ERM - Tape 130 - Welcome To Earth Ye Noble Guest


TAPE NO. 130....By Ella Rose Mast




In the mixed up world of today here in early 1993, some would have you believe that you have no basis for expecting 'Ye Noble Guest' to come again and to bring to an end this hold of Satan and his children over our earth, and our nation. In this past year if any person spoke out to champion the values that made America Great they were immediately jumped on and ridiculed. Thus we do have people still in this nation that lean in their thinking toward the beliefs in what Communism stood for...actually some go so far as to God, just man as his own God.

We, however, as a child of His Kingdom believe that there is to be an end to this situation here in earth, and that OUR KING OF KINGS will come to put all things under His control. And when that Trumpet blows announcing His presence, no longer will I be blowing my horn, for the Message of the Trumpet certainly drowns out the noise of the horn.

You ask:..why do we believe there will be another coming of this our Savior? Well...we believe the WORD OF GOD. And we believe this because of a little word called FAITH.

Isaiah 9:6.,..'For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace.'

As we read the above our soul thrills, and this brings to mind 'Pre-existence, Predestination and other things as well. How do we know such things? It is because of this Spiritual connection that we are able to understand some of these things which are tied to this little word..FAITH. And it is from the Swift Ministry and my understanding that I still blow my horn.

In the Book of Hebrews we read:...'Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, and by it the elders received a good report.' By this we understand that the Creation of the earth and power which emanates from God. Thus the things seen are not made by things which do appear.

In this Book of Hebrews written by the Apostle Paul with the Father guiding his hand, he is telling us things Past, Present, and Future as the mind of God moved. We thus now understand these things only by Faith, which is the essence of our Fathers knowledge and work which can be passed on to us.

Faith then is the knowledge that you perceive deep inside your consciousness, your intellect. This thing called Faith can cause you to stand fast, so that no one comes along and questions until you lose your Faith which is also a Gift from the Father. No one therefore can remove these thoughts of the knowledge and purpose of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, they can never be taken from you.

Unfortunately there are a lot of the children of the Kingdom who do not know these things since they are still in a blinded state of Apathy, however the scripture does make plain that a time does come for them to awaken out of their sleep, since their Salvation is closer than they have ever thought. Our people believe, but many only believe a few things which they have been taught by their church which they have attended over the years, that they have no knowledge of what they have inherited.

'Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the WORD of God'...this includes more than just reading the scriptures, which contain the WORD of God for everything which came out of the mouth of YAHWEH, as He walked in earth as YAHSHUA, Savior, is the WORD of God, and contains the plans and purposes which He unveiled to His people. Therefore FAITH is your Cognition in the seat of your consciousness, of His Divine purpose, and you have been assured by THE WORD OF GOD which you believe, that this has been accounted to you for righteousness. We read that by this process Abraham gathered all his belongings and all his family and left the land of Chaldee where his father was, remember, Prime Minister, and moving in his belief and Faith started out on his trail of Destiny. He was thus moving in the path of this kind of cognition and revelation which we call FAITH. Without Faith it would be impossible to believe what our Father is capable of doing, or what he has done. Now:...Thus moving in the path of this kind of cognition and revelation is called Faith, and without Faith it would be impossible to believe what our Father is capable of doing, or what He has purposed to do.

Our Father has all the Majestic Power of the Universe and you could not please HIM if you doubted HIM, and if you doubted HIM what would you pin your Faith on? Surely not many who now are in positions of government in our nation, just as they were in the days when YAHSHUA walked the earth, a Man among men.

Now; in our nation of today we are in a crisis period, but you will be able to move through this time of Crisis if your Faith is placed in that area of revealed evidence that is most vital to your well being and to your understanding. Today the problems in our Society are all based on our rejection or acceptance of the patterns of Divine Law. We are told that in the depth of understanding available to His children is all the secret things which the Architect of the Universe has put together, as HIS plan unfolds. In the meantime as they search for answers, all that is necessary for them to know in their occupation here in earth is available for them, when they but stop and listen.

