ERM - What's Next? Pt. 3

WHAT'S NEXT?---Part 3

REVELATION, Chapter 21


by Ella Rose Mast


Here John sees a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and earth has passed away and now there is no sea. (Division). Would you not say that this is telling you that this present world order ruled by Lucifer, which has trapped many of the children of the kingdom is now passed away? Now there is no division between the Kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God here in earth. Now God's people are under his protection. Their education here in earth is finished except for some hold outs who will soon realize what is being portrayed

Now there is no limit on the capacity of this Kingdom to grow and advance here in earth as the children of God without this temptation of Lucifer's kingdom to blind them. Now they can move forward in their destiny. Thus there is no limit for God's Kingdom which now John understands is his race--the Adamites coming out of the heavens. And called the New Jerusalem, portrayed as a bride, adorned for her husband. This part of the story, is found in the Star Bible in the constellation of Andromeda.

This second verse is the key to unlock this chapter. For John now understands the program and plan of YAHWEH FOR THIS EARTH. How HE planned for the overthrow of Lucifer as well as your part in this great battle of purpose.

Thus now John can understand this symbolic city called New Jerusalem, which is this people of his race coming out of the heavens (spiritual realm) all of this time from Adam and Eve on down. No longer are you to long for old Jerusalem, that trouble spot of the ancient world and still the same in today's world.

John is now seeing the end of this age, and he on mount Patmos was a long way back in history, but now he is seeing the unveiling of the people of God's kingdom, who came out of the spirit realm into the physical for a definite purpose. Thus YAHWEH WHO IS OUR YAHSHUA would thus come and redeem his people of earth, and now at the end of the age remove the rule of this rebellious arch Angel. As this picture unfolds, then John can now understand this Woman of Revelation 12, as well as this symbolic New Jerusalem, he saw coming out of the heavens. And here now he understands that this woman of Revelation 12 is the Israel of the scriptures. She is also symbolically the bride and the Lamb's wife.

Verse 3:---John hears a great voice coming out of the heavens saying;--‘Behold! The tabernacle of God is now with men and HE (YAHSHUA) shall dwell with them and they shall be his people.’ Thus God Himself shall be with them and be their God.

The Companion Bible says that God has promised to dwell with his people (Restored Israel) in their land. This in the MILLENNIUM when the Kingdom Administration is set in place. Here we have the final glorious fulfillment of the prophecy of Isa: 14 and of Matthew 1:23, ‘Immanuel,’ meaning God with us.

Verse 4:---This is when HE wipes away all tears, and things are now like they were before as his people tried to keep their bearing as they moved under this influence of the World Order ruled by the devil. Thus, now the former things have all passed away. And the time has come for this new heaven and earth. All the pain, and sorrow, and crying of this dying age are now gone as the Children of the Kingdom of God have finally reached their period of rest. Safely now they move under the protection of their Great King. This then fulfilled not only the story of our Bible but also that of the ancient Star bible.

Verse 5:--The HE, YAHSHUA-Immanuel ---HE who sat upon the throne said to John,--"WRITE THESE WORDS, FOR THEY ARE TRUE AND FAITHFUL.”

Verse 6:--And HE also said unto John:---"IT IS DONE ---I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of waters of Life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things, and I will be His God and he shall be my son."

Verse 8:--But the fearful, and unbelieving, abominations, the murderers, and whore mongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, all liars shall have their time in the 'Lake of Fire' (Shekinah Light). Which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death.

This is speaking of the unbelievers, and not of Israel, this is when those have their time in this so called Lake of fire which is the Shekinah light where all error is burned out of them.

Verse 9:--Then John is taken to the place where he is to see the Bride who is also the Lamb's wife.

Verse 10:--Here John is in the spirit and he is carried away to a great and high mountain (nation) where it is now explained to him, this New Jerusalem, this coming down out of the heavens all these years. After this he will not have any doubts as to what is to happen next for his people.

Verse 11:--And this New Jerusalem has the Glory of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, and her light was like a great stone, most precious. Is this not the "Pearl of Great Price?" Is this not that which Christ paid for ---on the Cross? So that HE might take out of this world order --His family down here in the flesh? Which HE considered "A PEARL OF GREAT PRICE." For his family was down here under the influence of that old Serpent, or dragon, the devil of Revelation 12:3.

