ERM - Tape 122 - The Blood Covenant


TAPE NO. 122.....By Ella Rose Mast


From the Book of the same name and my understanding

More we see that turning to what is termed today as 'Ancient History', that we renew our FAITH, handed down from father to son through the many generations. From this study of Ancient History you cannot get away from the fact that there were a people called 'The Israel of God', who were in earth for the definite purpose of building God's Kingdom in earth. You also cannot escape the fact that as these people worked for the purpose of the Kingdom, then God's blessings flowed to them. When they turned to follow the path of the people of the World Order around them, they then lost those blessings and were chastised. This also we see today as these Children of the Kingdom try to make so called Peace Treaties with the Children of Darkness, and then wonder why our world is in chaos. Our people seem to have lost the knowledge that the Kingdom rule is to be in earth, here among surroundings with which we are familiar, with the unnatural things which do not fit in the Kingdom Administration finally removed.

By this leaving of the natural laws of God, forgetting their Divine purpose, by substituting man-made laws we have brought our world into chaos. Every day our enemies try to draw us further and further from the Divine program, and we are thus reaping the results. However, the original plan for the Administration of God will produce conditions which will attract the people of the Nations to the Children of Light, when even the world order will be free of the rule of Lucifer and his children.

Our author, H. Clay Trumbull spent the first part of his book pointing out what we term the World Order understanding of the Covenant really is. He points out the Satanic teaching and use of this idea of a Blood Covenant although he does not term it satanic as I have. He however calls attention to the actions of the Baal Priests as they would cut themselves as their way of understanding this 'Blood Covenant'. He pointed out this practice of cutting the heart out of a victim, and then drinking the blood, and so forth which the Spaniards found as they came into Central America. He pointed out that the practice of Cannibalism was found in different parts of the world. This also brought to mind that..EVERY ERROR IS BASED ON SOME TRUTH WHICH IS MISUNDERSTOOD.

Our author seems to have no idea that those of the Adamic race, here in our world today are the seed of Abraham, through Isaac and Jacob, and that we are to build God's Kingdom in earth. For this review of the 'Blood Covenant' we will do this review from an Israelite point of view. We have mentioned many times that there is a symbolism which must be understood before the meaning of scripture can be discerned. This is also true of this all important 'Blood Covenant', which YAHWEH made with Abraham, and his seed through Isaac, which we are told in many places is an EVERLASTING COVENANT.

Again in the New Testament we are told as to who these Children of the Covenant really are...(Acts 3:25), who the covenant pertains to..(Romans 9) and that this is a better covenant...thus the new covenant (Hebrews 8:6), that YAHSHUA (Jesus) is the Mediator of this covenant (Hebrews 12:24), and again that this is an Everlasting Covenant (Hebrews 13:20).

Going back once more into history we find that when the 'Israel' of scripture was in great danger of their race being wiped out, the tendency was to form what was called a 'blood clan' for protection. This was simply men of this same blood line banding together to protect those of Israel who were in danger. We saw this was done in the days of King David, and again in the days of Solomon. This was even done for the child of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, so as to form a court for this son. In this manner that blood line was maintained for years in Ethiopia, before a king finally violated the Divine law, and selected a black woman for a Queen. The race in that area then tried to correct this violation, but that lineage eventually ended.

In the time of Jesus we saw this forming of a 'Blood Clan'. Barabbas was the leader of this group who were trying to help the Israelites still in that old land. These men would also have protected Jesus if this had been in the plan. We would suggest that for more information you read the booklet by Dr. Swift entitled:..'The Blue Tunic Army.'

When considering this topic we suggest that the understanding of this subject can not be obtained unless you go back in history, and back further even than Adam and Eve of scripture. We believe that you must go back into the heavens, into the world of spirit, to the conditions that brought about the rebellion of Lucifer that Archangel. We have outlined that rebellion for you in other places in this tape series, but we believe that this must be understood before you can today come to a proper understanding of this all important...Everlasting Covenant made with Israel.

Perhaps one of the least understood, and yet the most important factors of this story for the appreciation of the covenants found in scripture, as well as this covenant relationship which YAHWEH had with His children now in physical earth is this concept of this 'Blood Covenant'.

