ERM - Tape 116 - The Emerging Kingdom


TAPE NO. 116......By Ella Rose Mast




As we look for the story of this Emerging Kingdom we must look for the Nations of this Kingdom, the people of this Kingdom who are vital and real in this world which we live in. We must also establish the Creator of this Kingdom, the King of this Kingdom, who throughout the Scripture has pointed out His role, and the role of His peculiar people, called the SHEEP OF HIS PASTURE.

When thinking of the many facets of this story we recall of course the understanding of Scripture as recorded for us by the Swift Ministry. In the Gospel of Matthew (24) we find Jesus talking to His Disciples, and as they talked He listed the events which were to bring to conclusion in time this great program HE has outlined for this earth. As Jesus outlined these events, He spoke of wars and rumors of wars, then was to come...what is listed as 'The Time of Sorrows', which we understand to mean Birth Pangs, of what? Emerging Kingdom...listed as tho born small as a child, but which was to grow and grow until it fills the whole earth. This is a vital part of the program of the Restitution of all things, which the Scripture outlines as to the purpose of the Great God of the Universe. This being such a big subject Dr. Swift reminded us that he had studied for years, but never grew tired of thinking, of meditating on these things as he looked for the answers and became deeper and deeper involved in this study. He then informs us that he never came to an end of things revealed, and reminds us that YAHWEH has never had a beginning which some people find hard to comprehend. The wonderful thing is that everything YAHWEH worked at, He then brought forward. He never set up an idea that He did not finish. We then can look into the tomorrows and try to catch this infinite pattern, and see things not understood before. This is a continuing process as we learn and grow in knowledge which HE reveals to us.

The Apostle Paul talks about how we...His people..existed in the 'Bosom of the Love...before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 1:2-5.

Let us get this straight...the people of HIS Kingdom are begotten of HIM, thus this Spirit in you is of Divinity. When born of incorruptible seed, which cannot be destroyed, how else could you describe His people?

This phrase..'In the bosom of the father' to be understood as 'In the Presence of YAHWEH'...John 1:18. 'Enveloped in the Glory of God, or in the LIGHT of God, thus already blessed. The word 'Aura' is thus connected with the Hebrew word which translates as 'Shekinah'. It is rather a significant thing that the Adamites were given a spirit which is of HIS Spirit. This is a LIGHT wave-length of HIS LIGHT, and when He says:.....'His children...elect before the foundation of the world', then one of the things to remember is that we are Pre-destined to be changed from Glory to Glory...or LIGHT to Light until conforming to HIS own image, until we are enveloped in Glory comparable to His own radiance. This my friends includes then...Immortality, Power, and all those wonderful facets of this great program of Almighty God.

Since HIS children are 'spirit of His spirit there is then no limit as to what your mind can contain. HE promised to bring all knowledge (truth) to our remembrance. Just think...if you knew everything He knows just up to date, that has already happened, your mind would not be able to comprehend. Having been begotten of incorruptible seed then the Light or Spirit bodies of His children are made with a 'Light Intelligence', a brain capable of thinking HIS thoughts which are absolutely perfect, and cannot be wrong.

Since our resident personality, in fact the very life entity is breathed out of the ego center pulsations of God, then creative form, and pulsations from the info-red to ultra violet is an expansion, a compression cycle in the process as the synthesis of your Light body takes place. Out of the soul embryo the soul thus emerges, and the consciousness is then resident in this soul perspective within a Celestial being. It can then only operate as an entity with a perfect line of thought, observing, worshiping, thinking, and moving with the Father, incapable of thinking outside of this field. An Angel might have an area of difference because he was not the offspring of God, instead only a servant minion of God, but the Children of YAHWEH (God) were with HIM before the foundation of the world. In this situation they were breathing, pulsing with HIM in the Universe in this secret pattern of motion which is LIGHT Pulsation which we find hard to explain, or understand. A great Physicist might describe this as the waves of the Spectrum ends that holds its existence in the LIGHT of YAHWEH.

There is this constant emerging force of the Synthesizing of HIS sons and cosmic conception which produces the children of the Father. Therefore WE existed with HIM, and when we came to earth embodied in flesh, we came into the Physical world into bodies...begotten of HIMSELF in HIS Physical form, by an entrance through the Adamic Race.

You are to remember that YAHWEH has always been spirit, soul, and body. He synthesized a physical Universe out of the energies, and the first thing which had to exist in the form of anything HE synthesized was HIS embodiment...IN THAT REALM. This is the reason why the Scripture stresses that the body of YAHWEH is the first formed of any creature, or creation which HE forms.

