ERM - Tape 156 - In Search Of Ancient Gods


Tape No. 156  -  By Ella Rose Mast



(My Pictorial Evidence for the Impossible, by Erich Van Daniken)

(Review by E.R.M.)---time of first American edition 1975. (Work of E.M.)



Men have been fascinated by Space since time immemorial. What did those pin points of light in the heavens mean? Did they form those outlines of animals or human beings? Could this be the ‘home of the Gods?’

Many are the theories as to how all that is now the heavens, or even only the Milky Way.--- Where did it come from and what keeps it in place? What then is the answer?

In the view of our author, Myths are the oldest traditional accounts of History. In other words, accounts of what was once reality. We found that in both the ‘Epic of Gilgamech’ and also in the Summerian story of ‘Etana’ that they felt that they floated high in the air. From the Etana Epic, it was an Eagle (God) that carried him higher and higher from the earth and he actually saw the earth receding. Our author then believed that 'Gods’ in mythology' could only be a synonym for space travelers. Time and time again, the ancient texts begins:-- ‘Take up thy pen and write, or watch carefully what I show thee, and tell it to your brothers and sisters.'

Could it be that since men in the past did not seem to know what to make of all these accounts, that they were thus intended for a later generation? And could they thus be addressed to ourselves? Now that we have knowledge of space travel, pictures taken by Satellites, we can recognize the facts of these stories. And we also know in the 90's just what our earth looks like even better than when our author wrote in 1975. And we also know what it looks like from great heights.

Thus we would ask this question.----Has not truth, realities and such found their way into sagas, legends, myths, and yes, even Holy Scriptures? As we try to extract the kernel of truth from the shell of tradition, will we not find the true history of this human or we should say Hu-man Adamic race? Where did we come from and where are we going--which now concerns many people, since mythology has given us so much? It has given us the names of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the names of the Constellations, and of Cygnus, Hercules, Aquila, Hydra and such. The ancients talked of Zeus (in Latin this was Jupiter) the supreme God of the Heavens. Homer called him the ‘lightening thrower,’ and ‘loud hunnerer. The Nordic God Thor was also a Thunderer. In the Aztec legend then this one Mixcouatle --or Quetzal-Coatl after he had declared himself the only god, the thundering Snake came to earth on the 4th day and begat children. The Canadian Indians tell of a 'thunder’ bird that visited earth and visited their ancestors in the dim past, and that the 'Thunder Bird' came direct or straight from heaven.

Now usually, these gods are described by those who would influence us as being created by our primitive ancestors, as representatives of natural events, such as clouds, lightening, thunder, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and sun and stars. But we have no reason to believe that our ancestors who wrote down all of these things thousands of years ago were 'weak in the head.’ Actually, is not mankind’s oldest myths and legends telling us about Gods who flew in the sky? All the stories assert that man was created by Gods from the Cosmos, after which they came down to earth from the heavens. The Creation was not a homemade affair.

In Greek mythology, Zeus had to fight the dragon Typhon before he can found a new world order. The God of War, Aries, and in Latin--Mars, also was the symbol of fear and dread. Thus, war. There was thus a war in the heavens and then certain things happened after that war in the heavens. And after this battle then men from heaven came to earth and they behaved far too naturally for them to have been incarnations of natural events.

Our author believed from all of the pictures of flying figures and especially of flying rulers, and so forth that this must have proved something. (We from an identity point of view, believe this is pointing out where we of this Adamic, or Aryan race, came from.)

This combination of man and animal reappears all thru mythology and prehistoric art. (We believe that 'as in the days of Noah' have come again.) Look at the ancient female in prehistoric art and the women of the beaches of today.

Both the Dragon monolith at Villahermoss, Mexico, and the Assyrian relief of a winged spirit, both beings can fly, the former sitting on a Dragon, the latter with his own wings, both holding something which looks like a basket. The archaeologists called these winged beings "Spirit." And in the picture accompanying this manuscript this winged being wears something that looks like a watch on his wrist. Whole volumes can easily be filled with representations of flying, fire breathing gods who were said to have landed on earth in the ancient past and impregnated women.

(We ask you. Is this not the story of the scripture as to what happened when Lucifer and his followers came to earth after that great battle in the heavens. And in the pictures winged beings flank 'The tree of Life.' Surely one can see that this is no ordinary tree, no normal tree?

