ERM - Tape 135 - The Glory Of The Lord Revealed In His saints



TAPE NO. 135........By Ella Rose Mast



One of the ways in which the world shall see the Glory (Light) of the LORD is as the Apostle Paul tells us:..(Thessalonians 1:10) "When he shall come to be Glorified in His Saints, to be admired in all those that believe because of our testimony among you in that day." Here the Apostle Paul is urging all the brethren of Israel to love one another, and to study to perfect their Faith, so that "your hearts will be ready at the coming of our LORD Jesus the Christ with all His Saints." (1 Thess. 3:13)

Who then are these so called "Saint's" you find so involved in this continuing story of the scriptures? You find them in the old books, you find them in the oldest book of the Bible as YAHWEH was talking to Job, asking him who he would turn to for help in his troubles. Yahweh said:..(Job 5:11) "Call now if there be any that will answer thee, and to which of the Saints would you turn to (for help?)" After all, the saints are not God, they also turn to YAHWEH their father for help.

In the scriptures we find that the Saints are undoubtedly not all in earth, only some of them for:.."But to the Saints that are in earth, and to their excellence in whom is all My delight" (Ps. 16:3). Then David would write (Ps. 50:5) having YAHWEH saying:.."Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by Sacrifice." As you will remember, always the Adamites as they migrated in old Testament days, would pause often and build an altar then prepare a symbolic sacrifice looking longingly forward to the day when YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, as promised, would come into earth in flesh as Savior of his people, and thru them the world.

It is recorded also in Psalms 89:35., this promise.."I have made a covenant with MY CHOSEN, I have sworn unto David my servant, thy seed will I establish forever, and build up thy throne, unto all generations, and the heavens shall praise thy wonders, O LORD, thy faithfulness also in the Congregation of the Saints". Then in Psalms 116:15., again David records:.."Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of HIS SAINTS". David of course knew that he was of this race of the servants of YAHWEH. In the Companion Bible the word 'Saints' is defined as Sons or children.

We would then say that the Saints are YAHWEH'S Household, some now in earth, his chosen, his servants in physical bodies to build his kingdom here in earth. This could only be accomplished in Physical bodies, and now these called Saints are in earth, have been since Adam and Eve were put out of the Garden, and entered their physical bodies prepared for them, so that they could do His work in earth. However, they lost the essence (Glory) of YAHWEH in this transition and now this would call for the Great Sacrifice, symbolized by.."The Lamb slain before the foundation of the world", meaning, the promise of their redemption was made while they (the Saints) were in the plane of Spirit.

As you study this situation and strive to understand many things, we come to the process of Alchemy which means that you carry something which has as yet not been completed to its final completion. In this instance when considering the building of God's Kingdom in earth we would turn to the words of the ancient Philosopher...Paracelvsus..and we hear him say:..(quote) 'Alchemy makes the impure into the pure...through fire. And we remember that the scriptures also contain this phrase.."Tried in the fire", for the kingdom is likened unto Gold 'tried in the fire', and when that happens then all the 'dross' unfit in the gold as it is melted rises to the top and is skimmed off and destroyed.

The ancient philosopher stone we have described before is a symbol of Alchemy. For further reasoning on this subject turn again to Paracelvsus and hear him say:.."A Seed rots before it bears fruit". In otherwords, the body decays while the spirit lives on. Thus flesh planted in earth is a seed, and the spirit is the fruit thereof. Paracelvsus would also tell us, that this is the "Pearl of Wisdom which YAHWEH revealed to Adam-man." It is then thru the Adamic race that the Saints come into physical bodies making the Saints thus the sons and daughters of YAHWEH, with some now in earth to build His Kingdom, in this physical world. These sons and daughters have thus been given the gift of Faith thru which they may search for the things of God.

The Wisemen of the scripture story were versed in the promise of a Savior. These were the Magi who were always watching the heavens for a promised sign of the coming of the Savior. However they did not misuse this knowledge which came by Faith in His promise.