As you consider the will remember how as YAHSHUA, Jesus, walked the earth He saw this little man (Luke 19:5-7) up a tree where he had climbed so as to better get a glimpse of this man who everyone was talking about. Well, when Jesus saw Zacchaeus up in that tree He told him to come down, because He, Jesus, would be going to his house that day. And those standing around watching His every move so as to criticize said:...'See He has gone to be a Guest with a man who is a sinner.' Thus a guest was someone visiting, in this case, a home in Judea.

Now; Zacchaeus was an Israelite, he was considered a wealthy man, and undoubtedly did not attend the teaching of the Edomites who now controlled the government and Temple here in Judea, thus he was considered a sinner. Yet in verse 9 through 10 it is made clear that this man is a descendent of Abraham, and that YAHSHUA here termed 'Son of Man' came to earth as Savior to 'find and to save that which was lost'. In this instance then YAHSHUA had found one of His children, and He was going to his home to eat and to rest from the force of the crowd.

The scripture thus contains the WORD OF GOD, and also the pattern and purpose of HIS plan, but it should be approached in this manner. When we ignore these patterns of Knowledge as to how the Universe was put together and His plan and purpose for His children here in the flesh, walking in earth, we suffer from the impact of the ignorance of the knowledge as to the things of God and His purpose of all things which have taken place, such as to the blueprint of His Divine Purpose unfolds. Without some of this knowledge and understanding you are not in synchronization with what He is doing, and has been doing, or what no one can stop or delay. Anyone who is out of step is going to get hurt with this flowing force as the Divine plan moves ahead.

In His sermon:...'The Mission of God'..Dr. Swift reminds us that the Mission of God to earth has a two-fold purpose, but is also related to the welfare of His Household, His children. However to understand this pattern there must be a Spiritual connection which he had been pointing out through out his ministry. Dr. Swift also recognized that under Orthodoxy teaching it was not acknowledged that we pre-existed, and this was because they overlooked so many areas of the scripture just because they never studied that portion, only ignored it. However it is the total Knowledge of God which will make us Masters in the planes which we will travel in the tomorrows. Therefore is it not time to consider all of the Knowledge of God which is available in our scriptures?

In today’s world many intellectuals do not like the things that the Apostle Paul taught, therefore they call him a bigot. They try to tell us that our Savior only taught 'Love everybody' and all are going to heaven when they die. This was just all of His teaching. However..the Apostle Paul taught that to understand this Noble Guest in earth one had to have their consciousness adjusted to the things of God.

In the Book of Colossians as the Apostle Paul talks about Jesus the Christ, it is most important that you understand just why he made this statement:..'Jesus Christ is the image of the Invisible God, the first born of every creature.' The Apostle Paul was saying that this YAHSHUA..or Jesus the Christ, is the Name of God in His embodied form as He worked to save and to carry out His objectives.

In the writings of the Prophet Isaiah (43) we read these words:...'But now this saith YAHWEH that created (the word is Bara meaning to give birth to) thee..O Jacob, Fear not for I have redeemed thee; I have called them by my name; thou art mine (issue). In verse 3., He identified Himself:..'For I am YAHWEH thy Savior (YAHSHUA). I gave Egypt (the world) for thy ransom, and Ethiopia and Seba for thee.' (We recall that the Queen of Sheba and all those represented of the other division of the race, at the time of Joktan and Peleg, the twin sons of Heber, who would play their part in this great drama and then their work finished, the kingdom would go on being built from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.) Thus YAHSHUA is the Ancient Hebraic name for the embodiment of God which will some day be again in the mouth of His Kingdom children. Today in our English language we have gone through a transition and forgotten some of the Ancient words, but YAHSHUA is and was Messiah, He is and was God in the flesh. In reaching to lost Israel the Apostle Paul referred to Him in the Greek as Ya-Zeus or Christos which also meant Divine embodiment. From there we have gone to this concept in our English language of Jesus the Christ. The important thing however is to be clear in your thinking as to the knowledge and purpose of the whole plan. But in this instance the Apostle Paul was talking about the Messiah who was in the Image of God, the first born of every creature, (or first born of every substance). In otherwords Paul was telling us that God who was also the Messiah, made the Universe, putting it all together out of material that could not be seen, such as electronic particles, thus put together from invisible energies grouped together.