Out of the Ancient Mysteries of Enoch's time, as YAHWEH was talking to Enoch after taking him into the heavens into HIS Presence, YAHWEH said:... 'It was necessary that I bring you here in the body lest I speak to you in a vision, and you find it hard in the physical body to delineate as to... was it a dream or a vision.' As you know, one can come from pickles and corn, and the other from inspiration and vision. The church is often troubled with...pickle visions which gets them into lots of trouble. In this instance YAHWEH spoke to Enoch saying:...'I brought you here in your body, right through the planes and dimensions, in order that you will know by using your ears, eyes, nose and mouth...that you are My offspring. I want you to go back and tell my children...those who are now children of men who are My offspring...tell them certain things.' Enoch then returned to earth and declared the words he had received in the heavens. He outlined for them what today we call the 'Star Bible', he established the look out points of earth to watch for certain signs which would foretell the coming of their Savior. He set in place what is now known as the Golden Age of his time, as the earth was shown the Glory when Children of Light were in charge.

Enoch was told in the heavens, and the Apostle Paul would remind us of the same thing...that since the Children of God existed with YAHWEH in the planes of Spirit...with all their kinsmen, then...'In HIM are all the family, both in the heavens and in the named.' Ephesians 3:15. HIS family are so marked for the building of His Kingdom, thus they remain the only people who can be guided by the Spirit of YAHWEH. In the hours of the Great Restoration or Restitution of all things which YAHWEH has bestowed upon Israel, He has ordained that His children will raise up those standards before the world. We are to stand before the patterns of Darkness and the evil of the Luciferian mind, and proclaim the LIGHT.

In the Scriptures this Emerging Kingdom is pictured as...'a stone cut out of a great mountain (power) without hands.' Daniel 2:34-35. At the time when YAHSHUA walked and talked with His Disciples in old Judea, this Kingdom had been established in view of the World Order at Mount Sinai. At that time YAHSHUA had stayed with His people for 40 years as they were in their wilderness wanderings being prepared to be able to take back old Palestine where Jerusalem and Bethlehem would be located. When studying history we find that in the Ancient times the Adamic people had built and lived in Orusalem, but as the Savants went into Egypt to build great symbols of their race and faith, there came Cainanites from the hills, into this beautiful and peaceful city and killed the remaining Adamic people who remained. Thus YAHWEH WAS BRINGING His people back to their land which had also been promised later to Abraham.

As the Kingdom now developed in this old land, the Hebrew people former Aryan or Adamic people now called Israelites had no king for their kingdom but YAHWEH, whereas the Nations around them had their kings. Finally the Israelites would grow restless and they talked of a king for their kingdom. YAHWEH warned them of the consequences of Kingship, and then permitted them an earthly king, chosen to rule over Israel. For a few years this Emerging Kingdom of Israel was a shinning example for the world. Finally they were allowed to build the great Temple, and the Shekinah Glory shown from the Holy of Holies. The Children of Darkness finally succeeded in moving into the kingdom and from on the inside they began to try to put out the LIGHT. Always the focus of their attention was on the Faith of these children of the Kingdom.

YAHWEH had warned His people that they would lose His protection in the areas in which they disobeyed. He warned that is strangers came in, these so called merchants of Scripture, then His people would find that they only came in to establish areas of darkness, and finally the Light would go out.

In the days when YAHWEH had bestowed the law to Israel, the Scripture says He came with 10,00 of His Saints, thus Israel had known the 'Shekinah Glory of YAHWEH'. They had known the Light which shown down on their encampment was from HIM. This was the tradition which was handed down from generation to generation as fathers passed on this wondrous story to their children. They knew what YAHWEH was talking about as He gave this warning, as to what would happen to Jerusalem as they allowed these Children of Darkness to come into their society.

Ezekiel the Prophet also talked about this Shekinah Glory of YAHWEH AS A GREAT LIGHT, which came to the Temple, and then he tells of how this Glory of YAHWEH was lifted, and was no longer on the Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies. Ezekiel then speaking for YAHWEH makes it very clear as to the reason for the Lifting of the Shekinah Glory...'because of what the Children of the Kingdom had allowed to happen.' We read that:..'The glory of the GOD departed from the House of Israel, the Cherubims lifted their wings and went away from the earth with their wheels and their chariots.' Thus with the Hosts of the MOST HIGH went the Glory of God from..this Kingdom of our race. Ezekiel 10.

