ERM - Tape No. 022 - ERM Question And Answer

TAPE NO. 22  -  by Ella Rose Mast



The Epistle to the Romans


QUESTION:---To the Jew first? Romans 1:16.

ANSWER:---This is always the first question. The Apostle Paul was writing to the Romans who were Lost Israelites who have settled in that area of Europe. There were also some Israelites of the Judah Kingdom now in Rome as well.

Paul starts this Epistle saying he is a servant of YAHSHUA, that he was called to be an Apostle, separated to preach the Gospel as laid out by YAHSHUA. He tells them that YAHWEH came thru the Seed Line of David into the flesh as YAHSHUA and proved His power by the Resurrection. That HE chose His Apostles to preach the Faith among all nations for HIS name. (Vs. 5). The Apostle Paul goes on to say that the rest of Israel is also called by YAHSHUA thus to the Judeans that be in Rome---to the Saints---’Grace be unto you, and peace (understanding) from YAHWEH our Father who came as YAHSHUA.’ But He is still our Father. And this word ‘Saints’ does not mean someone they elevated in church and put a halo on. It means believing offspring. And you did not become a believing offspring at the altar, or in an Evangelistic meeting either. You, if you are Israel, were born a believing offspring. You then read in the book of Daniel 7:18, that the ‘Saints take the Kingdom and possess it forever.’

Remember here that the Apostle Paul while under house arrest in Judea, was writing his Epistles. He had longed to go to Rome for sometime, but has always been delayed. He has friends and relatives in Rome, and he wanted to go to Rome to tell the Israelites living there, that there are many things he has learned. He thinks there will be many in Rome who will turn in their thinking after he tells they the many things he now knows. He thinks they will turn as the other Lost Israelites now called Gentiles, have turned when he has witnessed to them.

The Apostle Paul tells them that he is ready to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all Israelites in Rome for he is not ashamed of this Gospel which brings power to everyone who believes. ‘But to the Jew first, and also to the Greeks.’ Now any of you who are acquainted with the Gospel of the Kingdom, then this word does not fool you. And you would know that since some of the Judah Kingdom came back to Judea from Babylonian captivity to be in place for the Birth of YASHUA in that old land would thus be reached first by YAHSHUA’S ministry and then by the Apostles who were told to start at Jerusalem and then move out to Lost Israel.

The Apostle Paul when writing to the Romans, had just come from Jerusalem where the Yehudin (Jews) had tried in all ways to kill him. Why? Because when YAHSHUA called to Saul, then the Apostle Paul answered. Thus we knew he was an Israelite. And in our Scripture today, the attempt has been thus made to hide the fact from our race that YAHSHUA is our Father. Thus to also to hide the fact that we are heirs of His Kingdom. The Yehudin thought to obscure this relationship of HIM to HIS people. They thought that if they could change HIS name then they could knock out the Fatherhood of YAHWEH who came as Redeemer of His people. They have a father who is Lucifer, so they tried to transplant the concept of deity to Lucifer. They changed the translation of YAHWEH to God by influencing the translators, and then when HE came embodied out of HIS race as YAHSHUA, they said HE was a devil. In their Talmud they explain all their plans. But once you understand who you are, and where you came from, then you come to verse 16, and you read:--’To the Judah Kingdom first and then to the Greeks,’ who are Israelites also. The Apostle Paul had witnessed to the Greeks as outlined in the book of Acts.

The Apostle thoroughly understood that the earth was under control to a large degree by a Satanic force dedicated to the destruction of YAHWEH’S Kingdom in earth which consists of the Adamic household. He had been thoroughly educated as to the nature of the Yehudin and understood what had happened to the creation before YAHWEH’S Kingdom people and he, himself came into earth. He thus goes on in this first chapter of Romans telling about the work of the ungodly, the unrighteousness of those who rebel against the program of YAHWEH. Paul says that professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the Glory of YAHWEH into all manner of corruptible things. Thus now under the influence of Lucifer, then YAHWEH gave them up to uncleanness thru the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves who changed the truth of YAHWEH into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator. For this cause HE gave them up into vile affection for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature. And likewise also the men leaving the natural use of the women---burned in their lust one for another; men working with men that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error---the result. They did not like to retain YAHWEH in their knowledge, so HE gave them over to a reprobate mind, to follow the leadership of Lucifer. Everything contrary to the laws of YAHWEH are in their program, their actions. They know the judgement of YAHWEH that such things they commit are death. But they not only do them, but have pleasure in leading others to follow their example. (Vs. 32)

The Apostle Paul is reminding you that ever since the rebellion of Lucifer, that things contrary to the Glory of YAHWEH and His purpose have been taking place. Even back in the days of Atlantas and Lemuria, long before the Adamic race came into the earth, this practice of mongrelization and even homosexuality was a way of life, and brought the downfall of that former world. Here today in our own nation we see the same thing taking place and being tolerated even in our Christian churches more and more. We are looking for quite a demonstration in July when the Democratic Convention is held in San Francisco. We will see the Politicians also bow to this evil practice. No wonder America is in trouble for when you are tolerant of evil, you suffer.

Now, the Apostle Paul in his Apocalypse, recorded that there would be a Satanic invasion of Lucifer’s household, embodied, that would come against the Christian Nations to ‘5th Column’ from within. They would make their major program the departure from the Christian churches of all that would make the Kingdom strong. Their first major thrust would be to deny the Deity of YAHSHUA. To hide the fact that HE was YAHWEH in the flesh---our Father as Savior. This is the reason the Epistles are so filled with the words, ‘Spirit of His Spirit.’

QUESTION:---Romans 2:9--’Of the Jew first and also the Gentiles.’??

ANSWER:---Of the Judah Kingdom first and also to lost Israel. But in verse 10, ‘Glory, honor, and peace to every man that worketh good, to the Judah Kingdom first, and also to the rest of Lost Israel.’ Then verse 11, ‘For there is no respect of persons with YAHWEH.’ Today we find this verse so taken out of context for it does not embrace all people in and out of the Kingdom as we have been taught. The Apostle Paul is talking about there being no difference in Israelites of the Judah Kingdom and the Israelites of the Lost Sheep.

Remember that the law was given to Israel, to no one else. And those who are not of Israel, were given standards to abide with. But they fell under the Luciferian rebellion. Thus they perish without law. But as many of Israel sinned in the law, they shall be judged by the law. (Vs. 12) This is the purpose of the law. Break it and you have to pay by chastisement. Thus you learn that it is best to obey the law. Actually, the law was given to Israel so that we would not have to stumble along trying to find it.