The Summerians (we would say the Aryans) came supposedly by the records available, to Mesopotamia about 3300 B.C. (This was not the first wave of these people yet they were writing, making cylinder seals, tamping documents and making receipts for taxes. And they carried the pictures of mythical figures and symbols, bird-men, and fabulous animals and spears from the heavens. A cylinder seal christened 'The Temptation,’ is preserved in the British Museum. Two clothed beings sit opposite each other, one with antenna-like horns growing out of its head. Between them grows a stylized tree. This cylinder seal is much older than the Biblical Genesis story. (Could this be the fall of the world order, before the Adamic fall after Lucifer is driven to earth?)

In 592 B.C., a terrific event must have taken place. Read how Ezekiel describes history. How there were 'living creatures' in something with rings or wings, and also the great voice of the Almighty as a throne was taken out of one of the crafts? And then out of one of the crafts came one with the appearance of the likeness of a man. As our author a few years ago gave his opinion that this was a great space ship, everybody laughed. So-called scholars explained all this away. And only one suggested that perhaps the time had come to take a new approach when looking at the Biblical story. Today engineers can draw the picture of a space ship from Ezekiel's description.

Now we must remember that all existing manuscripts were not included in our Bible. The Apocrypha, or hidden scriptures, were not included in our Bible, altho they are in the 'Common Bible.’ But if things had gone as these fathers in Rome wanted, no one would ever have known of the writings of Enoch. In the writings of Enoch, our author quotes chapters one thru five as saying that there is to be a last judgment. It claims that the divine God will leave HIS heavenly abode to appear on earth with HIS Angelic hosts. Chapters six thru 16 describes the fall of the rebel Angels, and their names are given and as space travelers mated with daughters of men against the orders of their God. In Chapter 17-36 Enoch's travel into different worlds and distant firmaments is told. And Enoch was told to hand down these things that he experienced to those of a later age. Enoch gave the accurate details as to the orbits of sun, moon, stars, and the functioning of the heavens. The final chapters of this book of Enoch, gives his instructions to his son, Methusalem. And in it is the warning of the coming flood (of Noah's time). Enoch is also said to have been taken into the heavens in a fiery chariot. In Chapter 14, in the writings of Enoch, he tells of his trip into the heavens and of his walk in the house of God, and that he stood in the presence of (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA). And he describes the beauty of this place. (We have given you that from the ministry of Dr. Swift, when Enoch described this Crystal palace). Enoch is said to have written all data down so that it would be understood in the ages to come. He instructed his son Methusalem to guard these books and hand them on to the future generations.

Then there was the writings of Ezra the Hebrew priest and scribe. In 458 B.C., he led the Hebrews (of the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and their quota of Levi) out of the Babylonian captivity back to Jerusalem. There are some of the writings of Ezra included in the Bible. But he also wrote two apocryphal, and the rejected books, and the forth book of Ezra, which was originally written in Hebrew, an Apocalypse from the first Century A.D. This fourth book was the victim of censorship of those who put the Bible together. But in this fourth book, the prophet Ezra speaks about the problems of his people, and then indulges in futuristic speculations before he passes to his real subject which was the secret knowledge to which only a select circle had access.

In the last chapter of the forbidden book, Ezra reveals that he is talking about a real event. He says that often he had met the Most High, and he was also in the company of HIS 'Angels' who dictated the book to him. Ezra tells of how he was instructed to assemble people and prepare them to get ready to write for 40 days. He names five men:--Saraya, Daloria, Selemia, Ethan, and Asiel, because they were all skilled in writing. Ezra was instructed that when the writing was finished that he was to make public the one book. But the others, he would hand over to the wise men of the race in secret.

Ninety-four books were written in those 40 days. The Most High then instructed Ezra to take the 24 books written first and make them public to the worthy and the unworthy to read. But the last 70 books were to be handed over only to the wise men of Ezra's people. Thus there is proof that the so-called God or cosmonauts of space had a definite interest in informing later generations of their presence in earth. There is reference to the mystery of the times in many places in scriptures. Especially in Daniel:--"For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.”

It has long been scientifically proven that entirely different 'times' are applicable on interstellar flights at high velocities. Speed and energy can thus manipulate 'Time.’ (And in this air age, we now begin to realize this). But it has always been a law and has always been valid. Men of space have always known these things.