Later in the days when YAHWEH-YAHSHUA walked the earth, and was instructing the Disciples as to what was yet to happen to the Kingdom, he also instructed them as to the true enemy of the Kingdom, however the Kingdom would not come back to the gaze of the World Order at that time, when HE came to Redeem His children.

Jeremiah tells the story of Israel as 'scattered sheep'. The King of Babylon would finally break down the throne of Old Jerusalem, yet YAHWEH said:...'as the God of Israel that He would punish these kings who brought down the Emerging Kingdom.' He said that He would bring Israel into their final habitation, and at that time...'The iniquity of the House of Israel would be sought for, but not found. The sins of the House of Judah will no longer be found for I will pardon them whom I have received...I am their Savior, I have redeemed them.' This was the message as He came as Messiah...'I have redeemed My people Israel'. He made a new covenant with the House of Israel, and the House of Judah...after those days, and this is the Covenant that is now in force.

Nebuchadnezzar, you will remember, also had a great experience for his part in the destruction of Israel. He had a vision (Daniel 4:13-17) of a tree which grew, until its height reached into the heavens, and the sight thereof was to the ends of the earth, and the leaves were fair, and the fruit of the tree was great, and its meat was for all. In this symbolism is again the identification of this Kingdom, and its people, and purpose in the earth. This is the 'Tree of Life' stretching from heaven to earth, and we are told that anyone trying to hinder its development will in time be removed.

Isaiah the Prophet (62) tells us that when HE comes in His Glory to take charge of His Kingdom that He will establish Israel before HIM forever. 'He shall be a triumphant King and shall rule and reign forever.'

'The nations shall see My brightness, and Salvation shall go forth as a lamp which burns. Nations shall see My brightness and Kings shall see My Glory, and they (Israel) shall be called by a new name, for they are the children of YAHWEH, they are the House of Israel, and the mouth of YAHWEH shall name them thus, and they shall be a crown in the hands of YAHWEH...who the Apostle Paul tells us is YAHSHUA....the man of Galilee...Jesus The Christ...King of Kings and LORD of LORDS.

As Jesus talked about this Emerging Kingdom, and spoke of the attacks yet to come against us, we understand that the Kingdom was not to be reestablished in the old land of Judea, No..HE had been developing a new Land far from old Judea, had already many, many years before planted the Myrtle trees to mark it. Isaiah 55:13.

Oh! as He comes His feet may touch the Mount of Olives, and split that old land when judgment on the Abomination of the Desolator takes place, but He had prepared a new land for His New Jerusalem.

In 1854 L.D. Baldwin published his book..'The existence of the U.S. foretold in the Bible.' He also titled it Armageddon, but the emphasis was on the former. Although not one we would term an Identity author as such, still he in his style agreed that America was the country as far west as Jerusalem could be moved, thus the U.S. would certainly play a great part in this Emerging Kingdom. In his way at looking at events he found that the Woman-Israel and her seed represented true religion and government, while the Serpent and his seed represented false religion and government. According to the DEAD SEA SCROLLS this battle between the two is described as 'The battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness. And we find today that this battle between the children of the Kingdom of Light, and the children of the Kingdom of Darkness still rages, continuing as it has since the beginning of the Adamic Race.

We remember that as the Children came out of Egyptian bondage that they crossed the Red Sea. The Exodus to America saw them crossing the Sea. On they came seeking the land beyond their old land of Palestine which was promised while David stood in old Jerusalem. They had sung their songs, and shouted, and rang the bells as they came out of Egypt, whereas after the long migration to the new land, when settled they celebrated once more by establishing a Thanksgiving Day.

As the Israelites came out of Egypt they chose YAHWEH as their only king, and in 1776 the people of the United States did the same as they set their government in place. The Commonwealth of Israel was composed of both Church and State, in the United States as the government was formed it reflected the same drawing together of a people under the Banner of their God. Israel of old entered the Wilderness under the leadership of their God, they entered Canaan land prepared to conquer by discipline and leadership. Here in America they now would move to establish a Great Republic.

Here today in 1991 the claim that the geographical position of Palestine contains the ultimate capital of the world cannot be substantiated. Even in 1854 as Mr. Baldwin was writing, this claim was also disputed using Biblical documentation, even though it was advocated by many learned men. But 'Great Men' are not always wise, and 'learned men' when they err then err egregiously, as Mr. Baldwin tells us.

