ERM - Tape 133 - All Ye Who Thirst Come To The Waters


TAPE NO. 133.....BY Ella Rose Mast






In our understanding, the pure river of the WATER OF LIFE from YAHWEH who is also the LAMB, is the restored glory of the Kingdom now also in earth. The TREE OF LIFE on either side of this river seals in the Kingdom Administration thru the 12 tribes of Israel of the scriptures. This is the story..from the beginning..and now..

"He said to me: it is done, I am ALPHA and OMEGA, the beginning and the end."

And now:.."If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink. He that believeth on Me, as the scripture hath said: out of his belly (heart) shall flow rivers of living water." (John 7:37-38)

In the understanding of symbolism then "Water" is the symbol of people, and the "TREE OF LIFE" is describing a people, a race stream out of the spirit into earth.

"And the Serpent cast out of his mouth water (people) as a flood after the woman (Israel) that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood." (Rev. 12:15).

Thus we have in earth two types of water (people) and in the scriptures we are asked:..."'doth a fountain send forth at the same place..sweet water..and bitter water? Canst the fig tree, my brethren, bear Olive berries, or a Vine..figs? Thus no fountain yields both salt water and fresh." (James 3;12)

Oh! you say:..that has nothing to do with it..Christ loved the church, and gave himself for the church..that is what we are to remember. But my friends, there is in earth, a true church and a false church, a true source of information. The Christ gave himself for His Kingdom, for His truth, he gave to earth this "Living Stream" from spirit to earth so that he might sanctify and cleanse the Body of Christ with the Washing of water...How? By the WORD. (Ephesians 6:26)

"He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said:..Out of his belly shall flow Rivers of Living Water." (John 4:100-13)

"Whosoever drinketh of the water (truth) that I shall give him shall never thirst; but this water (truth..and stream of people) that I shall give him shall him a well of water, springing up into Everlasting Life." (vs: 21-26)

As Jesus talked to the Woman at the well, he would tell her that the hour was coming when they would no more at Jerusalem or even in that mountain worship the father (spirit) because to worship HIM you must worship "in spirit and in truth"..and here He stood, He was the truth..."I that speak unto thee am HE." In otherwords to worship HIM in both spirit and in truth you must know the story of why HE came, why HE now stood there in the flesh talking to this Israelite woman who traced her lineage back to Jacob, but who had been left behind in the migrations of Israel. He was however this Messiah that the Israelites were expecting, and they would now realize that he was also YAHWEH (the father or spirit), and here HE stood in the flesh as Messiah, or Savior. In fact now...the WORD had become flesh.

Israel had forgotten much of the Mystery that surrounded their race, they had forgotten their beginnings, and were now to be reminded that since they were in the flesh, then it was necessary that HE COME IN THE FLESH. Israel had been told by their prophet Isaiah (55:1)., "Come ye to the waters..every one that thirsted". But they no longer understood much of this Mystery. As He would tell them that HE would bring them to the knowledge of all truth...little did they remember that this meant He would bring all things to their remembrance. When HE walked that old land of the flesh..then in His work as Messiah, HE called and thousands in that old land came. These were Israelites, who believed and thus were baptised into the Holy Spirit of The Christ. To build his Kingdom in earth, as it is in heaven, then Israel must first have total redemption. After that you can move out to the ends of the earth with your culture and the operation of the Administration of the Kingdom, and the world's people will accept. You are told that "of the increase of this Kingdom there will be no end," thus the operation of this Kingdom rule has no end.

History teaches us that all great civilizations which have been built on Virgin Soil, and developed by a peculiar, and distinct type of people. In Africa, we think of Ancient Egypt, whose history produced and brought down to us those great monuments such as the Great Pyramid, and the Sphinx, which speak of physical power which may be regarded as being Supernatural, and remind us that this was a physical civilization but one of the highest order.

History also tells us that these civilizations which flourished in their time period then decayed, never saw a new nation, or a people rebuild them so that they flourished on the soil that once saw this first great civilization. We recall the stories of old Empires such as Ancient Babylon, Ancient Palestine, the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Plotemies or even Greece and Rome, all are examples of this great law which produced such civilizations. We surely then must come to the conclusion that every successive step of progress in this building of civilizations on earth has pointed to a race, yes, a Master Builders race of people, always seemingly in migration until they come to Virgin Soil.

