ERM - Tape 114 - Republic Or Democracy?


TAPE NO. Ella Rose Mast




The question has been asked:...'As we pledge Allegiance to our Flag, and to the Republic for which it stands...what has happened to this new nation set in place by our founding fathers, under the symbol of THE OUTSTRETCHED WINGS OF THE EAGLE which now is termed a Democracy?

This Republic was founded on the principals established at Mount Sinai as an example of what the Kingdom of God in earth would consist of, such as the leadership of this Kingdom Administration, and the laws which they were to administer covering every phase of human life.

Over the years the people of this Kingdom called 'Israel' meaning 'Ruling with YAHWEH' were not able to maintain what has been set in place asked for an earthly king, and after warning them as to what would happen then YAHWEH allowed them to have their earthly king, and the education of the nation and our people then began.

As this new nation, the new Republic of the U.S. of A., was born we see that the Children of Darkness moved early to change things so that this nation of the Kingdom in earth would not be established in all its Glory. Oh! the start of this nation was done by men moved by the Great Hand of God, but time had not been fulfilled, and the education of these people had not been completed. They would still have a long way to go to complete this total education and this nation take her place in total Destiny.

Early in our national life the control of money would be the factor as the people moved to build their nation. There was much land, and the people multiplied and prospered even with the parasites on their back. Looking back through history we find that as the administration of F.D.R. came to power many more people who did not believe in our God and Savior took positions of influence in our nation. They moved into positions as not only the manipulators of Government policy, but as lawyers, bankers, teachers, doctors and such, then most of the time when possible they worked against the course this nation had established, worked to change the direction of its advancement, although the ordinary citizens never realized this fact.

Under the Truman administration the United Nations became a reality. It was established under the control of the Soviet Union, thus the Western Christian nations entered deeper into the trap of an alliance whereas they could not even open meetings with prayer for fear of offending the controlling influence of the United Nations. Thus the YOKE of being joined:.... 'Light with Darkness' became more heavy. With the establishment of the little state of Israeli, by the United Nations, the YOKE became permanent and more heavy.

Andrew and Leslie Cockburn, a husband and wife team, have outlined in their latest book 'Dangerous Liaison', the inside story which they found by research of the Israeli and U.S. Covert Relationship over the years. According to 'Insight Magazine', Andrew is from a Communist background and Leslie is an American girl, but I find that their outline goes along very well with the many things we have learned over the years. Their outline finds also that as the Israeli State came into being then Israeli thought that she must hold her connection with the Soviet Union and Communism, but she also needed a sponsor in the Western World who would produce the funds so that Israeli could exist and hang on to her place she had grabbed in the Mid-east.

The European countries had already had an education as to the ways of the Children of Darkness as they came into their nations, and now it would be the part that the United States must endure. The Tax payers of these United States would now be bled to support the little State of Israeli, and for the bringing in of Jews from the Soviet Union. The C.I.A. of the United States was infiltrated from its beginning, and the alliance would grow so as to protect and help the little state of Israeli. With this alliance with the American Tax payers money, then Stalin of the Soviet Union began to turn against the ordinary Jews in the Soviet Union although there were powerful ones in the power structure of the Soviet Union. This was to further the program of moving them to Israeli, and the World News Media would help this cause.

As the Truman administration left Washington D.C. there came a slight change in this relationship between the state of Israeli and the United States. For a time Eisenhower and Foster Dulles used the level of financial support to keep the Israeli's from defying the United Nations as they sought to hold the line in this division of the area, between Jew and Palestinian. America was very concerned with the spread of Communism, although the unseen rulers were also pushing for the support of that system while the American Tax payers were unaware of this double standard, and although they grumbled...still the money flowed into areas that they were unaware of.

It seemed that the Israeli's were always restless, crying that the Arab Neighbors were out to destroy them, when actually it was the Israeli's who were the troublemakers of that restless area. Then came the Nixon administration and Henry Kissinger came to the forefront of American foreign policy and again money poured into the little state, and the covert side of this relationship deepened. Now the U.S. was totally enmeshed in a Liaison (with a country whose people not only claimed our inheritance, but denied our God and Savior. Here again 'Light' and 'Darkness' working together while the Darkness was trying to put out the 'Light'.)

