ERM - Tape 134 - Ancient Knowledge Becomes Today’s Wisdom



Tape No. 134.......By Ella Rose Mast

 “Ancient Knowledge Becomes Today’s Wisdom”


As we again look back in time for the knowledge of the Ancient Scientist’s of our race, we find that Pythagoras believed that you could find a path to creation by using the science of Numerology. In our time several writers have given us the program of Numerology, by establishing the Old Testament Hebrew alphabet, and the New Testament Greek alphabet into the science of Numerology. One of the most modern writers we have read is Bonnie Gaunt. Her book called “The Stones cry out” is very interesting. She also calls attention to the words of our Savior as He came into Old Jerusalem riding on the back of a colt. As the Israelites in the city welcomed Him they cried... “Hosanna to the son of David; blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.” Some of the people in the crowd rebuked them for shouting but Yahshua... “He who sat on the colt” said these strange words:... “If these (children) should hold their Peace, the Stones would cry out.” Luke 19:40.

A strange statement? No. Through the ages His program and plan has been revealed through His Household, but also revealed, if you have the spirit to discern...through the stones of the earth. Fifty five times in the Scripture He is identified as “The Rock”...a symbol of power, of strength, of endurance, and this symbol is also given to Jesus the Christ more than 25 times.

Pythagoras thus taught his followers that nature is commanded and revealed in numbers, and both the Hebrew and Greek alphabet’s to work with then old and new writers have given us a route to knowledge by tracing the different words and phrases of scripture to reveal the messages left in the different monuments and stones which the Master Builders of this race erected over the earth as they built and marked their great civilizations which have enriched the earth. Numerology is just one of the many sciences that can be used to assign to different words and phrases into their proper categories.

For instance, the basic foundation number of all creation is 12. At the Equator there are equal parts of both night and day. Then the number 21 is used all through the Scripture in outlining God’s program. Then the number 12 is used all through the scripture in outlining God’s program. Bonnie Gaunt has in her book connected facts through the use of Numerology, following in the footsteps of other authors who have helped to create the science of Numerology, and she tells us that... “God’s best kept secrets are hidden in Stone.”

We are very aware that the No. 888 pertains to the number connected to Jesus in the Scriptures. Speaking of Yahweh as Yahshua we read in John 1., “He was in the world, and the world (order) knew Him not”, while the Israelites sang.. “Hosanna, to the son of David.” The number 888 signifies Yahweh-Yahshua...spirit, soul, and body, the Supreme Almighty God. You are to remember that He begat a body for Himself so as to dwell IN the flesh. Thus 888 is a very complete and important number in the Scriptures.

Yes, there are also secrets hidden in stone as well as the mysteries and symbols which we must recognize as we study our Bibles. For instance in Deuteronomy 32., “He is the ROCK, his work is perfect; for all his ways are judgment; a God of truth, and without iniquity; just and right is He.” Then in verse 9:, “The Lord’s portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance.” Verse 12:, “The Lord alone did lead him (Jacob) there was no strange God with him.” As Israel moved forward in destiny we read:...”Of the Rock that begat thee thou are unmindful, and hast forgotten the God who formed thee.” Verse 18:, “Yahshua who was Yahweh in the flesh has been identified as the One who in number 888. Here in Deuteronomy 32..we find the two different types of people, for this Battle for the Kingdom here in earth.

Verse 31:, “For their rock is not OUR ROCK, even our enemies are Judge of this. Their vine is the vine of Edom, the fields of Gomorrah, their grapes (fruit of their kingdom) are grapes of gall; Their clusters are bitter.” Verse 32:...Thus their rock is Satan, the imposter who tries to claim he is Anti-Christ (in place of) Jesus the Christ. Our ROCK is thus number 888, spirit, soul, and body, the total perfection. Perfect Savior and God.

We also realize that Adam’s number is 7., and perfection is also 7. Then we remember that Adam started as a Son of God, thus this race can go back to their beginning when perfected sons and daughters, and their number is, or will be 777.

Over the years as we saw this verse in Revelation 13:17... “that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark, or the name of the Beast, the number of his name.” And we understand that this is speaking of the Beast (world order) system controlled by Lucifer. This is thus talking about the worlds Great Babylon system which today we call “the One World Government System.”

