ERM - Tape 154 - America - Upon This Rock


TAPE NO. 154 - By Ella Rose Mast




Many times we have been asked this question:-- ‘What brought America almost to her knees, here in 1995.

Surely you do not need to be told that there has been a great controversy between darkness and Light, between anti-Christ and Christ, since the coming into earth of this Adamic race. We are told that there is no conspiracy in this picture, that such talk is a scare tactic and actually this is ‘hate.’ We do not believe this. Thus first we will find another answer and the most important one for it is found in scriptures. We also believe in the quote:-- ‘YAHWEH, our God, will do nothing except HE revealed HIS secrets unto HIS servants the Prophets. Thus the Bible points to this great controversy, but it also points to YAHWEH as the author of our book, the Bible. However, it was written by human hand, in varied styles in different books by different authors, yet truths are expressed in the word of men. Still all truths are given by inspiration of God. (II Tim. 3:16) ‘And the Holy Spirit sheds light into the minds and hearts of HIS servants.’

The Ten Commandments were, however, spoken and written by YAHWEH, Himself. And HE has communicated HIS truths to the children of the Kingdom by men. But also qualified those men to speak and to write. Then since the Spirit of YAHWEH inspired the Word we find in the Bible, then it would be impossible that the teaching of the Spirit would ever be contrary to the WORD.

We understand that during the ages past, and we see this in both the Old Testament and the New, that the Holy Spirit never ceased communicating with children of the Kingdom apart from the revelations of the sacred Word. They received warnings, reproof, counsel, and instructions. Then after the closing of the Canon of Scriptures, would it be too much to expect the Holy Spirit to continue this work to enlighten, to warn and yes, comfort the children of the Kingdom?

Alright, America. Where did we get off the path? Why do we seem to bow and let the oppressors win? Thru the years ever so often men have stood to fight and this controversy slows down for a time. Then we seem to buy this equality idea and once more we get in trouble simply by following the ideas of men instead of God.

When Jesus was on earth, one day HE said to Peter, ‘Who do you say that I am?’ And Peter replied, ‘Thou art the Almighty Father come in the name of YAHSHUA, our Savior.’ Jesus then said, ‘Upon this Rock I will build My Church.’ There are two words here that must be thoroughly understood. Those words being ‘Rock’ and ‘Church.’

You find in Deuteronomy and other places, that this Rock is YAHWEH. And with the Church being the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom, the Oracle of God, then upon this Rock, this firm foundation that this man of Galilee, Jesus the Christ was YAHWEH, the Eternal God in the flesh, this the ‘Rock’ or foundation upon which HIS Church is built.

The Church, the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom, which is also the Oracle of God, has much more in understanding that what we see that is visible today in the many denominations and branches of Christendom.

This part of the Church which is visible today is the only part which could be penetrated as the enemy entered to change the doctrines. This part of the Church today is visualized as being for all people. And yet the scripture tells us that in the days of Pentecost, that people were added to the Church-- ‘Those as should be added.’ (Acts 2:41-47) At no time was it determined that everyone who would walk down an isle and say they believed in Jesus Christ, would be considered as taken into the True Church, no matter what their background.

Remember, the Church of Jesus Christ in the spiritual center of the Kingdom thus only the children of HIS Spirit would belong in this assembly. Those in the ‘World Order’ who came to the right God, of course, will receive blessings, but this does not make them sons or daughters of God. ‘For the promise is unto you and to your children (thus all Israel) as many as God shall call.’ (Acts 2:39)

There has been this great controversy between good and evil ever since Adam was put on earth, but it is prophesied that it will increase in intensity to the very close of time. Always, in all ages, the ‘wrath’ of Satan and his children has been manifested against the Faith of the Children of the Kingdom and the outward sign of the Faith, the Church. And yet, we have seen that since they could not stop this Faith delivered by the Apostles to Israel, they penetrated the Church to change its doctrines and then used the Church to accomplish many things they wished to change so that possibly you would accept their plan of a ‘One World Government.’

America walked into a trap in June of 1954, when they entered the United Nations, a Godless organization. And also agreed that always a Soviet Union military man (a Communist) would always be in charge of United Nations Troops. Thus we lost the Korean War and then the Viet Nam War.

The sad part of this agreement was that the Christian Church, thinking only of Peace, was tricked into convincing their parishioners to back the U.N. organization even tho prayer was not allowed to start this organization.

In the last fifty years, this organization and those who love it, have pushed for the removing of the Christian Faith here even in the United States. If you doubt, then go back and read just a part of the work of this ‘world organization.’

