ERM - Tape 128 - A Still Small Voice


TAPE NO. 128.....By Ella Rose Mast






Here in the early winter of 1992 we live in a mixed up, busy, world when there is much to claim our attention. Many, many dollars are spent to catch your attention, yet all are material things, and very seldom in this busy schedule is God mentioned. Yet we Adamites, and yes many people we have taught of our God over the past years, still seem to yearn for something else...which without our lives seem so empty. Could it be that we yearn for that SMALL STILL VOICE that we as a nation have tried to ignore?

We ask:...has there been times in your life when you heard someone say something about 'Israel' and there was a strange stirring in your heart? Have you heard it said that this story of a RACE being the ISRAEL of the Bible, is just a myth, that it is unspiritual, or that it is of the Devil and you turned away? After all..have you been told that there is no real Devil, that this is just something you have not overcome in your life time?

However...a principal which will keep you in everlasting ignorance is to deny prior to examination..for we also read:..'He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, this is folly, and shame unto him.' (Proverbs 18:13)

Remember Elijah when he was having so much trouble, and after he quit running then came the 'Still Small Voice'? There had been earthquakes, but the LORD was not in the earthquakes, and after the earthquakes came a fire, and the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire when Elijah had quit running came this 'Still Small Voice', and Elijah heard this voice.

In the political field of this year with all the commotion, the promises, the truth, and the false messages, the entertainment, the confrontations in the abortion field, no one seems to be listening for a 'Still Small Voice'...but are running hither and fro looking for answers.

As we turn to the Scripture of II Chronicles 20:14-17 'Then upon Jahaziel, the son of Zechariah the son of Benaiah, the son of Jeiel, the son of Mattaniah, came the spirit of the LORD, in the midst of the congregation.'...Thus the Spirit of YAHWEH came to the Israelites...of the Tribe of Judah, as they stood praying when the Ammonites, the Moabites, and the Edomites out of Mount Seir came out against them. As they stood this STILL SMALL VOICE said:..'Fear not..stand still and listen, and see the Salvation of the LORD, which is with you. Tomorrow go out against them and the LORD will be with you.'

On the next morning as the Judahites went out with the 'Singers of Praise' before them, the children of Ammon and Moab turned on the Edomites and they destroyed each other. Things like this always happened when Israel did what their God told them to do, which was what was right in the sight of the LORD. However time after time as times were good then the people forgot and they did not destroy the High Places among them. These were places of worship to other gods, and this in time would once more lead them astray. It seems that our people have a tendency for letting..'Greed, gain, and get' turn them away from a perfect faith. Dwelling here among the World Order they are often times tempted, and they fail to listen to this 'Still Small Voice' which is found in the Inner Holy of in this flesh tabernacle in which you...the real you...your spirit lives.

Oh, you say...but I know my responsibility here in the flesh. I am to occupy and Glorify my God. Yes, and also you are to educate your generation and the next to the Gospel of the Kingdom which keeps it alive. However to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preached then you must know just what he preached. (Matthew 4:23) You do not find this Gospel in the organized churches of today, thus you must study, and stop to listen for that SMALL STILL VOICE to confirm.

We believe we have the witnesses for the declarations and promises that Jesus made, that never will Israel (His Kingdom people) be cast off by HIM, not even for all they have done wrong here as they walked in the flesh. These witnesses testify that Israel's seed, Israel's line, Israel's Kingdom, and Israel's King shall endure forever.

Where do you find these witnesses?..again turn to the scriptures of Jeremiah 31:35-37 and 33:20-26......'Thus saith the LORD...who gaveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; the LORD OF HOSTS IS HIS NAME. If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the LORD, then the Seed of Israel shall cease to be a nation before me for ever. Thus saith THE LORD; if heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the LORD.'

These witnesses are not men, they are the work of the YAHWEH'S HAND. The sun, moon, stars, heavens, earth, sea, day and night...these witnesses cannot be silenced, they never lie, they never die, and they testify in every climate, and in every land. There is no speech or language in which they are not heard.

We thus realize that we must look up, look down, look around for the evidence is all there, His promise is still unbroken since these witnesses are still intact after all these millions of years. If thus, these possessors of all the promises prove the Identity of a race, and we believe they do, then HIS people do exist in the world today.

