ERM - Tape 144 - Visiting The Past


TAPE NO. 144  -  By Ella Rose Mast




In our world today Archaeology is considered a proven science, and we have been learning from this science all they have dug up of the past which traces the family history of this Adamic Race.

In this message we are considering the writings of Ivor Lissner, along with what we have learned , so as to fill in the gaps perhaps of this story of YAHWEH'S people in this long struggle to build his kingdom here in earth.

Ivor Lissner was born in Germany where he studied law, history, anthropology and linguistics . Then he spent 17 years wandering thru out the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor, and over Australia, and India and the rest of the far east. After that he sat down to write of these ancient civilizations he had caught a glimpse of and we hope his writings will fill in a part of our story.

Ivor Lissner tells us that the past is still with us altho unknown by many. It is a memory buried deep in the subconscious, but can be arouse by this science of Archaeology, or a visit to a museum. After all from that experience you will have to realize that everything which is good on earth has its foundation in a belief in God. Surely there is a mystery in the past that we have not recognized which tells us that "We cannot live by bread alone," as we are told in Matt: 4.

It took our Author some time to disclose all he had learned and he wrote two books for us to study, these were entitled:--"The Living Past" and "The Silent Past." He also tells us that Every Day of your life just happens once. Generations before you have striven for, and achieved as best they could. And when you realize this, then you can know that you are setting upon a mountain of history and civilization that your race has built for you, over these thousands of years in the past. Have you ever reflected upon this and wondered just why you were placed here in the 20th century, and what part you were meant to play in this great Divine picture?

Now-- let us look at some of the past which has been uncovered and see what Astronomy and Archaeology can tell us. For instance---these ancient people in Mesopotamia were interested in Astronomy. Why do you suppose they were so interested? They found by archaeology that these people believed in a resurrection after death. Why do you suppose they believed thus?

We have been told that these ancient people were Nomads, who wandered in the desert, and could not have known much.---surely not as much as we do today. Yet at Ur of the Chaldea , Professor Leonard Woolley in his evacuations found a Royal Cemetery at least 5000 years old, and in those graves were found white marble goblets, figurines of wood, metal and wheels encrusted with stones, and golden daggers. And yes--even a work of Art called :--"Ram in the Blooming Tree". What could that be but---"Christ and the Tree of Life". His kingdom building people in the Hebrew symbolism?

Then you find that some one called Sargon conquered these cities and founded the Akkadian Empire. Knowing that this was probably Cain or his son, then you have to set the date for this civilization back, back in history. But you also know that the Cainites were always present trying to destroy what the kingdom people were trying to build.

Archaeology has always revealed that when an Urban Civilization has reached its peak and its people no longer care for anything, save their own comfort, - when they have become peaceable and law abiding, and are tired of the game of war, - then invariably, a race of Nomads, usually from the east, falls upon them, and destroys their 'pomp and splendor. And that civilization is finished. Archaeologists find that this has been going on for thousands of years.

In China during the Chang Dynasty (1500-1050) Archaeologists came across the image of one called Tao-Tie ---his picture was on sacrificial bowls. Tao-Tie was the head of an unidentified beast whose origin lies far in the prehistoric past, and from a vague memory of this one---traveled, to America wherein in South America Tao-Tie reappeared as Quetzal-Coatal the plumed serpent. It was found in the Olmec Civilization on the Mexican Gulf, and in the Chavin civilization of ancient Peru where it reappears as a gold mask in the shape of a beast of prey. What then was this Tao-Tie--but the symbolism of the Serpent, the Devil, the Dragon of the far east----Lucifer, the fallen angel, always working to destroy the kingdom of YAHWEH over the many years, with his wrong teaching after his rebellion in the heavens in the distant pre-historic past.

We need to remember that our whole way of life in the Western Christian world came from those lost civilizations which flourished so long ago in Northern India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Palestine, Central Asia and in the islands of the Aegean Sea and onward.

In this study of Archaeology, we find that those called 'the MAGI', controlled and directed the Divine Worship. Rega was the capital of one of their headquarters which we find traces of today. This was near what is called Teheran today. They were known as Priests, or Druids. In this study of Archaeology, we see that from a certain time in ancient history, there seemed to be something which leads these people onward. In fact, they were always looking forward to something which would restore them to what they remembered faintly was in their past. In our imagination, then can we walk the walls of ancient Jericho before they fell. Or still remember the ancient city of Tyre, once a Phoenician city so fortified and inhabited by 25,000 people with a man-made water supply which helped make the city almost impregnable. With a past as limitless as ours, seeing the 8000 mysterious towers of Sardi being unearthed, the mysterious caverns, chambers, and temples of those of our race as they walked the earth long before us is in gain a glimpse of Eternal Life, because of "the beliefs and achievements of those 'people' which remains with us today, and is destined to endure forever in spite of all the work done by the opposition to destroy.

