ERM - Tape 113 - A Great Statesman Of American History





As the battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness moves into a climactic period, we find that not only do those Children of Darkness try to destroy our Faith, but they even try to remove the remembrance of our great men of history. They tie the Occult philosophy to the symbolism of our nation, and even now days try to destroy the image of the man we call 'The Father of our Country'....George Washington.

In fact these Children of Darkness have been able through their influence to reduce Christian thinking in recent decades to a shallow level which rejects..Out of Hand..any thought of Divine Destiny for the Nations of the Western World, and especially this Great nation of God's Kingdom... These United States of America. If you do not 'hit out' at white must not be 'with it'.

Not only is this done in America, but in England as well. In 1976 Britain passed the Race Relations Act which brought millions of Aliens into their Aryan Society. Then in 1989 Birmingham, England's city Cathedral changed the date of St. George Day Observance, so as not to offend South Africa's Archbishop Tutu who was visiting the city for the Century celebration. The little publication 'Wake Up' which comes out of Britain asks what has happened to drain the Sampson-like spiritual power of the Celto-Saxon people?

Perhaps two world war's, plus Vietnam and Korean wars helped as they also destroyed a great part of the youth, not only of the British Empire but the U.S. as well. This letting down of the bars of immigration in our day has brought about a Multi-Faith society in both our countries which only results in the destruction of Christian civilization, as history has shown us, many times. Modern versions of scripture without the historical understanding that the word 'Jew' is not synonymous with the names of Judah and Israel, makes them worthless on this point alone.

In South Africa we also find the same moves being made to destroy the white Christian Society. In 1652 the Dutch established a base at the Cape of Good Hope, to secure the route between Europe and the East. Dutch (Israelite) farmers (called Boers) founded this colony at 'Cape of Good Hope', then 120 years later as they expanded their colony to the North and East they encountered Black tribes moving south. In 1830 the Afrikaner (Boers) packed their wagons and moved out from the Cape colony to the Northern Hinterland. Here they established their Republic in the Orange Free State, and the Transvaal. Here they met with the Black Zulu Tribes and battles were fought. Then gold was discovered and the Boers and the English which were both Israelites, fought for possession of gold. But the Boers were a deeply religious people, many were aware of their Identity as 'Servant People' of God.

Today, ancient powers are using the colored people as pawns in this game to gain thee dominion and material wealth given by the 'Servant People'...these ancient powers lead us back to the descendants of Esau in the world today. In South Africa they managed the release of Mandela Feb. 11, 1990., and as soon as he was released he gave the 'clenched fist' salute, the symbol of the final age of rebellion against the Divine Order of Government and civilization upon earth. Both Britain and the United States then bowed to this black man, a confirmed communist as though he was a Saint. Moving as blind people, under this modern version of an 'added on' scripture the Civilized West does not realize that Communism is now being remodeled for a wider acceptance and take over of the west. Religion only in its apostate and occult state is to play a part in this so called One World Government they are planning for us.

In South Africa the Zulu's are anti-ANC, and the man who represents them has finally been allowed to come to the United States and tell his side of the story. Perhaps this will help to delay the destruction of South Africa. We believe that when the crisis comes these of the 'servant people' will fight for their ancestral home, and they will fight in the name of YAHWEH, the Almighty God, and then they will win.

In this recognition of who people are, and as to their destiny, finally it will be understood that God's people are to be kind and hospitable to people of other races in their midst (Exodus 22:21...and Deuteronomy 2:19). But it is not permitted for a person of another race to rule over Israel...Deuteronomy 17:15. This crisis facing our nation as well as the rest of Christian civilization is a spiritual crisis which is Satanically inspired. The only way out for us is to return to our God and obey His laws.

Now;....George Washington, in spite of all that is being said and written about him today in this effort to remove from our memory that he was a truly great figure in Celto-Saxon history..still stands out as a remarkable figure of a man, not only in the United States but in other eyes as well. The English Historian John Richard Green had this to say:....'Washington was grave and courteous in address, his manners were simple and unpretending, his silence and the serene calmness of his temper spoke of a perfect self-mastery, but there was little in his outward bearing to reveal the grandeur of soul which lifts his figure, with all the simple majesty of an ancient statue, out of the smaller passions, the meaner impulses of the world around him. It seemed almost unconsciously that men learned to cling to Washington with a trust and with such as few other men have ever won, and to regard him with the reverence which till hushes us in the presence of his memory.' (Unquote)

In this time of crisis for our nation, let us look then once more to one of the Great leaders of Israel in these United States of America. Reginald H.W. Cox wrote a tribute to George Washington and the British Publication carried this story entitled...'Washington a Man of Destiny', which we thought worth reviewing:............