In Spiritual realms it is Light particles, for Spirit is the essence of Light, it is power indestructible, held together with even greater force than the electronic forces.

The Scripture then makes this declaration that this embodied Revelation which we call YAHSHUA or The Christ, or God was Spirit, Soul, and Body. He is capable of being resident with His presence in any dimension or existence which prevails in His Universe. Throughout the Yesterdays God has been a Light-Being, and His Spirit dwells in a Celestial or Spirit dimension. His soul consciousness can become resident in any Celestial field or in a physical field. The intellectual energy of God has thus put together a sidereal system in which you also existed in the yesterdays, although you have since forgotten it. However your soul consciousness now resident in this body is capable of thinking and receiving 'Word Pictures' of things past, but this also requires a relationship with the things being described, whether of the Yesterdays or tomorrow; and if no relationship then nothing happens. There are things we could describe to Africa or Asia and they would not get anything out of it because they could not understand. But everything visible or invisible whether they be planes or principalities, or dominions or powers, all things were made by this Royal Guest. He was thus 'before all things, and by HIM all things consist.'

In earth He is the head of the body (of Christ), now called the Church, and yet was the first formed of all creatures, or material. When we talk then about YAHSHUA or Jesus the Christ we are talking about the body of God, one of His Messianic missions wherein this time He was born of the Virgin Mary to accomplish a very specific purpose, which was the rescuing of His race. He was thus the Eternal existing God, now in this dimension, or plane, but was also existent before this world was framed, had all the power to all His Universe, or in physical dimensions.

Now; His children of Spirit are thus also 'Strangers and Pilgrims in earth' (Hebrew 11). Those of old who by FAITH subdued Kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of Lions, all those obtained a 'good report' because of their Faith...wherein they believed God. And yet 'They without us would not be made perfect'...or ready for the Kingdom. Thus the Race had a Destiny and many more would march and suffer for the coming Kingdom.

In the writings of Peter (I Peter 2) we are again told that we are Strangers and Pilgrims in earth, and he admonishes us not to fall for the 'ERRORS' of earth, since we are an incorruptible seed 'liveth and abideth forever'.

In otherwords our Father...spirit, soul, and body walked the earth and then completed this...His Messianic Mission in earth. The next time HE comes is with the blast of the Trumpet as King of Kings. This may be hard to visualize since we were not with the Disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration, and since we thus have no way to gage the vastness of that Radiant Light which came from the Christ, as on that mount of Transfiguration, He allowed...for a moment..His disciples to behold Him in HIS Glory.

As we talk about this Glory of God remember this was something which you were also wrapped in, back in those days of Yesterday. This is the reason you are told in the Book of Ephesians that you have already been blessed by 'all Spiritual blessings, in the bosom of the Father before the world was framed.'

In the Book of Psalms (39:12) we read:..'Hear My prayer, O YAHWEH and give ear to my cry; hold not thy Peace (understanding) at my tears; for I am a stranger with thee; and a sojourner, as all my fathers were.' In otherwords...I am like unto you..a stranger in earth as was my forefathers. We find this also in Psalm 119:19...'I am a stranger in earth; therefore do not hide thy commandments from me, for my soul is breaking, longing for thy Wisdom at all times.'

From this plea we see that our soul has a spiritual connection and at one time you were with the Father and enjoyed the LIGHT OF THE SPIRIT. Here now in earth the Psalmist is saying, I need to know all thy laws, I need to know about the creation, I need to know all about the creation and even the wisdom of 'Thy Mind'. Then to establish this pattern more firmly in your mind, in the 47th., chapter of Genesis Verse 9:...Jacob is talking and he says:...'The days of the years of my Pilgrimage are 130 years, some have been very rough but I have not attained the years of the Pilgrimage of my fathers.' This of course is referring to the fact that in earlier days men of our race lived much longer years of life in earth.

We only bring these things to your mind to remind you that you came here from somewhere else, and the Father of the Kingdom is more interested in you than you have previously considered. More than this He came to earth as you did, born of the breaking of the water of the Womb, so as to identify and to save His Household. Even so..He..this Noble Guest, is a Sovereign God and He is going to carry out His purpose for His earth and His children. The Majesty of His purpose is completely beyond the comprehension of some of the theologians and so called Biblical groups.