The people of the world (order) would still see America and the western world as the 'Land of Promise' and want to come here to live, thus making this struggle to rise (to our destiny) harder and harder. In this type of situation, one part of our government does not always know or understand what the other parties are doing. Because of this (Yoke) many excuses are made as to the negative actions (of the children of Darkness) yet the cooperation continues. Any man who has tried to point out the negative side of this union is dismissed as a so called trouble maker (or a white Supremist.)

As the story of the missing enriched uranium from the U.S. surfaced, it was found that every administration since Eisenhower had helped bury this secret. Powerful men in both Washington and Jerusalem hoped this secret would remain buried forever. The U.S. Congress was very vocal, they promised to get to the bottom of this missing uranium but finally the files were stamped 'top secret' and by December of 1978 this file was gathering dust. Every since the American Spy plane photographed Israeli's supposedly Peaceful Nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert in 1960, U.S. Presidents have questioned the Israeli's about their nuclear plans.

President Kennedy agreed to supply sophisticated conventional arms for Israeli's protection, and this policy has continued, yet the question keeps coming back to haunt who ever is in the White House...'Does the Israeli's have a nuclear capability?' And did they arrive at this nuclear capability by stealing the enriched uranium from the U.S.?

As we have stated the U.S. was not the only country (under this Yoke) for the other western Christian nations were also trapped and they played their part in building up this tiny state and adding to their so called capability of protecting themselves from their neighbors as those new comers to that old land attempted to take over this area promised to the Israelites of old. The point was reached whereas if a President of the U.S. offered the Israeli's conventional weapons so that they would go easy on their work on the bomb, he would do much, much more for them for fear they would use what they had perfected, still they were not sure what would be the final outcome, for by now they did not trust the Israeli's to keep their word.

According to Andrew and Leslie Cockburn in their covering of this situation...(quote) 'The shadow of the Israeli bomb lengthened over the Middle-east and beyond, as the range of weapons increased. It was learned that in the Reagan Administration the U.S. government believed that the Israeli's had targeted parts of the Soviet Union especially in Southern Russia, so as to have a hold over that administration. As the Bush administration was planning the war with Iraq, the White House was calling on the CIA for 'intelligence' as to the Israeli Nuclear stockpile. (unquote) This was of course a big worry as Operation 'Desert Shield was in the planning stage.' The question was how to stop Saddam and not start W.W.III? With the Soviet Union backing Saddam behind the scene even as Gorbachev was trying to become friends with the West, and with Iraq's missiles aimed at Israeli, in hopes of breaking the Arab Alliance with the west, the worry of course was...what would the Israeli's do if a missile landed in Israel? A nuclear missile from Israeli into Southern Russia would have brought the Soviet participation out in the open, and this the Bush administration was working to prevent. What all was promised to Israeli to have them stay out of the picture probably we do not know, but this is some of the back stage work which was going on at that time.

Going back to the end of the Carter Administration years, Iran was the dark shadow over the Mid-east. Iraq was viewed on the other side, thus no one moved a finger to stop the start of the Iran-Iraq war. The Israeli 'arms brokers' were busy arming Iran while they held American hostages, thus President Carter was having his problems with the Israeli's. Then Ronald Reagan was elected President and vital interests of Saudi Arabia and the oil fields were seen as menaced by the Soviet Union, thus the build up of American forces began in earnest. The Israeli's at this time were seen as having a limited role in the over all picture as Casper Weinberger took over American defense programs. The idea of trying to draw the Arabs in the western fold became the program, in spite of Israeli disfavor, thus the Israeli's then began selling arms to both Iran and Iraq.

In 1981 the Israeli's bombed the Osirak nuclear reactor built by the French for Iraq. Israeli was flexing her muscles with the blessings of General Haig from his position in the Reagan administration. The Mid-east crisis however became deeper as the Israeli's invaded Lebanon, and Syria backed by the Soviets then came into the picture.

The Reagan administration was worrying about the Israeli nuclear capability and how it was controlled. They were assured that three men... the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, and the head of the Mossad were equally in control. No one member is said to be able to press the button by himself.