Read then verse 18:... “Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding...Who? Who would that be?? Read this verse in the Ferrar Fenton version:.. “Let who ever has intelligence adjudge the number of the Beast. The number is a human one, and.... His number is 666.”

We ask....who are we talking about in these two verses of Revelation? We believe that the Rebellious One who is the ruler of this world system believes he is a perfect man of earth but is he?? The number is a human earth number, but remember that Lucifer when a perfect created Archangel, still could not create, only Yahweh who is also Yahshua could do that. Lucifer in his beginning could also not begat a body for use in different dimensions, such as the physical. When Lucifer, in his rebellion, went to different Planet’s he was able to take over a body of a man created by Yahweh to dwell in. Whenever the person died in whom he had been dwelling then he was able to transfer, and at times we find him able to live a long time in such instances. Thus the No. 6., is an earth number and here is Wisdom, or intelligence to determine that there is a double meaning to this riddle. Who then begat those who are to be able to establish the wisdom to put together the alphabet’s and establish their related numbers? This was not done by those of Lucifer’s Kingdom. This was not done by those of Lucifer’s Kingdom or those of this World Order over which he rules. Thus this number came from the Wisdom and Technology of the Adamic race, and we then find that these verses here in Revelation are telling us the same old story, that the man of sin, he who broke all the laws and turned them just opposite in his rebellion, is the negative force here in earth, but he could not walk here in the flesh, a perfect man of earth. Only Yahweh who came as Yahshua-Savior walked the earth IN HIS OWN BEGOTTEN BODY, FORMED OUT OF THE ADAMIC RACE. Only this One could be judged to be the perfect man in the flesh. He not only walked the earth as a perfect man, in all ways, but after redeeming His children who were now in the flesh...after the agony of the Cross, then as His body lay in the Tomb it did not decay and He emerged from that Tomb...Spirit, Soul, and Body, and in the form of a man still walked the earth for a time. Thus we believe that only Yahweh as Yahshua could fulfill that perfected earth number and establish that these verses relating to the No.666., have a double meaning. Lucifer will only be able to be known here in earth as ‘the man of sin’, the one who claimed to be Anti- or in place of THE CHRIST. Lucifer cannot even go back to his beginning until Yahweh restores him, and then he will only be once more a created Archangel who serves the Almighty and His Kingdom Children. We ask you....can this not be the meaning of this portion of the Book of Revelation??

Yahweh created Adam so as to give his spirit a dwelling place in the flesh, and do we not read:... ‘That which comes from the Spirit has been formed in the likeness of God?’

Here today in this last Great Nation, built here on virgin soil, we find it being besieged as never before. Will this finally bring God’s people now in earth to turn and take hold of their inheritance, and promised redemption to save them from defeat and despair?

Today this present conspiracy of evil is locked into a battle with the blinded children of the Kingdom, but God holds the whole situation in His hands. He lets things run so far then raised a resistance as His children are acquiring a great education. This evil system will only work as long as the children of the Kingdom retain their blindness as to who rules this conspiracy. A revival of Spiritual Knowledge that the Kingdom of God is on earth, that this is a National Kingdom, a nation-church combination will defeat this great planned One World Government program that the enemy is trying to impose at this time. God’s Kingdom is thus a National Kingdom that is now experiencing this judgment and eventual total cleansing. The Anti-Christ plan is for God’s Administration to yield her power to an International Authority which is a direct slap in the Savior’s face, this cannot happen. Thus wake up America!, you and your Anglo-Saxon and kindred people must, in your cleansing process, take your place in this on-going battle, for never will Lucifer’s Kingdom be allowed to take over the total Administration of God’s Kingdom.

Today in our land we are facing a famine. Oh, not so much a famine of food, but a famine of the lack of understanding of God’s Word. Many of the older so called ‘Identity Ministers’ have gone home. Some of those who remain have not as yet totally grasp the Great Mystery of how and why Yahweh as Yahshua walked the earth, a perfect man in the flesh. They have not quite grasped the story found in the Scripture, the Mystery of the stone of earth such as at Stonehenge, the Ancient circles of stone found in the migration path’s of God’s people. They no longer want to look back to determine just what is the message left by the Master Builders with their great monuments such as those found in Egypt as the “City of On, the Sphinx, and the Great Pyramid.” Our people seem to have forgotten ‘the ROCK which begat them’, and are only willing to hang on to their faith that Jesus is their Savior and that some day they will go to Heaven leaving this earth to Lucifer and his Kingdom people. Thus they do not understand just what is happening here in our land today. We believe that as everything is revealed....all these great plans of this enemy will be destroyed.

