ERM - Tape 123 - Signs Of The Times


TAPE NO. 123.....By Ella Rose Mast





Here in June of 1992 we are reading and listening to many options as to what is happening, or not happening in our world. Many are sure that the President, or someone else is to blame for the condition this Nation finds itself in, yet hardly anyone considers perhaps they, themselves might just be at least partly to blame for their troubles. Most would have no idea that perhaps we have done exactly what prophecy said we would do, that we have followed down this exact Great Babylon without even looking at where we are going.

Some will there a conspiracy to bring down this nation, as many think, although they do not have any idea as to why? We have pointed out over the years the different organizations that have worked for what is termed 'a One World Government', such as the Buildeburgers, the Club of Rome, The Brotherhood, the Skull and Bones, and many, many others. Through this tape series we have been explaining this situation as the Battle between the Children of Light, and the Children of Darkness. This is the name given to this battle between the Children of God's Kingdom and the Children of Satan's Kingdom, as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, then carried on throughout the scriptures, bringing us up to where we believe we are in prophecy today. We find the Children of Light now trying to give away their inheritance just so they can get along with the World Order.

As we read of this program for a 'One World Government' we find that our enemies make no effort to hide the plans, instead selling it to you as a wonderful plan for 'Peace', we have a tendency to remember how blind our people seem to be, not knowing who they are, or why they are here in the earth. Thus instead of blaming this President, or that person for allowing this 'One World Government' to be set in place, we wonder just what YAHWEH-YAHSHUA will allow, since He is aware of what is going on, and just why. He knows that His children of the Kingdom stumble here in their blindness as the Children of Darkness try to pull the Last Great Pillar out from under our Christian Faith.

In Symbolism we see this Great Truth as a Giant Temple, the one remaining pillar, the center pillar, and holding it up is JESUS THE CHRIST, any my oh my how the enemy works on that ONE, not realizing that this Love for our Savior was installed in our hearts long ago, and there it is to remain.

Over the years we have seen this control tightening over the economic field, as well as the political, social, and religious fields of the Western World, still this does not seem to satisfy the enemy, for their goal has not as yet been totally met. Our people have a vision of a 'New World Order' with Peace and Prosperity, and Justice for all. Yet we are trying to obtain this goal using the same organization...The United the Children of Darkness in their drive to clamp the iron claws of a One World Government over you, making slaves of all in the Western Christian World.

Thus this Ancient battle goes on. As an example as to how it works and how it will end, we would refer to the Ancient Book of Job, wherein Satan was given permission to take everything earthly from Job, yet we find that Job did not lose his Faith, he was sure that he would see with his own eyes ..someday..see his Redeemer, right here in earth. When the battle was over, we find from the Book of Job that everything was then restored to Job, and in fact much, much more....why? Because Job believed in His Savior.

For years the Western Christian world walked in fear of a nuclear war, played by the propaganda machines as those men who controlled the purse strings of the world were robbing you, the taxpayers, to support this supposedly great power called 'Communism'. Then came the day when an American President refused the Ultimatum at the Iceland Summit and the scare tactic no longer worked. We would caution you as you rejoice that a great Empire fell, because only fools rejoice for long, because we find today that most men ruling in the little nations struggling for their freedom as the Soviet Union fell are men who are still looking out for their own interests. Many were looting and hiding the wealth left in these nations, and now as non-Communists they are buying their way into positions of power. Thus the struggle for freedom goes on with little wars and rumors of war everywhere.

In the Western World, and especially in our nation the enemy is now using a different tactic. Now the propaganda machine is crying:..'Save the Planet'...'Environment'...this is their cry as they try to flood our nation with non-assimilable people to destroy our race, Faith, and way of Life. The goal is still to use the United Nations organization, and thus to reduce the 'Way of Life' in the Western Christian World until we are on a level with the 'third world nations'. This is called 'Environmentalism' saying the Western World is to blame for many things wrong with the Environment, thus we should have to pay to fix it.

We tell you that our Heavenly Father works in strange ways to bring us to this point of our total education and Chastisement. We therefore see the Bush Administration working under this same yoke of control as the Presidents who have gone before him. Yet we also saw men rise to the occasion, and the 'Teeth' were drawn from this so called 'Environmental Treaty' before the signing at the Rio Meeting in Brazil.

The Environmental Extremists were pushing for:.....


1. A Climate change Convention in which all nations would agree to substantially reduce carbon dioxide for cars, homes, industries, and power plants, thus greatly effecting the industry of the Western Nations.


2. Acceptance of major cuts in the Standard of Living in the Western World.


3. Cancellation of third world debts and rigging the International terms of trade in their favor.


4. Creation of a new Global Environmental aid body.


5. Stronger regulations of International companies.


6. A World-wide ban on trade in hazardous wastes, and on dirty Industries world wide.


7. A rapid phase out of all Nuclear power plants.


8. The goal of free trade to be abandoned, with the trade flow to be modified by social, political, and environmental concerns.


The western officials dismiss these environmental programs as unwarranted by science and economically. No one seems to wonder who will support the so called 'third world' which they demand if the Western World is brought to its knees as they are planning? Most of the men working to 'pull teeth' of the Treaty considered the program as destructive and politically unsaleable in their nation. Yet this Environmental agenda was 'anti-growth, and anti-prosperity' wherein the western world it is 'Pro-growth, and anti-Prosperity.' It was determined that the American President would be the 'whipping-boy' at the Rio Summit, even though he came up with a promise of more money to 'save the rain forests'. However, behind the scene this is being used politically as well in our nations since this is a Presidential Election year, but the program is still to bring the Western Christian World to its knees, and in the process destroy this last great Pillar holding up our Faith.