Our author believe it is possible that the Old Testament prophets, such as Elijah, Moses, and perhaps Ezra, were taken into space in ancient space craft and are still alive today. It would be exciting to think of their return. (We today, suggest it would be very exciting, and we are expecting something like this. But also what could we learn from those secret libraries, if they were brought back into light.) For Ezra is called the ‘scribe of the knowledge of the MOST HIGH.’

In the Bodleiean Library, Oxford, England, is a manuscript by the Coptic Scribe, Abu’l Hassen Ma'sudi, catalogued as the Akbar-Ezzeman, M.S. And in it we read:----'Surid, a king of Egypt, before the flood (of Noah's time) had two pyramids built. He ordered his priests to deposit inside of them all the wisdom and knowledge of the scientists then available. In the Great pyramid they also placed information about the heavenly spheres and figures that represented the stars and planets, their positions, and cycles. But also the foundations of mathematics and geometry. He did this so that they would be preserved forever for those descendants who could read the signs.

Today they tell us that step pyramids were beginning to be built around 2700 B.C. But not only this record states they were built before the flood (of Noah's time) but Herodotus and Cicero, called the father of history, also record that they were built before the time of the flood (of Noah's time).

Cicero states in chapter 141 thru 142 of book II of his "Histories Apodxis" that the Priests of Thebes had assured him that the office of High Priest had been handed down from father to son. And they showed colossal statues, each of which stood for a high priestly generation. His hosts assured him that 341 generations ago the gods had lived among men. So far the date of the building of the Great Pyramid has been disputed as to date of the building . . . those who have tried to use a sensitive radiation detector hooked to a computer to register cosmic particles inside the great pyramid. It was thought that cosmic particles travel thru hollow spaces, reaching their goal faster than rays that have to penetrate masonry. But the computer supplied incorrect data. And those in charge of the 1972 experiment said that scientifically the thing is impossible. What happens inside the pyramid contradicts all known laws of physics and our electronics. Pointing out that modern man still has things to learn. (We would suggest that also the point that modern man does not know who he is or where he came from, speaking of Adam man. Thus how can he discern the ancient secrets until he comes back to that point in his thinking?)

In 1964, the International World of Christianity began work to save the two temples built by Rameses II, as the Aswan Dam was about to be built. One of the temples had four Colossal statues of the king adorning it, and these statues were over 60 foot in height. They had talked for several years of moving these temples since they would be destroyed when the dam was built. An array of ultramodern machines were now available, but the statutes themselves would have to be lifted 180 feet into the air. So what did they do? They sawed up those great blocks of stone, then moved them and then put them back together again like a jigsaw puzzle.

But how in the world did those ancients move such things? The statues of Memnon near Thebes weighing 600 tons had been some how transported, for the stone blocks of the terrace at Baclbek, some of them being 60 foot long and weighing 2000 pounds. How can anyone any longer accept that theory that these stone blocks were moved up inclined planes using wooden rollers?

Our author wonders if extraterrestrial space travelers helped with this highly developed technology. (We believe we have lined out this story from the Swift Ministry for you. So why not accept that at least until something better comes along?)

The Hopi Indian grounds located in Arizona and New Mexico, preserved ancient rites. White Bear, now the present tribal chief, can interpret most of the ancient symbols. The Hopi Indian legend says their ancestors came from endless space and had visited various worlds before they reached earth.

South of Rio de Vaneiro, lies Pedra de Gaves, and here is recognized a head and body of a Sphinx on the top of a mountain. American Professor Cyrus Gordon identifies letters as Phoenician characters located on the contours of the Sphinx body.

In a rock drawing in the caves of Varzelandia, Brazil, eight of the nine planets in our system are drawn in their relation to the sun. Pluto is not there. But who did this work? The gigantic stone heads of robots in the Olmec Park at Villahermosa, Mexico . . . these giant heads are found in other places in the world as well, especially on Easter Island.

An interesting thing pointed out by our author was his tracing of the word ‘God,’ back thru the Hebrew and Aramaic texts to very early periods. He found that in those earliest writings the singular word 'God' did not exist. The first mythological traditions spoke exclusively in the plural of 'the Gods,’ and this translated as those circling in the clouds.

Thus who were the 'Gods' who came to earth and taught the ancient people, who experienced birth and death. But to them the 'Gods' were immortal.

