may have her will in her own lands and in Asia, but the Western Continent is for the American children. And the Asia that fronts upon the American seas, and the islands of the Pacific, are debatable ground. The Pacific is the world’s last and greatest sea prize for rival and contending nations. With it, the globe is spanned, and there is no more. America, New Zealand, Australia, and South America will settle the future control of the Pacific for all times. In these lands the English man has made his home. Europe looks out at the Atlantic, but American faces the world.

Remember the time frame when our author was writing and then hear him say, ‘Russia faces both oceans, but not as American faces them. America holds the Empire-breeding, milder, mid-temperate belt of a continent as his homeland, his place in destiny. America is the one true world power, Europe is the land of Divided States, whereas Europe is the land of divided States. America is the land of United States, 90 million of one speech, one blood, one future, and increasing in numbers as in no other of all the people of the world; with a homeland compact and guarded by the flanking seas. America, whether schoolmen or statesmen, will work out her destiny as a world power. It is the Race call of the old proto-Aryan of the father East which is still in the blood that will make this happen. This led these people Westward, across Europe on westward. And will give him no rest until Aryan people have girdled the globe with their homelands. There is something here higher than the lust of power, or the greed of conquest. We see men and nations only as chessmen moved by a Supreme power upon this board we call the world.

Imperialism which is the normal working out of a race destiny is constructive, not destructive. And in the end, humanity will have come to something higher, better than it knew before. The Imperialism of ancient Egypt spread this civilization beyond the Nile and kindled a great light about the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. The Aryan-Semitic Imperialism of the Mesopotamian plain lifted Southwest Asia from the depth of semi-Barbarianism. The Imperialism of Greece lined the shores of the Mediterranean and the Euxine with cities and lighted a flame of civilization which has never died out. The Imperialism of Rome carried that civilization Westward and Eastward. The Imperialism of Russia by land and Britain by sea, are bringing an end to race warfare and giving law and order and prosperity a chance. (Notice how law and order disappeared from Asia as the Aryans were murdered in Russia and driven out of India?) Imperialism in fact, is the survival of the fittest. Thus Race Wars will go on and no human power can stop it. For it is law. Out of it comes what is to be.

The term we use of English man is broader than American or Britain. It includes both, but is more than both, for it has become a race name. There is an older English man, and a younger. But the language is English. But Britain is only one of the places of sojourn of this so-called English Aryan. The past is only a prophecy of the future. All Aryans must stand together. The ground swell of a common destiny brings all together. In the clash of race Imperialism, then race blood will tell. The law of the blood brings them together. It is very possible that they will someday have a common meeting place, a racial meeting place.

What is possible for the Aryan between kin and the ties of blood of common history, of a common destiny, of common interests, and aspirations, may not be possible between races that are not kin, have no ties of blood. Remember that we do not make the Law. We are but subject to it. Can we change this? No. Not even if we wished to. The necessity of self-preservation will force the Aryans to come together. If the English race is true to its race destiny, it as well as all other branches of this race must not shed any more blood between themselves. This is race suicide. (Remember the blood we have shed since our authors day in these senseless wars brought about by men who are not of our race, in their program of darkness to destroy this Kingdom of God?)

Who then is to have the world? The Aryan people have the power, and earth hunger which is a family trait, strong in them all. This is a deep seated race instinct. Land of course, means food. And food means numbers, and numbers mean power. An enduring Empire is always based upon land. Sea power without land can only be temporary. Back through history, this always held true. Cut off the sea power of a nation, and if she has no land to grow her food, she is in deep trouble. The Aryan always depends on his land. There have been other race conquerors, yet it was mostly lust of dominion over subject people rather than because of the hungering after land that made them conquerors.

The Yellow man is unlike the Black man. He has not forgotten his past. The Yellow civilization reached its high tide ages ago and then stood still. Confucianism which for ages has been the school master of the Chinese mind, under this teaching, Confucianism and ancestor worship, have been in the Chinese mind what the swathing bands have been to the Chines foot until cramped, strangled, dwarfed, it gave up its attempt to grow and rests, ever proud of its deformity. The Chinese, like the Negro, is passing form the world stage.

The Japanese are different. In him is other blood. They are not Mongol as a whole as are the Chinese. If Japan is able to adopt and succeed by assimilating a borrowed civilization, it will be the exception to the race law. Even if you believed in evolution, the Aryan man would still be the dominant race for it is the younger. The others are dying races. If this world were all of life, it might be said that life is unjust. But these wrongs are a strong argument that this life is not all. It will take another to right the wrongs of this one. God’s ways are not man’s way. HIS thoughts are not as man’s thoughts. HE is broader than ONE LIFE. Eternity is greater than the years, even the centuries. There is no ‘Right’ granted to the barbarian to keep the earth in darkness. It does not matter that they do not ask for ‘LIGHT’. That they resent the LIGHT. This is simply the way of darkness. ‘The light shineth into darkness, the darkness comprehendeth it not.’ When it does not comprehend, it resents and fights against--often to the death. It is nevertheless a duty of the higher civilization to bring ‘LIGHT TO THE WORLD ORDER NOW CLOTHED IN DARKNESS.’