George Washington was born at Bridge Creek, Virginia on the 22nd., of February, 1732, at the time when the State of Virginia had a loyal relationship with the British Crown. Virginia was one of the oldest colonies of Britain. The family name originated in 1180 when William, a grandson of the Earl of Gospatric III of Dunbar, settled in the parish named Washington in the N.E. part of England and adopted this name as a family name. One branch of this family goes back to King Malcolm III of Scotland, and another to King Ethelred II of England, thus George Washington came from distinguished English stock, possible linked to the Normans. (Benjaminites)

George Washington, himself, spent his childhood in a prosperous farm household in the Virginia colony. When he was 21 years of age the Governor of Virginia commissioned him to visit a force of French intruders who had fortified outposts in what is now Pennsylvania. He was to warn them to leave, and this task he accomplished with distinction. He was next commissioned as a Lieutenant Colonel in a volunteer regiment, and two companies of regular troops were placed under his command, and they were to disperse a French and 'Red' Indian force that had been established in Virginia.

There was an ever increasing threat from the French and their 'Red' Indian force that had brought General Braddock and his troops into Virginia. General Braddock made George Washington a member of his staff with the rank of Colonel. In the next battle, Braddock's troops were under fire from a well equipped and ably commanded enemy, broke--thus exposing the Virginian forces to possible annihilation. This brought to the forefront George Washington in action as a leader of men. Young Washington spurred his horse to every front of the battle while bullets whizzed around him, as he quelled the rising panic of his troops. He organized covering fire, and withdrew his Virginians in an orderly retreat. Washington himself came out of the battle unscathed.

At the young age of 23., George Washington was appointed Commander of the Virginian forces. He held this post until 1758., when he resigned to take over the estate of his brother who died. He then married a young widow who also owned extensive property, and these two young people were considered very wealthy plantation owners in Virginia. His wife was a very talented lady, and a good manager of their property, thus Washington was now free to enter into the public life of the community, the church, and eventually of the nation.

It soon became evident to those around Washington that his reasonable, well balanced thinking was an asset in the political future of North America. He had no political enemies, his arguments were always logical, and impersonal, and expressed without rancor. However the Crown of England under pressure from outsiders, was increasing their pressure on the American Colonies, and even Washington's patience was beginning to wear thin.

In 1774., George Washington was appointed one of the Virginian delegates to the Inter-Colonial Congress which met in Philadelphia to consider the threatening situation with their Mother Country. Washington at this meeting was said to have urged the Colonies to resist this injustice with force, and the Congress then prepared an organized resistance. Washington is said to have every meeting he attended, and he was consulted on every military issue that arose.

April 17, 1775., a skirmish occurred between British troops and the American troops at Concord, Mass. Two days later the first battle of the American War of Independence took place at Lexington. The Congress then resolved that the United Colonists must be organized for their defense and on June 15, 1775., George Washington became Commander in Chief of the Army of the United Colonies.

As the struggle wore on, it was at Brandywine Creek that this Army under George Washington was badly beaten. Washington then decided to winter his troops at Valley Forge, and history recorded this as a low time for the American Army. The bitter winter weather took its toll of the troops, but actually a frightened and weak Congress was withholding money, and supplies from General Washington and his men. Food and even clothing was in short supply for these soldiers, and many of them died in that snow covered encampment. Morale was very low that winter and throughout the colonies those who were against the war were agitating to stop the war for freedom because the struggle seemed so hopeless, and the Congress (even as it does today) was trying to play both sides of the fence, even as the troops starved.

However instead of bowing to the stress, General Washington seemed to grow stronger. It was here at Valley Forge that Washington received that famous 'Vision' which has been officially recorded in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. It was Anthony Sherman who was present at Valley Forge, who told us that General George Washington often went to pray to his God, in secret, for aid and comfort for his men and the cause, and it was also Anthony Sherman who gave us the account of this 'Vision'.

It is recorded that one afternoon General Washington gave orders not to be disturbed, then retired to his quarters. As the Commander-in-Chief sat at his table preparing to write a dispatch...before him came a being which could only be described as Angelic. Washington was then shown three visions describing the birth, the progress, and Destiny of these United States. Three scenes were shown as to these three great perils which would come upon this great nation which now was well into their war of Independence. Events show that up to this time the war was going against the Colonists, and the first part of the 'Vision' was no doubt this War of Independence, for without this, these Colonies would become the United States of America and thus move on in her Destiny.

The second peril which George Washington was shown was a picture of what has always been thought by many to have been the Civil War, this great trouble for our nation, as White men from the South fought the White men of the North, for what they thought was the 'Negro Question'. However unseen forces were at work behind the scene as always to try to stop the progress of this Nation of Destiny.

The third peril was described as 'out of the east like a black cloud'. This is thought to be immigration barriers broken down to allow the nations of the west, and especially these United States to be flooded with aliens which will cause a crisis in the Welfare System, which brought about the Drug War and the break-up of our Christian society, the manipulations of our economy, and last, but not least, the attack on our Faith as we are told that all Religions have something good in them, therefore Eastern religions must now be considered and accepted in these United States, which in the long run has been planned so as to destroy our Faith, our inheritance.

