ERM - Tape 112 - Women Of The Bible


TAPE NO. 112.....By Ella Rose Mast




After the study of the Old Book (1813)., the Swift Ministry, and the book ...'Far Above Rubies' by Isabel Hill Elder, I would like to bring to you my understanding as to the part played by outstanding women of the Kingdom.

Out of Eden went one river (Race of People) to enrich the Garden. This according to our understanding of Scripture was ONE Race headed by Adam and Eve. Without Eve of course there would have been no Adamic race which Moses was to record (Genesis 5:1) as the generations of this Adamic race, as he listed the fathers of this race who played a direct roll in this program of Almighty YAHWEH as He established His Kingdom in earth, and fulfilled the promises made to Adam...'Before the Foundation of the World.'

This establishment of a Kingdom in earth was projected as a family project. Going back through ole records we find that the Women of this Kingdom family had an independence surpassing even today. Many times we find these women entrusted with administration of her husbands property as well as her own. These Women of God's Israel...retained this independence until the time of their captivity when they were then known as 'children of Israel' of the 12 tribes. Thus this Family was established as a partnership of two individuals, man and wife both of equal stature in the program of YAHWEH. With this in mind let us look at the records as to why some of these women of the Kingdom are also listed as special in this program.

In the Giza Museum near Cairo there is displayed a long line of these Aryan Monarchs carved in stone which shows what we have just told you. In the beginning of this line in the Monarch and his Queen sit side by side as equal in importance. Their poems and recorded history show the devotion of the Monarchs to their partners in marriage. Much further down the line you find the Queen sitting on a lower level than the Monarch, until finally she no longer is carved in stone, and only a portrait is sketched.

This gradual change was reflected in the history of the times, in every part of life as the 'Golden Age' ended and then as the Israelites emerged from captivity the Women of Israel were being treated with the same ideals as that portrayed by their captors. When YAHWEH as YAHSHUA walked the earth in Jerusalem we see that the Jews now in charge of that area were shocked that YAHSHUA TREATED THE WOMEN VERY DIFFERENTLY. After all...they said, 'He talked to the women'. Thus gradually the status and dignity of the Women of Israel was now beginning to change and we see some of their ancient independence restored. After all, these Women of Israel were still to play a great part in this program of the Almighty, as the 'Time Table' now pointed to a time of fulfillment of Promises.

Early in this tape series we have given you a summary of these women closely connected to the time of 'The Christ' showing their connection to this race, and the part they played at the time when YAHSHUA was in earth, and then as The Apostles moved out to 'Lost Israel'. At this time we would like to look backward in history and bring you more of the facts about these Women of the Kingdom which we had not discovered before. In this great time table of the Almighty, Daniel was told:..'For at that time, the appointed end (of that present situation) shall be'. Daniel 8:19.

Here we stand today in 1991, and as we look backward in 'time' we must realize the part these women of our race played as the Destiny of these United States was established and the country taken over and our civilization established.

The Old Book (1813) confirms that as our Adamic race grew in the Garden that finally 4 streams of this same river (race) went out of the Garden leading their people in migration down from the high country into Northern India, where they immediately built a great civilization. In fact the Scripture is very clear that Eve, after the womb was cleansed, thus after the seven gestations she had brought forth a son and she named him Seth, and this child was acceptable unto YAHWEH as one to increase the race, carrying this spirit which could transferred to offspring. Thus Eve was a very important lady, and she had many experiences, but finally the race would then continue with this child of Eve and her husband Adam, and Eve now tells you that YAHWEH HAD GIVEN HER ANOTHER SEED, thus this race could now grow.

The next lady to appear as a personality in the Old Testament is Sarah (Genesis chapters 16 and 17). Her name was changed from the the Hebrew Sarah, signifying Princess of a multitude, just as Abraham was also to be a 'father of many nations'. However this also depended upon his wife selected by the Almighty, thus she had this title bestowed upon her, and upon no other. When YAHWEH called Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees, he called both husband and wife as a family to leave these surroundings. And all through the experiences which Sarah had we find that YAHWEH protected her at all times, even in the Palace of the Pharaoh, or in the Court of Abimeleck.

From this Ancient History we find that Sarah was a beautiful Aryan lady. Her residence was the most important place of an encampment in their Nomadic life. We find that their life style was quite different than ours of today. Sarah was thus a tribal mother, these two were wealthy and they owned many servants and lived the life style of wealthy people. We find that in those days the women owned the residence of the Mother and children, managed that residence, saw to the education of the children and the instructions of the servants. She also managed the servants who provided the comfort of her husband in his dwelling place in the encampment. At Mamre later in life we find that the Residence of Sarah was at Mamre, where as Abraham lived at Beersheba, and here she managed a great encampment and we know this because we are told that Abraham came here to mourn Sarah at her death. Thus as Abraham and Sarah left Ur of the Chaldees they were also a great company for Abraham took all their belongings with them, even his Great Library, and this encampment of these important people would surely grow over those many years as they waited for this child of the Promise... 'In Isaac shall thy seed be called.' Both Apostles Peter and Paul spoke of excellence of Sarah, and Isaiah bids his people...'Look unto Sarah who bare you.'