As you look for this Emerging Kingdom then we think that the Administration center of the nations of this Kingdom should be located as to have easy access for all its nation. It should be higher than other portions of the Globe according to Mr. Baldwin and others. Thus it is absurd to think of old Palestine as the Agriculture center of the World. How could the Vale of Jehoshaphat compare to the valley of the Mississippi? A Commercial head of this Emerging Kingdom should be a country of not only great Agriculture lands, but mineral wealth as well as find harbors, many of them which should be accessible on all sides. None of these things are to be found in Palestine. Also this old land cannot be the Commercial center of the great nations of the Kingdom, and eventually of the world for it has no natural facilities for such a role. Old Palestine cannot compete with Europe or America as the Intellectual center of the world. The Jews today have not shown themselves to be a race of native geniuses. No...thus the white man will continue to dominate since those living in Israeli today cannot, and never have been able to support themselves. They depend on the continuous financial help from the Christian nations.

To find this Emerging Kingdom, we would look for the complete Restoration of Israel to require that all tribes be recognized as to their descendants...not just the two tribes of the House of Judah, but all tribes of the descendants of Ancient Israel will be found. The Ten Tribes of the House of Israel did not vanish into thin air as some would have you to think today. They are alive and active, and very much in their predicted place in our world today. We would also look for a representation of all 13 tribes, and we would look for them under the banner of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle here in our United States.

We know that the New Testament is the great Expositor (one who explains) the Old, but it also never says that the enemy of the Kingdom is promised Nationality in Palestine in the Latter Days. This is spoken of only in Judgment, thus the promise to Abraham can only be fulfilled in those to whom the Promise was made. 'These are not the children of God...but the Children of Promise are counted for the Seed.' Romans 9:7-9.

According to the thinking of many of our authors, during the Millennium the different races will return to their own lands, for in the days when God divided to the nations their inheritance the different boundaries were set. All the great features predicted for a Restored Kingdom is...possessed by these United States. Specific descriptions of this Restoration are given by the Prophets Ezekiel and Isaiah, and now comes into this picture the understanding of symbols so as to continue the story. Any land surrounded by water received the symbol of 'The Isles', thus America fits this picture as well. Anciently the term 'The Isles' applied to Europe and all countries west of Asia Minor. Those were countries supposed to exist in the Atlantic west of Gibraltar as well, and they were termed 'Isles' by both Plato and Diodorus Siculus. The Phrase:..'The waiting of the Isles for God'..implied the delay in receiving this migrating people of the Kingdom, or of the Gospel, or both.

Ezekiel the Prophet tells us that (38) 'In the latter years as Israel is restored...regathered then this will predict the nationality of the children of the Kingdom who are now Christian, or followers of The CHRIST,...gathered out of various countries, coming into a country..'Always waste'...or a country not thickly populated. America answered to such a description of a country, and also answered to the 'gathered' nationality of the tribes of Israel. The promise is that ONCE RESTORED THIS KINGDOM OF ISRAEL SHALL NEVER FALL AGAIN. Isaiah 33 and 44)

They shall bring their sons in their arms, and their daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders. 'But they shall fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines toward the WEST'. Isaiah 11:14. Philisstia was west of Palestine, thus Palestine was not the country to be restored. However 'The Philistines' was a figure of speech signifying the enemies of YAHWEH.

'Ye shall inherit the land according to the 12 tribes of Israel, and Joseph shall have two portions'. Ezekiel 47. Joseph you will remember had two portions in Ancient Israel, thus you would expect 13 tribes to be recognized in the rise of the Kingdom of Christian Israel. In the 48th., chapter of Ezekiel it is said that these divisions of Israel shall be side by side on the Great Sea, with the limits extending from the east side to the west. The United States then arose in 13 colonies whose limits according to old charters and languages extended westward..'from sea to sea'. Is this not more evidence that our country was intended by the prophet. 'Kings shall be thy nursing fathers and Queens thy nursing mothers.' Isaiah 49. Since nursing applies to attention in infancy of the Restoration. Because of the names of our rivers, counties, towns, cities, and even states the memory of fathers and mothers will remain. In the Last Days...the Mountain (nation) of the LORD'S HOUSE shall be established in the top of the mountains (nations), and all nations shall flow into it. Many people shall go and say:..Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain (nation) of the LORD, to the House of God of Jacob.' In viewing the globe...most of the whole earth is literally obliged to come UP to the U.S.A.

