ERM - Tape 108 - Ancient Secrets Point Out Today's Problems 3-91


TAPE 108  -  By Ella Rose Mast


March 1, 1991


Trying to sort out the WHY? of "OPERATION DESERT STORM", we turned again to Ancient records. In the old book sent by Jeanette from the same Library is the book called "Geography or Gazettee of the Bible", by Elijah Parish D.D., Minister of Byfield, Mass, published in 1813., we find more information about the countries, kingdoms, nations, hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas and islands mentioned in Sacred Scripture, Apocrypha, including accounts of the religions, governments, populations, fulfillment of prophecies, and even present conditions and important places.

In the preface of this old book we find these words:..(quote) 'The hour is fast approaching when the studies of such Christians will be a blessing to those left behind. Such a volume as this is a LIGHT directing all nations to the NEW JERUSALEM. The Scripture appears to many to be obscure, and unintelligible and unless guided, how could they understand? They read of Canaan, and of Mesopotamia, and Cush, and Misraim, and Ishmaelites; they find nothing to satisfy their curiosity. Is it then so strange that Sacred History is not understood, or appealing to them.' (unquote)

Here early in the year of 1991 as we moved into this ground war of 'Operation Desert Storm' pity then the person who cannot find that area on the map. In fact can they even find the area where the Mount of Olives stands which felt the SAVIOURS last footsteps, or the Hill of Calvary where His blood stained the Rocks? If even that area has been obscured up to now how then could the people of His Kingdom find any connection to the events in the other area of this old Biblical Land??

Using this old Geography we will try to establish who the people in this great struggle in the Persian Gulf really are, and why as the BATTLE AX AND WEAPONS OF WAR we and the people of the coalition are now doing what is being done.

Under the heading of Arabia in this old book we see that the Arabian Desert is where the Israelites wandered in the Wilderness, for 40 years as the Almighty, using Moses as Commander, built a great fighting force of His people so as to take back that old land of Canaan once the homeland of their ancestors. Here in this Wilderness, in their preparation, manna even rained from the heavens to feed them, since there were no trees, no pasture for flocks, nothing but desert, no Inn, no hospital, or cottage for the weary traveler, only the sand for his couch, and the heavens for his covering, the provisions in his sack, and the water in his bottle.

In different regions of Arabia however there are scattered Oases of fruitful land. The Red Sea borders this land, as does the Persian Gulf. In this region of Arabia are Mecca, and Medina, the famous Holy Places of the Arabs. In some areas the soil produces Balm of Gilead, Myrrh, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Pepper, Oranges, Lemons and so forth. Its coffee and dates are the best in the world, but there is very little wood, or trees to produce lumber.

The Early Historians divide the Arabs into two classes. The old or so called Lost Arabs (sort of like they have Lost Israel), and the New Arabs. The old Arabs were the descendants of Ishmael and his mother Hagar and father Abraham. Yet going on backward in time you find that the Arabians were descendants of Joktan and the son of Eber. Thus Hebrews (Aryans) were in the land long before the Ishmaelites. Heber had two sons..Peleg, and Joktan, from the line of Peleg we trace to Abraham and on down, where as from Joktan there was also a lineage to trace as they moved on down into Arabia. From this lineage came the Queen of Sheba and we have explained her coming to Solomon earlier in the tape messages. Thus there were Aryans (Hebrews) in the old area of Arabia and areas of TODAY’S Iran, Iraq, and Syria soon after Adam and their records then point back to the east as to where they came from.

The Children of Ishmael however were in like company when they moved out and established their tribes and traditions. Today in the old land the inhabitants are from several sources, and in their religious filed they are also divided which has caused many problems. It was to the Ishmaelites that Mohammed established their religion of what became called as Mohammedism. The Ishmaelites founded the Monarchies of Turkey, Persia, Morocco, and the Mongol Empires.

The Arabs had Camels, fine horses, and in some parts of the country were tigers, lions, wolves, bears, and jackals. They also had wonderful horses which were said to have come from the Studs of King Solomon's Stables. These horses were capable of standing great fatigue and going days without food. If a rider fell the horse stood over his master and neighed until help came.