In the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in the Judean desert in 1947., in the 7th Scroll you find a description of Sarah, as a woman of exquisite beauty, with a pure white skin. Other points of physical beauty were noted and recorded so that today we have quite an accurate picture of Sarah who won the admiration of Kings, and Princes, as she reigned, a great beauty among her people. After the death of Sarah, then Abraham set out to find a wife for his son Isaac, who would replace Sarah, as 'tribal mother' and who would then occupy Sarah's State Tent. This was to be a very careful selection and Abraham sent his steward Eliezer to Haran to Abraham's own people, and we find that this steward wondering if the girl will leave her own home to come to live with Isaac, for this would be very unusual for these times.

It was REBECCA, the beautiful daughter of Bethuel, of Padan Aram, who was chosen to fulfill the plan of the Almighty, and was Rebecca herself who said:..'I will go', thus she was not forced into this marriage. And we find that an imposing Cavalcade thus set out to follow Eliezer to the home of Isaac. Deborah, her nurse, would also go with Rebecca and her maids and servants. After a long journey south then finally this young lady now to be known as Rebekah would see coming toward their mounted company this man she had agreed to marry, although she had never seen him. Rebekah dismounted from her white camel and according to Hebrew words took a shawl to cover the dust of her embroidered traveling costume. In those early days there was no veil to cover the face of the women of this old land as we would see later.

Isaac installed Rebekah in his mothers state tent, and later the two were married. From ancient records we find that Rebecca was a independent as Sarah had been. And it was not until 20 years later that twin sons were born to Rebekah, and were named Esau and Jacob, thus fulfilling their belief in God's promise of multitudinous seed. In spite of what some have said as to the scheming of Rebekah still she was merely a factor in YAHWEH's plan, of establishing His kingdom in earth. Oh! you say, she took advantage of an old blind man, but was it not for this moment that he was made blind? Rebekah also stands unique as the first woman to challenge this 'man' instituted rule of the eldest son as the heir, and she made nonsense of it.

DEBORAH is mentioned in scripture, and she and her brother Rothens were both of the family of Abraham, they were Chaldeans..yes, but both were Aryans who worshiped YAHWEH, and were free born. It also appears that Deborah would accompany Jacob as he was sent to his mother's people to escape the wrath of Esau.

REBEKAH'S death is not recorded in the Scripture but as Jacob lay dying in Egypt, he mentions her burial place as Machpelah, in the sepulcher with Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Leah.

RACHEL, AND LEAH are introduced as the daughters of Laban of Haran, another Aryan whom YAHWEH was using to unfold His purposes. The love story of Jacob and Rachel is a most familiar story in the Bible. But Leah was given to Jacob as his first wife because of her being the eldest daughter, and this YAHWEH allowed. After 20 years in the confines of Laban's home district, we find Jacob asking permission of his wives, who now numbered 4, and after this permission is granted, we find them assembling their belongings, and their livestock, and then leaving on the long journey back to Jacob's old home.

Once again because of much mistranslation, and misunderstanding we are told that Rachel was carrying these so called 'gods' and it was supposed that these represented other God's than YAHWEH. Actually we learn that these so called 'gods' were the 'Title Deeds' to the property that both Rachel and Leah and their children would inherit from the girl' father. These were actually small tablets of stone, and baked clay, upon which were written characters describing the ownership of property. Some of these ancient title deeds can be seen today in the Museum in Britain.

Some of these ancient 'Title Deeds' were what Laban was searching for as he came after Jacob and his wives and children. He was thinking that since they were leaving him he would then take over their inheritance. Since he would not find the title deeds then he pursued Jacob and his wives. Not finding them here, to be on the safe side then Laban erected this 'heap of stone' and both Laban and Jacob promised not to pass this 'heap of stones' to do harm to each other. Until this time then Jacob had not known that Rachel was carrying those 'title deeds'.

We see that Rachel was always the wife of Jacob's choice and retained this position. As they were to meet Esau and his company we find that Jacob placed the Handmaidens and their children first, then Leah and her children next, and last Rachel and her 12 year old son...Joseph. Thus once again we see the hand of YAHWEH, for Joseph was to play his part later in an important role in this great program.

While at Shalem, a city of Chechem, in the land of Canaan, YAHWEH appeared unto Jacob instructing him to go to Bethel, and there he was to build an altar unto YAHWEH. We now find this group changing their clothing, and Jacob took the Title Deeds and other valuable articles and buried them under an Oak Tree where they were camped. The reason being that now this company of Jacob would be traveling as poor people, so as not to tempt the heathen to rob them. Thus they put away their beautiful embroidered traveling garments and put on their very plain clothing, and they then set out to go to Bethel, and when arriving they built an altar unto YAHWEH. For some reason they did not stay here, but continued on toward Jacob's old home.