Our author also points out that in 1672, as the Spanish Bishops came into South America and Central America, that they found an unknown number of Mayan manuscripts which perhaps they not understanding, considered them evil and these ancient records were burned. Since the Mayan cities were not destroyed by war or natural catastrophe, simply abandoned by their inhabitants, then who were these people who left their magnificent cities built of massive stone blocks and simply disappeared?

Only three of the Mayan manuscripts were not burned; the so-called Codices. These were prepared from the bark of fig trees and folded like a concertina, and named after the places where they are now kept. This being the Codex Dresdensis, the Paris Codex, and the Madrid Codex. Only their numerical system has been deciphered. The date for the start of their chronology was a day in the year 3113 B.C. (We have told you much of the Mayan mystery in these series and this confirms what we have said before.) Legend thus tells you that the Mayans, primordial Gods came from the Stars and returned to them.

In the book the "Popol Vuh," the creation story of the Quiche Maya, relates that 400 heavenly youth returned to the Pleiades after fighting in earth and suffering degradation. The god Kukulkhan presumably corresponds to the Aztec god, Quetzal-Coatl. And this one is pictured as a feathered serpent. Since the Maya saw snakes on the ground every day, why was this one pictured as a feathered serpent and depicted as being able to fly?

Among the Archaeologists in their finds among the Mayans was this symbol of 'The tree of life,' and the sacred Quetzal bird, and a dreaded snake of different symbolic masks. All of these were found in the depth of their monuments where the first of them were baked.

(Since our author was not acquainted with the knowledge or term identity, then after giving the Hebrew inheritance to the Jews as many authors do, he was convinced that the Maya were also space travelers, who he had found other places in the world as well.)

(Our author is sure that if we had investigated the interior of the earth in these archaeologists finds with an open mind we would not be groping so helplessly in the darkness of the remote past. We would suggest that you reread "In Search of the White God," wherein we described so many of these things found in Central and South America which are today such a puzzle to so many modern minds.) Our author covered much of the work of some other authors who he might have studied.

Our author tells us that Archaeologists have many explanations for all of the ancient building which occurred in Central and South America. Even tho all the Pyramids are aligned according to the stars, they still will not admit that these ancient builders possessed knowledge beyond that of the archaeologists. The Sun Pyramid has an unusual look about it. Like all of the pyramids at Tentihuacan, Mexico, the Sun Pyramid also, is aligned according to the stars. The oldest text about the site tells that the Gods assembled here and took council about man even before homo-sapiens existed. (Ha. This tells of their misunderstanding.)

The pyramid near Santa Cruz in Bolivia, presents a special problem for them. There are two deep bored grooves like launching ramp which run from top to bottom of this mountain and end suddenly in mid-air. The Indian legend says that their God ascended into the heavens on 'fiery horses' on these two grooves. The Archaeologists cannot explain this either.

On Easter Island, more than 200 unfinished statues cling to the walls of the crater. The work had stopped there very suddenly. Did these who understood how to shape these great figures emigrate or die? No one seems to know. (Even Thor Heyerdahl could not answer this to the satisfaction of our author, who in blindness, thinks Hebrew and Jew is the same, but has no idea of the Biblical story of a race and the many, many generations of Adamites.)

As to space ships of the future, one technical realization in the form of quantums of electromagnetic radiation called 'Photons' will certainly be possible units using Photons or the reassembling of matter, which will be available one day as technology advances to limits unforseen able today. Our author also found that ancient maps were made which without, the airplane could not be made. He also wonders if the ancients learned to fly? And we believe that they did. The coastlines of the Antarctic must have been mapped before the ice covered them?

Father Carlo Crespi who came from Milan, Italy, and then lived in the small town of Ecuador as their priest, shocked his church when he asserted that he could prove that there was a direct connection between the Old World and the New World---Pre-Inca civilization. The museum which this aged Priest had built, the famous Crespi Museum, was burned. But most of the objects saved were not modern forgeries. And there were no Christian symbols among them. They date to Inca or pre-Inca dates and are of metal and stone sculptures of completely unknown animals, antediluvian monsters, figures from myths, and legends, and many headed snakes and birds with six legs.

Elephant bones have also been found in North America and Mexico dated to 1,200 B.C. There were, however, no Elephants at the time of the Incas, about 1,200 B.C. But that may mean that they were not in that area, or even in the pre-Inca period.