Finally the massacres of the refugees in Lebanon by the Israeli's turned the stomach of the American administration and General Haig was blamed for allowing them to go so far, he refused to obey orders and was dismissed from the administration. George Shultz then tried his hand at quieting the Israeli war aims, and then Robert McFarland came into the picture as 'Peace Negotiator', in that troubled area. He was considered a 'light weight' by the Israeli's who continued their Arms sales to all sides, and more hostages were being taken, and then the Marine Barracks in Lebanon was blown up with a heavy loss of life of the American Marines. It was learned that the Israeli's were aware that it was to happen, yet they failed to warn the Americans. McFarland was then replaced by Admiral John Poindexter as Presidential advisor. The Terrorists were enraged that the U.S. was letting Israeli go so far, and they grabbed more hostage so as to repay the United States for being so involved with the Israeli's. This involvement was very much resented by those living in the Mid-east.

As the Iran-Contra affair played in the U.S. Congress as a Political football, the part of the Israeli's was played down, was not mentioned by either side any more than was necessary which was almost never, showing the power of this 'YOKE' over the government of these United States.

In the 1991 Desert Storm operation, the Israeli bombs began falling on Iraq from the B-52 American Bombers. They were considered more reliable than those built in the U.S. The Desert boots worn by U.S. ground troops bore the imprint 'Made in Israel', in both English and Yiddish, showing that Israel was making a profit on this war as always.

As the Bush Administration rushed Patriot missiles to protect Israeli, this was perhaps not so much to protect them as it was to control them. With the coming of the Bush Administration and James Baker as Sec. of State the question of a Palestinian homeland came back to the forefront and the Israeli's were restless. The President and James Baker were incensed at the broken promises, as to the halting of the Jewish settlements on the West Bank, and the Israeli's were defiant. As it looked as though the hostage affair could be settled and the Western hostages be set free, the Israeli's kidnaped a Shi'ite Cleric from Lebanon, without notifying the United States in advance and this brought more strain on this alliance, yet the U.S. and Israeli were still bound together in this Middle-east boiling pot.

Over the years we remember, since F.D.R. met King Ibu Saud of Saudi Arabia in 1945., the Saudi oil fields have been America's vital strategic interest in the Middle-east. To the Bush Administration having much more inside information as to the affairs of the Middle-east than most of the people of the Western world, an undisturbed Iraqi occupation of Kuwait seemed unacceptable and plans were made to remove them. The bringing together of the Arab nations would mean that Israeli would not be included in this Mid-East alliance, this they protested, saying they were not receiving the 'Intelligence' as to the placing of Saddam's Scud missile batteries. Israeli was informed by the Bush Administration that they were not informed because it was feared they might make a preemptive strike and start things before the U.S. was in position in Saudi Arabia. The U.S. intelligence community was told to undertake a full review of all of Israeli's nuclear capabilities. According to things uncovered by Mr. and Mrs. Cockburn, Prime Minister Shamir came to Washington to confront President Bush. We do know from the T.V. that Shamir did come to Washington D.C., and we understand that Shamir would not promise not to retaliate in the event of an Iraq attack on Israeli. He refused to promise to tell the Americans..before such an attack would be made, but after more consultation then a news cast told the American people that the President and Shamir of Israeli had reached an agreement as to the crisis in the Mid-east. Thus American and the Coalition forces would go to war to drive Saddam's forces out of Kuwait without the Israeli's, but with an Arab and Western nations alliance.

Saddam then reacted as expected and sent Scuds on their way to Israeli, into Tel Aviv. We learn that Billions were promised to Israeli as a pay off for staying out of the war, and the Arms Brokers were happy, now they could sell Iraq the replacements for all the weapons that 'Desert Storm' would destroy.

This is but a little bit of the story of this unholy alliance that has trapped the U.S., as they have tried to secure a peaceful world. There is so much 'behind the scene dealing' which most Americans do not understand or know about, as they watch the T.V. news casts to form their opinion of what is going on. Most have no idea of this 'Yoke' under which the officials of the Western world must work, in the political field. There is much unstableness of even some of our allies, then there is this fifth column in our own nation which brags that it controls the American Congress in any events that pertain to the state of Israeli, and what they want.

