ERM - What's Next? Pt. 1 11-97

WHAT'S NEXT?  Part 1 


By Ella Rose Mast


As we move thru November and into December you asked:--WHAT'S NEXT? As always we must turn to the scriptures for the outline of events. We then remember that we have read:--"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” The Apostle Paul then said:--"Liberty is given unto us concerning this. Therefore stand fact in this liberty where Christ has made us free. Someone always says, but of course this is talking about transgression, things that are evil, and we are to be building a Brotherhood with all people, all nations, so that we can all go to heaven and not to hell.

We would suggest that we come down to earth and wake up, for did you ever know of any bondage that did not come thru transgression, the violation of Divine law, or even national law? That is the way bondage comes. Thus when you are set free from sin, from this thinking wrong, then you will be free indeed. The Apostle Paul advised:--"Be not confirmed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Thus you have to think free before we can live free.

Oh, you say, but in heaven we will be free. But here at this time in earth in our history we are to do what we were sent down here to do. And that is to finally accomplish the setting in place of God's kingdom in earth, and to rule in earth for 1000 years. You are to remember that you were born free in spiritual realms. And if you will draw on that spiritual power, knowledge and freedom then we here in earth in spirit, soul and body will finally be victorious overthrow these powers of darkness here in earth. You have a great weapon on your side. This weapon is the Sword of the spirit' which is wisdom from the mind of YAHWEH (God). It is the truth that makes you free.

The Apostle Paul also told you that--'YE DO NOT HAVE THE SPIRIT SUCH AS THE WORLD (order) has. We have the spirit which is of God. Thus, we now ask: --what should every Christian be praying for? How about empower me so that I may occupy and win--for the kingdom administration here now in earth? We tell you that a God who can redeem HIS Sons and Daughters is the God that we follow, and this does not depend upon whether you understand it or not. Today we find even many who spend their time in instructing our people in the propaganda of the enemy of our culture and our Faith and even our civilization. One of the misunderstanding that allows this is the word BROTHERHOOD. Yes, this is a great word if used in the proper content. There is then a brotherhood of race, and your brothers and sisters are of this race. And then there is a Brotherhood of Faith for all people are eventually to recognize the right God. For every knee is to bow and every tongue is to proclaim that this YAHSHUA (Jesus), is YAHWEH (God) in the flesh, the One and only God Almighty.

Today the organized church teaching that the kingdom is in heaven, then thinks that they have only one obligation which is to get you ready to die, so you can go to heaven. And with this understanding of brotherhood this is what they try to accomplish. But the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM which Jesus went everywhere preaching (Matt:-was to get his people ready for life here in the kingdom administration here in earth? And then you can have a brotherhood of faith as you bring all people to their recognition of the One true God.

This to me is why it is so wrong to try now to be yoked with Communist China. So unequally yoked together which you are warned against. After all America is the last great nation of God's kingdom here in earth. And is to be the great capital of YAHWEH (God) before this is all over. Thus we should not be trying to join hands with China that great Communist nation, even in the economic field which it looks like the program calls for today. We allow people who do not know our God to run this nation and to them who have as their god, this love of money it makes sense.

It has been almost 200 years since Joanna Southcott called your attention to the Woman of Revelation 12, for your understanding of the events for these latter days. This being the program of God for His Kingdom then of course the enemy would try to hide this teaching and we can say they seemed to have done a good job. However there are many people who know who they are and what they are here for. They just cannot seem to find a way to help this situation we are locked into at this time.

But understanding Revelation 12.--'This woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and the 12 stars over her head--telling you she is from the heavens. Then where do we go from there as we look for what is to happen next.

Here in earth we have been for sometime in this situation where we as a nation have been having more trouble than ever since we became a nation. But since we are also the last Great nation of prophecy then we are to reach our limit of capacity as we are told to "Rise and Shine."