This had been a hard journey for Rachel who was pregnant with her second child. When there was but a little way yet to go, Rachel gave birth to a baby son, and they named him Benjamin. Then Rachel died and Jacob was very much grieved thinking that he should have stayed at Bethel, and his remarks show his feelings:...'Rachel died by me, in the land of Canaan'. The monument which Jacob raised over his beloved Rachel's Tomb was much later included in the land allotted to the tribe of Benjamin when Canaan land was divided among the 12 tribes of Israel. It is also recorded that Bilhah nursed the infant Benjamin, and cared for him because of Jacob's grief. It was said that Joseph inherited his mothers beauty, and Benjamin her courage and adventurous spirit. Later as Herod carried out the massacre of the children of Bethlehem this was also done in the territory belonging to Benjamin..thus made true this....'Rachel weeping for her children, refused to be comforted, because they were not'. These words would not have applied if these had been Judah's children, because Leah, not Rachel was their mother.

ZILPAH AND BILHAH...were maids in waiting to Leah and Rachel. And they were also the children of Rothens and his wife. Remember that Rachel's maid Deborah and Rothens were brother and sister out of the household of Abraham. They had been captured in their youth, rescued by Laban and then adopted into his household. Rothens married Euno of the Aryan House of Padam-Aran, and Zilpha and Bilhah were their daughters.

Bilhah is reported to have died while in mourning for Joseph after he was said to have been killed, and you then remember that it was Bilhah who had cared for Rachel's two sons after Rachel died. Jacob buried Bilhah near Rachel's grave, and many years later the sons of Zilpah would bring their mother back from Egypt and bury her also near the grave of Rachel.

DINAH (Gen: 34) was the daughter of Jacob and Leah. Dinah had gone to the city of Shechem to view the clothing worn by those women of that city. She was seized by the King after he saw her great beauty. He wanted to marry her but Dinah...remember was from the lineage of Judgeship inherited by her mother, and if she would marry a Hivite this would subjugate her judgeship to another race, and only the bringing in of the Hivites into Israel as a race, by the rite of circumcision would remedy the situation, or so the brothers thought, and this the brothers attempted to do, but this would not be allowed, as they should have known and you remember what happened. Dinah was about 14 years of age at this time. Two benefits came from this longer would the non-Hebrews interfere with the women of Israel, they were afraid of the consequence. Also Jacob had discovered the title deed to an inheritance and some day they will be produced to witness the accuracy of this Biblical story.

TAMAR (Gen: 38) There is some question as to whether Judah married the Cainanite woman, but he was seduced by her beauty and the amount of gold offered by her father, and he did not resist this temptation. It is thus reported that three sons were born to her, and the two older sons were recorded as being so wicked that they were slain by YAHWEH, thus only one son of this union remained. Tamar a Hebrew lady had been picked by Judah as a wife for his eldest son, and then when he died and then the second died, then Judah sent her home, or so he thought.

Tamar was well aware of the necessity of racial purity, and she was determined that Judah's descendants be Hebrew as YAHWEH demanded. She was also well aware that she ran the risk of being burnt by fire, for doing as she had determined to do. Therefore as protection she obtained from Judah his signet or ring, which was his emblem of power or authority, the bracelet or cords of gold from which the signet was suspended, and the staff which also signified a scepter or emblem of authority. Tamar knowing the weakness of Judah used this desire to acquire these identifying emblems and she shamed her father-in-law into admitting that she was more worthy than he; for she corrected him, and carried out the wishes of Almighty YAHWEH. Twin sons were then born to Tamar whom Judah now married, and they were named Pharez and Zarah. Shelah the other son of Judah married and stayed close to the House of Israel, but was disqualified from any part in Israel because of his birth. Judah had to admit that 'She (Tamar) hath been more righteous than I'.

MIRIAM (Exodus 2:15 & Num. 12) Three children were born to Amaran and Jochebed, of the House of Levi while the Israelites were in Egypt. Miriam was the oldest, and like her brothers..Moses and Aaron, was destined to be an instrument in the hands of Almighty YAHWEH for the release of Israel from bondage in Egypt.

We meet Miriam as a young girl watching from the bank of the Nile, as to the fate of her baby brother who had been laid in an Ark, or basket among the rushes near the rivers bank. Miriam watched as Pharaoh's daughter walked by the river and noticed this weeping little baby boy. Miriam approaches and suggests that she could fetch a Hebrew nurse, and the Princess agrees. Miriam then races for her mother not far away who now comes to take her little son home to care for him until he is of age to enter upon his schooling at the court of Egypt. Remember that this is also an Aryan or Hebrew court where Moses would receive his schooling.

We see no more of Miriam until she emerges as a prophetess and leader of the women taking part in the Exodus out of Egypt. It was Miriam who composed the song..'Sing ye to YAHWEH, for He hath triumphed gloriously. The horse and his rider, He hath thrown into the sea.'

