ERM - Tape 105 - America BC by B. Fell and History Of The American Indians


TSPR NO. 105----Book Review by Ella Rose Mast

AMERICA B.C. - by Barry Fell and



Today we are seeing the younger Historians and Archaeologists realizing that a large slice of America’s past has mysteriously vanished from our public records. Today some are wondering why and looking for those vanished records. Ancient inscriptions from nearly all parts of the United States, Canada and even Latin America are again being reported. These inscriptions are written in languages in alphabets that date from 2500 years ago and perhaps further back. They speak of visits from ancient ships, or permanent colonies of Celts, Basques, Libyans, and even of ancient Egyptians more distant in the past. These inscriptions appear on buried temples, tablets, gravestones and on cliff faces. From some of the inscriptions, we find that these ancient colonists intermarried with earlier colonists. And of course, this attempt to bury the ancient history of these United States, these early colonists were all termed ‘Indians.’ Altho the authors do notice a distinction between the Asiatics and those we call ‘AMAZING ARYANS.’

In this attempt to bury the ancient history of America, these ‘finds’ of traces of ancient people were called misguided folly or forgeries, or cranks trying to fabricate a society that did not exist. However, in the past fifteen years, these ancient scripts have been deciphered, and this ‘truth’ has now come to light. Now it has been admitted that these inscriptions could only have been inscribed by those ancient people. No longer can historians claim that people wandered naked over this planet without the knowledge of how to cross from one continent to another.

These signs tell us that settlers from the old world came, remained, and became founding fathers of even some of the ‘so-called’ American Indian nations. By the summer of 1975, many of the ‘facts’ came to light in an Archaeological survey in New Hampshire and in Vermont which could no longer be ignored. This brought about the publication of this book ‘America B.C.’ by Barry Fell.

From the ‘facts’ by our author, it is proved that about 3000 years ago, roving bands of these Aryan mariners--long before Columbus--crossed the Atlantic Ocean and founded a new kingdom which they called ‘Land beyond the sunset,’ or Largalon. We not know that they built villages, raised Druid circles, and buried their loved ones in ‘marked graves.’

In the time of Julius Caesar, these Aryans were still here in these United States. And this is proven by the inscribed monoliths which give the date as 46 B.C. Now it is proven that Phoenician traders (descendants of Enoch), came to these shores. And some of them remained as did the Egyptians and Basque and people from Libya and other places. Some of them entered from the Gulf of Mexico and penetrated inland as far as Iowa and the Dakotas, then Westward along the Arkansas and Cimarron Rivers, always leaving behind them these inscribed records of their presence.

Their inscriptions showing their belief in YAHWEH and the descriptions of themselves, show that these ancient people were of this ARYAN or ADAMIC RACE. Norsemen of the same race came into the St. Lawrence River and they left inscriptions showing that their dialects were derived from the ancient Phoenician and North African inhabitants of long forgotten people.

It seems that the Celts settled near the mouths of the rivers in New England in southern New Hampshire. And at times went even on north to Quebec, Canada. They colonized in the Green Mountain area. And it is here that you find again, the word ‘Quechee’ as we did in Central America. This is an ancient pronunciation of the Celtic word ‘Quithe’ meaning the river which flows through a gorge, pertaining to these we call ‘Amazing Aryans’ who flowed over this planet like a river from one source---Adam and Eve.

With these people as they moved, we find their priests. And in the secluded valleys of the new world, or on hilltops, these priests (called Druids) erected temples and circles of standing stones on which they carved their ancient alphabet called ‘Ogam.’

In Europe, as Christianity came, the priests replaced the ancient inscriptions with Christian Ogam (marks from their alphabet.’ But here in America, the old inscriptions remained and anything before Christianity then became viewed as pagan.

In this drive to hide the ancient heritage of our nation, the powers that be have started our history books for our children with Europe in 1492. And they lead in with the daring exploits of Christopher Columbus as though no history existed before that. For years, anything before Columbus has been ignored altho there must have been ways to decipher these inscriptions left behind.

Eight generations of American children went to school being taught that the United States as a nation was without historical roots, without any traditions leading to the remote past. The teaching being that there was no way ancients could have come into this country except by way of the Bering Straits because no one had the knowledge to build the vessels to cross the Atlantic Ocean before the time of Columbus. Because of this blindness, much vandalism has happened to the archaeological ‘finds’ in this nation. Many cliff-cut mementos of a visit by an ancient voyager has been overlaid by the recent scrawls of thoughtless vandals or shattered bu the bullets fired at them by persons who think it is necessary to destroy otherwise ancient records cut into the rocks. Often these records have been protected for 2000 years or more only to be destroyed in modern times.

When Christopher Columbus returned, he presented a great problem to the Catholic Church. He not only discovered a new land, but he bought back inhabitants from that land. The Church taught that the Bible says everyone died at the time of the flood but Noah and his three sons. If you accepted the theory that the flood was all over the earth at that time, then where did these people in the New World come from? These people were not Negroes, either. A second and a third voyage produced much evidence that there were large numbers of people in the New World. And they were not all of the same race. Now the Church had to clarify just who these people were. And the Pope did this--declaring they were the descendants of Adam and Eve, but did not explain how they came from the Garden of Eden, but did not explain how they came from the Garden of Eden to the New World.

Cotton Mathers of Boston, wrote to the Royal Society of London, England, drawing attention to a tribe of Indians in Connecticut who practiced circumcision. Harold Sterling Ladwin, in his writings, called attention to the fact that some so-called Indian tribes must have been in recent contact with the Old World. But no--this was impossible. And these facts were pushed aside. In fact, for a time, his writings were forbidden in the schools in the United States. The Archaeological world for generations, maintained that it was impossible for anyone to cross the Atlantic Ocean until the 15th Century.

In recent years, new discoveries have proved that the Atlantic Ocean was not the great barrier that the earlier thinkers had supposed. Actually, the evidence is not new. It has been there all the time for anyone with the ability to read the inscriptions. In 1975, with so much evidence coming forth, our author set out to see for himself some of these ‘findings.’ He was amazed that they had to have cameras with them to prove they did not do the carving themselves. There was so much skepticism to overcome. They roamed the New England back-country, while Gloria Farley was exploring caves and cliffs which bordered the banks of the Arkansas and Cimarron Rivers and their tributaries, looking for signs of an ancient people. Mrs. Farley assembled a series of records of visits and settlements made by these European voyages of people who ascended the Mississippi River, then turned west following the Arkansas River and eventually reached the Cimarron River along the border between Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado.

In the facts assembled by Mrs. Farley, were the facts that Celts had followed this route. And that people from Libya and Punic speaking Iberians, and even a Basque King, had ventured into the heartland of this continent before the time of the Birth of the Christ Child.

The word ‘Ogam’ simply means ‘grooved writing.’ And since America had been visited by people speaking several languages although perhaps, of the same race, then the deciphering of these inscriptions surely could be achieved. From an old legend, our author learned of the grave of an ancient warrior named Conon. And he set out to find that grave. He had learned of a place called Sliahh Calaino (pronounced ‘Sleear Calin) meaning ‘Mountain of the Cromleah’---here was something leading back of course, to ancient Ireland. It was said that Conon’s grave was on the northwest slope of this mountain and his name in ‘Ogam’ (grooved writing), was on a dressed stone. There was a report that an Irishman by the name of Theophilus O’Flannagan had visited this spot in 1780. He reported that a great stone 8 feet by 4 feet in thickness covered this grave. The inscription satisfied the discoverers that this was the burial ground which contained a Chieftain named Conon Colgac. But the historians still said, ‘No. This could not be anything of antiquity. Surely it could not have withstood 1500 years of exposure to the weather.

