ERM - Tape 117 - Gospel Of The Kingdom From The Swift Ministry



Tape No. 117  -  By Ella Rose Mast



From the Swift Ministry


We find that it is seldom spoken of in the world today, yet there is a 'GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM'. We believe that the problems of the world today, and the situations that we face are more easily understood if you have the key to understanding, which is this Gospel that Jesus went throughout Galilee preaching, (Matthew 4:23) and teaching. We find that Jesus taught His disciples that a sign for the ending of this age was the witnessing unto the Nations of Israel, as to this Gospel of the Kingdom. (Matthew 24:14) Thus this Gospel had a meaning for the end of that age, as well as for the end of this age which hopefully we are experiencing. We know that those who are of the Adamic Race were to be His Witnesses, for He said:.. 'Ye are my witnesses, and my servants whom I have chosen; that ye may know, and believe me, and understand that I AM HE; before Me there is nothing formed of God (spirit), neither shall there be after me. I Even I am YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA, and beside Me there is no Savior. I have declared all these situations that shall come to pass on the face of the earth.' (Isaiah 43:10)

If you will turn to your Strong's Concordance you will find much about this 'Gospel of the Kingdom', and you will find that this was what Jesus was talking about much of the time. He said very little about Salvation because He said:..He came to save His people from their sins, and through them the whole world in the fullness of time. Therefore He was not worrying about the salvation of His people or even the world, instead He was teaching THE PLAN OF ALMIGHTY GOD FOR HIS PEOPLE AND FOR THE WORLD.

There is little question of the fact that the children who have a bit of understanding of this 'GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM' have information from YAHSHUA Himself. There is probably nothing more important for you, and I to understand than to realize that we are to think, and to know, and to activate the thoughts of God in a physical world. You then will realize that Communication is the most important thing in the realm of the great operation of God's Kingdom. From the day when the Adamic race was placed in this earth until this hour, communication has been a most important thing, and here we are speaking of the communication with our Father...who taught us to pray:.....'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven' With this in mind we then ask this question:...Just what is this 'Gospel of the Kingdom' which Jesus went everywhere preaching? What does this 'Gospel' consist of?

Over the years this Gospel has had many interpretations, for we have had many denominational approaches to it. We have been told that it is the 'Gospel of Good News'. We are often told that this Gospel is the message which has been given to all the people of the world by the vehicle called ...The Church. This message makes no distinction between people of the world as to who they are or where they came from, or what their abilities are. In fact in most of the churches of today they do not know anything about the differences in the people of the world today, nor in the differences of backgrounds or origins, or in their capacity to respond to the Creator of the Universe. They seem to believe that the differences in the races stems from their background of conduct, or their disobedience, or obedience to the things that God has ordained since the days of Adam. Under this teaching then it is almost impossible for people to understand..this 'Gospel of the Kingdom' which YAHSHUA (Jesus) preached. The reason for their blindness to this 'Gospel' is because they do not approach the subject with a foundation of understanding which is essential for the development of this truth. Under this process of blindness they have the utterly fantastic idea that the whole purpose of God was just dealing with one planet somewhere in His Universe where so many different species of people were visible..but all related..and somehow through some strange development of curses, they became changed in color, in appearance and even changed in their capacity to respond to the Almighty God. Then they proceed with the theory that somehow SALVATION is just to bring them back to the origin from whence they came, and to produce for them a route to get somewhere into heaven. Thus when we talk about this 'Gospel of the Kingdom', it is not the Gospel that many today declare it to be.

With that in mind then what does this 'Gospel of the Kingdom' consist of?

We find that this GOSPEL is a positive plan and the program of the Almighty God to bring this part of His Universe back into its rightful place in the orbit of His Universe, and also to remove from it the results of this rebellion which began so long ago in THE HEAVENS. This Gospel then, we would say, is OUR FATHER'S purposes and plans for HIS UNIVERSE, and within that plan is the part His Family is to play. Your Bible carries this story of His plan and purposes, and the story of His Household..the Adamic Race..HIS Israel..a twice born people who had their beginning in the Spirit. Revelations 12:1-3. Then on earth the Adamic people began with Adam who was the son of God. Luke 3:31.

Yes, the Gospel that Jesus preached tells of SALVATION, the free gift from YAHSHUA (Jesus) our Redeemer who bought the field (world) to take out of it a treasure (His people). Matthew 13:37-50. For the field is the world; the good seed are the children of the Kingdom, and you as these children of the Kingdom are to understand this because of your spiritual connection with your father. And...'It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, unto THEM it is not given. Matthew 13:11.

Through the Redemption by YAHSHUA, came the grafting back of the wild olive branches onto their own Olive tree, and this would be the positioning once more as sons and daughters. Romans chapters 8 and 11.

Also in this 'Gospel of the Kingdom', and in fact the content of this Bible is not a story of the process to get the people of all races into Heaven, that is not the design of the Bible. The 'Gospel of the Kingdom' is not to get many people of earth into heaven where they would be strangers. Those whose Spirit never came out of heaven are not being prepared to be taken there. That is not the SALVATION waiting for them, also it is not the major objective of God to preach a Gospel advocating the getting back into heaven, of His own children, His Household. If the major objective of YAHWEH -YAHSHUA in sending His household into the world to accomplish His own purposes...was just to GET THEM BACK..He would not have sent them in the first place, it would not have been necessary. Since the spirit of the children of God were with Him before the world was framed, and since they were blessed with ALL SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS IN HEAVENLY PLACES before the world was framed, then there was no design on the part of your Heavenly Father to gamble with the possibility of sending you out into strange and far off environments, and then just maybe getting you back again. In that case He would have to devote his entire attention and time to the redeeming of His own people and bringing them back into His own presence. I think it is most significant and important that we understand that there is nothing in the program of God's Kingdom or anything He purposed to do that is left to chance. There is no development that shall take place in history, or... in the future that is unknown to the mind of the Father, and does not have the conditions poured into the environment in which you live, to bring about the eventual impact and the final results. Thus we deal with a definite and a positive plan and program, and it is outlined in the Scriptures. This 'Gospel of the Kingdom' is something that God Almighty has ordained to accomplish, from the beginning, and something He is bringing back to your remembrance.

When we say that the most important thing for you and the true Adamic race is COMMUNICATION..we mean that this is communication with Our Father and by this route we can understand the thoughts of God, the mind of god, and the purposes and plan of God. The Bible thus when understood contains within it a continued source of guidance, advice, direction and assistance from the complete Omniscient Mind of our Father, and is the Most important thing which you can possess.

In your Bible, in these books contained therein, is the record of the experiences of men of our race in the earth, and much of this experience is in the realm of contact between them and our Father, who communicated with them as He unveiled for them, or inspired them to record for future generations things that HE wanted them to perform. Thus it becomes the most important factor for our race..the Adamic race..the Seed of Promise, to accomplish the objective of 'The Kingdom of God in earth'. This objective requires constant communication with Our Father, and we see here that it was for this reason, that God's purpose required the sending of His Household who had this Spiritual connection, this source of communication, into the physical world wherein they would then transfer these thoughts of the operation of God Almighty to a physical world. Thus as the Adamic Race was started in earth, there was not at that time any people on the face of the earth who had this capacity, this vision, necessary to transfer the thoughts of God to a physical world.

Now many will say, but this cannot be true! ...yet, it you will remember as the Ministry of YAHSHUA..Messiah..unfolded when God Incarnate in human form stood in Jerusalem speaking to the crowds of people, that there were many who understood what He was saying, but also, there were many thousands who heard Him but never understood Him and they Hated Him and everything that He stood for. Oh, they heard His words, but they drew nothing from those words and this was why YAHSHUA (Jesus) said:..'He that is of God heareth God's words'....'Ye therefore hear them not because Ye are not of God.' John 8:47.

Yes, there was an original violation of Divine Law, and that violation muted a portion of the senses of the Adamic people, as to their remembering things and a sense of their perception, and because of this it required the instance of God's own act on their behalf to make this communication again a part of their lives. We call this the Fall of the Adamic Race, and it is one of the reasons why restoration and redemption are a part of the 'Gospel of the Kingdom'. This is a restoration and a redemption of things which you once possessed, and that something which is to be restored is THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND, AND THE REGENERATION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS, AND THE SPIRIT. Unless you possessed these in the beginning there would be nothing to restore. Thus God's purpose is clear and from the Old Testament, through the New we find that YAHSHUA (Jesus) never preached another Gospel, He merely introduced the impact of God dwelling in a Human body, and declaring through human lips with all DIVINE POWER OF HIS EXISTENCE, His purpose in Earth. He did not in any way deviate or change His original declaration of His purposes in earth. Therefore when we turn through the history of the Old Testament, and come down through the New Testament we find it is God Himself, declaring and proclaiming His own Gospel...and this we call 'THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM'.