The Apostle Paul is proclaiming that YAHWEH renders to every man according to his deed. To them who by patience in well doing, who seek for glory and honor, immortality, Eternal Life, since there is no respecter of persons---meaning no difference between the Israelites of the Judah Kingdom and the Israelites now as Lost Israel, then no matter where they live, those of the Judah Kingdom must accept all Lost Israel on the same footing. These Lost Israelites may no longer remember, but by instinct, still do the things contained in the law, thus they show the work of the law written in their hearts, even tho they may not retain many of the old rituals, those that the people of the Judah Kingdom still remembered.

The Apostle Paul, you remember, found that as soon as YAHSHUA called, then Lost Israel heard. Always he found this wherever he went. He wants the Judean Israelites to remember this because now it is the heart that will respond as YAHSHUA calls. The atonement has been made, the Resurrection is over, the old rituals were nailed to His Cross. In fact, Old Jerusalem is finished. As far as being the site of Israel’s worship. Verses 13-15 are sort of added. A rehash of things that the Apostle Paul has been telling the Romans in this Epistle. Thus as you leave verse 12, then verse 16 says:---‘For as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law in the day when YAHWEH shall judge the secrets of men by YAHSHUA (His embodiment) according to HIS Gospel which was committed to me (Paul) care.

Then talking to those out of the old Judah Kingdom, now living in Rome, the Apostle Paul tells them not to rest in what they know, and not to boast that they keep the law and even the old rituals which were done away with on HIS CROSS. If they are confident that they are a guide to the blind, a light of them that dwell in darkness, an instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, if they have a form of knowledge, and the truth of the law, but if they teach others the standards, be sure you hold them up yourself. Don’t you know that if you break the law you are the one who dishonor’s YAHSHUA? Because of how you hold up the name of YAHWEH and His coming as Messiah, that determines then how He is received in the nations of Lost Israel. (Vs. 25) Therefore, shall these of Lost Israel who have thru their migrations forgotten the ritual of circumcision which is natural, still if they fulfill the law, then they judge thee who by the letter and practice of circumcision do transgress the law? In otherwords, the Apostle Paul is trying to get these Judean Israelites now living in Rome to realize that they are trusting too much in the knowledged of rituals they have retained, and are not seeing the Gospel of the Kingdom which YAHSHUA preached which embraces all Israel. Most of these Israelites of the old Judah Kingdom were having a problem in realizing they didn’t have all the knowledge that like the Apostle Paul, himself, at first, he had a lot to learn as they do, as the Kingdom moves into a new phase of growth and witness after the Resurrection.

Today we see much of this same thing. A minister may learn a new thing, and they then try to erect a new ‘maypole’ and start going around and around that one instead of reaching out for the next step of knowledge. Most do not realize that our Bible is so full of mysteries that you never get ahead of it. There are mysteries in this Book which reach out into the great beyond, past millenniums. The Apostle Paul and John as well as others of the race, recorded much of the mysteries which our race has yet to learn, line on line, and precept on precept. Everytime you go thru the Scripture something you missed before becomes clear and you drop another piece into a great Mosaic which fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. There are some pieces we will not be able to fill in while we are here in the flesh, but you can see a faint glimmer of the mystery still out there for us to one day understand. Thus you never exhaust the Bible, and you keep learning. Then more and more will be brought back to your remembrance as well. The last two verses of Romans, chapter 2, were not of this translation according to Dr. Swift, until the King James Version was thus translated---before the word Jew was progeny. This makes sense. So the Apostle Paul wrote this to the Romans:---’For he is not a progeny (child), which is one outwardly.’ Neither is that circumcision which is outward, in the flesh. But he is a progeny inwardly. Circumcision is of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter (or ritual of the law). Thus a son or daughter praises not men (such as Abraham) but YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA Messiah-Redeemer.

QUESTION:---I don’t understand what Romans, chapter 3 is talking about.

ANSWER:---This chapter is talking of Israel in their transgressions, but taken care of in the Atonement. Then remembering the translation of the last two verses of chapter 2, you read:-- ‘What advantage then hath a progeny (child), or what profit is there in circumcision?’ Much in every way, because unto Israel were committed the Oracles of YAHWEH. What is someone does not believe---shall their unbelief make the Faith of YAHWEH without effect? No. Let YAHWEH be true and every man a liar as it is written. That thou might be justified in your speech, and might overcome when you are judged. But if our unrighteousness commend the righteousness of YAHWEH, what shall we say?---is HE up righteous because He corrects?

Now, there are times when the Apostle Paul talks as a man (9 vs. 6). But even at that after all the education which the Apostle Paul was given, he would be someone to listen to. But here in chapter 3, Paul is talking about Israel in their transgressions. However, the Atonement has been made and this had been taken care of for ‘All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’ And you did not have anything to do with that. All Adamites (Israel) have violated Divine Law. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of YAHWEH. But all Israel has also been justified by HIS Grace and you didn’t have anything to do with that. We are under His judgement of transgression anymore, and if you persist in not acknowledging this, then you are only making yourself miserable. In otherwords, the Atonement has been made, that is a finished work. If it wasn’t, still you could never pay for it. But when YAHSHUA said, ‘It is finished,’---the Atonement was completed. He had paid for our transgression. Thus the Apostle Paul said, ‘all Adamites have come short of the Glory of YAHWEH.’ Yes, we are all sinners, but are saved by HIS Grace.