In 1990 a book entitled 'The Keys of this Blood' was published. It was written by Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit. This is a book describing the authors thoughts as to what the Catholic Pope has seen as to this building of a 'One World Government', and his concern as to who will hold the power, and control, over all the people in the world as this comes to pass.

We would review this book as to how those of the One World Mentality have seen events which they hoped to accomplish, and then look at the picture as we expect the Administration of God's Kingdom to be set in place just as the World Planners think they have won.

When this book was written Mikhail Gorbachev was still the leader in the Soviet Union, Pope John Paul II, or Karol Wojtyla the Polish Pope was the leader of the Catholic world. The third power in this drive was the powerful men in both the east and west who have their program of One World Government control.

According to our author, the Pope recognized that these powerful men had a view of a United front in Europe, from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains with the power in the areas of Central Europe from the Adriatic to the Baltic seas as a perfect setting for their One World experiment, then planning to add to this later, the extreme western world, or the U.S.A. The economics of this mission would be handled by the International Bankers and the Papacy of Rome thus hoped that they could now play their part in controlling the best for the people. This great program was supposed to be well in place by July of 1992., and would be know as the European Common Market.

Well, as you know, Gorbachev did come forward with his programs and the west did drop their 'evil empire' slogan. Churches were then opened in areas behind the Iron Curtain, and now Pope John Paul was able to build closer ties with the Russian Orthodox Church, and Eastern Orthodoxy in general. This was something the Papacy had been working toward for some years.

But just a moment....We tell you that whether they knew it or not the Pope, Gorbachev, and the Christian World, were all manipulated by the Children of Darkness, even though they may have thought they were running the world scene. Then came the attempt on the lives of President Ronald Reagan, and Pope John Paul II., and the interest in the so called New World Order intensified.

As we realized, and as our author tells us, in the Catholic World the events in 1917., at Fatima has always had a great effect on the people in the Catholic Church. However it was the seeing of the picture on the front of a little girls shirt, and the bending to view that picture..of the Fatima events..which saved the life of Pope John Paul II. We thus remember that it was at Fatima where it was said that the Virgin Mary had appeared several times to 3 children. She had supposedly confided to them certain admonitions and instructions as well as predictions, that were intended for Papal actions at a certain time in the future. It is recorded that she ended her visits in October with a miracle that recalled for many the Bible verse:...'A woman clothed with the sun, giving birth to a son who will rule the nations with a scepter of iron.'

In confidence to the children, Mary had also stressed tribulation for the Roman Catholic institutional organization, and with a troubled future for mankind in general.

At one time we remember also that Constantine saw the 'Sign of the Cross' in the sky, with the words:...'With this sign---conquer'. Constantine took this as a guarantee, and he conquered for Christianity.

In the Catholic world, after he was shot, then Pope John Paul II according to our author, began to think that perhaps 'time' was running out. Perhaps the Catholic Papacy would not be able to as they had thought ..control this New World Order, thus he must take some kind of action.

But let us pause for just a moment,..even thought he may not have known it, there were men who were in control above the Pope, in the Eastern and Western world as well. Remember how Armand Hammer used to fly into the Soviet Union and demand most anything he wanted...and GET IT? The President of the United States could not do this, and neither could the Pope. This control was by the use of Billions of Dollars, they have at their disposal from the collection of Usuary over the years.

Going back in time a bit, our author tells us a bit about this Polish Pope, it seems that as he was born there was an Ancient Prophecy that said that the 264th., Pope would be born under that sign. And the Ancient legend had it that a triple death signified a triple crown. Thus the mother, father, and elder brother of this Pope had died. As he came to Rome the Polish Pope began a new way of life in the Vatican...a new style for the Papacy, and at first the Hierarchy was skeptical, but the people loved him, and eventually as he spoke of a Universal Unity shared by all the churches of Christianity, no one seemed to notice.

When Gromyko of the Soviet Union came to the Vatican and he and Pope John Paul II spoke of the 'prospects for World Peace', other governments wondered why this discussion since it was on patterns that were strictly Political and Geopolitical in nature. Our author tells us that now the Pope was speaking of a New World Order...for all Christians...calling for a more just, humane, and habitable world which does not close itself in, but which opens to God. Thus now in many eyes the Pope was a man with a World view. He began to meet with Marxists, with Shintoists of Japan in his reach to the World always saying:...Christianity is for Europe, but of course meaning Catholic Christianity.

We remember that the Papacy was in deep trouble as was the church at Rome, both financially and spiritually long before Pope John Paul II came to Rome, and into the Papacy. Our author tells us that he was then urged to transform the Papacy, to use his power, but this Pope seemed not to hear, it was a though he was waiting for a vision to materialize. In the meantime he traveled the world preaching that he was the Vicar of Christ, that this was what the Blessed Mother wished her Son's Vicar to do. Thus any world leader who took the Roman Pontiff as possessing only the spiritual weapons of the unseen world, and the after Life with which to deal in this practical world was making a strategic error of great proportions.

To better understand what drives this Pope, our author gives a bit of explanation as to the teaching of this church. (Quote)..Christianity started off with:..'Go forth and teach all men, baptizing them in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit'. These are said to be the words of Jesus, but as you know, these verses (Matthew 28:19-20) were not in the original as many versions of the Bible tell you, although they are not always listed as such in the King James Version. This teaching also includes this:...That Jesus gave the Keys of Salvation ON THIS EARTH, AND IN GOD'S HEAVEN TO Simon Peter, alone, and Personally. This was also the last great and well remembered instructions Jesus gave His Apostles before He disappeared from human sight. The Apostles were considered Jews, but they were not to convert the world to Judaism but to Christianity since Christians are the Spiritual Seed of Abraham. However it is the Keys of Salvation given to Peter which rules the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy. (Unquote)

You will remember that the power of the Roman Papacy at one time had spread until many nations were effected, and then Martin Luther, himself a Priest, married to a former nun, broke with the Vatican, and the Church lost whole populations in Western Europe, then turned to Africa, Asia, and even America to fill that void. Now..even shorn of the former Imperial and territorial trappings, the Roman Catholic institution with its independence and religiously based Faith and Dogma as propagated by the Roman Pope, reached out to a borderless, global world of nations.