In January of 1972, the first exhibition of ancient Egyptian model aircraft was opened in the hall of the Egyptian Museum for Antiquities and they have presented in this exhibition 14 ancient Egyptian model air craft to the public. Thus who were these ancient people who then built the first Mayan temples? The lookout holes in the circular building of the Mayan observatory at Chichen Itza was not directed at the brightest star, but at the stars of the Mayan mythology which tells of an origin from outer space.

(Now we have told you the story of the Biblical creation, of the reason for the coming to earth of Adam and Eve. We have dipped into archaeology and discovered many things. And now our author has in this book, which is not now in publication, outlined his ideas of ancient man even before the coming of Adam and Eve. He realized from his research that there had been people on this earth for millions of years, and there had also been extraterrestrial visitor to earth in the past. He also came to this conclusion: ---that (quote) altho he did not know where they came from, or where they were going, still we do know for sure that the only explanation of the creation of mankind are religious ones? Every theory of the origin of the species has a flaw just where it ought to explain convincingly how and why homo-Sapiens emerged from the family of Hominids at such a rapid rate. Why did only one group of our ancestors become intelligent? I know of no gorillas that wear trousers or chimpanzees who draw pictures of 'Gods.' On the other hand, all the stories of the creation say that 'God' created man in HIS own image. Why, then, and thru whom and for what purpose did man suddenly become intelligent so suddenly? Oh, they may have lots of theories, but no answers.)

Our author realized that Enoch knew all about this. For he said, “Some of these 'gods' slept with women, defiled themselves with the daughters of men, that they had taken wives unto themselves, and done like the children of earth and begat sons and daughters who were like Giants. They had defiled themselves with the blood of women and begat children with the blood of flesh, lusted after the blood of men, and produced flesh and blood as do they who are mortal and perishable.”

As we go forward, since so much has developed in the past, as something new surfaces, then we find, past, present and future are united in the memory mind of a man. Thus, as we move forward in knowledge and ask questions about our origins and our future, will we not turn to the skies to investigate?

We have a slightly different idea than our author, since we believe the creation story and the identity and purpose of Adam and Eve, and then the life, birth, and death of YAHSHUA. We would say when looking for proof of our story, that you look in clues left in the Holy Book, hidden in myths, in great architecture in all kinds of reliefs, drawings, and so forth. Do not the sacred books urge us to search for truth? Remember our instructions:--"Search and ye shall find”).

Our author pointed out the fact that an artificial satellite is revolving in our solar system and has been for 13,000 years. In the 1920's, strange radio signals were picked up in Oslo, Norway. Immediately some men were interested. And by October 11, 1928, an astronomical chart of the Constellation ‘Booties’ was produced. Stars could be identified. But if you cannot speak the other person’s language, then use a picture to get your message across. (Also if our people would have been interested in their origin, they would have been looking for the old records that have explained so much.)

In "Spaceflight" in 1973, Lunam published his findings and his calculations under the title 'Space Probe from Epsilon Bootes.' He believes that to date, we have received the following information from this unknown satellite which has been in our solar system:---


Our home sun is Epsilon Bootes, a double star. We live on the 6th of planets counted from the sun which is larger of the two. Our 6th planet has three and our first and third planet one each. Our satellite is in orbit around your moon." Our author thinks this satellite was programed and probably sent into space from here on earth about 12,600 years ago. It would thus carry all the accumulated information which could be picked up later by those on earth. Is it not possible that terrestrial man is not the Lord and crown of creation and never was?

Remember the message from the Swift Ministry of how the children of God came to ancient earth and taught the people in their ancient temples on Atlantas? This occurred after the fall of the world order under the deceit of Lucifer. And then when Adam and Eve came into earth, these conditions still existed. But no longer did the cosmos people come to earth to teach. Now it would be the job of the ‘descendants of Adam and Eve.

Our author, in his search for reasons, thinks that astronauts lived on our planet years ago in antiquity, and our ancestors looked on them as 'Gods.’ They dictated the whole truth to earthly scribes and demanded they hand down the truth on to future generations. But knowing better, men distorted the truth. Thus, religion came into being, and knowledge and truth were replaced by belief.

(Today most wear blinders and can see no better than they ever did. We suggest you read the researched material that I did on the writings of Thor Heyerdahl. This will help in your understand as to many things in South America and on Easter Island.)


End of message.