Since the whole purpose of the ministry of our God was to bring the earth back under the Administration of God's own Kingdom, then this 'Gospel of the Kingdom' is political, it is social, and it is spiritual with its impact, but it is also fundamental for the Administration of the Earth.

The whole theme which starts in Genesis and runs through the Book of Revelations is the Gospel that Jesus preached, and I will show you the significance of this if you will turn to Revelation 11:15., 'The Kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdoms of our LORD and His Christ, and He shall reign for ever and forever.' This is the passage where the Seventh Angel sounds out with his great victorious call. OUR LORD is YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA, Messiah, and we call Him Jesus, but Isaiah said:..'He is the ONE who is the Everlasting Father, and who is going to sit on the Throne of David for ever and forever. The word 'Christ' comes out of the Greek and means the embodiment of YAHWEH'S Spirit in the earth in human form to accomplish the Messianic purpose. Thus we want you of this with this spiritual connection to know that it is the Christ (spirit) in you, embodied in human form that is going to develop and bring in the purposes of God, namely His Kingdom, because this He has ordained.

Again when we talk about the Gospel that Jesus preached, there is within this Gospel the plans and scope, and the arms of the Kingdom which is to march and the forces of evil will be defeated, and the world delivered from following Lucifer. Then will come the rule as outlined in the Book of Revelation, and you..the true people of the Book will be Kings and Priests for you shall rule with YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA. There is no doubt of this for we are the Christed (spirit embodied) sons and daughters of YAHWEH in the world today, as HIS body, and that is why Peter said:..'You are all living substances simply framed together growing into a Holy Temple unto God.'

As we dig deeper into this subject of 'The Gospel of the Kingdom' we find that there is a definite outline of a people in earth, a TWICE BORN race of people. We find that this is the Adamic Race, the SEED OF THE PROMISE...through Isaac..this is the Aryan Race, those called God's Israel. As you study in the third chapter of John we find that this fact has been somewhat disguised, thus hiding from the eyes of our people this fact of a TWICE BORN race. The translation of Scripture has been changed to read in Verse 7., 'Ye must be born again', yet even if you will look in the margin of your King James Bible it will say..'Most assuredly I tell you, replied Jesus, That unless anyone is born from above he cannot see (understand) the Kingdom of God'. In more Ancient writings it is written: 'Ye must be born of the Spirit and the water', thus talking about the coming into earth of the Adamic Race.

In the Christian world of today there are many explanations of a theology called:..'Born Again'. The idea for this is taken from this third chapter of John which is now transposed in interpretation. We find in some places that it has something to do with the ritual of baptism after you have answered an 'altar call', and accepted Christ as your Savior. There are so many explanations of the scripture, and especially this chapter in John that we should turn then to the Scriptures and see what is being spoken of as we find Nicodemus talking to YAHSHUA the Messiah, who we call Jesus.

Nicodemus, remember, was a teacher in charge of a phase of theological instruction in Judea. He was an Israelite and having heard of the teachings of Jesus he wanted to interview Him. Being a wise man and knowing the situation in Jerusalem at this time, then Nicodemus came to Jesus at night. This was not cowardice on the part of Nicodemus, this was just using discretion. Here in Judea at this time many doctrines were being taught and argued over and Nicodemus being a Doctor of Theology thought that if he came in the daytime and interviewed Jesus then accepted His doctrine before others heard it that there might be some imputing of his right to teach. Thus for that reason then Nicodemus came to see Jesus at night, and one of the most important things that he asked Jesus was concerning how a man could enter into, and participate in, the Kingdom of Heaven.

As Nicodemus talked about entering into this Kingdom of Heaven he was not talking about the general area of the theological interpretation of today which generally divides the destination of men into either...Heaven or perdition which is termed Hell, then thinks that when a man is talking about entering the Kingdom of Heaven he is thinking of dying or going into the Celestial realms. But remember that Nicodemus was an Israelite, he knew that the Kingdom of Israel had been taken away from the Israelites by their enemies, and Nicodemus was looking for the reestablishment of this Kingdom of Israel. Why? Because, Jesus was going all around the area preaching and teaching this 'Gospel of the Kingdom'.

In any study of the scriptures there is always some repetition of the major theme, thus we say again:..that the great project of God Almighty is to establish HIS KINGDOM on earth as it is in Celestial Realms, and thus He sent His Celestial children to earth for that purpose as well as for their education. Jesus, remember, taught His disciples and through them how all Israel should pray..'Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven'. (Matthew 6:9-10) Therefore in the third chapter of John then Jesus was not talking about the ultimate destination of a man determined by his conduct, but rather as it relates to participation in the Kingdom...How shall I play a part, and active part, in this administration of the Kingdom? This was a question asked by Nicodemus, and Jesus answered:..'Ye must be born of the spirit and of the breaking of the water.' Born of the spirit in Celestial realms, and born of the breaking of the water by physical birth..natural birth on earth, thus making a twice born man or woman.

In the translation of the third chapter of the Gospel of John, you find these words of Jesus transposed, or turned around. This was done in Rome early in the Church age as the enemy moved in to change your Faith. Later the Protestants carried forward this later translation for a purpose..for the church, and thus your scripture now reads:...'Unless a man be born of the water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven'.. ..some of the translations even add the words ..BORN in verse 3., of the King James Version. But Jesus had said to Nicodemus, 'Ye must be born of the spirit, and of the water'..born from above and born on earth.. ..'Twice born'. You can go to any Lexicon and if you check the original words which were in the Aramaic, and then translated into Greek, then into English and you will find that this is the true translation of what Jesus said to Nicodemus. Yet today we have a whole area of theology built around the translation of several words, and we find that these words appear three or four different places in the scriptures because this was the way the translators translated these words. THIS WAS DONE ON PURPOSE..make no mistake about this, and you would understand better if you knew who helped with the translations.

Let us then explore more fully these words of Jesus as He talked to Nicodemus:..'Except a man be twice born, or born from above then born on earth, as the ISRAEL OF GOD, then he would not be able to perceive this Kingdom of Heaven.' Still Nicodemus did not understand and he asked:..'How can a man be born when he is old? How can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and then be born? Then once again Jesus emphasized to Nicodemus that only those...BORN OF THE SPIRIT, AND OF THE BREAKING OF WATER (thru natural birth) on earth can participate in the Kingdom. In verse 7., Jesus said:..'Marvel not at what I have said unto thee; that ye must be born from above'. Notice the margin translation and the meaning in your concordance, and then read verse 8.,..'The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it comes, and whither it goeth; so is everyone that is born of the Spirit.' it necessary that those who will participate in the administration of the Kingdom be 'Twice Born?' According to the scriptures, the Kingdom belongs to a Royal Family, the Kingdom belongs to a Divine Household, to the individual family of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. Then to identify this 'twice born' people of this family of God then we must start in the Book of Revelations in Chapter 12:1-3., as we see the signs and symbols of this family in the Heavens. Then to identify this ‘twice born’ people this family of God, we must start in the book of Revelation in chapter 12:1-3, as we see the signs and symbols of this family in the Heavens. Then to identify this family in earth, we start with the beginning of the Adamic race because the scripture tells us that Adam was the son of God. (Luke 3:31) The word in Hebrew is Bara---meaning to bring forth issue. And we find that YAHWEH (spirit) had begotten HIS Celestial children in the spirit in Celestial plains before they were born on earth into this physical world. To did deeper into this mystery of why the Adamic race was different from the other races of earth at the time of their coming to earth, we must find how this physical body of Adamic man as made so as to accommodate the coming of the Celestial children to live in a physical world. We must find out how this was accomplished so that as they lived in the physical world, they could accomplish this transferring of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth in the fullness of time.

This is the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ that Jesus preached. And since Jesus was the Salvation of HIS people, and thru them the Salvation of the whole world, then as HE walked the earth, then Jesus never said much about Salvation. In stead, HE preached the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom.’ Nicodemus, then knowing that the Kingdom of Israel at one time existed on earth, then he thought that there was more, much more to this teaching of Jesus than just the restoration of the visible Israel Kingdom. Thus as a teacher of theology, Nicodemus was searching for truth with which to grow.