As we read this book of Revelation, we believe that this book of the scripture is the completion or the compliment of the book of Genesis. Either without the other would be unintelligible. Thus the key to unlock the book of Revelation we believe is found in Revelations 1:10 as John says that he was in the SPIRIT, or he was in a mode of communicating with the spirit.

Now we are interested in learning what is to come next here in our lifetime in earth. This is also outlined for us in the Book of Revelation, which embraces the windup of all the affairs of 'TIME.’ We have seen how the knowledge of the evil fruit of the 'Tree of Good and Evil' has come first, thus now must come the knowledge--the perfected knowledge of the 'Tree of Life.' What we are now looking for then is the end of the 'secrets' of God for our time, the end of the enmity toward God and His program and the Dawn of the Ages of the Ages.

We are to see the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God in the flesh. Meaning they will have their minds and spirits finally coordinated so as to do the work here in the body which YAHWEH our God put you here to do. The offspring then who believe the words of our Father (Spirit) are entitled to the title of Saints.

In time then you will understand that before the fall of Lucifer the first heaven was the outer planetary realm. There was no death there until Lucifer's rebellion. And people were able to migrate from Constellation to constellation in a growing and expanding universe. These were flesh and blood people but they had a certain light of spirit given to them by their Creator. Enoch discovered this as well as did the Apostle Paul who wrote of it in his apocalypse.

Now; as we turn from Revelation 12, now understanding that this woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet is thus found in the heavens, then in earth she is identified by the 12 stars over her head as the 12 tribes of Israel. Thus she, here in symbolism, is this woman Israel, for the production of God's kingdom people here in earth. We then turn to the 19th chapter of Revelation, for more knowledge for the end of this age.

Then remember that each chapter of Revelation is better understood if we look at it as a story of a certain chain of events. And we find that there is another woman symbolized as the leader of a kingdom. And this woman is the Great Whore, the woman on the back of the Red Beast (the world order--this great communist kingdom of darkness) in the scriptures called Mystery Babylon the Great. YAHWEH has warned his people to come out of her (this great kingdom of darkness) before you are hurt as she falls. For fall she is going to do. However we as a nation seem to be trapped, but as a people we can come out of here --IN OUR MINDS.

Today as we see events shaping up, we remember that YAHSHUA (Jesus) said that one of the signs of the times would be--"As it was in the days of Noah." And at that time the world was full of unbelief, was it not?

You only have to look around at our world today to understand this. Today we also have rampant homosexuality which is also a sign of the end. And we know that there has been this sin for ages, but if brought to its ultimate end, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah then there would not be any children for either kingdom. And especially for the kingdom of God in earth this is not what is to be. For the children for this kingdom shall be as the stars of the heavens, or the sands of the seashore.

Thus as John listens then again he hears these voices in heaven saying Alleluia, and her (Great Babylon's) smoke rose up as she is destroyed, forever and forever. Thus, Babylon (this false kingdom) is destroyed.

How does this take place? For an explanation of this we turn back in the Gospels to Matthew 13:39-40, and see how this evil is collected together and is burned in the fire (Shekinah Glory), here at the end of the age. Here in America we see that with this great influx of aliens into our land for political purposes, that we are coming to the time that on Divine intervention will save this Last Great nation of God's kingdom. There was to be a sufficient regathering of Israel in the appointed place, and we believe this has happened.

(II Samuel 7:10)--more over, I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and I will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more. Neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them anymore, as in before times." And in the Alexandrian version of scripture it says here at the last of that verse:---Neither will they be conquered in their new fortress."

Later the Apostle Paul would say that 'Blindness in part has happened unto Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles (nations) be come in.'

Then in the very next verse it says: "And so all Israel shall be saved, as it is written.” (Romans 11:25-27).

This fullness of the Gentiles referred to here has often been mistakenly associated by mainline Christianity as the Gentile church. And thus they have then given their inheritance to the Jews for they say that after certain events for this church then God will turn his attention to saving the Jews whom they think of as the Israel of the Scriptures. What they are overlooking is that Israel scattered and in captivity became as Gentiles, and numbered among the nations of the world. They were then called by other names and spoke different languages thus lost to history, but not to Our Father.