Today we find that our Constitution, that Great Document prepared with God’s help and guidance, seems to have been amended and suffered other abuses until we are told that it means that Anarchy is more powerful than truth. Our resistance then as a nation has gradually been reduced under this onslaught of the ungodly until the enemy now dreams that they are winning the battle. But we believe that this situation can be described as.. ‘Gold tried in the fire’ ...and all dross is rising to the top, and when skimmed off you will find a perfected Kingdom Administration.

I would not have ye ignorant brethren, how that all our fathers did drink the same spiritual drink; for they drank of that Spiritual ROCK that was THE CHRIST.” I Corinthians 10:1-4.

What the enemy does not understand is that the Love of, the belief in this ROCK is something installed in the hearts of God’s Kingdom people NEVER TO BE REMOVED.

Now;...”Lead me to the ROCK that is higher than I” sung by our people, over and over even tho they may not be awake as to their inheritance. Thus even in Blindness they are speaking out.

Yahshua-Jesus, when speaking to His disciples asked Peter:...”Who do you say that I am?” and Peter replied, Thou art the Christ, the son (the embodiment) of the Living God.” Then Yahshua made this statement:..(using once more this symbol).. “Upon this ROCK (this truth) I shall build my church (or assemble my people).” This was revealed to Peter by the Spirit which was in him.....Matthew 16: 15-18. If Peter had not been a child of God then he would not have been able to understand that which Jesus was saying, but Peter speaking, guided by his spirit said:... “Thou art Yahshua, the embodiment of the Living Yahweh.”

Here today as there is a famine of the understanding of the Word of God...oh, there is a great supply of the WORD...for we are trying to give it to the whole world before they are able to understand, but as the two witnesses, Church and State, now lay dead (not speaking) in the streets of the world then it seems as though there is still witnesses to this Great Message as we see people turning back to the Wisdom of the Ancients and to the Stone of earth with their mysterious wisdom which in this modern world has been overlooked. We believe that this theory of evolution has blinded Scientists and other to this Ancient message which has become silent. However, today we are seeing once more that modern writers are turning back to these Ancient Mysteries, these Ancient places, to the people who established them, so enduring, for a message to you of this blind age.

Another author, in 1992 also published his book... “Secrets of Ancient Places.” It was published in the United Kingdom first. This author suggests that people are trying to recall the meanings of these Ancient Monuments, as though they themselves remember something which now seems to them as though an Ancient Dream.

The endless stream of books since “The Chariot’s of the Gods” by Erich Von Daniken int he 1960's has led people to wander about the life-style, the religion of these people of the past, who were they and did they just disappear, or is it that because of this evolution theory that our modern world just ignores the past because under that theory of evolution then each generation, as it evolves, has to be more knowledgeable than the past. Thus those who installed this mysterious heritage over the thousands of years in the past, in their thinking did not have the knowledge to build anything which would be a marker of a mysterious heritage of a people.

TODAY’s writers are finding that there must be a message left by these ancestors of the past, thus they are searching for the meanings of these marks of Mystery found in the Stones of the earth, the Straight lines marking the step forward, the Ancient Alphabet’s, and yes... even the Scriptures which lead us back to the past, by saying...’Ask your fathers, your grandfathers, about this Mystery....and then you will remember that which now seems like a dream to you.

You, of this Age looking backward, can now find that there are many Ancient records explaining what has gone before, and we have been finding this knowledge in the Libraries left by our Ancestry for you to enrich your understanding of your heritage. People are now finding that these Ancient places had their Holy places, and always they had some instance where as the Sun played a part in their worship, but no this was not Sun-worship as you have been told, rather the Sun was just a symbol you were to use in looking for your Living God in all these Ancient places such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid with its scaled Measures of the dimensions of the earth, the measures of the Sun and Moon, and Ancient things leading back to the Creation of this Universe. These Sacred patterns and measures are once more being discovered to exist in symbolism leading to an understanding of these Ancient secrets. You also see how Christianity embraced those secrets and symbols as it moved from the Essene Community to the early Christian people, and in their struggle to establish the fact that the symbol of THE CROSS had now seen its fulfillment...for this Yahshua was indeed Yahweh in the flesh.