A gentleman by the name of Audrey Murray had this to say many years ago: ..(quote) 'If we were to but grasp the full knowledge of what God desires to do for us, and we understood the nature of His promises, it would make this 'Blood Covenant' the very Gate of Heaven.' (Unquote)

'Now the God of Peace (spirit of understanding) that brought again from the dead that body of the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, through the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant, make you perfect in every good work to do His will.' (Hebrews 13:20-21)

WHERE THEN WOULD YOU SAY THAT THIS COVENANT ORIGINATED? Where did it come from? We believe that it could have only come from the realm of Spirit which saw the jealous reaction of a Created Archangel when it was acknowledged that YAHWEH had Children of Spirit who would do their part in the administration of the Universe. We have outlined for you before how this jealousy led to rebellion, and that finally this rebellious Archangel, now as Satan, and his hosts who rebelled with him were confined to earths atmosphere. Here the battle was to be fought until this rebellion would be brought under control. Thus this Everlasting Covenant became a Blood Covenant as the Children of the Kingdom of Heaven, came into physical bodies containing blood which was necessary for life here in the Physical world. Blood thus signified Life, not death, however with the catastrophe which Lucifer wrought here in earth, then YAHWEH must fulfill His promises to those of the World Order caught in Satans trap, that He would send His Children of Spirit into earth in physical bodies, containing blood, thus making it possible for them to live here in this physical world where eventually this rebellion was to be stopped, after the whole Universe has seen the 'playing out of this great drama...GOOD VS. EVIL'.

The fall of Adam and Eve thus brought about the symbolism of a reaching back for communion between YAHWEH and His children now in earth. The blood from a mutually accepted Symbolic SUBSTITUTE sacrifice would now be called for until the TIME OF THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE, when YAHWEH as YAHSHUA came as Savior to redeem His people, and eventually through them the people of the World Order, from the results of this ALLOWED REBELLION.

As YAHWEH came into the Garden and called to Adam and Eve after their violation of law, He then instituted this Symbolic Substitute Sacrifice, this symbol of hoped for communication, and eventual union with YAHWEH which they had lost in their violation of law. Sheep then became the symbol for His children, as He clothed Adam and Eve in this symbol after stripping off of them the symbol of the Fig Leaf, a symbol of their fall, and He then set these two of His Race back once more on the path of His purpose, which was this building of His Kingdom here in physical earth. This Symbolic, substitute sacrifice would now be a bond between His children in earth, and the Divine realm of Spirit until time for the REAL SACRIFICE.

As Cain and Abel brought their sacrifice's we find that Abel who was a son of Adam and Eve and thus had the capacity to understand this program of YAHWEH, which his parents had taught him, would in reaching for this Communion with YAHWEH would bring the Acceptable sacrifice...a sheep. Whereas Cain the son of Eve and Lucifer although taught by Adam and Eve would not understand and he brought the offering of the fruit of the World Order. Abel thus had some concept of the program of YAHWEH, whereas Cain, being who he was would not have that understanding and would always be in rebellion. Abel was reaching back toward YAHWEH with his Substitute blood sacrifice, in order to be in Covenant Oneness with YAHWEH, thus showing unbounded faith, thus Abel was considered as being Righteous (right thinking). Cain because of his teaching by Adam and Eve made a gesture by bringing a sacrifice, but because of his breeding, his nature, he would not understand this connecting Substitute offering. With Abel this sacrifice was a symbol as though he was presenting himself as a gift, but with Cain this was not the case. Later Cain would slay Abel and the spilled blood was termed as 'Crying out' to the Divine author of this program, and the blood was counted as Life.

We remember that as Noah and his family came out of the Ark, the first thing Noah did was to offer himself and his family in a Blood Covenant with YAHWEH. Noah built an Altar unto YAHWEH, and took of every clean beast and every clean fowl, and offered his substitute sacrifice which was acknowledged as acceptable, and YAHWEH acknowledged this Blood Covenant with Noah and his family. Always we find this warning that the flesh with the life thereof...meaning the blood...'Ye shall not eat'. (Genesis 9:4)

As the Adamites started their migrations in physical life we find that they were always reaching out for this restored communion with their Father and God. This hope which runs through their ritual of sacrifice was a yearning for this Divine-Human inter union. They signified by the Blood Sacrifice that they knew they were separated from their Father and former life, but they also believed that later they would become once more as ONE. Thus blood which is life gives this possibility of inter-union, a desire, a readiness for this re-connection. Both the substitute body, and the substitute blood of that body were offered on those altars as a surrender, a consecration of His children here in earth, looking forward to the redemption, and yes even eventually....going home.