Now, the Apostle Paul was quite a philosopher. There are many gems in his writings as to the vastness of YAHWEH’S Grace. And to show this, he dialogues himself as he speaks, sometimes as a man, and then he speaks as the Spirit unfolds. Thus he condemns the flesh, but justifies it thru the spirit. Things like that. Many theologians or Ecclesiastical hierarchies like to use the areas of these passages in order that in their administration they can maintain a strong hold over people, trying to do this with fear. But when you understand the program of the Kingdom, then that sets people free. For instance, you don’t want people in the Bible study just because they are afraid if they stop that YAHWEH will be mad at them and send them to hell. You can never study or never pay attention to the Kingdom story and not have it effect your Eternal life. But you wouldn’t know as much as you need to know for peace of mind as you will if you continue to study and YAHWEH continues to unveil things to you. The fact is that no priesthood of man has the power to say you have to do this, or that you will end up in hell. YAHSHUA did not set up the orders that turns the collar backward. He never put on frocks or robes. Was never involved in all that stuff. This is merely the way of showing the Ecclesiastical authority to those they are to serve. But true Ecclesiastical authority is a spiritually endowed authority. It must make itself clear not just by rituals empty procedures and such. It is not done by responsive reading, or by reciting the Apostles Creed and so forth. Dr. Swift was raised in this background and he practiced this as a young minister. And while there is nothing wrong with the Apostles Creed, still he felt it was not necessary to repeat it every Sunday morning as a ritual. The church has sort of set up a form. And they rigidly cement it as Ecclesiastical order, and then certain people want to dominate it. And if they are prevented then they want to move out and wreck it. Hundreds of churches have been started this way. In earlier days, they generally knew more and had points of Doctrine to divide over. But today we find many divide mostly over power. They fight over power. Today we find many attacking the Apostle Paul trying to tear down what he recorded. They try to say he is in an argument with YAHSHUA as to what should be taught. But we remember that the Apostle Paul was taken into the dimensions and taught by YAHSHUA, Himself. And then came back to earth and recorded these things. That is more than you can say for those who criticize him. Mostly then they are not interpreting what the Apostle Paul said in the way he intended it, as they work around the true meaning. The Apostle Paul said that at times he did speak as a man, and he could be wrong. And he knew this. But Paul also did this on purpose so as to show you what a natural man might think. Then he would say this is what the spirit conveys. For instance, the law of YAHWEH tells you something is not good for you to eat then you ought not to eat it. At times is would seem that the things Paul said are contradictory, but they are not. That is just the way his words are translated so as to keep the Ecclesiastical hold on people. We would then consol you to take a deep breath and say, ‘I am a son (or daughter) of YAHWEH.’ Then get all the understanding of this wondrous story of Sonship you can get. But don’t take the bondage some would place on you.

By Faith we know that YAHWEH is the God of all Israel. And by Faith we establish that the law was given to Israel (verse 31). Abraham was not justified by the law, this came later. But Abraham believed YAHWEH and this Faith that all YAHWEH told him was true was counted for righteousness.

QUESTION:---’To him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of Grace, but of debt.’ (Romans 4:4)???

ANSWER:---That is a question and the Apostle Paul answered by saying you don’t work for the righteousness of YAHWEH. You don’t earn this for HE gives it to HIS children. In otherwords, you keep the law which was given to Israel as a task master to bring us to YAHSHUA. But in the areas of the individual, YAHWEH imputes HIS righteousness to the individual. Here in verse 4, the Apostle Paul is talking about the justification of Faith, not by debt. In otherwords, Abraham, our father, was not justified by his works, but by Faith. Because he believed YAHWEH. And it was counted to him for righteousness. YAHWEH told Abraham that he was going to make a great nation and a company of nations from his seed. Told him this long before HE gave the law to Israel. The Apostle Paul then records that the Covenant made with Abraham was 430 years before the Law was given. And it was an unconditional covenant. YAHWEH just told him, this is what I am going to do---’Kings shall come from your loins. I am going to be a Father unto you in all your generations.’ The Kingdom comes forward out of you, and Abraham believed and saw into the future all the fulfillment of this promise and this total Faith was counted to him as righteousness.

Oh, the law given to Adam was a perfect law as to how Adam should live. YAHWEH said obey this law and HE would bless the Adamic race. But disobedience brings violation of law (sin) and the cause and effects of the law bring judgements, chastisements upon you. Therefore only our Father could put aside the judgements which come from this breaking of the law. People don’t seem to understand HIS GRACE which is one of the biggest things we have going for us. This GRACE, this Love for HIS children, and HIS creation, this quality called GRACE belongs to HIM alone. Thus this Grace is unearned favor or reward. But also it is HIS reward which HE brings with HIM. In Revelation, HE says HE will give to every man, this reward as his works shall be, not as it has been. This will be in the time of the Kingdom rule. And HE promises to restore everyone to perfection until eventually every knee will bow. But in this area also is the promise, ‘All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’ Thus the law is not Salvation, it is just blessings to the person who fulfills it. The law brings judgement upon the individual who does not obey it, except where the Grace of YAHWEH comes into the picture or where they appeal to HIM in their sickness.

David described the blessedness of Adamites to who YAHWEH imputed righteousness without work. Saying blesses are those whose iniquities are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Remember that David was a great King of Israel, but he was not perfect. He did a few things that were not right. But he had great Faith in the promises of YAHWEH, and YAHWEH said that David was a man after His own heart.

Incidentally, about 1930, there were many good Biblical movies with people who were of the proper casts. I remember the one about David and Bath-sheba. David, you know, fell in love with another man’s wife. And their child died soon after birth. I remember that David was on his knees praying and confessing his sins at the bedside of this dying son. Then after the baby died, David said that YAHWEH does not condone violation of law. We also saw the movie about Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, which was also quite a movie. But today, those types of movies, or those on television, are far from being real that I don’t watch them very much.

But Abraham believed the promise of YAHWEH. He used to sit and dream and picture great cities and the tremendous growth of the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH. He pictured his posterity covering the whole earth, and this Faith---this belief in the promise was counted to him for righteousness.

The Apostle Paul reminded those of the Old Judah Kingdom left in Palestine, or the Judean Israelites now living in Rome, who still practice the ritual of circumcision. (Verse 9). He asked them if this promise to Abraham doesn’t pass on down with the race to Lost Israel who receive the sign of the circumcision of the heart. They do no have total understanding of who YAHSHUA was and why HE came. Because this promise to Abraham and those who followed him that they should be heirs of the WORD thru the law, was now that they should be heirs thru the righteousness of their Faith and thru HIS Grace. This is the program of redemption of this world. This is our Father’s will. With Faith in HIM we accept the atonement as beginning redemption, restoration to our race first. Not because we have earned this by being good and doing every good work, but because of the Grace of our Father. He came embodied out of our race to redeem us, was crucified for us, and then raised HIS body from the tomb for our justification. (vs. 25)

Now, people get caught in temptation. And maybe they live in areas of the world where sin is more of a temptation. But sin is just the breaking of the law. And there are then areas of repentance and forgiveness, if we but turn to our Father. The consciousness records, the things that are right. Every single thing you have ever done or heard or known is stored around the nasson electrons, the filaments of the brain. And even if you think you have forgotten something, you really haven’t, because it is right there like an open book, except the individual asks YAHWEH to blot it out.