Archaeology also tells us that people roamed the world over about 600,000 years ago and lived as Nomads. But then not so long ago, men learned how to sow and to reap and to capture wild animals and domesticate them. Then settlements became practical. In those early days, tools and utensils were made of bone and wood.

In his travels, our author discovered that one of the famous ancient cities was Jericho and its beginning dated back to 10,000---7500 B.C. This put it before Adam's time. It was then one of the oldest fortresses which the archaeologists examined, and which our author became interested in. That ancient site lies 800 feet below sea level. There stands this hill called "Es-Sultan". And in that hill lies buried the remains of many, many cities. One on top of another.

The earlier homes found were circular in shape. Probably described best like 'beehives'. The floors were earthen and the walls brick. The tools and utensils were of stone. Then about 5000 B.C., the construction of these homes became larger, maybe two stories high, with rectangular rooms and rounded corners. The cooking was done on a hearth in the inner courtyard. The walls of these homes were of sun dried brick fitted together with such great accuracy until even the Archaeologists had trouble pulling them apart. The floors were stuccoed and polished with great care. The floors were then completed with 'brush mats'.

The people now had blades, drills, scrapers, and handsome saws made of flint and obsidian. No other tools were found in the hill, but they must have had larger ones. Flint arrowheads were found, and some small pieces of green stone. In one of the houses, they found an altar, or shrine, in a niche, and a stone pedestal. Thus these people seemed at that time in Jericho's history to have worshiped One God. The largest chamber to be evacuated may have been used for religious purposes, for on the center of that Temple like building stood an Altar, a basin, and near it two tiny figurines.

The city of Jericho was enclosed with a stout wall some 16 feet high. When that wall collapsed, it had been rebuilt with one over 20 feet high. Mystery still surrounds the tower of Jericho, 30 feet in diameter, and so solidly built of undressed stone, that it still stands there - a monument to a moment in time. It is dated as to have existed even before Jericho acquired its protective walls. Inside the tower is a flight of steps built of stone slabs 30 inches long, leading upward to the upper platform. (Remember that they always watched the sky for a certain star.) Below is a passage in which are 12 skeletons lying close together as tho they were buried in haste.

The archeologists believe that these alter builders believed in ONE GOD, that they brought with them a knowledge of architecture, and that there are probably other age old stone citadels in the Jordan Valley as of yet not discovered. They did find some human skulls under some houses representing, so they think, a people with a quest for higher spirituality. These skulls were coated with a plaster. Their eye sockets inlaid with shells as tho they were trying to reproduce the features of the dead. Traces of paint were found as these people seemed to be trying to mark the complexion and facial expressions of their dead. It is quite certain that these people believed in spiritual power and in spiritual activity of their ancestors, and perhaps even in a life hereafter. (Ha!)---So who were these people?---Perhaps those that Dr. Swift and others told us that came into Palestine and built the city of Oruselem and other cities, before the movement into Egypt to build the monuments as memorials for a race and their GOD?

The old city of Jericho has thru the centuries been over-run by many different people, but now we see proof that about 5000 B.C. or a little later, came a people who arrived with a well developed knowledge of potter's art. Archaeologists also found the remains of 3 approximately life-sized limestone statues representing a man, woman and Child, with the statue of the man complete but also in a position representing a Holy family, this being carved long before the invention of modern writing and thousands of years before the Old Testament writings came into being, still they suggest a Messianic prophecy and suggest that there long ago in ancient history, people embraced a religion which may not have been so very different than our own Christian religion.

By 4750 B.C., traces were found that others of like kind were coming into this area from the outside and they would help to build this civilization. then the Archaeologist found that in this hill there was a silence...all signs of human activity disappeared for an intermediate period, and they could discover nothing in the ruins. But you will remember that earlier we had said that when Enoch and Job and their great company went into Egypt to build the memorials of this race, and the recognition of their God, that Cainanites came into this area of Orusalem and killed the Adamites left in that area.