We read:...'If you have measured the heavens or split open the earth'...then perhaps Israel has been lost. This according to scripture should make you curious to find these people today who fulfill the descriptions of symbols and markers by which you find them, so stop and listen, for the SMALL STILL VOICE, which makes it easier to find HIS people. The Great Shepherd who scattered Israel will also gather His Flock at the proper time.

Remember how the House of Judah at one time was likened to a broken bottle, broken into different parts yet were to become once more recognized as a part of a whole House of Israel (Jeremiah 3:18). The House of David remember was moved as was the rest of Judah who remained alive after the resurrection. They are found by their symbols in the western world of today.

Going back to the Book of Job remember when YAHWEH answered Job out of the whirlwind and said: (Job 38)...'Who is this that gives counsel by words without knowledge? Stand up now Job, I demand that you answer me. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if you have this understanding? Where are the foundations of the earth? Declare if you have this understanding? Where are the foundations thereof fastened? Or who laid the Cornerstone thereof? (Talking about the great Pyramid) When the Morning Stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? Then who made the seas, who made the clouds, and the darkness, then broke it up? Have you commanded the morning since you came to earth, and caused the day spring to know his place? Have the gates of death been opened to you, or have you perceived the breadeth of the Earth, Declare if you know it all? Do you know the way to where Light dwelleth, and as for the darkness, where is the place thereof? Have you entered into the treasures of the snow, or have you seen the treasures of the hail, which I have reserved against the time of trouble, to be used in the day of battle and war? Who has begotten the rain, and the drops of Dew? Out of whose womb came the ice, and hoary frost of heaven, who hath gathered it? The waters (races) are hid as with a stone (Living Stone) and the face of the deep is frozen. Can you bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? Can you bring forth Mazzaroth (the 12 constellations of the Zodiac) each in his season, or can you guide Arcturus (the great man of the Star Bible) with his sons?'

YAHWEH goes on to say:...'Can you bring the lightnings? Who hath put wisdom in the inward parts, and given understanding to the heart? Will the Unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib? Will you believe HIM, that He will bring home thy seed and gather it into thy barn? (remember the Unicorn, the symbol also of The Christ). Did you give the wings to the Peacock or the feathers to the Ostrich? Doth the Eagle mount up at thy command, and make her nest on high? She dwelleth and abideth on the rock, upon the crag of the rock, and in a strong place. From thence she seeketh the prey, and her eyes behold afar off. Her young ones also suck up blood and where the slain are...there she is. (The Eagle the symbol of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, the slain of the Kingdom are fed from the blood of the Cross). Shall He that contendeth with the Almighty instruct HIM?

'Hath thou an arm like God, or canst thou thunder with a voice like HIM? If you can deck yourself out with majesty and excellency and then bring all that are proud down low, and tread the wicked in their place, then I will think your own right hand can save you.'

'Canst thou draw out Leviathan (Satan) with a hook which thou letteth down? Will he make a covenant with thee? Who dares to stir him up? Who then is able to stand before me? ONLY I can protect you from the wrath of this one, who upon the earth is made without fear. He is a king over all the children of pride.'

As we read we pause to consider, and to 'BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.' PSALM 46:10. We turn down the T.V. and get away from the sounds of the World Order, and listen and know that we have such a Father and God. hold a tiny baby in your arms, and you will know that this tiny bundle of flesh could not have been the results of just evolution. Even Darwin knew that the eye could not have evolved. Perhaps for a moment he was listening to the wrong trumpet. Hold a tiny kitten or a puppy in your hands, and you know that man did not set this creation in motion...of course not. Consider the mind, inside of which there is also energy, electronic particles, and remembrance of everything you have heard or experienced, and know that this is Memory which can be reactivated by the process of probing the intellect as it moves backwards to unravel this memory. How does it work? As you try to remember a certain thing, little electrons start to move. This is also a mystery for inside the soul consciousness, as this process starts to work the image of thought is again erected in your mind just like it appeared in the original. Thus here in your physical body there is a great network of nerves, and these nerves relay the message to the brain, the molecules tighten and do the thing that your mind has directed. Things like walking are almost automatic, yet the brain has sent the message. This physical body has thus taken direction from both the subconscious and conscious mind to make it obey, but it also relays back to consciousness first to the brain and then to the soul, these things it hears, or tastes, or touches, since the pattern of the senses comes through an electronic system. Could you possibly think that such a system just evolved?