Men say that this higher civilization has no right to impose its ‘LIGHT’ on the lower orders. Yet this has to be. No man can stop this. And it is better that it should be. With this process, the lower types will die out. And the man of the higher type could not save them tho he tries. For his race civilization is poison to them. Even among the Aryans there has always been this battling. Some are not as progressive as others.

From the deserts of Arabia went out the cry, ‘There is but ONE GOD, and Mohammed is his prophet.’ Here was the other side of the Aryan Semite picture. The son of the bondwoman was to have his day. Much knowledge would then come to the Western world out of the Arabian desert. This much may be said of Semitic Islam (quote):-- ‘It was in the beginning at least, the protest of an aroused soul against the polytheism of a returning spiritual darkness; and it may be that Monotheism in the West owes a greater spiritual debt to the Desert people than it has been wont to acknowledge.’ (Unquote)

In conclusion, our author again gives to each race a Race homeland to which is more adapted. This is part of the Race Law as established by the Great God. The Aryan has the temperate climate, and this also is the most valuable as to food production. But with the Aryan, another factor is at work such as scientific capacity and mechanical skill. The man (ADAM) who first tied ox to the forked stick, and made the ox strength stir for him an increased area of land for his daily toil, gained at once advantage over the man who still delved for himself with pointed stick. The Race which first learned to harness the waterfall to grind his grain for food, took a big step ahead of the other races.

The mechanical skill and scientific knowledge even in warfare, gained a recognition of a higher intelligence. The Mid-land holds the major portions of the world’s supply of wood, coal, petroleum, iron and other useful metals. He of all men, has shown the most aptitude and skill to utilize them. No other man has mastered the waterfalls, the mines, the furnace and the laboratories as has the Aryan man. In battle it is the man behind the gun that will aim it, not the gold which bought it. The man who owns the wheat field need not fear famine.

In battling for world mastery, the qualities of the Aryan man will tell the story. The nerve of the Aryan is a common heritage thus the Teutonic people must be drawn more closely together. It is the Norse man standing guard at the mouth of the Baltic; the German with hand outstretched toward the Dardanelles; the Briton at Gibraltar and Suez and Far East, and from South Africa, Australia, and India making the South Seas a safer place; and the American managing the Western Continents as well as her shadow over the Phillippines and over the Pacific that speaks of a New World Order.

All Teutons--200 million of them now (1907), and increasing in number, holding as a homeland the greater portion of the habitable mid-temperate Zone which breeds the most virile type of Aryan man; possessing the bulk of the coal, the iron deposits of the world, holding the scientific and mechanical aptitude to utilize them; having a common history, a common Faith, will bring World Supremacy to all others. When the FULLNESS OF TIME is upon the ages, no rockribbed continent, nor armed men may avert or delay this Race Adjustment. In the presence of a Great Common Stress---Blood will tell. National differences are forgotten. ‘Folk-tie’ proves stronger. It is no longer Prussian, and Austrian. It is only German. It is no longer Italian and Spanish. It is Latin. No longer Russian, Bulgarian, and Romanian. It is Slav. It is no longer Britain and American. It is English man, French man, Aryan man.

Such a race adjustment came when the Indo-Aryan forced his way southward over the mountain passes of the Hindu Kush into the dense masses of the Negroid and Yellow man upon the tropic plains of southern Asia. It came again and again as the Aryan marched Westward, expanding as he went. In Race History, this is always true. Civilization cannot stop its expansion just because the savage holds its great empty spaces. There is no new law. The land must go to those who can use it. Use is the true title of land. In excavations at Nippur, brought to light are whole archives of ‘title deeds’ to land, of a people who once possessed it. The people are gone, but the land between the rivers remains. Others now use it and possess it, perhaps for a lifetime. But it is not to be held in idleness and waste. The right to remain Barbarian in the face of advancing civilization is not necessarily among the inherent rights of mankind. Civilization must place its hand upon them even tho they disappear. Race wars are essentially wars for land and race Supremacy.

The Clash of Arms has been overrated. Behind the clash are men on foot, army, navy, air power. Each a consumer, but not a producer. If a nation can no longer support them, then someone stronger will take them. A league of soil is in the end better than a company of soldiers. A factory is more than a ship. Look at history and see who won.

