ERM - Tape 136 - The Man Of Sin; The Year Of The Woman


Tape No. 136  -  By Ella Rose Mast





(Followed by ‘The Year of the Woman’ in the second part)


The Apostle Paul in writing to the Thessalonians was telling his brethren of things to come, here he was especially speaking of the Resurrection, and then the coming of Jesus the Christ, this time in great power and Glory, and what was to occur at that time. (I Thess. 4) The Apostle Paul then goes on with his instructions to the Israelites to whom he has been sent telling them that they, as was he, not in darkness, for you should be looking for HIS return because ‘Ye are the children of Light, the children of the Day; ye are not of the night or of darkness. Therefore we should watch and wait for this Day.’ In otherwords, you are the children of this Day of the LORD. You are not one of those condemned to Wrath.

But let no man deceive you by any means; for the Day (of the LORD) shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that ‘man of sin’ be revealed, the son of perdition.’ (II Thess. 2:3) Thus the ‘falling away’ would occur before the ‘man of sin’ would be revealed before the coming of the Christ to gather HIS Household to HIM.

Justine Martin (100-165) in speaking of the ‘Coming of the Christ,’ said, ‘HE will come from heaven with glory when the man of Apostasy, who speaks strange things against the MOST HIGH shall venture to do unlawful deeds on earth against the Saints who have learned the true worship of God from the LAW AND THE WORD which went forth from Jerusalem by the Apostles of Jesus.’ This man believed that Christ would come from the heavens with glory and accompanied by HIS Angel hosts, and then HE would raise the bodies of the Adamic people who have lived in earth, and will clothe those worthy with immortality.

Irenaeus (130-202) spoke of the Resurrection which takes place after the climb to power of the anti-Christ, and those who follow him into the lake of fire, but for the Righteous, HE brings in the Kingdom. All down thru the ages, great Christian men believed that the anti-Christ would arise and that the final anti-Christ would finally be exposed. And then the career of that ‘man of sin’ would be ended by the ‘Coming of the Christ’ at the end of the age.

The secret Rapture idea was introduced into the United States and Canada in a big way in the 1860's altho its teaching may have started slowly in the 1840's. However, you will remember that it was also started by the enemy so as to neutralize the thinking of the true children of the Kingdom.

You will also remember that Jesus said that HE had picked HIS twelve disciples and one of them was a ‘devil.’ HE had told those who had taken over the rulership of Judea that they were of their father the devil. HE also gave a great illustration so that you would be able to identify them, as HE allowed Judas of Iscariot to carry the money bag for HIS ministry. Since YAHWEH as YAHSHUA did nothing without a reason, this must surely have been a move to help HIS children identify the ‘man of sin.’ This son of perdition, who was Judas of Iscariot at that time, was also the man who betrayed HIM with a kiss, and you would thus look for this ‘man of sin’ to be someone close who pretends to be one of us, but is not. You would expect him and his people to use the Christian religion as a shield while he moves to destroy you, your faith and way of life, as he takes your inheritance from you, if he could.

YASHUA, AS HE WALKED THE EARTH, instructed HIS disciples as to what to watch for as to HIS coming and the end of the World Order under the control of the devil and his followers. (Matthew 24:3-30) and many of these things happened before and during 70 A.D. The Abomination of the Desolator hit Jerusalem before and during 70 A.D. And this was Edomites who caused this catastrophe as the children from the breaking of the Law by Esau with Cainanite wives, rose up to try to take the inheritance from Israel. Judea was a land hard hit by catastrophe before and during 70 A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed. (Acts 11) According to history, there were frequent earthquakes. And twelve populous cities of that area fell in ruins because of earthquakes. Pompeii was greatly damaged, as was Crete, Apamea, Smyrna, Miletus, Chios, Somos, as well as all the land of Judea. Thus earthquakes in diverse places did occur.

The book of Acts gives an account of how the disciples were persecuted as they fanned out from old Judea. And after that start at Jerusalem they moved quickly to carry the message to Lost Israel. Newton wrote in his day, that (quote) there is absolute certainty that Christianity was planted in England in the days of the Apostles, before the destruction of old Jerusalem. Thus the Gospel by 70 A.D. had gone out for this witness to the nations of true Israel now located in the West as they moved to develop the Kingdom of YAHSHUA in earth.

Daniel also foretold of this destruction of old Jerusalem. (Daniel 9) Jesus, remember, had HIS Apostles and disciples wait in old Jerusalem where their work was to begin (Acts 1:8 and Luke 24:49). Then after their witness in Jerusalem, they would see a sign and would know to leave that old city and escape the catastrophe which was prophesied to come. When the Roman Army was encircling the city of Jerusalem, you will remember that they suddenly pulled back for a time and all Israelites being warned, who were still in the city, then left the catastrophe which was to come. Early writers say it was very remarkable that not a single Christian perished in Old Jerusalem at the time of its destruction in 70 A.D. Here you were seeing the ‘wrath of God’ against a people who were born on earth because of the breaking of the Law.

The futurist writers want to place all prophecy in the future. But in 70 A.D., there came great tribulation for the Jews now left in old Jerusalem, these Edomite Jews, the offspring of Esau and his Cainanite wives, which the breaking of God’s Laws was their beginning. SIN is but a transgression of God’s Law. And the expression ‘the man of sin’ simply describes a situation which brings on God’s wrath, as well as in may signify one individual. Here in old Jerusalem the Edomites had not only taken over their Faith as well, and pretended that they were the Chosen People, when in fact, they were but the results of the breaking of the LAW.

After all, the Israelites were all out of the city of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The trouble started in the city over the difference of opinions among the Jews. Some who revolted against the Romans started killing those Jews who wanted to surrender. Thus the Roman soldiers had to go into the city to stop this slaughter since more Jews were killed by Jews than by the Roman soldiers. Read the account of this time by Josephus as to what happened in Jerusalem and even in other cities in Palestine. And even in Egypt as Jews killed Jews as they rampaged in mobs. Has anything since that time been worse for those people than what happened just prior to the destruction of old Jerusalem as 1, 100,000 people perished in that old city during that tribulation period, and 97,000 were led away captives. Thus the ones who called for the murder of our Savior were punished. There has been other times of tribulation, but even Hiroshima and the atomic bomb killed only about 1/10 as many as died in the fall of old Jerusalem. The so-called Jewish Holocaust reported sometime after W.W. II, when understood, was also not to be counted as sever as 70 A.D. For in old Jerusalem, Jews killed Jews. And even became cannibals and ate their own children in that great famine. Some tried to swallow their money and leave the city with it, but this method was soon discovered and anyone trying to leave the city was then slaughtered as they searched for money, even when they were starving.

As we have mentioned before, unless you understand symbolism, it is hard to understand the Scriptures. Many times we read of the sun, moon, and stars being darkened, or not being darkened. Ecclesiastics, as does the Psalms, speaks of good times for the Israelites as those times when the sun, moon, and stars ‘be not darkened.’ Even Isaiah also uses the symbolism as he tells his people to turn to the light so as to escape the evil days. Then in speaking of the fall of Babylon (Isa. 13) this was not the literal sun, moon, and stars that were darkened, but in speaking of symbolism of the days effecting the Israelites, it was the Israelites who were symbolized as the sun, moon, and stars. Remember also Joseph’s dream of his family symbolized as such.