Their Mosques like our churches are for religious purposes. They are built in a square, and are of stone, and much alike in all the Muhammadan countries. Before the great door is a court, paved with marble, and low galleries around it; the roof is supported by marble pillars. Every Mosque has 6 high towers. Near most of the Mosque's is the Tomb of the founder.

The Arabians inherit the land of their fathers, and although they have been a defenseless people still every man's hands were predicted to be against them, yet they were also to dwell securely among their brethren. This held true as long as the Aryans or Hebrews held some power in that old Biblical Land.

The land of Arabia was the birthplace of Mohamet, the prophet, who taught the necessity of believing in God, the existence of Angels, THE RESURRECTION, and future judgments, and the doctrine of absolute decrees. The duties he enjoined his people were prayers five times a day, fasting, charity, and the pilgrimage to Mecca. This religion forbids the use of Images. The Mosque at Mecca was built by Abraham and Ishmael, and the Black Stone which each must kiss..they believe..came from heaven with Gabriel when he came to their prophet Mohamet. They say that this stone was in the beginning a clear white color, as it dazzled the eyes of the people at the distance of 4 days journey.

The Arabs of the Muhammadan Religion abstain from swine's flesh, and they also circumcise their children. The Mosque at Medina is not in any way as beautiful as the one at Mecca. It is in the Sea Port of Arabia Felix, on the coast of the Indian Ocean, but located in a poor place and surrounded by walls.

Arabia has always been governed by Princes, Kings, and Priests, all united in one person. These are absolute in temporals, and spiritual matters, and the succession is by Heredity; the laws are found in their Koran and its commentaries.

There is this..'Tehama'..a region of sand about two days journey in breadth, which surrounds the Peninsula of Arabia from near the Suez to the mouth of the Euphrates River. This was probably once the bed of the Sea, which is still retreating. Strata of Salt, and in some places hills of Salt are scattered around these plains.

The MOUNTAIN OF INSCRIPTION is a chain of Mountains in the Wilderness of Sinai, and the Marble of this Mountain is inscribed with innumerable characters reaching from the ground, in some places 12 or 14 feet high. It is thought that these were inscribed by the Israelites.....but who knows until they are transcribed?

In 1785., a man by the name of Abd al Vehab began a new religion in Arabia, keeping some of the old doctrines, but also like the Christian religion, now began to splinter into many factions. In 1803., 80% of the tombs belonging to the descendants of Mohamet and his wife Kadiza, as well as many of the Holy Places were plundered, however they left the Caaba as they took the city of Mecca. The city was retaken later, but in 1804 the tomb of Mohamet himself was destroyed. The Arab Faith was thus splintered into many different divisions, which resulted in much bloodshed, because of religion. Who then was behind the splintering of the Arab Religion? Could it have been the same force which was also busy working against the Christian Religion from the very beginning, in fact against the Faith of Adam and Eve from the beginning? In this land of Arabia, the Aramaic language was used by that whole Crescent between the Euphrates and Tigris especially before Arabic was spoken.

In 1915 in that Crescent, the Turks terrorized the community and drove 50,000 people further south in Iraq and into refugee camps and the British managed and financed those camps. Many of those people ended up in the British Military and they were called the Iraqi Levies. The rest of this people remained rootless, in search of a 'homeland'. They did not consider themselves Arabs, and they retained a strong Assyrian sense of Identity. In 1933 these people appealed to the U.N. for a homeland in part of Iraq, but nothing came of this, and in the summer of 1933 3,000 of them were killed, while the rest poured into the Mosul area of a larger and more secure Assyrian village. In August of that year the Iraqi army poured in and disarmed all who put up a resistance and many fell, men, women, and children. In the city of Mosul a triumphal Arch was set up decorated with melons stained in blood with Daggers stuck in them. Thus were treated these minority people in Iraq, this country we are now interested in.