As we come to the Patriarch Abraham in our story, again we hear the Covenant speak as Abraham is called:...'the Friend of God'. (Isaiah 41:8) and (James 2:23) In the whole of the Old Testament only Abraham was called 'A Friend of God'. But we also remember that Abraham is of this blood line, from Adam through the lineage of Noah who was under this Friendship Covenant. Thus this Blood Covenant (circumcision) was now with the man of God from whom would come Isaac, and Jacob, to carry forward the building of YAHWEH'S Kingdom in earth.

"This is my Covenant, which ye shall keep, between ME, and you, and thy seed after thee, every male among you shall be circumcised, ye shall be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskin, and it shall be a token of a covenant betwixt ME and you." (Genesis 17:10-11) This Blood Covenant of friendship..kinship was consummated by the giving of personal blood at the very source of paternity...'under the girdle'. Therefore Abraham would be pledging himself to YAHWEH, and not only that but also those who would come after him in this line of natural descent...'In Isaac shall thy seed be called.' 'This Covenant shall be in your flesh for an Everlasting Covenant.' (Genesis 17:13) Abraham then being circumcised would thence forward bare in his flesh the evidence that he had entered into this Covenant with Almighty YAHWEH.

Not understanding this blood covenant ritual which belonged to the children of the kingdom, has caused many, altho trying to imitate, still not knowing how or what the meaning of the Covenant really was to make many errors, and follow after the wrong god.

In the Mosaic instructions the drinking of blood was forbidden to anyone who would enter into a Covenant with YAHWEH, not even the tasting of the blood was allowed. The person who was carrying out this ritual was simply looking the Ultimate sharing of the Divine Nature. They were just enjoying a symbolic inter-communion with YAHWEH, by partaking of this offering at the Table of God, for that sacrificed offering could bring only the High Priest, himself...once a year to the Holy of Holies, to the place of the Mercy Seat. This was to signify that the blood of sheep and goats cannot be a means of bringing Israelite inter-union with YAHWEH, this was simply to signify a wishing for it. Only by Faith could an Israelite obtain this...and such a one as Abraham called:..'A Friend of God' was listed as Righteous because of his Faith. It was not the formal surrender of a bit of flesh, or a few drops of blood in Ceremonial devotedness to YAHWEH, since you must realize that symbols themselves will not be enough. There was in this symbolism however the complete surrender of the whole life of the individual who was portrayed as being in Covenant with YAHWEH.

"Behold! the heaven, and the heaven of heavens is the LORD'S, thy God's, the earth also with all that there is in it. Only the LORD had a delight in thy fathers to love them, and HE CHOSE their seed after them, even you above all people, as it is this day.

Circumcise therefore the foreskin of thy heart, and be no more stiff necked" (unbending). (Deuteronomy 10:14-16)

At Mount Sinai when YAHWEH covenanted with Israel, a common supply of SUBSTITUTE blood was offered by Israel, and accepted by YAHWEH. Moses then took the blood of the sacrifice and put it into two basins. He then sprinkled 1/2 of the blood upon the altar, and the other 1/2 he cast to- ward the Israelites gathered there. Moses then took the Book (containing the record of the Covenant) and said:..."Behold! the Blood of the Covenant" and placed it in a type of casket, here called 'The Ark of the Covenant'. The Israelites then carried this casket with them always. Later it was toward the Mercy Seat, in the Holy of Holies that the High Priest would bring this symbolic blood of atonement for Israel. They were looking for new life in this symbolism of the Mosaic ritual, they were looking for a Supreme renewal of that Covenant by their High Priest, and after cleansing himself, the High Priest would go to the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, for all Israel.

Always in history we find substitute symbols marking these people of the Blood Covenant. One of those symbols was a RED THREAD. You will remember that Joshua gave a Red Thread to Rahab, a Red Thread which signified they were both Israelites. Remember also that as the twins of Tamar and Judah were being born, that a red thread was tied to the foot of one of the twins showing that this one had a special mission for Israel. At times you saw arm bands, or bracelets being worn to mark a person of the covenant. King Saul wore such an arm band and it was brought to David at the death of King Saul. (II Samuel 1:16)

Jonathan, the son of King Saul and David were great friends. Both young men were very aware that the Life (Spirit) of YAHWEH, and the Life (Blood) of the Israelites made them sharer's of YAHWEH'S nature. In this outreaching of Israel toward, their God, for this privilege of inter-union, they understood that as they poured out the blood of the ACCEPTABLE Sacrifice, and then would partake of the flesh of the sacrifice, that in symbolism they were sharing the life and nourishment of Deity. Thus when this news was brought to David of the death of Jonathan then David went into mourning. The struggle for the survival of Israel in those days had gone on year after year, but it had also brought them closer to their God.