Alphabets and letters of several inscriptions were now compared and as with the Rosetta Stone, now a key was found. And many were amazed that the ancient Irish were in some way connected with the ancient Romans. Soon, from the monasteries of Ireland, and the shelves of Trinity College in Dublin, came a stream of hitherto unknown manuscripts and books, decorated with lavish and beautiful letters of the so-called Gothic lettering, inlaid with jewels, bound in gold. They were the most beautiful books the world had even seen. All of them composed in either the Old Irish tongue, or Latin tongue, or both. Scholars were now coming from far away to gaze upon these discoveries. And now, they began to study the ancient Celtic writings. The critics slunk away as knowledge began once more to increase.

However, another century would roll by before many would acknowledge that ancient Celts had once crossed the wide Atlantic Ocean back in the days of long ago. Now those so-called ‘root cellars’ in New England, found in so many places, were understood to be ancient Celtic monuments from a long forgotten age. Many of the stones had been carted away to build the dry stone walls around their fields similar to the walls called dikes in Scotland and Ireland.

Sir John Rhys, Professor of Celtic Language at Oxford University, wrote numerous books and papers covering such topics as the ‘Ogam’ inscribed stones of Dublin--- ‘Studies in the Arthurian Legend,’ ‘Outlines of Manx Phonology,’ ‘Celtic Inscriptions of France and Italy,’ ‘Inscriptions and Languages of the Northern Picks.’ And he also prepared a table of his findings showing that the Celts had settled in New England during the first millennium before the Christ Child was born.

German scholars were at work investigating languages spoken in Europe and Asia. These studies led to the recognition of the Indo-European or Asian, or Aryan family of related languages in which the Celts were recognized as a branch of the family with the Gaelic historians maintaining that the ancestors of the Gaels came to Ireland from Iberia, the old name for Spain. (You will remember this was what Col. Totten had written as he searched for the background of the Seal of the United States.)

As our author was putting these facts together, he realized that he was uncovering some ancient bi-lingual manuscripts of great significance which had escaped the notice of scholars until 1973. Those manuscripts now led not only to Spain and Portugal, but to Libya, to the Canary Islands and on eventually across the great Northern Ocean to a remote land laying far to the west. The name of that land ‘Iarghal.’---meaning, ‘beyond the sunset.’

In Dublin, our author stumbled upon the key to the ancient alphabet of America, of Iberia, Phoenicia, and Scandinavia. As you will remember, in 476 A.D., the Empire of Rome collapsed and the ‘light’ went out over Europe and the children of darkness ruled supreme. No more, did men sail the great sea roads to trade with the Western colonists and return to report. But the memory of America survived in the writings of the Irish scribes and in the Druid Priesthood. And their alphabet would be the key to unlock this long lost knowledge of the exploits of these now ‘lost Aryan explorers.’ And now you may know just how thorough this ‘black out’ of knowledge became, because even here in 1990, in our schools they do not teach the history of this Adamic race. In fact, if you show an interest, then you are termed a Racist.

In the appendix of his book, our author tells how he unraveled the code of messages left by our ancient ancestors. The first American inscriptions in the Ogam alphabet, the characters of the ‘Stone chambers,’ and the astronomical alignment of the Calendar Stone at ‘Mystery Hill,’ had of course, suggested some relationship to the Celtic civilization of ancient Britain. What puzzled him as to the dating of these inscriptions was that you did not find Crosses or other Christian symbols. There were no vowels. The inscriptions did not look like British inscriptions. Our author had studied in Scotland and yet the signs were arranged in accordance with principals quite ancient. And yet, seemed to also point to British Ogam. Until our author could give strong proof of the direct relationship of a known writing system, stretching between the New World and the Old, then many Archaeologists would not even admit that the American inscriptions were some form of writing.

In this case, there was no medieval manuscripts to search out in America as the historian ‘Vallancey,’ was able to do in Ireland. But now epigrapher in Arabia and in India were able to help. And a steady flow of bi-lingual texts began to flow. And the ancient inscriptions began to come alive. Soon, it was very plain to our author and his friends, that the great rivers of America had become the highways of ancient visitors and explorers who had penetrated far into the interior of this land-- ‘beyond the sunset.’

Our author tells us that there were books--period--unraveling the mysteries of ancient America. The book of ‘Ballymore’ is one of the books which was of much help in deciphering the ancient alphabet. This book was put together sometime between 1370 and 1390 A.D. Today this book is in the Library of the Irish Academy in Dublin. The book of ‘Leister’ is also in the library of the University of Dublin. There are more than one million bound volumes in that library. And one is the 8th Century ‘Book of Kells.’ The book of ‘Lecon’ dates from 1416 A.D. has 600 folio vellum pages, and it states that still earlier, ‘treatise’ written by Druids, who lived before the Christian era, are to be found there.

The book ‘The Secret Languages of Ireland,’ is a modern book (1937). And its author did not think he could believe all this ancient history because Julius Caesar could not send messages to his Generals in code which could not be solved almost at a glance. This author was in our estimation just one of those blind historians who could not accept the fact that these ancient people existed. Here in America, the archaeologists were about as bad for their thoughts were that these grave marking stones were just made by plowshares or roots of trees.

Our author was not one to be discouraged by his critics as he put together a table of alphabets from the different American sites, from the Punic, the Iberian sites, and then began to add to his knowledge from site to site, and started to read these strange markings he had found. We think he was mixed up in his translations for the name of God of these ancients, but then he was not writing from an Identity point of view and thought everything was Pagan before Christianity. These ancients worshiped the Sun God ‘Bel’ in his interpretation, or perhaps ‘Ra.’ And he thought this the same as ‘Baal.’

In 1947, Professor Robert H. Pfeiffer had published his work on ‘Ancient Alphabets,’ and his tables matched the Egyptian Aramaic forms he had found on an Egyptian Papyrus of the period around 400 B.C. We would think that these Irish Monks who wrote the Ogam (grooved inscriptions) were already in possession of ancient scripts, only now being rediscovered by modern students after much excavation and research in the Egyptian desert. The monogram of the Sun God is composed of Iberian and Phoenician letters ‘B-L’ combined with three parallel strokes to give in addition the Ogam letters B - L under a stem line or merely B -L of either alphabet alone. These occur as engravings on a flat tile-like piece of schist, sometimes triangular in shape. These objects found at localities where there evidently was a temple to the Sun God.

At Ramond, New Hampshire, funerary stones were found built into stone walls. Then from South Woodstock, Vermont, are stone tablets with carvings. Steles are found suggesting that Norsemen were also abroad long before the Viking Age. In Vermont, were found tombstones with Old World names--Ogam characters such as Y-G-H-N. In modern spelling, this would be Eoghan, the original name of the widespread Celtic family name of Evans and MacEwan in Scotland and Ireland, and Evans and Efan in Wales. Their ancestors evidently ruled in New England around 500 B.C. One large stone carries the name in Ogam characters--L-G-H M-B M-B-M probably rendered ‘Lug Mah Mabimi’ or ‘Lug son of Valiant.’

The Norsemen left runic series with their numerous variation, thus, you needed a chart of all ancient signs to be sure of the translation. Then you need to remember that ‘Ogam’ can be written upwards, or downwards, or horizontal or even along a radii of a circle. And the ancient scribes could even contrive word pictures with their printing. For instance, the inscriptions found on many of the Astronomical observation pillars of the New England Celts,---what looked at first like a human eye--on closer examination, is made up of ‘Ogam’ letters spelling the word ‘Observation pillar.’