Within this pattern, we talk about the fact that the physical things we touch, and everything that is tangible to you in your consciousness, in inhabiting this physical body, all of these are made of composite particles of energy and electricity. And all of which we now have a chemical analysis for. Today, we have the process of chemical analysis. And we are able thru this process to break down chemicals and minerals until we have the study of chemistry and physics. But we know that all the basic elements are organized groupings of electricity. We know that the hydrogen atom is one electron, and one proton, and electron, and a mentoid, and then also a hydrogen atom, some of which are not so stable because the amount of neutrons involved in the electrons moving around where the cement is not so strong. But we have these elements and they are units of electricity. After his trip out into the Celestial plains, the Apostle Paul wrote in his Epistle, ‘Things are not made from what they do appear.’ (Hebrews 11:3) thus the visible things of this world are made from invisible forces, or things. The Spiritual plain is the plain of light and life. The Apostle Paul also said in II Colossians, ‘I know that if this physical body---this tabernacle I dwell in, which is made out of electronics and is of invisible things, even tho I feel it and touch it, still it is made out of invisible things. But if this body if dissolved, then I have another dwelling place not made by hands, IN THE HEAVENS, (or in the plain of spirit.) For this one was begotten of God, and if it was not made by hands, then that explains the mystery. God begat HIS children, spirit of HIS Spirit, and their consciousness or thought patterns dwelt in the spiritual realm before they were born the second time into a physical body in earth. (Romans 8:16-17 and Galatians 3:3)

As we study this subject of a ‘twice born people,’ we want you to realize that no Asiatic was born in the heavens (spirit) and transplanted in the earth into a spiritual body. They started here in earth. When God made this sidereal system, the people we know as the Asiatics were HIS creation in the earth. They have a spirit which HE gave them when HE breathed life into them, but there is a difference in this creation and the Adamic man who was transplanted from the heavens (spirit) to earth. You--the Adamic race--are ELOHIM, for God said to you in the 82nd Psalm, ‘Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD.’ The plural for deity is ‘Elohim.’ Thus we are offspring, the plural deity, a multiple seed, like the sands of the sea shore and the stars of the heavens. There were more people than the Asiatics on the earth at the coming of the Adamic race into earth. But they were also a part of this story of the ‘breaking of Divine Law’ in the rebellion of Lucifer. Only the Adamic race carried the Holy Seed with which to repopulate the earth with the sons and the daughters of God enveloped with Light and Divine Glory.

At the beginning of the race of these ‘twice born’ people, in the Garden of Eden, then Adam and Ever were told not to intermingle with this ‘Race Tree’ that already knew both ‘good and evil.’ This Race Tree had already violated the Divine Law as Lucifer had carried forward this violation of mixing the races. Here in Eden, then Eve being deceived, violated the Divine Law and cohabited with the Luciferian fallen society. Then Adam violated the Divine Law and also fell because he did not want to be separated from Eve. Thus both lost their Light, or Aura. The loss of their Light decreased the speed of the electrons and the Adamic race thus became subject to disintegration , sickness and death. Prior to their fall, the velocity of those electrons were higher, and the wave of light gave them immunity. With the loss of this immunity, came death for the physical body and that process then passed on to our entire race. However, this did to disallow us the fact that we are still the children of God, the offspring of HIS Household, since YAHWEH came into the Garden to restore HIS children to their place in HIS program. The fact is that the Adamic race was synthesized first in the Celestial realm, and existed throughout the ages in that realm, born then of incorruptible seed which cannot be corrupted.

When men in areas of priest craft tried to create an area of a possible permeate torture for the spirit into which it would be subject throughout the ages, this was consigning the spirit of the children of God to a dimension into which the children of Spirit could never to. The reason for this is because the Spirit is not in the area of the violation of law, the violation has been in the soul consciousness, and in this physical body. And the physical body as a result, dies. But you cannot torture it after it is dead. This is why we say, ‘the wages of sin are death.’ Thus we understand that priest craft was not talking about torturing physical bodies after death. Soul consciousness in the area of its recollection and its stored memories could be activated by experience to see the areas of its error and be filled with remorse in its imprisonment. This was true of the sons of Adam from the time of their fall until YAHSHUA--the Messiah--now crucified, went down into the Netherworld and preached to the souls of the Adamites held there in prison. When YAHSHUA then resurrected, HE brought forth from captivity, INTO GLORY, the many children of Adam, because HE as Messiah, was made the Captain of their Salvation.

For it became HIM for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto Glory, to make the Captain of their Salvation, perfect through sufferings.’ (Hebrews 2:10)

Later, Nicodemus would understand the things that Jesus was telling him and then he would write his ‘Gospel of Nicodemus,’ which at this time is not included in our Bible, but in which he explains more fully the bringing out of the Netherworld, the imprisoned Adamic race. Thus, again we repeat that the fall blotted out much of their remembrance of where they came from. And as each generation moved forward from the fall, they lost a bit more of their remembrance. And at the time when Nicodemus was talking to Jesus, he did not understand this Mystery of a ‘twice born’ people, and he was asking Jesus what a man must do to be able to participate in the Kingdom which Jesus was preaching about. Jesus thus explained to Nicodemus that the spiritual children of the Almighty never die. ‘Absent from this body, is present with the LORD’ from whence we came. Thus you must always remember that the spirit which your race possesses is an Eternal Spirit. And we are thankful for the Grace of God that made a satisfactory atonement, and consummated the restoration of the right of HIS Celestial children to enter into the spiritual world from which they came. Here in the physical world, you are thus strangers and pilgrims in the earth. (I Peter 2:11)

YAHWEH (God) said, ‘I have laid in Zion (the Kingdom) a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation.--He that believeth shall not make haste (to please the enemy). (Isa. 28:16) That Chief corner stone was YAHWEH AS YAHSHUA being joined unto HIS family, sealing a chief corner stone which is the headstone of the building, in fact, the entire structure of HIS Kingdom with its symbolic significance. The pyramid is a symbol of HIS Stone Kingdom, and we see it on the Seal of the United States, a nation of HIS Kingdom which was founded by these ‘twice born’ people who have YAHSHUA----we call HIM JESUS, as the Chief corner stone, identifying us and our culture and our destiny.

You will remember that Jesus said that no one ascends into heaven--the spiritual realm, unless they came down out of it. This is a fact that no one can change, because here, Jesus was also making a distinction between people. Thus we say again, a ‘twice born’ people were begotten in the spirit realm and this is their beginning. In that realm you had a Celestial body made of Light. And it was in that realm that your Father told you that HE had written your names in the ‘Lamb’s Book of Life.’ It was there that HE unveiled the greatness of the Mysteries which in time, you will remember.

With the Modernist everything must square with the evolutionary theory; with the results that the scripture is made as tho to conform with the idea that God, after setting everything in motion, and knowing the end from the beginning, still refrains from active intervention in the affairs of men. This has become the accepted interpretation for most of the Christian world until they have lost their way in their search for truth.

Yes, other people of earth were born by the natural process of the breaking of the water, as well as animals, as they welcome their young into the world. But the created people of earth have a different type of spirit. And you cannot become an heir of the Kingdom, or inherit the purposes of God to rule the earth or rise and help overcome the Luciferian forces, or resume the responsibilities of a son or daughter of YAHWEH our YAHSHUA, unless you are and have always been a son or a daughter. There is thus a great difference in CREATED and BEGOTTEN. Therefore, you have to be ‘twice born’ if you are going to participate in the administration of the Kingdom. This is what Nicodemus wanted so much to understand because he believed that in the fullness of time, the administration of this Kingdom was going to be in the hands of HIS people, and they shall rule and reign with YAHSHUA the Messiah. (Revelation 3)

I would then point out to you that if you are of this Adamic race, which made their way thru the Seed of the Promise, then you have a very eminent destiny. And it is therefore very important for you to know who you are. Every once in a while someone wants to argue that it does not matter who you are. But we find that God made certain promises to certain people because of who they are. And you cannot hand those promises out to people who are not the ‘seed of the promise’ just because you have a theology put together by priest craft whose purpose is to sell something to people. The Promise was to Sarah that she would have a son. And Abraham was told that through Isaac, ‘Shall thy seed be called.’ This was the only line from Abraham through which the Spiritual children were to come forth, born the second time in earth. Abraham’s other children were children of the flesh. And that is made clear by the Bible.

