ERM - Tape 138 - The Gate Of Remembrance


TAPE NO. 138  -  By Ella Rose Mast



From the Collectors Library of the Unknown...a time life book written by Frederich Bligh Bond comes to our attention a subject which is also the title becoming very interesting. The author was an Archaeologist, a resident of Somerset county in the Southwest of England. He was said to be very interested in psychic research, and he wrote as tho from that view point, but you must remember that there was much available as to the old books by 1907 and other factors enter in to your mind as you read his writings. In 1907 he saw a chance to gratify all his interests in antiquity and he took it. The results was two major archaeological discoveries, and although this resulted in the professional ruin of our author, since the word Psychic did not go well at that time, still you must remember that he did uncover two major archaeological finds which added to our knowledge as to the antiquity story of Glastonbury, in southwestern England. His book...The Gate of Remembrance was published in Oxford England in 1918 by B.H. Blackwell.

Our author was born June 30, 1864 in the small town of Marlborough. His father was an Anglican Clergyman. Bond was the 8th., child in a family of 12. His family thru the centuries had produced a large number of school masters, Generals, Admirals, Clergymen, and Physicians.

The outstanding archaeological and architectural wonder of the authors home country, indeed of that whole region was the fragmentary remains of Glastonbury, England. Historically that sites origin goes back in antiquity to the legend tracing the ruins to Joseph of Arimathea, and earthly relative of YAHSHUA...Jesus, who in the New Testament times was said to have buried The Crucified Christ in his own tomb in old Jerusalem, and then later brought the Holy Grail, the quest for which motivated the Knights of the Roundtable.

This hide of land has also been said to be the legendary blessed Isle of Avalon where the wounded King Arthur went to die and to be buried. In other old books we find that this was the area where The Christ came with Joseph of Arimathea to the tin mines, and where he built the little Wattle Church which proved true as they found the ruins of the same. We also remember that a home for Mary, the mother of the body in which HE dwelt in His walk here in the flesh, was also built here in that area so that she could live out her days in Peace and quiet, being safe from those in the World Order who hated everything about The Christ. This area of Glastonbury was a resting place for those who came west after the Crucifixion, and from where they then moved out on their missions.

Our author became the director of the archaeological diggings at Glastonbury Abbey. He was a scholarly architect, and was fascinated by the remains at Glastonbury and in 1907 as the Church of England acquired title to Glastonbury and asked for excavations to commence at the site then our author was named director of these efforts. Bond had been poking around the ruins on his own time, and had read all the old material about the ancient Abbey he could find before this and he plunged into the work whole heartedly.

(QUOTE) "The Green Isle of Glaston severed as it was from the outer world by its girdle of marsh and mire, was from old time a haunt of Peace. Its History as a religious foundation goes back into the mists of Antiquity, and is lost in legend and fable. To this quiet retreat of a secluded stronghold of a more ancient Faith, the footsteps of the first Christian missionaries were guided, and the company of eastern pilgrims found rest in its green recesses, and a well guarded focus for the great work of Evangelizing the Isle of Britain.(UNQUOTE)

We are told that successive immigrations came to this ancient Isle yet never extinguished this Lamp of Truth, for as they came, they cherished the old landmarks, and did not destroy for the heritage of Glaston was a trust for Christendom. Within the sacred precincts of this Isle the dust of many holy men and women were preserved, and the church enshrined their relics.

Great Saxons kings kept this Sacred place peaceful. There was then in this great Abbey church different chapels built by different kings, and one was for the Saxon King Edgar who died in 975 A.D. He was one of the three Kings buried at Glastonbury.

In 1539., this ancient Holy Place saw the execution of the last Abbot, and the disposal of all the treasures of art, and learning which had been stored within those ancient walls. Today you may look at the delicate and beautiful work at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, or the master piece of stone craft, the Chapel of King Henry VII at Westminster, and form some idea of the beautiful chapel of King Edgar in its finished state.