The incident of Zipporah and Moses over the circumcision of their son has caused even theologians to go astray. However there did come a time when Moses was so busy trying to keep the Israelites on a beaten path, that he neglected his own family, and he was then brought to a sudden halt and made to realize that he was not in this case following the commands of YAHWEH. Zipporah also realized they were being cut off from a further share in YAHWEH'S Covenant plans for the descendants of Abraham because of their failure to conform to their obligations in the rite of the Covenant with Abraham. This resulted in Zipporah taking a flint and cutting off the foreskin of her son and casting it, or made it to touch the feet of Moses, since Moses was the one who should have done this. Zipporah is recorded as saying:..."Surely a bridegroom of blood (one through blood) art thou to me." With this act then Moses was considered now true to the covenant made with Abraham. Now Moses was safe within the bounds of this Covenant. The Hebrew word translated...'Bridegroom' has as its root meaning...binding through severing, the covenanting by blood. (Exodus 4:25-26) In the old records Zipporah is recorded as saying:.."By the blood of this Circumcision, a blood won relationship is given unto us." In otherwords, if this blood of the Circumcision had not been given to them they would have died without this coveted relationship. It was as if Zipporah had said:...'We are now newly covenanted to each other, and to YAHWEH by blood, whereas but for this we would have been without the Covenant, and no longer could Moses have led the Children of Israel.

As we come to the time of Jesus we remember that the physical body for YAHWEH, as YAHSHUA, Savior to dwell in was of the seed of Abraham, in the fulfillment of the promise. He was also termed:..."The Lamb without spot or blemish". Thus this symbolic route was taken so as to establish the REAL SACRIFICE.

The Apostle John tells us (6:63) that the words which YAHSHUA SPOKE ARE BOTH SPIRIT AND LIFE, (thus both heaven and earth). This Divine inter-union ,or this Divine-human inter communication is of Spirit and can only be Spiritually understood, or discerned. We see that the Disciples did not understand as they asked:.."How can He give us of his flesh to eat?" (John 6:60)...They were saying who can understand this?

The coming of YAHSHUA from symbolism and prophecy to reality and fruition as David's Greater Son was hard for even the Disciples to understand. You will remember that Jesus, Himself, was also circumcised, and later in the Garden of Gethsemane he shed great drops of blood, thus making it possible for Him to take on the sins and needs of not only His children, but also those of the whole world. So burdened was the heart and soul of the Savior that the very life was being forced out of HIS Breaking Heart. He no doubt was thinking of His Children here in the earth, for He knew of their longing for union once more with HIM. He knew that their earthly thinking prohibited them to understand some of His words. He knew how they were suffering and of their trying, with many failures, to follow the path laid out for them through this Covenant of Blood. He was also thinking of the sins of the World Order caused by this Rebellious Archangel whom HE, Himself, had allowed to rebel, FOR A PURPOSE. There in the Garden the Savior as a 'Spotless Lamb' without sin or blemish, thus sweat great drops of blood. (Luke 22:44)

Now; YAHSHUA had given of His blood in the Covenant rite of circumcision, and in this agony of intercessory suffering in the Garden we remember that the Cry down through the Ages has been:.."By the Mystery of thy Incarnation, by thy Holy Nativity, and Circumcision, by thy agony and sweat of blood in the Garden...YAHWEH-YAHSHUA deliver us."

We also remember that as He sat at the Passover table, that He took bread and blessed it, and broke it, and gave it to His Disciples saying:.. "Take and eat, this is my body. Do this in remembrance of me". And the Cup, in like manner as after the supper (Luke 22:19-20) He gave the Disciples the cup and said:..."Drink ye all of this for it is my blood of the Covenant." (Matthew 26:27-28) and (Mark 14-23). Here then at the Passover (Communion) feast, in partaking of the flesh of the fitting and acceptable sacrifice (a lamb) toward which all rites and symbols, all heart yearnings and inspired prophecy had pointed, in all ages here was the Blood Covenant in action, and Israel was now participating in the blessings of His Table.