Since this American Civilization was built upon Virgin Soil, would we not be correct in saying that this American civilization seems to have been reserved so as to become the last great nation of God's Kingdom, built by the same Master Builders moving in their inherited destiny?

As we review the great Civilizations of the past we find that in all were the recognizable symbols, words, religion, the association with one God, and his promises, all the phrases and expressions, from one civilization to the next. You find the certain type of architecture with marks always leading back to the Master Builders of a race, as well as this suggestion of a Mystery and the connection between heaven and earth.

In our age we find the Dead Sea Scrolls, and in them also are those expressions of a certain people such as:.."Eternal fountains of Living Waters",..."The Mystery of Beings",..."The Mystery of existence (in earth)" and that all of these carry over into our scriptures is also found in the Scrolls.

You find the phrase "Son of Man" also in the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as in our scriptures, and in both places the people using this phrase in its beginning understood this meant the coming of YAHWEH, as a babe, through the lineage of David, to be YAHSHUA..Savior of His people, then in the New Testament..."THE WORD BECAME FLESH". Today in our world this phrase seems not to be understood, as he is listed only as the Son of God, altho they know not quite how. He is listed as in the image of the Eternal God, yet they do not understand that He is Spirit, thus the only image of the Eternal God that we have is HIS Embodiment. He is thus YAHWEH-YAHSHUA..the image of the invisible God, because the Spirit is not visible in earth dimension, whereas in the Celestial realm then Spirit is very visible.

Another symbol used in these advancing, migrating civilizations was the word.."Rain"..Former and Latter. We understand this to be a symbol of knowledge, and sometimes considered coming judgment which is also knowledge of events that are still ahead. The Heavenly Hosts, or the Holy One is listed as bringing this judgment, and sometimes the "Clouds" as symbols of the Heavenly Hosts. In some of the writings the "Son of Man" is seen coming with the Clouds of Heaven, and the Heavens will "Rain" down judgment. Elijah of the scriptures was listed as a "Rain Maker", and later James was also listed as such and people understood that these two put forth..the truth of Judgment.

Here in our age, as this last great nation of God's Kingdom is being led blindfolded into a One World set-up, then the call goes out as in the Book of Joel chapter two:...

"Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm, in MY Holy mountain (nation), let all of the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand." It is described as a day of darkness, and of gloominess, a day of clouds and so forth which is symbolic of War. An enemy is here proclaimed, and it is stated that the land was like a Garden of Eden before they take over, and a desolate wilderness, nothing escapes them, as they move to take over, and their appearances is likened to "Horses" meaning much power. This according to the Swift Ministry is Zionism, and we have been portraying it as the battle Between "The Children of Light and the Children of Darkness". or Satan's children.

In reading this chapter of Joel., Dr. Swift tells us that verse 11., should before verse 7., then this chapter is better interpreted. And according to this time being described then the time comes when "The LORD shall utter His voice before His army because the Day of the LORD has arrived." The battle then comes to a climax and the LORD is then jealous for his land, and he has pity for his misguided people and removes this foreign force, and takes them to a place where they will bother Israel no more. "Fear not O land, be glad, and rejoice, for the LORD will do great things." Greater things than the enemy has done, and he gives you a hint of this in "The Former Rain and the Latter Rain". It will be the Truth at last, and much, much more. The Companion Bible stresses that this Rain will be as in the Beginning...would we be wrong in suggesting that it will be like when the Program of God was announced in the Heavens? Then now on earth all things which God has spoken by His prophets will be fulfilled?