Turning back to the scriptures we read:.Daniel 7:18., "But the Saints of the MOST HIGH shall take the Kingdom, and possess the Kingdom forever, even forever and ever". Thus the scriptures also tell the story of the coming into earth bodies of this Adamic race, to build His Kingdom in earth so as to form the Administration of the earth until perfection is once more reached and the program of YAHWEH is completed. These Saints...sons and daughters of YAHWEH..born in spirit, and now in physical earth, are his servants, his messengers and they are in earth with a mission which is to build His Kingdom.

In Psalms 89:5., we find David saying:.."Thy faithfulness also in the congregation of the Saints". Here it is talking about this seed established forever, as is also this throne of David, and according to the Companion Bible these Saints are God's Israel, and the Saints are holy only because they came from HIM. The word 'Holy' means...separated ones when speaking of the Saints in Acts 9:13., and here it is talking about what Saul had done to God's Saints at Jerusalem before he met the Savior on the road to Damascus and became the great Apostle to the Saints, those of Israel who were scattered to areas of the west.

We find then that these people beginning with Adam and Eve have been thru the years called by many names, and one of these names in later interpretations of scripture was Saints. We remember that Judas Maccabeus before the coming of Christ saw in a vision (2 Macc. 15:12)..Jeremiah with outstretched hands invoking blessings on the whole body of Israelites, those called by this name of...Saints. By the time of Christ, the Israelites were holding in loving memory the old Patriarchs, and the Prophets. They believed many of them were martyrs here in earth, and they built monuments over the places where their bones lay. The early Christians continued this process since they knew who the people of the book really were.

The word 'Martyr' means witness, and since the apostles and disciples were Witnesses of the Resurrection of The Christ (Acts 4:33) and they were thus Saints who were witnesses of all the events relating to the ministry of The Christ. They however were also members of the Body of Christ, and especially honored because they were very close to the Messiah.

In early Christianity there was no consideration given to Cremation, this practice was considered as pagan. The family of the dead would meet on the Anniversary of the dead because this was considered a birthday in heaven for this martyr who had been united with The Christ at their death. In fact the whole Christian Community took part in this burial, and the anniversary of these early New Testament Martyrs. Their thinking was that Christ was put to death for all, thus is symbolized as on the Altar, and those redeemed by His suffering were under the altar. There was a great distinction made between the ONE on the Altar and those under the Altar. The thinking of these early Saints was that they were building tombs for mortal men whose spirits went to live with YAHWEH. They offered sacrifices to YAHWEH only who was Father and God to both the Martyrs and to them as well for all were children of the Kingdom. It was not until late in the 12th or 13th., century that this authorization of New Saints was reserved to the Holy See at the Vatican, according to the 'Dictionary of Angels' by Davidson. However there has been Martyrs, Saints, in all generations of this race which is building this kingdom of YAHWEH in earth which shall show forth HIS GLORY (LIGHT).

In the New Testament the story continues as John writes to 'The Lady Elect' (2 John 1) and this lady is again an identification of the House of Israel,..the Saints..the chosen, the separated ones of this program of God. John then says "The Elder (John) to the Elect Lady"..pointing in identification to those known unto YAHWEH from the beginning, for remember that "Those HE did foreknow He did first Elect" otherwords, He knew them from the foundation of the world.

We find that the information in the old books is the same as that found in the Swift ministry which we have been stressing for some years. Having known the Saints from before the foundation of the world, then they are His spirit children who came from the planes of spirit, to dwell in flesh bodies to build their fathers kingdom. This race from Adam (Genesis 5:1) is also known later as the bride of God, in that this is the race which brings forth the posterity that He commanded Adam and Eve to start the production thereof. It was only by acquiring these physical bodies that this race could fulfill this program, thus they are those who have two bodies, spirit and mortal or flesh. These two are united as in the program of marriage which YAHWEH instituted, and it is only at death that the two separate, the divine from the earthly. On the day of Resurrection these two come together again thus all elements YAHWEH used to form the Adamic body join this spirit body which comes with him, and this resurrected body then can go thru walls and partitions without breaking anything just as Christ could do when he wished.