Other religions came on the scene in their time but none reached the pinnacles of power as did the Vatican Congregation under the personal authority of the Roman Pontiff, with His Coat of Arms..the Keys of letter- heads, carved in wall plaques, embedded in official seals...all showing statements of that personal power. Our author says that using such, then the Pope, the holder of the Keys sets up a Living network of representatives who speak for him, and he dispatches his own spokesmen abroad to act for him in at least 90 countries. And these personal representatives are considered the 20th., Century version of the net as Peter was bid by Jesus 'to cast out over the deep'. Thus changes did occur in the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy, and it was said to be open to the world, thus now the attitude toward Lenin Marxism had changed even back in the days of Nikita Khrushchev this was noted. Thus all preparing the atmosphere for this Polish John Paul II., and his vision of turning to the world, meeting world leaders as the head of a system, and a larger state.

Our author tells us that this was a big step forward from the days of Pope Pius XI., for when Adolph Hitler, that 'Nordic Pest' came to visit his friend Mussolini in Rome in 1938. At that time all Vatican buildings were closed and the Pope retired to his Villa at Castile, Gandolfo until Hitler had gone back to Germany.

Today this Pope John Paul II, according to our author, understands the thinking and power of the 'in-house' working of the Papacy and the Vatican. He understands this desire for power and prestige, but he also relies on the authority symbolized by these scarlet 'Keys of this Blood' AND HIS PLACE AS HEAD OF THIS GREGORELIGIOUS, AND GEOPOLITICAL COLOSSUS, AND THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

As he reviews History, this Pope is said to recall that in the years after W.W.II., that the United States of America came into her time of greatness. She produced better things for every sector of life, for the home, the company, the city, the state, and so forth thus producing a nation which became the envy of the nations of the World. The U.S.A. became engaged in the post-war rebuilding of Europe and Japan, and the world scene then moved into the 60's and Television came on the scene in a big way, and American Life was pictured around the world, although sometimes not quite accurately. However as our author describes such things:..It was full tilt toward 'a la Americaine' around the world as the automobile replaced the Camel in Saudi Arabia, and from the Philippines to Glasgow people were installing Wall to Wall carpeting, and then the Computer came on the scene, bringing the good life to a widening world. The old fashioned American entrepreneurship was replaced by the reaching for 'Economic Utopia'.

Then in the real world you were seeing those who had 'made it', along side the hovels of poverty...all over the world. Even in the Philippines, the rich lived comfortably within sight of the Slums where nothing changes. This was what Pope John Paul II was seeing as he turned to the world. And believing as he had been taught that God created all men as 'one family' thus making it a basic right for every one to have what they need for the sustaining of life, and reasonable prosperity and enjoyment, and since God sent his son to die on a Roman Cross then there has to be a way of forgiveness for mankind, because they have offended God's laws about family unity of mankind, and the rights of individuals and groups to their fair share of earth's goods, the Pope feels he must some how change the world.

As he toured the world Pope John Paul II has been pointing out to world leaders that there is a new World Order building, that it contains economic, political, cultural, and sectarian elements. All agree that if a common ground cannot be found for this Globalism, New World Order containing a realism as to the condition FOR ALL PEOPLE then it will end in disaster. Most world leaders have also agree that there must be a religious and moral code to hold this New World Order in place, although some do not agree with the Pope as to his idea of the solution of this problem.

As we came up to the 1980's now Ronald Reagan represented the U.S.A., Gorbachev represented the Soviet Union, and the Pope was looking at a World View of the 'have not' people of this globe. The Trilateral One World Workers had been busy trying to influence all leaders, as they worked out a plan for a United European Common Market as their program for the first step in a 'One World Government'. They were willing for the Catholic religion to be the dominate religious force, although more as an opiate for the people than a ruling force. However the Pope viewed this as just a foot in the door which he planned to push open as he gained his advantage, but then America balked at becoming just a part of a One World, giving up her sovereignty. Seeing that 'Communism' as a scare tactic to be used against the west was no longer working, that the United States under President Reagan was rebuilding her Armed Forces, her prestige and influence around the world which had almost disappeared in the 1970's then Gorbachev issued his Ultimatum at Rechivich, Iceland...and President Reagan said NO.. then the Soviet leader trying to hold on to power began to open the Soviet Union to the outside world and you know the results. The Polish Pope watched all this and made his move to be a part of the picture.

In the mind of Pope John Paul II according to our author, the division of the world into Rich and Poor Nations, was actually like a North and South division. A wealthy few in the poor countries live just the way the rich do in the north, while the rest of the people are very poor. To the Pontiff this is sinful, since ALL PEOPLE ARE BROTHERS. In the mind of the Pontiff there is no difference in the East and the West, because the West has bowed so many times to the Godless Soviet Union.

Let us pause a moment here.....From an Identity point of view the West, the East, and yet the Roman Catholic Church and its Papacy are all under the Unseen control of other powerful men whether they know it or not. In fact would you be surprised if I told you that even the little abortive State of Israeli is also a product of, and under the control of this same force which we have termed THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS.

Yet, as Pope John Paul II looked over Central and South America he then realized how far the Marxist Philosophy had penetrated his church, and he seemed unable to stop it. In fact he saw this in the Northern Christian nations as well, and began planning to have a part in this New One World scheme.

