ERM - Tape 127 - Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord


TAPE NO. 127...........By Ella Rose Mast




When we speak of God blessing America we are referring to YAHWEH-YAHSHUA OUR Savior, and KING. The United States of America was established as a Republic, not as the nations of the old country and their many earthly kings. Here in the new land of America was to be a nation established like a shinning City on a example to all the world.

This Great Nation of God's Kingdom was founded by people who believed they were led west by their God to found...'One Nation, under God, where men, women, and children would live in obedience to HIM.' This was the vision of our Forefathers as they were led to set in place this last Great Nation here in North America...these United States of America with King Jesus as our only King. Thus we were to be like a shinning city on a hill.. a beacon to the World Order as to how life should be lived.

Certainly we would expect that the Children of Darkness would see this Light and react quickly trying to put it out.

We have recorded for you in this Series of 'The Mysteries of the Kingdom' many symbolic meanings of different symbols used in establishing this nation. Dr. Swift unveiled much of this story, then also the work done by Col. Totten as he searched for the symbolism of our national seal, a summary of which is included brings us much knowledge as to how and why our forefathers established certain rules and regulations as to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

In other books, seemingly unknown to their authors we find other evidence as to the hand of God in establishing this nation. For instance when a certain colony was ordered to give up her charter, to hand it back to the English King's Agents we read:..(quote)..the charter lay on the table in a candle lit room, and as the King's men ordered it handed over to them the candle was suddenly snuffed out. When the Light was restored, the charter was had been spirited away, and hidden (so the story goes) in the Hollow Trunk of an old Oak tree. (Unquote) From the book THE POWER AND THE Peter Marshall.

You will remember that we have already recorded for you, from the Swift Ministry the symbolism of 'the hollow trunk of the Oak tree' and its connection to the 'truth carriers' at one time, in the Blue Lodge of

Ancient Masonry, before Masonry was penetrated by the Children of Darkness.

The establishing of this nation..under God..has not been an easy task for always the Children of Darkness try to stand in the way of the development of this nation as it moves on its path of Destiny. At times it seems as though our Father, and King, allows more pressure to be applied so as to move us forward in that path. He has raised up men at time such as George Washington to meet the challenges that we faced as a nation, until with his leadership other great men would also arise and establish this Constitution and Bill of Rights.

When this idea of separation of Church and State was pushed, again we saw the work of the Children of Darkness, and the damage done in our nation had been large. The Kingdom Administration of God's Kingdom does not call for a separation of church and state, rather it demands that they work together.

We stand today, in the latter half of 1992., with great pressure to be put upon our people to 'change' America from its long established life style and Faith, and we realize time is growing short, therefore we expect the pressure to be greater. But we also know that as long as our Constitution and its Bill of Rights remain, the law of the land, then the establishment of HIS KINGDOM here in earth is still moving forward.

The Great Mystery of THE TREE OF LIFE, is the mystery of a Celestial Household, of a people capable of responding to the spirit call of YAHSHUA. It is a mystery of light, power, and vision, and one of the most important things you must understand, before you realize, what is happening here in our United States.

Always the Children of Darkness have moved to change our Faith..the faith of the Children of YAHWEH's Kingdom, so that people do not catch the real truth of Spiritual vision, therefore they will sometimes go off on some strange byway where YAHWEH never intended that they trod, but which neutralizes their vision, wisdom, and power which is necessary for the occupation of earth, and the establishing of His Kingdom.

Going back in history to the writings of such men as Enoch, we discover that YAHWEH had many conversations with such men, as HE instructed them as to what they as the Children of the Kingdom should do here in earth, as they built this Kingdom. Things which were known in those days have been hidden from our people today, unless they are curious and search. The Mystery of even the 'Tree of Life' has also been lost, since many do not know this is a family tree of a Spiritual people, and they in fact then deny their own inheritance. This is so true, even though there is much in history, much facts of Archaeology as well as the recorded scripture which spell out the Adamic story.

Are we then living in this period in which YAHWEH has promised to cleanse our nation, when we are promised there will not longer be a Cainanite dwelling in the House of God?