It was in the early 1900's., after acquiring the title to Glastonbury that this urge came to try to find more data about the lost Chapel at Glastonbury. What proved to be the ruin of our author is that he and his friend who was helping him decided to try to communicate with those who had gone on before to help to find the foundation of the ancient great Abbey Church of early Christendom. Altho they found what they were looking for, and that the Chapter House was in length 90 feet, the Quier in length of 159 feet, and 75 feet in breadth, the body of the church in length of 228 feet, and Joseph's Chapel 117 feet long ...still by the time this was transpiring, the world and our people had even lost their view of those in antiquity, probably thinking they still ran around barefoot searching for food, and they failed to test this great imagination which when used will unravel the past.

Our author reminds us that 'imagination' is a great gift, a divine power of the mind, and may be trained and educated to receive, and to create only that which is true.

We believe, as did this author, that the stories we have heard about Glastonbury are true, that this is the Isle where Christ visited, and where Mary came for protection and rest, and that it should be as well known as Jerusalem or Rome if people would turn their minds to think of things which are true.

Acts 2:17., quotes the prophet Joel:.."And it shall come to pass in the last days said YAHWEH..I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophecy and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dream's." (end quote)

Now; our author and his friend wrote as if they had sessions wherein they contacted ancient monks who one time dwelt at Glastonbury, and in this way they discovered the foundations of the Ancient Abbey. People not understanding that there comes a time when all things shall be brought back to our remembrance, accompanied by a spiritual reinforcement which shall clear the cobwebs from individuals minds, until they will want to know more and more of your past, as to who you are and why you are here, did not at that time accept this explanation as to where this truth came from even when excavations proved them true. Remember also that when YAHWEH wants certain things to return to your mind surely He helps in different ways and guides when a person searched for past knowledge which fits into His plan?

When the Lost Chapel was being rediscovered it was found that vandals had even tried to remove the foundation stones as tho to destroy all traces of this ancient Abbey of Christian Civilization. To bring it back into the consciousness of the author and his helper would take a probing of the mind and from this came the words 'linea bifurcata'..and other sketches of the building were drawn as tho their hands were guided.

Many ancient books, especially the ancient book of 'Melchis' quoted by John Glaston says;...Among those coming to Glastonbury was Joseph Marmore, name of Arimathea, and received perpetual sleep here, and he lies 'linea bifurcata' near the south corner of the oratory which is built of hurdles. 'linea an undergarment, and Bifurcata means..with one slit at the side like a shirt or dalmatic. But the script seemed to suggest rather 'a fork in the path' as to where Joseph of Arimathea lay in Peace.

Now; as the author described these things in his book as to what was brought back to the memory of these two men, people would not consider that we have the knowledge in our brains as to events which lead us back in time on our pathway back to Adam, this we inherit and some people would then be able to remember what did transpire at ancient Glastonbury even of that ancient beginning as the establishing of the Aryan religion in the place as the worship of YAHWEH, and then the coming of Christianity after the Crucifixion in the old land Palestine. Remember then that our author was born in that area, and lived there for much of his life.

As the author brought memory of the past to the forefront, he had a fascinating series of notes which he put in his book and this eventually brought about his downfall, by people with no understanding as to this stored knowledge in the tendrils of our brain. Today you only have to go back into many of the old books to find that what the author was learning there in 1907 was truth. But many then thought that the author was a fraud, or insane, and his work at Glastonbury ceased. However we believe as did the author that the Glory of Glastonbury will some day surely rise again, that the reconstruction will come because it is a part of our long lost past.

(QUOTE) "Let the state fall in ruins, and the outward garments of Faith perish, but fear not, for greater things will rise into being, and great nations and great ideals will come again. Therefore do not swim against the tide for all will work for the best. A spark of knowledge will relight the dead fires with a more pure flame. We cannot hasten the time, but time is sure, and not delayed. Hold fast to your duties here in earth, but keep your ears open for spiritual help, then combine both forces, and always listen for that 'STILL SMALL VOICE' when alone in your chambers. Work in the sun (in the light of YAHWEH) but listen in the star light." (end quote)

As we have said before, as our author and his friend were working at discovering this old chapel, and absorbing all the old material as to this ancient holy place, actually much more was known about antiquity by many but not by the general public, than is even known today. Perhaps our author did not quite understand what the Aryan mind was capable of it turned loose to probe the past and guided by the spirit, but remember always the work of the opposition has been to hide this fact.