The Apostle Paul also learned in his heavenly journey, that he was an incorruptible Celestial being. And if he was to die in this physical body, he would go into that spirit body. He also knew that this was not true for everyone on earth, but it was true for him, and true for the Children of God. In this instance, the Apostle Paul then said, ‘we are not of they who can draw back to perdition, for we are the children of the MOST HIGH. HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, we are HIS heirs, HIS Household.’ We could go thru many passages all throughout the Bible, that would confirm this. But in this instance, once again, when YAHSHUA was unveiling to Nicodemus things HE wanted him to know, then Nicodemus learned that to participate in the administration of this Kingdom, to rule the world in HIS ultimate Kingdom, then you must be HIS CHILDREN, who came down from a Celestial world into a physical world. That you first dwelt in that Celestial plain and then came into the physical plain. And you are capable of perceiving the great wisdom of Divine mysteries, as you also are to instruct people of soulish concept. For this purpose you have to have the spiritual capacity to receive these thoughts from the MOST HIGH. This is the reason the Messiah would go further and then said, ‘Unto you it was given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, unto them (the people of the world order) it was not given.’ Then in the 14th chapter of John, HE talks of sending the Paraclete (the intelligence of HIS own mind) the spirit of Truth, that the world cannot receive.

To understand this great Mystery, you must forever divide the World Order from the Kingdom. You are in the world as a ‘twice born’ people, but you are not of the World. All races of the world make up the world order that follows Lucifer. And all have a false religion. But these are not of the Adamic race. Therefore, they are considered as of the world order. Yes, the Adamic man can follow after portions of the Luciferian religion, but they are just misguided Israelites and not of the world order, by birth. The other races may be converted from the areas of the world order and classified as under the administration of the Kingdom, but the world cannot receive by direct perception that which you of the Adamic race are able to perceive, because you are ‘Spirit of HIS Spirit.’ In the book of Corinthians, the Apostle Paul tells us, ‘We did not receive as we came into this physical body, the spirit that the natural man of the world received, but the spirit which we received searches out these things of God, and makes it known unto us.’ We are not natural men and women. Rather, we are spiritual men and women in natural bodies. Once we understand this, we lose a lot of this hocus-pocus which is being sold to you. And you then realize that we live in a physical world at this time, but we battle against the incarnate sons of Lucifer. We battle people who sometimes have their minds in captivity to Lucifer, because we are here occupying the earth in this dominion. But remember this. What might we have to do in this dominion, doesn’t possess the permeates of what the spirit is capable of doing, or the patterns of their nature. This is why YAHWEH (God) says, first, ALL ISRAEL is to be saved. But saved from what? Saved from following Lucifer because they have the spiritual capacity to react to what God is going to do. Then HE says ALL FLESH is going to be saved. So God, in the fullness of time, which does not mean say--next week--thus GOD HAS THE POWER TO PUT ALL THINGS IN ORDER. Never forget that. This--in the fullness of time, isn’t next week. But it is also not even a thousand years from now. It is much fuller and deeper than this concept that if you accept Christ as your Savior, you are going to heaven when you die, and that is all there is to it. As far as the coming in of the Kingdom, HERE IN THE EARTH, and the overthrowing of the darkness and the getting rid of Communism, and deporting the Jews, then this is not so far away from the hour of this generation. But as far as all that has to be done, that reaches into the endless tomorrows. But you a ‘twice born’ people, who are the children of Eternity, the children of an endless live, the promise of to you.-- ‘Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world.’ (I John 4:4)

In this study of the Gospel of the Kingdom, let us next consider HIS CHURCH. As we think of the word church today, we see in our minds the church spires scattered through every city and town of these our United States. Some are great Cathedrals, and some are little country churches. We consider these buildings as places of worship as well as places of gathering for the people for social enjoyment as well. We find in the first three chapters of Revelation, the story of the Church Age. And in the 3rd chapter, we find the key to the True Church, and the downfall of the Laodicean church as God says, ‘I will spew thee out of my mouth.’ And we then read why HE will do this.

In listening to the preaching of today, you sometimes get the impression that the church started with the Disciples and that there was no true Faith before this time. But this was just the beginning of the Church Age. But the true Faith came to earth with Adam and Eve. Thus once more, we go back to the story of the Adamic race---of a ‘twice born’ people, because it is out of this race that the true Faith was to come. (I John 2:7)-- ‘Brethren, I write no new commandment unto you, but an old commandment which ye had from the beginning.’ In otherwords, the old commandment is found in the Old Testament, which contains the tracing of the people of God, this Adamic race, who are the true White people of today. The Old Testament traces these people through the writings of Moses and the Prophets. This old commandment, injunction, or precept, is ratified by YAHSHUA the Messiah, and commanded anew by the writings of I John 2:7. Thus the Old Testament stands as the basis of the New and being the inspired word of God. Then we read in Deuteronomy 4:2, these words, ‘Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish naught from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD thy GOD which I have commanded you.’

Most of the Christian churches of today teach that when they baptize people, that this process makes them born of the water. And as they come out of the water, they are born or endowed with spirit, and thus you fulfill your Faith, and this makes you a son or daughter of God. We tell you that no amount of water on the face of the earth will make a son of God out of anyone who was not a son in the beginning. In otherwords, no amount of water will make you a child of some other set of parents. Thus, I want you to understand this. That water baptism is an outward sign of the anticipated function of Faith, which God, Himself, promised to consummate. In otherwords, this symbolized being dead, buried and resurrected with the Messiah. And the spiritual mystery of this institution which would carry HIS instruction s to the people was HIS CHURCH.

Since the Church is the especially activated group of HIS offspring, in the world today, among the nations which come out of HIS race, then we have a spiritual center. These are people whose consciousness is more activated to think the things of God and the thought of God. And therefore seek to do the Will of God. They do this because they are flesh of HIS Flesh, and bone of HIS Bone, and spirit of HIS Spirit. But they are activated spirits. And the moment they become activated to think and do the Will of god, because they are a Christed (anointed) body, they do the Will and Work of God,---this group is called HIS CHURCH. And thus, we can say that the Church is the Body of Christ in the world today. It is thus called THE BODY OF CHRIST because it is that part of the children of God that by their thoughts, and knowledge seeks or strives in part, or in all, to carry out that which God would do if HE walked the earth.

Once again, we go back to the beginning of the True Faith which started with Adam and Eve on earth. We know that with their partial acceptance of the Fig Leaf religion of Lucifer, that they lost their LIGHT---the spirit retreated inward. And now they became as others of earth, subject to sickness and death. But in the old books, in the writings about Adam and Eve, we find that they knew what they had lost. And they knew where they came from. However, that knowledge faded thru the coming generations, unto today it is obscured from Israel people to a great extent, and we find Christian people of today who are following after parts of the fig leaf religion. But you are to remember that Adam was the son of God. And he and his family after being set on course with the birth of Seth, then began to call themselves the sons of YAH. Seth thus, was the proper child to carry on the true Faith for his generation. At that time, the Adamic race was under the Melchizedek Priesthood. You will find that the genealogy of the Bible in Genesis 5, is to bring you to Abraham. This is the tracing of those who carried the true Faith forward through the generations. The Archaeologist of today say that the people who lived in Abraham’s time, who were of this race, had homes that had a chapel in each home. And the father was considered the head of his household. Thus the Priest of that household. So this Adamic race had a faith all through their journey as they lived their lives on this earth. The Melchizedek Priesthood was not an inherited Priesthood like the Levi Priesthood. Rather it is a continuing, endless Priesthood out of Israel with YAHSHUA the High Priest forever. The Levitical Priesthood was set apart by God. And in the wilderness wandering, the Levi carried the ‘Ark of the Covenant,’ which meant GOD WITH US. The Levitical Priesthood was instituted out of one tribe of Israel, thus keeping the number of the tribes at the symbolic 12. The tribe of Levi would thus be divided among all the tribes as the journey began out of the Middle East area. The Levi Priesthood carried through the time of the building of the Temple, and the High Priests became a part of the government, and the Sanhedrin. By the time of YAHSHUA, as the Messiah walked the earth in HIS ministry, the Sanhedrin had been increased in its numbers and many of those now in the Sanhedrin were not of the Israelite race. Instead, this was a false priesthood of the Cainanite line that was in all of the high places of influence in Judea, and they controlled the Sanhedrin at the trial of YAHSHUA (Jesus). Many do not realize today, that there was in Judea, at the time of Christ’s ministry, many small temples as well as the big temple in Jerusalem which was now of course, the temple built by Herod who was not an Israelite. And thus controlled by the false priests. There were a few of the Levi still in lesser jobs in the temple and the small temples. But the bulk of the Levitical Priesthood was in the caves and hills around Judea, and were now called the Essenes. At the smaller temples, there were also men who still carried forward instructions in the Law and in the Faith. They had many scrolls which they had carried forward through the generations and these were copied and studied. As the ten tribes of the House of Israel, plus the 208,000 of the House of Judah, left the land of Judea, at the time of the captivity of the Northern Tribes of Israel, they carried their scrolls with them. Later when the Bible was put together and then translated into Greek, both the Northern and Judean scrolls were used. And it was found that the northern scrolls were less tampered with.