Miriam had married Hur of the tribe of Judah and it was Hur and Aaron who held up the arms of Moses in the battle of the Israelites with the Amalekites. About one year after the crossing of the Red Sea, we find Miriam and even Aaron disagreeing with their brother Moses as to whether he should have taken a wife, said by the translators to be an Ethiopian woman. In our earlier tapes we have given you the lineage of Zipporah, and although she was not of this distinct Israelite line, still she was of the Race and YAHWEH had sanctioned this marriage, thus she was a Hebrew, and high born. Moses had been chosen by YAHWEH to lead His people out of Egypt, and here was Miriam questioning the authority of Moses. It seems that our people never learn, but in this case Miriam would learn the hard way and she became leprous for 7 days. Only YAHWEH would decide such a question about his picked leader. Miriam died at about the end of the 40 years and both she and Aaron were buried at Kadesh, not far from Mount Hor. Miriam had been a leader, an organizer, and the superintendent of Women's welfare. This called for an ability in leadership and resourcefulness in a new and untried field, and now that she had been chastised, still she remained an important woman in Israel.

RAHAB, perhaps Rahab has had more misinformation attached to her name than any lady of Israel. The story of Rahab actually begins at the time when Joseph brought this two sons...Ephraim and Manasseh to Jacob to receive the Patriarchial Blessing. Although both sons of Joseph were also descendents from Asenath, the Princess of ON, from the lineage of Enoch, she was also connected to Sarah the titled Queen of the Multitude, and also connected at her time in history to Ephraim.

In this time Egypt was a great center of the world's culture, and Ephraim and Manasseh had been brought up at the court of Egypt. They were taught of their inherited blessings. Then Ephraim had three sons and like all Israelites they were impatient to enter upon their inheritance. Here in Egypt it seemed to these boys that these descendents of Abraham were likely to remain in Egypt for ever. These three sons then in their hurry decided to go to visit this land of Canaan which was supposed to be their inheritance. This was not a problem, because at this time Egypt was a very powerful nation and they traveled as Egyptians. Something then happened while they were in Canaan, and all three sons of Ephraim were killed. (I Chron. 7:20-22)

Ephraim mourned for many days, his heirs were slain by the men of Garth...what a tragedy. But in his old age Ephraim had another son who was given the name of Beriah..meaning: evil went with his house. This son grew to manhood and married, and the 9th., in descent from him was Joshua who was trained to lead Israel into the Promised Land. Thus Moses of the tribe of Levi would lead them in the wilderness and train this young and powerful army but the Birthright tribe of Joseph would conduct Israel over the Jordan.

In this 'time' between Ephraim and Joshua, a daughter of Beriah--her name Sherah..went into the land of Canaan and settled there with her husband and family, and many servants and attendants. She became a most powerful as well as wealthy woman. She built three cities or castles, Beth-horon the nether, Beth-horan the upper, and Uzzena-sherah, or the stronghold of Sherah (I Chron. 7:24). Here in the center of Canaan this granddaughter of Joseph and the Princess of ON lived as did her descendents until they were joined by their kinsmen under Joshua. It was into one of the families of this household that Rahab was born. From the Tel-el-Amarna Tablets of Archaeology we know that Egypt had control of this land, and a Paka was resident in each town, there to guard the Egyptian interests.

Then from the old book 1813., as well as from other sources we find Rahab and her family then astride the wall of Jericho, as ambassadors of Egypt, as the Israelites came into the so called Promised Land. No doubt they knew of their relatives, and now Rahab would be in a position to help her relatives at the city of Jericho.

In eastern language at that time the word Harlot simply described a woman who was a widow. In the authorized version of Scripture we find Jeroboam's mother recorded as a widow woman (I Kings 11:26) while in the Septuagint the word is translated as Harlot. In the Ferrah Fenton version Rahab is listed as an Inn Keeper, and Coverdale has it as a Taverner.

It seems from history that the Egyptian representatives were departing as the Israelites came into Canaan land. The last Paka in Jericho had died, and his widow..Rahab had not as yet vacated the Embassy which was at the northwest corner of the city. Rahab's home was astride the wall adjoining the Embassy.

Joshua had been well trained, he moved only at the command of YAHWEH. He would not make the mistake of his forefathers in their premature attempt to take over their inheritance. Thus Joshua sent two men into the city, to the home of Rahab their Kinswoman. Rahab in talking to the two men called in translation..spies..said: 'I know that YAHWEH has given you the land', and being anxious to secure the safety of her family living here who had been separated from the main body of Israel for 8 or 9 generations, then asked for their safety.

As Joshua prepared for the crossing of the river, Rahab was sending messages to all her people to come to the Embassy immediately. The gates to the city had been shut, no one was coming in or going out. Everything was tense as the city waited to see what the incoming Israelites would do. Then the day came and as you know the Walls of Jericho came down, all but the area where the Egyptian Embassy and attached home of Rahab stood. These 2 men then came from the Israelite camp to lead Rahab, her mother and father, and all her brethren safely out of Jericho. Thus Rahab..herself an Israelite, was Divinely chosen to help the Israelites as they came into their inheritance.