YAHSHUA would also call His Disciples His friends, and we find then recorded:..."Greater love hath no man than this, that He lay down His life for his friend." Here then we find the Disciples also covered by the covenant of Blood Friendship as was David and Jonathan so long before them. But a Covenant to give one's's Life for the saving of another, cannot be consummated without the death of the ONE who established the Covenant. (John 17:1-14..II Timothy 1:10...and Hebrews 9:16-17) Thus we remember YAHSHUA saying:.."I came that they may have life and have it abundantly"..."I lay down my life for the Sheep." And again:.."I am the living bread which came down out of heaven; if any man eat of this bread he shall Live forever; yea, and the bread which I give is my flesh, for the life of the world." (John 6:51) "For my flesh...the physical body is meat (understanding) indeed, any my blood is drink indeed." (John 6:55) Thus once again such a covenant as this could be in force ONLY through the death of HIM who pledges it.

We know that this promise of this covenant..CUP, at the covenant feast (Passover) was made good on Calvary. The Pierced hands and feet (and side) yielded their life given stream. Then came the final CRY:.."It is finished" ..the very heart of the self surrendered Sacrificial ONE was broken, the life of this son (embodiment) who was the seed of Abraham was poured out in death in order that all might become sharers of this reviving, and saving Power. He who was without sin had received the 'Wages of Sin' onto His body making it necessary that only through death could He supply that Life which would redeem them from the penalty of sin, wherein they had earned Death as the wages of Sin. He who in Himself, had Everlasting Life, laid down his life so that those of His Kingdom might become partakers through Faith, in the bounds and blessings of an Everlasting Covenant. Thus this long symbolized Blood Covenant of His Kingdom family (race) was made a Reality.

Under the symbolic sacrifices of the Old Testament (covenant) it was the blood which made atonement, at that time it was not the death of the victim or the broken body, but the BLOOD...called the Life thereof, that became the means of the soul's ransom or redemption. For it was recorded that:... "The life of the flesh is in the Blood," and the Israelites were instructed this way. YAHWEH thus gave it to Israel upon the altar, to make atonement, to be a substitute for their sins.

In the New Covenant (Testament) it is the same:..atonement, salvation, rescue, redemption is by the blood, the Life of YAHSHUA. It is by the Blood given at the cost of His broken body, by His death. By this shedding of His Blood, since He Himself was without sin, a New Life is made possible...BY FAITH.

Writing to the Israelites the Apostle John records:.."These thing have I written unto you, that ye may know ye have Eternal Life, even unto you that believe on the name of the son (embodiment), and that believing ye may have Life in HIS NAME."

Thus loving us so much, he died for us. Since we were separated from Him for violation of law, He then yielded His physical body to death as a means of our once more inter-union with HIM.

We are now justified by His Blood. We are once more in contact with Him by HIS Blood, and now saved from His wrath against sin, and through Him we have Eternal Life.

Now by FAITH awe can enter into the Divine Human Covenant, able to say:....I have been Crucified with The Christ, yet I live, and now The Christ lives in me. This life I live here in the flesh, I live in Faith, and his Faith is centered in YAHSHUA, this embodiment of YAHWEH who loves me, and who gave Himself up for me and you.

No longer is their a barrier between this yearning, loving, trusting heart and the Mercy Seat of reconciliation in the presence of YAHSHUA. We who share the body and blood of the Christ by FAITH, are ONE with HIM in all the privileges of His embodiment. By this ONE offering He has completed our right to be sharing with HIM forever. Those who are HIS are consecrated to HIM.

No longer necessary is an altar of sacrifice, now a table of communion is where we share the presence of HIM in whom we have Life, by the Blood of the Everlasting sacrifice. Now this God of Peace (Understanding) who brought again, from the dead, the Great Shepherd of the means of the blood of the Everlasting Covenant...this one Our LORD..Jesus The Christ ...makes us complete so that we can do His will in all things pleasing in His sight. In the world today many times people are led to believe that this connection between you and The Christ is only open to the Priests, or Ministers, that 'you must go through them' yet to reach YAHSHUA, but this is a misnomer, He said:..."I stand at the Door and Knock", so open the door.

In the Ancient Biblical teachings the Covenant of Bread and the Covenant of Blood were thought of as two distinct covenants. The Covenant of Bread being temporary, whereas the Covenant of Blood was permanent. The first secures the true, and the second the vital union with YAHSHUA, symbolically the Covenant of Bread gave nourishment, whereas the Covenant of Blood gave life. The Covenant of Bread brought one into family or tribal relationship with HE who offered it. The Covenant of Blood was personal, and individual. In the Semite (Israelite) world the blood or life (wine) of the grapes became a symbol of this Blood Covenant. So it is even in our day, as we find the bread and the wine on the Communion Table.