As Jesus spoke of signs to be seen, HE also used phrases and symbols, and parables to express HIS message to the Apostles. For instance, many times the phrase ‘Son of Man’ is used. And you are to understand that this meant that YAHWEH was to come as YAHSHUA, Savior. (Rev. 1:1-8) As this phrase was used---as Christ was outlining the sequence of events to come---the words THEN were inserted. But that word can mean right away or the order in which things are to happen. In warning the Apostles and Israelites to leave old Jerusalem, you know that warning was that the tribulation was to be in old Jerusalem because when HE comes at the end of the age, all Israel goes out to meet HIM when HE calls.

Other symbols used to help your understanding is the symbol of the ‘Fig Tree’ for the enemy. Whereas the ‘Olive Tree’ is the symbol of Israel. Knowing these symbols makes the story so much more understandable.

After the Apostles moved out to Lost Israel, the Kingdom began to expand and develop. But already you had seen a ‘falling away’ from the Faith once delivered by the Apostles after the ‘spirit of truth’ came to them. But as the kingdom people moved on their trail of Destiny, they accepted the news that the Messiah had com, accepted it gladly for to them this meant they were redeemed. And they had been waiting for this message. They were now moving far form the old land where the enemy was trying to stop the message and destroy their faith. After 70 A.D. and those prophecies were fulfilled, then old Jerusalem was just a memory, until once agin in the ‘latter’ years this claim would be brought forth for a homeland for the Jews. This time it would be the Kazzar Jews who would be thrown at the West and told even by blind Christians, that old Palestine was their inheritance.

John the Apostle, told us that out in the world order there would be much tribulation, meaning persecution. And that those who are not deeply rooted in the Faith, when the persecution comes, will give up more easily, thus cause this ‘falling away.’ The Apostle Paul, then spoke of the persecution which was to come to the Apostles as they delivered the Faith to the Saints, in the drive of the enemy to stop this developing Kingdom of God in the earth.

John the Apostle, writing to the Israelites, referred to himself as your brother in tribulation. (Rev. 1:9). Then later, he is shown this vision of the redeemed multitudes. So many, no man could count them, out of all nations. These are those sealed until the Day of Deliverance. And they are not destined for the Day of Wrath. (Ephesians 4:30)and then in Thess. 5:9--- ‘For God hath not appointed us to Wrath, but to obtain Salvation by our LORD Jesus the Christ.’ Thus they are not for the Day of Wrath which is for the enemy of God’s Kingdom. The Saints are to be saved from it. They will instead see the outcome of the whole Divine plan.

Having made known to us the mystery of HIS Will, according to HIS good pleasure which HE hath purposed in Himself, that in the dispensation of the fullness of times, HE might gather together in one, all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and earth, even in HIM. In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of HIM who worketh al things after the counsel of HIS own Will.’ In otherwords, HE hath given us perfect incite into HIS sacred purpose and understanding of it, in laying out the design HE planned to carry out in Christ, and in arranging, then the time should have fully come that everything in heaven and in earth should be unified in Christ thru whom it is our lot to have been predestinated by the design of HIM who in everything carries out the purpose of HIS will. (Ephesians 1:9-11)

This fact that these marked as over comers (saints) designates them as God’s sons and daughters. (Rev. 21:7) The winds of war were held back by four trumpeting Angels until all the tribes of Israel were sealed in the days when they were moving thru the wilderness to their appointed places. Today these same forces are held back from completing their goal, seemingly awaiting the numbering and sealing of the children of the Kingdom who are to come into the physical world. (II Esdras 4:35-37).

With the removal of the Divine restraint, will come the call to HIS children for HE has promised HE will spare them from this final day of wrath as ‘a man spare his own son who serves him.’ (Mal. 3:7) Thus when the final one is sealed, then comes the great voice from heaven (Rev. 11:12) and you prepare to receive your inheritance. This is the promise you hold on to as the climax of events comes.

Here at the end of the age, people are as Jesus said, eating and drinking, and giving in marriage, building homes, and so forth. All things considered as normal, a routine pattern. Then today we are also hearing the cry of peace and safety. But Christians have always faced persecution or tribulation if you like that word. And will until the Christ straightens out this mess that we are in. It seems that we never learn from history. But as the ancient Roman Empire in the West went under the Eastern end of the Empire survived for 1200 years, only because they obeyed God and did not let the Jews into their schools, their government, or their churches. When they did this, then this created the situation, called ‘the man of sin.’ And this brought down the end of that Empire, the last great Aryan Empire. Thus the expression ‘the man of sin’ signifies a situation wherein there is no Aryan in charge and the people in power defy and deny the Christ and HIS program for the world. As this situation developed with the Jews in control of the world order, they next threw the Asiatic hoards of Genghis Khan at the Western Christian world, hoping to stop God’s developing Kingdom in its tracks.

In this rule of the ‘man of sin’ the White Czarship of Russia would fall with the ideal of Communism being set in its place, not only over Russia, but over the small Aryan nations on the Eastern side of the now relocated Kingdom, with even a part of Germany also going behind the Iron Curtain.

Now, the anti-Christ is a persecuting power against true believers. This is the power that makes war on the Saints. This is the power symbolized also by the ‘Woman on the back of the Red Beast’ which has been allowed to run to prove to even the World Order that God’s way is best. And in this end of the church age, the enemy has worked hard to corrupt your faith, as they tried all ways to stop the development of the Kingdom of God.

Many writers over the years have looked at the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church as ‘the man of sin.’ Dr. Swift did not go along with this theory. And altho there is no need of a Papacy which was added to the original Roman Church by the enemy, still that is not all of the story of our thinking as of today. Altho the Papacy was modeled on that old Babylon, and for centuries did persecute the Saints, but it is still not the complete picture of ‘the man of sin.’

The Apostle Paul would link ‘the man of sin’ with the ‘falling away,’ for this ‘falling away’ was to be a corruption of the Christian faith thru false doctrines. This would take place in the ‘visible’ church. The only way then for this ‘falling away’ to be yet future would be if Christianity had remained pure in doctrine and spirit until now and this has obviously not been the case.

Originally the New Testament Church was filled with truth and power. The book of Acts describes those early days. But as time went on, the Apostles were warning of a departure from the true Faith. ‘For I know this, that after my departure, shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.’ (Acts 20:29-30 and II Peter 2:2-3, I Tim. 4:1-3).

This ‘mystery of iniquity’ was at work and the ‘falling away’ was beginning a long time ago. And would continue slowly at times, then picking up steam if an opportunity arose, but also moving to use the Christian people to achieve their goals.

The Apostle Paul said this ‘man of sin’ would exalt himself about all in the Temple of God. Then to make the message more clear, he said, ‘Know ye not that ye (speaking to Israelites) are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you, for the Temple of God is Holy, which Temple ye are.’ (I Cor. 3:16-17). Three times the Apostle refers to Israel, the children of the Kingdom, the True church of God as ‘The Temple of God.’ And reminds you that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, and this you have from God. ‘What? Know ye not that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which ye have from God, and ye are not your own?’ (I Cor. 6:19). Then reminds us that each is a living stone in that great Spiritual House, the Church of the Living God. (II Cor. 6:16, I Tim. 3:15, and I Peter 2:5)-- ‘Ye also as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an Holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.’

