ERM - Tape 155 - America 1996 - Trying To Find A Way Out Of Trouble


Tape No. 155 -- By Ella Rose Mast

AMERICA --1996

 (Trying to Find a Way Out of Trouble)




America today faces so many problems. We have allowed our nation to be taken over and we have come to the point of judgment on the House of God. Perhaps in searching for answers, we need to go back in time and see what some of the mistakes we made have let us in for. As the last great nation of God's kingdom, we have slid into the position we found ourselves in 1994 as Congress begin to try to put a stop to our drift into this One World Government we have been hearing so much about as being a wonderful thing for the world.

Looking back, we find there have been men over the years, who tried to stop this drifting of America into this One World Government set up. They tried so hard to keep us out of this age old trap. One of these men we are thinking of is the father of Charles A. Lindberg, who lived at the time of the setting in place of the Federal Reserve System to control our economy. He was very knowledgeable about Economics, and Mr. Lindberg Sr. had this to say (quote), ‘There is a key to the good things of the world. We have the key and that key is the mind. It is ‘thought’ which opens the way to all things. It is our failure to give an little honest thought to direct our actions that compels most of us to struggle with the hardships of the world. We are under the influence of others, in fact, just a few. In fact, some of whom we have been taught almost to worship, while at the same time, we seldom know how much they control us, our lives, and our nation.’ (Unquote)

Mr. Lindberg suggested that if we would free ourselves from the domination of such leaders, and stop almost worshiping the self-appointed directors of our affairs, and start using our minds to determine what actions should be taken for the good of our nation, then we, going back to the laws of our God, could free ourselves from the troubles which bind us. Mr. Lindberg wrote this back in 1923. And we had drifted into trouble at that time, and we have just kept on drifting up until now when here under bondage, we are trying to find a way out. Here we stand, this great nation of God's kingdom, still afraid to resist the enemy of our God, still letting them rule over us after they have claimed our heritage. Today we find people running around and wondering just what went wrong.

Today the earthquakes are getting more numerous and volcanos are rumbling and we see signs in the heavens. The comet is pointing out the story in the Star Bible and still people are wondering what is wrong and what should we do next? We find God's people under the burden of higher and higher taxes, working both father and mother of the family to keep the homes going.

The propaganda of our day tries to keep the people divided so that they will be so busy trying to figure what is wrong until they will not notice, or for self-preservation, they go along with the World Order. If you walk with a farmer thus, his life you will learn of his problems with his crops, his livestock, his build up of things connected with his way of life. And here you find him struggling to make a living and to make, as he says, ‘ends meet.’ He will tell you of the hardships of his way of life, but then he has no control over the price he receives for what he produces, no control over the weather, or over the price he pays for the things he has to purchase. And at the same time all that he produces is controlled by his government and a few rich men at the top.

Then consider the small business man. He is seldom able to fix the wages he pays. And the price for material he has to purchase is beyond his control. He can decide nothing which affects him, thus, he toils on because if he fails, and many do, they are worse off than even the farmer or the wage earner. They are unable to be farmers, or even the third class of wage earners. Their past is now lost and their future a gamble.

Then there is this third class, the wage earner. And propaganda has had these their groups looking at each other with a certain amount of envy. The farmer sees the shorter hours the fixed income and the abode in the city. While the city man sees the farmer in control of his own business and his own working hours. Both the farmer and the wage earner look at the small business man and think that he has the easier way of life, while that small business man is looking for a way he can hang on for just a little longer, maybe things will get better.

Here we find these three groups who are the American middle class, the backbone of our nation, wondering just where did it all go wrong, this American Dream?

Mr. Lindberg Sr. gave us the answer a long time ago, but it seems that America just went to sleep. But here was his answer:---There is a fourth group. These are the profiteers of Peace, the pirateers of war who busy themselves with control of the first three groups, this middle class of America, and they exploit them. And some even do some good work in addition to their profiteering. This fourth group moves with perseverance and cunning, seeing that here we are a people who seem to have lost their way, and they take control and possession of affairs. And they have been running things to suit themselves.

