ERM - Tape 111 - The Millenium


TAPE NO. 111........Report By Ella Rose Mast




Col. Totten was a great Bible student in his day, as well as an author. He was a Presbyterian by denomination, and a staunch Orthodox Christian, being a believer in a literal interpretation of Scripture. We have outlined for you in the past the many proofs uncovered by our author as to the modern identity of the so called 'Lost Tribes of Israel'. Those are still available if someone does not have a copy. Col. Totten spent much time in research, and wrote several books entitled 'Our Race' tracing the westward migration of these Lost Tribes.

Col. Totten was also very interested in chronology which did not always work out. We were more interested in the 'signs' of True Israel that he uncovered and traced than we were in his 'dates' of future prophecy, since we say:...What will be, will be.

Col. Totten in his time, his span of service, accepted the Christian church philosophy established in the mid 1800's that the Jews could be the Judah of Scripture, but the rest of Israel he traced Westward to Christian civilization, with the U.S. identified as the Land of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle (Isaiah 18), carrying the personal symbol of the tribe of Manasseh, one of the sons of Joseph.

Our author accomplished this tracing of the Migrations of Israel westward, for the U.S. Congress as they formed the Great Seal of the United States. However he also never lived to see the coming of the people out of the Khazar Kingdom like a cloud, with the World Order now proclaiming them to be Israel since they accepted the religion of Judaism, their only attachment to the land of Palestine as a homeland.

Our author believing in a literal interpretation of the Bible, and a very devout church man, then accepted the return of the Jews to Palestine as the fulfillment of Prophecy. But remember this was a declaration of the Christian Church moving in blindness. However this did not prevent our author of pointing out:..'Ho, to the land shadowed with (Eagles) wings.' To Col. Totten this definitely pointed to the lands of Manasseh, the United States of America. 'Even of him who has forgotten all of his toils, and all his father's house', whose very name is a condensed commentary upon fulfilled and fulfilling Prophecy. 'The Land' which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, and well beyond lost Atlantas, well beyond the Pillars of Hercules...'That sends Ambassadors by sea, even in ships of whirling things, upon the waters' (or in water drinking vessels, such as modern steamships), saying:..'Go ye swift messengers to a nation scattered and pealed (clean shaven). Ho to a people, terrible (strong) from their beginning.' Isaiah 18.

In the thinking of Col Totten after his acceptance of the church declaration, this then to him was:...Attention America, send forth thy summons to the nations. This comes from a nation that is 'meted out and treadeth down' against whom no weapon fashioned can prosper, a people whose ancient land the rivers (streams of people) have despoiled (such as ancient Egypt, and Palestine)...All ye nations round about attend. Our author then suggests that this means that the nations are invited by America, now the leader of the free world, to meet in International convention upon some momentous question related to the reestablishment of Judah, as one of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Oh! all ye inhabitants of the world, dwellers of the earth, take note when that nation (America) lifteth up her ensign on the mountains; and when she bloweth the Trumpet, pay attention and give heed'....'I have waited while my people have suffered, but their sorrows have an end.'

The prophet then cast a sweeping survey over the times of desolation and punishment which these people have gone through leading up to this summons:.....'For so the LORD said to me, I will take my rest, and I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs, like a cloud of dew in the heat of the harvest'. This God has done and the time of Harvest is now ready, and then the prophet continues:...'For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in flower, he shall both cut off the sprig with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches. They shall be left together unto the fowls of the mountains and the beasts of the earth; and the fowls shall summer upon them, and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them.'

(Our author does not point this out but is not there a pause in the above to show the differences in people?)

However the set time shall expire, the nation shadowed with (Eagles) wings takes issue on behalf of Judah, from the place of the name of the LORD of HOSTS, and Mount Zion (The Kingdom).

Let us pause for a moment as we consider the events which have transpired since the time that our author was writing (1892) from our identity viewpoint we think of Judah as one of the 12 tribes of Israel, Benjamin also was of the Judah Kingdom but moved on long ago in his destiny, and actually so has the tribe of Judah, now located in one place as Germany...On the east as always, with Finland (Issachar) on her north, and the Slavic states on the South, still in the marching order of Israel.