When reading Egyptian hieroglyphics, the word for brother in Egyptian is ‘Sen.’ But this is also the same sound as the Egyptian word for ‘spoon.’ Their solution was to draw a picture of a spoon, then draw immediately beside it, a picture of a man. This told the reader that the word ‘sen’ is to be understood in the context of a man. Thus it had to mean brother.

Since Archaeology had to prove that written records would lead back in time further than anyone had thought, men of the same interest began to contact each other. Dr. Jan Olaf Williams was a graduate student in environmental engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And Erik Reinert had spent two years traveling in South America where he had acquired a knowledge of the Guarani and Queechua tongues, and in addition, he had studied about ten European languages before coming to America. These men began to help our author unravel these ancient languages. They noticed that one kind of ‘Ogam’ employed only consonants. Vowels were omitted which is characteristic of the Semitic or Hebrew language. This was also characteristic of the language of the Phoenicians who brought their language to those places where they traveled.

In 1975, our author visited some rock inscriptions near South Royalton, Vermont which these ancient people had used as calendar regulators, corresponding to sunrise, sunset directions on particular days of the year especially the Solstices and Equinoxes. Not realizing these ancient Aryans worshiped YAHWEH, and that the Sun was but HIS symbol, the author thinks that after the coming of Christianity, that the so-called pagan Sun symbol was adapted to serve within the Church. Thus, accepted by the church was the old Celtic Cross and the Iona Cross made with five sun wheels.

Mystery Hill in New Hampshire, is a complex of stone slab chambers, and associated huge stones, oriented so that the sun sets behind particular standing stones on the days of the Equinox, or summer and winter Solstices. This site covers approximately twenty acres mostly covered by second growth woodland through which runs this peculiarly constructed dry stone wall with tall pointed triangular stones occurring at regular intervals in the walls. In includes an area of about one acre covered by a maze of massive stone chambers with various other striking but puzzling features such as the so-called ‘Table of Sacrifice.’ This is a large rectangular rock slab bordered by runnels that drain into a former receptacle placed at the front right corner. We believe this was one of the many ‘altars’ built by these roaming Aryans, because before the days of the Christ, the Adamites always followed this practice symbolizing the looking forward to the sacrifice---our Savior would make for the Race and for the world. Thus, these were ancient ‘Altars of Sacrifice.’

In 1937, the Boston Globe, when talking about ‘Mystery Hill,’ and the unexplained ‘Stonework,’ quoted an article by a clergyman disclaiming the ancient date to this area. But William Goodwin did not agree and he then purchased this property to protect it. He then set out to prove that ‘Mystery Hill’ must be the works of the ancient Irish Culdee Monks. The archaeologists discouraged him, but he persisted. And at his death, left the property to Malchom Pearson with a promise to protect the site. Vandalism still was carried on and Malchom Pearson then leased the property to Bob Stone, and the property was then protected. And in 1965, was opened to the public. Now those interested in walking where the ancients walked, could come and gaze at the ancient inscriptions. When Carbon analyses were taken of this area, the date of occupancy leads back to the 2nd millennium B.C.

In the Mill River Stele, near Boston, the inscription in ancient Iberian letters warns passersby not to loiter for this site is a burial ground. Recently a ‘Stele’ with a similar inscription was excavated from an ancient Celts built the New England megalithic chambers. And it is also clear that Phoenician Mariners were welcome visitors, permitted to worship at the Celt sanctuaries, and allowed to make dedications in their own languages. It is also clear to us from an Identity point of view, that the Celts and Phoenicians were of this same race of people and they worshiped the same God. They were not pagans. For always, they looked forward to the coming of their Savior.

By the 8th Century B.C., a group of so called Syrians (Aryans) had settled in southwestern Spain and were trading with the Basque, another branch of this race. There were also other invading bands of this race. And one of their cities was called Tarshis. You then find this same script and dialect employed by these same people in Central and North America. These people could also write the script of the Phoenician people who we believe to be the descendants of Enoch.

From Biblical descriptions, the ships of Tarshis were the largest seagoing vessels known to the Semitic world. Our author suggests that the Jews were jealous of these sea faring people we call Aryans and this jealousy was very plain as they always tried to crowd the Aryans (Adamites) out of their land. When persecution grew rough, these people just got in their ships and sailed away. The Phoenicians and Danites are listed as great sailors in a time at least 600 to 700 years before Christ. Bu the time of the coming of the Christ Child, this knowledge seemed to have become lost by many. But after all, the Israelites had been going west for a long, long time. Only those destined to remain in the east, would be there until the Crucifixion and Resurrection was finished. Then after the Resurrection, those who did not lost their life in this struggle with darkness, would petition Rome to leave Old Judea and this permission was granted.

Now, the study of the stars did not originate with the Greeks, or the Romans. This knowledge had been with the Adamites from the beginning. These earlier voyagers were well aware of the Constellations of the Heavens and of the fixed reference point in the Heavens, of the Pole rotation of the stars, even though in those days no bright star marked the positive position of the Pole. We find that these ancient ships carried more individuals than did the ships of Columbus, which only carried 88 men. In 1200 B.C., those ships moved 10,000 miners across the Indian Ocean in short time to the gold fields of South Africa and Sumatra. Remember that these ships of the ancients carried the families as well as the men because they never knew if they would ever return to their starting place. Julius Caesar had ships which carried 200 men, but his ships were out matched in size, height, and seaworthiness by those of the maritime roaming Aryans.

In Parahyba, Brazil, in 1886, an inscription was found telling those who followed, that their ship became lost, then finally landed on this unknown coast with only 10 men and 3 women still alive to walk on that shore.

Yes, these wandering Aryans fought each other from time to time just as the English and French did for a toe-hold in the New World. Caesar and the Celts fought in 55 B.C. when the Celts placed 220 ships off the Estuary of Loire, ready to do battle. Caesar was almost lyrical as he described this fleet of Swan ships, high powered and graceful. The Roman ships lay low in the water, deep heeled, and helpless in shallow water. Whereas the Celtic ships towered high above them. These Celtic and Viking ships were ocean going ships, flat bottomed, carried sails of sewn beaten, hides, their leather far more serviceable in the rough Atlantic storms than the Egyptian linen of the Roman fleets who carried rowers as well as sails. Not so, the Viking ships, whose sailors knew how to handle the sails to propel their ships. Some of the ancient Viking ships carried a bull’s skull on the prow. Then after Christ came, they carried the Christian Cross telling us they understood the symbolism of the ‘Bull’ from their ‘Star Bible.’

Often, we have wondered just why the idea persists that these ancient people always ran around naked. In every sketch in this book ‘America B.C.’, the male is always naked although the female wears a skirt. The skeptics seem to persist in this idea thinking these ancient people were just not capable of building great civilizations. Yet it is very clear that they were capable of sailing the Atlantic Ocean in all kinds of weather. It is also clear that these people did in fact settled in North America especially in New England where the weather would not always be favorable to naked people.

Various writers describe these ancient people as a fair haired race, many with blue eyes. They were high spirited, boastful. Some times quarrelsome and very courageous in war. They lived deep in the forests of this New Land in tribal bands the better to survive because of the Asiatic types they encountered. The dark haired strain of this race, such as the Irish and Scots, intermarried with the lighter haired Celts. And you find the brunettes coming to America as well.