Now, the more the people seek the truths of the Kingdom, the more they are aware that we have a mighty adversary, that the World Order is in captivity to Lucifer. That we have his armies and his ‘5th Column’ within our society to contend with. Thus we need the power of the spirit and YAHWEH’S blessings and guidance of Divine Truth to protect us. There may be some who find some of this wondrous story of the Gospel of the Kingdom who will pull back and put it on a shelf. But the person who becomes a student of the program of the Kingdom finds it influencing everything you do. When you read the papers, or watch the television, you see things happen and you determine how events effect the emerging of the Kingdom. We know the Kingdom will rise. We believe we will be victorious. We don’t doubt it for a minute, for we know our Father keeps HIS Word. Thus, HE says, ‘Because you believe Me, this Faith is bearing fruit, and I impute this to you for righteousness.’ But you didn’t earn righteousness by obeying the law. You are just a better person if you obey the law. You are conforming to His pattern. But it is the righteousness of YAHWEH which is making you conform other than the conforming that makes you righteous. In otherwords, as you see HIS way, you find a desire to do HIS WILL. And the law becomes more and more a way of life. Oh, you may have some little flare up, some tempter tantrum, or hurt some one’s feelings which you didn’t mean to---just a little selfishness is in you nature. But this is also in the pattern. And the more you learn, the more this is wiped out of you until only HIS pattern is left.

When a child of the Kingdom realized that YAHSHUA came as MESSIAH, that HE PAID THE PRICE, that HE took away our transgression, and no more are they held against you, that when HE was crucified, HE satisfied the demand of the devil, then we refer to this as an area of experience, a deciding point for you as an individual. Thus as we study, it is a normal thing for us to believe the work of MESSIAH, and see people regenerated by this knowledge. And you realize you have known this before. Therefore, spiritual life is an entity that dwells in the children of the MOST HIGH and the activities of HIS program activate this entity by the specific pattern that the consciousness embraces with these areas of truth.

Once again, restoration is promised. This is something given back---the restoring of something lost by the fall. The Apostle Paul then said that the covenants YAHWEH made with Abraham, could not be annulled by the law which came 430 years later. Paul, you see, was getting arguments that if you did not keep the law, you would go in to perdition. But Paul said, no. The Atonement had been made. The Grace of YAHWEH now saves. The covenant with Abraham down thru Isaac and Jacob is the Kingdom. This is what YAHWEH said HE was going to do, what HE was going to bring to pass. And no law coming 430 years after is going to put any condition on that promise.

Yes, we teach that blessed is one who obeys the law. But we don’t teach these laws as a way for you to become righteous. Because in your love of YAHSHUA, you approach to the truth---your expansion under the knowledge of the things of YAHWEH WHO CAME EMBODIED AS YAHSHUA-SAVIOR. Then your believe, your Faith, is going to be counted for righteousness. The righteousness of YAHWEH is going to make you want to keep the law, but you aren’t going to keep the law to become righteous.

You see, Israel did to keep the law except as the Grace of YAHWEH prevailed on some of them. Thus, there were chastisements and judgements connected to the law. But now the Atonement has been made. And HE puts the law in their hearts. Then as HIS Spirit called to Lost Israel---it was received. Earlier the prophets were called by the Spirit as He reactivated their consciousness. He called Samuel this way and talked to him several times. This is how Samuel was given the prophecies. He saw the things that were to come and he moved out and did the work he was to do. Isaiah went into the house built for YAHWEH and he saw the Glory. He say YAHWEH. And YAHWEH spoke to him. But it was not as tho by a lightening bolt or thunder, just a distinct small voice speaking to him. In the days of Elijah and Elisha, this was the way His Spirit contacted those of His children called for a specific purpose. Some of Levi were activated this way also, and the scriptures bear this out for us.

Then YAHWEH made a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel. Today you understand that the House of Judah consists of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and their quota of Levi. The House of Israel consists of all the tribes of Israel and their quota of Levi. Thus when the Apostles began speaking after Pentecost, we see 3000 Israelites at one time, and 5000 at another time all hearing the ‘Sheep Call.’ The Scripture records that the Apostles with their witness that in a few years all Israelites in Galilee had become followers of YAHSHUA. And the Israelites of the House of Judah would also hear the call. Some would hang on to the temple and the rituals longer than those who lived in Galilee, but when prophecy was fulfilled in that old land, they would also be leaving Judea. In fact, the Emperor of Rome granted permission to the Israelites in that area to migrate out of that old land. Many Israelites died in this time of direct witnessing. But the Yehudin (Jews) in control of the land could not say they had not seen or heard the witness that YAHSHUA embodied as MESSIAH, was indeed YAHWEH in the flesh. And before 70 A.D. all Israelites would be gone from that old land. With only Jews still left in Palestine, and the Romans would have more and more trouble with them, especially with them in the old city of Jerusalem. You can read the record of those days in the book of Josephus, the Judean Historian, who was allowed by the Romans to record those events. As we have told you before, Josephus was not a Jew. He just became one in translation. He records many things from old records he found of the Adamic race and what happened as Titus the Roman finally sent his forces to take that old land and that old city.

Now, as to ‘Being justified by Faith, we have understanding thru YAHSHUA.’ (Romans 5:1) And we have access by our Faith into the Grace of the Father. The Apostle Paul goes on to tell us that thru persecution and tribulation, that we learn patience. As we experience these many things the great hope of the Kingdom is spread abroad in the hearts of Israel because of the holy Spirit given unto us. (Vs. 5) YAHWEH commandeth His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, HE came embodied as Messiah-YAHSHUA and died for us. (Vs. 1) and there is much more because now justified (redeemed) by HIS Grace---by HIS blood, we are saved from wrath thru HIM. Since we were reconciled, brought back to HIM, by HIS death as MESSIAH, then we are saved by HIS LIFE. We have thus received the atonement. But as by one man (Adam) sin entered the Adamic world, then this brought death of the physical body because of violation of Divine Law. The Adamic race lost their immortality because of this violation of law as Adam mixed with the Luciferian world. And this loss of immortality passed on to the entire race as they came into flesh. Thus the judgement came because of this violation of Divine Law. But the free gift of Grace forgives many offenses. For if by one man’s offense death reigned by one (Adam), much more do you receive abundantly of Grace and the gift of righteousness which will prevail in life by one---YAHSHUA. (Vs. 117) the law was then given that the offense might be exposed. But Grace is still greater. Sin has thus reigned until death of the physical body. But still Grace will reign thru righteousness unto Eternal Life with YAHSHUA our Redeemer.