When speaking to His offspring of Spirit, now here in earth, He warned that His children would be effected by the strange teachings of Lucifer, and we still find this going on today, it being the exact opposite of the program of the Almighty YAHWEH. Today we understand the reason for this great battle against us. Lucifer knows that if he does not stop the awakening of God's sons and daughters, if he does not hold their minds captive they will take over the earth and finish the work they came here to do for the Praise and Honor of their Father. Lucifer of course is well aware of this and tries to hide from you the Divine Law...the Will of God, and he keeps people so busy preaching this message of 'Love Everybody' that the children of the Kingdom have not bothered to find out just what knowledge they do possess. They do not, in their blinded state, realize that the areas of prosperity and security come from the adjustment to Divine Law. As they obtain lost knowledge they actually believe they have become Masters, yet it is only the spiritual connection to Divine Law which has made us Masters of all this Technological achievement. And has also brought on the ideas that to put to sleep the knowledge of the Source of our Power, wherein by this process we deteriorate into catastrophe.

Today...with our race asleep the enemy dares to try to move an inferior race into a position of power, so as to govern you. If they believed they were your equal they would not be so concerned, or be pushing so hard for this recognition. They believe that if they push hard enough while you are in this blinded state, that you will never rise again.

We remind you that truth as to this relationship with the Father is in your hands. Your race will yet move into the greatest spiritual revelation that the earth has ever witnessed. You are not then on the way out, you are on the way UP, and there will be a lot of disturbed Politicians who have hitched their wagon to the wrong horse. In trying to please the minorities in this nation they are placing their expectations on this idea that the leaders of the 'world order' today are going to be the rulers of Tomorrow in this...God's Nation. The enemy is making such plans because in the world at large you are the minority. But in the final plan there is no place which suggests that this evil will conquer the Kingdom of God. No..In God's plan is the knowledge of just how far this program of Darkness is allowed to progress.

Yes, over the ages we find that this race at times has become as termed...'stiff necked'..or 'stubborn', and even when governed under Divine government, a symbol of the Kingdom administration, and here when blessed and were developing into almost a working Republic, they then looked around at the World Order and wanted an earthly King such as the pagan nations had. In fact they wanted to concentrate on Material Pomp and Splendor. Samuel the Prophet of Israel at that time was heartbroken for he knew what YAHWEH was doing, and how following Divine Law would make these Kingdom people, masters of the earth. YAHWEH thus, for their education, gave Israel an earthly King who would as he said, chastise the people, take their sons into the army and bring an end to Peace and Prosperity.

Yet, someday we will learn just why the Children of God do not have to die like the children of earth. Someday we will witness the difference between earthly Kings and the KING OF KINGS. Always through the ages our race has had to be chastised, had to learn many lessons, as we stray from the path laid out in our Destiny. The problem today is that once more we have as a nation denied our Father and God, have allowed the enemy to lay aside his laws and we are following down this Satanic path into deception. Here in the last Great Nation of God's Kingdom we are allowing in our education system the replacing of the teaching about God and His family and His Purposes for the earth with what??...Sex Education, wherein the Profiteers of the Sex Industry are very close to their final frontier (so says the publication The Education Paper) of replacing Parental authority, and using state agencies, tax dollars, and public schools to insure that....'every Teenager has the right to Sex, contraceptives, condoms and abortions.' (unquote) They are trying to introduce a little bit of all gods into our Children's minds. They are saying that these United States must guarantee everyone equality and freedom as our way of life, but...we tell you that our way of life is what our forefathers put together in our Constitution and nothing else. Our Way of Life was to build a great Christian Society which God unveiled to His race, His household so that we might do the task this nation was ordained to do.

Today we seem to be listening more and more to Mystery Babylon the Great, and sinking deeper and deeper into violation of Divine Law, but Our Father has a way of turning these situations around after being allowed to deteriorate to a certain point. By being taken into the concept of how the World thinks, we thus left the patterns of Divine Law as the governing influence of our Society. However when you awaken a portion of the Kingdom people you set them free.