In studying the old books you find that throughout these major civilizations, of the past, and even in our day, that the builders of these civilizations were a peculiar people, and they as we today are subject to different vibrations of earth since this is a race of spiritual beings now inside a physical body subject to all vibrations of earth, and all sounds, and things the eye records. As we take in the beauty of the scene we also take in the sounds and tones which are as music to our ears. Such words as Hallelujah, or any hymns off Praise for our God brings a soothing reaction to this people. This then shows the reaction to negative songs, and our reaction to the jungle beat of much of the music of today. Doctors report that vibrations do effect the nervous system of individuals, and after a session of bad vibrations a person is in accord with the type of so called "Music" which they have been listening to. Therefore the drum beat of the music of today brings on a reaction not good for the children of the Kingdom. The Symphonies of the Universe containing.."The waters of Life" do not contain this jungle beat of todays world wherein the youth of today are being led down the wrong pathway.

In these Ancient civilizations they talked of this word:.."Logos". This being the written and spoken WORD is right out of the Essence of God's own spirit. In otherwords, there is a record of things which He said to His people, and it came forth from HIM because He was the WORD, and the WORD was God, this was the force of His own personality. This was the direction of His ideas, how things were to come to pass. Going further with that thought, the LOGOS is also the creation from which the WORD came, this then is the mouth, the voice, the WORD which puts emotion to this expression..that you have a Moving, Living WORD. There is no dead philosophy here, this is a living, risen Christ who is still planning to bring to pass the Words he has spoken throughout the ages, and to bring forth his Kingdom people.

Here in the end of the age, we are waiting for a call to come to Israel, for when that call comes..All Israel will respond. We have been assured that.."All that the father (spirit) giveth to me (YAHSHUA) will come, and those who come I will in no way cast out." Predestination then is the election of Grace, and it is by this process that "all" Israel shall be saved. And ONE Faith, ONE LORD, and ONE Baptism is the testimony of the True Church.

There is also another way to come to the WATER (truth-spirit) and this is by Prayer. We tell you that true prayer starts with God and passes through you and goes back to God. If at times you pray for something which you do not get then it never started with God, because He is aware of what is best for you. He knows the plans of the enemy, and he lets those plans develop just as far as He allows them to run, then he raises up opposition thru his children. This is the continuing battle we have seen throughout the ages of these great civilizations built, then taken over by the enemy and then decay. Today we seem to be approaching a crisis point here in our American civilization for this is the last great nation of His Kingdom, and there is no more to build.

Yes, others than Israel may pray, and turn and worship the true God, and their lives will become so much better, but they do pray a little differently than the children of the Kingdom who pray for the coming of the Kingdom. This prayer:.."Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done," has a different meaning for them than it does for a child of the Kingdom. We have been told that when two or three agree..touching anything under heaven, that it shall be done, but do not take this to literally or you will find that it does not work. Here we are talking about.."Anything under the WILL OF GOD, anything in his plan which is in store for you. Praying without meditation is simply asking for something. Prayer without ceasing produces results only when you are thinking of the Kingdom, of God's plan, and your part in it.

True Prayer is not in the area of things wherein your pride, your thinking is.."Look, I did it", this has no place in true prayer, but in meditation, perhaps you watch T.V., or read and always you are thinking..'is this good for the Kingdom? Does this go along with God's plan? True prayer then is constant contact with God because that is the route we use to come to HIM.

Astrology has had a part in this building of civilizations over the years. Libra, we realize, shows the earth and the heavens being weighed with the earth found out of balance. It was a man of the Builder race by the name of Enoch who explained the Star Bible to those on earth. Each House of the Zodiac has a story of the Gospels, and the History of the Aryan race related to it. The spot where the Phoenix Bird dips his bill in the Chalice symbolizes an area of the Kingdom.

Yes, we do have a picture of The Christ, we know what he looked like, as well as a written description. The Chalice had a picture of The Christ engraved on it, and it shows him with hair to his shoulders in back but tapered up in the front. We have much recorded as to the written and spoken word to tell us of his visit to earth, altho the enemy does try to hide this record. We even have proof as to the fact that we are "Strangers and Pilgrims" in earth, for in the Book of Hebrews written to our race we have been told: "If you could remember where you came from you would go back". (Hebrews 11) As Jesus walked in earth he said to his disciples: "Ye are they who have been with me from the beginning." Thus we await this time when His Spirit brings into our remembrance.."All Truth". Until that day comes we rely on the written and spoken word.