Thus this ‘man of sin’ the anti-Christ could be found presenting himself in the midst of the True Church claiming the honors, the inheritance of the people of the Kingdom.

The title ‘son of perdition’ was applied to Judas of Iscariot (John 17:12). Thus this expression ‘man of sin’ can mean an individual as well as a description of the work of anti-Christ in certain times. The rise of the ‘man of sin’ to power was to be accompanied by claims of super natural signs and wonders, just as the ‘woman on the back of the Red Beast (world order) is also described.

In the writings of the Apostle Paul, the people called anti-Christ were apostates, people professing to be Christians but denying the LORD by following false teachings. Remember how the churches were infiltrated in Spain in the time of Queen Isabella, when the Jews joined the church professing Christianity but practicing Judaism in their home? John, thus stressed that his people not be deceived by doctrines of men, but hold true to the teachings of the Apostles from the beginning.

That which from the beginning which we have heard from Christ we declare unto you.’ (I John 1) Thus we find that this ‘falling away’ was already starting in the first Century A.D. Then to make this declaration stronger, John wrote, ‘Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ. He is anti-Christ that denieth the Father and the Son.’ Or as Dr. Swift would say, ‘who denies the manifestation of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, Savior.---- ‘Let that therefore abide in you which ye have heard from the beginning. If that which ye have heard from the beginning shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in the Son and the Father:---These things I have written you concerning them that seduce you.’ (I John 2:22-26)

Ye are warned:-- ‘Beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits as to whether they are of God, because of many false prophets who have gone out into the world. Every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God; this is that spirit of anti-Christ whereof ye have heard that it should come, and even now is already in the world. Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them; because great is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world, and the world heareth them.’ ‘We are of God; he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of Truth and the spirit of error.’ (I John 4:1-6)

In our world of today we are beginning to see the crud rise to the top to be finally skimmed off and the Kingdom of God exposed. We remind you that over the years, people have known of what is called ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.’ Those of any knowledge have understood that this was an outline of a plot by which it was hoped to enslave all Christian people on earth whom they consider their enemy. God is the commodity handled by expert hands, and coveted by experts to be a most powerful lever in the hands of those who possess it, and use it for their purpose. The principle banks, the exchanges of the world, the credits of all the Governments of the world, have long been in the hands of a small group, supposedly numbered at 300. A group of international men who ever have the press of the world in their control. The Christians have been forced into wars by exploiting their pride and also their stupidity. In the thinking of these men, possession of the land has always been seen as bringing influence and power. So they grab great estates, and as paper money replaced gold, then their chests filled with the gold and made them, as they think, masters of all positions. They count someone who is an orator, capable of portraying enthusiasm as a person valuable to their cause. For they can persuade mobs to be a great value to them, as they use them to annihilate Christian capitalism. They have over the years, promised workmen salaries never dreamed of. Then they raised the price of necessities and their profits therefore rise.

One phase of the operation was the plan to monopolize education. By this means, they spread ideas useful to themselves, and shape the brains of the children of each generation as suits their purpose. Therefore, their program called for them to become Lawyers, Judges, and teachers, to encourage their men to marry Christian women because by this method their foot would be in closely hereto locked Aryan circles. The children of Jewish girls married to Christian men, have always been considered theirs. The idea of ‘free love’ was fostered so that they might destroy Christian women’s attachment to the principles and practices of their religion. With their control of the economic life of Christians, their influence on politics and manners of a society is enhanced.

As you study this program, you see that it is an ancient program. We find that in 1919 it is recorded:-- ‘Russia is conquered but be careful, for by taking from them their gold and their property, we have reduced them to slaves. But be careful, for in the future a new generation may turn on us. We must destroy all treasurers, and culture created by the Christian people, and all who would be leaders must be killed. Remember, however, not to rely on the Red Army which may one day turn its warfare on us. May our intellect, our genius, protect and lead us.’ (Unquote)

One reason why this fear of the Red Army, is because altho they forced the young men of the captured Aryan nations to serve in the Red Army, still they remembered that most of those young men were from Christian homes. And they were afraid they could be pushed only so far.

Speaking of the Western Christian world, these ‘Learned men recorded:-- ‘As to the Goyim (Christian-Aryan) as a political force they are dead. But as landowners, they are harmful to us because they can be independent. So we must take the land from them at any cost. The total purpose of the plan to result in the concentration of all material resources in the hands of the Jews, and the lowering of the American standard of living and complete physical and moral decay.’

The Protocols, this grand plan of world domination, was discovered in early 1900. Today we see that many of their goals are met. They moved first against Great Britain and Germany, and then the United States of America. But I think you know why.

One of the schemes used over the years was to jockey city and farm against each other. In Russia, they persuaded the old regime in the cities to lay down their power because those on the farms requested it. And as the Bolsheviks seized power, they ruled the peasantry on the grounds that the people in the cities wanted this type of government. Have you not seen this attempt to divide city and farm in our nation?

In rereading the old book ‘Protocols of Zion,’ translated from the Russian text by Victor E. Marsden, we finally understand a bit better this program dreamed of for World domination. It was in Old Babylon long before the Christ came, as the Yehudin brought down that Aryan Empire, that they saw in their understanding that they could use the law of the Hebrew religion as a promise of universal dominion. To them, the awaited Messiah was no longer to be the Redeemer of original sin. Instead, here was a spiritual victor who would lead the world as king, bloody in battle, and make them as HIS Israel, master of the world, and drag all people under the wheels of HIS chariot. The Babylonian Talmud would be written for their use to replace the Hebrew scrolls, altho they would claim to use them as a guide.

When considering the quotes of Deut, 7:6-- ‘For thou art a Holy people unto the LORD thy God; and the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all the people on the face of the earth.’ Here their Talmud comments:-- ‘You are human beings, but the nations of the world are but beasts.’

Judaism, this religion being set in place of the Hebrew faith, has been described by Mose Mendelson, a learned Jew in this way:-- ‘JUDAISM IS NOT A RELIGION, BUT A LAW RELIGIONIZED. Judaism then is not a religion and these Jews are not a nation. They are a sect with Judaism as a rite, the obligation and rules of this rite for the Jewish masses are contained in the Talmud and the Shulchan Arak. (Unquote)

When reading, we find that there is an Asiatic strain of Jews utterly different from those raised in the areas of Judea. There are also other alien strains and these strains have been cultivated because their master minds needed vast hoards of low type people to carry out their world design.

Now, from the scriptures, you find that the Edomite Jews, came against Judea and took over the government and the Temple from the Hebrew (Israelite) people who returned from the Babylonian captivity. We also realize that YAHWEH had been moving HIS Kingdom people out of that old land for some time as this was happening. But then HE came, born as a Babe in Bethlehem, and carried out the prophecy in that time when the ‘seat of Satan’ moved from Old Babylon to the Isle of Patmos and on to Rome, the next Aryan Empire to fall. We then see the fulfillment of the destruction wrought in 70 A.D. and how these Edomites---the people from the transgression of Esau as he moved out and married two Cainanite women---how these Edomites were punished for what they did to God’s people Israel in Old Palestine. But still the ‘seat of Satan’ moved on to Rome and then later to Vienna, and finally to the inner city of London, right in the heart of the Israelite Kingdom in the West. From this part of the picture, we would think that the Edomite punishment was only a part of this overall picture of ‘the man of sin.’

