ERM - Tape 129 - Led By The Spirit


TAPE NO. 129  -  By Ella Rose Mast



For as many as are led by the SPIRIT OF GOD, are sons of GOD.’ (Romans 8:14)

Some will say that we concentrate on this subject more than is necessary, but it is such an important subject and yet so little understood by those who are affected by the above statement.

We would remind you that it is a fact, that as the sons and daughters of the Kingdom reach for Knowledge, the more they learn, the more they want to know. In fact existing in their subconscious mind is this knowledge waiting to be formed for understanding as God's Children of His Spirit reach for this knowledge.

It is however so easy...this reaching, and yet seems so far fetched to many--this idea that there is a race of people that were begotten in Spirit by the Most High God. It is not accepted in their physical minds that the physical body of Adam was to start generating the seed out of which the Celestial Children would make their entrance into a physical world. Their spirit and soul consciousness would enter into Father for His Created World. You are to understand that you were born first 'of the spirit' then by the breaking of the water as you entered the physical world.

Yes we do understand that some of the Churches teach that as they baptize people, you enter the water you are born of the water, and as you come out of the water you are endowed with Spirit since you have fulfilled the symbolism of our Faith. Yes, Water Baptism is a function of the Christian Faith which God promised to consummate. Water Baptism symbolizes being dead, buried and resurrected with YAHSHUA, our Father, Savior and God. However as Dr. Swift would amount of water on the face of the earth will make a son or daughter out of anyone who was not a son or daughter in the beginning. This is not is an established Biblical fact, a part of the Great Mystery taught in the Scriptures. This is a part of the Mystery...the Spiritual Mystery which the institution called the 'Church' was to carry as they instructed HIS people.

It is not surprising that Satan and his Children of Darkness would try to blot out this fact that YAHWEH had Celestial Children in earth to build His Kingdom which would in time destroy this Satanic Kingdom of darkness. The enemy would even enter the organized church to try to bury this knowledge that you were...Begotten first in the Spirit, in Celestial Realms, and that there you had a body of Light. There in what is called..'THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE'. It was there in the Celestial Realms that HE unveiled the Mysteries to you, and these thoughts are still with you, altho hidden until you reach for them as HIS activated at the proper time.

Because our Father is Omniscient, He knew the conditions and the patterns of the environment into which His children would be thrust as you came into physical earth, yet HIS SPIRIT bears witness with Our Spirit that His children can be activated to perform HIS WILL in earth.

As the Apostles taught by YAHSHUA, moved out to reach Lost Israel they were able to perform miracles because they had this catalyst of THE INTENSE WILL OF THE MIND OF YAHSHUA as directed energy. This was Supernatural be- cause it was above Natural Law. Actually all the elements around you would deteriorate under natural law. Thus Jesus stilled the wind and the waves by control of all the atoms and substances around Him, for He used the catalyst of His energy, and since He was Master of all, He could at the same time send a wave of energy into the spiritual consciousness to coordinate the energy of people, stepping up the synthesis of material until the Blind could see, and the lame could walk.

The Apostle Paul in his education as he made a heavenly journey, learned also that he was a Celestial being, that he had a body that was incorruptible, that this was his Beginning. After this he moved out to tell his story to Lost Israel, and the enemy was always looking for ways to sidetrack this story. Since the Apostle Paul preached that only the Celestial Children were to be Classified as sons and daughters, because they were different from all others in earth, then the enemy concentrated more on destroying this truth than on others.

As the Apostles taught and recorded these Great Mysteries found in the Scriptures the Battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness intensified and the World Order entered the period called the Dark Ages where this 'Light sent to earth' was almost extinguished. No doubt at this time Satan and his children thought their Kingdom people would rule the earth for ever. After all had YAHSHUA not come into earth in a flesh body and had they not, so they thought destroyed Him. They then turned on His Disciples and tried to wipe them out, and they then had the whole World Order locked into this type of government, or so they thought. But no.... 'The LIGHT'...began to come back, men began to stand up and be counted. These great Mysteries of the Scriptures were beginning to be understood once more. The Battle would just enter a new phase here in earth, as YAHWEH began to energize the spirits of some of His Begotten Sons and Daughters.