We have outlined for you before as to the identity of the people in Rome and Palestine at the time of Jesus, and the years soon after. We of course do not believe that the Apostles were Jews, although some were caught at that time in the Judaism web as for instance the Apostle Paul. We therefore see this 'Go to all the world' philosophy as an add on to the Roman religion, since it was not in the original scriptures, nor was the idea that Peter was the only Apostle granted the Keys of Salvation, in our understanding of the scriptures. This was only an add on for a foundation for the Papacy and was church introduced, not introduced by YAHSHUA. Peter simply said when asked...'Who do you say that I AM? Thou art YAHWEH our YAHSHUA, Savior, and only the Spirit could have revealed this to him. On this great truth Jesus said that He 'Would build his church'. Thus this became the foundation for Christianity. The Western world, as well as the Roman Catholic Church has been blinded by his idea that Jew and Israel are the same, thus making it easier for the Unseen Hand of Darkness to manipulate both, in the mean time pointing both the Catholic Church and the Protestant World toward a more tolerant view of a global Geopolitical system among all nations. This brought to the front the Humanists and the Mega-religionists.

A Temple of Understanding centered here in the United States referred to as TU has more than 6 thousand names of Nobel Laureates, these are prominent individuals who hail from 62 countries on all five Continents. These people are easily recognized east of Suez as well as west, and always they attend these Mega-religionist gatherings. These were people who called themselves and were also so called by others as..Beautiful People. Our author names a few and we would also name them...such as Yehudi Menuhim, Carlos P. Romulo, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles, Henry R. Luce, George Meany, Pierre Trudeau, ROBERT McNAMARA, JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER IV, Pearl Buck to mention a few. These were people who thought that religion was essential to the comfort of human civilization. But for the sake of Peace, all religions must fuse into ONE Great Religion paying no attention to a racial past, but to a dream of a world Universal Religion, in a World Society Brotherhood, thus this term came into use with the Mega-religionists. Any form of Patriotism was to disappear, and the signs and symbols associated with ancient and not so ancient religions were borrowed and displayed, such as the Peace symbol of Bertrand Russell...a broken cross turned upside down. The Vedanta...sign of the Hindus...a serpent coiling among leaves arranged in the shape of a 6 pointed star was then displayed at Mega-religionists meetings in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and in Detroit Michigan. It seems almost natural to find the Buddhist wheel, with its six spokes representing as many religions..Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Confucianism and even Christianity, and displayed in such places as Mother Teresa's principal house in Calcutta, and in New York's Cathedral at St. John of the Divine.

All New Agers believe there is no reality beyond this world. They also believe that man is an animal evolving on an upward curve of increasing, all inclusive perfecting, that will result very soon in Millennial conditions for all mankind. The New Agers had a site as their center at Findhorn Bay in the North Scottish County of Moray where the Findhorn River empties into the Moray Firth. This spot is to the New Agers as the Vatican is to the Roman Catholics. Other places they claim are the Cliffs of Big Sur in California, the Victoria Falls, between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Garden of Kyoto in Japan, the Shrines of Mandalay in Burma, the Hellfire Club in the Dublin Mountains in Ireland. This New Age Movement has penetrated the Roman Catholic Church, and the Mainline Protestant Churches, former Priests, Bishops, and Laity, as gradually transforming the meaning of Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist, Marriage, Priesthood, turning them all into 'Earth Festivals', turning man's relationship with a loving God into his own earthbound destiny in the Global World to come.

The liberties claimed in the name of the New Age are:...Abortion on demand, Contraception, Divorce, Homosexual marriages and life styles, test tube babies, and totally status education. The Humanists, Mega-religionists and New Agers are all Globalists in mind and geopolitical in intent.

We agree whole heartedly with the thinking on this subject with our author, as we believe he has a good outline as to the events that have been taking place in the world. However we believe this is just some of the signs of the times.

The Genuine Globalists are however above all other groups for they are in the field of World Finance. In 1756 Meyer Amschel Rothchild expressed in a frank and direct way his feelings as such:..'Give me the power to control a nation's money and I care not who writes its laws'. Thus we have the Internationalists and the Transnationalists as well as all these other groups. And these two groups of men work well together. Our author names a few such as George Shultz, Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration. He was considered as a Transnationalist as at one time he was an executive of the Bethel Group Inc. Another name to surface was Armand Hammer who was very comfortable in both worlds. Richard Helms is also mentioned as an Internationalist and was once head of the CIA. The view of these Internationalists and Transnationalists is that they are better equipped to bring mankind to the highest level of evolution. To do this they need:.....

1. International trade.

2. An International money system.

3. Physical security.

If one of these legs is kicked out, the consequence would be dire.

Thus the European Common Market was the vehicle being set in place to accomplish their goal. The IMF (International Money Fund) was established to help this situation, since nations borrowing from this fund would be as thought it was a United Nations fund from its beginning. David Rockefeller once summed up the Transnational point of view as he said:..'We don't really mind what sort of government a country has if they can just pay their bills.' However as you know the poor countries could not pay their bill and those debts were canceled, and now the developed countries... taxpayers have to pick up the tab. Thus one leg of this triad of the Globalists program collapsed, and they have been trying to strengthen it ever since at the expense of the people who have succeeded in building a Great Civilization. We remember how Rockefeller and Co. stressed moving parts of many companies round the world, and this has happened, for instance New York Life Insurance which gathers all claims that have come in during the day, and then sends them by plane to Ireland..3,000 miles away to be processed. A car emerging from a Detroit assembly line can contain parts manufactured elsewhere in the world. So goes it for all big companies, and even banks. It is a World System, and my friends it is already in place.