Who then, we ask, are these ‘Learned Elders’ who sought to use the Hebrew ‘Law’ for their advantage? Judaism was picked for their religion and Vishnu one of the gods of India, would be established as their god.

Remember that the original sin started with who?---No one but Adam who also mixed with the Satanic kingdom as did Eve. Your scripture tells you that Eve was deceived, but Adam knew better. From the old books, Lilith was the consort of Lucifer. And the child of Lilith and Adam was taken by his mother to the Ganges River area and a different race started there.

According to Protocol III, the secret program to conquer the world was worked out back there in 929 B.C. It was decided that they would use the symbol of the ‘snake’ for their work, and symbolically the head of the ‘snake’ would represent those who initiated the plan. And the body of the ‘snake’ would represent the Yehudin or as called later--the Jewish people. The program and administration of this plan was to be kept secret even from the Jewish people themselves. The plan was for subduing all countries by an economical conquest. The States slanted to be devoured were Germany and England. But not until the conquest of Russia had been accomplished. By early 1900, the ‘head of the snake’ was looking at Moscow, Kiev, and Odessa. Constantinople would complete the circle as the ‘snake’ came back to old Jerusalem to establish their base, as they thought from their understanding that old Jerusalem was the fulfillment of prophecy.

The Protocols were discovered in Russia and smuggled out to the West. Of course, great denials were heard and anyone who published them was punished. Any firm which published the Protocols had financial difficulties immediately. There is however, a copy of them in the British Museum as they were published in 1905. As the world progressed, and their plan progressed to America, Paul Warburg came assuring his European partners that regardless of political platforms, the U.S. would do substantially what Europe hoped it would do. He believed that he could get from Americans, anything you wanted if you played the game right. He believed that Congressmen should not be in the banking business. They are not smart enough, but handle them softly. Thus the Federal Reserve was kept out of politics and away from the government management.

The fundamentals of the Protocols declare that political freedom is an idea not a fact. That Liberalism is an idea which is willing for the sake of an idea to yield some power, this gives a new power to mover into an old position already weakened by Liberalism. The power of Faith was then to be replaced by the power of Gold. The power of that word--’Right’--means give me what I want so that I may have proof that I am stronger than you are.

To change the Christian faith, we find that the enemy moved into the organized Church to change doctrines. We then find that the idea of Spiritual Israel, Spiritual Christianity was founded by Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Berlin. His name? Neandar--who was a Jew. In that same university, a man by the name of Wehl was the Arabic Professor of Heidelberg, also a Jew. Over the years the Sovereigns and Popes usually had one of more Jews as astrologers, and advisors and even physicians. Thus power in even Christian countries came by way of the Jews along with their bankers and manipulators of State funds and taxes.

When considering Christ’s way of commenting of the ‘LAW’ as brotherly feelings and equality of all Hebrews, these men were interpreting the ‘Law’ as hatred towards foreign nations and all other people different than themselves. Any other way of thinking to them would be denying their ADOPTED PRIVILEGES AS MASTERS OF THE WORLD. Thus the hatred for Christianity was a foregone conclusion. The idea that people were to be given the privilege of owning property was obnoxious to these men who worked behind the scenes in their effort to try to rule the world for all times. They believed that in politics one must know how to seize property of others without hesitation if by that method of reducing the world to their mold. They moved to annihilate the Aristocracy which was the only defense of the people. And they did this by their use and manipulation of money. They flocked around the leaders of the West as advisors, and the Christian West had no idea what the Kingdom of the ‘snake’ had in store for them. In Protocol 3, they had outlined how to outline human life by dividing people into different classes and in that way throw one class against the other.

By managing the press, people were led blindly to believe all things in print, even cherish the prompting intended to mislead. Meantime, the economic crisis develops until eventually it should bring Industry to a standstill. Then the ‘Mob’ will destroy their leaders. But they do not touch those behind the scene who they never see. In the end, then the people will, so they think, accept their so-called King of Zion whom over the ages this group has been preparing for the world rule. When they come into their kingdom, it is to be expected that the ‘WORD’ and Freedom will have to be erased from the Lexicon of Life.

One of the other things to be used against the Christians, would be the preaching of ‘Predestination of the Jews.’ Set one religion against another, promote race hatred until finally it will be more important to disarm the people than to lead them into war. Using drunkenness and other methods to disrupt thinking and load the land with debet, change the judicial ‘rights,’ use special schools (such as for Rhodes Scholars), so as to have specially trained people for important posts in the governments, and to infiltrate and use the Masonic Lodges for their purpose. All these methods are to be used to mislead.

Education, in their thinking, must be seized so as to reduce people to a common denominator. Only the Jew being above all others. They would then plan to bring out the word ‘anti-Semitism’ as a club against the Christians, using the word Socialism eventually instead of Communism to fool the Western world. They would corrupt the youth of the Goyim in every generation using false principles and theories that those behind the scenes think up. They would change existing laws by merely twisting their interpretations. And above all, the importance of families among the Christian West must be destroyed. A mob, in their thinking, is much easier to handle than individual minds.

Over the years as they introduced the poison of Liberalism, the whole political complexion underwent a change. It was as tho blood poisoning set in. Presidents became puppets and were given the right of declaring war after he was given advisors to push him into their way of thinking. In this plan of the Protocols, we are told that the Christians (Goyim) are a bunch of sheep and we are their wolves. (Did not Christ say HE was sending out HIS Apostles and Disciples as sheep among the wolves?)

Another thing in their plan was their promise to give back all liberties after they have corrected the world and bring Peace to all men. In accomplishing this, Freedom of the Press must disappear even from memory. There will be a necessity for a New Constitution in some place. And they planned to distract the masses so they would not see what is going on. They do this with amusements, games, pastimes, passions, and peoples palaces.

The religion of the future is this plan must be Judaism. And the pornography and printed material for the future will be senseless, filthy, abominable literature for countries known as progressive. As for taxes, those are in all generations to be excessive and at the last to take all. The plan called for ‘one day a revolution all over the world, and executions for those who thought they were working for the ‘behind the scene’ men. The money of all the world would then be turned over to them, as they slay without mercy all those who take weapons in hand to stop them from coming into their kingdom. The rights of the strong, to be the ONLY RIGHT recognized as their so called ‘King of Israel’ to be set in place. When their king sits upon his throne, the Universities are all thru. They will serve only as re-education processes, every subject removed but those which are necessary for their New World Order.

Now, the papacy was not considered as much a threat to this ‘new world order’ as the Aristocracy of Russian. But this is understandable because the Aristocracy of Russia were Aryans. And as this ‘new world order’ would be set in place, the Papal Court would be in Old Jerusalem with the king of the Jews as Patriarchal Pope. The existing Church would be no more, since the Patriarchal Pope will be the Patriarch of an International church. Their kingdom to be an apologia (an argument in defense) of the divinity of Vishnu.