The Kurds in Iraq were said to have had some characteristics of the Highlanders of Scotland, while the Assyrians were said to represent one of the oldest and purest forms of Christianity, and it was suggested that it would be a great loss to Iraq if these people were blotted out. However Iraq now under dictatorship and leaning toward the Soviet Union, would not think this way.

Iraqi Jewry dates back to the sixth century according to Samir-al-Khalil the author of 'Republic of Fear', the inside story of Saddam's Iraq by a former Iraq man. He tells us that in the late 1940's the largest concentration in the Arab east of Jewish speaking population was numbered at 120,000 people, and there occurred much mixing or assimilation of Jews and Moslems over the century. This we also think occurred with the Palestinian people.

With the mixing of the people, then came to Iraq what was termed the ideology of Ba th, and with it also came the rise of Communism. Syria also saw this rise of communism in their country. Only a few party members at first, and they numbered a few hundred, but they were very vocal. If you will remember this was also happening in America, was it not?? These people expressed a belief in different religious splinter groups in the Arab world. It was as though the New Testament was challenging the old, that the law now termed 'Jewish' by the betrayers gave way to 'the LOVE THEORY'. The leader of this new Ba the Party was not known for any special religious doctrine, using only that which would fool the Arab World. To the Arabs they were the carriers of...'The Message of Abraham' the Christian West we saw the idea that was Socialism and LOVE.

This leader of the Ba th as he broke up the Mohammedan Religion, argued that every Arab must try to relive the meaning of his life, yet this was not what the Prophet had taught. As this force of Darkness took over in Iraq they used language and phrases the people did not understand. The Islamic political structure was splintered, and now instead of 'Love', it was 'Fear', as a tactic used to force submission cruelty, violence, and

suffering became their lot. The great values which were established by Father Abraham were soon thrown out the window, and the cry of 'Nationalism', all Arabs under one head, was heard and the people were being taught to believe that all the cause of their troubles was the Aryans beliefs still in their midst.

But we remember that the Aryans (Hebrews) in the past had brought a great civilization to that land along the Tigris, and Euphrates River. Even the Persians in parts of Iran were Aryans. Here also...'lip service' was being paid to the Doctrines of Abraham while behind the scene they were working to destroy any connection between the Aryans, and the modern Arabs. Only then My Friends, could the children of Darkness carry out their objective.

In Iraq the splinter religious groups of Sunnism and Shi-ism were the dominate groups, and they were held together in the political field although they were taught a deep distrust for each other, and these two religious groups saw their religion splintered further into more political movements, thus ethnic groups stretched there and also throughout the Arab world where ever a foothold could be gained. The new cry was 'Revolution', this was the movement, the power, mob rule, which of course must remain in the hands of a minority, using FEAR of your fellow man, to control, thus it sounds like Communism....does it not?

Always remember that the Satanic force must have someone to use as they operate from behind the scene, and we are told by our Author that a child was born in the Desert town of Takrit, April 28th., 1938. He was formed early in life by the study of the writings of this founder of the Ba th party. This child was the Renegade son of an old ruling family, but showed his mixed blood from the beginning. Thus Saddam Hussein comes on the scene, and in 1956 he joined the Iraqi Branch of the Ba th...or Socialist Party, today called the ABSP.

On October 7, 1959., a Ba thist 'hit team' tried to assassinate the ruler of Iraq his name being Quassem, he was the beloved ruler of this land. His mother was a Kurd and his father an Arab. One of the team of Assassins was SADDAM HUSSEIN. When the Assassination failed then Saddam fled to Syria, and then to Egypt. 78 of the Ba thist who were implicated in this assassination plot were brought before the people's court, and their defiant militancy left a deep impression.

In February of 1963., a Ba thist coup overthrew the Quassem regime after days of terrible street fighting and finally Abd-ad-Salam became President of Iraq. Night after night the T.V. showed the bullet-ridden body of Quassem, and the men of the Ministry of Defense where Quassem made his last stand. The whole macabre sequence closed with a soldier grabbing the head of the fallen leader of Iraq and spitting in his face. The message so plain to the people was....He is dead, and you better believe it. Then more fear entered the picture as the Ba th moved to use their Fear in their rule of Iraq. They rounded up all who had resisted their take over and made them watch as they murdered all the ruling body who had resisted.