Education is expected to take its place in this scheme of things by having the same text books used all over the world, replacing those showing the advance of the Western Christian Nations. Good will no longer be colored with moral or religious coloring, it will simply be Global.

Understand...this move for a Global World, which we call a One World Government has been developing for years and years, it is not just a dream of the Bush Administration as we are sometimes led to believe. Numbers of men have been working on this dream for many, many years. If a leader of the pack dies, someone steps into his shoes and on they go.

Looking back to the days of Franklin Roosevelt, we see certain names which are always popping up, some of them are now dead, but this same program goes on. These men work within and without all administrations from Cabinet levels on down, but always in their background is a certain schooling, a training which is not allowed to be forgotten. As we came to the Kennedy Administration one of these men who name always comes to the surface is Robert McNamara, who worked so effectively to disarm the United States. Another name mentioned is Henry Kissinger, who had always worked for these men who are Globalist in their thinking. These men are just cogs in a great machine which uses their wealth to try to bring about their wishes. Their greatest problem we would say is that they do not consider there is a Greater Power. Thus we see them almost able to bring their program to finality, and yet something happens and they get so close, and yet cannot bring everything into focus. After all it has never occurred to them that they cannot win for HE HOLDS THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS. They are working under their theory of evolution and do not recognize the Master of the Universe therefore they struggle on.

According to our author in his book...'The Keys of this Blood'..Pope John Paul II saw four areas or regions of the earth as he faces the Millennium end game when so many are struggling for the power to control at that time as hopefully they build a new structure to house the society of nations in the work of God's salvation for the New Age. He names these as Russia, Mainland China, the United States, and Western Europe. He sees these areas as those from which will come the forces effecting his church he believes, however that no matter what human forces do that God will go right ahead and do what God wants. We could not agree with him more. However the Pope also believes that in his lifetime that there will be a direct intervention by God in these four regions affected by this intervention. The Pontiff believes in a God of Love working to bring the on going drama of human events to God's foregone conclusion. He believes that in these four regions, all the old truths that reigned supreme are being changed, and yes even liquidated.

As to America...the U.S.A., the Pontiff has these thoughts:..Military strength was once a symbol of power. It has been distributed to other nations, and Democracy is now facing great strains in all three branches of government..Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Realignments are being forced that are not just little shifts in the checks and balances. Now the economy of the U.S. which once was such a protection for the people living there depends on the economy of the World around it, thus the people living there are also thus effected. The Propaganda of 'Blame America' has played its part, and although the American Bald Eagle is still the National symbol for high soaring strength, pride, and independent daring, still today the problem in America is that she is no longer a nation 'UNDER GOD'. A wall seems to forbid American's to think and act as a nation under God although that was what originally made her great.

Today we look back at Russia, they had the BEAR, the manmade party state dominated from the Kremlin, and the great areas of Desolation covered with snow. Now the West has to deal with what appears as a very friendly Teddy Bear, who wants to eat our food and he likes us.

In China was the Dragon, the great man-made wall, and the long winding Yellow River. The Dragon has been transformed into reality, the small figure of Deng Xiaoping who from behind the Great Wall is STILL TRYING TO HOLD his people under control of Marxism using Leninist terror. But the Great Wall is no longer a barrier to planes and missiles. The Yellow River still flows but now it moves goods, sees industry move, causing pollution as its future.

In Western Europe the Pontiff sees the greatest change. Where once you saw the Great Gothic spires of their churches, the living symbols of their reality as the Catholic Faith reigned supreme, its identity provided by the Papacy...that Christendom ceased to exist. That Faith that was once the protection of these nations is now dead. It is a mystery to many but this Pope does not tell the world to build their New World Order on this Old Roman Catholic Principle. He does however tell them not to forget Europe's traditions, of civilization and culture.

In the thinking of this Pontiff there is a spiritual blindness today in the West. And now he steps into this gap as a World leader with men at his side to get things done, as the Catholics world showed in obedience in they turned Noriega over to the American Forces. Thus Pope John Paul II as he saw the fall of Communism and Gorbachev trying to become the leader of this so called New World Order, to try to set in place his view of the Catholic belief he was raised in. And he would use the Papacy to play its part, for he is its head. The Pontiff seemed to believe that no one was winning on this drive for the leader of this New World Order, but the Soviet Leader, thus he decided to meet with Gorbachev, just as the Vatican had done with other Soviet Leaders.

Pope John Paul's goal is a Geopolitical structure for the nations of the world, designed and maintained according to the ethical plans and doctrinal outlines of Christianity as taught and propagated by the Pontiff as the earthly Vicar of Christ. He believes that all the conditions of the major players of this drama, will be modified by an act of God. That act will have as its epicenter precisely in that CENTRAL EUROPEAN AREA between the Oder River in the west, and the Caucasus Mountains in the east.

Pope John Paul II considers that he was carrying on Christianities traditions of accepting forced cohabitation with evil, knowing that no New World Order could emerge based on anything other than the Kinship of Christ but in this historical situation he was thinking as he has been schooled... that the worlds difficulties would be effected through the intervention of the Virgin Mary, now called the Queen of Heaven.

Our author tells us that it is widely known that the main personal emphasis in Karol Wojtyla's life has always been, and still is, his personal relationship with Mary, the Mother of Jesus. His personal motto 'Totus Tuus' (Entirely yours) concerns her and memorializes special acts of self-consecration to her which he personally undertook years ago.

According to our author, this Pope is following a timetable established in the Heavens, and the world events will succeed if it conforms to the historical events he ascribes to a Woman he along with millions, venerates under the symbol of her heart, which they call the Immaculate Sinless Heart of Mary.