To accomplish the setting in place of the king of the Jews, this program calls for the bringing out of good speakers so that the Christians will follow. Anyone seeming to have the capacity to move people will be sponsored and financed and guided.

The 20th Protocol lined out the financial program for this great ‘one world’ plan. And in it was the progressive tax, and this version, we are only now hearing about which is a suggested tax on Capital. This would diminish the growth of wealth into private hands. A tax or a percentage ratio on Capital is thought to bring in more money than the property tax. The right of property was for the possession of all not to be held in the hands of individuals. As the interest rate is cut to 2% on any investment, then the Christians would turn to the unseen money men for a different type of investment. Debt was to be built up by borrowing form them until nations and individuals can only pay the interest year after year. And this way they get their money back once, twice, or even three times on that which is loaned to the Christians. This continues until a burdensome debt has been created.

One thing that is deemed necessary by these behind the scene planners, is the killing out of the old society as the king of the Jews takes his throne. This king of the Jews is to be portrayed as of the seed of David. But only those who are unconditionally capable of firm, even if it be cruelty for direct rule, will receive the reins of rule from the Learned Elders. True Liberty cannot exist where this definition of Zion exists. And they will use their lever of gold to rule the masses, and dominate the most respectable and enlightened class of society.

Today, here in 1993, mention these things and then most of our people say how can this be--no one could fool us like that. We would suggest that you stop and think. How many of these ideas have ben tried in our nation to bring it down? Over the years many people have tried to awaken the Christian West but have not stopped this process. However, YAHWEH always kept a remnant more alert than the others of our race. Therefore many do know that things are not right, but do not know just what is wrong and what to do about it. At the time and over the years, many people tried to point out that Paul Warburg was an alien, a Jewish Banker who came to America to change our financial affairs more to the liking of those now in power in financial circles of Europe such as the Rothchilds, who trace their lineage back to ancient Babylon.

Thus you will remember that it was in ancient Babylon about 900 B.C. that we find the start of the Babylonian Talmud which would help outline the thoughts of these people who hated the Hebrews and planned to take their inheritance. As you will notice, they married into this Aryan race whenever possible. And over the years began to look more like Aryans. But the same old spirit never changed their thinking. As we think of the centuries which have gone by, we see that it has been a long, long, time as this great dream was developing and YAHWEH’S Kingdom was also developing. And we then realize that they have thrown everything, it seems, but the kitchen sink at this developing Kingdom of ours and never been able to stop YAHWEH’S program of development, for we are still here and our nation still exists altho under a heavy load. And there is also still a remnant of HIS people who remember who we are and why and what we are here for. Thus we have buckled our belts and have moved thru this final drive, and are hoping that the climax comes soon.

You have read of what happened to the Cainanites (Edomites) at the time of Christ, and in 70 A.D. as they tried to destroy YAHWEH’S Kingdom people. The Wrath of God will surely fall once more and this time on this great conspiracy, for we have been told to ‘Come out of her (Old Babylon teaching) My people, unless you be hurt by her fall.’----because fall she will.

Here today, in our nation as they have been trying to set this ‘One World’ program in place, it does not seem to be working for them. We tell you that there will not be a ‘One World Rule’ under the symbolism of the ‘snake’ with Vishnu as god. This is not the prophecy of this BOOK. And violation of LAW still is recognized as the unforgivable sin, in this instance, for the Divine Spirit could not be passed on to a child which is a mixture of good and evil. The philosophy of the ‘snake’ may lead astray many people. But it never changes YAHWEH’S program in any way, which is contained in your Bible.





We presume that you have been hearing this cry especially that has been sweeping across the U.S.A. this year of 1993.---BEHOLD, THE YEAR OF THE WOMAN. Since we hear it so frequently, we believe we need to take a closer look at this situation and find out if possible, what is behind this cry, which seems to mean more than just the election of more women and the selection of more women into high government jobs. Behind all this rhetoric, we realize they are not talking about the ‘Pioneer woman’ who walked by the side of her husband as this great nation was built. They are also not talking about the Madonna and child, or the housewife, homemaker, and mothers of our race. Thus who is this ‘woman’ we are led to believe who is coming to the front to rule over these United States?

As we study this situation, we realize they are talking about a ‘woman’ for the ‘new age’---this dream of ‘one world government, society and life styles. Therefore the word ‘change’ is the catch word for every avenue of American society. It seems that there is nothing good in our society anymore, and we thus must recognize that this ‘year of the woman’ represents a change in all walks of life in our nation. In fact, this ‘change’ means that we no longer need God in America. No longer even need HIM in your personal life. Now you can be your own god. You thus no longer need Christian values, or even the family unit. No. Everything must change. The idea of renewed Patriotism of the 80's must also go. And the investment for your care in old age accumulated in the last twelve years is now considered ‘greed.’ You must be willing to give it up for the ‘TOTAL’ world good. Anyone who worked and saved in those years, must now share with the ‘have nots’ since in our ‘changed’ society, there will be only two classes of people---the ruling Elite, who know what is good for you and the workers. No longer can America tolerate an independent class of people such as those termed ‘the middle class’ of the ‘Religious Right.’

We have been listening to this cry echoing across our land and we have watched the appointment of many, many women as well as others to high offices of Government. And knowing something of their background, we begin to see a pattern as to what these unseen people of the unseen government mean as they put out this cry, ‘Behold, the year of the woman.’

As always, we turn to the scriptures to find a pattern for this picture of events taking place, and we find in symbolism, the description of two women, each representing a kingdom, both seeking to carry forward the program of their founders. Since we think from a Christian view point, we automatically thru to the book of Revelation where we know at least one of these ‘women’ is described in symbolism.

(Rev. 12)--- ‘And there appeared a great wonder in heaven.’ Did you notice where she originates?--- ‘A WOMAN CLOTHED WITH THE SUN, AND THE MOON UNDER HER FEET, AND UPON HER HEAD A CROWN OF 12 STARS.’ This woman (Kingdom) is then portrayed as with child and waiting to be delivered.

This is surely not the ‘woman’ who is the symbol of this kingdom which ‘the year of the woman’ is looking for. Because this Woman is clothed with the sun (a symbol of YAHWEH). And she is from above, because the moon is under her feet and she is with child which we understand from the scriptures and the ancient Star Bible is a symbol of our Savior. This Woman then brings forth this Man child who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up unto YAHWEH, and HIS throne, while the woman--this Kingdom people--fled into the wilderness unto this place HE had prepared for her, and here she is to be fed for a certain length of time--- ‘for a time, and times and 1/2 a time; before the serpent people will be able to hurt her development. This ‘Woman’ (vs. 17) is she who keeps ‘THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD and has carried the Testimony of Jesus the Christ.’

This cannot be the ‘Woman’--Kingdom--for this ‘new age’ being now promoted, because that ‘woman’ has no need for God and especially the testimony of the disciples as to who this Jesus Christ really was. In otherwords, has no need of the Testimony of ‘The Faith once delivered to the Saints.’ According to the Companion Bible, the word ‘wilderness’ means a time and a place of development. Therefore you would not see this ‘Woman’ as a Kingdom, for sometime after she fled into the place YAHWEH prepared for her.