In this passing time of chastisement we found part of Germany, Finland, and the Slavic nations behind the Iron Curtain for their allotted time. Then in the 1980's we saw the American President (Ronald Reagan), from this land 'Shadowed with wings' go to Germany and yes, even to the famous cemetery which caused such an uproar because some S.S. Troops were said to lay buried there. But today Germany is now united, and the other Israel nations are struggling to come out of captivity of Communism, and learn again their place in destiny. We therefore believe this:...'Save the Tents of Judah first' is not as our author has accepted because his church has now decreed this as acceptable. We believe this is only the thinking of our blinded people, certainly not the words of Jesus the Christ. We suggest that you consider the Parable found in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 29, as perhaps the true meaning for the Jews returning to Palestine.

This parable was particular to the Gospel of Luke according to the Companion Bible. It is not the same parable as that of the talents found in the Gospel of Matthew 25:14-16., which was uttered upon the second day before the last Passover.

In this parable you find a Nobleman, high born, the son of a king of Judea at that time going on a journey, leaving a servant behind in charge of his affairs. When he returns we find the servant has not increased the goods or money the master left, even by the process of Usuary. This seemed a strange parable for the Israelites since it was forbidden by law for them to charge Usuary. Again, going to the Companion Bible we find that as Jesus spoke this parable he was in the vicinity of Jericho, and Herod and his son Archelaus, who had just built his castle in Jericho, had just left on their journey to Rome to be given the Sovereignty of this country. As Jesus then finished this parable about the Nobleman going on a journey He finished with these words:...'These mine enemies who will not have me to rule over them, bring them before me and slay them.'

Yes, it was an American President (Harry Truman) who bowed and first recognized the little State of Israeli, yet perhaps this was also a fulfilling of prophecy, marking some of the events of the 'crisis' period between the first advent and the second.??

Col. Totten tells us that the Hope of all ages is the Millennium, an era which we look forward to after we survive this crisis period, and the battle of Armageddon which terminates at the final descent of our Savior to earth. In this Millennial age there will eventually be one pure Speech, ONE LORD, and No Cainanites in the House of the LORD. Zechariah 14:21.

Our author then continues:..Our hope can only be..the return of The Christ. This will complete our redemption by our Resurrection, and the bringing of Righteousness in that He gives Eternal Life unto HIS OWN.

The hope of History also includes this 'land shadowing with Wings', Isaiah 18., the closer we examine the past events of history the more we look to prophecy for future events as of much importance. We also remember that it is recorded that George Washington our First President placed his right hand on the 49th and 50th., chapters of Genesis, which he then kissed after being sworn in as the President. These chapters tell of the Destiny of the Tribes of Israel. No doubt George Washington would have been amazed later to find that the church proclaimed the Jews to be the Judah of Scripture. We also recall:...'Yet who is so blind as YAHWEH'S servant people'. This blindness tends to keep hidden some facts from being understood by the children of the Kingdom. Yet The Christ will return, and on time, and all the watchers will be surprised. Every generation of faithful have looked for HIM as they should, and have tried to keep themselves in constant readiness, even though they sometimes wander far in blindness.

Our author admits as to his failure in preparing Chronological studies, but he believes as we do that you should always be looking forward as other prophecies come to pass, and you will be eventually rewarded. He was looking forward to the Millennium, because he believed that it will surely come. He also remarks that this is a 'sign of the times' that an Apostle, or a 'primitive Christian' would not recognize the 'faith' once delivered to the saints, in its developed Modern outlook. Remember that Col. Totten wrote this in 1892. Wonder what he would think today??

Along with our Author we recognize that in the Garden of Eden, there was the fatality of (Adam) man's sin, yet from this sprang a belief in the unique birth, and divinity of the Messiah...YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, Savior, repentance and baptizement. We also believe in His death, burial, and literal Resurrection, and bodily Ascension as recorded in the Gospels. We believe in the fullness and freeness of 'Grace' as HE decrees it, for it was His untainted Blood which was poured out, and now we have a commemoration of His death in the LORD'S Supper until He comes. In His literal return He will cleanse the Vineyard, receive His Kingdom, and give those who have waited so long their 1000 years of rest, the right to rule upon earth, a Millennium for weary humanity.