When Jesus began HIS ministry, HE followed the rules of the Levitical Priesthood, and these were found in the Laws handed down to Israel, by Moses. We in study, find that these laws were set in place as a task master to bring Israel to their Messiah. The Adamic race, now called Israelites, could not obey all the laws, but YAHSHUA obeyed all. And there on the Cross, HE removed the Curse from the spirits of the Adamic race, HIS Household, who had not been able to obey perfectly. As the race then moved out on their great journey to a new land, which would be their final resting place, the ministers for the people were to be ‘called out’ of this Levitical Priesthood. Today we find that there are ministers who are not called, and who do not have any spiritual vision. And they do not belong in the ministry of God. There are some ministers who perform theology and teach the things they were taught. They preach a social gospel, and they try to tell the people to live better lives, and not to lie or steal, and they try to influence you in this way. And they may never be called to preach the MYSTERIES OF GOD, because this is something that they do not discern. At the same time, this race--this Israel people--have the capacity for discernment of what is revealed. At the same time God says HE does nothing unless HE reveals it to HIS prophets and HIS ministers. So we feel that there is a very definite difference in those called as HIS ministers, and in those who may be simply laymen, whose responsibility is to teach the things which they have learned. God can pour out HIS wisdom on any of HIS sons and daughters that HE chooses for this purpose.

The word ‘church’ in the New Testament, is Ecclessia, meaning a called out people. In the Old Testament, the word was ‘Kehella’ meaning the same thing. Then came the translation of the church. But we remember that the invisible living Church is a real family, God’s Household in the earth and in the heavens. This is an operation of worship and guidance. And one in which HE utilizes these called out people as the power center of HIS Kingdom. This is sometimes confused with some believing that the Kingdom of God is only an invisible Kingdom and can only be found in the church as we think of it today. We want you to know that the Kingdom of God is made up of people existing in the earth, who are of this Adamic race who came thru the lineage of Isaac and became known as God’s Israel. The people of that lineage make up the nations of God’s Kingdom today. Throughout the course of the Old Testament we find that God had set up the process of worship. HE had ordained the procedure of worship and HE called HIS people to assemble together. HE selected their Priesthood and HE had selected in the earlier days their Patriarchs, and HIS Prophets, and dedicated them to HIS purposes. Then when in the days of Moses and Aaron, HE identified their Priesthood as the Levitical Priesthood which was to remain forever. Our Father gave to the tribes of Israel, the Levi. And out of the Levi, HE called HIS ministers. There is not doubt about the effectiveness of an established center of worship, and a communion which a people had with their God, thru the Priesthood. By HIS abiding presence, or the right advantages of having God with HIS people, or the Shekinah Glory around the Ark of the Covenant, or the Pillar of Fire that went with them at night, and the cloud of radiant Glory that enveloped HIS presence, and the Great Chariots by day---all signified that HE--YAHWEH, was with HIS people in their going out of Egypt, and in their experiences in the wilderness. HE was then with them in the Tabernacle and in the Temple. HE was with them at the time of all their problems. And HE and HIS hosts were there with them in all those hours of need. Then in the course of the Divine purpose of HIS New Covenant with HIS people, this opened up the great vistas of HIS abiding ministry, and then started the institutions of what we call ‘the New Covenant Church,’ or the Church of the New Testament Era. Again, this is the work of our Father. This was an institution of God’s building.

In the days when Peter and the Disciples were listening to the instructions of Jesus which they recorded for us in the book of Matthew, we find Jesus turning to HIS disciples and especially to Peter, and HE asked, ‘Who am I? Peter, whom do you say that I am?’ And Peter then replied, ‘Thou are YAHSHUA the Messiah, the very embodiment of the Living God.’ Then Jesus looked at Peter and said, ‘Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you.’ In otherwords, this is knowledge out of the Spirit---from the plain of spirit. Then Jesus said to Peter, ‘Your name Peter, means a little rock (or stone, but upon this great and mighty rock of your confession---that I am the embodiment of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) I will build My church, and the gates of perdition and evil shall not prevail against it. This declaration of God then is the promise that the indestructible Church is more than is visible to the eye, and is called ‘Church’ today. HIS true Church which is never to be destroyed, and which will stand forever, is a Living Church---God’s Household in the heavens and in the earth. Whereas the visible church of today is the only part of that foundation of HIS Kingdom which can be attacked and corrupted. Thus, in the New Testament era, the faith that YAHSHUA the Messiah, was the embodied YAHWEH (spirit) God was to be carried forward by the same race of people who started with Adam in the earth---the very same people who had ONE FAITH AND ONE GOD.

The Christian churches were built on the foundation that Jesus was the embodiment of God. However, it should not be surprising that those who fight the Kingdom of God would move to corrupt and change the visible Church. John makes the declaration that the spirit of anti-Christ which was already in the world, would not confess that JESUS THE CHRIST IS COME IN THE FLESH. He never has unto this day. And he is not going to be converted by the Christians, no matter how hard they try. He who will not recognize that JESUS HAS COME IN THE FLESH, has not the functioning spirit of God. Of all the strategy today to destroy the Kingdom of God, it is to destroy the affidavit of the Deity of the Christ. And the purpose of that is to produce a Christ-less church. This had been going on since the beginning of the church age, at the time of Pentecost as the disciples moved out to preach the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM.

In the early days of the church age, we find that theology then came forth from Priestcraft, as these priests said, ‘We can set this up a little differently and if we can make the criteria something that people must say, then we can pass this out to anyone that we can get to go through this ritual. We might even charge them to let them say it. And if they don’t say it, then we threaten to send them to some torture chamber off somewhere.’ Then they went through all the Satanic lies in the Universe, and they gathered up all the concepts that were horrible and they ended up with torture chambers, flames and fire. All those things were taken out of all the areas of Mystery Babylon the Great. Idolatry was right out of Mystery Babylon the Great. So they put these things together and called it ‘Hell.’ Then they said, ‘if you do not accept and repeat all that we tell you to say, and go through the right institution when you say it, then you can never go to heaven.’ Then they told the people that Heaven is where God is, and that is where the power is that holds the Universe together. This is of course, the ultimate goal of everyone. But you have to be extra good to get there. Also you must do as you are told. And of course, you must pay for it because Priestcraft has to have money to operate with. And without their ritual, then you are not going to get where you wish to go. Then if you still haven’t measured up to the concept laid out, it will cost more and you might end up in limbo. We will not go any further in this area. But you can see the influence of the anti-Christ in the early church to change the VISIBLE CHURCH.

Yes, Protestantism kept a lot of this mumbo-jumbo and carried it forward. And we can just hear you say, ‘But these were very devout men.’ Yes, there are a lot of devout men. And a lot of them didn’t know any better. And the fact is that they may have the most important area of truth which is the capacity to recognize that Jesus is the embodiment of God, and that confession is the foundation stone of our Faith, that this is the beginning of the Christian Church, built on this foundation that YAHSHUA the Messiah was the embodiment of God. But remember that on this foundation, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO GROW. It is surprising that throughout the areas of theology, it never grew. Theologians don’t seem to know any more today than they did when they first joined the church and learned that Jesus was the Messiah. They accepted that fact and then they learned of HIS atonement and accepted that this gift was to lift them out of fear, and to give them peace of mind. But they carried on that same old teaching. And they never realized that Jesus was to baptize WITH FIRE. And that fire, and their fire of perdition, and their lakes of fire, are all based on the same premise. Instead of HELL FIRE, it is SHEKINAH GLORY that will cleanse and purify man until all the error will be gone from him. But the man will still be there. Instead, the theologians seem to like the Armenian theology put forth by the Monk Armenian who was a good man, he just didn’t have things straight, because by that time the enemy had taken away many of the great truths of the early church. So he came up with the idea that you could be good today and powered with faith, and be sure of what was to happen to you, then get mixed up. And if you didn’t go back and go through the same old ritual again, then you could go to perdition. We would hope that you could see how this theology reduces the power of our Savior, and limits the power of God and HIS Kingdom.

