ERM - Tape 158 - A Look At Our World Today


TAPE NO. 158  -  By Ella Rose Mast





The Internet is probing the theories of life in space, and have come up with some interesting suggestions. Using the ancient prophecies of Nostradamus, they hunt for explanations to different happenings in our lifetime. And they (and we) are trying to relate them to Hale-Bopp, this so-called Comet which was discovered in 1995.

Our writers on the Internet are still bound by the theory of evolution. But they still establish events that have happened in the past and they try to interpret them according to ancient prophecies. We have a somewhat different interpretation since we use the scriptures to interpret, and also the "Message from the Stars,” this ancient "Star Bible." However, those on the Internet have established that from President Eisenhower, on our space program, has been controlled so that we as a nation must always be in the shadow of the Soviet Union in our exploration of space. They would try to tell us that the knowledge and technology would come from the Soviet Union, not the United States. They have been pretty successful. Just look. We just brought back a lady from the Russian space station. She had been up there for many months. And you will recall that America was held back from putting the first man in space, until and after the Soviet Union would put the first man in space. Then remember, as to what happened to our space station? And, yes, even the Challenger?

It is a common human trait to want an explanation for all of the unexplained things that are happening. But we would suggest the you turn to the scriptures for your true answers. We believe that if you do then you will finally see this picture:-----

First, you discern who the people of the Book really are. This is easy to do if you discard all that you have been told and do a bit of studying and listening to the still small voice inside of you which discerns what is true and what is false. We believe the key is the 3rd chapter of Genesis, verse 15:--- “I will put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman (Israel), and between thy ‘seed’ and her SEED, and it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel."

Here we have YAHWEH talking and outlining the result of the seduction of Eve by Satan. This is the outline of the two kingdoms to be established in earth, and which are the story from then on thru the Bible. Adam and Eve were children of Spirit from space coming to build YAHWEH's kingdom in earth and to set the earth free from the bondage which Satan had put them under. Here you have Eve's seducer who was already here in earth and who had caused so much catastrophe here in earth after being run out of the heavens.

And now you have YAHWEH the great God of the heavens saying that from now on there would be enmity between the children of Satan and the children of Adam and Eve, who were to build YAHWEH's kingdom in earth. This is the establishing of these two seed lines for these two kingdoms which shall run side by side unto a given time and date. And here we are almost at the end of 1996, and we are seeing some developments that cause us to think that we may be coming to the time for the fulfillment of old prophecies.

We suggest that you turn to the Dictionary and see what the word ENMITY means. Oh, it means animosity, hatred, hostility, and ill-will. Now do you understand as to what has been going on all these many years since Adam and Eve were placed in earth? Go back and study that and realize that this could not happen until Adam and Eve would be transformed into ‘physical flesh’ for their purpose of establishing a physical kingdom in earth. And thus, from that point bring about the defeat of the Serpent, the devil, or the Dragon of Revelation 12.

Now we find that the children of darkness have succeeded in taking over much of the civilization of our world. We also read that in this time frame in which we now find ourselves that knowledge is to increase greatly. And today we see this prophecy being fulfilled. We are seeing also, how far this nation has fallen from their high standards in the beginning. And as of yet, we do not see our people realizing just who and what has caused this, but from all the prophecies this will also come. Going back into antiquity, we find references to the children of the Eternal. Even the mountains into which they came as they came out of the garden were called 'Celestial mountains.’ And as you realize that the flood of Noah's time was only in the Tarim Basis, then you have found one more milestone on our understanding of the scriptures. As you search for the description of the life in the Tarim Basin, then you find that from this very beginning the Devil and his people of his kingdom, have tried to stop the development of YAHWEH'S family in earth to build HIS kingdom. And we now see that to remain in YAHWEH'S kingdom that you have to have racial purity. This is a great stumbling block in our world today. For our faith, our philosophy, has been twisted and turned until our people in their sleepy condition do not even know who they are. This racial purity is plainly outlined in the story of Noah and the Ark, for only those who were perfect in their generation were on that Ark, saved for their work in the development of YAHWEH's kingdom.

Others of Noah's race had gone out of the Tarim Basin long before this flood, and had started populating the earth and building great monuments to mark the passing of this Adamic race. Thus, we are assured with the Ark of Noah's time that this race will survive. In antiquity the symbolism of Noah's Ark was that great ship in the ancient Star Bible which carries the travelers home when their work in earth is done. Thus, we believe that at this point in our mission in earth, we should pay more attention to the message found in the Gospel of the Stars.

We would also tell you that YAHWEH talked about HIS sons and daughters long before HE came to earth as YAHSHUA, our Savior. Thus, all thru history this Adamic race has been referred to as 'The sons of God.' And of course, when you find the word ‘sons’ then you have the understanding that there is a double meaning here. For of course, daughters are also necessary in this building of the kingdom. (Just thought I would throw that in so some feminists would not feel left out if she happens to get a hold of this message.) (Isaiah 45:11-- “Thus saith the LORD the holy one of Israel and his maker, ‘Ask ME concerning the things to come concerning My sons and concerning the work of my hands. Command ye me.”