Looking back then, we see this take over of the finances of our nation by the Federal Reserve Act. In the political field too many of the Middle Class sit back and do not use their minds. If they do not like the way things are going they just say, 'Throw the bums out,' and then sit back and do nothing to help the people who stand up and try to stop our drift into a One World situation. The law favors the old political and profiteer group for they make the laws, and most people follow like sheep until those who do try to help in this situation are crowded aside. The profiteers have managed to agree on how business should be arranged to give them the advantage over the other three groups, and then they adjust politics to set themselves in power. By subterfuge, they split up the three unorganized groups and manage to capture enough of their leaders out of the middle class to control legislation and administration.

Thus, the useful middle class of America, in their most successful periods, have never secured the degree of prosperity which their work justifies, because at all times, they have been exploited by these people at the top. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was even formed on behalf of the group at the top, and the profiteers function politically thru that group which the ordinary citizen thinks of as their organization. Business plans are first formed and joined and then politically controlled accordingly.

Soon after the civil war in 1913, a group of men formed a selfish to rule the world by the manipulation of finance. Thru money control, they organized Trusts to control transportation and all channels of distribution. With the control of finances and then transportation, they easily formed other Trust to control communications as well. They succeeded in all they designed while the American people slept and they even managed the rule of the majority of public officials, state and national land grants, mineral grants, timber grants, power and other such favors at the hands of a controlled congress and even State legislatures.

In this situation, the profiteers then fixed the prices on what they would buy from the people. But since they had the Trusts, the middle class was forced to buy and sell mostly thru the set up of the people of the Trusts. The profiteers were indifferent to the rights of others outside of their own group. Thus, they robbed the people by the authority of the law which they passed by pressure and persuasion.

After World War I, when inflation was high, the profiteers shouted for the farmers to save the world from starvation, and he would also reap great profits. So the patriotic farmer, believing in the spirit of this world call, bought extra machinery, went to additional expense, and worked himself and his family to increase the farm products. To his disappointment, when the crop was produced, the farmer found that the Federal Reserve had brought on deflation in advance of his marketing his crop. Now the farmer, owing to the high prices of machinery and other costs based on former inflation, was now compelled to sell at deflated prices.

As time went on, the failure of public officials to do their job has left the people without much hope of relief for what was becoming intolerable. The nation is being shocked by and epidemic of crime constantly on the increase. As prices and inflation was ramped then the common business man was making some more strides, and the farmer and wage earner were also benefiting from the higher prices, but much of it was taken from them by the trick of inflation. It is the exaggerated profit to the few taken from the masses that unsettles the world and destroys all business equilibrium. It creates industrial slaves of the working class of wage earners. Two percent of the people then exploit 98% and make the latter pay for doubling the profiteers wealth.

Yes, there were so called 'good times' between the panics forced upon the people by the profiteers, but never as good as they would have been if done in the easiest and most proper way. In the meantime, most do not know just how and by whom, these bad times come. Comparatively few know.

The Imperialism of the World rulers knows that as they plan to take over the world, they must keep the people in a state of political antagonism while they are doing it. They say they must keep the voters divided between the two parties by bringing up fights which do not affect them except as 'teachers' to the common herd. Thus, the Federal Reserve Bank was protected even before it was established. And with that system in place, it was easy then with the Esch-Cummins Railway Act for the profiteers to take control of the Railroads, and of all natural resources, and minerals and forests, and so forth as well as keeping the economy of the United States in their hands.

Today you are seeing the results of what happens when a people accept the 'kept press’ falsehoods for truth. And listen with open mouths to the speeches of Congressmen whose statesmanship consists in sacrificing their constituents in return for the 'kept press' support and good committee appointments and having the privilege of naming their political chums to fat offices . . . these in turn, telling us whom and what to vote for. And over the years, these grand old men of the Congress have served grandly and long, the demands of the profiteers. The power of the profiteer to make such ten-strikes as some of the laws give them, brands these Congressmen with a seal of either childlike innocence, criminal negligence or treason. But before all blame falls on the Congressmen, look at the other side. We selected them as our leaders then sat back and expected miracles of blind leaders. Most of what we know is that things are not right, but don't even know why they are not right. We criticize but expect blind leaders to correct what we criticize without telling them how.

As for the Federal Reserve System, evidence before the Congress proves that this system was planned by the profiteers of Wall street. That every person who planned it were leaders in control of the money Trust. And over the years, men from this group have always been in control. Once in a while, they may place a farmer on the bead as a mere 'sop to the farmers' accomplishments. But all appointed members follow the plans that fit the Money Trust operation.