We are also to remember that in Washington's Vision there was to be seen...DIVINE the voice was saying:..'While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the long shall this Union last. The whole world (Order) united shall not prevail against this Republic.' This is also the promise born out by the scriptures. Thus this nation was to rise to her place in Destiny, in spite of all that a United World Order may do.

A few weeks after this 'Vision' occurred to General Washington we find that the Continental Army was once again on its feet, and the 'do nothing' Congress began to move, and supplies once more were reaching the starving men at Valley Forge. Soon this Army would be able to move forward in their work to accomplish their mission of setting this country free from the Mother Lion., and then could march on in her Destiny.

Later France would recognize the Independence of these United States and sign a treaty with the new nation, and the morale of this patriotic Army thus received another boost. In the middle of that same year Britain evacuated the city of Philadelphia, and General Washington and some of his troops re-occupied the Capital. He continued to prove a very mighty man in Israel as he led his men, always mounted on the Symbolic White Charger, always in front of his men in the bitter fighting which had occurred before the surrender of the British at York Town.

Commander-in-Chief George Washington was now a living legend. The Army wanted to install him as King of the United States, but his proposal he rejected with horror. Washington knew that this nation..these United States of America was to be a Republic. They were to have no king but YAHSHUA... or as He is know today..Jesus The Christ. He thus would have no part of this talk of a king for the young nation, but as they came to consider the man for the first President of the United States then there was no other candidate considered, no other name was submitted for the electors to vote for...Washington alone was the only man considered for the position of... First President of these United States.

George Washington served two terms as President of the United States, leaving his mark on this nation. His deep humanity, his spirituality, and reverence for the Word of The God of Israel, left their mark on the future government of this new nation. We remember that Dr. Swift told us that George Washington possessed a great knowledge. Dr. Swift had much information about the thinking of George Washington, as to his knowledge of the make-up of Ancient Israel, of the work of the Master Builders in Egypt, and as to the great lesson and message left for us in the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the other monuments found there.

Both Dr. Swift and George Washington were Masons of the old school, and we believe them to have been 'Light Carriers' of this race, since they possessed great knowledge and played their part in the program of Destiny established for this nation and her people. George Washington was 'taken home' December 14, 1799. The spot on the banks of the Potomac River, once the farm of Daniel Carroll, one of the signers of the Constitution, now became Washington D.C., a fitting tribute to the memory of...'The Father of his Country'. Yes, he was truly a man of Destiny, who played his part as he led his nation as one of the 'Young Lions' of Scripture, in the break away from the Mother Lion, so as to fulfill Destiny.

In this time period of President Washington we find that at least some of our leaders knew who they were, and why these United States were formed. However the Hebrew name of MANASSEH means...'forgetful ones' and this describes well our people in the United States who seems to have forgotten their identity as a part of God's Israel..His servant people. Many in this forgetful stage are willing to turn this great nation, under the symbol of the 'Outstretched Wings of the Eagle', over to strangers as they drift off in a dream of some type of Rapture, with no thought of the Kingdom on Earth...reaching them. They are not interested in the emblems established for this nation, such as the emblem of 'Peace through strength of Arms' as portrayed by the symbols belonging to Manasseh..'the Olive Branch', and the Arrows of War'.

Today these arrows take the form of guided missiles, and the free world now depends upon the development of these arrows. Thus we see that as Communism retreats for the purpose of rest, before they once more move against the free world, that there is again a great drive to knock out the defense systems of this nation, which at this time is termed 'the Star Wars technology'.

Looking backward once more we see that men of Britain also realized the leadership of the 'Man of Destiny'...George Washington, one of America's great Statesman and heroes. In 1914 over in England, Sulgrave Manor was presented by a body of British subscribers to the people of Great Britain and the United States, in celebration of 100 years of Peace between these two nations. The old home of the Washington’s located in Britain was then restored and refurnished. It is situated in the village of Sulgrave, in the Midlands region..on the road from Banbury to Northampton, England. It is a stone, two story home, which now flies the U.S. Flag in front of it. This is a perfect example of a small manor home and garden, as it was in the time of Shakespeare, himself a near neighbor to the Washington’s. It was from this background that the parents of George Washington migrated to the New England Colonies.

This memorial to the Washington family was first mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086, and it belonged at that time to the Priory of St. Andrews at Northampton. In 1539 it was surrendered to the Crown, then during that same year it was sold by Henry VIII to Lawrence Washington who built this manor home. His descendants continued to live there for the next 120 years.