Always these ancient people buried their loved ones and placed the gravestones. But those who came later, took the stones and now the graves are not marked and you do not find the skeletons of these ancient people as they did at one time in Egypt.

In North Salem, New York, is located the largest Dolman Stone yet discovered in the New World. This is a 90 ton capstone and it looks sort of like a big toad, and it sits on 5 short peg stones. There are several of these great Dolman stones pictured in this book ‘America B.C.’

The slab roofed chambers found, have one single slab of rock for that chamber. These are under ground chambers of antiquity which are thought to have been temples. They usually have a square smoke hole above the altar at the inner end, which often times is cut in a circular slab of rock about two feet in diameter. Or else, it is a chimney made of several stones. Near the smoke hole is a rectangular window, with a covering louver which lets in the light. One of these temples at Woodstock is oriented due south. Another to the winter Solstice sunrise.

A small Chapel is near South Royalton, Vermont, and is oriented to declination zero, facing the vernal and autumnal Equinoctial sunrise point, whereas others face sue south. Outdoor altars are also found in central Vermont. These from their inscriptions are dedicated to their God, showing the faith of these ancient people.

Ogam inscriptions found in Oklahoma, discovered by Gloria Farley, throw light on the otherwise surprising occurrence of Celtic divinities in the archeology of that state. As these voyager--coming either from north or the south on the Mississippi River left the great river and pushed up the tributaries leaving their inscriptions and their burial mounds. Always they ‘marked’ as to who they worshiped. And the monolith stone is always related to lunar observations. No--these were not pagan people as many think. They were not any more pagan than are people of today. This ‘eye’ supposedly of the Sun God, carved on some of the observations stones becomes more understandable as you realize this was the symbol of the ‘Eye of YAHWEH’---found in the symbolism way back in the early days of the civilization these Adamites built in ancient Egypt. In modern times YAHWEH became the ‘Sun God’ in their interpretations but these ancient people knew the name of their God, and the symbol of their God which was the Sun.

The standing stones often occur in three’s, especially in straight lines of three. And ancient prayer in Scotland went like this:--(quote)

‘May 3 aid my hope,

May 3 aid my love-making,

May 3 aid my eye,

And my knee from stumbling,

My knee from stumbling

In numbers of 3 stands for God--for Divinity.

Rings of stone--sometimes double rings--are very characteristic of identification of Celtic settlements in the New England States. These are found also in England, such as the great ones of Stonehenge and Avebury. And in Iceland, they are found from ten feet in diameter upward as they are here also, in America. They had a religious and astronomical purpose with east-west axis marked by extra stones. Some were even built as protective fences around a burial mound. These ancient people were no more pagan than we are today. The Hebridean fishermen even said a prayer when the sun rose. For they were only using the sun for a symbol. This prayer was:--

God be my enfolding,

God be my circle,

God be in my works,

God be in my thoughts.’

Actually, the ancients did not use the title ‘God.’ This is merely later translation. For those people talked to YAH, their heavenly Father. And they knew HIS as the great YAHWEH OF THE HEAVENS. They addressed HIM also as ‘THOU BEING OF LAWS AND OF THE STARS.’ These ancient people looked unto a future after death and accepted the end of their physical existence as a mere personal detail. Perhaps, therein lay the strength that carried them across the Ocean to settle in a strange and hostile land. Today many people fail to understand the promises after death that these ancients believed in. After all, the blinders of today many still have our ancestors running around this planet in the nude doing all this building, they know not how.

In 1839, an engraved Phoenician tablet was found in West Virginia. The inscription was recognized as Iberian writing. By 1870, this had been forgotten, or declared to be a later inscription because after all, there were no voyages to America before Columbus. Then it was decided that this was a Cherokee artifact of quite modern dating. However, no one knew where the Cherokee Indians came from.

In Oklahoma, a ‘Stele’ was found which showed the life-giving rays of the sun descending upon the earth below. This was but another message showing that without their God, the earth would be in darkness always. This did not mean they worshiped the Sun, it only meant that they realized the love of their God who gave them the rays of the sun.

To the left side of this ‘Stele’ (carved stone), Punic letters stated:-- ‘Start of Dawn.’ On the other side:-- ‘Dusk’, with a crescent shape of the moon. Then two panels contained Ogum Punic letters stating:-- ‘When Ra rises in the East, the beast are content, and when he hides his face, they are displeased.’ These inscriptions were identified as being from the hymn of Pharaoh Ashnaton--dating to the 13th Century B.C. When then, did it become carved on the rock here in North America? The thinking of our author and his friends is that it could be not older than 800 B.C. But we believe they should push the date on back and back because where did the Pharaoh get his knowledge?

In Iberia (Spain and Ireland), we find that the kings were buried in stone lined chambers about sixty feet deep beneath a mound. But the corresponding mounds of Eastern and Middle U.S., had timber chambers instead of stone. And yet, they were of the same type.

In 1975, our author was introduced to Marjorie Chandler of New Hampshire who was the curator of inscriptions for the New England Antiquities Research Society. In her custody were some 450 inscribed stones collected in the 1940's by the late Dr. William Strong. These he collected were from the lower part of the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania. Many were inscriptions from the graves of early settlers. And the variety of scripts and languages were from the writings of Celts, Basque, and Phoenician origin. However, they were being kept as the Strong collection--but out of sight--in that city’s museum, and if mentioned, were referred to as just marks made by plow shears.

The Pima Indian tribe in the Southwestern U.S. at one time was governed by someone they called a ‘Makai.’ As our author studied this word, he found that the word ‘Makai’ was related to the ancient Semitic word ‘Magi.’ Who were those Indians in their beginning? Those with no understanding, would not have recognized their ‘Creation chant’ as an ancient Semitic hymn. Our author then realized that they spoke a Semitic tongue derived from Colonists who settled America 2500 years ago. This is the Sacred Chant of the Pima:---

The solid earth magician--the solid earth created in the beginning.

He set on his handiwork, herbs as time passed.

Irrigating water, he created by magic.

On his handiwork, plants came into being.

Magic on his handiwork, so crops bore fruit.

Ever flowing water, he created by magic on his handiwork, so crops bore fruit.

The world magician--the solid earth created, and fruit upon fruit he created.

The earth now established--the Universe continued to form.

Animals were created of diverse sorts at times pre-ordained.

The Creation of the Sun------

He raised the sun on high, he created the mighty Giver of Life aloft,

What a marvel raised up, to bestow warmth,

He regulated the sharpness of the weather, giving rain in heat and drought.

The design of the world continuing shaped by Destiny.


The creation chant then goes on to deal with an impending flood, and this flood referred to as a submergence or subsidence, and the eventual salvation of the chosen beings who survived the flood.

Think a minute. The New England Celts probably also knew this Creation hymn. Thus these ancient ancestors were at one time scattered over these United States living a tribal life, no doubt, for protection.

At Heavener, Oklahoma, Gloria Farley found the great stone down in the canyon just at the east edge of the city. When we were there, they were just establishing this area as a State Park to preserve the upright Great Stone with its carvings. Mrs. Farley had found many stones with grooved letters. Some were being used as doorsteps in that city. No one caring who did the carving or what was inscribed as a message left for our race. She began lecturing on her finds to archeologists and epigrapher at a Harvard gathering in 1975, telling of visits to Oklahoma by Iberians who engraved circular thunderbolt signs along the Cimarron River cliffs. These inscriptions read TNRT. And she found this same inscription also in Oklahoma. The inscription when translated, reads, ‘Land belonging to Rata.’