In the Tel-el-Amarna Tablets we learn that 'The Hornet' spoken of in the Scripture was actually the Badge of Thotmes II, and of his successor...rulers of Egypt, thus: 'I, YAHWEH, sent the Hornet before thee, which drove them out before you'. And we thus learn that the Egyptian rulers were helping the Israelites. Dr. Charles Marston in his Archaeological research agrees that Israel did have help from Egypt at this time. In fact Queen Thyi, wife of Amenhotep II, and mother of Amenhotep IV, came from northern Syria which was inhabited by descendents of Terah, the father of Abraham. This fair-haired, blue-eyed Queen on the Egyptian monument was thus in kinship with Abraham, and also with Rahab. She had married Prince Salma or Salmon of the House of Pharez-Judah, and was thus brought into the exclusive Royal Family from which the House of David was built. (Matt 1:5)

In time we find that Rahab's son had married Ruth, and Naomi would thus be Ruth's mother-in-law by her first marriage, and Rahab was her mother-in-law by her second marriage, thus these were women famous in Israel, and their names are recorded in the lineage of our Redeemer and King. (Hebrews 11:31) Rahab is mentioned because she defended the cause of her people. Her faith was the faith of one like Abraham, thus justified by Faith, thus received the commendation and blessing of the God of Israel.

RUTH, lived in the country called 'the land of the Moabites'. This ancient land (Num. 32:1-40) was on the east side of the Jordan, and from here you could see the land of Canaan. Racial Moab was the enemies of Israel, and their territory lay south and east of the Dead Sea.

Elimelach, a member of the House of Pharez-Judah had gone east to this land over the Jordan, in search of food. Here then Naomi lost her husband and her two sons, one of whom had married Ruth. This family was very aware of the Divine plan for the Judean nation. It was thus from this land that Naomi and her daughter-in-law decided to return to their old homeland in Bethlehem of Judea. The other son of Naomi had married a girl named Orphah, and she as well as Ruth knew that according to Mosaic Law that as widows they were to move with Naomi until she released them from those legal ties. Orphah was released and she returned to her own people, but Ruth would move with Naomi to fulfill her place in destiny.

Now;...Naomi with both her sons dead was playing a part which YAHWEH APPROVED OF, for the 7th., Jubilee was near, and this meant that a parcel of land would now revert back to Naomi, but now there was no one to claim this inheritance, unless she could see that Ruth married Boaz, a Prince of the same kindred, as the husband of Naomi. Ruth would also play her part in building the House of David, in the land of Benjamin. You will remember how Ruth went to the field of Boaz, and the result found Boaz and Ruth married. Ruth is spoken of as a stranger, but the word is 'nokri'...but she was just a stranger to her own blood in the land she had not before visited. The word for an alien of another race would have been 'Zar'.

As Naomi made Ruth her heir then all her sons property would descend to Ruth's first born child. Thus the son of Boaz and Ruth would also have for a nurse his own grandmother, and he would then help build this House of David. Ruth lived to see her great grandson David grow up. She may have been at his Coronation when her kinsmen from east of the Jordan River sent 120,000 men fully armed to this historic Coronation. Perhaps it was from Ruth that David inherited his gift of poetry which he used in writing the Psalms.

DEBORAH..Prophetess and Judge (Judges 4 & 5)

Deborah was married to a chieftain named Lapedoth, and lived in a pleasant spot in Mount Ephraim. She was made a Judge of Israel because of her outstanding ability in that field, as well as because of her gift of prophecy, and she could look into the future and accurately predict coming events. She was also a poet and an Astronomer.

In her duties as Judge of Israel Deborah heard of the distress of the women of Israel who were always pursued by this Sisera, the Commander in Chief of Jabin the Cainanite. For 20 years this stealing of the women of Israel had been going on through these raids into Israel land by Sisera. Not only did Sisera rob them of their beautiful embroidered garments, but any Israel girl or woman he could capture was taken back to the Cainanite camp and given to his troops. Deborah decided this must be stopped, and she sent for Barak who was the General of Israel's forces. He was hesitant because of the smallness of his forces to pit them against the 30,000 footmen, 3000 horsemen, and the 900 chariots of iron which Sisera commanded. It was decided that Barak would go to war with his troops if Deborah would go with him, since it was the custom for a high standing Priest or Prophet to accompany the armies of Israel. Deborah planned the battle strategy and called the tribes of Ephraim and Benjamin to send troops which they did. She then directed Barak to position his troops on the slopes of Mount Tabor while the Mighty Hosts of the Cainanites assembled on the plains of Esdraelon below.