Part of the Mysteries that some are now trying to explain is the different areas of this planet where strange lights are said to occur. There are key windows of these lights in Sweden, and the Light infested Valley of Hessdalen in Norway, as well as the Chinati Mountains of Texas. They are found also in the Himalayan Mountains, as well as the Chapel in the Alps dedicated to St. Mary of the mention a few. However, there is nothing mysterious about the lights found in Stone Circles over the earth in key points such as a certain position indicating an astronomical position. It is again here that the idea that magnets can cure certain health problems comes from. Magnetic stones have been found not only in the British Isles at different sites, but many times Temples of Worship are found of these Ancient people in places where these lights have been recorded as occurring.

The Gor’s Fawr Stone Circle in Wales which marks the Midsummer sunrise will effect a compass needle when held next to it. Only this stone of the circle is magnetic. Did these Ancient people have the technology to recognize and make use of this radio activity? If not then how did they moved the great stones..sometimes for miles? How did they know the technique of fitting stones for the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and yes even the City of “On” which they built in Ancient Egypt, built in a Circle...the 12 streets all running down to the hub of the circle where they built the great Temple, and then put the map of the Heavens on the ceiling, with all the planets in their place...where as we did not discover Pluto until 1930?

In 1978., what was termed ‘a World Heritage Organization’ was formed under UNESCO...and this organization has been listing many of these Ancient Archaeological sites over the world and calling them a World Heritage. Now; yes in a way you might call these unexplained Ancient places, the heritage of the world, since they are in the world. The interesting thing about this book... “Secrets of Ancient and Sacred Places” is that these places which we have tried to describe for you, over the years as we traced the Aryan migrations, is now coming to view once more, which may lead to the knowledge as to who these Ancient people were, and what they were doing as they marked the Ancient places for his later discovery.

One of their listings is Chaco National Historical Park, here in the South Western United States. We have mentioned this place before, but you can also visit the site and learn its history and decide for yourself who built the Great Roads and the Great House which linked this vast community in Antiquity. These were not Indian trails but roads which have now been marked from air photos. Thus why did these Ancient people want these broad and exact roads if they were without wheel or horses? Pueblo Alto is situated on the top of the north rim of the Canyon and has a dramatic view of the entire San Juan Basin. The Great House had 85 rooms and had been built on top of an earlier site.`

In addition to the roads is another Mystery. The Great North Road runs almost 30 miles virtually due north without deviation before changing directions just a little. About 12 miles north of Chaco Canyon the road encounters a group of dune pinnacles. It goes directly toward what Archaeologist’s have termed El Fara (the Lighthouse) because on its summit they found a hearth on which many fires had been lit which could have been seen for great distances. (Could this have been also a place where the ‘Sacred Fire’ was maintained as we found in Ancient lands as Alexander the Great marched Eastward? The ‘Sacred Fire’, according to Zoroaster, was a symbol to God’s people that this time the cleansing would not be by floods as in the days of Noah, but by Fire, a symbol of Shekinah Glory.

The roads connected with the Canyon by Stone Stairways, and you find much carving on the rocks all through the Canyon of animals and birds also. There is also much evidence of the use of Astronomy here in the Canyon. Thus here in the U.S. is a site you may visit and as you walk and view all there has been discovered then let your mind go back in time to affirm this tracing of our ancestors in their migrations into this nation. Someday even the World Heritage will be able to complete this picture.

World Heritage lists the Cahokia Mounds as a place of Ancient mysteries located just east of St. Louis, Mo. Again the author lists these as Indian mounds, but visit and see for yourself all that the Archaeologist’s have discovered, and then decide as to who the people were who left the symbol of the Swastika for you to discover.