In 1964., we find that SADDAM HUSSEIN is back in Iraq and was elevated to the Regional Command of the Iraqi branch of the ABSP. Then Nationalization laws were prepared as steps toward Arab Socialism. In this nation of Iraq, now coup after coup occurred as Saddam Hussein is climbing the ladder to power, and in 1968 he was the assistant secretary of the party. Great new purges were carried out, Jews were killed as spies, although this was a communistic regime, thus a smoke screen to blind the people, and some were imprisoned for 15 years on charges of being Zionist agents...yet who was this driving force behind the power grab in Iraq??? In 1970 it was finally announced that the Communists...could now join the ABSP in a progressive front to help lead the nation.

In April of 1972 the Iraq-Soviet Friendship Treaty was announced, and in May of 1972 the Communists openly entered the government. In 1974 the Kurdish towns of Azkho and Qala at Diza are razed to the ground, and hundreds of thousands and the Kurds flee the city to escape as brutalities break all records. Mass deportation of the people of the Shiei party were rounded up and in 1977, by the end of the year, 200,000 of Iraqi people had been stripped of their nationality and their property and dumped into Iran.

This may surprise you, but the Khomeini had his beginning in Iraq. In October of 1978 he was expelled from Iraq, then in February of 1979 came the Islamic revolution in Iran. In June of 1979 SADDAM HUSSEIN became the President of Iraq.

Perhaps we should pause a moment here to remember that in 1979 Ronald Reagan was elected as President of these United States, and took office in January of 1980. Under his Administration the build up of the American forces began, and those forces are now being used in the Gulf War of today, showing the technology of the Western Nations, against the main supply of Soviet weapons and technology.

On April 9, 1980., Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr, and his sister, the symbols of the Shiei opposition in Iraq were executed by SADDAM, and on September 22, 1980 he launched a full scale war operation against Iran. As you now understand the training of this man...SADDAM HUSSEIN, it was then no surprise to learn that as he came to power he turned immediately to the Soviet Union, and the KGB for guidance, although the lip service proclaimed Communism to be western and alien to Arabs.

After the cease fire in 1988 in the war with Iran, SADDAM turned his chemical weapons against the Kurdish villages. Between August 25th through the 27th, many helpless civilians died. The attacks then continued all through the month of September. It was later learned that this had been done in the town of Halabja in March of 1988 when around 6,000 people died but the world would not notice until August when western T.V. reporters finally were brought into the town.

Tens of thousands of Army Deserters had collected in the Marshy regions of Iraq, and were hoping to escape the notice of the leader of their country. These people just did not want to fight, but they were not to escape either, and were given an ultimatum by SADDAM...what happened to those who gave themselves up we do not know, but those who did not, were gassed. What we wonder now will happen to these Iraqi troops who have given up in this 'Operation Desert Storm' if we send them back to their country with SADDAM still in power???

As SADDAM talked of a 'new man' or a 'new society' to be created in Iraq, of course we know that he was talking of total control of politics, the school curricula, the media, all social programs, the disciplining of the men in the Army, Militia, and Party.

As SADDAM had taken over he instituted sweeping purges at the top of even the Ba thi, this party to which he belonged even as a young man, this was done all in secret. As he took over the Presidency in June of 1979., for one month he held hostage the hierarchy and gradually finished off any one he thought might oppose him.

The outside world was not hearing these things for no reporter dared to tell this story, in fact everything was done in secret until the people seemed not to notice, only those who came in contact with this ruthless power he knew and any of their survivors dared not speak out for fear of reprisal. In 1982...Amnesty International had reported that 82 people had been tortured, assassinated, or executed who opposed this system which SADDAM had set in place. A knock would come to the door of their home, a person would be taken, later maybe even months later a sealed box would be delivered to the head of the family who would be allowed to accompany the Police to the Cemetery. Never was anyone allowed to see the corpse, but after this burial then the family would be allowed to hold an appropriate memorial ceremony, saying their family member had died for his country. Thus a life which had replaced the truth was buried in that casket in the cemetery and only the family suspected the truth.

