ERM - Tape 145 - The End of the Lord


Tape No. 145---By Ella Rose Mast


"The End of the Lord"


"Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the END OF THE LORD, that the LORD is very pitiful, and of tender mercy." (James 5:11)

Few books of the Bible have received more attention than the Book of Job. This book of the Bible carries us back to the remote past, and contains the oldest lesson in the world. It is the lesson which is essential for us to learn before we can have Peace (understanding) with God, and for time, and for our enjoying the Peace of God for Eternity.

We believe this book of Job is a symbol of Israel in earth, symbolized by this struggle here in earth between the children of Light and the children of darkness.

This book of Job is full of figures of speech; and for you to translate a Figure of Speech literally is to obscure the very point for which it was used, you will lose the emphasis it was intended to mark and most of all it would miss the truth it was meant to teach.

Many have tried to explain and retranslate this ancient book. The handling of this translation by Bullinger seems to make more sense. From Hebrew to English must be made to correspond to the meaning of the Hebrew, such as we see in Gen. 29:1 --Then Jacob went on his journey --when the Hebrew said:-And Jacob lifted up his feet. --In Psalms 20:3 the Hebrew says:--The LORD accepted thy burnt sacrifice -when accept means in Heb:--turn to ashes--but that is the way in which the LORD accepted a sacrifice. He turned it to ashes by causing Divine firs to fall from heaven and consuming it. This is how he showed respect for Abel's sacrifice--this how Abel "obtained witness' that he was righteous (thinking right) (Hebrews 11:4).

Bullinger in his translation of this book then translates it into English phrases rather than English words. Thus again you see that to understand the scriptures you do not just read but you study and know the intended meaning of the old phrases. You do not try to put it into modern English words wherein you may lose the intended meaning of this ancient book.

Bullinger believes also as do many authors that the Divine names and titles should have been just transferred instead of being translated. No one word in any language can ever explain all that is contained and implied in the ancient Hebrew original, to adopt the heathen names and titles and use them to represent the God of Revelation is a still greater mistake.

Here in the book of Job we have the body (of Israel) but Christ being spirit we must also have HIM for the body without the spirit is dead. Thus we must have His words which are also spirit and life so that we may find our way to true spiritual life.

Therefore we have all heard of the patience of Job but the 'end of the LORD'---what are we talking about here, that we see in the Book of Job. Do we see the end which YAHWEH had in mind in all his dealings with Job?---not yet---Have we seen the end which YAHWEH had in view--which he brings about in his own way when He is dealing with Job (Israel)?---Still today we have not seen the end.

This book of Job is a long one and yet its object and purpose are one, all is designed to bring about one end, the end of the LORD'S plan or purpose as it pertains to Job who is symbolic of Israel.

We may study this book of Job according to its eschatology, or its knowledge of languages, the words and expressions employed that are peculiar to this book, but that is not the 'end' for which the book is given to us---God's Israel.

This book of Job, the oldest book in the Bible takes us back to the first lesson--the oldest lesson we could find taught in the Bible. As you then study Genesis, you have the creation, the coming into flesh of Adam and Eve, and then the fall of the first parents of our race. Then in Genesis 4 we find the way back to our Father God in Grace. We find that Abel took YAHWEH'S way, where as Cain invented the opposite. Thus the book of Job picks up this oldest lesson and answers the question.--How should Adamites find their way back to their former existence? Our knowledge may be vast, extensive, and deep in all subjects but it will not carry us beyond the grave. However the knowledge of this lesson will serve us for Eternity and secure our Eternal blessings and happiness. If we find the answer to this question, it matters not what else we learn. No wonder then that this the oldest lesson in the world is set at the very opening of God's word, following immediately upon the fall. At this threshold of the word of YAHWEH, we have the foundation and gospel truth securely laid out.

The 'End' which YAHWEH had in view in this book of Job was to enforce this lesson in the most powerful way, which would serve as an object lesson for all time, and by the manner in which it is set forth should impress its importance upon the minds and hearts of all Israel. As you read this ancient book of scripture keep in mind and watch how YAHWEH brings his own 'End' to this story, and how he accomplishes it.