In this Emerging Kingdom the Inheritance is first to the sojourners (Colonizers) then to those who raise families of native born children, and then to the children themselves. Ezekiel 47:21-23. In otherwords this inheritance is to those of the Race, to those who came first and raised children, and then on down the line, for this is an inheritance to a race.

You will also remember that The Christ told His Disciples that the rising of this Kingdom was to be a MYSTERY. Daniel tells us that its history in prophecy would be concealed until just before the final battle of the Kings; and the blindness on this subject has resulted because of an order from God. This concealment of the country as Israel restored was a prudent measure with reference both to our past and to our future, resulting in less persecution from the enemy of the Kingdom.

According to the author Baldwin,...Ezekiel is giving a description of Christianity in all its progress and triumphs after the rise of the Israel of Christ to Nationality. We would say this is the description of the Emerging Kingdom in the new land far from old Palestine. This would be the regathering of the representation of the tribes, each having a share of the Kingdom as they did in the beginning. Ezekiel embraces all that Daniel does beginning with the rise of 'The Stone Kingdom', and all that John does beginning with the kingdom which springs from the 'Woman in the Wilderness'. Revelation 12. Each describe the same events, and must agree in these same subjects. Both John and Daniel predict the Universality of the Kingdom of The Christ, and Ezekiel does the same. The Holy City of Ezekiel, his trees of Life, and rivers of the Water of Life also coincide with the New Jerusalem, the River and Tree of Life given by John.

Ezekiel goes on in chapter 48 to describe the rise of the Kingdom of Israel, and the divisions of this promised land which extends from the east to the west, there shall be a sea on the east and a great sea on the west. There is to be an inheritance here also for Strangers, and they shall be as born in the country among the children of Israel, and have an inheritance with you. These strangers are however of Israel who are from the different tribes, other than the Anglo-Saxons.

As this 'Stone Kingdom' rolled westward it was thus moved by the great power which brought it forth. All enemies who came against it were in time left behind so as to give it growing room. As the Printing Press's began to roll, reams of paper were used to try to explain what seemed to be happening as this Emerging Kingdom moved on its path of Destiny. This Stone Kingdom was being established by the God of Jacob, and America seems to have been kept from the gaze of the World Order until an intelligent people were ready to occupy, and then to build a Government that declared YAHWEH as YAHSHUA as its King. The Acts of the American Congress at first the Name of God, and they pledged themselves to God and Country.

In Prophecy this Stone Kingdom was to spread out...and eventually over the whole earth. It is to break in pieces and consume all the other Kingdoms of earth, and TO STAND FOREVER. Yes, it will be rejected by some, but this Restored Kingdom of now Christian Israel can be claimed by all but those of dull minds.

'The Saints shall take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom forever and forever.'

The Saints....who are these people? 'For in HIM we live and move, and have our being; as certain of your poets have said, for we are also His offspring. Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device.' This is spoken by the Apostle Paul, Acts 17:28-29 and taken from the King James Bible. Then turn to the Ferrah Fenton Bible and read that interpretation beginning with the 26th., verse:..'Because HE made by one every race of men to dwell upon the whole face of the earth, having provided proper methods and guides for their research in seeking God...if only they would feel for and find HIM...and yet HE is certainly not far from every one of us; for FROM HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE, AND EXIST: AS ALSO SOME OF YOUR OWN POETS (Plato for one) HAVE SAID, THAT WE ORIGINATE FROM HIM.' ....We ORIGINATE from Him. The Apostle Paul was talking to Lost Israelites, as he said:..'WE ARE HIS OFFSPRING' The time must then come when the Children of the Kingdom take the Kingdoms of this world as well, and open the Administration of the Glorious Kingdom rule of earth. Under this Kingdom rule with YAHSHUA AS KING, and His offspring ruling with HIM then David's Greater Son will remove from His Kingdom all things that offend and all those who do iniquity.

Yes, we realize that those who believe that all people came from Adam will not be able to see this fact that there are OFFSPRING, of God who will rule with HIM. But if you cannot understand that all people did not come from Adam...that there were people on this earth thousands of years before Adam, then of course this message does not penetrate. However with study you cannot come to any other conclusion, for it is amply pointed out in the Scripture, in symbolism, in the study of Archaeology and many other ways. However as the King of the Kingdom manages this situation, it is like Gold tried in the fire...all dross rises to the top and will be seen and removed. Here in the year of 1991., we have seen so much iniquity exposed, but there is so much more cleansing to be done.

