ERM - Tape 139 - Are There Mysteries?


TAPE NO. 139  -  By Ella Rose Mast




We have been studying the translations of the old books which we secured from the Library exchange such as the Books of Elijah, by Albert Pietersma and Susan Turner Comstock with Harold A. Attridge, and P. Chester Beatty helping from the Society of Biblical Literature, working from these old Manuscripts dated from the end of the fourth or fifth century, and now published in 1981. We have also acquired the "Apocalypse of Peter" and this is from the Greek Ethiopic writings, by Dennis D. Buchholz, published in 1947.

It is established that the "Apocalypse of Peter" was well known, and used thru out the ancient Roman Empire. Our author, after much research, believes that when ever there is reference to "The Apocalypse of Peter" that it is this Ethiopic book that they are referring to. There were thus other translations of this book and some are quoted here and we noted that in each of these old books that forces had been at work, for the first message in each was an add on, but all carried the same story of the Great Valley of this so called "Perdition or Hell" where people are pictured as being tortured forever and forever. As you get past this story then the teaching of Peter to his disciples and his understanding of what Jesus said then comes out.

The ancient writer and disciple Clement is also discussed in these books and he tells of the persecution of the early church of God, from its beginning. It was believed by Peter and also Clement that certain problems of persecution suffered by the followers of YAHSHUA (Jesus) would be better understood if you came to the correct knowledge as to the WHY of the crucifixion of The Christ. Peter was struggling to open minds so they would understand as to why this crucifixion was necessary. This was one reason this scroll was considered as scripture in the early church centuries.

As Peter explains why The Christ had to be crucified to rescue His household now in earth with the one called THE DECEIVER, we now understand today why the attempt to hide the true translations of old records and we therefore expect this as we wade thru trying to find the truth.

Our author describes this by time went on the original writings were discarded because Men began to decide what the Apostles must have or have not known.

We of course learned from the Swift Ministry and other sources that the early church handed down by the Apostles who had walked with The Christ and had been given what was termed "The Spirit of Truth". These infiltrators had a big hand in trying to hide the true scriptures and thus brought on the dark ages.

In the listing of books for the canonizing was this "Apocalypse of Peter", it was no. 16., at the last in a list of 85 books. Thus you would wonder what did these writings contain that made it lose much of its value in the more modern church theology. It was from Old Jerusalem by 850 A.D., that was now disputing many of the New Testament writings. In question as they tried to suppress them was ‘The Apocalypse of Peter,’ ‘The Apocalypse of John,’ ‘The Epistle of Barnabas,’ and ‘The Gospel of the Hebrews.’ This should give you some idea as to why the suppression. This Apocalypse was still quite popular in the Middle Ages in spite of the work to suppress it.

There is also no doubt that the author of the Sibylline Oracles used the book ‘The Apocalypse of Peter’. For both record this:--’And we said unto HIM, O YAHSHUA, great is this that you have revealed unto us. Tell us as to what kind of power and form you will return to us.’ And HE replied:--’Truly, I say unto you, I will come as the sun bursts forth, thus I will be shining brighter than the sun as I come in My Glory. I will be carried on the wings of the clouds in splendor with My cross going before me. I will come to earth to judge the LIVING and the Dead. (Apocalypse of Peter 1:6-7 and in the Oracles in Book 2.)

As the Apostles go on listening and questioning YAHSHUA as to what happens when HE comes, we read in Chapter 26:---’The flesh rises with the spirit at the Resurrection, and the reward for the righteous (children) is rest in the Kingdom of their Father.’ Later in the questioning, the Apostles ask:--’In what form will we belong to the Father in incorruptibility, that of an Angel or that of flesh?’ And HIS reply:--’When I come, you will think as I think and know as I know. Each of the Elect will come to ME as each die here before this, they will also come to ME. The names of the Righteous are written in the Book of Life in the heavens.’