Now; Job lived in the land of UZ, and his name 'Job' means 'The Assailed One'. He had his friends and he lived a life as pure and upright as he was capable of and he reverences his God and shunned evil. He had 7 sons (notice the number of Adamites) and 3 daughters. (More symbolism - divine daughters)--He had 7000 sheep, and 3000 camels, and 500 yoke of oxen, and 50 she-asses, thus a very wealthy man was he. In fact he had more than any one who lived in the east.

Then we are told that there came a day when 'the sons of God' came to present themselves before YAHWEH, and at this time then Satan came amongst them also. YAHWEH then asked Satan what he had been doing, and Satan replied that he had been walking to and fro in the earth. YAHWEH asked him if he had seen His servant Job for surely there was none like him in the earth, for he was pure and upright and he renounced all evil. Satan replied: Oh yes! I saw him, but you have blessed him, and all the work of his hands, and he has become very, very wealthy. But now put forth your hands, and smite all that he has acquired and then see whether he will not curse thee to thy face.

Well!! YAHWEH took his challenge saying:--All that Job hath is put into your power, only against his person you are not to put forth your power. Thus Satan went forth from the presence of YAHWEH and that very same day tragedy struck all the animals that Job owned. Servants had been guarding and watching over the animals and then the savages fell upon them and took the animals and killed the servants. A storm came with fire and lightening, and a whirlwind and destroyed the home where his children had gathered to celebrate as they were want to do every so often, and all died, only one servant escaped to come to tell Job.

Now; Job mourned for he loved his children very much. Here he lost his children, and all his possessions, all at once. His friends came to console him and they also could not understand why this would happen to him for Job was considered upright, sincere, and without guile, but they could not understand why Job only said as he mourned:--'YAHWEH giveth and HE taketh away."

There is a difference we find between being very religious as was Job and yet not knowing 'The end of the LORD'---or what HE had in mind for the end of his purpose and training for His family while here in earth. Yet they also were given an inner way of thinking which the world could not understand, and yet there was also something which YAHWEH, himself must teach for this lesson while they are here in earth.

Religion is an attempt by people to become righteous by morality and ordinance, where we are told that a broken heart and a contrite spirit brings you to your heavenly Father. The moment that a broken heart and a contrite spirit is produced then the sinner is lifted out completely of the region of religion for you become the possessor of the righteousness (right thinking) of God himself. Thus this book of Job is symbolic of Israel, for it point the way where as Israel can become once more--right with their heavenly Father.-- Be on the same wave length with Him in their thinking.

Remember that as YAHWEH walked in the garden after the fall of Adam and Eve he asked:---'Where art thou?' Just as tho Adam and Eve were two naughty children who were hiding because they realized that they had done wrong. Adam and Eve were already missing their close relationship with YAHWEH, AND THEY KNEW THEY HAD BROKEN THE LAW, HAD TRANSGRESSED. These two--our first parents, were now broken hearted and their spirit had moved and now no longer protected the body on the outside anymore, and yes -they now knew how they had done wrong. Religion now would not help them. They must go straight to the Father and confess. A rebellious heart just gets you into more trouble, where as their condition of disobedience only lengthened the time of trouble. for the plan of YAHWEH is for all to bow the knee and confess that on their own they do not have wisdom. Without HIM they cannot function. Only the ONE who began this blessed work is the ONE who can end it. This is the message of the book of Job.

Now; Job (Israel) was in trouble in the flesh but also being a firm believer he did not blame YAHWEH for his troubles. He just moved to bare them and go on. thus we see where this phrase comes from:--'The patience of Job'. You see this lots of times as you watch the many things that happen to this race and their development as a kingdom in earth. You see many people pick up their burdens and walk on, and sometimes you wonder if you could do the same if it happened to you.

The three friends who came to console Job could only say:--You have been such a good man, a religious man, wonder why all this trouble has come to you At times we hear some of our own race express this same thing.

Then Satan came again before YAHWEH, and again YAHWEH reminds him that Job is still not cursing HIM, even tho he has allowed all this tragedy to come into the life of Job. And Satan then reminds YAHWEH that he never let Satan afflict the body of Job, and he thinks that if YAHWEH let punish the body of Job that then surely Job will turn and curse YAHWEH.