Hosea 8:8, says "Israel is swallowed up, now they shall be among the Gentiles (nations) as a vessel in which there is no pleasure." Then the Apostle Paul in the New Testament, says in Romans 11:25-27--"I would not brethren that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own deceits; -- “But blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles (nations) be come." Blindness as to who they were, but not to who was their Father (God). Thus you come to the time when--"All Israel shall be saved as it is written." For there came out of Zion the deliverer, and HE shall turn away the ungodliness from Jacob. And you remember that God said that Jacob was his inheritance. For this is HIS covenant unto them (his people) when HE takes away their sins.

All right. Is not Paul telling you that as soon as Israel is sufficiently regathered, and the time is RIGHT, then God will remove their blindness and they will be revealed as to who they are, and that this Jesus Christ is their deliverer? Your Salvation after all is being regathered unto our Savior, Jesus the Christ. Here today threatened with enemies within and without we are in need of our Deliverer, here in America this last Great nation of God's kingdom. We have been taken captive in many ways by those who secretly seek our destruction. They control our economy and much of our politics and yes even many religious thoughts. And they are fast making us a part of a One World Program, controlled by them. If this were to be completed, it would mean the defeat of the kingdom purposes of God Almighty so this cannot stand.

Thus we take heart, the end of the age is closing in upon us, but there is still this great deliverance promised, once this nation has been humbled and brought to a national awakening and a national repentance.

Thus the fall of this system called Great Babylon is one of the things we are waiting for, this fall of the dream of a One World Government ruled by Lucifer. And here in the book of Revelation we are seeing that those of our race who have served their time in earth and gone on home are rejoicing as they see this great city, called Babylon and her whole system of evil here in earth, beginning to fall. All of their great wealth and power will come to naught. And the World Order will lament as they see the smoke of her burning. But the Saints now in heaven will rejoice.

This burning of this evil system is simply the Shekinah Glory of YAHSHUA removing everything that hinders his kingdom. And since there is nothing good a bout or in this other kingdom then it is to be totally destroyed. But we will see the people who created this system standing and weeping as it disappears. Still then the true kingdom of YAHWEH (God) will be revealed. Thus they rejoice over this in the heavens, where the Apostles and prophets are especially watching, for now YAHWEH-YAHSHUA has finally avenged his people, by destroying this evil work of Lucifer.

This is the work of our Savior and HE does this because of what this false kingdom people have done to his people of His kingdom. Then we see that a mighty Angel took up a stone liked a great millstone and cast it into the sea, saying, 'Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be throne down, and shall be found no more at all.'

"Thus give ear o heavens, and he astonished o’ earth, for the LORD hath a controversy with the people (of earth)." Thus here in symbolism this great kingdom of darkness, Lucifer's kingdom will be thrown down,--will lose their control over the World order. This great evil system has always carried the symbolism of Great Babylon from the time where in the Old Testament when that old city with its drive for a One World government was destroyed. Still, the people of that idea still lived on to plague the Kingdom of God's people in earth. Thus as people came up with

this idea that when you die then you go to heaven, then it developed that the Christians started the drive of salvation for everyone.

In Symbolism Revelation chapter 18, describes the destruction of Great Babylon and carries the warning for God's people to come out of her so that they do not get caught in her fall. Thus Revelation 19 is then celebrating the fall of this evil system which is seen not only by those in earth but by those in heaven also. And now we look to the words of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA as to how this false kingdom is to be punished. For this false kingdom is found to be to blame for all of the blood of the prophets and of the saints, and yes even of all that were slain upon the earth. Thus stressing that this evil system was behind all the trouble here in earth for all of these years. But because of blindness in part of true Israel, then we have allowed this great temptress to even mislead the children of God's kingdom.