Surely our race had to have a certain connection to be able to perceive the Great Wisdom of Divine Mysteries. This was something that was hard for people to understand although YAHSHUA (John 14) talks about sending the Paraclete, which is the intelligence of HIS OWN MIND...called THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH THAT THE WORLD (ORDER) CANNOT RECEIVE, and Israel walking in blindness as to who they are, and what they are here for would also not understand.

After the Dark Ages, and the pulling away of Luther from the Roman Catholic Church, and in the days of Calvin they re-discovered what the Apostle Paul and the disciples taught according to the areas of Grace. This was what caused Luther to leave the Roman Church at that time. One of the things that he saw was...'justified by Faith', and 'The Grace of God' were something permanent.

Always for understanding you must divide the world from the Kingdom. You are in the world but not of the World. All races of the world who follow the teaching of Lucifer have a false religion thus these people are called 'The World Order'. They may be converted from areas of the world, and classified as under the administration of the Kingdom, but those of the World Order cannot receive by direct perception that which you are able to perceive by being Spirit of His Spirit.

In his message to the Corinthians the Apostle Paul tells us..'we did not receive, as we came into the physical body, the spirit that those of the World Order...or natural man...received.' The Spirit which the Children of the Kingdom received searches out the things of God, and makes it known unto us. The Apostle Paul then said:..'We are not natural men, but spiritual men in natural bodies.' When this is understood we lose a lot of this error which has been fed to the Church and to this race.

The great synthesis of the Kingdom is built around Divine Ideas, and Divine purposes, which come into our consciousness out of the Spirit. There is within the Children of the Kingdom, in the seat of your consciousness... resident in this physical body...something which allows us to think. And if the physical soul consciousness violates Divine Law this physical body begins to feel uneasy. This is a signal that you are out of line with.. or out of balance with Our Father. We know that the highest areas of Peace of Mind come from synchronizing the soul with the things which have born witness to you as the way to live, correcting conduct from error, thus seeking to conform to the patterns of Divine Law. This is described as the development in you of...THE MIND OF CHRIST, thus also now Christ embodied in earth, for you are an embodied child, and the activities of this synthesis gives you greater power when you learn how to use it.

In our world today if you try to open the Kingdom Administration to everyone not withstanding his origin, then you get this deterioration which is growing in our society. You see the throwing aside of all Moral Laws, you see Homosexual and perversion practices being licensed...even welcomed and no longer condemned. This is an example of what happens when the Church gets out of step, when leaders lack spiritual capacity, it is then that the nation ends up in a situation which we are seeing today. We are not using the capacity which God raised up in our race, nor the knowledge to carry our fight to victory.

In the instance of this remember...Spirit, Soul, and Body, the Kingdom of Heaven in the world today, for a people from Heaven to earth growing up, multiplying, expanding, building a Kingdom which came down out of Heaven...LIKE A BRIDE PREPARED FOR HER HUSBAND...and the words for this are:..'I am married to you O Israel'...'You are My Issue ruling with me in earth.'

As Jesus The Christ walked here in earth it is recorded that He said: (John 14)..'He who hath seen me, hath seen the father'. Many times Jesus spoke out of the physical areas of His humanity, and the translators had a hard time recording His thoughts. Agra-Pneumas is..SPIRIT...father of substance in the dimension of spirit. Thus the entity of the synthesis of the indestructible part of God is in the Spirit. And we then find that Jesus simply said:..This is all the visibility of God here in the world, thus...'He who has seen me hath seen the father.' and 'Before Abraham was ..I AM'. And also we now find that of course YAHWEH as YAHSHUA was the one who met Abraham and offered him Communion...He was and is Melchizedek...and 'Abideth the Priest King forever.'

In another place we find recorded that He spoke saying:..'All that was given to me in the Spirit shall come...and he that cometh I will in no wise cast out.' No Man however comes unto me except it be given unto him, of the spirit. In otherwords, all that are Mine in Spirit will come, and 'I give them ETERNAL LIFE, and they never perish.' Here in the Gospel of John is He not plainly telling His Children that all His children born of spirit will come as HE CALLS? There is no if, and, or but's, nothing left out, this is absolute sovereign control, predestined purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD. He says:..'I call... my sheep by name, I lead them out.' (John 10:3) Then more than this...'No man can pluck them out of my hand.' The spirit being greater than the flesh, then the Father (Spirit) loses nothing.