In Mexico the World Heritage lists Teotihaucan, the Pyramid of the Sun, Chicken Itza which we have described for you before. In Peru they list Machu Picchu, the Inca Citadel which we have also talked about before. Cuzco is also listed and it was more than the capital of the Inca Empire, the name Cuzco in Queechau, the language of the Inca’s means ‘Navel’. We have reviewed for you in the book report:... “In Search of the White God”, and in the works of Thor Heyerdahl as to this history of our ancestors in South America. In Norway the World Heritage lists Roros. This place ‘the Valley of Hessdalen’ is about 19 miles N.W. of Roros, close to the border of Sweden.

This place owes its listing here to the fact that in 1981., Mystery Lights appeared going on and off for a few years thereafter. The lights were sometimes high in the sky, and at other times below the crest of the surrounding mountains. Their shapes included spheres, rectangles, bullet shapes with the pointed ends downward, and inverted triangular forms. The color of the lights were white, or yellow-white although other colors were sometimes seen, especially small flashing red lights on larger light forms, and strong localized white or blue flashes in the sky.

The light forms could be stationary for up to an hour then move slowly, or show sudden movement. Sometimes the lights were in groups, sometimes not. The winter months brought out the distinctness of the lights rather than the light of summer. It is reported that these strange lights have been seen since 1944. UFO groups were interested in this area and it is know that this area of Hessdalen is a mineral, mining area and has all kinds of ore’s. Copper mining was at one time carried out there and the magnetic field is known to be the strongest here. If seismic stress is a factor in the manifestation of the lights then no one yet understands all the shapes and colors the lights perform.

The peak of lights occurred between 1982 and 1984 and some believe there was a mysterious visitation that took place in this area. Maybe UFO’s not from another planet however. Every day in some valley, mountain, or desert, these lights are still occurring, being one of the greatest earth mysteries there is.

In Germany the World Heritage lists Aachen Cathedral, in a city on the northern border with France, and Holland, where hot springs occur. King Peppin, the father of Charlemagne had his Court at Aachen, and bathed in those waters in the 8th., Century. Charlemagne built his Imperial Palace in the city and rested here in later years, and was buried here.

The Palace covered this whole area, and in front of the Royal Palace stood a triangular stone which was called ‘Schildgen’ because of it shield-like shape. It was a blue stone, and a tapestry was found in the Cathedral Treasury showing Charlemagne....Staff in hand, seated with one foot on a Triangular Stone.

The complex here was set to the exact North, South, East, and West directions cutting across the Northeast and Southwest orientation of Roman street grids thus making several odd shaped, or triangular Plaza’s around the inside of a Circle. Charlemagne is said to have summoned Master Craftsmen from many countries to work on his Octagonal designed Chapel. The Chandelier hanging within the Octagonal Chapel depicted the Heavenly Jerusalem, and the ball from which it was suspended was illuminated by the sun at noon on the Midsummer’s day. Three other positions allow the rays of the sun...on June 21., one on March 21., and one on September 23.,...all rays of the sun focus on the Throne.

The Sarsen Stone setting of Stonehenge can be superimposed at the same scale on to the plan of the Palace Chapel. This leaves little doubt that Ancient Knowledge was at work here at Charlemagne’s Church.

The Speyer Cathedral in Germany is listed by the Heritage Foundation, and it is situated in the Rhineland. It dates from the eleventh century although there is much evidence its origin was much earlier. It is likely that this was also a Sacred spot before this Roman Temple was built. As early as 342 A.D. there is evidence of Christian worship here. It was stated that a miracle working image of the Madonna was also located here, but also in 1529 A.D., the name “Protestant” was given here to the followers of Martin Luther. The Great Stone base to this Cathedral occupies the site of a “Blue Stone”....a medieval marker. The Blue stones were said to be Holy Stone’s of the Germanic and Gallic people, and were bound up with the Sacred No. 3.

The Great Maypole, or Maibaum on Maximilianstrasse which today is said to be a Pagan symbol of fertility was before a symbol of the Cosmic Axis, the link between the world of humans (Adamites), and the outer-world of spirit. The Speyer Maypole was located on the alignment with the Cathedral. On this same alignment outside this city, with different churches, Chapels, and then Bald Mountain. The straight East-West alignment supports the Holy Hill location in other places. This alignment also leads back to the Masonic knowledge, we would say leads back to the knowledge of the Master Builders of our race. Those who have been researching this Mystery for World Heritage say that this alignment features of these buildings point to the knowledge as being both Ancient and deliberate.