In earlier days some men in their writings were able to realize that as they studied the scripture they were dealing with Mysteries, and allegories and symbols. They did not have at their fingertips all the areas of re-search perhaps available today, in the hands of Christianity, BUT THEY UNDERSTOOD MORE. Those Ancient people understood the symbolism of the 'TREE OF DIVINE LIFE'. They understood that as long as Adam and Eve remained in relationship to the covenant of HIS LAW OF LIFE, that they retained this Light of Spirit on the outside of their bodies. They also understood that Adam and Eve as they intermingled with the Luciferian family that they lost this covering of Spirit Light. After all there was no possibility of communication between the Celestial energies of the Spirit Household of YAHWEH, and the fallen Household of the Luceferian forces.

The Great Secret...this MYSTERY OF THE SECRET OF THE 'LIGHT OF LIFE' AND THE TREE OF LIFE' when better understood will make the events of this time much easier to understand.

Today there are an abundance of those who think that for money, power, or for areas of affluence that they must join the enemies of the Kingdom so as to live in our nation, would not even know what is meant if they turned to the scripture, to Isaiah the Prophet of Israel and read:..'Arise and shine for thy Light has come, and the Glory of THE LORD has risen upon thee.' (Isaiah 60:1) Most of our people no longer understand this passage, no longer look for this to happen, at least for them.

In this blinded state you cannot build a 'city on a Hill' and you cannot build such a city in the valley with the artificial light of The Kingdom of Darkness. You also cannot build this 'Shinning city on a HILL' out of all races, and all religions.

In symbolism in the old painting of the 'City on a Hill' which I described for you before from the Old Big Book, showed this city on a Mountain top, with light streaming from it, and a rainbow connecting it to the Wolf on the ground. You will remember that the Wolf is the symbol of the Tribe of Benjamin from which came those Apostles, those men who walked and were taught by YAHSHUA during His Ministry here in earth. Thus for the true, untarnished Faith of our race we reach back to the teaching of these men taught by YAHSHUA, who was YAHWEH in the flesh. These men outlined to Lost Israel to whom they were sent the Great Mystery...that their Messiah had come, and the instructions for the building of His Kingdom here in earth.

We find that as the Aryan people came into the eastern U.S., as colonists they also thought they were of Israel, and that they were helping to build His Kingdom here in this New World. Back in the 1940's when Peter Marshall was preaching, he was saying that the Kingdom of God was being set up here in these United States.

To stop this knowledge, Lucifer and his children have neutralized the Children of the Kingdom by substituting error in place of truth, and in this manner our nation can never reach its Destiny. Therefore they substituted other values, other lifestyles, other things to grab the attention of our people until gone from most of the thinking of our people is the teaching of the Ancient teachers such as Gamaliel as to the Grace of YAHWEH which followed Israel always. He taught that Israel could be punished for disobedience to HIS law, they could go through all kinds of catastrophes, even to losing their lives, yet YAHWEH WOULD KEEP HIS COMMITMENT TO THEM. After all, it is the Spirit which is His child and it never dies.

Lucifer, remember, was once a great Archangel but he fell, turned into a Devil and although he had the great knowledge of God's purpose, he does not have the Spiritual insight to catch this great vision, or to any longer work for those purposes. He had lost that Spiritual insight that he once had, and now only fights those purposes.

In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 12., we are given a description of how the Devil goes to make war with all the descendants of this woman, with the 12 stars, who is Israel. In this land of ours and in these latter days, here in the land carved out of the wilderness by these people of Israel, we are given a most powerful defense, which is the Two Great Wings of the Eagle. Thus this nation developed until you see her today fighting to retain her sovereignty, in this Great Battle between the Children of Light, those who carry the testimony of Jesus The Christ, and the Children of Darkness, those who are not of you and who do not acknowledge, in fact hate Jesus The Christ. The outcome of this battle will record the technological ability of this nation which YAHWEH raised up for His purpose. Here in these United States are the EAGLE people, and always you find that it is the Serpent of Symbolism which makes war on the Eagle. However very seldom, if ever, have you heard of a serpent whipping an Eagle.