Deborah, remember, was an Astronomer and she knew that in November the annual shower of Meteorites always occurred in Palestine, and then following this display came rain and sleet. As she scanned the skies she saw the signs she was looking for and she gave the orders for Barak and his army to start their descent of the mountain. As the storm broke, the chariot wheels became stuck in the mud, the river Kishon overflowed its banks, and those who did not fall by the swords of Israel were swept away. Sisera saw the defeat of his army and he descended from his chariot and fled on foot north and east to a small colony of people called Kenites where he thought he would be safe.

You remember the story of how Sisera asked for a drink, from this woman who was an Israelite, and how she recognized him, and as he fell asleep she disposed of him. Deborah then celebrated this victory of two women of Israel over this one who had been capturing the women of Israel for so long. Deborah sang:.....

'Bless the children of Jael,

The wife of Heber the Kenite,

Bless all the sons of her tent.'

The word Kenite simply designated the land where they lived as in the case of Ruth and others this is just a misunderstanding as to old languages and names. Many times we have read that the tribes of Israel on the east side of the Jordan were more liable to be straying from their God, but history tells us that they produced some outstanding characters such as Elijah the Tishbite.

HANNAH (I Samuel 1-2) It was the custom in Ancient Israel according to the Mosaic Law for a man of Israel to take his brothers widow into his household. Thus were the women of Israel protected. In Scripture it lists Elkanah as a Levite of Mount Ephraim, and he had two wives, named Hannah, and Peninnah. The former, beloved of her husband, had no children, and Hannah prayed in the Tabernacle for a son, and made a vow that she would surrender this child to the service of YAHWEH, if one be granted to her.

The following year as the Passover was again to be celebrated we find Hannah bringing a little son whom she had named Samuel..meaning 'ask of the YAHWEH'. When Samuel was about three years old she took him to the old Priest Eli, and put him in his care, saying:...'As long as he liveth he shall be lent to YAHWEH'.

Hannah believed in the Resurrection, in the power of YAHWEH, and in the prophecies for the preservation of their nation. Samuel her son was the last of the Judges, and he founded the School of the Prophets. Samuel's son was Joel the Prophet, who was one of the three singers selected by David to arrange and preside over the Temple Service. In fact 14 of Samuel’s descendents were singers or participants in the music service of the Temple. It is said that Psalmody was commenced by Miriam and the women on the shores of the Red Sea, and introduced into the Temple service by the songs of Hannah.

ABIGAIL (I Samuel 25) through the selfishness of her parents was married to Nabal, a man of great wealth but with a bad disposition. He is also listed as a drunkard. Nabal however was of the tribe of Judah, a descendent of Caleb, one of the two spies sent into the Promised Land. And one of Caleb's grandsons was named Zip, and the descendents of this grandson was called Ziphites. Nabal belonged to the house of Zip, thus was called a Ziphite.

Abigail was also from the tribe of Judah, a descendent of one of the families who settled around Mount Carmel. This family of Nabal and Abigail because of their possessions were considered very wealthy, and because of their dwelling place were called Carmelites. Then also Abigail was wealthy and renown in her own right.

David, before he became King, lurked in his neighborhood with his men, and they protected the flocks therein from wild beasts and from the Arabs as well. When Nabal held his annual Shearing Feast then David in polite words sent a desire for a present from his wealthy kinsman. Nabal was aware of who David was but he preferred Saul as King, and he belittled David by asking:...who is this David, the son of Jesse? And he refused the sending of any food to David and his men. This made David very angry, but before he could take his revenge, Abigail gave orders for 200 loaves, 2 bottles of wine, 5 sheep ready dressed, 5 measures of parched corn, a hundred clusters of raisins, and 200 cakes of figs to be made ready.

As David advanced toward the dwelling of Nabal he was met by this train of heavily laden asses conducted by serving men, and riding at the head of them...a beautiful woman. As the two forces met, Abigail dismounted and addressed David as the future ruler of Israel, and begged him not to become entangled with her husband in a blood feud, instead would he not accept this food as a Peace offering. David was deeply moved by her eloquence and beauty, and accepted the gift and bade her go in Peace.

As Abigail returned home she found the Feast in progress, and Nabal was drunk. She never told him until the next morning as to what she had done. She expected an outburst of fury, and it came, but Nabal also suffered a stroke which left him speechless, and in ten days he passed away. When this news came to David he was amused, but not sorrowful. He was still very much effected by the beauty and intelligence of this lady, she seemed to have made a deep impression upon him. Her faith in his future made him wonder if she would be willing to share it, thus he sent her a proposal of marriage and she accepted. She came to David with 5 of her ladies, one as beautiful as herself, by the name of Ahinoam, and David with Abigail's consent, married the younger lady as well. The three lived in harmony, and Ahinoam produced the first heir for David.

Did you notice the symbolic number 5 in this story? Abigail brought 5 sheep already dressed, 5 measures of parched corn, 5 ladies, one as beautiful as herself. The number 5 signifies 'Divine Grace'. Then you will also remember that the Israelites came out of Egypt in ranks of 5, but the number 5 to the Egyptians 'who knew not Joseph' was an abomination. Then under the command of Joshua the Israelites crossed over the Jordan marshaled in 5's. Were not the Israelites given this seal of 'Divine Grace' for...fulfilling YAHWEH'S purposes in the world?