When we find that friends or relatives do not want to listen to the message of The Gospel of the Kingdom, do not be disturbed. In service to HIM our duty is only to pass on the witness, the warnings, His Spirit can call to one of His sheep, and then they will come to the message.

He sent His Apostles and Disciples out to find Lost Israel, and as they witnessed to them we discovered the identity of His people, and His nations as they came to HIS CALL. They accepted joyfully the news that their salvation, or Savior had come, for they had been waiting for their Redeemer. Perhaps being a witness at the end of this age is very difficult as you try to tell them to watch and to wait, and then warn them to return to their God. Most are comfortable with their beliefs of today thus they question your witness. We find that Patience is very important in this job today. Regardless of whether anyone seems to listen to the warnings, still waiting is also important, because we are as you know waiting for events which provide the signal which indicates that our period of waiting and warning is over.

Back in Ancient times before Jesus came to earth the Watchman was not much appreciated, and the Watchman is still not much appreciated in this end time, for it seems to us that as the World Order walks in Darkness, hear anything unpleasant, and some even join the enemy and come out against you. However once you pass through that 'open door' to knowledge of the Kingdom, there is no going back, even if you try time after time. But as your eyes remain on the total picture you will come through all of this trouble with your eyes on The Christ, a safe haven for you and His Kingdom.

Dr. Swift was given a great gift of being a Watchman, yet many people have little understood many of the things he recorded. The Apostles recorded for us, and to verify the Swift teaching then go back to the Scriptures. The Apostle Paul recorded:..'If we partake of the fellowship of His suffering we shall know the power of His Resurrection.' Of course none of His children could partake of His suffering if they had to endure HIS CROSS, since none could have taken 'THE CUP' which first proceeded it. But since His work on the CROSS is finished then under the symbolism of His own Communion...consecrated by the Unction of His Own Spirit, you may receive many times the fellowship of His own suffering, and the assurance which comes with it, of the power of His Resurrection. Remember the Disciples had put their hands with HIM into the cup, the very dish from which He had eaten. At that time He was moving into the final drama, the most significant phase of His Messiahship. This being the restoration of His Children....WITHOUT FEAR, TO A LIFE OF FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. He was to lift them out of their guilt complex of condemnation and fear, and to set them free for all times.

What the Disciples at that time did not understand but what the Children of the Kingdom...those who are spirit of His Spirit must now understand here at the end of the age is that in His great WORK OF ATONEMENT, HE..THE ALMIGHTY GOD, WITHOUT TRANSGRESSION AND YET WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE, KNOWING ALL THE TROUBLE AND PAIN THAT HAD SWEPT THE UNIVERSE, AND OUR EARTH, KNOWING THE GREAT FEAR OF DEATH, AND THE CARES AND WORRIES OF HIS CHILDREN...there in the Garden He drank the Cup of clear water...the Will of the Spirit was done, for He had assumed all error, every violation of Law upon HIMSELF, and His children were now FREE, for all TRANSGRESSION WAS IN THAT CUP.

You still do not understand what this means? We tell you that when THE CHRIST paid the price for Sin, He broke the bondage that Lucifer had over your soul, and over the Spirit of His sons and daughters. If your mind is still in bondage, if Theologians are still in bondage, then it is an unnecessary bondage. All those of the race who were in the Netherworld heard the call of HIS SPIRIT, and they followed HIM as He came forth, and you can hear His call, because of your Celestial nature and your connected soul consciousness. You can hear your Shepherd's call if you will but LISTEN.

We were told in the book of 'Urantia' that ..(quote) 'The Great mistake of the Hebrew religion was its failure to associate the goodness of God with the factual truths of science, and the appealing beauty of art.' (unquote) We would say that the Israel Religion became contaminated, and today the concentration is more on LOVE, as being ALL OF GOD. They would have you believe there is no program beyond getting every one into heaven. Thus our Faith is out of step with the purposes of our Father. Since we are 'The Light in the World'...then this LIGHT of SPIRIT is weak today in so many areas.