Today, we need to bring the facts of the adventures of our race before the young people who will perhaps believe. Whereas, the older people have been so brainwashed, they remain blind to the Adamic history.

On June 21, 1975, at about 7:30 P.M., several people stood on Mystery Hill watching as the sun sank. They were thinking of those ancient people as they participated in America’s ancient ceremonial ‘The scientific regulation of the Calendar.’ As they watched the solar disk come down, touching the monolith and then disappeared into the fiery afterglow, as they stood watching, how could they not think back to these ancient people who so long before, had watched this same picture and not known that their remains must be buried around that same area? What power does the darkness hold over our world to be able to keep these ancient discoveries from having a meaning for our people?

Before 1965, few people even suspected that an ancient Observatory existed at ‘Mystery Hill’ for over 2000 years. As our author was beginning his decipherment of ancient inscriptions from the far east, little did he realize that only 30 miles from Harvard a friend was stumbling upon a similar discovery right here in America. From the Roman numerals carved on the rocks, we were to learn that these ancient New England Aryans maintained a shipping connection with the Old World. All had used the system of this same ceremony to set the Calendar dates of their years.

In New Mexico, the Zuni people pointed out certain notches in a mountain chain where the sun rises and sets at the time of the summer and winter Solstices. In Britain, the people have not quite forgotten the old festival days even long after the Christian era commenced. The second Monday of November, was an old Celtic harvest festival. Then praises were sung to the great God represented by the sun for their harvest. In February, the first and second Mondays, were called Candlemac and Mealie Monday. This was when birds were fed and Spring had come. And the festival was called ‘Imbolg.’

Here in the U.S., October 31, is called Halloween. But in the Old Country, it was called Samhaim (Saven) marking the start of Winter, the end of Summer. The idea of witches came from the mistranslation of the word ‘Samhain’--and by folk Etymology who also thought that those temples on the top of the green hills were simply a place for worship of the sex organs, and that witches were hardy, since they danced in the nude in the chilly atmosphere. Our author prepared a chart or table of Celtic festival times in Europe and in North America, and found that they were identical.

According to our author, there were many men interested in this study of the ancients in America B.C. They were checking back and on back and found that it takes 18.6 years to carry the moon into all positions possible for it to occupy with respect to the sun. This Metonic cycle of 18.6 years, is the period that elapses before all possible eclipses begin to repeat in sequence. And it was discovered in Greece, by the Greek Astronomer Melon. But there was found in Europe, data suggesting a much earlier date of discovery. We have said before that the Adamites came to earth with the knowledge of Astronomy. The modern writers are mostly hooked on this idea that the Aryans ran all over the globe in the nude and worshiped the procreation method, until they would not understand the symbolism displayed by all the monuments they found from ancient India to America. However, they do admit that the Celtic language is closely related to the Indo-European tongue from which the Sanskrit and Aryan language of Europe descended. You would think that they would finally see the ‘Light.’ But this idea is so deep rooted, and Evolution as a fact as a fact, instead of a theory, is so deep rooted, they remain blind. Not understanding the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom,’ the writers of course, could not understand the meanings of these great standing Obelisks found in so many places. They cannot understand the symbolism portrayed of this race in earth capable of producing God’s Kingdom, capable of projecting this Spiritual seed into one generation after another. Those not understanding, will call this religion of the worship of One God, a cult. And they give the pagan interpretation of these great standing stones, even of the George Washington Monument. Even Christians believing that all people came from Adam and Eve will hold this blindness in place, and the children of darkness will rule the world for their father.

Our author then tells us that these ancient people brought to America a religious system corresponding to that of Europe in the time period of about 800 B.C. Thus this is of course, all pagan, since it was before the Christian era. It is much easier to trace the meaning of these ancient transcriptions if you understand that these ancient people of our race were leaving a marked trail for those who would follow. In may of the inscriptions, you find first an X, and then if other numbers are after the X, such as XI, this was a Roman numeral measuring the distance of a Celtic league or Roman mile----until you will find something else of interest. Thus, II miles from that spot, you might find a settlement, or a ruined temple or a burial mound.

In Davenport, Iowa, in ‘The Putnam Museum,’ is what is called a ‘Watcher Stone.’ The hieroglyphic inscription says, ‘A ray of light falls upon this watcher stone at the moment of the Spring Equinox, when the sun passes the first point of Aries.’ This Stele has for so long been condemned as a meaningless forgery, yet it contains a Trilingual text in Egyptian, Punic, and Libyan languages. It was found in a mound of Indian burial of obviously a modern date, but deeper down in the mound they began to uncover skeletons of people whom the mound had been initially prepared for. Near by, they found this great Trilingual tablet. And earlier, altho it was admitted--there were some signs that resembled Hebrew and some Phoenician--the stone was declared meaningless. But the Davenport Academy preserved the stone and now it has been translated. On this great stone is the picture of the Festival of Osiris. And here in Iowa, in the U.S., this Festival was also celebrated at least 800 years B.C. We believe much earlier, because they have not acknowledged that anything could have been found much before that time.

Our author does point out that certain Indian tribes intermarried with the early Colonial settlers. From old paintings, the Eastern Algonquins closely resembled the European and Mediterranean people. And when they donned European dress, they could not be distinguished from other settlers. Further west, the Algonquian tribes had a higher proportion of Asiatic ancestry. When the author considered the Wabanaki dialect, he found the Semitic language of the Hebrew speaking people. And this language he found, was related to the Phoenician. But you did not find this among the Asiatic Wabanaki Indians.

We have pointed out in other book reviews, the difference in the different Indian tribes. And once more, we remind you that the facts are uncovered to substantiate our stories of the trail of these Amazing Aryans over most of the globe. You can prove this by understanding their religion, their belief in the One Great Almighty God of the Heavens, and the symbolism which moves with this race--and their belief in Life after death, in the promises given them before the foundation of the world. They leave this trail for you to find. And once you stumble on to this great truth you can never let it go.


With this tape, is also the review of the book ‘The History of the American Indians’ which fills in a bit more of the story.






We have written many times about the migration of these Aryan people, and always we have tried to fill in the gaps of history tracing them as they moved from the Days Of Adam onward in their Destiny. In other tapes we have tried to give you an outline of 'time' as to when these Aryans came into the Americas and then on into these United States from the South and from the North. We have much evidence today as to this timetable and now we will give you more about these Amazing Aryans.

James Adair as a young Irishman came to the North American Colonies before the United States was formed. He lived among the Indians of the South for 33 years, and then after writing essays on origin, history, language, religion, religious rites, Priests & MAGI, customs, civil policy, methods of declaring and carrying on war, and of making Peace, Military law, agriculture, building, exercise, sports, marriage, and funeral ceremonies, diet, temper, manners and such of these North American Indians, especially about the tribes of the Cherokee, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Choctaws who inhabited the Western parts of the Colonies of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi, he decided to put his findings in a book entitled..'The History of the American Indians'. James Adair, our author, went back to London and was finally able to get his book published in 1775, but it was not published in the United States until 1930. James Adair was very intrigued by the fact that he saw a resemblance in the life of some of these American Indians to the Ancient Hebrews.

Our author therefore had a great experience before he began to point out some interesting things, and although by the time this book was published, in fact long before the words Hebrew or Israelite were now likened to one and the same as Jew, still the title of Hebrew or Israelite is used mot of the time in this book. From an identity point of view this was a very interesting book and we will share with you some of these examples that Adair points out which help to identify once more these Amazing Aryans, now lost in History but still moving under their Light.

