ERM - What's Next? Pt. 2


Revelation, Chapter 20


by Ella Rose Mast


In this chapter we find the story of one more thing which is to happen here at the end of the Age. For here is this story of how Lucifer this rebellious Archangel who has been controlling earth for so long is now finally to be confined. As Great Babylon, his kingdom in earth falls then a Great Angel comes to earth with a great chain and Lucifer is changed up and put in the Bottomless pit (the netherworld. Lucifer will thus not cause any more damage in earth for a long, long time.

Who could this Great Angel be? We wonder if it might be Michael the Archangel who IN CHARGE OF YAHWEH'S fleets, ran Lucifer out of the heavens when he rebelled? Besides in the book of Daniel Chapter 12, we find that it is Michael the Archangel that will again fight for the Children of God's kingdom just as he did before, back when they were still in spiritual realms. Lucifer rebelled because he would not acknowledge that YAHWEH had spiritual children who would rule with HIM, and thus be greater than Lucifer the created Archangel.

But now with Lucifer, this old Serpent, the Dragon, or the devil confined for 1000 years, the children of God's kingdom can finally do what they were supposed to do as they came into earth. Now they have the children to fill this kingdom. They have been thru a great testing and learning period. Thus now they can go forward with the program of setting in place the Administration of God's kingdom in earth, and perfect it until it is AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

With Lucifer no longer ruling the World order (the Beast system) we will no longer have problems with the other people of earth. They can now be turned to the right God. For then they are on their way to their renewing. For all things are to be put back in order as they were before their fall. Remember that after the fall of the earlier people in earth then no new spirits were supplied thus for them was this system of reincarnation, and now it will stop. So finally they will go back to their origin. For there is to be a restitution of all things.

Resurrection is the program for God's kingdom people. And this is called the First Resurrection. But Verse 5 says that the rest of the dead lived not again until the end of the 1000 years. Thus the first Resurrection is for Israel (God's kingdom) people. It is thus not the time for the rest of the world order. The people who make up the Israel of the bible, this Symbolic Woman of Revelation 12---have to be resurrected and restored first. "For the rest of the dead lived not again until the end of the 1000 years." Thus, here in earth under the Administration of the Kingdom. Then we should see many things take place.

Verse 6:---"Blessed and holy is he that hath a part in the first Resurrection, for on THEM the second resurrection hath no power." So where are they of this first resurrection but ruling this 1000 years here on earth with their Father, Jesus the Christ.

The most dangerous thing the Jews have to contend with is this mighty keystone of the Christian faith which is -----RESURRECTION. The idea that you do not have to die makes up the largest and strongest doctrine of the New Testament.

Now, we see ISRAEL regathered. Judah is now counted with the 12 tribes. They have gone thru their resurrection period. And those of the race who had gone on home before have returned with the Christ to collect the elements of their physical bodies that they left in earth. Now in their bodies of light, their spiritual bodies of light they will leave nothing in earth that belongs to them. Thus Lucifer will not be able to say that he gained anything by claiming the bodies of the children of the Kingdom. Nothing will be left in his possession. Jesus showed you this body of light after his rising from the tomb.

Now, as Hale-Bopp pointed out in its trek across the signs in the heavens, God's children are now in the care of their Father, and nothing can harm them now. They have learned their lesson well and now are ready to rule with HIM.

Oh! You say but what about those of Israel who have ruled one hour with the Beast system? Did they not take their mark in the forehead? If they are not willing to turn as of yet they will go out with the 'tares' for further education, which will not take long.

Now, as to the end of an age---this means there is now a limit to which the forces of darkness can operate. And generally the beginning of a new age is measured in the sky. We think we saw this with Hale-Bopp, and now we are still seeing such measures. For overhead is the sign of Andromeda, which contained the kingdom story. We have spoke of this measure before so you have it in your material. We have spoken of the fact that the ultimate medium of control is grain--food. Thus, the enemy needs to control food. Well look at the control of Agriculture here in the U. S. since Roosevelt and the 1930's. Agriculture which is 60% of the economy in farm country is so controlled even today that it is now hard to make a living on a farm. Where as before that you could do the same thing on 80 acres.

And yes we are still in big trouble in our nation, and we are just trying to get by until this time of trouble ends. For we remember that the word America means heavenly kingdom. And also we know that the only way to get your attention is to bring to pass all of the things which HE said is to happen. So we wait and watch for what is NEXT.