Now; the old land of Palestine and especially that old city of Jerusalem had its time of greatness in history. The first time was as the Aryans or Adamites came into that old land and built the great city of Peace, called Orusalem. It was then from here that Enoch and Job and 12,000 from each month of the year went into Egypt to build the great monuments to their God.

The second time was when God brought his people out of Egypt and back to this old land to take it from the Canaanites and others who had taken it over as they killed the Aryans in the city of Peace after Enoch and job and the savants had gone into Egypt.

The third time was when the Great Temple was built in the time of Solomon. Built for YAHWEH their God. And this kingdom of Israel then lasted for 40 years as one of the wonders of the world.

Today the abomination of the desolator lives in the old city. They have a symbol that marks them as standing for judgment, and they do not seem to realize this, and neither does many of our people. But the Candlestick holder for them has nine candles, the symbol of judgment, whereas for Israel it was only seven candles, the fulfillment of a race, a people of God's kingdom.

Verse 12:---This city--New Jerusalem being further described, says that there is a wall great and high. And to enter this New Jerusalem then you must go thru the gates into the city. In each of the four walls there are three gates. The same on the north, south and east and west. Over the north gate there are three names:---Asher (Norway), Dan (Denmark, and Naphtali. On the east three gates with the names of Issachar (Finland), Judah (Germany) and Zebulun (the Slavic nations.) On the south three gates with the names of Simeon (Spain), Reuben (Italy, to start with then being unstable, they moved north to the Netherlands), and Gad (Northern Italy). And on the west the three gates with the names of Manasseh (The U.S.A.), Ephraim (Britain), and Benjamin (little Iceland.) Thus, this is the outline of the 12 tribes of Israel in their western homelands after their migrations.

Thus you see to enter this kingdom then you have to be from the same people, the 12 tribes of Israel which you have been following all thru the scriptures. Thus, this is the Kingdom seed for these last days. The New Jerusalem is now uncovered and exposed to the world.

Oh, you say but People are still hanging on to old Jerusalem, they will never accept anything else. The greatest drawback today is clearing the mind of our people who are their teachers. For if the teacher is still on a milk diet then the people will still be on the bottle. But YAHWEH'S people are to rise and become a spiritually energized and mighty people. This will happen for it is one of the promises.

Further describing this New Jerusalem John is told that the foundations of this New Jerusalem are the 12 Apostles of YAHSHUA, with Mathias in place of Judas of Iscariot. This keeps the number at 12 that basic number of Israel. The Angel measuring the city finds that it is a perfect cube of 12,000 furlongs. In Solomon's temple the 'Holy of Holy' was a perfect cube of 20 units. The foundations of those walls of the great symbolic city are describes as being like unto the great stones found in Aaron's breastplate. And the gates are described as being of 12 Pearls. Thus again in this description the alluding to the "Pearl of great Price" which was in the world, and which Christ died on the cross to take out of the world.

Thus you see, the same people in the old testament are those in the New Testament and also in this symbolic city---New Jerusalem. The same who make up the Great Nation and the Company of nations promised to Abraham. The streets of this New Jerusalem are described as being of pure gold, as it were ---transparent glass. This is also referring to those who have been tired as gold in the fire of Shekinah light.

Verse 22:---There is no Temple in this New Jerusalem for the LORD God Almighty, this Lamb, YAHSHUA IS THE LIGHT, THEREOF. And since HE is that ONE we worship, then there is no need for a temple with a Holy of Holies for HE is now with HIS people.

Verse 24:---And with the sheep nations on his right hand during the millennium then the others of earth will bring their glory and honor into this symbolic city. For every knee will bend and every tongue finally confess that this YAHSHUA IS YAHWEH IN THE FLESH. The one and only ALMIGHTY GOD. He is thus to his people, and thru them to the world.

John is told that no one may enter into this New Jerusalem that will in any way defile it. Nor any abominations will be allowed in. Only those that have their names written in the Lamb's book of life are the administrator of this great symbolic city.

Thus once again we have identification of the generations of the Children of Israel---all of the Tribes---now restored Israel and with their Father.