Shall we then continue in sin so Grace may abound?’ Romans 6:1. That is the question. And the Apostle Paul then goes on to say that we were baptized into HIS death that we were thus buried with HIM by HIS baptism into death. But then YAHSHUA was raised from the dead by the Glory of our Father (spirit) so that we should walk in the newness of life. ‘For if we have been laid together in the likeness of HIS death, we shall also be raised in the likeness of HIS Resurrection.’ (Vs. 5) Remember he that is dead is freed from sin. So if you have thru this symbolism of baptism been buried with HIM, then we shall also live with HIM. (Vs. 8). Knowing that YAHSHUA RAISED HIS PHYSICAL BODY and HE will die no more, then death hath no more dominion over HIM. For HE does not keep coming back to die for us over and over again. He dies for sin---ONCE---only once. And now HE lives as KING of KINGS head of the Kingdom. And you are to remember the atonement and not let sin have dominion over you anymore.

Now, I have never been able to understand an Easter Parade with HIM still on the Cross, or the Pilgrimage to Old Golgotha and the empty tomb. The news media reported that one woman even crawled on her knees along the path which HE is supposed to have walked with HIS Cross, and then kissed the stone where they say HIS body was supposed to have laid in the tomb. Those are things I cannot quite understand because to me I would rather stand watching a beautiful sunrise and thank HIM for what HE did for us. Then ask for guidance as to what is to be done as the Kingdom rises thru the ashes of the fall of Babylon. To me, that is looking to the future, not the past. But I think you do not reason that way until you begin to understand the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Now, verses 14-15, are misunderstood. For you hear that you are not under the law, but under Grace. But as we have told you before, and the Apostle confirms that the ordinances of the law is what was nailed to the Cross. For instance the ritual of sacrifice was finished as YAHSHUA---the substitute---hung on the Cross. But the Law is for your good. YAHSHUA kept the law perfectly as only HE could, but by His Cross and thru His Grace, we are now free from the curses of not being able to be perfect keepers of the Law. To you then of this Adamic race, whereas the wages of sin brought death to the human body, and your loss of immortality, still thru YAHSHUA with HIS atonement, comes the gifts of Eternal Life. (Vs. 23)

As we say this, remember when YAHWEH was embodied in the flesh, HE was Christ, or Christed as translation tells us. And when Spiritual children are embodied, and now free by His Atonement, then we are a Christed people who are liberated. And there is not single charge that can be laid against you by Lucifer, or any of the powers of darkness they cannot hold your soul captive anymore. Lucifer can no longer say that the children of the Kingdom have not measured up to perfection. Because as YAHSHUA accomplished the Atonement and then the Resurrection, and you are without condemnation---as HE said, ‘It is finished’---’I have paid the price---I have redeemed My children.’ Thus you accept HIS redemption and you are without condemnation. HE said, ‘I condemn them not, and they are destined to develop into the fullness of Glory.’ You then, are to take HIS place in the world today, and carry on HIS ministry. This is why Scripture says let there be no division, for this is one body with many members.

Yes, there is a law. And built within it is the expectancy of death, for the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23. This comes out of the background of the time element involved in the father and mother. People talk about expecting to live three score and then years of four score years. But the combination of the expectancy passed on to the child has this pattern, also which is the law of the fall of the Adamic race. This is the incompletion of the nine month cycle of gestation. This is the fear complex, the automatic valve which starts the shut off in the subconscious mind, the function of certain glands so that their secretion starts to slow down, and the result is that you begin to age. You do this automatically as you think of the age of your parents when they may have departed this live, and you automatically then are setting up this pattern in the brain. The Apostle Paul is talking about this for he had discovered these secrets. Then starting in verse 23, he proclaims these secret things.

In chapter 7, then Paul says he is speaking to Israelites because you remember that the law was given only to Israel. He states that the law had dominion over an Adamite for as long as they live. Then using the illustration of a husband and wife in marriage the Apostle Paul in verse 4, records, ‘Wherefore my brethren (Israelites) become dead to the law of sin and death as YAHSHUA is laid in the tomb, but you (Israel) are married to HIM again, to this ONE who raised HIS body from the tomb. Thus by HIS atonement we (Israel) can bring forth fruit for the Kingdom. Before this, we brought forth fruit (children) whose spirits were held in bondage in the Netherworld, but now we are delivered from the results of this law (vs. 6) where as being dead we were still held in that bondage, but now we serve in the newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter of the law of sin and death. By the law we have known sin (violation of law) but without this law (of sin and death) we are alive (in spirit). But with the law, there has been violation of law, so sin entered the picture and death of the physical body came into the picture.’

The Apostle Paul then goes into the complicated explanation of the law and how it is hard for him to know always what to do here in the flesh so that which he does well not be the work of evil. He says he delights in the law of YAHWEH who came embodied as YAHSHUA, because this law is now in his heart. (Vs. 22) But he also understands that it is in his mind where he serves the law of YAHWEH. He thus thanks YAHWEH because he now understands that the law is spiritual. (Vs. 14) But he is in the flesh. Therefore, it took the substitute sacrifice of YAHSHUA for HIM to be able to walk after the Spirit without any condemnation. ‘For the spirit of live in YAHSHUA hath made me free of the law of sin and death.’ Romans 8:2

This law of sin and death is the judgement law of incompletion. You remember the completion factor is 153, whether it is in the pyramid or whether it is at the Apex, or whether it be the number of stars in one fourth of the heavens. When YAHSHUA wanted to prove how important to the Adamites this was, remember how HE told HIS disciples to cast their nets on the right side of the boat? When they pulled their nets in and it was full of fish, HE told them to count the good fish, and they counted 153 fish. You will remember that a fish is the symbol of the Kingdom moving thru its age of conflict under the spiritual guidance of HIS (called out people) church. And that YAHSHUA is the completer of what you lost by this nine month cycle. Therefore the sign of the fish is the sign of the Church and State, meaning administration and nation. And it is the Kingdom bearing witness of the atonement and resurrection. Thus these crossed fish are the symbol of the spiritual reinstating of the family of YAHWEH. It is the mystery emblem of the ‘called out ones.’ In those early days, they used to go around with their fingers crossed as they greeted one another. Thus they were using the symbol of the crossed fish. The golden crossed fish also was the emblem of the Blue Tunic Army of which Barabbas was commander. This was the symbol of the Army of the King-Messiah who would restore all that Israel had lost thru their fall.