Now; you know we think along the lines of what we term identity of our people, and we were surprised to read that our author thinks that the remote ancestors of almost all the people now occupying Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals, and in North America as they were called..speaking a mother tongue, the root of all western languages of today. Those people he believes fished, and foraged for food in the Steppe lands between the Caspian and Black Seas on the Northern side of the Caucasus Mountain. It was in that 300 mile long bastion that blocks passage to the fertile plains of the south, what we know as Central Turkey of today and the Mid-East...that all at once these people became food producers, instead of hunters, they practiced crop rotation, stock breeding, and they became a blessing in that society. From this are then Caucasian people spread north into Russia, then Westward, ever westward. By 3000 B.C., whole areas of Slavonic, Teutonic, Celtic, and Italic languages had developed from this original Caucasian tongue.

By 700 A.D., two powerful Slav Kingdoms had emerged. One was centered in the area between modern Poland's two rivers, the Oder, and the Vistula. The other calling itself Russ centered in Kiev. Both were considered integral parts of that 'Europe' from the Atlantic to the Urals which Gorbachev, and Pope John Paul II speak of so passionately and often today. Our author tells us that both these men were a part of that one family about which both speak. From Poland's Oder River to Russia's Dnieper River was considered the traditional homeland of the Slav's.

There is this tradition of Polish folklore which tells that a man named of three brothers of the Piast family, which belonged to the tribe of Polanians, or Polanie, was led by a White Eagle to a place near its nest. At this site called Gniezno...a name meaning 'Nest' or 'Cradle' Lech founded his new Kingdom, and it was ruled for 400 years by the Piast family. As you know, the White Eagle is today Poland's official emblem.

When Pope John Paul II spoke at Gniezno in 1979 he said:..'I greet with veneration the Nest of Piast, the origin of the history of our Motherland, and the Cradle of the Church. We are a people of God claims for his own, all together we form also the Royal Race of the Piasts.

Historical Records reveal that around the year 840 A.D., the leader of the Slav's, a man of Piast family founded his kingdom by joining his Polanians with 5 other tribes and members of that kingdom, and they called themselves Polacy.

To Poland's south lay the Slav Kingdom of Great Moravia, to the east the Duchy of Kiev. To the north the Baltics, and Germans. By the second century Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals, had become Christendom, although divided into two parts. Poland was an open gateway into Russia and into the lands of the west also. It was also the middle ground between Northern and Southern Europe.

From 400 A.D., to 1400 A.D., the Roman Papacy and its church were the fashioners of the Western culture and tradition. It was in 965, however that the King of Poland, the fifth Piast King by the name of Mieszko I., married a Roman Catholic Princess, and this king in 990 A.D., proclaimed the State of Poland a part of the Holy Roman See of Peter, in the person of Pope John XV. And now Poland was firmly lodged in the west, and now Western Europe was also firmly in the hands of the Roman Papacy. Poland's people now considered Rome as the Eternal City on a Hill. During the next 500 years Poland expanded, even crowding their German brethren and they acquired their first National Patron Saint Slanislow.

In 1262...the Piast King granted to the Jews the General Charter of Jewish Liberties, creating a well governed Jewish Nation within Poland, having its own courts based on Talmudic law. In 1364 Krakow University was created. By 1399 the Piast Dynasty came to an end, and Poland after electing several Monarchs went further and from 1569-1795 they brought in the system of a Polish Republic. Then Lithuania and Poland united and were an Island of civilization in a sea of warring people around them.

As religious wars tore at Europe, term Catholic became distinct from Christian. It was the teaching out of Rome concerning God's love of all creatures that predominated, and anti-Semitism was now not allowed. Poles then became aligned with the fixed orientation of Catholic poles to Christ's Salvation...only through Rome. Protestant powers however surrounded Poland, and religious strife was everywhere. In the 1600's Poland’s Army included 40,000 Cossacks. It defeated Russia, it defeated the Teutonic German Knights. But by 1648 the Republic of Poland was invaded and attacked by Swedish invaders. Preserved in this Monastery was the most famous Polish Icon of Mary and the Infant Jesus. It is said to have been painted by St. Luke the Evangelist on a plank originally from a table for Jesus, His mother Mary, and his foster father Joseph, in their home in Nazareth. The right cheek on Mary's face on the icon bears a scar inflicted by a Tatar Saber in 1430. After 40 days of siege at that time, the Swedish Army retired and Jana Gora and the Monastery were never taken.

It was in 1655 when the King of Poland proclaimed Mary to be the Queen of Kingdom of Poland, and now the belief in the promise and protection from Mary grew and has never been denied in Poland. In fact Poland has been described as the New Eve of Mary, the Virgin Mother of Jesus whom the Poles worship as God, creator, and Redeemer.

Our author also tells us that at the basis of this Veneration of Mary is the Roman Catholic certainty that to know Jesus is to love HIM. Mary has always thus held a sacred position in the Catholic religion. They believe that Mary as her earthly life ended was transformed body and soul to the Heavens of her Son's Glory, and there she occupies a special position as Queen of Heaven.

In an area of several square miles between Wadowice, where much later Karol Wojtyla would be born, and Krakow where he lived and studied, and was ordained a Priest and served as Palatine Cardinal Archbishop...a remarkable project was begun. Within two generations that are marked by 4 hills and known as Kalwaria, Zebrzydowska there was built monuments, houses, churches, chapels, shrines, walks, trails, and roads that reproduced the main events in the life of Jesus and His associates. Here was His birthplace at Jerusalem, His home in Nazareth, the Ancient Jerusalem which witnessed His preaching, passion, death and resurrection, and the founding of His church. There also dwarfing the reproductions of Mount Zion, Mount Moriah, and the Mount of Olives stands the Basilica dedicated to Mary as the Angelic Mother. There every year at Easter the celebration of the assumption is carried on, symbolizing the taking of the body of Mary, the whole person, body and soul into her Son's Eternal heaven is celebrated. Since Jesus chose Mary as His earthly mother therefore the Poles made their pact also in 1655.