BETHSHEBA (2 Samuel 11-12) is listed as the 7th., daughter of Eliam, son of Ahithophel, and as wife of Uriah the Hittite. Through mistranslation Bethsheba a maiden of Royal blood was not married to a non-Israelite. Uriah was an Israelite, his Hebrew name signifies 'YAHWEH is Light'. He lived in the land once occupied by the Hittites who were a squat, stout people, their eyes and hair was very dark. No racial Hittite would have been accepted into the House of Israel as a husband for the beautiful Bethsheba.

You remember the story of David and Bethsheba, as David, another Israelite gets ahead of the plan and purpose of YAHWEH, would have to pay for his sin, this resulted in the loss of his little son. However Bethsheba a most beautiful and intelligent woman proved to be the companion and sweetheart that David had always looked for. Another son would be born and his name was Solomon, and he fulfilled more of the prophecy of this people. Actually the name of Jedidiah was given to Solomon by Divine Command, and it signified..'Pardoned by the Everliving'. This token of Divine Mercy was received by David with gratitude, and was reflected in his Psalms, especially the 51st., for it seemed that David felt that he was now forgiven.

Bethsheba bore yet 3 other sons....Nathan, Shimea, and Shobab. She was very careful of the education of her sons, especially of Solomon, since David had promised that Solomon would be his successor, and as this came to pass, Bethsheba was the most honored woman at the Coronation of her son.

THE QUEEN OF SHEBA (2 Chron. 9:1-12)., this lady from old records was an Aryan from the line of descendants of Joktan, the son of Heber. Hearing of the Kingdom of Israel and the wisdom of King Solomon she came from the Arabian Gulf escorted by her own subjects, bearing many gifts for King Solomon. (I Kings 10) We are told that she came to Jerusalem because of concern for the name of YAHWEH, and as she asked theological questions of Solomon, he answered, and her confidence in the LORD GOD of ISRAEL to fulfill His covenant with Abraham is born out by her words:..'Because YAHWEH thy God loved Israel to establish them forever', proved that a person skilled in the Ancient History of Israel had asked the question. We outlined for you in one of the early tapes this story of the visit between the Queen of Sheba and the Romance between King Solomon and this Queen and the establishment of her child therefore will not repeat it now.

HULDA the Prophetess (2 Kings 22)

In the days of Solomon's son the ten tribes of Israel left their connection with Judea and since the Birthright tribe of Ephraim was with them they retained the name as House of Israel. In the reign of the last King of Judah we are told that this famous book of Israel..The LAW was found. The King, after hearing the words of 'The Book of The Law' rent his clothes, realizing how far Israel had wandered from her original path. He sent the High Priest to Huldah the Prophetess to ask what was to happen to Israel. She replied:..Thus saith the God of Israel, tell ye the man who sent you to me thus saith YAHWEH...Behold! I will bring evil upon this place, and upon the inhabitants thereof, even all the words of the book which the King of Judah hath read. Because they have forsaken me, and have burned incense unto other gods that they might provoke me to anger with all the works of their hands; therefore my wrath shall be kindled against this place, and it shall not be quenched.' In the end of her warning she told the king that

YAHWEH had heard his cries of remorse and would gather him to his grave in peace, so that his eyes would not see what YAHWEH would bring on Jerusalem.

Huldah was held in high esteem by the dignitaries of the Temple proving that women were admitted to the highest offices of teaching. Huldah was classed as the wisest prophet of that time, even the king turned to her to learn if this was really the Law of YAHWEH. After the death of Josiah the evil foretold by Huldah overtook the nation of Judea and of course Jerusalem.

If you will recall we have reviewed for you the work of the women of Israel at the time of YAHSHUA, and the Apostles in the earlier tapes as we also reviewed the 18 lost years in the life of The Christ. We find no better analyses in these later studies, therefore we refer you to those earlier tapes for the work of the women at the Time of the Christ such as the different Mary's and Martha and so forth. We also covered at that time the relationship of the Apostle Paul to different people in Rome and some of these women were very outstanding.

As you review History we find other women who played their part in the life style of the Aryan family. These Aryan women followed their men in these great migrations of this race all over this globe, thus playing their part in the establishment of a Kingdom family in earth. That has been the theme of this tape series, a Kingdom built on the family...of a race of people...following the blueprint laid down by our Father and God.

As we come up to the period of the colonization of the United States we find that women of the Kingdom were still playing their part in this westward migration of God's Israel. Without the Pioneer Women the United States of America would not have attained her place in destiny. We find that the English speaking Aryan men especially, took his wife and children with him as he came west just as the former Aryans did as they left that old land of Palestine to carve out the New Jerusalem in the west. Israel would have a new name...Christian or followers of The Christ, whereas the old name would be taken up by those upon whom HE HAD PLACED A CURSE, and Old Jerusalem broken like a potters vessel.