The significance therefore, is since having consummated the atonement, and having sent HIS Holy Spirit back in HIS children, thus HE had completed them. And this then brings the statement:--’The spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.’ Thus, we don’t have to respond to bad days or good days. I don’t have to let astronomical measures which show the curse of incompletion, do the work of my enemies so that they defeat or break me. All we have to do when we move under such a sign, is to bind it in the name of YAHSHUA, whose Spirit of the Law of Life, has made me free from the law of ‘sin and death.’

When you begin to understand this, then you get so busy, so filled with what is happening, that you ride right thru the danger before you even know about it. This happens because you are now complete and you can whip anything. Today as we come up to this month of May 1984, we need to remember this because the enemies of the Kingdom are going to throw everything they can muster at the children of the Kingdom. They feel as we do that this is the year they must take over the United States completely because they seem to be losing their hold over blind Israel in spite of their manipulation of economic, political systems, and the Christian religion. Dr. Swift always taught, and we agree, that the enemy must keep their control over the Christian Church until they have completely set in place their One World Government. And we can see why this is necessary. But in spite of their blindness, still our people hand on to Jesus even tho they don’t seem to know who HE is. This is because HE is in our hearts. And this is something that the enemy will not be allowed to take from this race. Remember that YAHSHUA said, ‘I will come to you.’ And the Apostle Paul then learned that this included ALL of Israel.

Now, you do not hear much about spiritual law since it is not included in the orthodoxy of the church. The Gospel of the Kingdom has been narrowed down to a few simple facts and they fight the expansion of truth. For so many years now, the minds have been closed to areas of perception. But we are in the days when all knowledge is for us, when every secret thing shall be revealed. Knowledge has been increasing and will increase more. So we just as well bring out some of these secrets that have been sealed away. What does it matter what the enemy has to say. They didn’t have anything good to say about YAHSHUA. And the servant should not fare better than his Master, or the son or daughter no better than their Father. Thus the Apostle Paul then says that the righteousness of the Law was to be fulfilled in us who walk after the spirit. (Vs. 14)

In the Ferrah Fenton Bible, verse 5 reads:--’For those who are in harmony only with sensuality meditate about the gratification of sensuality; but those in harmony with spirit, that which pertains to the spirit. For the desire of sensuality brings death, but the desire of the spirit brings Life and Peace.’ (Remember Peace means understanding) Verse 9:---’However, you are not sensual, but spiritual if indeed a divine spirit resides in you; and if anyone has not a Christ (embodied) spirit, he is not HIS. But if YAHSHUA (Christ) is in you, then the body is dead in respect to sin, but the spirit lives thru righteousness. But if the spirit which raised YAHSHUA from the dead dwells in you then HE who raised HIS physical body from the dead shall revive your deadened bodies by HIS indwelling spirit. For as many as are led by a Divine Spirit they are the sons of YAHWEH. And since you received not a slavish spirit to fear again, but a filial spirit in which we say:--ABBA FATHER, thus the spirit witnesses to our own spirit that we are children of YAHWEH, and if children then heirs and co-heirs with HIS embodiment (YAHSHUA). If we suffer together we shall be rectified together.’

Now, verse 16---YAHWEH’S spirit bears witness with our spirit from the WORD (His embodiment as YAHSHUA) that HE has spoken. From the facts that are revealed in the course of the Scriptures concerning the patterns of history, we are thus the household of the MOST HIGH. All thru the writings of the Patriarchs, the prophets, and now thru the Apostle Paul, you find conformation that the essence of the spirit which resides in your physical body was begotten of the Father before the world was framed. It was a spiritual life, Celestial life, a spirit begatting which makes this race children of the ETERNAL.

QUESTION:---Where did you first learn that we are children of the spirit by being born in spirit before we came into earth? We have been taught that we became HIS children as we accept Jesus Christ.

ANSWER:---Yes, we know having been taught that same thing when we were children. We have also told you that when HIS Spirit calls the Sheep will turn and follow HIM. Sometimes this call comes early in life, and sometimes later. It all depends on what our Father wants you to do.

One of the questions which came in after they read the article form these tapes entitled ‘The Trinity,’ that was published in New Beginnings, made this statement:---’If there is no Jesus Christ, then the King James Bible is a myth.’ My answer was that I did not consider that just because Jesus Christ was not HIS name, that the King James Version was a myth. From the Swift ministry, we have this explanation:---We have a word, and old word, which we have united in our theology and that word is Christ. The word comes from the Greek word Christos, but it means ‘the embodiment of Deity.’ In fact, that work can be found in many languages and it is related to the embodiment of the household of the MOST HIGH. When we use the word Christ, that is not HIS name. It is just a statement as to who HE was. Thus this was YAHSHUA the Eternal YAHWEH embodied in a physical body.

In the Greek we find that this is the parallel to the word used to designate that the tall Manu were Aryans, our ancestors. This work is similar to Christos and was used by the Persians, by the Greeks. And you find it in the Latin form as well as in early Coptic Aramaic. Always the established concrete thought was the embodiment of YAHSHUA--the embodiment of YAHWEH’S own revelation. The word Christ itself, meant the embodiment of the spirits (children) of the Eternal YAH. This was why the Apostle Paul would tell you---the Christ (Spirit) in you is not only the hope of Glory, but it is one of the great mysteries of today which is hidden from the world (order) but is now made known unto us. The spirit in you then is the hope of Glory, or light, or radiation, and of all the Majesty that YAHWEH has declared will take place in HIS people.

The Apostle Paul said, ‘ I am a minister according to the dispensation of YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA which has been given to me so that I may fulfill the witness of ALL THE WORD. Even the mysteries which have been hidden from the ages, and the generations is now made manifest to HIS Saints (believing offspring).

Now, where did I, Ella Mast, first hear that we are children of HIS Spirit? Well, my friends, thru different publications. One of the oldest publications was the ‘Israelite House of David,’ Benton Harbour, Michigan, and it was entitled ‘Rolling Ball of Fire,’ which meant our earth. And the series of the sermons of this minister was from the late 1800's. I did not understand much of that publication in the beginning. But this man spoke of life before Adam---on earth---then followed Adam into earth. But it was not until we three friends, here who were studying together, found the Swift tape ministry that many questions began to be answered. I began to transcribe the Swift tapes so we would have written copies which could be studied. And with the help of these two friends, we have acquired quite a library of books, tapes, publications, and transcripts of those Swift tapes which I use to put together these tapes which you have been listening to. Other friends over the years have helped this work along with their gifts, and we hope it brings a deepening of your Faith as it has to us.