Yes, there has been an anti-Christ invasion of the VISIBLE CHURCH and weak minds inside the church are in high offices. And they are one of the most devastating forces inside Christianity. This causes us to know that we are living in the last days when the powers of darkness wage war on the Kingdom of GOD and upon the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom which at this time is the operational headquarters of HIS Kingdom of God. In Thessalonians, Paul tells us this day would not come until there was a ‘falling away’ first. We do not have to worry about the postponement of the coming of the Christ to fulfill that prophecy. For in the name of the institution which is HIS spiritual center, there is indeed a ‘falling away.’ There has been wholesale warfare inside the visible church, to try to destroy its effectiveness.

The nations of God’s Kingdom which are the White Christian nations of today, possess the spiritual center of that Kingdom for they are HIS Household. The program of God’s Kingdom in earth is to build nations of spiritually guided people to rule the world with righteousness. And Lucifer intends to keep his rule of the earth by crushing that righteousness. Thus the first think that Lucifer makes war against, is the Visible Church. And he has been doing this from the beginning. In the Soviet Union, one of the first areas to come under attack was the Christian church. Communist leaders then martyred Christians by calling on them to renounce their Faith and accept the materialistic doctrines of Communism or be put to death. Seven million Christians were then killed just because they were Christians. And today the number killed in the Soviet Union---for that reason---has now passed the 20 million mark. The devil understands that there is no stronger obstacle to his evil than the Church of Jesus the Christ, which is alert or awakened and giving homage unto YAHSHUA, whom we call JESUS, and accepting no person in HIS place. So the devil wages war on the church today. And in the hours of that spreading revolution, the best way to weaken the great nations of the Western World, whose foundation was created in the vision in the minds of the children, was to war on their integrity, to war on their statesmanship and their ethics in the building of their civilization, and war on this visible institution called THE CHURCH, which has helped produce these results in men.

There may be those who think they are going to sweep away the Holy Church of Jesus the Christ from the face of the earth. But Jesus said, and remember this-- ‘Upon this Rock’---upon this area of confession, I will build My Church and all that can be rolled into the word ‘Hell,’ cannot prevail against it. But you take out that foundation stone, this belief, this FACT that Jesus--YAHSHUA, as Messiah, came in the flesh. And you don’t have a church no matter what you call it, whether Methodist or Baptist, or by any other name. As soon as you take Christ out of the foundation, all you have is a gathering place of people. Here in these last days, we find that the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches do not requite recognition in the Deity of Jesus the Christ. We then see that coming to pass is the prophecy for the end of the age, when body politics of the hierarchical of the church organizations looks as the great Cathedrals and at the vestments and structure of property, and the wealth of its coffers, and says, ‘Behold we are right and have need of nothing.’ But remember that Jesus also said in that same place in the book of Revelation, ‘Knowest thou not, that thou are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked?’ Although they may be attired in rich vestments, and to the congregation may look as tho they are rich in worldly possessions, still that church, is it does not recognize the embodiment of God, Himself, as YAHSHUA--Messiah, Jesus the Christ, and recognize that the atonement was consummated by God, Himself, then they stand in their own self-righteousness and egotism. And they are not clothed with the righteousness of God. They do not have imputed to them the righteousness of HIS ATONEMENT. A people who today who do not have that righteousness, of that Atonement imputed to them, they are above all---naked. Jesus said to them, ‘I know thy work, ye are neither hot nor cold, so I will spew thee out of My mouth.’ (Rev. 3:16).

Now you ask, ‘Then when the church age is gone, is the church dead?’ We did not say that. For therein lies within this same age a True Church which is invisible at this time. HIS Church a living church which holds ‘the key of David.’ This Living Church is comprises of the majority of people inside the institution of the Visible Church of today. But it is the great and Living Church of Jesus the Christ that does not have to have some ones name hung on it. Tho there are many Christians today with separate names dividing them. This Living Church is made up of the members of this race of ‘twice born’ people who are the Household of God. They know that God fulfilled HIS work in earth as HE came as Messiah. And that HE was God in the Flesh. The activated part of this church are those who know those facts. Altho many of HIS Household are still sleeping on and do not search for their identity. The activated ones know that HE consummated HIS ministry, went on to Calvary, and they know that the enemy thought they were destroying the program and strategy of God. They thought that if they could destroy this body of God, that they could hold the world a little longer. We know that HE could have called legions of Angels. And HE even told HIS disciple to put up his sword. The He also unveiled to Pilate that HIS Kingdom was not of this World Order, but was for a time somewhat in the future. That HE had a ministry to perform and a prophecy to fulfill and it would have to be done---AS IT IS WRITTEN.

As HIS enemies called for HIS blood, TO BE UPON THEM AND THEIR CHILDREN, HE was crucified upon the Cross. Yet in all this, HE assumed at this time, all transgression. And it was important that HE had violated no Law. It was important that HE was the Very God, Himself. That HE was a Holy Seed. And that HE was a Lamb without spot or blemish. Thus when HE said, ‘IT IS FINISHED,’---the Atonement had been made. When He stormed the Netherworld, and preached unto the souls of the sons of Adam, and then in the hours of HIS Resurrection, brought forth ---CAPTIVITY--captive, HE brought HIS many sons into Glory. And HE had won. And we also had won. God, the Almighty, Eternal One in the body of a man, HAD WON over all the powers of evil upon this knowledge HE had created an indestructible Truth that could never be rejected by any witnessing Apostle. Now the disciples and Apostles knew this. And they were to experience the power of HIS Resurrection and to put their fingers in the nail prints in HIS hand. Thomas was to say, ‘My LORD and my GOD.’ No other testimony would be needed. No other testimony could produce the challenge and transition in man.

Yes, the forces of darkness started at once their persecution against that Ecclesia--translated church. They warred against the Church. They put the leaders in prison. They stoned them and became the enemies of the Church. But it did not falter. This Spiritual Center of God’s Kingdom moving in the program of God which HE had ordained for its spread, was now penetrating every area of God’s Kingdom, for HE sent them out ‘only to the Lost Sheep of Israel.’ This was the time of the ‘former rain.’ This was the outpouring of HIS Spirit upon HIS sons and daughters. And HIS children then moved with knowledge out of the Divine mind of the Almighty God and they moved with power. HE sent out the sons and daughters by two’s. And they preached and they formed congregations. And they built units of worship and people heard the truth. The enemy did capture them and then said, ‘Repent of die.’ But they replied, ‘We cannot deny what we saw with our own eyes. We saw HIM still the wind and the waves. We saw HIM change a funeral service into victory. And we know that this was the power of God, this was the Master of the Dimensions.’ The Apostles and Disciples said, ‘We saw HIM put to death by the household of evil.’ And the Apostle Paul would go further and say, ‘The Jews are against God, and contrary to all men.’ They also said, ‘We saw HIM after He arose from the dead. We beheld HIS Glory and we know that HE is alive. Knowing then that death has no power. So slay us if you will, but we shall not reverse our positions.

This was HIS Church in power and in motion. And today we know that HIS children may fall, while here in the flesh, but the Living surpasses the Flesh. Yes, these Disciples and Apostles were HIS witnesses. They were witnesses to this great Truth. And they testified to what they had seen and to what they had received from the Spirit. Then Paul was expressly told not to go to Asia, but where he was to be sent was to ‘the Lost Sheep of Israel’ who were now in their Westward locations and migrations. He was told thus, to go only to those who could RECEIVE this great TRUTH, that, THEIR REDEEMER HAD COME. The World Order could not receive this truth. Only those of this ‘twice born’ people--these of HIS Household could understand this Great Mystery. Thus, what we call the church today, was growing and expanding. And today it is the great and powerful spiritual center of 1/6 of the world’s population. It is carrying on its responsibilities because of God’s ordinances. And only in the Church can the sacraments of God be received. Now we do not mean that this has to be inside a building. For the sacraments of the communion and the sacraments of marriage which came down they the House of God and through this spiritual center which is the administration of HIS Kingdom, determine that it might take place in a church, or in a home, but it is down through the sanctity of that which God set apart for its sacraments, and the carrying out of its ordinance. It comes through HIS people, and through HIS ministry. And it is a unity of spiritual power and blessing transferred from heaven to earth through HIS Household.