Charlamenge was crowned at Aachen, and the German researcher Jens Moller says that Masonic symbolism occurs along the street alignments of this city, which he could determine at this later date.

In England the World Heritage lists Westminster Palace and Abbey, and St. Margaret’s Church. We have talked of this area many times before. There is one legend attached to the dedication of this Saxon Church mentioned in the Book “Secret’s of Ancient and Sacred Places”, we have not seen before. It is said that the night before...the building was filled with a multitude of shinning lights. There was heard Angelic singing and Celestial odors were noticed. A fisherman who reported this event said he believed that he had encountered St. Peter here that night in Westminster Abbey. This story has been discounted of course by skeptics, but these terrestrial lights have been seen in more recent times in connection with sacred buildings being constructed on sites of intense geological activity. Many earthquakes have been felt at Westminster over the years.

Also mentioned is the diagrammatic depiction of the Cosmatic Pavement of Westminster Abbey, this by tradition is said to be a method of calculating the end of the world. Parts of the innermost inscription around the center circle survives, and here the sphere points to the Microcosm, the Globe to the archetype. This alludes to the Coronation ritual performed upon it. A similar design is found in the German Xanten Cathedral, and was found to relate to the geographical layout of Ancient Sacred sites around the Cathedral.

World Heritage lists ‘The Tower of London’ which most people think of as a place of torture where prisoners were kept. Today the Tower continues to house the Crown Jewels and other Royal Regalia, but going back much further in History, the site on which the Tower stands was known as Bryn Ggyn...the White Mount, with ‘white’ meaning Holy. Many legends are connected with the Tower before it became associated in part as a prison. It was used for years as an Observatory. It also falls on the alignment with Westminster and other Cathedral’s and Sacred buildings of long ago, passing through the former position of The London Stone.

World Heritage also lists Stonehenge, Avebury, and related megalithic sites. We have talked about these Ancient Circles of Stone and we see here that there was also an Obelisk Stone at Avebury. We have described the Ancient sites in Britain over the series and there is no doubt that the Ancients of the Builders race knew what they were doing as they left these many messages in this land, laid out in stone. Thus we say that the knowledge of the Ancients will be the knowledge of the future as God’s program is revealed. At that time the message of Stonehenge was understood, since this use of a Circle, a Square, Triangle’s, and Rectangle’s were all in the Ancient knowledge which is not understood today.

In France, the World Heritage lists the Chartres Cathedral, this Cathedral also was built by, as they say, Master Builders about 1194-1220 A.D. This place was known as a Druid center. It is said that a well that is 108 feet deep opens in the Crypt at Chartres which today also houses a copy of a wooden effigy of the Blessed Mother and Child. This statue, carved in the hollowed out trunk of a Pear tree is very Ancient, and age has blackened it for it is said to have been carved BEFORE THE BIRTH OF THE SAVIOR by Druids who are now called Pagan Priests. The words on the statue translate as.... “The Virgin who will give birth to a child.” It is said that when the firs Christians came to Chartres they found this statue and were amazed. The Cathedral is said to stand, according to Sacred records, on the spot where once a Sacred Wood’s stood, wherein the Druid’s gathered to make their Ancient sacrifices and devotions. The west-front of the “Chartres Cathedral” has two towers, but one is higher than the other, representing the Solar and Lunar symbolism of the Cathedral. The west window is a “ROSE” window. The Maize on the floor is today not understood. There is said to be a 13 pointed Star underneath, and it was thought this represented The Christ as a leader of the group of 13 men. We believe that it also marks the number of the Tribes of Israel with Joseph’s two sons in place, then the 13 is folded back into the 12 by not counting the Levi, thus this is also an Ancient Secret.

Once a year on June 21., when the sun is at its highest point in the sky a beam of sunlight comes through a small area of clear glass in the window dedicated, it is said to Appollinaire on the Western side of the South transept. This beam strikes a flagstone in the South transept’s Western aisle of the Maize. This slab is larger than those around it and slightly different in hue and set at an angle. There is also a small, round, metal tenon set into it. The Solstitial sunbeam moves over this metal marker. Nothing occurs by chance at Chartres. There are more Mysteries here at this Great Cathedral than can be itemized. It’s measurements, proportions, patterns, images, resonance properties, subterranean waters, and astronomy provide a whole library if you were to reveal the ancient and secret knowledge to be found at this spot.