Now, over the years, you have heard attacks on the writings of the Apostle Paul, but this is only to help keep blind Israel from finding out who you are and where you came from. The word Saints comes from the word ‘Antes’ and believing offspring. This is to merely a pattern of the acceptance of a religious idea or principle. It does not come by the process of joining an institution. An individual who is qualified to be a Saint in the Scripture is just a believing son or daughter. This does not mean this individual has a particular brand of righteousness which is greater than his fellow kinsmen, but every individual who is a descendant of the spirit of the MOST HIGH, who dwells here in a physical body in earth, is thus translated as a Saint. Thus to fully qualify for this title, you must be a believing offspring, who believes the Word of your Father. And again, you must look beyond the printed Word to the Living Word.

QUESTION:---What is the meaning of Romans 8:9----the creature?

ANSWER:---Again, the World Order is different from the Adamic race. And we can prove it once more by what the Apostle Paul has to say. He is waiting as the rest of Israel, whether they know it or not, waiting here in the physical body, but waiting for this special day which our Father has promised. ‘We are waiting for the earnest expectation of the creature for the manifestation of the sons of YAHWEH.’ Thus the creature is this physical body, and this physical body as well as all creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of YAHWEH (God). For the creature (this physical body) was made subject to the feelings and emotions, or vanity and is now willing by reason of the Father, who subjected this whole thing in hopes to always do what it should. But this creature (our physical body) shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the Glorious liberty of the children of YAHWEH. ‘For we know that the whole creation’---now all creation---even the Negroes who did not start here in earth, but they are also waiting. For they will also go back to their beginning. But every creature of creation whether it knows it or not, whether in the struggle of this strange force, in the grip of the Luciferian spirit since Lucifer turned away from the truth, still whether they know it or not, still the Luciferian fighting against the forces of Right are a part of the vibrations of his being. Thus the whole creation vibrates in pain and in agony unto now, not only they, but ourselves as well, which was the first fruits (first begotten issue of the spirit.)

Do you see what the Apostle Paul is saying? Everything which is in the flesh, everything which exists, is vibrating in the essence of their being, ---waiting for what? We then wait for our empowering glory, for victory, for vision, and understanding to finish the task we were sent here to do. Even tho the whole creation waits for the manifestations of the sons and daughters of YAHWEH---there is a purpose. For they will take orders to do things HIS way. Thus the Apostle Paul said that not only they (the created beings), but ourselves as well---this Adamic race who were begotten of the spirit---are waiting. Thus we are begotten in the heavens, of the spirit, and we are waiting, vibrating ourselves waiting for this great positioning of sons and daughters. Waiting for the redemption of our physical bodies.

Someone always says, ‘But we are waiting for Eternal Life.’ But no, you already have that if you were begotten in the spirit so long ago. Some people will wait longer for that then others. And some people aren’t going into the dimensions because they did not come out of there. Some would not even be happy there if they don’t have that kind of spirit. Here the Apostle Paul is talking about the time when the children of the Kingdom put on immortality which is LIGHT---greater light than we have ever experienced before here in earth.

Now, YAHSHUA said, ‘I have come so that you may have light more abundantly.’ And ever since then, people have been trying to add that up to some kind of a change in thinking. Today, either you join the church or if you don’t join, still when the Evangelist calls, you come down to the front of the church and you repeat certain things that you have believed since you were taught at your mother’s knee. And you say, ‘I believe,’ and the Evangelist then says that you are saved and you do back and sit down because you are now saved. But the body still wrinkles and you still feel pain, and the final salvation and complete redemption, you still don’t have. Thus, we are still waiting for the redemption of the physical body.

It is a good thing this renewing of the mind and for men to make their response concerning their Father. But HE also promised salvation to every last one of HIS children who are witnessing for HIM, for HE has told us, ‘ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED AS IT IS WRITTEN.’ This then covers a lot of ground. We therefore have a hope for what we have as yet not seen, this is what we wait for.

The translation of ‘verse 26 is terrible. But it is talking about our spirit which prays for us even when we don’t know it, with vibrations which cannot be heard. And we know that all things work together for good to them who love YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, to them who are called according to His purpose. For whom He did pre-know, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His embodiment, that He might be the first born among many brethren. Moreover whom He did predestinate, then He also called and whom He called, He also justified. And whom He justified, then He also Glorified.

Now, the Apostle Paul also teaches that the election was before the foundation of the world. These were children of YAHWEH who HE determined were to fulfill certain things. They were going to occupy the earth and build His Kingdom. They were ‘Predestinated,’ which means Pre-determined by sovereign YAHWEH---who is YAHSHUA-Savior. This then tells us that those HE called of the children who volunteered, He had already justified. And those He justified for His purpose, then on Calvary, He has already ordained, they shall be glorified. So the book of Romans is a ‘sovereign predestination’ book for the Adamic race which HE sent into the flesh. Thus what shall we say of these things? Of YAHWEH BE FOR US, THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? (Vs. 31) He that spared NOT His own embodiment as YAHSHUA-Savior, but died for us,-----how then shall YAHWEH not give us all things? Who then shall lay anything to the charge of YAHWEH’S elect?

Thus these Elect are those chosen or selected and the Apostle Paul says nothing can separate us from the Love of YAHSHUA. He is with us always thru tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, blindness, peril or the sword. We may be accounted as Sheep for the slaughter, but I all these things, we are more than conquerors thru HIM that loves us. Thus nothing can separate us from the love of YAHWEH who came embodied in the flesh as YAHSHUA-Savior and the Apostle Paul was so persuaded of this.

QUESTION:---Who are the Israelites to who pertaineth the adoption? Romans 9:4.

ANSWER:---The Apostle Paul says he is speaking the truth he learned from YAHSHUA. And he is speaking of his kinsmen according to the flesh. And when we speak about Israel, we are talking about all the people of the Adamic race who are YAHWEH’S issue---BARA---begotten children of spirit ruling with HIM. One of the specific things is that this was applied to the line of Seth, thru Noah, thru Shem, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whose name was changed to Israel. This is why the Apostle Paul in the original text made a complete identification in the book of Romans of this philosophy, the thinking the positioning of Israel---for Sonship.