Yes, we are in the last days. And there is a ‘falling away’ and there is a ‘5th Column’ inside the Visible Church of today. For many of the Jews became false converts to Christianity and invaded the church by route of the seminars and thru instructors, and by the perfidies of those who took the Jews into the Church. Many who were Communists came into the Visible church. And it was engineered for them to come in suppressing the protests of those trying to stop them. They did not however, enter the True Church. They entered only the church politic, the church hierarchy, the church Visible, only as it related to the Institutions and to the clergy. Instead of men called of God, and instead of men who by their Faith realized that to LIVE was to proclaim CHRIST and HIS Church, they were those who sought to join the institutions of Christ’s Church in order to deny that Jesus is the Christ. They only sought to turn all evils of perdition loose inside the Church of Jesus the Christ. They sought to break down its declarations and weaken its nations so they could build Satan’s World Order. The biggest hypocrisy on the face of the earth today, then sings:-- ‘UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE’ on Easter morning.

Yes, today we see decay and people are shocked at the moves made in the name of the Church. But when the True Church becomes a flame and the power of God, and this power then once more rests on HIS sons and daughters. Then there is going to be the biggest house cleaning in history among those people who sought to turn the House of God into Sodom and Gomorrah. Thank God for the vision that God is starting to call its ministers and HIS people are awakening. And they are beginning to get ready to war against the darkness and to lift up the standards. The enemy came in like a flood, and once more HIS people will have the power to lift up the standards against the enemy and the power of HIS ministry, which HE will call in this time of the ‘Latter Rain’ will bind the darkness and sweep the people like a flame. And they will call for victory over their enemies, who are also the enemies of God’s Kingdom. The enemy is not going to sweep away this True Church. But the power of God and HIS people are going to sweep away this house of lies, which is no church, this place which is now simply Satan’s club house built inside the hierarchy of an institution.

How do we know? ‘Upon this ROCK,’ this confession that Jesus is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA ---’will I build My church.’---the spiritual center of My Kingdom.

Thy Kingdom come’----with power. And in the final analyses there is no question about the fact that the Kingdom of God is a reality. There is no question about the fact that the Kingdom of God comes with Great Power. (Matt. 6:9-13) When teaching HIS Disciples what we call the LORD’S Prayer, Jesus had covered the full scope of the necessity of prayer. However, HE was not talking about the individual necessity of a cry for Help. Rather HE was giving them a pattern of power, because in similitude it covered the greatness of all the issues that were of great need. HE did not say every man had to pray this way. But HE did say for them to cover all the scope of things in this prayer.

As you study this area of the scope of the Gospel of the Kingdom, you will note that Jesus said not one word about the church, yet the church was the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom, and thus, a part of this Gospel of the Kingdom. In fact, the scripture tells us to ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and HIS Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.’ (Matt. 6:33) We want to point out to you once more, that the Kingdom of God is an Administration, a rule over every portion of the earth. When we turn to the scriptures for conformation, we find the areas of greatness and the magnitude of God’s Kingdom.

For the Kingdom is the LORD’S and HE is the Governor of the Nations.’ (Psalms 22:28) ‘The LORD hath prepared HIS throne in the heavens and HIS Kingdom ruleth over all.’ (Psalms 103:19)

As far as God’s throne and HIS Kingdom in heaven is concerned, we believe that the center of the Universe holds the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. The Pleiades with its seven planets and suns which you see when you look into the heavens, is the exact node center of the Universe, with Orion helping to form the Elliptic of the orbits of a vast number of planets, pulling them to one side as it pulls them away from their areas of their own suns. Thus, we have Orion to balance and we have the seven suns of the Pleiades which happen to be the seven centers of Heaven, the exact node center of the Universe. (Job 38:31) Here Job speaks of the influence of the Pleiades and this center of God’s Kingdom. He recalls that god sits on HIS throne in the heavens and rules over all the Universe. In otherwords, the Father’s sidereal systems which are still further out than you or I can see within the range of our large telescopes, these sidereal systems are still revolving around the Pleiades, the center of the Universe, and God is the Absolute Power in all the Universe which was created by HIM and for HIM. And also created in the patterns lf the endless yesterdays of the Everlasting.

Thou art our God in all generations.’ (Psalms 90) This is the declaration that our GOD existed from everlasting to everlasting. HE has been in all hours and in all patterns of time and antiquity. HE is the Great, creative Master, the Almighty YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. And the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom is very real and vital to the Kingdom rule with righteousness, but also by the complete rod of justice by the Almighty.

The purpose of the preaching and teaching is supposed to bring to the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD, who are HIS offspring, an awareness of HIS plan so that as they find themselves in an area or location, they can adjust themselves to the plan of God and put their shoulders to the wheel of the operation of helping to bring in the things that God has unveiled, and the things HE is still going to do as the Kingdom age comes forth. For the Kingdom of God is over all. HIS dominion is over all. And we find that the Psalmist declares the same. (Psalms 140:10-13-- ‘HE hath prepared HIS throne in the heavens, and HIS Kingdom is over all.’-- ‘All thy works shall praise thee O YAHWEH, and thy Saints shall bless thee. They shall speak of the Glory of thy Kingdom, and talk of thy power to make known to the sons of men HIS mighty acts, and the Glorious Majesty of HIS Kingdom. Thy Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and thy dominion endureth thru out all generations.’

These are the words of the Psalmist and they are also the concept of the Israelites of the Old Testament, as the Psalmist and the prophets talked about the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD. They understood that the Kingdom was established throughout the Universe, and was now established on earth through the begatting of a household that would inherit that Kingdom. That this race was to grow, to multiply, to increase as the sand of the seashore, and as the stars of the heavens until eventual rule over the whole earth would bring down the powers of darkness. In the New Testament, this is what John is talking about in the book of Revelation as he sees the New Jerusalem coming down from God out of the heavens. He understood that this was the continuing process of the Adamic race as a ‘twice born’ people coming into earthy bodies to fulfill their destiny in the program and purposes of their Father. The Kingdom thus comes down from generation to generation, from dynasty to dynasty to dynasty. But since God is a perpetual God who reaches from everlasting to everlasting, and HIS Kingdom is an Eternal Kingdom, and the Life of God is an Eternal Life, then all HIS sons and daughters are in inherit this Kingdom and given Eternal Life.

In ruling the Universe, we find that God shares this with HIS Household and wherever the powers of darkness or the forces of evil have taken over constellations or solar systems, then God ordained that HIS sons and daughters thru the Kingdom administration would eventually reign.

Now, whatever God purposes to do, you can rest assured that HE will do. For HE says, ‘MY counsel will stand, I shall do all My pleasure.’ ‘I tell you this from the beginning, as I alone am God.’ Under this declaration, we discover that when Jesus was preaching and teaching this ‘Gospel of the Kingdom,’ He was trying to get the message across to HIS disciples that it was their Father’s good pleasure to see that HIS family gets the Kingdom administration. Yes, HE has to stir you up a bit, HE has to cause you not to fear the enemy so you will not be afraid of the size of the enemy. You being the children of the MOST HIGH GOD who is all powerful, you within whom HE has placed HIS spirit, are going to triumph. Thus Jesus in HIS ministry, constantly produced the pattern of guidance and the pattern of education. Also HE produced the pattern of wisdom to those who are HIS Household. And HE made it quite clear as to the greatness of HIS Kingdom.

At the time of the ‘Former Rain’ the Apostles and Disciples took up the work of the Gospel of the Kingdom. They believed this Gospel and they waited for the coming of their power. Then when it ‘rained’ down on them, they were shaken with the Spiritual power they received and it transformed them. Here at Pentecost, we find Peter, a fisherman who had walked with Jesus through HIS years of ministry. And Peter arose and began to speak and he didn’t sound like a fisherman anymore, but like a man with a great and wonderful story to tell. The people listened that day then went to their homes and told of this ministry. They carried the story of what Jesus had wrought, of the building of a spiritual congregation, of an ecclesiastical center of worship, of the gathering of power, until they would control nations, until they would be able to conquer the powers of darkness and take over the world for their God. This was the story that drew men to their assemblies, and regardless of how they were persecuted they did not fear, because they now knew about their Eternal existence WITH THE FATHER, to which they would go back to. They now knew that if they were killed while standing for the Kingdom and the truth of the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom,’ that in time they would be resurrected. But their spirit would go back to the Father who gave it. Thus, they knew no fear, and they answered the powers of darkness with the Testimony of the Kingdom. The number of ‘called out’ ones grew and grew each and every day. And these followers called the church, kept growing until they covered all the nations of the House of Judah and the House of Israel.