The Apocalypse of Paul also said:--’The names of the righteous are written on golden tablets which are above the Pillars of the Gates of Paradise.’ Then both in the ‘Apocalypse of Peter’ and the ‘Apocalypse of Paul’ in the order of events here at the end of the age, we read:--’(quote) Jesus will descend in LIGHT with HIS hosts and the dead in Christ (HIS family) are raised in their bodies, transformed. The LIVING (the children of spirit) are given garments of Eternal Life and they go rejoicing following HIM.’ This Light Cloud which is said to invest each spirit with its glory---this is an interpretation of the garments of Life and should be seen such as the shinning bodies of Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration. The Gospel of Thomas also describes it as such a light.

Most writers think the Ethiopic text of the ‘Apocalypse of Peter’ is the most faithful to the New Testament and early church writings which the church father possessed.

In the winter of 1886 A.D. a French Archaeological team opened a grave near Akhim in upper Egypt. In this grave was found manuscripts such as the Greek text of the books of Enoch, The Gospel of Peter, and the ‘Apocalypse of Peter’. Both of these of Peter, were found together. This find, when made public, caused a great stir of excitement among the scholars. Especially the ‘Gospel of Peter.’ But soon many authors came out with their own translations and suggestions as to what the Apostle really meant to say.

You must remember that by 1886, the Christian world had bowed and declared that the Jews were the Judah people of the scriptures. And this is still maintained today even some going further. However, the modern writers will also tell you that the Palestine Talmud was their best source for the early Jewish visions of this now included Hell and Valley of punishment, we find in the first of these newly translated versions. Thus someone is trying to lead astray a blinded people, fulfilling the fact that there was a final anti-Christ who would deceive many.

YAHSHUA thus told HIS disciples--’Watch out’. Do not let them mislead you. Do not doubt, many men will come using MY name, saying this is of Christ, but don’t go near them for you will know that the coming of YAHSHUA will be ‘As Lightening from east to west. Yes, you will know. But also you may learn from the ‘Fig Tree’ and its parable---’As soon as its shoots have gone out and its branches have sprouted, then will be the end of the World (order).’

Peter then said, ‘Explain about this fig tree. How will we recognize it, for we know that the fig tree sprouts and grows branches every year. How will we know---explain to us this meaning??’

The Teacher replies, ‘This is a planted tree, a tree I did not plant. And this tree does not bear fruit. So uproot it so that it does not make your land worthless.’

The gardener replied, ‘Send us, we will seek this tree and dig around it and water it, and then if it does not bear fruit, we will remove it and plant another tree.’ The Teacher replied, ‘Do you not as yet understand? This fig tree is now in place of Israel and when its leaves shoot out for the last time, men will come impersonating the Messiah. They will give assurance by claiming they are the Christ who came into the world. Then you will find that people will follow and deny the ONE that your fathers worshiped. The first church they crucified. And when their god is rejected, they will kill with the sword making many martyrs. But Enoch and Elijah (Church and State) will be sent to teach that this is only the Deceiver who must come into the world and do signs and wonders to deceive. And because of this, those who die by their hands will be martyrs and will be classified with those good and righteous martyrs who have already pleased their God in their life.

The Teacher then showed Peter that all the souls (Adamites) were in HIS right hand and unfolded the picture as to what happens on that final day. And Peter then sees that the good and the bad will be separated---good from evil. And Peter sees how some will grieve and he worries about these people who are declared evil. What will happen to them?

Now, isn’t that just like today? Tell the Adamic people that Adam’s race is to inherit the Kingdom and right away they want to know what is going to happen to these other people, just as tho they believed all those Babylonian stories of torture for ever and ever, which have been fed to them over the years.