Now, the word ‘adoption’ used here in translation does not mean what it implies today. It did not mean going out and making someone who was not your child, making him or her a part of your family by legal process. The work in Greek meant the positioning of a son or daughter in the family. This was the planning of parents for the birth of a child. And by such possibilities as the timing of his or her birth. This was an old Greek custom. They tried to have their children’s births placed around the Zodiac, or months of the year of our Solar System. Thus this word translated in the English as adoption had the meaning of positioning a child in the family. Thus, to the Israelites, to them pertains the positioning of sons and the Glory of YAHWEH.

Now, in the book of Isaiah, it says:-- ‘My glory I will not give to another.’ Thus only to My household, My issue. But then the covenants, the promises all pertain to Israel, and only Israel. The law was given only to Israel at Mt. Sinai, and before to Adam and Eve. Thus the Apostle Paul records the services of YAHWEH, all the promises belong to Israel. These are the children unto whom YAHSHUA came as Messiah, who is over all blessed.

Here in the book of Romans the Apostle Paul is identifying a race who are the household of YAHWEH, who he said would join you in earth as YAHSHUA-Messiah. And in earth this household are those HE calls HIS kinsmen---brethren. This household,---to them alone---YAHSHUA THEN SENT HIS DISCIPLES AND APOSTLES. Later the Apostle Paul in Galatians, will say, ‘If ye be Christ’s, ye are Abrahams seed, and heirs according to the promise.’

The Apostle Paul goes on with this identification (vs. 6) as he says, ‘For they are not all Israel, however which are of Israel.’ And you remember Abraham’s sons were Ishmael and Isaac. Then later the children of Keturah. Isaac had two sons, Esau and Jacob. Yet Esau was not selected. This is the pattern then of selection thru which the children of the Kingdom emerge for the latter time. (Vs. 7) Because even tho some were of the seed of Abraham, still the pattern in the Old Testament was as it says, ‘In Isaac shall thy seed be called.’ Only the child of Abraham and Sarah is in the promise. The Ishmaelites were not the spiritual offspring of YAHWEH. Were not the children of HIS Spirit. YAHWEH recognizes them as the children of Abraham, and as such they were always to be able to dwell in the midst of their brethren. But they did not have the status of Israel--rulers of the Kingdom. Thus the children of the flesh are not the children of YAHWEH. The spiritual ovum of the selected line does not pass thru them. This is why brides were so carefully picked for Isaac and Jacob. Sarah was promised a son as was Rebecca, thus ‘children not yet born having done neither good or evil, that the purposed of YAHWEH according to the election shall stand out of work but of whom HE called.' It is said (vs 12-13) unto her (Rebecca) the elder shall serve the younger. As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau I have not selected. This word hate here in translation was not in the original. It is just that one HE selected, the other He rejected on the basis of his birth, his seed line, spiritual capacities and so forth. This is simply the Sovereignty of YAHWEH that the Apostle Paul records here because you are smart enough by this time to accept it. Paul says:...'therefore hath HE mercy on whom HE will have mercy (vs 18), and art thou a man who would reply against God? Shall the thing formed say to Him that formed it, why hast thou made me thus? Hath the potter no power over the clay?' These are just some of the themes of the Book of Romans so that HE might make known...'The riches of His Glory on the vessels of mercy, these being HIS children of the kingdom which He had prepared before time unto Glory.' Even us who HE called, not of the Judah Kingdom only but also all of Israel. (vs 24) Because He Hosea 2:83...'I will call them my people which were not my people, and her (Israel) believed which was not beloved. And in the place where it is said unto are not my people, there they shall be called the children of the Living YAHWEH'. You will find this also in Hosea 1:10, and I Peter 2:10., and that Israel is reinstated as beloved. Paul then calls to mind that Isaiah recorded that the number of the children of Israel would be as the sands of the sea, always in every generation a remnant is maintained to carry the work forward, and of the kingdom there is to be no end. YAHWEH will finish the work (of the kingdom) and will cut the work short in righteousness, because a short work will YAHWEH DO UPON THE EARTH. (vs 28) This is the short work of righteousness which will also see some manifestation of the sons so as to set the kingdom administration in place.

Now; righteousness...this means being correct..on the right..thus it is to be done this way...HIS WAY. This is not the pattern of self-righteousness which the Scripture is like a pile of filthy rags. It is not the fine silk some think they are arrayed in either. But it is Faith...perception, the knowledge of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA. The desire for this knowledge then makes better people of our race. This does not mean we as yet have the perfection of the Apostles, but it does mean we have the Faith of the Apostles and what they told us. It does not mean that they were always right in their thoughts, but when they did thing right, my what great things they were able to do. Nobody made greater errors than Peter when he tried to set up a great communal and it failed. But as far as Peters leadership in the general area, the spiritual leadership in the Testimony of YAHSHUA, he was a great man. And Isaiah also spoke of this and he said:...EXCEPT YAHWEH who made the Sabbath for Adam had left us a seed we would have been as Sodom and Gomorrah totally destroyed. In Verses 30-31...the translation is a bit misleading. But remembering what the Apostle Paul has said so far we then would read:...'What shall we say then that the nations of Lost Israel which followed not after righteousness have attained it thru Faith..where as the Israelites of the old Judah kingdom who followed so strictly the law and rituals have not attained it, because they sought it not by Faith, but as it were of works of the law?' 'As it is written, behold I lay in Zion a stumbling stone, a rock of offense and whosoever believeth on HIM shall not be ashamed.' (vs 33) The stumbling stone is YAHSHUA...His stone kingdom and His Messianic Ministry. If you do not recognize that YAHWEH came embodied out of the race the tomb you are not ready to move forward in the program of the kingdom. And the Apostle Paul has tried to stress all these things so far in his Epistle to the Romans. Remember that he said:...'I don't compare the suffering that we go thru here in earth in anyway to the Glory which will be revealed in us.' Romans 8:18. The Apostle Paul after his experience of being taken into the heavens came back to write his Epistles and also 'The Apocalypse of Paul', and he realized that not only was this Adamic race the household of YAHWEH but that we were sent here to build a kingdom. And the Apostle Paul realized that there were lots of things he was to make known as to who were the children of the kingdom. That these 'called out' people were not a people gathered out of all kinds of religions, and philosophies, but sons ...Eternal sons...begotten of the Father, a race, a spiritual people. He talks about the manifestation of the sons and daughters of YAHWEH. He talks about...we being the first fruits of the spirit, begotten in spirit before the world was framed. That we are waiting for the redemption, restoration of our bodies, that we know that Our Father will put the world in order, because He has Willed it!