In this chapter of Revelation, we see that there is another wonder in heaven, and in symbolism this is ‘a great Red Dragon.’ And this Dragon stood before this Woman we have just described who is to bring forth the man child, and intends to destroy this child as soon as he is born. Here we are told also that there was a war in heaven and this old Red Dragon was cast out of heaven along with all those who rebelled with him. And the Dragon is then identified as he was also called, the ‘serpent,’ the Devil, and Satan. This Deceiver will however, be overcome by ‘the blood of the Lamb,’ and by the testimony of HIS Saints’ who were willing to die to hang on to and pass along this Faith, this Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus, Himself, preached as HE walked here in earth, a Man among men.

Here we have the identification of the founder of another kingdom plan. And this one very much in opposition to this one represented by the ‘WOMAN CLOTHED BY THE SUN, AND THE MOON UNDER HER FEET, AND A CROWN OF 12 STARS OVER HER HEAD,’ which we recognize as YAHWEH’S Kingdom now in earth to combat the influence of this one described as the Devil, that old Serpent, or the Dragon as he is known in parts of the world.

As the story is laid out in scriptures then in symbolism, the 12 Stars over the Woman’s head have to be the 12 tribes of Israel who build the Kingdom in the latter days. Also, we now understand that it would take a race of people, their lineage intact, to produce this Kingdom, and this is also the story of the Scriptures with all the consequences of the fall of Adam and Eve described, and the Atonement performed by YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, Savior.

After the message is taken to Israel people that their Savior has come, then we see the development of this Kingdom, until it reaches the point when again the pressure will be put on from the opposition to try to stop forever this Kingdom under Jesus the Christ from ruling the world. All this to hold the control over the earth, by Satan’s kingdom forever. Knowing that this nation is the last Great Nation of YAHWEH’S Kingdom, we now begin to see the pressure put on this nation as she takes her place in this on-going program. Great Britain would serve her time in the sun, and then the United States would step into the leadership position to serve her time in the Sun. All restraint seems to be removed from the planners of this ‘new age’ for their so-called freedom from God’s Laws.

Why do you think this is allowed? Actually, it is necessary so that people will finally see the difference between the two kingdoms, and will finally realize that you cannot please the opposition by bowing here and there, giving up just a little of your Faith as you understand is, so as to appease the Devil and his kingdom people. You must stand firm against this opposition, for every time you bend just a little, they will demand more. No longer can you just go along hoping things will get better. We stand now at the crossroad of this fight for the Kingdom of God.

This ‘woman’ pictured here is an altogether different type of a ‘woman’ (kingdom). No worship of a Savior, here. No child brought forth, just the worship of sex from the cradle to the grave. And this so-called freedom for the ‘woman’ (kingdom) is ‘Abortion on demand, paid for by the tax payer---all the ancient vices which brought down the other Empires built by the Aryans in their migration. Under this philosophy, there is no room for a Kingdom built on the foundation stone of belief in the Christ.

In our world today, we are told that Communism is finished. Especially in Russia, no longer is it a danger, so disarm America. However, this had now been proven to be true. And the philosophy of Communism, is still there and many now being appointed to high positions of government, still hold this line of thinking and ----THE WOMAN STILL SITS ON THE BACK OF THE RED BEAST. This will be true until finally she is brought down by the King of Kings, and LORD of Lords, with HIS Saints, those--the Called out, the Chosen, the Faithful, HIS Kingdom people, are in the winning circle. Thus there is a final climax to this story in the scriptures.

Both these Kingdoms are described as now being in earth. And both were taken into the wilderness, for their time of development. And then comes this final climax to this great battle of the ages, between the Children of Light and children of darkness.

Besides all this symbolism, we also find that there were in this picture two literal women who would be considered the mothers of each kingdom. In YAHWEH’S Kingdom, you will find Eve as the lady to start this physical Kingdom here in earth, which will move out and develop into this final battle force. For this physical Kingdom then this would require a race of people in physical bodies. The seduction of Eve and then Adam, would require the coming of the promised Savior or this Man-child portrayed by the symbolism of the ‘Woman clothed by the sun.’ The final development of this Kingdom is portrayed as ‘Gold tried in the fire.’ Wherein all that is unfit for this Kingdom comes to the top and is skimmed off until only the True Kingdom remains.

The other ‘woman’ (kingdom) also had a physical woman as that representative and her name was Lilith. She was the consort of Satan, or Lucifer, and the seducer of Adam after Lucifer had seduced Eve. The child of Lilith and Adam according to ancient tradition, was taken by his mother to the area of the Ganges River, and here another mixed race of people would develop. These are also a dark skinned people, but somewhat different than the Negroid of Africa. This leads us to the believe that Lilith also came into earth on the ships of Lucifer, who had manifested himself first on their planet. Along the Ganges River, Lilith was later known as Kali, the assassin goddess and her Vestal Virgins and is still known as such today in India. Under the Luciferian influence, in India, the temples are filled with gold and precious jewels whereas the people wander the streets among the cows that they worship and rub cow dung on their heads. Is this the ‘woman’ representing a kingdom for America in the ‘new age?’

To get a better picture of how this kingdom portrayed by the ‘woman’ on the back of the Red Beast works, perhaps we should look again at the history of ancient Babylon, found in older records. We remember the writings of Sir E.A. Wallis Budge written in 1884. And he remembers how Isaiah spoke of Babylon. ‘The glory of the Kingdom, the beauty of Chaldean pride.’ This great city was built by the Hebrews which contained the famous ‘Hanging Gardens.’ So beautiful, that they were considered one of the seven wonders of the world. The gardens were built by an Aryan King for his wife who was homesick for her home. Many attempts have been made to belittle the religion of the Aryans--Hebrews to prove that it was the same as that which existed when Babylon was brought down. But the Hebrew concept of YAHWEH was different than the final Babylonian concept of Bel-Marduk or Shamash. YAHWEH was ONE to the Hebrews, and there is no other. But Bel-Marduk was ‘lord of the gods.’

The scriptures refer to Babylonians as the land of the Chaldeans. This was a plain between two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates. This river the Euphrates, is formed from the junction of two rivers in the Armenian Plateau and is 1800 miles long, and it falls nearly one foot per mile during the last 1520 miles. It begins to rise at the end of March and is in flood until the end of May. It is the Euphrates which the Israelites crossed as YAHWEH held back the yearly flood, as they left that old land of captivity where once the Aryans were so powerful.

The Tigris is also formed by the junction of two rivers. And it is 1150 miles in length. The Tigris begins to rise toward the end of September and its highest flood occurs in May. Both rivers have changed their bed somewhat and many ancient cities were built on their banks.

From ancient records, we learn today that the Aryans came into that ancient land and built great cities, and they ruled there for many, many years. From the scripture, we see that these were Shemite people, or Hebrew, if you will, and the records show that under their rule, Babylon became a great city. These people had a ‘code of laws’ that had been compiled, and it was understood that no kingdom could stand that was not ruled by justice coupled with wisdom and humanity. The horse was introduced into this country, and as with the Hykos of Egypt, the mobility of the house helped make these people the masters of this land, then called Mesopotamia.