Now as the Federal Reserve Act was set in place, it started with a lie, by promising---an act to provide for Federal Reserve Banks to furnish an ‘elastic currency,’ to afford a means of rediscounting commercial paper, and to establish a more effective supervision of banking for the United States and for other purposes. And even today, people still blind, think that the banks established as Federal Reserve are government owned banks. BUT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT DOES NOT OWN ONE DOLLAR OF STOCK IN THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. And those banks have never been audited. You will find, if interested, that a great part of the debt of the United States today stems from the first borrowed money to set this nation in place, which we have never paid off. Why? Because there was a clause in that first loan that said we could pay interest on the money, but never the principal. And all of these years much of the debt has been on the interest we have paid over these years. Compound interest and it increases dramatically. Thus there has been a snake among us all of the time, and it is this Federal Reserve System which no one seems to understand.

And now you understand what has happened to America as the profiteers possessed the minerals of earth, the most valuable of the forest lands, the best of the water powers, the transportation systems, rail and water, and the banks, with entire control of money and credit. How did America still grow with all of these parasites on her back? Mr. Lindberg said in 1922-(quote), ‘God pity our children, for unless they compel the recognition of their rights better than we present voters have done, they will be worn down with added burdens of increased wealth in profiteers hands to command and compound still greater interest, dividends and rents.’

Today, you say, ‘How could all of this have taken place when not so long ago the people owned the natural resources, to which we added our skills and built a great country?’ We know it was the work of politicians and high officials . . . a relative few . . . and by great cunning, that betrayed the people of the United States, giving special privileges to a few thousand to exploit a hundred million or more other Americans. Today the President appoints men who have been educated by the ‘money trust system’ to the board which runs the Federal Reserve. And under this Federal Reserve Act, panics are scientifically created, and wars arranged so as to enrich a people at the top who do not believe in our God or our way of life, but who control us.

As crime has increased and everything dreamed of seems to be going down the drain, finally Americans began to start to look for a way out. It was as tho finally they were awakening from a long sleep, and they began asking, ‘What is going on?’ Then came such situations as the ‘Ruby Ridge’ affair, ‘Waco’ and then the ‘Oklahoma bombing.’ And now a new crisis where Government officials are trying not to create another such situation. For this seemed to wake up the people as to what they have allowed the Government to become.

Thru the years, there have been patriots and ministers who tried to point the way out of this captivity for Americans who were beginning to awaken. Much later than the time of Mr. Lindberg Sr., we saw patriots step up to the plate and be knocked down by those in power. But they also left their mark on the minds of the American middle class. Today those awakening Americans are beginning to act. They are trying to take back their government, restore prayer in the schools, and to remove from the backs of the people, this yoke of the money manipulators who have brought this great nation to its knees. People are beginning to realize that they have been asleep while they lost so much of their freedom. And now they are wondering as to 'what is next?’

We always say that when in doubt turn to the scriptures for the outline of events can be found there. In the writings of the prophet Joel, Israel was called to hear certain things. Something was happening to their faith and it was time to find out what was going on. The time Joel was writing was 800 years before Christ. But his prophecy looked forward to the time of the end, to the events which ushers in “THE DAY OF THE LORD."

Now this phrase 'The Day of the LORD,' is used often in the scriptures. It is sometimes used as 'The Great and terrible Day of the LORD. This is chastisement and judgment from the LORD. Great for Israel, because it ushers in the kingdom age. But terrible because of the judgment brought against the enemy by YAHWEH, Himself. And if our people are doing the work of the World Order, then they will become caught in this judgment. Here in the beginning of the book of Joel, he is telling the children, making them to understand, that in each generation the parents are to instruct the children as to who they are and why they are here. But somewhere along this trail of history, the parents did not do this, and Israel lost her inheritance. Israel let the enemy take away the new wine (the good), and thus, she lost her Inheritance. The symbolism in this book is of the worms attacking the tree. And the tree of course, is ‘THE TREE OF LIFE OUT OF THE GARDEN,’ or the household of God in earth.