Today as we contemplate the end of this age we hear the cry..."Global 2000 ...the New Age"..but we are thinking of this Call:.."Come to the waters", come to the teaching of the Living WORD, and we turn once more to this great American Civilization which was built here on virgin soil by our ancestors, and we wonder, just where did we go wrong? Why did we allow these things to happen in our land?

We have been reading two old books:...

One is the "History and analysis of the Constitution of the U.S. by Nathaniel C. Towle, published in 1860. Here we read of the struggle to form a union by the original Colonists. Here were people who thought they were God's Israel, who thought that their God had led them to this far off land to build a nation. They had left Old World as they called Western Europe to follow their God without being told as to what they could do or could not do by the kings of the old land.

Our author then tells us that for you to understand this American Constitution which grew out of the gathering together of the Colonists for Protection, it would be necessary to understand the people who colonized, and then built this great civilization here on Virgin Soil, and then brought forth this famous Constitution. And you must understand these people from an heredity point of view.

The other Old Book.."The Geniuses of the Constitution of the U.S. of America", by Breckenridge Long, published in 1926. This author believes that the forerunner of the Constitution was the Pilgrim Covenant of 1620. Before leaving their ship which had carried them over these uncharted waters to this new land, the Pilgrim Covenant was signed and agreed to by the people individually who were to be governed by it.

This Covenant written in old English is as follows:..(quote)

"In ye name of God, Amen, we whose names are underwritten, the lay all subjects of our dread Sovereign, Lord King James, by ye Grace of God, of Great Britain, Franc, and Ireland King, defender of ye Faith and having undertaken for ye glories of God and advancements of ye Christian Faith, and honor of our king and countrie". (unquote)

Each man on the ship signed the "Pilgrim Covenant" since their community was small. There was no need at this time to delegate an authority to someone to draw up and agree to it for each. This Covenant..."in the name of God" bound them to obey the laws and ordinances which they foresaw would be passed. In it was the promise that there would be submission and obedience to 'JUST AND EQUAL LAWS.' It was predicated upon the theory of allegiance to the crown, and obedience to...JUST AND EQUAL LAWS of their own enactment. Their association with the Church determined the temper of their mind, and gave birth to their ideas of the natural equality of men. Remember here that these were all Aryan men of a mind to work together, to worship their God as they saw fit, not as they had been obliged to do in the old country. This Covenant was thus at least one of the seeds now sown from which the great protecting Tree of the U.S. Constitution grew.

The Colonists now here in the new land brought with them different ideas of Government, and as the new Civilization grew the Colonies would join themselves together for protection, then later they would develop this Constitution of the United States.

When the Stamp Act was passed, the mother country needed money and thought that in the Colonial offspring should contribute to the support of the parent in need. The Statesmen of England could not imagine the Colonists rebelling, and England's pre-occupation with her internal affairs did not give time and attention to the Colonists and their ideas. The Indian Uprising nurtured by the French in their drive to secure part of this Continent for their nation was drawing the many Colonies into a union for protection. But the Statesmen of England of course did not understand that Destiny was at work here in the new world. They did not realize that Men of Brilliant minds were now in place in this New Civilization, or that it would have been strange if some fundamental and lasting formula for their government had not been formed. As these men in America, men of Destiny, moved to accomplish in the system of their united government the peaceful deliberations and voluntary consent of many communities, this could not be compared with the means by which most governments have been established, without the thoughts of gratitude, along with humble anticipation of future blessings which the past seems to guarantee, as this American civilization emerged, that it had been reserved to become THE THEATER OF A NEW BEGINNING. This age which could bring forth such a marvelous child as the Constitution of the U.S. must therefore have had Divine guidance.

On July 4, 1776., there was proclaimed to the world the birth of a New member of the family of nations. This was not a full grown nation at its birth, thus would need careful and wise heads to guide it. But the FACT that it did live is evidence that it had what it needed to survive.

The Constitution drawn in 1787., was thus the fruit of the TREE which had been gradually developing over the years. America had produced by this time men for her own use, and one of these men was the one now listed as "The father or our Country", his name being George Washington. This man, according to tradition, was protected by our Heavenly Father so that he might do his part in the establishing of this Great Nation, under God, for its place in Destiny.