Torture and Bizarre practices in Iraq interrogation centers had been going on ever since 1968 according to our author, with hardly a mention abroad, so well was this hidden, whereas the Iranian SAVAK was covered greatly by the International Press...but remember the close ties with the west maintained by the Shah of Iran, and remember his lineage and you begin to understand why the Internationalists wanted him gone from Iran, so that they could throw that nation into chaos.

Remember that the core of this Ba thism is a doctrine that demands the existence of a single Arab State. This was SADDAM'S dream as he launched the Iraq-Iran war. With this drive would come the use of the 'Fear System', fear of violence, of torture, or death, and of the box ritual of any who had a display of wealth. The purpose was 'economic sabotage' and it would bring all the wealth of the nation into the hands of One Man...SADDAM HUSSEIN.

The powers behind SADDAM were driving him hard to accomplish something they had worked for years to achieve, namely an outlet to the Persian Gulf and all those oil wells. This old land had been raked by trouble all those years, even when the great civilization built by the Aryans stood there. Here under the thumb of SADDAM HUSSEIN things went from bad to worse. SADDAM HUSSEIN being a confirmed atheist had been an easy target for contact with the Soviet Union. With the Ba thist ideology then SADDAM needed to bring about the total control of what he hoped would be a combined Arab World...into one nation with him the King. Here in 1991 at the age of 54 years., this would have seen him sitting on top of the world, if he could have somehow betrayed the Soviet Union which was backing him. However he was only a puppet of the Soviet Union and the Power that drives it, and this was shown as Gorbachev tried to interfere in the withdrawal ultimation issued to SADDAM here in 'Operation Desert Storm'.

Don't you now see this Zionist Power grab for power in the east of this old Biblical land??? The little Abortive State of Israel has been but a blinder for the Christian west while they were striving for the oil fields of the Arabs, and their opening to the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. Yes the Khazar Jews were sent into the west to hide this true mission in the Gulf. The children of Darkness did not make it through their contact with Iran, but they came close here in Iraq. But today as this war winds down, the Soviets failed to control their puppet, and now they are losing as well. Perhaps the MAN UPSTAIRS...has something to do with this situation? We believe HE used this last Great Nation of His Battle Axe's and Weapons of War, and you now see the outcome of this battle, no Vietnam this time.

As the call for a Jihad came from SADDAM, what a farce, a communist and an Atheist calling for a Jihad gave a new meaning to the word. Actually a Jihad, according to Muslim Law, does not mean some kind of bitter war. There were severe restrictions placed on how the faithful can conduct war, and when violated...promises punishment. One is that a Jihad must always be fought to overcome oppression or resist aggression. A second is that no one can be forced to convert to Islam by the sword, because the Prophet Mahomet thought that people should come to Islam by their own free will. A third is that Jihad must be carried out by Muslim soldiers, against enemy soldiers, and never against no combatants, thus there would be no terrorism against innocent people. These are rules from the Koran. Another rule is that Muhammadans may call for HELP FROM OTHER FAITHS IN TIME OF NEED.

In this call for Jihad by SADDAM, this fell on deaf ears of many who know that he is a tyrant whose interests, and the interests of his idol... the Soviet Union, and Castro's Cuba, thus Communism was simply to use the Faith of the Muslims as his weapon to gain his objective. His hopes of convincing the Muslim world lay only in this idea that he convince them that the Coalition of allied forces go beyond their war aims...AND STRIKE DIRECTLY AT THE MUSLIM FAITH....this will not happen.