We remember that phrase:...'Whey they Peace, Peace'...there will be no peace. We remember that there is now a military man behind the scene in the Soviet Union, and his unseen backers, which has been a worry to officials for sometime as we have tried to help the Russian people and those trapped behind that Iron Curtain as they fight to regain their freedom as Communism seems to be falling. Here in August of 1991., as the coup in the Soviet Union has seemingly failed, still Peace is far away. Time will tell if this collapse of the Coup will bring this freedom that people want, if the people of the Soviet Union, and the Satellite states will have the foresight to go all the way out from under this power which has ruled them for so long, for remember they are also under this yoke which has effected the Western world.

Now; you ask...what must we do as a nation, as a people to bring us back to the REPUBLIC which was formed in the beginning? We believe that we must build upon the structure of our identification as the Israel people of the BOOK. After this Identity is regained, then we must regain the knowledge of what God requires of His people. The nations of the free world have sought solutions to settle this Internal strife for years, but they have not recognized the 'YOKE' which binds them, and under which they are working. They do not understand the responsibility of our race, to bring back a restoration of prosperity, peace and happiness to our nation, and then finally to the world. They do not recognize that to do this we must go back in time to Mount Sinai, where this Kingdom was organized. We must go back to those laws laid down to administer every phase of human activity. These laws contained the moral code for the personal conduct among civilized people. The time must come when the Western Christian nations must recognize these laws if they want to establish Peace for themselves, and then for the world order. These nations, led by the U.S., must come out from under this unholy Yoke under which they work, and realize WHO THEY ARE, AND WHAT IS NECESSARY TO RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC, so that we may then move forward to build this perfect world which the Kingdom Administration under King YAHSHUA will provide. Only then will the World Order be able to see the results and desire to follow God's people. In those days there will be no distress, poverty, suffering, economic and political troubles, all those will be gone forever.

The fullness of those days will come when God's people return to obey their God given laws. The suffering you see today is the results of legislated laws contrary to those Divine and perfect laws which are Fixed, they do not change, they are rigid laws governing the complete life style of our people. The violations of those laws have brought this confusion, and trouble, which the true Israel people learned so many times in the past, then so quickly seemingly forgot as they marched on through this World Order following their Destiny.

These laws of life are the Commandments, statues, and judgments that deal with Adam-man's relationship to His God, and his race. These set forth the only perfect and equitable method of administrating National affairs. These are the only rules that will enable a people who can be prosperous and happy. That law is the only way which will establish Justice and Judgment in our land.

Many times we hear this question:...If we are Israel..what of it? Remember...If we are the Israel of the Book, then we are the people who must awaken to our inheritance which is our origin, and we are the people who must respond to this call of our responsibility by restoring the Commandments, Statues, and Judgments of our Saviour, In our Nation. We must lead the nations of our people as they learn the Ways of true Peace.

Isaiah foresaw this day as he recorded 60:3., 'And the Gentiles (nations) will come to thy Light, and kings (rulers) to the brightness of thy rising.'

In every age YAHWEH has always brought some forward to do His bidding, this has been the picture down through the Generations even as His people seem to have forgotten their Destiny. George Washington, the man called 'The Father of our Country', and the first President called our nation... 'The second land of Promise'. As he laid down the conquering sword he said: ...'My gratitude for the interposition of Providence increases with every review of momentous contest.' As he became the first President he said:... 'It would be peculiarly improper to omit, in this official act, my fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over this Universe. No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible hand which conducts the affairs of men, more than the people of the U.S. Every step by which we have advanced to the character of an Independent nation seems to have been distinguished by some token of Providential Agency.' Washington believed that a Divine Providence was guiding our Destiny, and he did not hesitate to call upon HIM in the hour of trouble. This Faith in God carried him through to success, whereas men without the knowledge of the plan of God's promise in our history would have long before given up the fight as hopeless. This spirit which made Washington...what he was, must live once more in the hearts of those who run this nation, reviving in them a true knowledge of their origin, destiny, and responsibility which will then overcome each and every obstacle and then we move forward in our own Destiny.

When it dawns upon our people, as Dawn it will, that YAHWEH (God) is our only help, then we will once more turn to THE BOOK and read Joel 2:16-32., and the Prophet Joel will tell us what will happen as YAHWEH once more Hears His people and RESPONDS.