The three friends have begun to think surely Job must have done something wrong, after all others were not treated this way. Thus the arguments went on and on. Call them condolences if you will, but these friends could not understand the lesson being taught here as YAHWEH allows Satan to inflict his children.

Now Job develops sores on his body, from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. Satan is not allowed to kill the body for--"There is a time to live and a time to die,' for the children of spirit, but sometimes living gets very miserable. At this time then Job is being advised to just 'curse God and die', get it over with, but Job cannot do that and he answered:---'Shall we accept our blessings from YAHWEH, but not our misfortunes?' Thus once more the deep religious beliefs will sustain Job, and he will not curse YAHWEH, thus he did not sin with his lips, but you wonder how he felt in his heart.

Again his three friends came and when they saw him they did not know him, for he was covered with these sores, so they just wept and they sat down upon the ground with him for ---Now notice this:---they sat with him for 7 days and 7 nights---again the symbolism of this book. They felt that if Job's religion did not help him then what could they do. Symbolically this 7 days and 7 nights signifies that Job was of the Kingdom. Thus they just sat down showing sympathy for him.

Now; each time he was tempted then we find that Job uttered the right words---his afflictions did not move him from his path---he had said:--'YAHWEH hath given, and YAHWEH hath taken away--blessed be the name of YAHWEH. The second time he was afflicted he was advised to curse YAHWEH and die. Then Job replied:--'Shall we receive good at the hands of YAHWEH, and shall we not then receive evil?'

How beautiful these words. Still it is only partly true, because it assumes that all our evils and losses are ruled by the hand of YAHWEH. It is true that HE rules. But He also over rules our evil, letting Satan go just so far, for a purpose. Job's words thus show wonderful resignation, but it is still only religion. He can talk this way but true wisdom can only be found with a broken heart and contrite spirit. (Ps 34:18) For true wisdom is an understanding of the total plan of YAHWEH and your part in it. Many a times a speaker may proclaim different sentiments and yet he may not know either YAHWEH of himself, and be wholly without a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Thus all Job has said so far could be said without these inward evidences of divine workmanship and of true wisdom.

Divine love thus rules and over rules all. It wounds so that it might heal; it brings low that it might lift up; it humbles so that Job (Israel) might be exalted forever and ever. To bring this about then Satan was allowed to disturb Job's life, being the willing instrument which YAHWEH would over-rule.

Now; in this story also, the veil is then lifted for a few moments which shows that Satan is allowed to be the tempter that there is also Mystery in this book, that it is against 'Wicked spirits' in heavenly places that our conflict is waged. thus we say this book of Job is to be viewed as a symbol of the Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth or as it is written---in the old books--about God's family who are here to build his Kingdom in earth as it 'is in heaven'. All this is clear as a part of our faith, but in natural reason it is useless.

Job's was not the only case which scripture gives us as to the activities of this greatest of adversaries---Satan the serpent, and the Dragon. The 12 Apostles were allowed to be tested. YAHSHUA prayed not that Peter would not fall, but that Peter's faith would not fail. To this end LOVE controls and permits and over-rules all and causes---'All things to work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.' (Romans :28) This was why Satan was allowed access to our first parents, Adam and Eve. It was to bring forth the promise of the seed of the Woman (Israel), and the announcement of Satan's doom. (Genesis 3:15) That was why Satan was allowed to bruise the heel of this ONE called 'The LORD OF LIFE'; not only that Adam and Eve, YAHWEH'S people might be saved, but by Death he who had the power of death (Satan) might be completely destroyed. (Heb: 2:14) And that his head might be crushed forever.

Remember this--you sin, not in the spirit, only in the flesh. That is why Satan is allowed in this picture. He also was out of the heavens as a great Archangel, and he was allowed to rebel, but he can only touch the flesh, not the spirit. Satan THUS INTENDED ONE THING WHICH WAS TO TAKE OVER THE THRONE OF THE MOST HIGH, but YAHWEH uses him for another. Proving this fact --- that Job (Israel) was delivered into the hands of Satan, but then afterwards restored and blessed. (II Cor: 2:1-11) --but Satan thus receives no advantage over Job (Israel). This is why Satan was allowed to buffet the Saints of God, so that they may learn and prove the sufficiency of Divine Grace and the fullness of Divine power. (II Cor. 12:7-9) Thus Satan may intend one thing but YAHWEH uses him for another. In all things he is used for ultimate blessings, comfort, and help for the people of God and for their present spiritual profit. Satan cannot go beyond certain limits set for him. He was allowed to be --author of Job's trials and losses--but all his labor was wasted, for it ended in Job's receiving double blessings for time, and for earth, and for the righteousness of God forever and forever. This is the great lesson of this book, and the perfection of the Divine words and ways which brought it about.