As SADDAM was arming the masses he claimed it was to combat Imperialism, but the working class was promised that they are the wave of the future. He was not telling them this future was a 'controlled' wave of the future, not freedom. They were not told that the words Imperialism and Zionism were just words to blind people who did not understand their meaning. Freedom according to the Ba th is only found in the Interest of the masses, but Heritage is to be forgotten...all things would take a back seat until this mass of people had bowed to a Divine power...SADDAM HUSSEIN..and then he would lead them to freedom. Thus leadership was to be worshiped and bowed to, and you have seen how people kiss his hand.

In the days when SADDAM was planning his Iran War, fifth columnists were slipped into Iran, and by September 17, 1980., full scale war had commenced with attacks on 10 Iranian air fields. This was planned as Israeli type Blitzkrieg, the whole operation to be wrapped up in two weeks. Instead it developed into a six year war with the dead numbering in the millions, out distancing all the numbers of all Israeli-Arab wars over the last 40 years. Cities, towns, villages were destroyed, billions of dollars in damages to the earth and the environment occurred as the Masses fought each other and left their carpets of dead and wounded men. ask was really behind the war with Iran? SADDAM had called for the destruction of the 'Magus'...this is simply a derogatory name for Zoroastrians...Aryans. Actually SADDAM HUSSEIN wanted to remove from that old area all traces of Aryan History, and he would start with the nation of Iran.

In the nation of Iran then came Khomeini, and his new Jargon consisted of Arabic words unknown to most Iranians before the fall of the Shah. Under Khomeini remember Arabic replaced western languages in the schools, and the Crescent now replaced the Ancient Persian emblems of the LION AND THE SUN. Khomeini slipped up once when he made a reference to...'backstabbing Arabs', and he also called for the de-Persianizing, and the re-Islamicizing of Iran. Now this world of that area would be under the influence of only the Shiei and Sunni factions of the Moslem Religion, in otherwords no more would be heard that the Persians or Aryans played a role in that part of the world. Someone behind the scene was surely trying to remove all traces of the Ancient Aryans...were they not???

We believe the absolutism of SADDAM'S Authority led him to being used without even knowing it. In his mind he was a victorious host to Fidel Castro, a replay of Nasser of Egypt whom he had idolized as a young man. If he had won this war with Iran he would have created a fear among his neighbors that he would have been able to move at any time, and they would have fearfully given him anything he demanded.

Why then did not SADDAM HUSSEIN not fall from power after this reversal in his war with Iran? Why has Iraq’s largely Sheit soldiery not defected, and why have the Iraqi people as a whole remained to fight? How did this regime that so miscalculated, and that cost its population so much misery and hardship, forfeited its next generations to come...continue to survive seemingly as stable as ever?? Why?

In Iraq the people seemed to have lost all sense of self...only the regime is important. They have been fed this idea until all they have tries to conquer the world, using their religion to hold them in line. In the Iran War, the Iraqi Air Force was not used to protect their ground forces, instead they used their Air Force against Civilian targets. Here in this war of 'Operation Desert Shield' this was guarded against, so they used Scud missiles against civilian targets. As the Iran war turned against him then SADDAM used his Chemical warfare, and left the 'carpets of casualties.' This has been guarded against in this war to liberate Kuwait.

Fear and Faith have both been used before to make men die in droves for no other reason than they cannot imagine doing otherwise. In the Iran-Iraq war, two men locked in a deadly power-struggle, took from the world another chunk of battered Humanity.

Today in the Operation Desert Storm the situation is vastly different, SADDAM has been facing Arabian troops yes...but they are backed by the Western Christian World, and led by this Western World with its superior technology, brothers and half-brothers in many cases fighting side by side, but here a different type of men, who value living, and are determined simply to stop a Tyrant who is a puppet who is now not even following his..behind the scene..boss. After all, Communism always takes two steps forward and then one back if opposed, but SADDAM sits in his underground bunker and predicts that he is winning. Perhaps it will be his boss who will remove him from power. There will be no peace for the people in that end of the world until he is removed from power. You can rebuild the structural damage done in Kuwait city, but you cannot bring back the people who are gone because of his work, and remove the pictures and remembrance of the torture he has inflicted on those still alive.

We will watch and pray and see what develops next, as hopefully we bring our men and women home from that war zone.