In the description of the old Abbey, which came to the author and his friend, is that it was built of stone, very white stone and fair, that there was a door and a great stairway which had a divided stone in the middle of the stairway, so that 'they who went up might not meet with those who came down 'ye stair'. There were many fine paintings, and much work in silver, and precious stones everywhere. St. (King) Edgar, was listed as being buried in the window where you would see the Cross. Afterwards this body was moved as more building was done at this spot. Over the years more and more was added to the building here at the Abbey. And legend says that One will come who will build once more the great church, a son of Glaston from beyond the sea, and in the great scheme of the world you will find that Glastonbury will once more be a mighty place, where our Savior walked.

After his work was stopped at Glastonbury, he came to the United States and lectured across the country. He died alone of a heart attack in 1945., but his legacy of work at Glastonbury remains as does his supposed communication with the minds of the past, altho the recording of this led to his downfall by people who would not acknowledge such a fact, and those who opposed this knowledge in the first place.

As the story unfolds as to the Archaeological finding at Glastonbury we see the same information we have read in other books as to the burial of those famous people of old who were connected with The Christ, with the Master Builders of old, of this race of Adamic or Aryan people.

Foundations were found at Glastonbury of the Edgar Chapel showing that it was as supposed a rectangular chapel of 4 bays and the eastern annex with the 'walls at an angle'. The picture of the Chapel came into the mind before the foundation was found thus making the foundations easier to find, thus proving that the description they were receiving were true.

In 1909., the true plan of the Chapel was published in the volume of "Proceedings" and made an interesting comparison with the conjectural plan. Two years later, in the collection of Colonel Nem Long, of Clevedon, and 18th., century manuscript...the plan of the ruins came to light which had not been known before, and it showed the two inclined wall sections of the Apse of the Edgar Chapel. And yes, the remains of the little wattle church were found and reported in the "Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological Society for 1909".

The Tomb of King Arthur was described in the readings of shinning black stone in front of the altar. In fact there was a chamber under the altar where many were buried. Then as the years past and more building was done they entombed some of the Martyr's bones.

Who then destroyed the great Abbey there at Glastonbury?...It seems that as the years went by there came a man to power in Somerset who cared for nothing but gold, thus if of the race he was a traitor. He was said to be a Protestant, yet a heretic. At least we would say that he was a blind person, seeking gold instead of the Kingdom, and in this way you lose your way, and no longer seek the fruit of the Kingdom, no longer look to the past for your roots, and as we hear sometimes:..'Live today, for tomorrow you die'.

The results of the excavations there at Glastonbury by our author and his friend, proved that such a Great Abbey did exist, proved that work had been done over the Centuries starting with the Little Wattle Church which The Christ built, then growing into its final greatness as famous Aryan Kings added to this great structure. The writings about the structure preceded the discovery by months, thus:..(quote) 'did the subconscious part of the mind having traversed the limitations of individual knowledge, either acting telepathically thru contact with some larger field of memory or as itself part of a larger unit of a more pervasive kind regards time and space, conditions which imply that the individual may have the powers of self expression far greater than those which are normally available, thru the brain mechanism controlled by the will and logical faculties. (end quote) Too many times the hidden meaning is not looked for since more and more people are willing to settle for the husk which covers, and that knowledge is then lost to them for all times. Our author tells us that the Merlins spoke in what we call allegory, but the parable was what these fathers read, and not the mystery.

Our author believed that in time there would come more explorations at Glastonbury, on the north side of the Nave of Glastonbury Abbey, and then treasures long buried and forgotten may once again be brought to light, and new explorations and research will bring forth more secrets of antiquity as we stand once again at the Threshold of the Gate of Remembrance.

Interesting words came forth in the later writings as the continued search for knowledge of antiquity was pursued. Here they are talking of this land where the houses of God did stand. It was revealed that it was in the providence of God that this building at Glastonbury be destroyed, for time moves on and men were to travel far, and the old Faith was no longer needed. Now was the time for each man to carry onward the Faith in Jesus The Christ, so it was best that...Glastonbury cease even tho such loveliness was destroyed.