Remember that as the Apostle Paul was taken into the Spirit World, he was taken backward in time, so that he remembered these things pertaining to his race, and then was taken forward 'in time' so that he could portray that which was to happen to the children of the Kingdom. Back then into his physical tabernacle he was able to write those great Epistles as to what the Children of the Kingdom were to know and to understand. The Apostle John also had a similar experience and you thus have both their writings in your scriptures as a guide as to what to expect, as you travel this road of Destiny.

In our World today many are the views as to who God is, and HIS part in our world. A research group of Glendale, Ca., conducted a survey and then produced a book entitled 'What American's Believe'. Their findings, so they say, show that people of America are interested in religion, but if there is a revival going on in America, then this revival must be viewed as a religious revival not a Christian revival. That most U.S. citizens believe that there is no such thing as 'ABSOLUTE TRUTH', and believe that people of different religions all worship the same God.

The man who had done marketing research work for Billy Graham, and Pat Robertson said a massive realignment of thinking is taking place as people transfer many elements formerly deemed 'necessary' into the realm of 'Optional' such as Bible reading, prayer, and involvement in church. In fact traditional Christian beliefs are eroding. Now 82% of the the report says...believe that God helps those who help themselves, and they also believe that this idea comes directly from the Bible. Actually, this remark is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. The report says this runs counter to Christian teaching in that people cannot attain 'wholeness' by their own deeds, but only through God's forgiveness of their failings. This self-sufficiency streak shows up again as 82% of adults are said to think that every person has the power to determine his or her own destiny in this life. Whereas 65% of the U.S. citizens say, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists all pray to the same God, although called by different names. Two out of three adults are said to believe that it does not matter what god or higher power you pray to because that Universal force will respond regardless.

62% of the citizens according to this survey believe there is no such thing as 'Absolute Truth' and that different people can define truth in conflicting ways that will still be correct. That figure rises to 74% for those who are from 18 to 25 years of age.

This report ends by saying:...over the past 25 years we have consistently built a mind set which allows us to view each person as responsible to 'himself' rather than to others. (Unquote)

As we read this report we remember that a Revival meant there was something to revive, thus we would not call this, what they found going on in America, a Revival, it is in our eyes a 'falling away' from the faith. Did you notice in the report that this so called 'Religious Revival' was not viewed as a Christian Revival? This is then a teaching of the 'new age' where all people are gods in their own right. Throw away your bible then, for there is nothing of consequence in it anyway.

Is there any doubt but that there is a move underway to remove completely from your minds this idea that there is a people who are portrayed in this Bible, as SHEEP OF HIS PASTURE? Is there any doubt in your mind but that the move is underway to remove once and for all times from the thinking of the Children of the Kingdom all knowledge as to who they are, and the content of this program of God Almighty which is to bring this great battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness to a final conclusion, all of which is outlined all through the Scriptures? Are we not told in those same Scriptures that 'time' will be shortened lest there would not be any flesh saved, or any of the children still here in the flesh who would remember the message they were to keep alive in their age, as they occupy here in the flesh?

Leo Booth, an Episcopal Priest, a recovered Alcoholic, author of 'When God becomes a Drug', says that religion can be an addiction that is not talked about. But guilt, shame, and a Judgmental God can create psychological problems for many. (Unquote) In his next book 'The God Game', he will explain how to become a player with God instead of a pawn. He insists we must move from a rigid controlling, black and white position in our faith, to a more inclusive, accepting Spiritual position. (Unquote) IS HE NOT MISSING THE POINT THAT PERHAPS RELIGION AND FAITH MAY BE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS????

From our position we would view this as a 'Sign of the Times'.... would you not agree? Have we not been told that there will be many false teachers over the years, and especially would we expect this to occur at the end of an age. Oh! yes you will expect some of these false teachers to be misguided Israelites also, as they become so blinded to their Identity, and so willing to accept the philosophy of the Humanist, the New Agers, as they make their final drive to mutate, to shut down that...STILL SMALL VOICE... which all Israelites should be listening for.