As we arrive at the time of Abraham, we find that within this Kingdom were other people and other gods were now being worshiped in Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar, himself was an Aryan, married to the daughter of the King of the Medes, also an Aryan. When Josiah, King of Judah was killed, the people of the Judah Kingdom then paid tribute to Babylon. When the Judah people revolted, then Nebuchadnezzar came to Jerusalem and captured that city and carried the young King and his mother and all his family members, and all of the known craftsmen in the city of Babylon. This was about 596 B.C. Then ten years later, Nebuchadnezzar came once more and destroyed the walls of Jerusalem and burned the Temple and carried off Zedekiah and his sons. (587 B.C.) Nebuchadnezzar then rebuilt the great temples of Babylon, and strengthened its walls and fortified them.

Babylon was still a great city at the time when the Israelites were taken there, but now there was also many gods worshiped in Babylon. YAHWEH was not now the ONLY ONE. For years these people who worshiped only YAHWEH had been buffeted by these strangers in their midst, who were not of their race, and did not believe in their God. Thus here as always, God’s people began to follow other gods and decay began to set in here in this great civilization. It would take years to bring it down but the decay would grow until it would be no more.

There is an account of the great flood of Noah’s time as found in the book of Genesis. And this one had occurred long before and had been more destructive than the others which occurred annually. Today, there is a portion of a clay baked tablet with a version of that Babylonian deluge in the Museum in Britain. You can also find their ‘Code of laws’ called the ‘Khammurabe’s Code of laws.’ And this man who lined out this ‘code of laws’ was also surely an Aryan. Under these laws, a woman could travel from Babylon to the Mediterranean and be perfectly save and unmolested. The text of this ‘code of laws’ was edited for use in the schools, and studied as a text book for many centuries after the death of Khammurabe. Under these laws the property of both the rich and the poor were alike safely guarded.

A Stele was found on which this ‘code’ was engraved. It is a large piece of black diarite which tapers toward the top, and about eight feet tall. It was discovered in 1902 among the ruins of Susa. In the upper part of the obverse is a scene in which the king is standing before a seated figure of God, or a judge in heaven who sits on a throne located upon many mountains. On his head is a headdress with horns, and in his hand a rod and a circle symbolizing rule and Eternity.

There were 249 laws in that Code engraved on this Stele. In those ancient times, the king was the master of the country. His governors and nobles formed a small class by themselves and possessed great power. A man was master of his house, field, wife, children, cattle, and slaves. All were his responsibility. But the wife of a free man had many rights and privileges. She was always mistress of the dowry which she brought to the marriage, and could spend her money any way she pleased. Tablets and other documents prover that women invested their money in commercial undertakings. They bought and sold estates, and slaves, and lent money, and even went to law, in their own names when necessary. Women became scribes, and even members of judicial bodies. And many managed large estates and even owned large businesses.

Babylonians were devoted to commerce. Exports were grain, skins, oil, dates, pottery, and reeds for making baskets, mats and so forth. Imports were gold from Nubia and the coast of the Red Sea. Silver from Tarsus mountains, copper from Cyprus, rock salt from Northern Assyria.

These Babylonians and Chaldean Aryans were masters of Astrology and they taught the rest of the world many things. And their wisdom was very powerful at an early period. They gave the great gift---the art of writing---to the world. Before this, it was Pictorial. Then came wedge writing called cuneiform. With the start of the 19th Century, came the translation of this cuneiform writing. Thus now we could learn more about these ancient Aryans. One of the most important branches of learning we see, was the study of grammar. The Astronomers of Babylon had records extending back over a period of many thousands of years. Some even before their time. They used water clocks and sun clocks to measure time, and night and day.

From archaeological diggings, we learn that these early Aryan people believed in another world and revered Life and Resurrection. Ancient Babylon of history built by these Aryan people was representative of the ‘Woman clothed by the sun.’ Later this ancient civilization would fall under the spell of the ‘woman’ who would later be described as the ‘woman on the back of the Red Beast.’ However, in that ancient time, she was known as the ‘Queen of Heaven,’ the ancient consort of Lucifer. And even today, many are led astray by this practice called sex, which led to race mixing and was forbidden under the worship of YAHWEH their God.

Here in America of today, in the city of Chicago, in the month of August, this city hosted a meeting of the so-called ‘Great Religions of the World.’ Here a ‘declaration of ethics’ for humankind was proclaimed. Leaders of the world’s major faiths have worked out the wording for this so-called great ‘Global Ethic’ which laments:---Environmental abuse. Calls disarmament the newest commandment, and condemns sexual discrimination. They announced that this is an historic attempt to find values common to the world’s religions and has been signed by twenty leaders of the major faiths who were presidents of the 1993 Parliament of Worlds Religion.’

Signature to this declaration range form the Dalai Lama, leader of the Tibetan Buddhism, to the Rev. Wesley Arearajah, Deputy General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, which represents most of the major Protestant denominations. A copy of this document was obtained by the Associated Press, thus a report was made. This document now goes before a larger assembly of more than two hundred spiritual leaders for their consideration. But they will be asked to sign it--as is--with no other changes.

This declaration affirms that a common set of values are found in the teachings of religion. And expresses the hope that the ancient wisdom of our religions can point the way to the future. The statement goes on to say that the signers are filled with disgust as they look back and see how certain religions leaders have incited aggression, even violent and bloody conflicts, all in the name of religion.

The main author of this document ‘The Declaration of Global Ethics,’ is Hans Kung, the Swiss Roman Catholic Theologian. The signers of this declaration are not heard to say that history will compare this declaration to the American ‘Bill of Rights.’

There were more than 6000 delegates at this meeting in Chicago. And they are stated to be hoping this document will be a start in terms of trying to establish ‘Common Values.’ Roman Catholic Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, plans to sign this document thinking this is a start of the coming together of all Faiths.

Now---no where in any of the reports from this meeting of all religions, do we find the mention of the name of Jesus the Christ, or the search of HIM, or the necessity of HIM to be recognized. However, we do find this cal for ‘sex orientation’---whatever they mean by that. And their disappointment with President Clinton for not going all the way in his drive to do away with any discrimination against Gays in the Military.

Again we ask,---which of these ‘women’ who represent kingdoms, is being set in place here in our beloved country? Nothing seems to have been learned from history. And then we remember that YAHSHUA said HE would shorten the time unless THEY would fool even the VERY ELECT. We know that the Elect represents God’s Israel. And this Luciferian kingdom symbolized by this ‘woman on the back of the Red Beast (world order)’ who is decked out in precious jewels, having control over gold and silver of earth, is very tempting with this cry of free sex, free everything, after you take it from the ‘haves’ and then give it to the ‘have nots.’ After all, this is Lucifer’s kingdom and as of now he is in control of earth. We know that Lucifer is a spirit, but he also can become embodied in the flesh. He is able to materialize and dematerialize. And he has built up a great total of wisdom, and knowledge, altho he has forgotten many of the great spiritual patterns. He is not a good spirit. Rather he is a spirit which is beneath the status of earth. We have as you know, the heavens above, and then the world. And underneath the Netherworld. And Lucifer is of the Netherworld which is below the status of earth because the function of these spirits is wrong. They are evil. They are in transgression and work always for evil.