As we have followed the migrating Israelites in their Destiny, in their movement into the west to establish the Western Christian Nations, we saw how this idea of a relationship with Deity still persisted in their customs and traditions. In all their culture you saw this yearning for this re-connection under their idea of an Everlasting covenant. They carried their scriptures as they became available to people, and they would read:.."This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the LORD, I will put MY Laws in to their hearts, and in their minds will I write them; And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more" (Hebrews 10:16-17). We also see the effect on the people of the World Order, under the bondage of Luciferian, as in their inner being still they also yearn for the Manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom, so as to move themselves back on the road of Redemption. Perhaps they do not understand this program of God because they have not been told, or taught to think this way, but still you see the trying to get close to a savior on the part of these people.

Our author believes that it was from the Semites, who we say were the true Israelites (or sons of Adam) wherein these various types of sacrifice were derived. It was also from misunderstanding the program of Almighty God which led them into following the teaching and examples of Lucifer which our author was able to trace, as occurring all over the world. The practice of drinking blood, and of human sacrifice, of cannibalism, all are opposite teachings from this Eternal Covenant which was given only to Israel, here in their blood bearing bodies. We saw also men who should know better trying to become blood brothers with the tribes of Africa. This was not the teachings of Ancient Israel, this is man made practice, of so called brotherhood which was not found in the Ancient teachings.

Misunderstanding of these Ancient symbols and rites given for a guidance pattern for the Children of Israel, the Children of the Kingdom is now seen in the Jews, for they drink the blood, and use it in their baking of special foods, for special occasions. This was forbidden for Ancient Israel, but today this is forgotten as these people are now called the Israel of the Book. According to our author some Rabbi's say that not every Israelite is a Jew. Only those who have two witnesses....the sign of circumcision, and the Phylactery (a small square box containing a thin strip of parchment upon which certain texts from the law are written, worn by pious Jews upon the forehead and left wrists during prayer) because these were signs given to Moses and Abraham...only these are true Jews. But again they are not reading the signs correctly, for the arm-band or bracelet was what some Israelites wore. By their blindness and Misunderstanding of symbols, they fail to advance, and to see the complete story of the symbols and signs in this Greater Son of David. 'Not being of His sheep' as Jesus told them while He stood in old Judea, they would not understand His words thus they would not accept HIM, and do not to this day. They are still looking for a Messiah, whereas ours arrived almost 2000 years ago. The Christian West proclaims an empty tomb, a risen Christ, and are looking for a Resurrection Day in the Commemoration of Our Faith. At the same time we are being taught that the Jews are God's chosen people and must go back to old Palestine, and we should help them take that old land,..our inheritance ..from the Arabs who were given permission to live there. Yet we are the ones who have this Eternal Covenant, which YAHSHUA sealed with HIS BLOOD, which is actually God's Program for the Restoration, Redemption, not only of His Kingdom people, but after them, in due time the restitution of all things such as the restoring of a Universe in which all things are then back in rightful orbit as they were before the rebellion of Lucifer who became Satan, the devil and turned things around, just opposite to what they were meant to be.

After this educational process is over, never again, at least in this part of the Universe will anyone want to leave the guidance of This Great Shepherd of the Sheep.

As time went on after the Resurrection of The Christ we can see through English Literature the culture of a people, and then we begin to see the lifting of a 'Fiery Cross' as a way to proclaim the story of the Cross. In such stories as 'The Lady of the Lake' we see a 'Fiery Cross' (Lighted Cross). In real life we saw the forming of the Ancient Blood Clans, where in case of trouble the ritual was performed of Lighting a Cross, and this was a signal for the men to assemble, every man from 16 to 60 who was capable of bearing arms was obliged to come instantly to the place of Rendezvous.

Here in America during the Civil War of 1861-65., the Fiery Cross often made its circuit. It is stated that on one occasion it passed through the whole district of 32 miles, in 3 hours. This was at a time when the Southern Aristocracy were fighting for their existence even here in America. Today we have, as they are termed, the KKK and this modern organization only seems to stir up even the Christian World against them, since we are in the time period that we now live. But at one time here in the U.S. even Supreme Court Justices, as well as other high officials, were members of this organization.

Today in our world structure we can only pray:..'Please YAHSHUA reveal yourself and your plan more fully, step by step unfold our understanding until we will know what we are to do in this great Restoration program.'