In the 14th., Century Church in Sulgrave, where the builders of Sulgrave manor, and his eldest son lie buried, is the Washington Pew and Memorial brasses to Lawrence Washington (1659-1697), his wife and his 11 children. This old home is now open to visitors, every first of March through December prearranged booked parties only, except when it is closed on Wednesdays. If one is traveling through England this is also a memorial which can be visited, and you will see the American Flag flying there marking an early connection to these United States of America.

Here today as the United States is engulfed in the third peril of George Washington's vision, we find the west dying after becoming involved in false systems, and man made One World Schemes. Since 1955 America which was once 90% White Aryan in population now is on a downward curve. Here in the 20th., century...racial and different ethnic groups in the U.S. are beginning to outnumber the White Aryan population for the first time. Talk is that the United States is to disappear as a world power, a military leader, and as a dominate economic force in the world. The overwhelming tidal wave of Asian immigrants as well as those from Central America is even beginning to outnumber the Negroes who were born here. This brings on social revolution, altering everything from the way that History is viewed to education, culture, and politics. In California today white students in the big cities are a minority in the public schools. The same thing is happening in the big cities of the east, north, and south. This migration does not desire to learn the English Language, and they form their own cities within the cities of this western world. Thus History of one generation is now not taught to the next.

What is happening is a disaster not only because it destroys social inheritance, but it also leads to much unrest and violence in our land. The only good we might see in this situation would be that these aliens are learning things which can be taken back to their own land, to teach their people as they join in this reverse migration back to their place when each 'lives (as scripture suggests) under their own fig tree.' Since the Almighty divided the earth, according to the number of the Children of Israel.

In South Africa today we are seeing this same bashing of the white race, as the press were so preoccupied with Mr. Mandela's release from prison, and since then his drive to take over that nation altho he does not control even the great part of the black population. They seem unable to call attention to the Blessings which the white man has brought to the black races. How they have been shown how to improve their standard of living, and join the world of this century. On their own the black man did not invent, or discover the use of the wheel, or even a button for fastening clothes. Today a small portion of the blacks have a University education, and speak excellent English, but their numbers are few. They have in a short time learned much in the material sense, but the fine points of law, religion, education, medicine, or government are not as yet understood by the vast majority of South African Blacks.

History tells us that this sustaining of a multi-racial society is very will not last. What then is the Answer?? Today we believe that we must face the fact that 'Race' is a Biblical subject, it is not an accident, it is of Divine Origin. And because this is God's doing there must be a purpose in it. Modern theologians who teach that all men are brothers in a physical as well as a spiritual sense must presume to tell THE ALMIGHTY that he was wrong to bring into being all these different racial types.

According to Scripture...Deuteronomy 32:8., 'When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the Children of Israel. (King James Version). Verse 9:...'For the LORD'S portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance.' Then according to Ferrar Fenton version:...'Ask your elders and they will relate how the HIGHEST allotted the races, when he divided the sons of man, and fixed the bounds of the nations, with a place for Israel's sons.' Thus racial bounds are of Divine would you define it otherwise?

The New Testament then carries the same message as the Apostle Paul moved out to Lost Israel to carry the story of Destiny to Lost Israel. (Acts 17:26...King James Version) 'And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.' The Ferrar Fenton Version then corrects this translation as it records:...'HE made by ONE every race of men to dwell upon the whole face of the earth.' Then going to the Companion Bible, in the notes we find that the word BLOOD was not in the original as it is translated in the King James Version. Thus the Apostle Paul was not saying that all races are the same as you may have been told. In the King James Version this word BLOOD refers to the dust from which all created beings are formed. Even the body of Adam was formed from the dust or elements of the earth, and going further then all races received a Divine Spark to preserve their own identity, 'each after it's own kind', and they need a national homeland to safeguard their identity. Adam's race is no different in that respect, however here today we see that All Israel lands of Western Civilization are trying to reverse this Master Plan for Global salvation, through mass immigration and importation of false religions...which is totally against the WILL OF GOD.

Oh! you say, but Israel people were commanded to receive genuine refugees as their own. Leviticus 19:33-34. However there was a very.... specific instruction for this situation. The refugees were to accept the laws, religion, and way of life peculiar to God's servant people. For they would turn to the House of Jacob for instructions as to how to reach this Great God of the Heavens.

Racial Identity is thus crucial to establish once more God's Order. His people must turn back to their Scripture with a willingness to learn, not to destroy...the content of God's promises to His people before the foundation of the world. You thus see the emptiness of modern theology when you find the facts and they fit into this Glorious Mosaic...the picture of Time and History of our Race and our Faith. You have been instructed to turn back to your Elders, your ancestors to find this answer, and we have found that even in the days of George Washington that men knew many of these Identity points of Light thus do not let the enemy destroy your memory and history of our Great Statesmen of the past.

After All:...'Unto you it is given to know the mystery of (the Gospel of) the kingdom, unto them (the world order) it is not given.'