Then once more the ground speaks for about 3200 B.C., and then came the next message as tho a voice from the grave. And these people left behind regular graves in the hills around the city. These graves were usually circular shafts leading downward thru the rock into underground chambers which were then sealed by large stones or several smaller stones.

By 2300 B.C., once more massive walls were built, once more the city flourished and people were guarding their cities in this area. History records that later when Abraham came from Haran and trekked thru Palestine and the land of Canaan that he came with his herds and his tents. Esau and Jacob also lived here after Abraham was gone, thus Jacob and Esau and then all these other people we read about lived in this area. Joseph the youngest son of Jacob remember was taken to Egypt and eventually Jacob and all his people went into Egypt to dwell in the land of Goshen.

After the fall of the Shemitic Hyksos (white shepherd) Monarchy, the Israelites became Serfs in Egypt until Moses came on the scene to deliver God's people from Egyptian slavery. After 40 years (of probation) then the Israelites, these same people, same race of people were now back once more to Palestine, and now under the leadership of Joshua, they would once more stand before this ancient city of Jericho, in the time frame of 1375-1300 B.C. Once again the enemy now controlled the city of Jericho, which was the best fortified city in the Jordan valley and which dominated the passes into the central highlands. To take this old city a man would have to know about this great wall around the city, its military strength, and the difficulties which would be involved.

Thus two spies were sent into the city by Joshua, going to the home of the woman mentioned in the Bible by the name of Rahab. We have told you before about Rahab, who she Israelite of the Ambassador core to this city, from Egypt. Her home was built abutting this great wall, and in the Archaeologists work they found such a home, and noticed that this part of the wall did not fall as Joshua and the Israelites under the command of YAHWEH marched 7 times around that city. Rahab and her family were rescued before the catastrophe which hit this city fell. Here we find that once more YAHWEH WAS HELPING HIS PEOPLE TAKE THIS OLD LAND WHICH THEY HAD BUILT SO LONG AGO, AND THEN LOST SO LONG AGO, AFTER Enoch and Job and their great company went into Egypt to build those great memorials to their God and their race.

Now; we have some of the history of the old city of Jericho from the Bible, and after that the history of this city is now being dug up by the Archaeologists. We also find that this small country called Palestine has had a greater impact on humanity, on its ideas and beliefs, than mighty Babylonia, Assyria, Persia, Egypt, India, or China had. Palestine’s cultural heritage has had more far reaching effects than the whole of Greek Culture, because this smallest of countries bequeathed to the world a religion filled with an unexampled dynamic religion called Christianity.

That BOOK--the Bible--that Book of books has outlived Egypt's "Book of the Dead". India's Mahabaratha", the teaching of Confucius, and of the Chinese. Flowing along without a break of knowledge of YAHWEH, and of his chosen people lives on one generation after the other, no other work has been as often as the Bible, and no other work has been so widely revered. It is the most frequently printed book of mankind, and the literature which has grown aground it is like a vast ocean whose waters man can drink only in mere thimblefuls.

These Judeans like the Babylonians, the Phoenicians were called a Semitic (Hebrew) people who lived in Palestine way back in ancient times, they as always were a people in migration as though a people with a purpose here in earth.

The word Jew then came into the picture, from Yehudin and also from the word Judea, and this nickname appeared as early as 516 B.C. but the history of these people now called Jew goes back much further.

The Jew of today claims they are descendants of Judah the fourth son of Jacob and Leah, but they also claim Abraham as an ancestor and he is described in the Bible as "THE HEBREW", who lived about '1700 B.C. and he came from the city of Ur, and you do not find the word Jew back that far in history. They make no claim to kinship with Adam--our author tells us--and that is the lineage from which the Hebrews came.

As History tells us, when Abraham came into Canaan land he came with a firm belief in One God, and he did not fail this when put to the test. He also looked forward to the coming of Messiah as did those of the rest of this race down through Isaac, then Jacob whose name was changed to Israel, and who had 12 sons--the ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel, who came back to Palestine and Judea under the leadership of Joshua. They brought their literature into Palestine from Mt. Sinai. There also exists an ancient Semitic letter script which was in use in the Sinai peninsula before 1600 B.C.

An example of this is found on the Mesa Stele of the king of Moab, who also is mentioned in THE BOOK. This inscription is composted in a script and language which is virtually identical with Old Hebrew, not the Yiddish of the Jews of today.