We thought this bit of history perhaps would help you to understand the thinking of this Present Pope of Rome. It was these three Pacts Polishness...the Piast Pact with the Holy See, the Pact with the Roman Catholic Primate of Poland at the Interrex, the Pact with Mary as Queen of Poland which perhaps will explain the feeling of Karol Wojtyla who became Pope John Paul II., and now wants to be the leader of this New World Order he envisions as being built.

As you will remember a newly elected Pope as was the custom always held both hands together, at the level of the breastbone, palm on palm, fingers on fingers, thumbs crossed. This is the normal Roman Catholic gesture of prayer and Divine worship, but...Karol Wojtyla's hands were closed in fists, and his right forearm was laid over the left, thus forming a Cross on his Chest, a fist almost touching both the right and the left shoulders. This was the Polish Pope...this symbol had been seen in the east many times in the past. Do you recognize it??

As you now see...Pope John Paul II., has had the training for his belief of this role which Mary, the mother of Jesus is to play one day in bringing into existence the Geopolitical structure he has made his goal. Remember that he believes that God through Mary has already forewarned the nations and predicted that Geopolitical outcome.

This Pope cannot get away from his training and beliefs which were born and bred in him. The Polish College in Rome trained the Priests for the teachers of this Polish Priest. And now this Pope with the World Vision that his Church and the Papacy must play a part in this New World Order, then envisions that Poland will be compensated for what has happened to her as a nation. All of his turning to the Communists was for him only a matter of gaining time until once more from the Atlantic to the Urals the Catholic Faith and the Ruling Papacy would govern, but also Mary was now to be recognized as a Geopolitical element in Christian Salvation.

We thus come up to May 1981 when two bullets were aimed at Pope John Paul's head, but missed their target as he bent down to greet a little girl who had a picture of Mary pinned to her blouse. He had however taken another bullet, and was rushed to the wrong hospital, and was given transfusions of tainted blood, adding to the body wounds the complications of hepatitis, but he survived. However at that time not able to exercise any effective direction of Polish affairs Pope John Paul II turned to Prayer, and to Mary as the Lady of Fatima, now she would save Poland.

It was in this time of his illness that Pope John Paul II is said to have had his vision of things to come. It is said to be the same as if he had been present at Fatima, around mid-day October 13, 1917. What those who were present and recorded that time in 1917 is said to be what John Paul II saw in the skies of Lazio above the Hills of Rome in August of 1981.

Perhaps we should just review the Fatima experience for some who have forgotten what was published at that time. At Fatima in 1917., a brother and sister, 9 and 7 years of age, and their 10 year old Cousin were herding the sheep which belonged to their families. These children claim that beginning...May 13, 1917..the Virgin Mary appeared to them at a particular spot called Cova da Iria in the neighborhood of the sheep pasture. She told them she had an important message for all the nations, and all men and women. After coming to see her each 13th., day of the months she would on October 13th, the Power of God...perform a miracle in order to substantiate the authenticity, and vital importance of her message.

As news of this appearance spread over the Christian world, then a throng of People gathered on October 13th. This is what was reported to have happened on that rained all that night on Friday, October 12. and was still raining on the morning of the 13th. This was a driving rain and everyone and everything was a sodden mess, where the children, their families and all the people waited. Toward mid-day the oldest child cried:. ..'Look up at the Sun'. The rain had stopped, the clouds broke and the sun which you could not ordinarily look at, was not what they saw. Instead this sun was a fast spinning plate of brightly shining silver, a giant pinwheel turning on its own axis, casting off beams of colored lights, red, orange, green, indigo, and violet, which tinted faces, clothes and everything on that mountain top, and horizon in all the colors of the rainbow. All were able to view this rim of color around this spinning disk of that sun. At first a deep red was the rim color then it changed to all the colors of the rainbow. This 'Dance of the SUN' lasted two or three minutes. Then the sun roamed back and forth among the clouds, sometimes disappearing, then reappearing and spinning once more then back into the clouds.

The third part of this exotic dance came when the roaming stopped. The disk was stationary for a while and seemed to look as though trembling as it rotated on its axis. Then all of a sudden it came hurtling in zigzag fashion toward earth, toward the faces of those people looking upward. On it came, and fear began to grow as the sun seemed to come hurtling closer and closer. People cried out in fear, but the three children said:..'Pray, and Pray hard, everything is going to be alright'.

Finally this disk halted its path and went back into the clouds, the people could no longer look at the sun because of its brightness which was normal, but the wind began to blow with great force, and yet...not a leaf on the trees moved, and where there had been water and mud, now the ground was all dry and even dusty. The clothing on the people who had been so wet and muddy was now as if they had been through a laundry.

Now; the three children had said that Mary had given them 3 messages:.. the first two:..Put the church and all men on notice that the world as a whole was following the path of sin, along which a multitude were being led to Eternal Punishment in Hell. And the second was the prediction about the outbreak of W.W.II. Mary also spoke about Russia and asked that the Pope and Bishops of the church consecrate Russia in an especially solemn manner to her. If this was not done then Russia would spread error and evil throughout the world and many people would suffer and die as a consequence.

The third message still remains officially a secret. It was to remain until 1960 before it was opened, and was sealed by Vatican orders. When it was opened at that time, the Pope didn't think it had any meaning for him and he put it back in the box. This the next Pope did as well, and then we come up to the time of Pope John Paul II, and as he became Pope, then he opened the box, took out the envelope, but like his predecessors decided there was nothing to be done in late 1978, so he put it back in the box. This third secret was not known to many, but our author outlined it in his book, and this is what he reports:...This third secret covers 3 topics:..