Our author also pointed, out as have other writers, that some of these people called Indians were Oriental in color and blood lines, while some were like the white race only colored by their life style in the woods. Thus he became interested in their religious rites as he sought to identify the difference in those tribes he came in contact with as a Trader to being with, for the King of England.

Adair realized that some of these tribes in their religion, laws, and customs were not in the least to be identified with the Chinese, they were not Asiatic in racial lineage, in fact he noticed that they were more like the Ancient Israelites as they divided themselves into tribes, or family groups. Another thing he noticed was that they had a name for a deceitful person and in their language it was..'Seenets'..and it meant Snake, and they would frequently say someone was speaking with a snake's tongue, thus the meaning of their word for snake was very close to the name the Ancient Hebrews gave to Satan.

Adair noticed that these people would not eat a possum or a hog, they considered them impure, filthy..uneatable. He also noticed that some of their tribes were called by the Cheribimical figures that were carried on the four principal standards of Israel.

Adair was especially impressed with the Cherokee, and you will remember that this was in the time before the American Revolution. He noticed that even when traveling in their own country both the Cherokee, and the Chickasaw would inquire for a house of their own tribe, where they would then go to be received kindly and there they would stay with family. Adair noticed that every town had a State-House or what they called a 'Synedrion' which was similar to the Israel Sanhedrin, where most every evening the head men of these certain tribes would gather to discuss business of their tribe, or all the people would gather to feast, sing and dance. Family life was very important to them, and these certain so called 'Indians' regarded their lineal descent as important as did the Ancient Hebrew nation. They had ONE true GOD they called 'YOHEWAH', and they paid their religious adherence to the Great, beneficent Supreme, Holy Spirit of Fire who they said resided above the clouds, and on earth also with unpolluted people. With them HE was the soul author of warmth, Light, and all of animal and vegetable life. He put the wild strawberries and other fruit for their use, and even showed them where to find them.

Adair noticed that these so called 'Indians' did not pay any attention, or adoration to any images, or any dead person, nor any created being whatsoever. He found that their religious worship was more like the Mosaic institutions than that of the Pagan imitation. They also believed that all the Illuminaries of the Heavens are moved by the strong fixed laws of the Great Author of Nature.

These so called 'Indians' were more pure in their religion than were the Aryans of the Mediterranean area with their idol worship, for these people had only The Divine Being whom they worshiped. Our author tells us that he noticed in several Indian homes..two painted Eagles carved out of Poplar wood with their wings stretched out, and raised five feet off the ground, in the corner close to their red and white Imperial seats; and on the inner side of each of the deep notched pieces of wood..where the Eagles stand, is the figure of a man with Buffalo Horns, and there is also a Panther of the same color. The Eagle seemed to excel the rest of the birds, as well as even the Cherubimical figures such as the Man, the Bull, the Lion and the Earthly Eagle, but the King Eagle is above all in their thinking. (this reminds us of the Old Testament teaching...Deuteronomy 32:11...'As an Eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, speadeth abroad her wings...taketh them, beareth them on her wings, so the LORD alone did lead him (Jacob) and there was no strange God with him.')

Our author tells us that every one of their War Leaders, who as he says were like the Ancient Hebrews in countenance, and belief must make three successful War Campaigns using their reputed 'Holy Ark' before they can wear those young Buffalo horns on their foreheads. (If you will remember it was a custom for men to wear the horns, or a single horn as an emblem of power in the Ancient World.) They seemed to have brought this custom to America, as well as their name for the ONE GREAT GOD...YOHEWAH in their language. And they are said to have thought that YOHEWAH was the Head of their State, and that they had no other KING.

These so called 'Indians' call themselves 'Beloved People' because as they say:..'Their Ancestors were under the immediate government of Deity, who was present with them in a particular manner, and directed them by prophets, while the rest of the world were aliens, and without the laws of the Covenant.

These so called Indians had men they called Magi and when their Magi were persuading the people, at their religious services to follow the strict observance of the old beloved, or Divine title of the Holy People. He urges them to imitate the noble action of their forefathers, urging them not to stray in the least way from the beaten path for surely if they do this they will meet with the success that came to their forefathers when they obeyed.

These so called Indians believed there was a certain fixed time and place when and where they would die, and there was no possibility of averting death. They were fond of saying:..'The days appointed were finished'. or 'Such as one was weighed on the path and made to be Light.' You will remember the Old Hebrew proverb which says: 'The Divine care extends itself from the horns of the Unicorn to the very feet of the lice.'

We ask you..who could these so called Indians have been, and where did they acquire their beliefs? We believe that you will agree that they could only have been some of these Wandering Aryans whom we have been tracing over this globe.

Our author tells us that they believed that the Higher Regions were inhabited by good spirits...Holy People...relatives of the Great HOLY ONE, and they thought that the accursed people possessed the dark regions, these they were afraid of.

After much study our author came to the conclusion that the language of those so called 'Indians' appeared to have every idiom, and genius of the Ancient Hebrew. Their sentences were expressive, concise, and bold often only in letters, but very significant, thus synonymous with the Old Hebrew Language. There is an old remark which says:..there is no language in which some Hebrew words are not found, perhaps Hebrew was the first or became the dominate language ages ago? The Indian language like the Hebrew has hardly any prepositions. When the Indians would perform their sacred dance, with Eagle Tail Feathers, they would sing or chant...YO-HE-WAH to that Great God so that He would Bless them with success and prosperity. They also had a four lettered Name for God which is the Tetragrammation which they never mention in common speech. They are very careful as to time and place when they do mention this Name and always they did it with a solemn air. In their religious ceremonies they also said:..YAH at the beginning of the dance before they sang:...YO, YO, HE, HE, WAH and they believed that they were calling on YAH to help them. At least their leaders and some of the people still retained their belief in their Hebrew origin.

When the Cherokee Wiseman was asking a witness to declare the truth he would finally ask:...'What you now said, is it true, by this emblem of the Beloved Name of the Great Self-existent God?' To which the witness replies:---'It is true, by this strong pointing symbol (the Eagle) of YO HE WAH.'

Our author was told by the Interpreter that he at one time accompanied seven of their head warriors to London, England. While there they held a great meeting in the dark hours of the night on September 7, 1730., in their Subterranean Lodge. (Remember Dr. Swift's friend who also was taken into the 'Oak Tree', the underground lodge, and taught the Israel message? Could this have been the same type of meeting in 1730., between these so called 'North American Indians' and the Druids in Britain?)

Our author believed that the Cheerake (Cherokee) Indians were a more civilized people than any of the neighboring Indians. He loved to ask them questions such as:...'How, if the sun dies in the water at sunset, how then does another rise out of the eastern ocean tomorrow?' Their reply: 'Such is the way of God with his people'.

Now; this 'ARK' which the Indians carried so faithfully. The word for it was 'Ette', and it signified this was any kind of chest, box or trunk, but they also had the word 'Oobe', and often this seemed to point to the 'Ark of the Purifier' which they said contained a strong emanation of the Holy Fire, Light, and Spirit residing in the box, just as did the 'Ark' carried by the Priests of Israel as they also went against the enemy. At one time the 'ARK' of the Cherokee's was captured by the Delaware Indians and their Wise Priest said this great catastrophe occurred because of the degeneracy of their people. This 'Ark' is described as being covered with Deer Skin, and to be set up on three short legs anytime they rested, and then carried on the back of a brave as they journeyed. This 'Ark' was of simple construction made of wood fastened together in the form of a square. The middle of three sides extended a little out, but one side is flat so as to be easier carried on a back. This 'Ark' had a cover, and the whole thing was covered with hickory splinters; it was about half the dimension of the Israelite ARK. But the Indians referred to their 'Ark' as 'THE ARK OF THE PURIFIER', and only the leader, or one called the Beloved Waiter carried the 'Ark', by turns. This 'Ark' was said to contain several consecrated vessels; made by the Beloved Women, and made of various antiquated forms, but our author said it was hard for him to describe.