Remember the Spirit lives still, and we are to grow in the spirit. We are a symbol of great truths, and the symbols must be read right then you may pass it on to another generation so that all might see and understand the mystery. We remember also that in the Temple of On in Egypt there was a Zodiac picture which proclaimed a mystery which we have been trying to unfold for you, thus the story goes backward in time.

Here at the Great Glastonbury Abbey with its additions such as of Mary's Chapel, and King Edgar's Chapel and more, this was the oldest church known in England, and in the pavement designs you sound inlaid designs in triangles, and squares, and circles, and figures in lead, yet, which is understood pose no injustice to the Christian religion. The plan of Mary's Chapel was laid out, in its proportions of the double equilateral triangle, the most sacred and cherished mystery of the Christian Temple Builders.

At the Lucca Cathedral the arms of the Cross were held in a circle suggestive of the Zodiac, and point to the positions of the signs in the heavens such as Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus and Aquila, or Scorpio, corresponding to them so our author says, whereas we would say pointing to the signs of the Zodiac to be sure, but also the ancient Star Bible. This is something the author does not bring out, that this same story found at Glastonbury was earlier found in the Star Bible which also brought the knowledge of the coming of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA to redeem His people. Here at Glastonbury was found the Christian symbols of the Man, the Bull, the Lion, and the Eagle, the symbolism of the 12 tribes of Israel in their marching order and later in their migration paths. Thus the old faith was not dead, it had simply moved into Christian or 'Christ Faith', for now that part of the program had been fulfilled as YAHWEH came as promised, had redeemed His people and set them on the road in the last days of prophecy.

Earlier those Ancient Master Builders of our race had done their great symbolic building with the worship of YAHWEH in mind, then as the time came and YAHWEH came into earth as YAHSHUA and fulfilled that prophecy, kept that promise then the next step in the program came in, calling again attention to the 12 tribes of Israel as His Household moved onward in their prophetic migrations. This time they would move with The Christ in their hearts put there by Christ Himself. They were of course to go thru another period of building for the Kingdom, but also another period of temptation and some will fall. It would seem as tho the very name of Jesus The Christ would almost disappear in this period, as YAHSHUA turns loose the power of the tempter to show that there is still only one way to build for the future, and this His people will learn as those did in the difficult times of the past.

There will be at least four times of building exposed as the landmarks of the past are restored, and all will see the pathway exposed by prophecy as it was laid out for some of Israel to discover and remember. Call it what you will....psychic power or simply remembrance, are you told to check the spirit and if you do this you will know whether it is the gate to Remembrance or something else to cause you to go astray, for the Gate of Remembrance takes you all the way back...back to Adam, and yes on back into the Heavens where you at one time watched the great Rebellion in the heavens, then in another dimension.

Yes, much building was done at Glastonbury, much fell into ruins even the little Chapel of our Lady, built on the site of the Church of Joseph of Arimathea, in A.D. 1184. It was built inside the hexagon, the circle and so forth for even then Master Builders were still at work, but here in 1994...much time has passed, yet the ancient motto of "Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good" still holds true. Let the subconscious mind work, guided by reason and logic and this will lead to facts of the unknown past. There is no need to try to evoke action of so called supernatural agencies bordering on the edge of the occult. Today we have found much written about events in the past, and you only need to put them together in your own mind because this Gate of Remembrance is still there.

Our author finishes with this statement:..(quote) "For the imaginative function, whether working consciously or unconsciously,...just give it truth to feed upon and it will evolve truth. And thru the door of truth will enter that which will guide us to a wider knowledge. (end quote)

We believe a wider knowledge laid out in the scriptures... starting in spirit dimensions, then the great Rebellion, and from there into physical earth, the coming of the Household of God into this physical world and climaxing in that age with the birth of the Christ Child, His later crucifixion and resurrection, always showing His children..."The Way".

In these later years of migration the great push was to the west, with the building of the last great nation of His Kingdom under the symbolism of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle.

Today we are now seeing the climax of the effort to stop this program of our father, and yet more is to come as this effort termed "Great Babylon" falls into the sea...meaning the people will finally see where this program is taking them, and this so called Great Society of Change will come tumbling down as we go back to the program as laid out in the beginning. We also believe that soon you will be glad to go back thru the Gate of Remembrance.