Israel has fallen time after time but God has not allowed them to be defeated. They are still on their path of Destiny which was laid out for them from the beginning. However...RIGHT ON TIME HE CAME and fulfilled His Messianic duties and His physical body died for you and me, setting His children free. No longer was it necessary for a child to wait in the Netherworld for His coming. This is all in the past and when your work in earth is done, now you go on home.

We tell you that people never are able to develop a higher spiritual perception than their concept of Deity, thus the enemy tries to keep the program of God from coming to pass. Those of the Kingdom today who know something of God's plan are the least disturbed as to what is being done. They are looking forward to Victory which is as sure as tomorrows sunrise.

Now;..having caught the concept of this Noble Guest...the eternal YAHWEH, our Father who spoke to us in His embodied form..this YAHSHUA, Jesus the Christ was thus the image of His Celestial form, and He, by Himself, purged our violations of law, assumed the scepter hand of authority in His physical body and moved into the Majesty, Glory, and Power on HIGH.

One of the missions of God was thus completed. His family was here in bodies of flesh, they had fallen for the temptations put forward by Lucifer that Archangel He had allowed to rebel, and in this instance His children had lost their Light and Glory and were now partakers of death, thus He came embodied exactly like His children entered earth and He even showed them how to return home. In this manner He would release His sons and daughters so they might go back into Glory, and all would yet be accomplished that He had ordained in the beginning. Even the errors of His Family were worth while so that you might appreciate Wisdom, Knowledge, Light, Glory, and Truth.

The scripture says that YAHSHUA WAS MADE JUST A LITTLE LOWER THAN THE ANGELS. In otherwords He put on a mortal body so as to suffer death. But HE ALSO PUT ON A PHYSICAL BODY SO AS TO LIVE PERFECTLY IN THAT BODY, AND THUS TO CONQUER THE POWERS OF DARKNESS, and in that process to show them that they could not keep the spirit from returning to that body. He thus had more power than Lucifer, and YAHSHUA'S Kingdom people also have more power if they only know how to use it.

In this modern world many fail to grasp this remarkable story as to the fact that YAHWEH Himself came out of the heavens, put on a body like you have, then moved against His adversaries until they brought about the events leading to His Crucifixion after He had assumed ALL HUMAN ERROR which had been committed, and then finished His task for that mission as He shattered the inner gates of the Netherworld and brought 'Captivity Captive', then entered into His own body and raised it from the dead. He thus by this mission set you free from all Satanic forces which could ever be master over you and this lasts forever.

Oh, you say, but why are we then in such a bad shape today as a nation, and as a people?..Why?..because our people have never taken hold of their inheritance in the Kingdom, have never put back on the Light and Glory which was paid for at that time. As the Apostle Paul talks to us in the writings to the Colossians, he says that he is giving thanks because he now knows this knowledge is given to us, even though it has been a Mystery for ages. This mystery...that the Heavenly family was sent into earth for a purpose, but now this knowledge was being made 'manifest to His Saints' (believing offspring). In otherwords, this knowledge had once more been given to us so that you would know that the Father, Himself, has set aside Adam's fall and restored unto us the knowledge we had before that fall. Celestial planes the children of God moved with perfect understanding but here in earth the veil of flesh was a hindrance.

In the Book of Ephesians the Apostle Paul tells us that the whole body of His children are 'Predestined' according to the purpose of HIM who worketh all things after the council of His own will, and by your Faith 'Ye are sealed with that Holy Spirit of Promise'.

Thus in a nutshell that mission of God was to restore His children so that they might finish the task they were sent here to do.

Our nation today moves in ignorance, those in power thinking they are well educated, and perhaps all things but the laws of God.

What then must America do?...Turn again to our Father saying teach me again thy laws, help us to understand for we now realize that you have set us free.

In the Gospel to the Romans we are told that we are waiting only for one thing, which is the 'redemption of the body', and this longing leads us to the next mission of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, who moves to set in place the Administration of His Kingdom, and to put an end, once and for all times, to this foolishness of trying to follow the teachings of Lucifer while the Spirit inside of you battles for truth. This is the hour we long for, this is the sound we listen for....WHEN THE TRUMPET BLOWS ANNOUNCING HIS PRESENCE.


Until next time........May YAHWEH Bless.