This phrase "THE END OF THE LORD', thus means the total end of this TIME of no understanding of the purposes of our heavenly Father as he brings 'ALL' things to completion, and sets this world in its rightful orbit in the universe.

Now; Job's conference with his three friends was a design to show that man apart from Divine Revelation, has not true wisdom, and cannot find or know all about YAHWEH his purpose and his plan, and cannot thus even understand or know himself. Until Adam has this knowledge he will neither justify God nor condemn himself. He may understand YAHWEH'S wishes, but His ways cannot be totally known. His works are seen by all; but His secrets are hidden, and can only be known by revelation to His people, hence we read (Ps 103:7) "He hath made known His ways unto Moses, and His acts unto the children of Israel."

This is a great truth, which is shown to us in this book, which was written for us in the very early beginning of the Earthly sojourn of Adam and Eve. The first great lesson teaches that (Adam) man by just searching cannot find out God's purpose, and come to true speaking of things that are right. Here these friends did not speak to Job of things that were right. They were not capable. they did not speak as well as did Job, and Job did not do this until he confessed that he himself was a sinner.

These three friends:---

Eliphaz reasoned on human experiences---Bildad reasoned about human tradition, and Zophar reasoned on the human spirit. In the reasoning of Eliphaz, he said:--'As I have seen'--this is the content of his speech. He thinks it is the wicked who always suffer, and the righteous who prosper. So he concluded that Job must have committed some great sin altho he tries to hid it by asking Job, if he had not seen the same thing. Job is beginning to bewail his misery but he does not accept this theory.

Bildad talks along the same lines telling of all his experiences and implying that Job must surely have done something wrong.

Zophar then speaks along the same lines but adds that man must prepare his heart, put away his sins---all high sounding words and then adds that it is good works that count. Thus you see these are brave words but they are not the truth, they just show that the speaker and his companions know neither God nor Job (Israel). The great lesson here is still THAT MAN, EVEN ADAM MAN, CANNOT PREPARE HIS OWN HEART. THE PREPARATIONS OF THE HEART ARE FROM GOD. (Proverbs: 16:1) Thus Adam after the fall as all Adamites then cannot prepare themselves by their own good works. This is what Job's friends could not tell him by natural reasoning, or natural religion. Like all false religions they were saying that man must do something to merit God's favor. If he does it he will be rewarded, if not he will be punished. They cannot quite agree as to just what that is, but it must be something and if this something is not like their something, they may must have to kill you, as did Cain to Abel.

These three friends of Job said many things which were true, and some were beautiful words, and sometimes eloquent, but they had no knowledge as to the program of YAHWEH. Thus they could not heal, only hurt. Job cannot accept their words, and he asks them to be quiet for he believes he has more of an understanding of WHAT YAHWEH HAS IN MIND THAN THEY DO. All their so called wisdom is thus only part true, for in the end it is than a 'broken heart cannot but fear the LORD, and a contrite spirit cannot but depart from the evil it laments.'

David in Psalms 1:41 is inspired to teach this lesson as he says:---'I acknowledge my transgressions, for I know that Christ is the wisdom of God (I Cor: 1:24) . Looking at Proverbs 8:23 and 3:19---we read:---"The LORD possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was."---"The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens." Thus those who are his may learn of HIM what their wisdom is.

When Job condemns himself and justifies God then he will learn this wisdom as he does before this book is finished. Until then all he had to rely on was good works. All knew it was wise and prudent to fear the LORD, and depart from evil because this was the way to escape his judgments and merit his favor, and thus this was good policy, but it was not the program or the policy, or the end of all that YAHWEH had planned for this world. And his plan contains the fact that before this 'end' comes then all Adamites will know, and then all people will bow the knee to YAHSHUA.