World Heritage also lists Delphi, Greece. I do not know about this place, only that there was a famous Delphi Stone, now in the Museum at Delphi, and it has never been explained. In Greece...mentioned is Epidaurus, located across the Saronic Gulf from Athens. There are only Myths as to why this place became so popular with much building going on over the centuries even after the Christian era, which also left many Myths and stories. There was a Temple here of Aesculapius with an Ancient Well, and some kind of an underground passage.

Historic areas of Istanbul, Turkey are also mentioned in this book, and it shows that the alignment factor was used in the beginning of this old city. It is built on deep layers of history. The line barely one mile in length links four key sites. Here you also find “The Blue Mosque” called thus because of the color of the wall tiled. This Ottoman Holy Place stands on the site of the Byzantine Palace, built in 1609-07 A.D. Its many Dome’s rise tier upon tier heavenward. It contains part of the Black Stone found in Mecca.

Here also on that same alignment is Hagia Sophia, over 1000 years old. Sofia means ‘wisdom’, and the Church of Divine Wisdom was the greatest church in Christendom for 900 years, built in 532-7 by the Emperor Justinian, on the site of an earlier church. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 550, then rebuilt in 989, and in 1935 the Turkish Government declared this site a Museum.

World Heritage has listed the Ggantya Temple’s of Malta, on a Mediterranean Island near Malta. The buildings here were erected early in the 4th., Millennium. Ggantia Falls in line with the Church at Xewkija, and the Ta’Cene Megalithic complex. Here you find Dolmen’s, possible stones of a ruined Temple, and curious grooves in the rock surface as if the wheels of a vehicle had left their tracks...but how? Visible from Gggantija is the great Dome of the Church at Xewkija which is on a line between Ggantija and Ta’Cene. The Dome of this Ancient Church is said to be the largest in Christendom. It seems that the later people were aware of the old Temple’s as being sacred sites, thus a Church on this alignment does not deny the prehistoric origin of the line.

Ancient Thebes and its Necropolis in Egypt is also on the list of World’s Mysterious Heritage. Here we have the Greek name of an Ancient Capital in Egypt. This place is now identified with Luxor on the east side of the Nile, about 370 miles south of Cairo. The Great Temple of Amon, the hidden or Invisible usually referred to as Karnak. Here you find the building oriented to key Solar or Stellar positions. The Temple axis was oriented to the North-west, across the Nile and over the Necropolis on the other side toward midsummer sunset around 4000 B.C.

Today men argue as to how and why all this building was accomplished by these Ancient people who moved such massive stones. Since the modern Scholar is blinded by the theory of evolution, this seems impossible. However, we do know that the stone with the key symbolic meaning, and used for the most important and sacred parts of a Temple was Granite.

I noticed that in the listing by World Heritage Landscapes for later, one of these was Cornwall, of the United Kingdom, and then they have a list of other Great Stones in different places such as the Merry Maidens Stone Circle. They hope to research and add these places to the World Heritage list. They tell us that there is much more for the World to lean as the folklore and legends, fairies, and the sun are all focused on these Ancient Stones which are still waiting their turn to speak.

We would say that there is much, much more for the world to learn as they, in time, also trace the migrations of a people who have left their traces of existence all over the globe. We thus find the story, not only in the written word, but in the Rocks and Stones as well. This Ancient technology must once more be discovered. It is very encouraging to see new writers pointing out these Ancient secrets. We thus believe Heaven will renew that which is to serve the future.

This work of bringing everything to perfection is called Alchemy. Thus he is an Alchemist who carries what Nature grows for the use of man to its destined end. For instance, take a sheepskin, don’t tan it and you find it clumsy and rough, but tan it and you have a beautiful coat. Many things today have not advanced to this point of perfection, thus there is a great way to go before the Ancient technology is understood, and used in our understanding of a way of life for today. Medicine for instance, still remains only a Drug Culture, and must also advance in this field. The message of the Stones must be brought out,---and Ancient technology, and knowledge must take its place as Wisdom for today.


(End of this writing)