In the translation of the Biblical scriptures you read:--'The God of the Jews'--yet this one is invisible and this religion was founded upon civilizations thousands of years old. The Winged Bull of the Assyrians turn into the Hebrew Cherubim. In symbolism the Winged Bull is Taurus of the heavens of the old Star bible, and marks in earth the children of YAHWEH sent to build his kingdom in earth.

The Semitic Aramaenian's revered the mother of 'all living' meaning the mother of the spiritual children taken from the word Khavva from which the name of Eve appears to have come. These Hebrew people called Aryans, Manu, Caucasians, of the old testament had their weaknesses, but they were deeply religious, valiant and triumphant, when obeying their God. The old testament points this fact out to you. Some of heir leaders as they grew older became impatient and when they found that god no longer answered them, such as occurred with King Saul, they began to turn away, and the further they turned the more trouble they encountered.

According to history David was the greatest kind of the Hebrews, he unified his people, founded Jerusalem and once more forged a link between throne and altar. Today we refer to this as Church and state. He ruled from 1012 to 972 B.C. He was an historical personality. One of the greatest of poets and singers the world has ever known. Solomon his son must have been one of the wisest kinds in the history of mankind. The name of Solomon comes from the world--Shalom--meaning Peace. Under his rule Jerusalem became one of the wealthiest cities in the near east. The Phoenicians brought their trade to Jerusalem. Solomon's fleet sailed the Red Sea, and beyond, he traded with Africa, Asia and Arabia where he started mining gold. The powerful Queen of Sheba courted his friendship, and it was Solomon who brought the "Ark of the Covenant" into the Temple he had built, where in he had spoken the prayer of Consecration, and blessed the Congregation.

In 1925 the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago started excavations at Megiddo in Palestine. The first layer disclosed ruins similar to Babylonian and Persian times, the second produced ruins of Assyrian Palaces. Layers 3 and 4 revealed traces of Solomonic Architecture, for the King had made this city the capital of Israel's 5th., Administrative district. Royal stables came to light and the Palace built for Baanar, at one time governor of Megiddo. (I Kings 4, 7 and 12). The excavations were continued between 1935 and 1938, and it was established that Megiddo must have been originally founded about 3500 B.C. Three Temples were found and 1 altar for burned sacrifices were discovered dating back to about 1700 B.C. about the time Abraham and his successors came. This was the first such altar found in Palestine more or less intact.

After Solomon's death in 932 B.C. a revolution broke out and 10 of the 12 tribes broke away from Solomon's son Rehoboam and established their own Kingdom of Israel. From then on there were two Israel Kingdoms--Judea and Israel. Then the House of Israel existed for 200 years and then the kingdom with its Biblical history seemed to end as the Assyrian king in 721 B.C. captured the 10 tribes and took them into Central Asia, and these people then seemed to vanish from the Historical scene. When stones of Hebrew history was found in China some tried to say that was where the 10 tribes went, for traces of them had been found in northern India. But no--------other scholars and Archaeologists trace them westward (II Esdras 13:). And the Anglo Saxons have established their own extensive literature tracing their race.

Then the Judah Kingdom was broken up and the kind and many of his subjects taken to Babylon along with the people, but by 538 B.C. the Persian king allowed them to return to Palestine and to rebuilt their Temple which was then completed in 516 B.C. These ancient people seemed to recognize that there is something deep and fundamental hidden in their race and beyond their remembering. They knew there is ONE who transcends human insight and who orders the working of the Universe. They lived, they suffered and they died believing in a better world to come. I would like to call your attention to the fact that you did not see a trace of a synagogue in all this history did you, they were not there until much later as the gathering places of the Scribes were called Synagogues in the translations because they began to think of the Jews as the 'chosen people'.

Today we can turn to the Arabic as a source of any scientific investigation of this so called Semitic language and here you find that the prophets of old were not expressing ideas of their own but passing on someone else' message. The prophet is therefore a spokesman who has a message to deliver, or a specific communication to make. The Prophets were not conscious of speaking on their own authority, but as instruments of a Superior will. They felt that they were the mouth of YAHWEH---"


The Prophet Micah lived 756-685 B.C. near the great International highway between Egypt and Assyria, he is the prophet who said:--"But though Bethlehem Ephratah" thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet shall come forth out of thee--ME--that is to be ruler in Israel whose going forth has been from of old, from everlasting." in Israel whose going forth has been from of old, from everlasting."

In the year 275 B.C. Prophethood seemed to have ceased, but all the prophets had proclaimed that they knew of ONE who would come as a man who would meekly submit to death, and about whom his disciples would say:--"He is risen again--And in the end there would be a new creation, and a New Golden Age."