A physical chastisement of the nations, involving catastrophes, man- made or natural, on land, on water, and in the atmosphere.

A spiritual chastisement far more frightening and distressing, especially for Roman Catholics, than physical hardship since it would consist of the disappearance of religious beliefs, a period of widespread un-faith in many countries, a central function of Russia in the two preceding series of events. In fact the physical and spiritual chastisements, according to Lucia's letter, are to be gridded on a fateful timetable in which Russia was the rachet.

The chastisement meant to punish the nations for their ungodliness, and abandonment of God's law, could be averted if two requests of Mary were granted. On that the Pope of 1960 would publish these three secrets for all the world to read. And second., that this Pope with all his Bishops acting together would Consecrate Russia to Mary, for Russia according to the text of the third secret was the regulator of the Timetable. If these two basic requests were satisfied the two chastisements both physical and spiritual would not be inflicted on mankind, and Russia would be converted to religious belief, and a period of Peace and Prosperity.

If the requests were denied, then Russia would spread her error through all nations, and millions would die. True Faith would diminish widespread corruption would even effect the church. However in the end there would be a restoration of faith and tolerable living conditions.

As John Paul II was convalescing again he read this message, and of course realized that the chastisement pictured was in full swing. Heresy was at work, morals had fallen, divorce was rampant, contraception was being advocated, and he believed that the Fatima timetable was now running fast. But by Prayer and Rosary he believed that things could be made better, and he said no more, not wanting to encourage the Soviet Union to make matters worse. The Pope now called in those who knew more about the events at Fatima, and as things grew worse in Poland he made the plans to carry out the Fatima message:...'Russia was to be consecrated to Mary, so that the chastisement would cease and the world enjoy peace.

Thus now the Pope sees a grand design...a unity of Nations. He sees the One World Government of the Globalists falling and after that he..The Servant of the Grand Design..will rise to his mission. He thus is waiting for the sign..from the sun..and on that day he believes that it will be as the Glory of the Woman whom the Apostle describes as 'Clothed with the sun' and giving birth to a child who will rule the nations, with a scepter of iron. At that time then the watching and waiting for this Pope will be over and his ministry as the servant of the Grand Design will begin.

Only one of the world's Globalists appealed to Pope John Paul II and that man was Mikhail Gorbachev, with his opening so that a Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals could be brought into view. And this was supposed to bring about this united Europe by 1992.

The Roman Catholic Pope, called the Polish Pope, does not quite know when this vision will come, and his ministry start, but he believe it will start in the area of Central and Eastern Europe. We would say he probably expects it to happen in Poland, for this is the land of his birth, and here he received all of his training as a Priest, and for the Papacy.

In summary then we would like to state that in our view we have a different understanding of the Bible, and we believe it became changed in the Roman Catholic Church when the enemy entered, early, and began to change doctrine. We see this quotation:..'The Woman Clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of 12 stars, and she being with Child cried, travailing in birth and pained to be delivered' (Revelation 12:1-2) as speaking in symbolism as much of the Bible does, talking about The Israel of God, the story of the Building of God's Kingdom in earth, as outlined throughout the scripture. When you advance to World Brotherhood you loose sight of the fact that the Bible story is actually a racial story, and the rest of this 12th., chapter helps bring out the rest of the symbolized story.

We see the events at this end of the age as being described by Ezra in the II Book of Esdras., chapter 11 as he describes the Three Heads of this Eagle or Great Power which is reserved for the last (of the age). in our view this was the Soviet Union, the United States with the western Christian World, and the Papacy and Vatican and all it represents. As Ezra continues his story you could see the nations that rose, and then disappeared from the scene, and then came the fall of Communism and the Soviet Union and the middle head is gone leaving only two, one on the right and one on the left. Since this is a battle for the faith of our people, then the Right would hold those believing the Bible story of the Building of a Kingdom in earth. We do not find this belief as such outlined in the vision of the Pope. We believe that this Millennium rule will bring forth the True Faith of our people. All error will disappear, and there will be only One High Priest...King of Kings, and He will rule, we of His Kingdom working under His guidance. We will need no one else to point this out since we will all think as HE thinks. Thus we have a different view of what this Millennium rule will consist of, and as we read through the old books we seem to find the confirmation of our beliefs. As Ezra said so long ago:... He looked and the 'head on the RIGHT devoured the one on the left'., thus only one Head remained (II Esdras 11:35).

Here today June 15, 1992., we find that a crack in this dream of a United Europe came on June 2, 1992., as the Danes voted not to go along with that treaty sealing all of Europe into a United Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals. And now other western nations are thinking of rethinking this great program. The Earth Summit is also finished, and altho the Press gave the U.S. the black eye for not racing to sign on to a World Vision, still it is admitted that the U.S. is first in the world in environmental clean up, still that was not enough for the Globalists dupes, since the program still calls for the collapse of the United States from its place as the Last Great Nation of God's Kingdom. People should not be carried away by the many stories are coming out, and by whom are they peddled? We are in an election year that is unprecedented, with a drive by a Billionaire to destroy the Presidency of these United States so that it will be easier to join us to a One World Government. Do not be distracted by all the Propaganda, just study to find out what is happening and why. Hang on to your Faith and plan through this mess and remember that what God planned is coming to pass.

In this message we have tried to give you an outline as we see it to what has gone on, and why we are in the situation where we find ourselves today. Our advice is as always...stay in the Buggy, button your seat-belt, for we are going through, and a better day is on the horizon.