Now remember this is a prophecy for the end time. And we are now living in a time when God can set up the sequence of events and make them known unto HIS ministers. Thus HIS people would know what is coming, just as with John, who was said to be in the Spirit on the Lord's day . . . meaning, the mind of John was in complete adjustment with the patterns of God's mind until the illuminated picture in the mind of the individual . . . and here with John was able to bring picture in his mind, the things which were in the Divine mind in relationship to himself and to the church where he was to relay the message.

Now turning again to the prophet Joel, as he wrote 800 years before Christ, but he was writing about the events that were to happen much later in the life of the Israelites. For Joel saw the great explosions of the Atom Bomb. And he understood that this was the time when these prophecies given to him would take place. He also sees that some time thereafter, power would be returned to the family of God so that they would finish the task they were sent here to do. And in that time period, the manifestation of YAHWEH would take place. Thus, Joel was talking about nuclear warfare in our time. And that it would be in this time frame when God sounds HIS call before HIS Mighty Army and you are to see them coming in the clouds with Glory.

In this time, Israel is told to gather the people, and that the ministers and the Priests will be weeping between the porch and the altar. For now they will know they did not warn Israel and this great danger is now facing them. And they will be saying, 'Spare thy people, O LORD, and give not thine inheritance unto reproach that the heathen should rule over us, and be saying where is their God?’

Thus, what happened to Israel in her migrations? In the middle 1800's the Christian church in Sweden decided that they would let the Jews be a part of Israel . . . let them be the Judah of Scriptures. The Christian church passed this on. And soon we also heard that the Jews were the 'Chosen people' instead of the Adamites. Soon the Christian church could not do enough for the Jews. And this continued even tho the evidence is that the Jews have been behind every war, every depression . . . and in fact, behind all of Israel's troubles. But here in the book of Joel, we see the way out for our people. And we find the spiritual blessings come again. And after this, the restoration when HE brings again the restoring of Judah once more. And we see the judgment of YAHWEH coming and it turns on how the nations of the kingdom have been treated. And now we find again that the people shall know that they are the Israel of the Bible and God's heritage is Israel, all of Israel. And the enemy is gathered into the valley of Jehoshaphat, or the Valley of Judgment. And Egypt, the world order, shall be desolate, and Edom (the Edomite Jews) shall find their land desolate because of the violence against the children of Judah, and because they shed innocent blood in their land.

Now we read that Judah shall dwell forever and Jerusalem from generation to generation. Thus Judah will once more be a part of Israel and people will know that you cannot take one son out of 12 and make of him a Jew. And we also read that HE will then cleanse the blood that HE has not cleansed before, meaning HE will avenge the blood of HIS people. The Ferrah Fenton Bible says:..I will remove their sins from this race that I have not avenged. And YAHWEH WILL MAKE HIS DWELLING IN ZION.’ This prophecy ends as does that of Ezekiel 48:35:..The name of the city from that day shall be--"The LORD is there.” All prophecy in this, our book . . . always on this same note. Your heritage restored and God's people finally knowing who they are and why they are here.

Here in 1996, we have been under judgment for the things we have allowed in our land. But we are also at the time when God sets in motion the events necessary to bring things to a climax and a restoration. We are watching the heavens for signs of HIS coming into the affairs of men, and we see the message of the stars as the comet travels thru the different signs in the heavens. And we wonder what next? And we wish to be able to understand what is ahead for America, this last great nation of God's kingdom. We know that John saw the New Jerusalem with the gates and the names over the gates . . . and no way into this new Jerusalem unless thru the twelve tribes of Israel. And we see the Lamb's wife, and we understand that the sons and daughters of God are the instruments in HIS hand to bring all things into line with this restoration. And we understand that the Lamb's wife is symbolic of the elevation of HIS kingdom into place as the rulers of this earth . . . carried away in the spirit . . . meaning that your mind is now in tune with that of the Father. And the period between this judgment which is to fall and the new creation is the empowering of HIS sons and daughters sharing in the development of this new creation, the new heaven and the new earth. Thus, you look up, for that is where your help comes from as we do our share in this development of the new creation or new heaven and new earth, and this can take as long as one thousand years. Thus you are not going to fly away to heaven, but you are being fitted for the rulership of earth, under the influence of our KING.


May YAHWEH bless.