Our author also mentioned that some of the other tribes of so called 'Indians' also had an 'Ark' which they carried. In the Indian wars, as the French and English battled for territory in the New World often times some of the Indians fought on one side or the other, and historians have mentioned quite often that the woods was full of religious symbols. You see the 'Hebrew Ark' being placed, 'a stone rising', 3 fingers breadth above the floor, then here in North America wasn't it surprising to see these Indians copy after the ceremonial law of the Hebrews? Even to following the strict purity rules in their war camps, and having their 'Ark' rest on its short legs while they were in camp...never did it set on the ground. They seemed to have a strong faith in the power and Holiness of their 'Ark', as did the Israelites of old. From all that he was learning our author could only believe that these people were descendants from the Ancient Israelites. This Indian Ark was also deemed so sacred that it was dangerous to touch it, as did the Israelites of old.

The Hebrew proper name for the human soul translated into English is:---'The Candle or Lamp of God'. The Indian term for it is:...'Something or, a relation to...The Great Holy ONE'. The word or name of a wife in the Indian language is literally, and emphatically HIS, and 'one absolutely needful for the well being of 'Ish' (Man). When a visitor came to one of these tribes he is asked:..'Are you come in the Name of God', or 'Is God with you friend?' And the visitor would reply: 'I am come in the Name of OEA or YO HE WAH'.

About 1745., there was still a remnant of a nation, subdivided tribe of Indians called Kanaai which resembles the Hebrew proper name-Canaan. And the word Cainanite to these people was understood to be reserved for a man whose conduct in Indian affairs was very whom the Great God said was accursed.

These Indians called the earth 'Yahkane', because YAH formed it as His footstool, by the power of His Word. They had works for rest, and sleep, and also for 'being planted in the earth', but they hoped in due time that they would be moved upward, after they slept a while in earth...moved upward...they say by the Omnipotent power of YAH.

To our author who spent so much of his life among these people called Indians, it was amazing that after you viewed their religious emblems, and other signs that the early writers did not understand the Bright Lights which pointed to the connection between these North American so called 'Indians' and the Ancient Hebrews, later Israelites instead of lumping all Indians together and making no distinction between the different tribes, although at times they do point out that there is this difference. However we see today that all people are lumped together, thus no distinction is made. We also remember that Israel according to Scripture was to lose their identity, but not their remembrance of their God.

Our author tells us that these Indians he was living among started their year at the first appearance of the New Moon of the vernal equinox, according to the Ecclesiastical year as outlined by Moses. They paid great regards to the appearance of every New Moon. They counted time when traveling by 'sleeps' from the Mosaic method of counting...'Length of days is in her right hand'...the numbering being by fingers.

These Indians also had a Most Holy Place, it was partitioned off by a mud wall about breast high behind the red-painted war seat. Here they deposited their consecrated vessels, and Holy Utensils, no one would approach this sacred place except their Priest. Their prophets were called 'Lod-che' meaning men resembling the Holy Fire, or Elohim...the name of the HOLY ONES.

One of the Indian traditions says that their forefathers were possessed of an extra Divine Spirit, by which they foretold things of the future, and were able to control the common courses of nature, and this they transmitted to their offspring, provided they obeyed the sacred laws annexed to it. They believed that the 'Beloved Fire'...their name for the Holy Spirit, will not cooperate with the accursed people. Our author tells us that even the Priesthood of these Indians also descended by inheritance as did Israel's of old.

The Hebrew prophets received Oracular answers, whereas the Indian Magi call to YO HE WAH and meditate with the supreme Fire (Holy Spirit), and HE gives seasonable rains, they also have a transparent stone which was supposed to have great power when it was put into a basin of water. Only the Magi were allowed to see this stone, and read the messages in the ripples of the water.

The Hebrews had two Houses of the Sanhedrin..the Lesser and the Greater...these Indians followed this same practice. Other instance of similarity is pointed out time and again by our author. The Israelite custom of separating a woman during the menstrual seven day period, and then also after the delivery of a child was practiced by these same Indians. When Swine was first brought among these Indians they deemed it a horrid abomination, unclean as food. They also did not eat the blood of an animal. They announced as did the Hebrew that...'The Life of the flesh is in the blood'. Leviticus 17:11. When the English traders were making Sausage mixing in Hogs blood, these Indians looked upon this act with horror.

The sin of adultery received a punishment similar to that of the Hebrews, the same was true of murder. The Israelites had cities of refuge for those who killed a person unawares, or without design. These Indians followed this same design. And the preparations for war were very similar. The color white is their first emblem..of Peace, friendship, happiness, prosperity, purity, and holiness as with the Israelites.

These Indians had an old tradition which said that as they left their own native lands they brought with them a 'sanctified rod' by order of an Oracle. As they came into this New Land..every night they planted this rod into the ground. Every morning they removed the rod and continued to march toward the rising sun. They would do this until this 'Rod' would some night bud. They obeyed this sacred mandate night after night, then a Miracle took place after they had passed over the Mississippi River, for in this land they possessed the Rod that did bud. This was the reason why they fought so hard for this they considered Holy Land where they had buried their beloved fore-fathers after they first arrived.

Yes, the Indians made war, but so did the Israelites, both went through many rituals as they prepared. Always the world was an uneasy place for these people as they tried to exist in the World Order, but they were always trying the best they knew how to exist.

When it came to the art of healing their sick, first they called on YO HE WAH, then they would call on the Eagle to bring refreshing things for their sick. They called on the Eagle because of its so Majestic stature, because it was so swift of wings, and so loving to their young as it tenderly carried them on its back, as it taught them to fly. This was our authors explanation but I wondered if they perhaps remembered the Ancient Hebrew Scripture (Deuteronomy 32) as it talks about YAHWEH as the Great Eagle carrying His children?

Our author believed that the Cherokee were more Intelligent than many of the other tribes because of their meeting with so many foreigners but from an Identity point of view, from their religious rites, and ceremonial observance we believe they retained much of their Ancient Hebrew or Israelite knowledge. They were very insistent on burying the bones of their people, and they brought them from a long distance to be finally buried in their land. They even seemed to retain a longing for the old land called Canaan Land, for it seemed to have a special place in their hearts. They understood that it was a long distance eastward, toward the rising sun.

In fact they yearned to be buried there but believed that was impossible. They knew also that the pagans burned the bodies of their dead, but this was not the way of these so called American Indians. They tried to preserve the body in some manner until only the bones remained and then they would bury the bones if at all possible. (Remember, that along the Trail of Tears, at a later date, the Cherokee buried their loved ones along that Trail so as to leave them in their Homeland.)

A Cherokee Historian by the last name of Star, stated that the burial practices of old were abandoned for those of the White Race by 1800, but they still retained that belief that they were to bury the bones of their loved ones, not have them burned, which they considered a great tragedy.