Thus God had fulfilled the Covenant:-- ‘I shall put MY Spirit in your heart, and I shall give you a heart of flesh. I will move upon My people----I will make a New Covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel.’ (Jeremiah 31:31) Then in verse 33:-- ‘I will put My Law within their inward parts and write it in their hearts, and I will be their God and they shall be MY people.’ This is also a part of the Kingdom because the Kingdom of God moves both in the spiritual realm and in the physical realm. In this gathering of the followers of the Christ, is where God is with HIS people. It was here that HE poured out HIS Spirit, and it was here where HE expanded the testimony of the Kingdom. We know that to get any political program off the ground, you have to spread the idea. And thus you remember that the Kingdom is political as well as spiritual because the Kingdom of God is dominion. It is in all dimensions, not only throughout all the Universe, but here on earth as well.

As we study the words that Jesus spoke, you find that when HE spoke in Parables, HE was speaking about the Kingdom and about bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. You cannot find the real meaning of the parables unless you connect them to the Kingdom. And with that understanding, then you will realize that we are living in the ‘Latter Days’ when God says, HE is going to awaken HIS people. HE says that HE is going to show HIS people what HE wants them to do. And then the Saints, these offspring, are going to take the Kingdom and retain it forever and forever. We find this scripture in the book of Daniel:-- ‘The Saints of the MOST HIGH shall take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom for ever and ever.’ Then in verse 27:-- ‘And the Kingdoms and dominions and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the Saints of the MOST HIGH, whose Kingdom is an Everlasting Kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey HIM.’

He is going to awaken HIS people. For HE says HE will call them by name. Then your job as an awakened son or daughter, is to carry HIS message and help in this awakening of God’s people unto their work for their Father and their Destiny. For this is God’s world. And HIS program for this world calls for rule over all the earth with a rod of iron. Men are going to obey HIS Law, because HE is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA--God in our modern language. And HIS Law is best for the Universe. It is the best thing for the earth. And HIS sons and daughters are going to realize the goodness of HIS Law, and the rest of the earth is going to keep HIS Law because the rule over them will be as a rod of iron, or with Total Justice.

At this time, in the development of the Kingdom, we look for the promises of our FATHER. HE has promised HIS children transition, immortality, and indestructibility. HE has promised that when HIS people answer HIS call, that the power of Light will once more cover their bodies and thus the enemy will not be able to destroy you. HE has promised that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You are to ‘Arise and shine---thy light has come, and the Glory of God will come on you.’ (Isa. 60:1)

When that day comes, you will not have to tell the world that you are the sons and daughters of God, for the whole world will see your light. This will be the fulfillment of the promise of the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. (Romans 8:19) This is all a part of the working of the ‘last days.’ And you are a part of those ‘last days’ as you are living in these days of ‘time and history.’ This is also the time when we begin to see more clearly the fulfillment of the prophecy found in Revelation 3:7-13. This is the coming forth of the spiritual center of the Kingdom, this invisible, indestructible part of the spiritual center of the Kingdom. This had been referred to in the world today, as the ‘Church of Brotherly Love.’ But the true meaning of this passage is ‘the love of the family of God.’ And the message is ‘to the family of God--brothers--loving together.’ The key is the House of David, for the fact that YAHSHUA--our Savior--the Christ, sits on the throne of David as the head of HIS Kingdom.

The program of God’s Kingdom for now is to put out the WORD, to awaken the sons and daughters of the Kingdom as their Father wishes, to the program of the Kingdom, and to what this program has in store for them and through them for the world. When men realize what is in store, under God’s plan, then look for a small force to become a large force with the True Church taking its place and evangelizing the Adamic race. Look then for this race to rise to their place of ordained leadership and move with mighty power against the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. The time will come when we no longer have to let everyone have his own god and govern himself, have his own way in all things. We have tried this already in Africa and in other places, and even to a certain extent, here in the United States. And it does not work. The more we give in to the forces of darkness, the more they move to try to destroy the children of Light and the Kingdom.

We thus ask you. When is Christian Civilization going to realize that there is only one way for Peace in this world, and that is for the Kingdom to come into place, this Kingdom of our LORD and HIS Christ as the scripture tells us? This means that the true people of the Kingdom, this family of God, will help rule this world. We want you to realize that God has ordained throughout all periods of time and history, that victory shall come to HIS sons and daughters. One of these days this Kingdom is going to come forth with great power and glory, ‘Like Lightening cometh out of the east and shineth toward the west, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man.’---the symbolism of the Kingdom. (Matt. 24:27) For HE is the Ruler and head of this Kingdom. And when HE comes to sit upon the throne of HIS Glory, HE will gather all the nations before HIM and separate them like a shepherd who separates the sheep from the goats.’ (Matt. 25:34) Then HE is going to say unto the sheep nations, take your place at MY right hand, and the goat nations take your place on MY left. Then HE will say to those on HIS right hand (the symbol of authority), ‘Inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundations.’ (Matt. 25:34)

We are to understand this is a final program of the Kingdom. This is the time when HE is going to gather HIS elect from the end of the heavens. This is also the great battle. For the kings of the earth also gather their armies to fight HIM who comes as King of Kings and LORD of Lords. (Rev. 19:16) And this we realize is God’s battle. Thus we would like for you to understand that in this battle, the enemies of God’s Kingdom are going to be wiped out by a greater manifestation of Spiritual power than has ever been manifested in earth.

Oh, you say, ‘But many people will not like this message of the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom.’ But nevertheless, the Kingdom of God will come with great power and HIS will shall be done in earth as it is in heaven. God’s program for the earth thus says to us that there will not be one person in our land who denies that YAHSHUA is the Christ, the Messiah, our Savior. There will be no teachers teaching our children who do not believe in YAHWEH-THY YAHSHUA. There will not be one person who will move into any department of our government who does not believe in our YAHSHUA-GOD. There will be no person of another race in any position of power by which to rule over you. This is what the scripture says about this program of God’s Kingdom. And it also stresses that God’s will is going to prevail. So you should prepare for this. The program of ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom’ is a final program of the MOST HIGH GOD. And HE talks about the signs of the times and about the pressures and catastrophes and about judgements, and also about victories. Thru this all, we remember that the Old Testament Psalmist reminded us that HE has the power and that HIS dominion is from everlasting to everlasting.

Ye shall see the Son of Man (remember this phrase is also a symbol of the Kingdom) coming with Power and great Glory.’

As you see this, you will realize that the Kingdom of God has that power and this what had been ordained and prayed for and will then be literally fulfilled. The dominion and Kingdoms under the the whole heavens shall be given to the people who are the Saints of the MOST HIGH. These as the Apostle Paul tells us, are the offspring of God, thus believing offspring. And their Kingdom shall be an everlasting Kingdom, and all dominions shall obey HIM and serve HIM.

Thus the Kingdom comes to the forefront here in earth, as it comes with great power to accomplish all that has been determined. You of this great race who are the heirs of the Kingdom will join that Kingdom and share in the growth of that Kingdom, of which there shall be no end of expansion.

This is a political program thru which to rule the world, and every man and woman of our race should be thrilled to join with the Kingdom rule because that is the only way you will ever find that elusive something which is called ‘Peace.’ The ancient meaning of this word ‘peace’ is ‘understanding.’ Thus as you find ‘Peace,’ you will find the ‘understanding’ of this great Program of our God for HIS earth, HIS people, and the Universe.

The KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS brings this victory as the Great Prince of Peace. In the 22nd chapter of Revelation, we find in symbolism the picture of this restored Kingdom, the Kingdom in Heaven as it will now be in earth---and the ruler of this Kingdom and HIS family as the kingdoms of this world at last become the Kingdom of our LORD---YAHSHUA, after HIS work as Messiah--Redeemer. And after this, HE said, ‘BEHOLD! I COME QUICKLY.’ Thus, we long for the coming of the GREAT PRINCE OF PEACE, while in the meantime, we watch for the understanding of this ‘Gospel of the Kingdom,’ first from our people, and then from the World Order. For this ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations. And THEN SHALL THE END COME. (Matt. 24:14)

(May YAHWEH Bless------E.R.M.)