Today we would remind you of this:..(Jeremiah 31:31) 'I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah'..which were now divided...'Different than I made in the days of their fathers, different than I made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. For now I will make a new covenant and I am going to put MY SPIRIT IN YOUR HEART, AND WRITE MY LAW ON THE TABLES OF YOUR HEART. I am going to give you spiritual feelings for this.' ...well, who was to receive this new covenant? The House of Judah and the House of Israel...only His People, those of the Kingdom, from both of these House's of Israel for they would eventually become again One House of Israel.

These two Great Houses of Israel are will marked in the Book of Ezekiel. In prophetic measures of time the division of the Israel Kingdom is well marked. 'Son of man take one stick and write on it for Judah and for the children of Israel his companions. Then take another stick and write on it for Joseph, the Stick of Ephraim and for all the House of Israel his companions, and now join them all together...ONE STICK IN MY HANDS.' Interpreted today we would then say:..'Take the Kingdom Nations among the Anglo-Saxon people, whole throne is located in Britain, and all the Nations of Joseph's brethren, and call them ONE STICK. Then take the stick of Judah, which is Germany and his companions, and make them ALL one stick in My hands.' When all Israel is thus united this is one mighty power. These will all be Christian Nations because they will have 'MY SPIRIT' in them.

By no stretch of the imagination can you take any other people than those ...outlined all through the scriptures and make them this mighty power IN HIS HANDS. Today the most powerful wing of the Anglo-Saxon people is the United States, under the Outstretched Wings of the American people. David's Throne still sits in Britain, but the era of Air Power brought to the forefront this Last Great Nation of God's Kingdom, as it moves into its place of Destiny.

The next strongest group of this House of Israel is the Germanic group, thus 'time' is marching on, and in her march she will identify this Destiny of the Israel Nations. Britain had her day in the sun as the Queen of the Seas. Now the enemy must concentrate more on the destruction of these United States, while Germany whom they thought they had crushed makes her comeback. When all the white nations stand together they are invincible and this enemy knows, thus they work hard to keep our people blind as to their Identity.

There is no way to co-exist in this picture. This is all-out war between the Children of the Kingdom and the Children of Lucifer's Kingdom. This war goes on between the two Kingdoms until victory, which is only possible as 'Led by His Spirit' the whole House of Israel is united...ONE STICK IN HIS HANDS. Thus this Kingdom of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA in the flesh..'Led by His Spirit'...which bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of His great program, moves on toward victory which is for the benefit of all His Creation.

How then can His people, unless 'Led by the Spirit' grasp this story as outlined throughout the scripture, showing a certain people, and only those certain people have been a part of His program from the beginning. 'You have been blessed by all spiritual blessings in Heavenly places, before the world was framed', which would have only been possible in Celestial places. Is it any wonder that the enemy tries to cover the fact that only a certain people have this connection wherein you can tap into, and be 'Led by the Spirit?'

We must face the fact that all Israel is to the call of HIS SPIRIT, this is the instruction given as HE walked the earth:..'All that the father (spirit) hath given me SHALL COME.' There is no 'if' about that statement. Predestination being THE ELECTION OF GRACE, then by this process...'All Israel shall be saved'...How? All Israel shall Come, as HE calls, and 'all that come He will in no way cast out.'

We will say it again:..There is no other way, but HIS Program. You cannot graft other people into this position because His Spirit calls to the Begotten Spirits of His Children. As you read:...'when two or three agree touching anything under heaven, it shall be done'...this means anything under the Will of God, anything in His plan which is in store for His Kingdom, His children. As many repeat the prayer that HE taught us to pray:...'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven' ...still their mind is set only on going to heaven, and taking everyone with them.

Many will tell you that they pray every day, they pray all the time that they will go to heaven when they die. We would remind you that Prayer is constant contact with YAHWEH. Prayer is the route you use to come to Him, but Prayer is also constant communication, thus at some place you need to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Prayer is constant companionship, and you do this through reading scripture, meditation, thinking of all things of the Kingdom, and then also don't forget that STILL SMALL that you can be 'Led by the SPIRIT', since you are a child of spirit, living with the reality of being a Conscious child of His Kingdom.

Until next time YAHWEH WILLING.