As we view this situation we remember that there are many types of religion whereas we have only one Faith, one Savior, only one plan for the betterment of all creation. However there is also only one family of the Kingdom who has a part in the Administration of that Kingdom which is to be over all. We see no other program to bring us into the condition for which we yearn.

As we sit here in our wheelchair watching and waiting and listening we see our people rushing to and fro, to feed, and clothe their family, prepare for school, church, all the seemingly necessary things of life, and even race out spending precious time to try to hold meetings to correct some of the noticeable things wrong with our society, thus it seems they have no time to listen to this STILL, SMALL VOICE, easy then to follow rather than to think, and we see why the Children of Darkness are having a 'field day' leading Israel astray once more. No doubt this message would seem to blind Israelites to be biased. After all, they are only expecting to love everybody and take everyone into heaven with them when they die.

The fact that there are nerves with a wave length to receive out of the Spiritual realm, a wave length of vibrations which makes the Children of the Kingdom, because they do not reach for or tune into that wave length capacity. This which the white race possesses does not make others good, bad, or indifferent, it just means there is a difference in the Family of God, and the Creation, and it means that these 'Sheep of His Pasture' have the capacity to understand Spiritual things. It just means that Our Father has a plan and a purpose for not only His Family, but all of His creation. (why not since all things were made by HIM and without HIM was not anything made....speaking also of Jesus or YAHSHUA,...YAHWEH in the flesh.)

When Adam violated Divine Law and cohabited with the same Luciferian fallen society, as Eve had previously done when she was deceived, then this Loss of Spirit-Light caused the speed of the electrons in his body to decrease, and he then also became subject to sickness and death because without that LIGHT on the outside of the body, his immune system was turned down. In the purposes of God however, now Adam and Eve were able to carry forward the purpose and plan of God which the scriptures outline, and which has brought us today to this 'Time' period of HIS PROGRAM.

Oh! you say:...I still do not understand this being born of the Spirit, so that I am able to listen to this...STILL SMALL VOICE? As Dr. Swift would explain...being born of Spirit is to be born of the element and energy, by the Synthesis of God's OWN WILL, which was...Spiritual body before this world was framed. Being born by natural birth the synthesis of material in your mother's womb, with the breaking of the water which signals birth.

Thus the spirit you have is an Eternal Spirit, and we are so thankful for the GRACE OF YAHWEH, wherein a satisfactory atonement was made, and which consummated the restoration of the right of HIS CELESTIAL CHILDREN to enter back into the Spiritual world from whence they came. It is thus that you are privileged to BE STILL AND KNOW YOUR FATHER'S VOICE.

Think if you will of the time when the MORNING STARS sang together and the sons of YAHWEH shouted for joy...(Job 38:7). Think of the times when the earth was not in tune with the harmony of Heaven, and we here in earth do thus suffer. Yes, we have been told (Isaiah 40) that there has always been distress of nations, wars, pestilence, tempests, earthquakes, all these troubles which this world so far experience. Today we seem to be in the time frame whereas we are watching and waiting for the intervention of our Savior, for we find no other hope for this World Order in which we now exist, since it is fast heading for disaster. We wonder what it will finally take to wake our people as this disaster is now becoming more apparent, surely the cup of Iniquity must be nearly full?

Many of our people have been casualties as this program of God has unfolded here in earth, but do not worry if they died before conforming to HIS the spirit goes back into Celestial realms...wherein the Children go through a period of..under the Shekinah Light..whereas all the error picked up here in the flesh is removed, this is by the GRACE OF OUR FATHER, and it is a readjustment period for the Sons and Daughters.

Here in the flesh, if you did not do as you were to perform, then after the Resurrection, will you not live in the Resurrected body doing what you were supposed to do in the beginning, which is Conforming to HIS OWN IMAGE, OR WALK did Enoch so that you will be able to come and go throughout the Universe? Remember you are the Children of an endless Life...the Children of Eternity, able to...'Be still and listen to this STILL SMALL VOICE.' Don't be led astray by the sounds coming out of the World Order in this environment in which you reside rather...'BE STILL AND KNOW THAT...I AM...GOD'.