In Job's last words he gives a beautiful address in chapter 29. He speaks of his former prosperity. Then in chapter 30 he speaks of its sudden reversal, and in chapter 31 he talks of his innocence here in physical life. But in chapter 29 he refers to himself 40 times, and refers to YAHWEH 5 times. And did you notice the symbolism of numbers?-- Then at the end he realizes there has to be much, much fore to this heavenly wisdom and he condemns himself and justifies God as he says:--'I am vile, I abhor myself, I repent in dust and ashes.' Here he is learning as all Israel must, that by himself he is nothing.

The ministry of Elihu then points out where Job and his friends were wrong, for they are missing the 'end' for which this book was written. He says that he hears Job say:--'I am clean, I am innocent; there is no transgression in me and so forth. But Job just be quiet and he will point out where Job and his three friends are wrong. For they are not seeing 'the end' for which this book was written.

In Chapter 33:1-33 you will find Elihu's words to Job. In chapter 34:2-31 you find Elihu's words to Job's friends. In chapter 35:2-16 you will find again his words to Job, and then in chapter 36:2-37 you will find Elihu's words on God's behalf. The name of Elihu means MY GOD IS HE --And Barachel means WHOM GOD HAS BLESSED. Thus this speaker sums up the situation and does away with all that flow of words. Yes, Job was righteous in his own eyes. Job had all the wisdom of man. He could find answers to his friends, but all together they could not answer Job's greater question:---HOW SHOULD MORTAL MAN BE JUST WITH GOD?

The lesson here is:--How Great is God compared to mortal man. This is the meat of the words of Elihu as he speaks for God. When Job complains that God does not answer him then Elihu shows that God does speak to men in various ways. He speaks by his providence, in visions, by sickness, and above all by his special messengers who He sends to interpret Him to Adam - men. Later the Apostle John will tell you that Christ Jesus thus came to explain God (spirit) to man. But Elihu continues speaking and declares that god then is greater than man. For he must be the judge as to what is right and what is wrong, not man. And whether a man be religious or an infidel, whether speaking from platforms or pulpit, constantly dares to decide what God has done; what God will and ought to do and what God has said. He gives these high sounding names such as science, philosophy and higher criticism, but he is still just man speaking. Thus this book of Job was to show us that Job and his friends were uttering the same foolish words that we hear even today--nothing has changed--that man is greater than God.

This however was not the ministry of Elihu who as a Priest of Israel brought Job to the point where he would confess that God was greater than Adam man, getting him ready for the ministry of YAHWEH himself. Elihu thus brings Job to the answer of how should mortal man be just with God, or be right with God? And then gives him the answer:--be recognizing that God was greater than he, Adam - man, thus the creator is greater than all. He it was who produced the plan for the good of the whole world as a lesson for those in a Universe. He produced the spirit children to bring about this phrase---'The end of the LORD'--meaning all he had purposed to do.

Then comes the ministry of YAHWEH, himself to Job (Israel). It is a most important part because YAHSHUA acts as his own minister. He becomes the preacher. Whatever, his message ends with bringing Job (Israel) back to occupy her old place where YAHSHUA brings near his righteousness. But Elihu's subject which YAHSHUA would enlarge and expand and apply was that -----God is greater than man.

YAHWEH'S address to Job (Israel) is about Himself, about his program, his plan and the understanding that our testimony should also be about HIM. About His word, His Grace, and His power as well as all his wondrous attributes. Today our pulpits are filled with the praise of man, about man's wonderful discoveries and inventions. It is the Gospel of humanity that is preached, rather than the Gospel of YAHWEH - God.

His word instead of being proclaimed today is criticized; instead of obeying it, man is sitting in judgment upon it. This oldest lesson in the world then comes like a lightening flash, exposing the vanity of modern ministers, and lightening the darkness by which we are surrounded here art the end of the church age. Then no wonder that the results of man's ministry are so opposite to the results of YAHSHUA'S ministry as seen in the book of Job. The ministry of YAHSHUA THUS BRINGS THE HUMBLING OF ADAM-MAN so that he may be made Divinely righteous forever.

Today we find that Eliphas, Bildad and Zophar are as busy as ever trying to make men good by reasoning and persuasion, but theirs are words without knowledge. Elihu moreover, who spoke on God's behalf points man toward the LIVING GOD.