And YES as time went on there was born in Bethlehem, in Judea, in the reign of King Herod--the ONE-CALLED Savior--Jesus of Nazareth the son of the Virgin Mary. The Surname--Christ--comes from the Greek word--Christos--meaning Anointed. As you will remember Jesus was then Crucified in his 33rd year. But he did live and was nailed to that Cross, and from then on there have been some people who have been trying to deny him, to murder him a second time. They have tried to prove him to have been a fictional character, that HE did not exist. Story writers and intellectual sophists have attempted to reduce the Gospel to a Myth.

A Florentine author who wrote:--"The life of Christ"--asked this question of the skeptics:--'Who would take the place of this great man you reject? His grave is dug even deeper, and yet no man has ever managed conclusively to bury HIM, no refutation, falsification, criticism has yet succeeded in driving Christ from the world. We are as of yet still living in a Christian era, it has not ended yet, although the enemy seems to be closing in.

What is derived from the Knowledge of Jesus in the New testament comes from a small library of books, from New testament writers differing in content, but written at different times and assembled by the church in the course of the first few centuries. However much certain mankind will destroy, however many churches will be bombed or burned, the spirit of Jesus the Christ continues to prevail over our world, for this Stream of early Christian literature has prevailed, with the older texts which are the most reliable coming from the time immediately after the Crucifixion of The Christ.

Now; we tell you that the date in your King James and other versions of your Bible of 4004 years for the date of the beginning of the book of Genesis has led to confusion even of Archaeologists, as they find different civilizations of these same people before that date. For instance, in Northern India they found traces of a great civilization with modern homes, fresh water tanks, toilet drainage, handsome court yards, bedrooms, guest houses, dining rooms and janitor quarters, also a great bath house equipped with hot air, steam and water, and a swimming pool, dressing rooms, cold showers and so forth. These were all used more than 3000 years before Christ. West of the great bathhouse was a granary excavated in 1950 where-in the grain bins were so constructed so that certain constant ventilation kept the stores moisture free. Today Buddhist shrines stand on top of earlier construction so as to stop much of the excavation, but still it has been learned that these so called prehistoric people could spin and weave cotton, for many spindles were found as well as all kinds of children's toys.

One thing we are sure of is that much of History will have to be rewritten when these so great beginnings are unfolded. Yes, Buddhist shrines stand on top of this ancient civilization with its faith, so like ours, but they do not have a risen Christ, for it is now known that these Aryan people looked forward all those long lost years to the coming of 'THE ONE' who would fulfill that prophecy.'

The people of lower India, and China, and Japan would settle for Buddha, the Dragon and the Serpent, - where as the ancient Hindu religion was based on the age-old Indo-Aryan traditions. All that was summed up in the word--'Veda' --meaning knowledge. Thus a 'Veda' is a book of knowledge or more precisely--a whole library of knowledge and insight.

We have told you before how we found this in the old books, how this coming of the Adamites into Northern India occurred, and how they built this great civilization, also in which they believed in transmigration, in reincarnation for some people, the Eternal cycle of existence and the coming of ONE who would restore. These people left their written records, their examples of prosperity and living for the Archaeologists to uncover, where as neither Buddha nor Mahavira left any words behind. Later others (Yehudin) would decide what they stood for and establish them for a pagan religion.

We have told you before of the Ainu people of Japan, who were Caucasian people. How some of the Japhet people also went eastward in different waves of migration. How they also were absorbed in later generations. How the children of Abraham and Keturah were given wealth and sent to the east on that migration path into northern India with only the lineage of Jacob to remain in the near east unto all prophecy be fulfilled. Today Archaeologists can trace these other Aryans to the east and down into China and Japan. And, yes, --on into Cambodia where they also built their civilizations until their work on earth was finished. Many authors believing in the theory of Evolution have a hard time explaining these great mysteries. History after all is the written Past, and it can take you back now with the help of archaeology to the beginning of this Adamic race, as they came into Northern India. And Yes---even into the High Himalayan mountains. The soil then tells the prehistory to the field Archaeologists to whom we are most grateful for their work.