Always the Children of the Kingdom have yearned and looked for the day and the hour, and sometimes they give themselves a wrong answer as to the 'Time', yet still that 'TIME' will come and you must look forward because that is your Destiny.

Our author recalls the startling Astronomical events such as the aerolite Meteorite showers of 1799, 1833, and 1866., which so excited the people. These showers occur in about 33 year intervals but in that time period they brought world wide consternation because of their brightness. People thought they were 'signs' in the heavens, but they did not know quite what they portrayed. As you know the exact interval of the earths return to the center, or axis of this larger stellar vortex, is 33 years, 35 days, 16 hours, 47 minutes., and so forth. The falling stars of those stated dates were very spectacular. It is also noticeable that the axis of this spiral appears to pass through the constellation of Leo, the Zodiacal sign, one assigned as a heraldic standard to the Royal tribe of Judah. The showers of November 14, 1866 was the 100th., since the first recorded one in Joshua 10., which was also an incident of Joshua's Long Day. The 22nd., of those star showers occurred the 2nd., year of the 3 year siege of Samaria. All through the Hebrew history you find these traces of 'signs in the sky' as something was happening which effected Israel. The 23rd., occurrence was in the year that saw the Assassination of Sennacherib, which led to the revolt of Media, and the escape of Israel, our Saxon Ancestors into the Northern wilderness.

We pause once more to remind you that we were not interested in Professor Tottens calculations as to 'Times' and days because we see that he based much of his calculations on the Jewish Time Table after his acceptance of the church decree that the Jews could be Judah of Scripture. However, this did not cloud his uncovering of the migrations of Israel westward. His faith remained strong in his belief in the coming Millennium because the consensus of all former ages demanded by Universal law, that a time of Peace and perfect justice must come since it is the inevitable outcome of the Divine equation of which Adam's race is the expression, and Jesus the Christ the ruling exponent.

In some form or other this desire has been the continual prayer, it has gone aloft, from every altar raised along the millenniums that are already numbered. This very prayer has been our recognition that we must be helped, and from on High. We cannot help ourselves, and we yet seem to reject the only way which leads us to 'The Truth of Life'. After over 7000 years of effort we still as a race have not received this 'rest' for which we yearn. They only hope in the English speaking lands lies in the ROCK (the Kingdom) from whence we are hewn.

In the matter of religion we have gone through the whole gamut of liberalism, agnosticism, materialism, atheism, socialism, and thus into chaos. In the matters of government we have come close to taking the final plunge. Iniquity no longer masks its face, this seems to be the day when Mammon rules. In matters of 'The Faith as delivered to the Saints' this is a time of 'the falling away' and yet the Millennium will come, because it has been declared. The 'time' is set in concrete, we are all looking forward, even those who walk in blindness, because of that built-in 'Faith in Jesus the Christ'.

This time of waiting tests our faith, yet believing in the books, both the Old and New Testament, we go forward, waiting to be sure, but knowing we are closer, much, much closer than was Adam to that day of rest. The Millennium is to come with 'signs' as set forth in the Scripture. The Millennium comes also by natural means because the outcome of a false system is its eventual downfall. The longer the fall is delayed, the more certain, the sudden and complete collapse will be. The Millennium also comes by supernatural assistance at the summit of this very crisis period. It will thus come when least expected, amidst the crash of these existing human systems at odds with the Kingdom Administration.

This stretch of time is described by our author as like a great bridge starting with Adam on the further bank. This great arch bends to its place of rest, and the solitary pier of this structure is YAHSHUA-Jesus the Christ, and on the further shore the cable sinks its anchor in the second advent. The road has been steep to reach this plain beyond, and around its termination are arrayed the final legions of the enemy. The race has always been preparing for the final fray. Michael and his Angels are in battle for THE LORD, in this war which started in the heavens but finds its final foothold in earth.

You have been warned:...In the last days there will be false Shepherds, many will stumble and fall, but in time will come the voice of the Trumpet, the Resurrection of the dead, although not all at this time, but surely this will convince the World Order that this vision was true, the appointed time is here.