Daniel tells us about Michael the Great Archangel who stood up for the Children in the Heavenly Kingdom, who will once more stand, this time in earth for the people of this Great Stone Kingdom. These United States being the last great nation of HIS Kingdom will ultimately stand for the cause of a Christian Republic throughout the world, for its tendencies to this end are inevitable. Both The Christ and Daniel referred to the great distress for the people of the Kingdom in this end time, yet YAHWEH as YAHSHUA is the HOPE OF HIS people.

In Her blindness America has been ill prepared to resist the invader, we are still very careless about them. To believe in Prophetic warnings today is considered old fashioned. To preach all the truth of Scripture conned into putting those who do not believe in our God, in positions of Influence in our nation. Putting them not only in our Government, but also all through our society where they can have the most influence on our Faith and the teaching of our children.

Almost all the prophecies of Scripture for these Latter Days, whether political or Spiritual close with an account of the Messiah's Kingdom....this Gospel of the Kingdom which He preached as He walked here in earth. Matthew 4:23. This then is an Emerging Kingdom and the story of..'The Son of Man'....The Stone Kingdom and others all point to this time which finally comes when This Emerging Kingdom will be seen by...THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD. Then the blindness will fall from our people, yet YAHSHUA will send forth His Angels to gather out of His Kingdom all things which have no place in that Kingdom, and the program of Administration can be revealed.

Many have grown weary waiting for the promises, altho the Scripture has warned that considerable time must pass until the 'indignation' or time of the end of such things has been reached. The words of Daniel were that those prophecies were 'closed up', or sealed until a certain time, yet the wise were to understand. Always YAHSHUA has those who are allowed to have a bit of understanding as to His plans, thus keeping some of His people informed as to what He is doing, in His program for this earth.

This Stone Kingdom proclaimed in the Old Testament was to arise, and fill only a part of the earth at the first. This was the scene in America...away from the Monarchies of Europe, and the Imperial Church, so that the true church could develop and still be in place as the Seventh Angel begins to sound. As this comes to pass we are told that the MYSTERY OF GOD...this development of National Israel which has been concealed from the World Order will be understood.

As the Disciples asked about this restoring of the Kingdom, we see that they remembered that Israel had once brought forth this Kingdom, and they were looking for that Restoration. But as YAHSHUA told them they were not to know the 'time or the seasons', He was reminding them that much would be required for them to pass through before that time would come, and it would not be in their life time.

Never forget in your impatience, as you try to understand this Mystery that even this time period of the sounding of the Seventh Angel would take a long time, for there were also 7 vials of wrath to be poured out on the earth at this time, and the Dragon has to be chained. However the Spotless Lamb...symbolized the rise of a Great Christian oriented civilization with The Christ as its only King. The Company with the Lamb must represent the Administration of the Kingdom with the Lamb as the King. Perhaps the 144,000, the 12,000, this true Church, true Faith has wandered in the wilderness of the World Order, pursued by the Dragon (Satan) and his Angels, has conquered and finally will stand free of persecution. This is the panorama of the Vision of the Prophets which is eagerly awaited by the alert Children of the Kingdom.

We stand today almost through the year of 1991, as our Father brings forward HIS Emerging Kingdom, and we rely on the promises, as we hang on to our Faith and expect Him to deliver.

Dr. Swift reminded us that America should have a guilt complex, for America has not upheld the Name of YAHSHUA, our Savior long enough, or high enough. America has not proclaimed that YAHWEH is YAHSHUA-Savior, Jesus The Christ if you prefer. America has not advocated the unbroken alliance with this Stone Kingdom. If America would do this...Loud and Clear then England would follow suit, and Scandinavia would join in and the whole of Redeemed Israel would follow America's leadership, and the solution to the world's problems would be settled over night.

You say:...the world will not like it,...that doesn't matter for every knee is going to bow, and every tongue proclaim that YAHWEH is YAHSHUA.... The Christ. The World Order will know that we are a part of this Emerging Kingdom, and at that time the World Order will be able to understand....'This Gospel of the Kingdom' which we have been preaching, but before that we also think that there are more developments which must take place. We have not as yet seen the Dragon (Satan) chained (confined), and that we are looking forward to. We believe we must see those against our Savior exposed as to their part in this Great Drama, and the blindness of Israel must be removed so that Israel herself will see this fact. Until then the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' will remain hidden to many, yet, it will be preached and the whole world will finally understand, this the Scripture tells us will happen.


Until next time may YAHWEH Bless.