Here in our time we may be coming to the end of this great battle, for we see that All the House of Israel...both the House of Judah, and the House of Israel are united once more, and now are Christian nations. Thus Lucifer and his children have lost that battle to keep Germany out of this union. Throughout history we have watched YAHWEH move His Kingdom people westward in their Destiny, and now we see that the House of Judah and the House of Israel are coming into position to be used as...'One Stick in His hand.' All followers of Our Father...Jesus the Christ..One Kingdom, with many nations, but one race, and eventually One Administration with YAHSHUA at the head that will rule with him over the World Order, which will be forced to obey by the Administration of this Kingdom, and the law that goes out of Zion...yet with total Justice.

We here in America are proud of our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, but look forward to serving in the Court of our KING OF KINGS, wherein there will no longer be people who deny HIM or fight Him always. We then will serve THE WORD and be glad to show the ends of the earth how to accomplish the same end, for the Kingdom people have a desire to see all people serve our Father and God.

In this final battle, as the enemy makes their great drive to remove all traces of our Faith out of these United States, remember what Peter said:..(II Peter)..'We haven't followed false fables put out by the enemy although they are cunningly devised. I was a fisherman when YAHWEH AS YAHSHUA walked by our boat, and He just said:...follow ME, this seemed as a command, and I did as He commanded. We walked with HIM, we saw Him still the wind and the waves, we saw HIM raise the dead, unstop deaf ears, and unstuck blind eyes. We tell you what we saw, not what someone else said they saw. We did not tell you cunningly devised fables, we just made known the power and the coming of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA our Messiah, our Savior.'

In the Aramaic language as Peter spoke he said this:...When we made known unto you the power of the coming of YAHWEH into flesh as YAHSHUA we were the eye witness of His Majesty. Thus here in the flesh He was put to death, but quickened by the Spirit, He then went into the Netherworld and preached to the Adamic Spirits which were there in Prison. See...we did not tell you cunningly devised fables, we just made known unto the Power of the coming of YAHWEH...translated as Our Lord, Jesus the Christ. He, YAHSHUA..the fullness of YAHWEH..dwelling bodily...when His flesh died as the Spirit left, then in His Celestial body, and with His total consciousness He went into the Netherworld and freed the Adamic spirits, or souls, who were there in prison. Then in this embodiment of God..and by His atonement He then took His children back into the Celestial realms. This was the fullness of God that challenged all things.

Peter also marked very clearly that in this world are enemies of God's Kingdom. They are against everything which is good. He marks the Luciferian forces as those who lack Spiritual capacities and will not recognize that Jesus the Christ was YAHWEH in the flesh. Therefore today in our nation who is it that wanted Prayer out of schools, out of the whole life of our Society in these United States? Who now influences those who even want all Christian religious programs off the air waves, because they still pay lip service to Jesus the Christ? ..Only those who do not believe in HIM. Yet we are told:..'To HIM be the praise and Dominion forever.'

As we look for this 'New Order' to be built, we remember that Isaiah would tell us:..'Therefore with long suffering we have waited'...and this is even true today. Yet Patience is also important at this time, for regardless of whether anyone seems to listen to the warnings being given, still we must patiently wait for the events which will provide the signal that our period of warning is over. 'For since the beginning of this world, men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee what HE hath prepared for him that Waiteth for HIM.' (Isaiah 64:4)

As we consider the symbolism of these United States which marks us as an Israel Nation, we refer you to the information we have given you before. However you have only to look at the Great Seal of these United States and you see the Three Emblems of the Tribe of Manasseh...The Olive Branch, the Bundle of Arrows and the number of 13, all associated with the Eagle. We notice also that the Olive Branch clutched in the right claw of the Eagle has 13 leaves, as well as 13 olives, and there are also 13 stars in the circle above the Eagle, and in the Words..E Pluribus Unum..there is 13 letters.

In addition to their tribal and brigade emblems, the Israel People also had another emblem which belonged to them all and which symbolized their relationship to God. This was the cloud above the Eagle's head and in that cloud also you find the 13 stars. The Presidency of the United States in its emblems also carries out this symbolism, and by these symbols we declare this nation an Israel Nation.


(With this tape comes the report on the Totten Book as to the Seal of

History,...Our Inheritance in the Great Seal of the United States.)