A world power must be a Continent power, as well as a Sea power (and in time an Air power.) The nation or race which combines all three, will be the dominant one. America stands alone as holding a continent, with one BLOOD, one SPEECH, one common Race future facing all oceans. And America can feed herself. Of all the Aryan people, America holds the greatest area of productive land of the mid-temperate zone, the belt which in all ages has given birth to the world master. With these advantages, it is only a matter of time until America stands not only as the first Military and Naval Power (and Air Power) in the world, but as its financial and political clearing house as well. Of all Races of men, America is best fitted to stand as the exponent of the Angel song of that old time Galilean night, ‘On earth, Peace and Good will toward men.’

We then say with our author, ‘can we then forecast the future as we look backward to the past of this Aryan man when he first placed his mark upon speech, stamped his presence upon the land, and sang his morning song in the uplands beyond the Hindu Kush, multiplied, conquered and spread. And in it all, wrested from nature the Secrets of her mysteries, and stands today the world master. He must also learn that the true end of Education IS THE MAN, not merely the scholar. The athletic craze which has seized upon our schools, is lowering the standards to form the man. Once was taught that there were only seven component colors. Today we know it is only the eyes that fail to see. Is it impossible that in time each man will carry in his pocket his own transmitter and receiver like he carries his watch? Strange things were in the past. And they will come again. (We remind you of the strides made in the electronic field today and wonder what the future will bring.)

It is a long way from the Proto-Aryan looking up in simple wonder to the stars above him, to the 40 inch refractor, and the depth of the abyss. But it is all coming forth. This much as least, would seem to be clear. We cannot go spiritually back, not to the days of Wodin or even to the days of the Puritans. We must comprehend God better, more of the conception of God as the Maker of a LAW OF LIFE. And we ask will the Aryan man better understand this age old war between good and evil? Will there also come a keener perception of the unbroken continuity of Life here in earth and life hereafter? More of the thoughts of the bodily death as only the mighty rest of a wayfarer who is but part way in his journey? And with all of this, a bit more of a willingness to keep hands off in God’s dealing with men’s souls. And a better understanding of the Supreme duty of each to make sure his own soul is right with God.

There must be a growing conception of what God planned when HE said:.. 'Let us make man in our own image.' There must be an increasing conception of Heaven and Hell as essentially conditions; that man makes his own heaven or hell, and when sin is unrepentant there is hell tho it were at the foot of the Great White Throne itself, even as Satan could present himself with the sons of God; and yet be Satan. A Creed....what is it? Have we ever grasped the truth that spiritual duty requires that man is to be honest with his own soul, and that the Creed which the lips profess, but which the heart rejects is nothing; worse ...that it is the death of true spirituality, for it is the way of untruth. It will be learned that man's future cannot be fixed by his mere assent to dogmas of belief, where through insufficiency of data, or limited capacity of judging, an intelligent opinion is as yet to him an impossibility; that if such exists would be a violation of that fairness and justice which must be back of Eternal Law, unless that law be a mockery. There will come a better appreciation of the fact that blind assent to an unbelievable doctrine is not honoring God, rather it is dishonoring Him thus debasing His Handiwork. There can be no such thing as blind Faith, that is only superstition, on a par with the Voodooism of Africa. We have not yet learned the lesson that religion is purely an individual matter, which pertains not to state, indeed not to church, nor to neighbor; but lies only between each soul and his God. The Apostle Paul caught this great truth when he said:...'Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.' (Aryan) man must grow before his conception of God can grow, and in this way forces of Civilization are indirect spiritual forces. In the future, man will be less prone to poise as spokesman WHERE GOD HAS NOT SPOKEN. It has been a long weary road that the world has traveled spiritually, a road of centuries of theological hatred, persecution of earth made creeds and the unholy ambition to dominate other men's souls. The end is not yet, only it seems nearer, the end which the Old Seer Pictured to Israel that day when, looking into the heart of the Almighty he said:..'He hath showed thee, O (Adam) man what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love Mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.' Here in earth Adam-man stands midway between the ultimate Star and the ultimate Atom; and each is equally remote, and equally unapproachable. The finite mind reaches its limit when it touches upon the infinite. There is an intentional limit to knowledge today, but the future shall broaden out into the Eternities, and Aryan-man can only wait for the end is not yet. Maybe there is after all to be a gateway through the vale, and maybe the rift men call death is the entering in, and the finite shall come into touch with the infinite, and AT LAST WE SHALL KNOW. (I have given you some of the thoughts of our authors writing back in 1907. We have made great strides in knowledge since then but we have so much further to go. We remember that the blindness that happened to Israel is from YAHWEH, and HE can lift it in a moment when He wishes. We also believe that He keeps alive anything that He wants His people to know, perhaps not in every mind, but in some. Here at the end of 1990 we are further along in the program of an Emerging Kingdom but we do not as yet see the final triumph.)

(End of report)