Adam and Eve were in their beginning immortal when put into Paradise where there is no death. But as they mixed with these leaders of the race knowing both good and evil they were driven out of the garden to start the fulfillment of this program of building His kingdom here in earth. Which of course required physical bodies. Thus the fruit of the Righteous (right thinking of the Saints) is the "Tree of Life", of the beginning story in the scriptures. But remember that As Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden they still remained HIS Saints, HIS spiritual children, altho the light of their spirit retreated inside their mortal bodies, and they thus lost this 'Essence of Perfection' which they had to begin with. Now knowing both good and evil, they had fallen under the influence of Lucifer, even tho they had in the beginning been so positive this would not happen.

The old Philosopher, Paracelvsus, told this race long ago that our beginning here in earth is but a 'walk of faith' which is enclosed in our hearts like a treasure, but if we do not know how to draw from this treasure then our 'Hope' is empty, for YAHWEH looks into our hearts, not at our ceremonies, and our posturing. It would thus be wrong to build on any other foundation than "FAITH IN CHRIST".

Today we hear much talk of Love..Love everyone, still the old Philosopher said: (quote) 'If a man studies only for the sake of appearances, or for the sake of outward splendor, or contents himself with superficial title, this has nothing to do with Love. Instead we are to search for this ancient truth, always taking the good we find until something better comes along, but do not let the good slip away from you, for if you discard this truth and pursue something new, what you had will escape. But if you build on something good such as Faith, then you will always have something to hang on to. For in the end YAHWEH will destroy all error, and what Adam-man cannot change by his own efforts, HE will change because he does not desert His own children. Thus when death comes the body you have been dwelling in goes into the earth, but the spirit goes back to where it came from. When the end of the world order draws near, all things will be revealed, from the highest to the lowest, from the first to the last. Then you will know what each thing is, and why it existed, or when passed away, from what causes and what its meaning really was. Everything in the world will thus be disclosed, as all these things come to the Light. At that time it will become manifest that many who are known as highly learned have no knowledge of the things of God. Then the true scholars, and the vain chatterers will be recognized. Then the tares can be separated from the wheat, all chaff will be gone from the wheat. Therefore let us direct our thoughts toward Paradise to which we return, and where a new life begins, where the Father awaits us." (unquote)

We then ask you this not the same story we learned from the Swift ministry? Thus knowledge from the old Philosopher who had his understanding of the scriptures much earlier is also something good to build on as you unravel the story of this Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preached, and which is so ignored here today in the end of the church age.

Paracelvsus when talking about the stars also said:..(quote) "Astronomy was a very important science for (Adam) man. In the stars there is wisdom, reason, ruse, strife, and weapons just as with men of earth, but remember we originated 'in the stars', and from here is the wisdom which comes from God, who stands above all others, and is stronger than the heavens and the stars together.

The art of Astronomy however helps us to discover the secrets of the heavens. It distinguishes between fancy and opinions, between science and knowledge. What in its essence belongs to the ways of God must be learned from God. As Christ came into the world all other wisdom died out for He brought Eternal Wisdom into the world and the inferior must yield to the greater. Yes, even the light of Astronomy paled under the Light of The Christ, yet each has his part in this program as does the prophets, the astronomers, the Apostles, and yes..even the physicians. For this reason the Father has set us in the Light of Nature, but as A SON IN THE ETERNAL LIGHT. The stars then must in time obey Adam-man and be subject to him, not he to the stars, for he came from there. Even tho a child be born as some would say under the sign of Saturn influence, still they can escape this influence and be a child of the Sun.