YAHSHUA then rebukes Peter for suggesting that YAHWEH does not have as much Grace as Peter. Remember that HE created these people out of nothing. And HE always deals with mercy toward HIS creation. But this fig tree is a planted tree. Planted by someone not the Eternal One, and it is a different kind of tree. But when the day of Judgement comes, then all the children of Adam man will be gathered before the Father (Spirit) and HE will command that earth give back all that is HIS. Even the Beasts of the field and the birds will give back all they have eaten of such men. For those men will again appear. All is possible with YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. For remember in the scriptures how it says bones come together with sinuses until Adam men stand like a seed planted in earth. But those who have perverted the Faith, will face the fire (Shekinah Glory) which never goes out and will bring those who deceive to judgement. There will be gnashing of teeth, but they will see YAHSHUA as HE COMES, for:---’I come to divide the nations. BUT THE ELECT WILL EACH COME TO ME, AND THOSE WHO HAVE DIED, AND THOSE STILL STANDING, ALL WILL COME. BUT THE EVIL DOERS WILL BE PUNISHED FOREVER.’

(Now remember that the word translated forever actually means only a certain length of time. The ancients said a forever was a period of 22,000 years.)

As the Teacher goes on describing this Fig Tree, which seems to worry Peter, as to what will happen to these people, we today understand that now this fig tree is called ‘Israel.’ But if you know your symbolism, then you know that this is a FALSE TREE because ISRAEL IS THE OLIVE TREE.

We have however, learned from old records that the Edomites came into Jerusalem before the birth of the Christ Child and they laid claim to that land. And they said they were the seed of Abraham. They laid this claim as being from Esau. But as you will remember, that Esau married a Cainanite woman. In fact, he married two of them. Thus the offspring were not Israelites. But the Edomites did as they said they would do for they took the name of YAHWEH out of the mouth of true Israel and they substituted Adoni or LORD. They took over the Temple worship ritual from most of true Israel Priests. Remember however that ‘Israel’ means issue ruling with HIM. Thus this is a false tree. But the gardener of the world----and who was this supposed to be?---But the gardener of the world said let us just let this tree grow. And we will loosen the soil around its roots and water it good and maybe it will produce some fruit.

This was allowed and now you can see what we have in Israeli today, as the Christian world is proclaiming this is Israel, prophecy has been fulfilled. Yet then ancient prophecy of this ‘Apocalypse of Peter’ says:--’The Elect will go rejoicing with the Patriarchs into MY Eternal Kingdom and I will fulfill all the promises that I have made unto them.’

Peter was told by YAHSHUA that he was to go into a Western city and there to drink his cup so that all would be accomplished as planned. Peter, we remember, went to Rome and was crucified hanging head downward.

In the writings talking about the Glory seen on the Mount of Transfiguration, the Apostles tell us that there was no way for them to describe the two men who stepped out of the cloud, for their faces and clothing were shining. But they were told who the two men were---Moses and Elijah. And Peter then asked where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were. And he was shown a large garden with pleasant trees. Peter is told that this is the reward of the Patriarchs. And then Peter says that now he better understands the words of his God in his books. As Peter wonders if he should build a tabernacle for the three on the Mount of Transfiguration, YAHSHUA tells Peter that he still does not understand. For there is only one tabernacle necessary for Jesus and HIS Elect. As the white cloud came to envelop the three, here in the ‘Apocalypse of Peter’, we are told that the Apostles saw men like themselves coming and going meeting with the men on the mountain and in the cloud.

We are then told that the words of the Scripture are fulfilled. For this generation (race) seeks HIM, seeks the face of the God of Jacob. Then as the doors of heaven closed the Apostles knelt in prayer and went down from the mountain praising their God who wrote their names in the Book of life in the heavens.

Now, in the book ‘The Apocalypse of Peter,’ they were not talking about the coming destruction of Jerusalem as they spoke of the fig Tree. Rather, this was talking about a different time; about the end of an age as this false tree, now called Israel, which was to last for a time, and as the Disciples wondered about it as the next day the figs were all withered as was the tree. But the Edomite Jews---the false priests---in the temple thought that YAHSHUA was talking about them---so says the scripture.

As they talked about the anti-Christ here in the Apocalypse of Peter, the Apostles were told that there are many false Christ. But there is also one who is more to be feared. In following this one, you will be denying Jesus the Christ. The two witnesses that come to set the people straight (Church and State) are considered as being killed. But this is also the work of this false tree which is now called Israel today, which was to lead many astray. And before they reject this leader, there will be many martyrs. In the end of the fig tree prophecy, it says, ‘You will know summer is near, for then will be the end of the world (order).’