In our studies, we find that the work of Satan to stop the Christian Faith after the Resurrection, seemed not to be working. He then moved to plant his banner in the visible part of the Church. If the followers of Christ could only be deceived and led astray, they would be easy prey to the evils of the ‘world order’ and this world administration without our God and our Faith. Thus the ‘great adversary’ sought to gain by trickery, what he had failed to do by force. But to succeed, then the Christians would have to be tricked with some concessions. Thus the controversy deepened. Some Christians stood firm, but gradually, after some penetration of organizations, the hierarchy of the visible Church began to bend. And Satan, under a cloak of pretended Christianity, had begun to corrupt the Faith and turn minds from the WORD, from the Rock which was the foundation of the Church.

There have always been two classes among those who profess to be followers of the Christ. While the one class studies the teachings of the Savior and earnestly seeks to correct their defects, the other class shuns the plain and practiced truths which expose their error. This is a line drawn between the True Church and the Christian church which now embraces all people declaring there is not spiritual difference in people. And thus denying the Biblical story and refuse to recognize the Gospel which Jesus preached which was the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Today, brainwashed people have almost forgotten as they listen to the cry of ‘Peace, Peace, when there is no Peace’ and never has been under the U.N. banner. They seem to have forgotten that in the Garden, Jesus took the Cup of clear water--that symbol of the transgressions of the world. And when HE drank it to the last drop, HE had taken all of the sins, not only of HIS spiritual children in earth on to HIS sinless body and set you free, but HE also took all the transgressions since HE had allowed Lucifer to rebel for the great purpose of preparing HIS children of the Kingdom for the Kingdom administration. Thus the Gospel of the Kingdom is a message of ‘hope, of peace, and of administration’ which will spread harmony throughout Christian civilization, then after that, the World.

This is what the great controversy thru the ages if all about. Satan and his kingdom are the losers if this program of God is carried out. They hate the purity, the exactness which this message brings. And the Truth to them is like a sword because it demands obedience.

In 1947, after we had walked into the trap called the United Nations, then came another trap. Remembering the Mayflower Compact, where the people said they came for the Glory of God and the advancement of the Christian Faith, and remembering also that twice the Supreme Court of the United States, declared this to be a Christian nation, we watched this wall being erected between Church and State. No where in the scriptures do you even find a suggestion of this. And no where in the Constitution is this called for. We hear much about what Thomas Jefferson had to say on this matter, but no one bothers to tell you that what he had to say was only found in private letters and had nothing to do with the Constitution or it meaning that there would not be an established ‘one Church’ in America like the Church of England.

This idea of the separation of Church and State was just another attempt to ban the Christian Faith from our nation. And the bulk of the citizens of this nation were soon parroting the message of ‘separation of Church and State.’ And the great ‘falling away’ from the Faith continued. But in the process, Satan and his children reveal their true characters which is an education for the children of the Kingdom.

We hear the questions, ‘Why does YAHWEH let the wicked prosper?’ But if they do not fill their cup of iniquity, then you would never see HIS justice and mercy in their utter destruction.

Actually, Satan, once a great Archangel, knew that an understanding of scripture would enable men to discern his deception and withstand his power. Thus it should come as no surprise that he would infiltrate the visible part of the Church and even help to translate scriptures. For remember, that Jesus, Himself, kept saying, ‘As it is written.’ And of course the Bible would exalt God and place men in their true positions. Thus the Truth of the Book would finally come forth. We were thus told to search the scriptures for there you would fined Truth.

Over the years, Christianity has allowed the enemy to interpret the scripture. Thus since light and darkness cannot harmonize, there is always this conflict. To uphold and defend our Faith, always brings an attack against you. One thing we are very aware of is the fact that those who would deny the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preached, do not attempt to show you where you are in error using the scripture. It is only the doctrines of men which they put forth to show you where you are wrong. For now you are living in a world which is trying to lead all people to what they term ‘Peace and brotherly love.’

As we look back over these 7400 years of our race here in earth, you realize that God has provided for and looked after the people of this Kingdom HE is building. Yes, we have passed thru difficult times in every generation. Some worse than others. And we have lived thru fifty years of this attempt using the U.N. as a counter part to block this Kingdom from coming to its fullness. A ‘New Age’ is generally measured in the sky. Thus we move into a ‘New Age’ with the ending of this ‘falling away’ and the ending of the powers of darkness having any influence on your society.

Every prophecy, every date given in scriptures, is an important step in the process of preparing for the Kingdom Administration.

You read in the book of Revelation as to how the Temple of God was opened in the heavens and there was seen--in HIS Temple--the Ark of HIS Testament. In symbolism, this is preparing you for “On earth as it is in heaven” when finally the sons of God are prepared to rule in HIS Kingdom with HIM. Yes, there will be a time when ‘in the twinkling of an eye,’ will occur, and this transformation will come when the sons and daughters are prepared for their task. When they are fully aware of the ‘Rock’ which begat them and the Church which marks their identity.

(Until next time, may YAHWEH BLESS.)