But finally true Israel shall be delivered, and they will know just how this came about. As this happens then surely our people will realize that there is much more to this life here in earth, than just trying to stay alive and eventually go into heaven when we die.

As the 'tares' are taken out of the affairs of earth, so that this kingdom of darkness can fall surely our people will begin to be aware of what is happening?

Joanna Southcott also told us that in strictly symbolic meanings. Then as Pilate is talking to the mob as to what he should do. That he was saying symbolically ---whom should he release to the mob, --the Serpent or the Woman (of Revelation 12). And the mob called for the Serpent who would then rule in earth until the time for the downfall of Great Babylon.

Oh, you say, but surely God could have made it more easy for his people? God's answer is that if he had not made his chosen race, a little lower than the Angels. How could He have proved that they were a superior race if He did not have them face the same temptations as all others? How else could he have maintained the 'TREE OF LIFE’ as the answer of His Kingdom?

Verse 6:---Alleluia, for the LORD God OMNIPOTENT NOW REIGNS.

Verse 7:---Now comes this event called the Marriage of the Lamb, for his wife has made herself ready. And to her was granted that she (the lady of Revelation 12 --Israel) should be arrayed in fine lines, clean and white. ---Fine linen is the sign of righteousness of the Saints.

This Marriage supper symbolically is telling us that now YAHWEH our YAHSHUA is now joined with his people here in earth.

And John who has been thru so much now falls at the feet of this messenger who is showing him what is to finally happen, for these are TRUE SAYINGS OF YAHWEH (God). However this messenger tells John to stand up and not worship him, for he is only his fellow servant and brethren, that carries this testimony of

Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy. You are to worship YAHSHUA (Jesus) not one of the family who are now messengers.

From verse 11 on, of this Chapter 19 of Revelation, is the description of things that happen after Babylon falls:--Thus John saw the heavens opened and coming to earth was YAHSHUA, on this white horse, one of the symbols of Israel. And following him is the armies of heaven also on white horses. And this leader on the White horse is thus described:--His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head many crowns. He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood, and his name is ---THE WORD OF GOD! And the armies that followed him were also clothed in this fine lines, white and clean just as the wife of the Lamb, signifying the cleaning of the children of His kingdom.

Then out of the mouth of this great leader---goes a sharp sword, which is this Gospel of truth. That is the program of God for this earth and with this sharp sword of truth HE shall rule earth with a rod of iron, meaning total justice. He then displays the name on his vesture, and upon His thigh as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

Then John is shown another Angel standing as it is written--in the sun, and he cries to the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven to come and gather themselves for the supper of the GREAT GOD. For they are to eat the flesh of kings and captains and the flesh of mighty men. Thus symbolizing the destruction of all those, who have been in rebellion against the program of God for this earth.

Thus also symbolically you are now seeing the Beast (the world order system) and the kings or rulers on earth and their followers who oppose this rule of the Almighty, coming together to make war against HIM who sits on the white horse as KING OF KINGS. But the Beast (the world order system ruled by Lucifer) is taken, as is the false prophets and all who have wrought miracles that deceived the whole earth. All are taken and are now cast into the lake of fire, which is the Shekinah light of HE WHO SITS ON THE WHITE HORSE. For it is the sword of truth, out of HIS mouth that now destroys all that is against his kingdom rule here in earth.

Symbolically also you are thus told that there is nothing good in this other kingdom of Lucifer. It has only that which would be good for fowls to eat, and destroy, and this would be the carrion fowls. Thus now here comes our King, this time he does not come to die for the sins of his people, but to rule as KING OF KINGS, here in his kingdom on earth until all things develop as his program calls for.

Thus after making his chosen people a little lower than the Angels and putting them thru all the temptations faced by other races, now he can show that this 'Tree of Life' out of the Garden is maintained as those who rule with him in earth. Which is your destination for now. Not flying off into the heavens. Thus you pray as he told you to pray for His kingdom to come here in earth.

We will look at more things to come in the next month's work.