In the scriptures, Matthew 15:13, has Jesus saying:---’Every plant My heavenly Father (the Spirit) did to plant shall be rooted up.’ Then I John 22---’Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ. This is the anti-Christ.’ Therefore in the fig tree parable, we have the Jewish people now called Israel. But we are told in the ancient Apocalypse, that on this last day, Jesus used HIS hand like we would say a --a t.v. screen today--showing what was to happen as the Spirit of Truth points out the facts, and the righteous are separated from the wicked, the children then receive the reward of the Kingdom and the offenders are to be rooted out.

In speaking of the prophecy when Ezekiel is called to prophesy over the dead bones, then he calls for them to live. And this is a call for the spirit to come and as the bodies stand on their feet, this will complete the resurrection. The dead body put into the ground is said to be only given to the earth as a pledge. And the earth will be held accountable for it on the day of judgement. For the earth was made for the sake of the believers---or God’s Elect.

In the Apocalypse of Peter, talking about the spirts of the sinners destroyed in the flood of Noah’s time, this is a reference to the spirits of dead giants born to the women of earth, as was described in the books of Enoch. Those spirits also worshiped as gods who inhabit idols and were leading people into all kinds of idolatry are said to be destroyed.

As the book ‘The Apocalypse of Peter’ ends, there is another story and this is written to Clement:---(quote)

Hear my son, Clement, what our LORD Jesus the Christ has told me, this King of Heaven and earth, the Creator of the whole world. In the last days many of the believers will fall away and love will grow cold among the brethren. And many false prophets and false messiah’s will come and will corrupt the people thru the wickedness of their deeds and their impure faith. For the nearness of HIS coming and the increasing age of the world will cause evil tings to appear which did not originate from the Holy Churches. And they will cause corruption thru their impure writings and they will seek protection with the kings and powerful. And their way is perverse and even more than that of idolaters. At that time, Satan will find in them an opportunity to corrupt the people thru them, because he has found the way of their words. Therefore, they will become more wicked. For the others will be seduced thru their deceit. In those days, the shepherds will treat their flocks violently. Woe to such on the day of Judgement when they shall stand before the Judgement Seat of God. For HE will punish those first, then the others.’

In those days will come a king (ruler) of evil mind and evil deeds. And the sun will be allowed to rise in the West and the moon toward the Aelm. (In otherwords, things will be totally turned around.) In those days, Zebulun (the people of the Slavic nations) will rise, and Naphtali (the people of Finland and perhaps Norway) stretch its neck high, and all will exult. Chorazin and Belsaida (Judea--or people of the old land) will lay hold of that man and say he is the Christ. When they see his doings they will not be ashamed as he does not seek justice. But all his doings are done to flatter people.

In those days the LORD of Heaven will stop the rain (knowledge?) from heaven. And the earth will remain without dew and fog. And the springs will give no water and the sea be dried up (a drought of true knowledge, a true Faith). But these evil days will be shortened lest none of the LIVING (children of the Kingdom) would be saved. But on account of the Elect, those days shall be shortened.

The sun will become darkened. And the moon will become blood. Even the stars will fall from heaven---(We believe this is still talking about the Kingdom children)---before the greatness of the Wrath of god at what has been done to the children of men (Adam) by these false messiahs, for they put the image of the evil one in the churches, especially Jerusalem (New Jerusalem). And then on every altar he will say fall down before my image. But YAHSHUA says:--’I have already given you an order previously---DON’T DO IT.’

Then many will say in that hour, ‘Why did you not tell us, O LORD, that he would abolish the Gospels, and Paul, and Acts, and all the writings of the Law. For he did not tell us that he wished to destroy our heritage with his writings. We did not hear of this. But now we see others leave their relatives, their parents and children and follow into the caves and ravines and hid themselves.’---Remember that the Prophet Isaiah told you to go ‘MY people’ into your houses and hide yourself for a little while until the wrath of the LORD be past. But those who are not afraid of this false king will step before him and revile him and they will become martyrs.