Now back to Revelation, the 20th chapter. This is the story concerning this one--lucifer, the devil. And also it tells of God's plan for this rebellious Arch angel. And we find that after he has been confined for 1000 years, still he has not learned his lesson. For we are told that 'Lucifer will be loosed from his prison for a little while.' And sure enough he goes out on the earth once more and begins to deceive the nations once more. And yes, there is still a seed line on earth that have gone thru these long years of Peace, and Justice --this rule of iron) but still they turn once more to follow Lucifer as he calls to them. And they will come once more against the children of God's kingdom, to destroy. But this time it is different. We see that as they come they will be destroyed with the Shekinah Glory coming out of the heavens. And finally Lucifer, himself is cast into that so called 'Lake of fire' (the Shekinah Glory) where we also find the Beast system (the world order) and the false prophet, and now all error is to be burned out of them.

Where does this take place? Well probably not here in earth where the kingdom administration has been ruling with justice for all. For Swift thought and the Star Bible seems to indicate that there is a Constellation out in space called ERA where this will take place. There are those who will not accept the Christ or bow the knee who have been living off of you as parasites all these years and now they will have to live with one another of their own kind. And this will seem like torture to them no doubt. But in time we know that "All shall bow the knee and YAHWEH shall even get his Archangel back. And Lucifer will never again be rebellious ---no--never again.

Verse 10:---This verse where it says these are to be tortured forever and forever. This is simply man's interpretation after some of Old Babylon's philosophy was sowed into the minds of men. We remember that here is to be a restitution of all things, in God's plan and purpose.

Now, John is shown the Great White throne, and only one sat on that throne and this was YAHWEH, WHO IS OUR YAHSHUA WHO IS THE JUDGE OF BOTH HEAVEN AND EARTH. He is the one who regathers and restores HIS ISRAEL.

We see by the daily paper that some people get strange ideas at times. For instance we noticed in the Daily paper where one gentleman thinks that some people may be Biblical but not Christian? He is in my way of thinking a person who has not studied the scriptures, or perhaps not understood what he reads. Thus, he asks: "Are the two ways the same? Is there any evidence that Jesus Christ ever pushed people away or even scolded them on account of their age, sexual gender, or sexual orientation? Did Jesus have a right to draw a line between himself and the Old Testament? Did He have a right to say: “You have heard it said, an eye for an eye, but I say unto you?” Is the New Testament necessary? And are the words of Jesus and HIS example of love and caring relevant to our Faith?

Surely this gentleman has not studied the Bible or he would not have asked such questions, for they are all answered in the scriptures. We would say that this gentleman does not even realize that Jesus Christ is and was YAHWEH in the flesh. The One and only God Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. His questions do not require an answer for all he has to do is look in his Bible. But we have said this many times---To understand the scripture you have to start at the beginning and build in knowledge from there. But for this time of the end of an age, then if you do not understand the beginning then of course you cannot trace a people down thru the ages. Then you will not be able to understand the end of the story as laid out in the last of the Book of Revelation.

Verse 12:---The books are now opened, and the dead are judged out of the things written.---

Dr. Swift told us that these last 5 verses of this chapter were not found in the original scripture. I tend to agree, for you do not find this in the ancient Star Bible either. For from this time on as YAHSHUA joins his people, there is no judgment on them. And the Book of Life in the heavens, just lists the names of His Children, placed there before the foundations of this earth were laid.

For with HIM--then His people think like He thinks. The time of their Resurrection has come, and the administration of His kingdom is set in place. This is the period of rest promised for the children of the kingdom. Oh, you thought there was a rapture promised that would bring this rest? The scripture says that we meet Christ in the Air. This is only man's translation. You will meet HIM in these air breathing bodies, which will be changed. But He is coming to earth to take command. So why would you want to go out into space somewhere, and perhaps set around a big table and eat turkey for 3 1/2 years while the devil here is earth is destroying all that you have built over the ages, as you tried to set the world free?

As long as you are here in earth in the physical, you will be in air breathing bodies. And more than that Jesus showed you this after He arose from the tomb.

The second death in this chapter is that you are finally getting rid of the grave and its so-called perdition. And tho this has no effect on the children of the kingdom who are now with their Father, and in the Kingdom, where there is no more sorrow, pain or death. Still, there is much promised in time for the other people of earth. For before the fall of Lucifer, and his coming to earth, we understand that those people then in earth, did not see death as we know it today. And they were able to move from Constellation to Constellation in the heavens. They did not have to send a little machine to sniff out rocks on the planet of Mars, no doubt they knew what was there. Thus this is the time for the rest of the people of earth, in this pattern of the Restitution of all things.

We read that the people whose names are not written in the book of Life are to be cast into this so called 'Lake of fire'. This my friends is Shekinah Light which burns out the error out of peoples minds. Thus, for them also comes this time of the renewing of the mind. And when you are free to think right then you are free indeed.

Next we will look at the next chapter, Revelation 21, to see what more John saw that will finally be learned here at the end of the book of Revelation.