Thus behind all our religious beliefs there stands, almost lost in the remote pages of history, a race that inhabited Biblical lands before the Israelites arrived on the scene. Sometimes we get a glimpse of these mysterious people. A mysterious race only to those who will not look to the past for knowledge. Once when Christ visited the district of Tyre, and Sidon he was confronted by a woman whose daughter was ill. She begged HIM to help. This was a cry from a heart seemingly of a different people, or was it? We have talked about this woman before and we have read several instances of the thoughts as to who this woman was. We know that Jesus answered this so called Canaanite woman with these words:--"Woman, great is your faith, be it even as thou wilt." The Disciples were about to rebuke the woman for crying after them, for yes it seemed that she was not an Israelite, of that definite lineage. Our author in his studies says that this woman was of those whom the Greeks called Phoenicians. This great Sea faring race of the ancient world who were also responsible for founding the city of Carthage in 814 B.C. Resident of Palestine since about 3000 B.C. or as we think earlier, these people we believe today were descendants of Enoch, who had built upon the ruins of other cities and their religion and customs was very similar to the Israelites who followed in their footsteps. Since they dwelt and colonized in Canaan land then they are in the history books called Canaanites. Thus in your studies you need to be sure as to who different people really are according to their background. The Phoenicians--descendants of Enoch were at times called Canaanites because many of them lived in old Canaan land, where as the Cainanites, descendants of Cain were hill country people. All together different people in background and lineage.

Herodotus called the 'father of history' tells us that the Phoenicians came to Greece with king Cadmus, brining with them many branches of knowledge, among them the art of writing. Herodotus wrote in the fifth century B.C., and Archaeology has produced evidence that he was most accurate in his writings. When the power of Egypt was finally waning the Phoenicians, the descendants of Enoch came from Egypt to the Isles.

In the Mediterranean is the Islands of Malta, Gozo, Camino, and Filfla...these Islands at one time were part of a land bridge which linked Africa to Italy. It was on the shore of Malta that the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked when on his way to Rome. That landing is still celebrated by the inhabitants of that city still today. Men of knowledge thus once built the city of Malts, describes as an Archaeological Paradise. Going back in time you will find these people also handled vast blocks of stone, as those legendary Titans of old constructed those great megalithic buildings. There in those prehistoric times using the large stones, as they did in Ancient Egypt, here were some of these same people perhaps before they lost control in Egypt, out there in the Mediterranean also erecting these great buildings using these large stones, were some of the same people. It is thought that some were erected in the lost Golden Age, for these buildings date further back than the Phoenician days at Carthage. Particular Stone chambers with niches all suggest that animal sacrifices wee practiced in these ancient megalithic buildings particularly of oxen and sheep according to the bones found.

Who then handled these massive stones? By what power did they do this, not only in Egypt, but here in the Mediterranean area, and on the Iberian Peninsula as well as western Europe and in the Isles. We have described before the lay out of Stonehenge and Avebury, as well as in South America in our report on the book...'In Search of the White God', but at Mount Browne, in county Carlow, Ireland there is also a stone weighing over 100 tons. Who moved it, and how, by what type of power?

Besides Stonehenge and Avebury in the British Isles there are about 200 Stone rings that have been discovered. Actually man began in the neolithic period to domesticate animals, inhabit fixed abodes, and cultivate the soil. Was this not then the man called Adam who the earth was waiting for because of his knowledge of Agriculture? The man who came into earth with this belief in the soul and life after death. It is said that these people possessed a Faith that almost literally moved mountains. Thus there was whether you will recognize it or not, ancestors of our race who carried with them an ancient religion, and they were able using spiritual power to move these large stones. You see these stones also on Easter Island as well as thru out the Mediterranean Islands, and in ancient Persia, or where ever they roamed. What were they trying to tell you, what was the message they were leaving?

We believe this message was of a race and a faith looking forward to redemption. Also found in the ancient diggings were figurines of a mother and child, and also a cross. Archaeologists have also proved that our great forefathers were not nomads, but these ancient ones lived a life of almost unimaginable luxury back in those very early years. That they had all the necessary articles, like clothing, jewelry, various beauty treatments even unrivaled until the present day.

In the old records you find that the Oak tree is also mentioned quite often as a sacred tree, and these trees grew to a great old age. One near Frankfort, Germany displayed 630 well defined annual circles. One with a diameter of 9 feet is estimated to be 1, 190 years old. In America an Oak tree of 27 feet in circumference is the famous Wadsworth tree near New York. the Oak tree has a connection to the ancient Druid religion which is very ancient, far before, but a forerunner of Christianity.

Thus you find much in your family history which runs back, to Adam, do not give away your heritage to a strange people who do not believe in your God. For your history reaches back thousands of years, and is thus that 'LIGHT TO THE WORLD'.