Much time passed and the English language came into being and much mistranslations also occurred, as the prophecy of 'Blindness in part has happened to Israel' was being fulfilled. It is remembered that the letters J and U were not common or generally in use in the English language until about the 17th., century, before this they were listed at the bottom of the alphabet as though an afterthought. But as you know things are changed almost full circle as the Children of Darkness try to take over this established in the west.

Now the letter J would be brought into play and added to the first of such words as Ewes (sheep) YAHSHUA WOULD BECOME JESUS, and only the Son of God, not His Embodiment, and thus it went, yet this migration of the Kingdom people went on. As the people remembered their past they worshiped YAHWEH until the learned of the coming of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA Savior, and their worship and belief went on. This was as though engraved on their hearts, they might stray far but deep down in their inner self they knew that YAHSHUA...'came only to the Sheep (ewes) of Lost Israel'. In the hearts of the ancestors of our race this recalled the picture in the heavens, in The Star Bible, as the Great Ram watching over the sheep of His pasture.

Here in these United States although the enemy has tried to hide our history, we found that the Pioneer Women of The Kingdom were still playing their part in this great drama of The Kingdom of God in earth, for without Pioneer Women these United States of America would not have attained their place in destiny. As the English speaking Aryan man came west he brought his wife and children with him, and this kept his racial line intact. The French and Spanish men did not always do this and were more tempted to break the race barrier.

Over these United States we find erected 12 (an interesting number) of Statues honoring the Pioneer Woman. The one located at Council Grove in Kansas, is placed on the site of the Old Santa Fe Trail rendezvous campground. This monument titled:...MADONNA OF THE TRAIL, commemorates the courage of Pioneer Women who forged homes from the vast American West. This young Pioneer lady is dressed in a long skirt, heavy boots, and a sun bonnet on her head. In her left arm she cradles a baby, her right hand grasps a rifle barrel, and her little son clutches her skirt.

In Ponca, Oklahoma you will find another such statue honoring the Pioneer Woman. This statue is of a young sun-bonneted pioneer mother, protectively leading her young son by the hand, while striding confidently, determination and humility are in her face as she gazes forward thinking of her destiny.

It is recorded that 12 of the leading sculptors of the world submitted designs in the form of small models honoring these Pioneer Women. The one in Ponca, Oklahoma was dedicated to all the Pioneer Women of the United States, and it carries this inscription:...'In appreciation of the heroic character of the women who braved the dangers and endured the hardships incident to the daily life of the pioneer and homesteader in this country.' Remember there are ten more of these Statues located on these trails that led westward over this nation, and they are dedicated to these Pioneer Women of America. As you travel watch for them and you will feel for the Identity of the Women of the Kingdom for that era.

Since the days of the Pioneer Women there have been others outstanding but we will leave their names to history after it has once more been sorted out. We today place Mrs. Thatcher of Great Britain as one in our time who did her work for her nation and the Kingdom.

Here in the United States the Feminist movement has tried so hard to destroy this mission of destiny for the Women of God's Kingdom, but have only made themselves look silly. No doubt some women joined the movement thinking to improve their positions in our society, but to do this you do not destroy your inheritance or your place in this great program of God Almighty as He builds His Kingdom. You do not throw out the family protector..the husband of the race to achieve this goal, as the Feminist movement has tried to do. YAHWEH ordained...husband and wife walking side by side, equal yes, but each with different duties in this family type life as this Kingdom is established in earth. This is the method ordained to achieve this goal. This also is the reason why the Children of Darkness work so hard to bring down this system of 'family life style'. In fact they seem to think they would be happy to replace the white man in this family equation. But look what would happen to the Women of the Kingdom if this were allowed, and what it would do to the Children of the Kingdom.

There are many women who stand out in our time, but we will leave their names to history once it is again sorted out. Today you find the philosophy of the Women of Darkness more published than that of the Women of the Kingdom. However we remind you that the Women of the Kingdom of God do not walk alone at the head of this Family of God, in earth. That is not the meaning of Revelation 12:1-3., nor is it the Meaning of the word..'ISRAEL'. Simply put, this is a Kingdom, a family, a race of begotten people moving in the purposes of the Almighty God to eventually bring about the Restitution of all things.

The Women of this Kingdom have marched 'side by side' with their men, not two steps ahead, or two behind....just 'side by side' as they have played their part in this great program of Destiny, and for this they are to be honored, and protected as the Almighty has proclaimed. The Children of Darkness have at times been able to disturb this pattern, but eventually all will be as it has been determined, and then the Kingdom will be revealed to The World Order. As this occurs we will see the end of this battle between The Children of Darkness, and the Children of Light as this race is called. A Family unit...a Royal Family..if you will, thus making up a Kingdom. All this is yet to be revealed, until all the World will understand.