Now have you not heard a clergy express the idea that the God of the Old Testament chose a people? But since they could not walk in the way HE required then HE set them aside and turned to other people? Now we have a new theology that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is saved and will go to heaven when they die. Thus, the New Covenant is different than the old one. Yes, it is different than the old covenant (Hebrews 8:8) But this new covenant was made with the same people as the old covenant--the House of Judah and the house of Israel. Remember that. These are the same people of the Old Testament, the same race which is building HIS Kingdom here in earth. And this new covenant was better than the old one. For under this new covenant, YAHWEH, YAHSHUA will see that it is fulfilled. No longer depending on HIS sons and daughters to fulfill HIS purpose and plan by themselves. Now HE is going to see that they have the power to do the job.

The theme then of the New Testament is the empowering of HIS sons and daughters so they can finish the work for which they came in to physical earth to do. Thus, thru the years the Bible outlines the struggle between the two kingdoms. The great Archangel in rebellion was run out of the heavens and confined in earth is found also in the symbolism and the pictures of the heavens. And here in earth, he had established his seed, his people, his kingdom, and has done his work in this effort to stop YAHWEH'S kingdom from being built in physical earth for their rule of this earth, to set the people of the world free.

As we study this situation, it seems that Satan was promised a time for him to try to govern the earth so that he could not say he was never given a chance. He would have much power, but he was never to be allowed to destroy the last remnant of this Adamic kingdom in earth. There would also come a day when the time for the Devil’s rule in earth to end. And by foreknowledge, YAHWEH knew that the control of earth would never satisfy this rebellious Archangel. For if he were able to control YAHWEH’s kingdom here in earth, then he would reach for the stars since he had always, from the beginning of the rebellion, planned to go back to the Milky Way where once he ruled under YAHWEH, and from there he would once more try for his former goal of taking over the Universe.

This rebellious Archangel caused great catastrophe in the former world. He caused nations and lands to disappear, until YAHWEH stepped in to stop that catastrophe. Then as YAHWEH’S CHILDREN, THOSE OF THIS ADAMIC RACE, came into earth to set this earth free from this power of this destroying Archangel now called the Devil, Satan, or the Dragon, in symbolism, then of course, you would expect the devil to try to stop this race from fulfilling their mission in earth as well. How did he do this? He took the body of flesh, as had the children of God's kingdom, and he produced a seed, or children to help him in his mission. And then as Adam and Eve came into physical bodies, he seduced Eve, and she and he produced Cain (I John 4:12) who was of the wicked one.

Today however, we stand at the end of an age. And we believe that it is time to learn what is meant by the words of YAHWEH in Isaiah:--“Ask me of things TO COME concerning my sons and daughters.” As you read and study this whole chapter of Isaiah 45, we see how YAHWEH is going to win this last battle. For there is an hour of great victory which is coming for HIM and for us, HIS sons and daughters. We then read that “Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall acknowledge that HE--YAHSHUA IS YAHWEH in the flesh.” And since YAHWEH has always proclaimed that 'Ye are my sons and my daughters,” this has then always been HIS message thru the ages. And here we stand, today, almost at the end of the year of 1996, and we now realize that thru the years, our kingdom has grown and prospered under the guidance of our Father. And we see that as time went on then came the Anglo-Saxon people, the Scandinavian, the Basque, the Nordic and Germanic people, and all of their kin, into view, as they have developed the great nations of the Western Christian World. And here today, as thru out all the ages of the past, some of HIS sons and daughters have retained a knowledge of their inheritance. And we are thus, called today, Identity people because we identify with the Adamic Race. And thus, prove this from the scriptures and by tradition, and by the fact that this race is the one that always, the Devil and his children try to ruin. For from the beginning of course, Lucifer knew who they were.

In our world today, we see our people as even giving their inheritance to another people. Thus in blindness, they perpetuate this rule of Lucifer and his children ‘love earth.’ We find that men are also trying to find the meaning of prophecies of old as they see the work of an enemy who has taken over much of the knowledge of the Western world and hidden the developments of their exploration of space from our people who walk in blindness here in earth. They have done this by taking over portions of our government and taking control of such things as communications. And now that they are declaring to be the children of the scriptures, they manipulate the events of time to their advantage. Yes, blindness was to happen to Israel for a time. And this blindness was to be as to who they were, not to who YAHWEH was. But this timetable is also running out. And as their exposure comes close, then you find the enemy covering facts and working harder to stop your development as a kingdom-rule in earth to bring on the fulfillment of the promises to you the Adamic race--the sons and daughters. But in this hour of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA'S great victory, since HE has already established that you are HIS sons and daughters, then prophecy says that you at that time will be shinning like the sun, and the enemy will have to acknowledge HIS sons and daughters.