Christ and the apostles prophesied the seasons of the nations, but the astronomer states the seasons of natural events. There is a mighty difference between the two, for what God prophecies comes to pass whereas what the astronomer predicts may or may not come to pass, thus prophecy comes from one source and astronomy from another. The true knowledge of Adam-man's essence can be attained only on the bases of his Eternity, it cannot be understood by any other sign. Thus a prophet or an Apostle must be held in higher esteem than an Astronomer or a physician. It is better to cure thru Christ than by means of herbs. For the Apostles were given power to cure the sick and raise the dead, thus who can doubt that Astronomy and its light has paled beneath the Light of Christ. Yet each has still a part in the whole picture. Astronomy has not been abolished or forbidden to us Christians. We are to only use it in a Christian way for the Father has set us in the Light of nature for now, but The Christ in you is an Eternal Light. Therefore it is indispensable that we should know them both. We remind you that the Wiseman is he who lives by Divine Wisdom for he is in the image of HIM in whose likeness he was formed, thus we say again that the stars must obey Adam-man, not he the stars.

The wise man lives after the image of God, and is not therefore guided by the ways of the world, and he who imitates the image of god will conquer the stars. So we ask..where do you find superstition but among those who know nothing. Where do you find vanity?..the same place, among those who do not strive toward God's wisdom. He who knows much should then bear fruit, or he is not a philosopher, for first comes knowledge, and then comes faith, and the fruit thereof. This is the ground on which any philosopher must stand.

You will remember that the Queen of Sheba came a long way to hear the Wisdom of Solomon because that was a gift from God. And Adam-man is thus the instrument thru which God reveals his miracles. The first is Eternal Wisdom which comes direct from the Light of the Holy Spirit, the other comes from the light of nature, and it contains both good and evil. It is Adam-man's task to strive always to distinguish between the two. Thus Adam-man (and his race) must always turn to the spirit within to distinguish the Light he is to follow. He being the recipient of this treasure, and must strive to be worthy of this knowledge (of the Gospel of the Kingdom) given only to this race.

Before a thought of this work occurs to us, it has to have been with God, and then returned to us. This is brought about thru the connecting link of spirit so that we may become charged with the will to do the work of God which we were sent here to do. Actually God has given his power to the herbs, the seeds and we are to take it from them and to use it for our own benefit while here in earth. (unquote) But as always he keeps a seed alive so as to accomplish his purpose.

Today in our world we should heed the writings of Jude. In his Gospel in a few short verses he reveals many things:.."Beloved (Israel) when I gave all diligence to write to you of the common salvation, it was needful that we write unto you and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the FAITH which was once delivered to the Saints." This is especially true for our day since we hear nothing as to the teachings of Jesus concerning the Gospel of the Kingdom, and such things. Surely we have also fulfilled that which Jude warned would happen:.."Certain men crept in unawares, ungodly men, turning the Grace of God into lasciviousness, and denying the only LORD GOD, our own LORD..Jesus the Christ. Jude describes these people as:.."Spots (performers) in your feasts of Charity, clouds without water, trees without fruit", who are to be "plucked up without roots". Thus There is no good in all these who the One World people are setting up to rule over us. They even are explaining our scriptures, thus no wonder America is in such straits, for we have even allowed the Word..God..taken out of our schools.

The Apostle Paul who had his eyes opened by the Light of the Spirit wrote in his letter to the Ephesians 1:11-18..of our inheritance..since we were "Predestinated according to His purpose, and as your eyes of understanding are opened that you may know of the riches of the Glory of His inheritance in the Saints."

As the Apostle Paul (I Cor. 2)..wrote to the Israelites in Greece he spoke of those who are sanctified in Christ and called to be Saints's, knowing that the word "Saints" was only used for God's Israel.

Therefore there is much evidence to support our claim that we are the people...Israel of the Book. There is much evidence to support our claim of Pre-existence. In Psalms 90., it tells it all:.."We were in Him before the world was framed." Whereas in Psalms 91., it talks of a secret place which is in the dimension of intelligence, and only you can know that He is your father and God. You...His Saint's have had all "Spiritual blessings before the foundation of the world". This is that secret place, therefore search for it, and become enlightened Saints for the promise is that you are to:..RISE AND SHINE FOR YOUR LIGHT OF SPIRIT HAS COME, AND THE GLORY OF THE LORD HAS RISEN UPON THEE."