The Hebrew-Israelite records tells us that their women mourned their deceased husbands, and were considered vile, by civil law if they remarried in a space of 10 months after his death. The Indian women on the other hand by strict tribal law mourned the loss of their husbands as long as from three to four years. The interesting thing is that both also had a relaxing of rules in certain similar cases. But the pagans in India force the widows to sit on a pile of wood, and hold the body of their husband...on her knees and to be consumed together in the fire.

Under the Mosaic Law there is another instance of similarity between these so called Indians and the Israelites...both have a ruling as to the raising up of 'Seed' for a departed brother. And if this is done the wife need not wait three or four years to remarry. Also another interesting note...the Cherokee did not marry their first or second cousins.

The Indian tradition carries the story backward to say that their forefathers came from a far distant country where they lived only with people their own color. But in the process of time they made a great journey and finally they came to a land where they were told to move ever toward the Rising Sun as they carried their 'Rod'...and this they did until they came into their areas of Eastern United States.

The Chickasaw tradition also makes this claim for their people, that they made this same journey and then when they came into this country they came east toward the Rising Sun. They also carried a 'Rod' and it was planted each night in the ground, and each morning if it was leaning toward the Sunrise they marched ever eastward until they came to their land. There the 'Rod' stood straight and tall and here they had settled. The old legend gives the crossing of the great Mississippi at Chickasaw Bluffs, where today one of the bluff's stands the city of Memphis.

As we have said before those Amazing Aryans are easy to identify from their traditions, and their beliefs. It is also confirmed in this book that these so called Indians came from Mexico about 1745 A.D., seeking their long lost brothers. Tradition says that the French did not recognize them as being who they claimed to be and they were either killed or sent back before they could reach those they were seeking.

Adair believed, and I agree< that if any English writer had the patience to search the Spanish writings, or those of the Catholic Fathers who were on these expeditions they would have found a striking resemblance and unity of civil, martial customs as well as religious rites, and traditions of the Ancient Peruvians, Mexicans, and North Americans, even the national name of Chikkasah comes from Chickemicas...all which tell you that these people were who they claimed to be, from the first white Inhabitants of Mexico. Also they tell us that they believed that they dwelt in another region before they as a family settled in Mexico. They believed that they were always under strict obedience to go in Quest of New Lands. In their tradition they have such as 'Aaron's Rod', and the Light of Divine Presence, such as was with the Israelites in the Wilderness.

Many are the writings of men who would cloud this picture. But always those we call 'Amazing Aryans' have marched in their trail of Destiny through this world-order where the Children of Darkness had them outnumbered six or more to one. According to the old traditions which help identify people is this proof...the Eagle on a stone was the Mexican Arms, and there was a Serpent in his talons. Tradition tells us that the Peruvians also acknowledged a Supreme God, who was called Viracocha.

Many of the writers not having an identity point of view cannot believe in the old traditions because they have been schooled in the belief that Hebrew, Jew and Israelite are one and the same although even the Holy Scriptures do not bear this out. Unless they are able to separate people as to race they cannot understand these old traditions. Yet in their writings they do bring us facts by which we can then separate people into different generations (races) such as these inhabitants of North America of Ancient times. Some then came into North America from the Bering Straits, and some came from the East, by sea, long before the Birth of The Christ Child. Those coming across the Sea brought those Ancient beliefs, rituals and such like the Ancient Hebrews carried. Whereas those who came from Asia carried the pagan beliefs and customs they had always held.

At one time the Chickasaws were a large Indian Nation, containing many thousands of people, but as time wore on, through the many wars, the impact of alcohol during the time of the Indian Traders, and with the mixing with some of the colonists this great Nation then disappeared almost completely.

When we consider the Cherokee Nation we believe it was located as the next door neighbor to South Carolina, in an East-west course about 140 miles in length. There were two sections to their Nation, which included the low land, and the mountain area. The Cherokee had 64 towns, and villages full of people, many women and children. At one time there were 6000 fighting men in this Nation. In the Mountain areas life was more of a struggle than on the low lands, but they survived and they prospered.

In the year 1735 the Cherokee Nation was hit with the disease... 'Smallpox' and this reduced their numbers by almost 1/2 in a years time. They fought the disease with simple herbs and prayers but this did not always stop this dreaded disease which had been brought to their land.

During the French and English war over territory in this New Land, Indians fought on both sides. The Cherokee however made it known that they desired to be friends with the English as 'freemen and equals', and they tried to stay away from the troublemakers sent into their midst to deceive them and lead them into war against the English. Many were the blunders made by the Colonial Governors, and Commanders as they worked with the Indians. But if it had not been for the Cherokee people the Colonists would have had more trouble with the French, and the savage Indians (Asiatic) helping them. However because some men would not recognize the Cherokee as being different from other Indians then this complicated the situation and the events you are aware of came to pass.

The Muskogee Nation of Indians is described as being also called the Creek Indians because they lived along many small streams and creeks. They were a small group, a mixture of tribes, and very warlike, very different from the Cherokee. We would suspect that they were a different type of people, for they were said to be very cruel, and gained a bad reputation which became hung on all those called Indians. It was a very unfair situation but this happened, and it effected the Cherokee people and even the Chickasaw Nation as well.

In 1720 our author tells us...the Chickasaw people consisted of 4 large continuous settlements, but those numbers were soon reduced as well. But at one time in history then these Amazing Aryans, although called Indians were a very large group of people here in North America. They lived for a long time in their style of life for they had been in tribal life for many, many generations, and they knew of no other way although their traditions recalled another land, another life. No wonder the great mounds of earth they constructed in different places in North America so amazed the explorers. These great mounds of earth were either circular of oblong in form, and they had strong breast work at a distance around them. These were made of clay which had been dug up in forming a ditch on the inner side of the enclosed ground. These mounds were their forts as security against the enemy. These were mostly found in low lands, some were over-spread with trees. Some were built near a creek, and within arrow-shot of it would be other oblong mounds of earth, about two arrow-shots apart. A broad deep ditch enclosed two fortresses, and there they raised a high breast work to secure their block houses from an invading enemy. This was a tremendous piece of work, for these were old fortresses, and were called:..'Nanne YAH'...or the 'Hills of God'.

Our author did not try to find a similar fortress in the old country, but when you are reading of the Hyskos (White Shepherds) as they left Egypt to disappear, you will find a similar fortress like digging, where they were reported as to having made their last stand after coming out of Egypt. Perhaps it was again from the old country that this type of construction for a fortress came...and especially the name...'The Mount of God'.

Too long the heritage of these Amazing Aryans, called Indians, has been hidden unless it be God's Will. However there are books and records out there whenever they are to be discovered.

James Adair who wrote the book...'The History of the American Indians', was himself an Indian Agent under George III. He spent many, many years among the Indians, and the comments about his book which was edited by Samuel Cole Williams...also carried the comment that James Adair left his blood strain among the Cherokee, and Chickasaws. However if he chose a wife from the Ancient lineage of our race, what would be wrong with that? Those people who look no further than the present generation of the race would not understand God's purpose and plan of His Kingdom as He moved His people in their Destiny. Each generation of the race would move on this same path occupying in their time of Destiny, always looking forward to 'some day'.

No wonder that the Children of Darkness have worked so hard to hide these Ancient writings, especially now at the end of the Age when you are only to have 'new age' writings for your guidance, which is to hold you in Slavery.

We in our work have been trying to encourage our people to read the Ancient testimonies of our race. If they would take the time to study surely they would be led to the LIGHT?


Until next time....May YAHWEH BLESS.