In those days will be fulfilled that which is said in the Gospels:---’when the fig tree becomes full of sap, then know that the time of Harvest has come near. This harvest is when the sheep and the goat nations are separated, thus the wheat from the tares.

In the books of Elijah, we get much the same message. For it says for the children of the Kingdom and as for deceivers:--’The deceivers will multiply at the end time, because they will adopt the teachings which are not from God. Yet ‘those who belong to ME saith the LORD, will not be overpowered. Even tho the Lawless one will seem to do the things which Jesus did. But he will not be able to raise the dead. Just remember that Jesus changed Himself, and came into the body of a man in order that HE might rescue HIS children from the flesh. HE has prepared for you thrones and crowns. And HE wrote your name upon your forehead and upon your heart. And no more will another power deceive you. And you shall walk with the Angels in HIS Holy City.

To recognize this lawless one (Satan), we find this description. He is a little Palec (perhaps meaning tall), thin legged, with a tuft of grey hair on his forehead, or like one who is bald. For he can change himself from a child to an old man except for his head that does not change. This way you will know him. In otherwords, then how he thinks will always be the same.

In these books of Elijah, we hear the same story as to how the lawless one rebelled and then came into earth. How he was able to destroy the two witnesses (Church and State) until they lay as tho dead in the street. Even tho they are raised up and rebuke him, still he will not listen. We see how there are people who will not stand against this lawless one. And they try to flee. But they shall also pass away like one who is asleep. The LORD will take to Himself their spirits and souls. And in the final day of the Great Judgement, these also will arise and find a place of rest. But they are not a part of the Kingdom of Christ. However, they also will be victorious over the lawless one.

The LORD will send HIS Angels from the heavens and they will be shouting praises and give glory. Those with the name of Christ upon their foreheads both great and small, will be taken on the great wings of the Angels. And Gabriel and Uriel will be the Light going before them to the land where once more then will be allowed to eat of that Tree of Life and wear white garments, where never again will they be hungry or thirst. And the lawless one will never have power over them ever again.

Those on earth as they see the manifestations of the sons of God will say to the lawless one, ‘What have you done to us by saying that you are the Christ? You don’t even have the power to save yourself.’ And now the lawless one will finally cry, ‘Woe is me, my time has passed.’

However, after a time, and just for a little while, the lawless one will be again released. And he will again come after the Saints. But this time the two witnesses (Church and State) will come again and dispose of the lawless one. He will be told, ‘Your time is up.’

Speaking of Elijah, we read:--’He is Elijah the first one of the men (Adamites) who demonstrated this running thru the sky to ME, the first of such men who showed they had a share of earth for a dwelling place and ran thru the whole of the heavens as well. Who was mortal and contended with the immortal ones, who walked upon the earth and as a spirit traversed the heavens with the Angels, who thru the sheepskin (teaching) gave double gifts to Elisha, his disciple.

Elijah the long lived and unaging man preserved as a General against the anti-Christ, who is set up and exposes his deceit and pride, will turn all men from error to God in the end. For he is the one who is reckoned worthy to be the free runner of the second manifest coming of the LORD JESUS THE CHRIST.

Elijah, for having been a Zealot and strict guardian of the commandments of God and having been reckoned worthy of the great mysteries and Divine Oracles, was taken up in a fiery chariot. But he will come again before the end as YAHWEH said thru the prophet (Malachi 4:5-6)---’Behold, I will send Elijah the Tishbite before the coming of the Great and manifest day of the LORD. He will thru the father’s hearts to the sons and each man’s heart to his neighbor.’

As we close this report, some will no doubt suggest that there were both good figs and bad figs in the Bible. Thus good Jews and bad Jews. But no, my friends, that is not what this is talking about. Here we are talking about the figs---the fruit of the tree. And at that time, there were Israelites caught in that religion. They were the good figs to be sorted out and saved. The others were no good and to be destroyed. This is only rightly dividing the word, which will bring the answers.

(End of sermon)