The very nature and origin of the Kingdom of God in earth, shows strength, permanence, and growth. It was never born to die in its infancy. It has existed for ages; thus nothing can stop it now. If you are asking for proof of this Millennium, as to what it will be like, then turn to the testimony of Isaiah 64:4., and I Corinthians 2:9. 'Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.' These are Millennial things, and beyond, and above mere earthly perfection, and even that glorious era, as the Apostle Paul tells us that 'God hath revealed them unto us by HIS SPIRIT..for 'The Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deeper things of God.'

Our author then suggests that when you cut down a forest another springs into place. As the judgment levels the trees (races) that which replaces, is THE TREE OF LIFE. And this is the Tree (race) which bears seasonable fruits, and lends its leaves to heal the nations round about it. This period was thus made for (Adam) man...Matthew 21:21. The labors of this era will be those of GRADUAL RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS, IN THEIR OWN ORDER.

I thought it most interesting that our author suggested that what America must do was to set her house in order was to bring to the front...Patriotism, to raise the standard of reform, to begin everywhere at once this return to the laws of God. He also believed that only a thin Blue Line may be all that stands, still they will defy the Dragon, and Right will prevail. All evil tendencies will finally be restrained and the evil Satanic author, bruised in the head will be bound. Whether they will or not yet the nations will be ruled with a rod of iron, and the hand that wields it will be Omnipotent. All who work shall at last have the pleasure of their toil, and each one takes his rest beneath a vine, which is his own.

Throughout all history the sons of Adam have testified of a certain 'Golden Age' and predicted that it will come again. What made it a Golden Age was that Adam-man walked with his God in faith and obedience. During the Millennium the Supernatural will resume its natural place, and we will see things as they are. Adam's occupation of earth will then begin in earnest, and more than ever will he be called upon to play his part in terrestrial affairs. But in place of discord we shall have true unity, in lien of politics..true statesmanship, instead of Mammon-merit, as far as the individual, the heart will rule, the head direct, the hand and foot obey. The government will be that of an ideal commonwealth, the surplus put to general use. But its philosophy will not be left to human judgment, rather it will be dictated by a law more rigid than the one from Sinai, and enforced to the final letter. Nevertheless it will be a law of perfect liberty, because it will recognize no license. There will be no drones in the Millennium after it is established, each member will perform the task for which he is best suited. He will love his work, and be worthy of his hire; and be paid upon the spot.

After all, the Millennium is but a preparation for a better earth, within his estate now like Adam before the fall, only now he will be better constituted to resist temptation because of his experience, and careful education.

Our author also suggests that we will begin once again to predict the consequences of 'Sidereal configurations'. The coming Astrologer will be a past Master in Astronomy, and a scholar in the science of History. There will be no theory, only facts, as Adam returns to his LOST KNOWLEDGE. What then will it be...this science now in its new swaddling clothes...when it has learned once more to stride across the Universe?

The Ancients were our pioneers in this bold journey, and in our days there have been men and women who in the face of ridicule and scientific insult have followed, where the Race itself one time confidentially walked. In that time the 'Day of Faith' will be over and the 'Day of Fact' will dawn.

We as a race must move into orbit with the Throne of the Almighty where HE who calmed the waves upon the Sea of Galilee can speak to us again. Never Fear...the Ship of HIS Kingdom will ride out the storm, whereas Woe to the Motley fleet which ventured to cross this 'ocean of existence' without Chart or Pilot.

Upon the mountains of America a new flower,...white at morning, blood red at noon, and Azure in the afternoon, has been found. Coming events will cast their shadows before, and this flower is an emblem of the 'Week of Years' with which Man's failure at self government will end.

In this drama of 'Time'., we as Americans are involved in our Anglo-Saxon Destiny. We as Manasseh's separated people shall play our part, for we are in the Destiny of God's Israel. We are a part of Jacob, the measuring rod of God's inheritance, for according to the number of the Children of Israel, God set the boundaries of all other people. The center then of this Drama is thus the Saxon Race. The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Unicorn of Joseph, the motto of Benjamin, the Olive Branch, and the Coat of many Colors, along with the figure of the Bull, all portray the House of Joseph with his brethren. And all Israel thus proclaim their hope of victory, holding the Cross of Christ high, as they move toward the end of all things which are now, and toward the Hope of History which we have established is the RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS.

Until next time.......May YAHWEH Bless.