When we look at the other Kingdom symbolized by the ‘Woman clothed with the Sun,’ we see this is a Kingdom which Jesus confirms as HE said, ‘Thine (Spirit) they were in the heavens, now Mine they are in the earth.’ ‘I give them My word, I have given them Eternal life. In the flesh I now bestow unto them Eternal Life, and they will never perish.----I am the good Shepherd and I call them out. I call them by name.’

In the 90th Psalm, we find that ‘YAHWEH has been our dwelling place in all generation.’ Thus once more proving pre-existence for our race. Remember Job would write, ‘The Morning Stars sang together, and the sons and daughters of YAHWEH shouted for joy’ as they witnessed their Father roll forth this solar system. This they saw, and even the fall of Lucifer, as he was being cast out of heaven. At that time, you could not conceive of the evil which Lucifer would do when turned loose in earth to try to prove he could be god. We of course, have forgotten these many things which is the reason we have been given the scriptures to help our remembrance and to confirm our Faith.

Enoch of course, was able to remember all these things. While Paul and John were taken back so as to remember, and then tell you and me as they recorded the many mysteries of this Kingdom represented by the ‘Woman clothed by the Sun.’ The Apostle Paul after his heavenly visit, now saw more clearly as to these great mysteries in the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preached (Matt. 4:23). And Paul then records:-- ‘We--Israel, are strangers and pilgrims in earth, and earth was not worthy.’ And will not be worthy until it becomes like the Kingdom of heaven, ruled by the children of spirit under the Kingship of their Father. By this process, we find that up until the time of the Crucifixion, that Adam man passed into the plain of spirit, but their soul consciousness remained in the Netherworld prison until the Resurrection of the Christ. Then since the Resurrection, not one Adamite goes into Satan’s perdition.

Yes, there are areas of judgement, and one is the judgement seat of Christ. But when one of Israel moves in Faith, they develop as they move. And after the Resurrection, this message was sent out to Lost Israel that the Messiah has come, the Crucifixion and Resurrection is over. Thus spread the word to the Nordic, Basque, Lombardic, Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and kindred people. And they accepted this information gladly. For they had been waiting for these words. The pattern was that now their spirits returned to HE who gave it. And this was well taught and brought to their remembrance at that time.

In the Old Testament, Israel always knew that the day would come when YAHSHUA WOULD DELIVER THEM OUT OF THE CONTROL OF THE NETHERWORLD. The ancient teaching of Israel was that this day would come, and in the wisdom schools, the Druids schools of Britain, in Germany and yes--even in Scandinavian countries you find that they believed in the Messiahship which would set them free. Thus they were happy when the message reached out to them and now the church, as such, could expand.

In Scandinavia, we find that Odin was one of their Deities in the areas of the early Druids. Odin came after Christ. Was a descendent of the Israelite Kingdom transplanted to the West by Jeremiah. When great storms came, people called on Odin, and he was to intercede for them by calling on YAHWEH to settle the storms. Thus the Valkyrie road thru the sky at all times. They rode in heavenly plains. And as these storms came, the people believe that the Valkyrie hovered over Israel on earth. These were strong and powerful forces, and people of earth believed this because they believed in the power of the Resurrection. No, it was not paganism, because they believed that when the might YAHWEH would come, that HE the great Thor, the Great Whipper, HE who had laid low the rebellions one, would take them riding as the Valkyrie into the heavens. They did not quite understand all they taught in their traditions until the message came:-- ‘THE MESSIAH HAS COME.’ The pattern was so complete that they received this message gladly.

Now, the Israel people would push on in their migrations, building this great Kingdom of God in earth. And as they marched forward, they would also look backward to their traditions, to their beliefs. For now they would be treading new ground, but still confident, for they believed that they were God’s Israel people. And they proclaimed even in their cemeteries, as they pushed ever Westward as to who they were and why they came. Then on they came across the great ocean building as it was this last great Nation of God’s Kingdom right here in these United States of America. The scriptures had declared that this would happen as Isaiah proclaims in chapter 18:-- ‘Ho to the land shadowing with wings.’----Then verse 7:-- ‘In that time shall the present (this gift---the great striking force of the outstretched wings of the Eagle) be brought unto the LORD of Hosts of a people, scattered and peeled (clean shaven, and with great strength and knowledge from their beginning) a nation now meted out and trodden down, (or surveyed), whose land the rivers have spoiled, to the place of the name of the LORD of Hosts.’---or to Mount Zion.

Looking back, we can see that these United States of America developed and prospered and expanded even tho the enemy rode as parasites on her back. For still these people, our foreparents, believed in their God and in their Faith installed in their hearts. Churches sprang up all over the land as it developed. And altho there was varied teachings now creeping in, still there was only ONE GOD, ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Then as we reached the peak of our development, we become more complacent. And the Church Age becoming old, brought an end to the ancient teaching as to this being the land God had in mind as the last Great Nation of HIS Kingdom. Now people wanted to reach out and envelope the people of the World Order. No longer were they taught the Gospel of the Kingdom. Now the teaching of the ‘woman (kingdom) riding on the back of the Red Beast’ was creeping into our society. And more and more we were seeing this development until ‘sexual orientation’ is more important than the teachings of Jesus the Christ. No longer is there a Kingdom to be established in earth as it is in heaven. Now the cry is Racism, which the people are worried about. And in the church world in South Africa, now you find that the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, is Desmond M. Tutu---a black man, a Communist all his life, calling for the more than 10,000 church members in attendance that evening, to stand,--oh--not for Jesus Christ, but STAND AGAINST DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF RACE, CULTURE, GENDER OR---yes,--you guessed it---SEXUAL ORIENTATION. In his speech, he made these remarks:--(quote) ‘Every human being is a god carrier, and a temple of the Holy Spirit. Injustice destroys the dignity of a people created in God’s image. You and I are meant to go into society, to be God’s agents of transfiguration. ‘Go for it, says God,’ ‘I need you to CHANGE society. I need you to work for those who are marginalized. I need you to be biased for those who have no clout, those whose society makes expendable.’ (Unquote)

Now, we ask you, is this the Gospel of the Kingdom? Has God changed HIS mind after all this time, or is the White church marching to another Pied Piper? Has the church at this late date in the Church Age, forgotten-- ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.’--? And the people who have been chosen as God’s own inheritance.’ (Ps. 33:12)

Instead of sort of sneering at the past, perhaps we need to go back and reflect on the teachings in the time when even the poets knew of their beginnings:---

Our birth is but a sleep, and a forgetting,

The soul that rises with us, our Life’s star

Hath had elsewhere its setting.

And cometh from afar;

Not in entire forgetfulness,

And not in utter nakedness;

But trailing clouds of Glory we do come.’

William Wordsworth in ‘Ode’---imitations of immorality.


We assure you of this. No matter what man dreams up, you can be assured of this:---This Kingdom symbolized by the ‘Woman clothed with the Sun’ is a never ending Kingdom which will rule a One World Government under their Father’s leadership. And as HIS program progresses even the world order will be happy and BOW THE KNEE. Under the Father’s leadership, no longer will the enemy live as parasites on the back of our people and we will do the job we came here to do.

Today, we seem to see the ‘tares’ standing up above the ‘wheat.’ But America marches on, and will reach here final destiny and the true ‘Woman’--(Kingdom) will shine forth like the sun.


Until next time, YAHWEH willing.