Some of the other outstanding men who played in this drama were:..Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Patrick Henry, John Jay and many, many more. Out of the work of these men came the Declaration of Independence, then later the Constitution of the United States. The one announced in terms which will last as long as free government lasts among men..that this is an Independent nation, the other established a new nation under God with a REPUBLIC form of government. Always these men moved as they thought God would have them to do, and they asked his guidance every step of the way as they established a Christian Nation on this Virgin Soil of America.

General Washington commenced his first Inaugural Address to the first Congress of the U.S. assembled under the Constitution in the following language:..(quote..from "History and Analysis of the Constitution of the U.S. by Nathaniel C. Towel).....

"No people can be bound to acknowledge, and adore the INVISIBLE HAND which conducts the affairs of men more than the people of the U.S. Every step by which they advanced to the character of an independent nation seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency; and in the important revolution just accomplished, in the system of their united government, the tranquil deliberations, and the voluntary consent of so many distinct communities from which the event resulted, cannot be compared with the means by which most governments have been established, without the return of pious gratitude along with an humble anticipation of the future blessings which the past seems to presage." (unquote)

Yes, wise men in our past established a Christian Nation here on this Virgin Soil, with the symbolism of the ages still intact. Men of knowledge traced the roots of our people to help in the selection of our national symbols. Back, back they went in the history of those great Civilizations to find the roots of these people who built this New Civilization. They came up with the same symbols, the same people, the same promises found in the Ancient Civilizations. Therefore in looking to the future they had reviewed the past.

Today in our world the drive is on, especially in the Educational system, to change the History of the past. Up until 1934., the account of God's miraculous care of young George Washington could be found in virtually all student text books. Today few young students ever heard of it. Little do they know that 15 years after the battle of July 9, 1755., during the "French and Indian War" that an old respected Indian Chief sought out George Washington, there to say that he was the Chief who led that battle against the English, and George Washington and Colonial men. The old Chief then revealed to Washington what had occurred behind the scenes that day, of that conflict:... (quote from.."The Bulletproof George Washington, by David Barton)

"I called to my young men and said, mark yon tall and daring Warrior (Washington)..Himself is alone exposed. Quick, let your aim be certain and he dies. Our rifles were leveled, rifles which, but for you, knew not how to miss...'twas all in vain, a power mightier far than we shielded you. Seeing that you were under the special guardianship of the Great Spirit, we immediately ceased to fire at you. I come to pay homage to the man who is the particular favorite of Heaven, and who can never die in battle." (unquote)

Today evil forces are in this last Great Civilizations, trying to destroy it as well, in blindness our nation has drifted far from its former path, and now we can review this shift, and how it has effected our nation. Today we are facing the climax, as to does this nation survive, and we believe it will because it is the last Great Nation of God's Kingdom. There is no more Virgin Soil in which to build, therefore we face the culmination of this long standing battle between good and evil, between God's plan for a Kingdom Administration and the Devils plan for a One World Government, wherein you are to be slaves. To survive we believe that Our Father will intervene and then his people will know who they are and what they are supposed to be doing here in earth besides occupying.

Therefore..if ye thirst...come to the bringer of all TRUTH, come to the knowledge of the program of the Kingdom and its administration here in earth. Shut your eyes and ears for a moment and contemplate a world without Satanic pressure. A world ruled by Our Father and his children in total justice, where the people of the World Order will be content to follow the lead of the Administration of this Kingdom, because it will mean a much better life for them, and eventually their own restoration. "Come Ye who Thirst".

Now; we would remind you that The Gospel of the Kingdom is the entire theme of the Bible...this is that which Jesus went everywhere talking about. (Matthew 5;23) This Gospel of the Kingdom outlines the laws for the Kingdom, it identifies the people who make up this Kingdom, and the earth is the Dominion. This Gospel of the Kingdom is THE TRUTH, it is THE LIVING WORD OF YAHWEH WHO IS YAHSHUA, it is the only hope for our world.

Thus all ye who thirst come to the waters...drink of this water which The Christ said he would give to the Lady at the well and she would never be thirsty again. "All ye who thirst come to the waters."