This is called 'the manifestation of HIS sons and HIS daughters.’ And this is one of the things yet to come to pass. And an event we are looking forward to. This also bring us back to the happenings of today and to the message as portrayed by the movement of Hale-Bopp which came into view in 1995. Men are now trying to figure out from ancient prophecies as to the mission of this so-called 'comet' which they say is moving with intelligence. This is why men are now interested in the exploration of space and in what our government in enemy controlled hands, has hidden from the population of our nation. They have discovered that, yes, there were UFO's. And, yes, some of them must have come from different places. And, yes, there are things going on out in space that finally, our astronauts have confirmed. And as we study their writings, then we remember what we have learned from the ‘Swift Ministry’ and for the ancient 'Star Bible' as recorded by Dr. Seiss, the man who I thought was the Dr. Swift of the 18th Century. And of course, that explains why the enemy was so against the ministry of Dr. Swift and his teachings.

We know that from scriptures that a time will come when the fulfillment of that prophecy:-- “Arise and shine, thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon you" will be fulfilled. Oh, you say, but why do you think that this belongs to your race? Because as over the years all prophecies pertaining to this story have been fulfilled this race. And this because from your beginning as one man's family in earth, we are the race with the frequency to develop this Light, and YAHWEH-YASHUA HAS THE PURPOSE AND THE DESTINY TO PRODUCE IT. And all prophecies up to now, have been fulfilled in this race, unto whom HE came as a Babe, born of a woman, but as a Savior of HIS people, and to be the sacrifice for their sins.

As we await the time of this coming of the Light, which is the Sword of Truth, then we try to learn all we can as to the events taking place in our time. And thus, Goro Adachi of the Internet was led to also study the writings of Dolores Cannon in her books--"Conversations with Nostradamus.’ For to begin with, it was from these writings that men would discover this so-called comet--Hale-Bopp, which was discovered in 1995. For she had predicted the coming of this great light. And from the Swift ministry, we also were looking for the coming into our atmosphere a great mass from outer-space.

Thus, what then is this Hale-Bopp first discovered July 23, 1995? When first discovered, it was out around the orbit of Jupiter and was already glowing and giving off gas which normally does not happen at that distance. But reports of this was that this is a mass very large. And it is estimated to be the closest to earth at the end of March, thru the 1st of April 1997,---actually at Resurrection day. Actually, it is estimated now thru the computers that this is not a new comet, and was probably here about 3500 year ago. Then this, we believe, would put it in the time-frame of the giving of the law to Israel at Mount Sinai. As we learned this, we were more and more interested as to the meaning of this HALE-BOPP and the path it would take thru the heavens, thru the ancient Star Bible.

Men who do not know who they are or why they are here, are reaching for answers that reach into the past. We do not believe in evolution, or in reincarnation. Thus, it is easier for us to discover these ancient secrets. But also, we have stored around the tendrils of the brain all that has happened in our past life as you trace your lineage back to Adam.

And remember that our ancestors taught their children their history and their traditions. Our modern parents have not done this in most cases. The men reaching for answers suggest that this will be a time of great stress as Hale-Bopp moves in on its path. We would suggest that if the children of darkness realize or even think that the Adamic race will connect the movements of Hale-Bopp with the message found in the stars, they will of course throw everything at this Kingdom of YAHWEH that is available to them. Such as HAARP or anything else that they now control and which our people do not know anything about or understand as to what is going on. Thus, there will be lots of stress.

As each month comes, we plan to give you in the newsletter, the meaning of the 'Gospel of the Stars' that Hale-Bopp is revealing as it now travels around the ecliptic of the heavens as seen from earth. This way you will have an update on the happenings as they relate to the U.S. and the world, especially the Christian West. Thus, now we would refer you to the Newsletter for November 1996, for an update as to what is happening in our world that also connects us as a race, as the children of the kingdom to the events of our day.

You who have been on my mailing list for a long time, will remember my report on the book by Dr. Seiss as to ‘The Gospel of the Stars,’ tapes 45-47. Perhaps a review of them would help you understand the updates I hope to bring each month as we trace this messenger called Hale-Bopp thru the 'Star Bible,' or 'The Message of the Stars,' by Bullinger, that is available in book form today.

Now, in conclusion, we feel led to mention this last debate which was Oct. 16, 1996, (to me, Senator Dole struck a cord as he mentioned how he, his wife, and daughter were in prayer before they came into the debate area, and that they were leaving all things in the hands of God.) This, to me, set the tone of this debate as to a happening which effected modern Israel, God's kingdom people, who seem to have lost their way as we are told over and over that character no longer counts. And of course, God is not necessary either, showing how far down the road we have gone. President Clinton, in his philosophy, would have us acknowledge all religions, thus the Socialist view, as the way to move America into the 21st century. I thought this debate pointed out the differences in the two candidates. But I also believe that the outcome of this election is still in the hands of the Almighty. For this nation is also the last great nation of HIS kingdom. Thus, we would say, “God, please bless our nation and forgive our blindness, for we think this is also your will, for a purpose.”

We are waiting for the awakening of HIS sons and daughter, and what a great day that will be.


Until next time, YAHWEH WILLING.