Patterns Of Judgment, 5-6-63

This sermon was evidently repeated on January 9th, 1965 - WRF



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-6-63

As you turn to our subject this afternoon, I think that you are well aware that there are people in the world today who have great fear as to the knowledge of God's judgment. The relationship of the believer and his father is always found in the concept of the individual and in the background of the teaching he has received as a Child, or, has he been raised in any area of theistical or theological thought. Therefore the attitude of the Individual as to what is to come to pass, or what God's attitude is toward him is all dependent on what he has been taught. And we recognize that from the beginning of Christ’s teaching to his disciples, and the great areas which preceded this thru out the great development of theological knowledge of our race . . . that there was biblical teaching, and foundational teaching concerning God's plan, concerning the individual, concerning his destiny, the conclusion of his purposes, and ultimately what was to be his destiny. We are to understand that in the multiples of old testament scriptures, with a great number of these scriptures not found in our bible, but they still exist. And in the records which we have of the scriptures we can pick up these things in Revelation. In the New Testament, in the new Covenant we continue to pick up the pattern of Revelation. We are vitally interested in what Christ taught his disciples . . . what he brought back to their remembrance, and what the spirit bears witness to in the days of the early church.

We are more concerned about their opinions and the things they received directly from God, than we are as to what was interpreted in Rome, or any of the Protestant leaders from that day onward. We are well aware that an attempt has been made thru out the years seeking to change the foundation of scriptural truth. They also by these changes pervert God and his nature in many ways and have created barriers to divine understanding.

Now; these barriers are not endless barriers, because the spirit of God crosses these barriers, and his spirit bears witness with your spirit as to what is true. Thus there are things, even inside of the bible. But as you read them, you will find that they do not bear witness with you, until they are properly translated and in their proper place. If you in reading the bible, have not come across some of these opaque patterns, then my friends, you have not studied it very far and these would seem puzzling. But we know that in the word of God that a wayfaring man nor a fool could not err therein. So we come upon areas of teaching or translation that we cannot understand or know, and because of this we have these areas of semi opaqueness. There is always one great key to the knowledge and understanding of God and that is what has been revealed to us of God himself. These factors tell us that the spirit can bear witness to a child of God because he has the capacity to understand. The magnitude of God's greatness is Omniscience, Omnipotent, and all power and he can do everything which he desires to do because he consummates his purpose. Knowing this . . . that God is God . . . there can be no limitation upon what God can accomplish. There can be no barrier placed in his accomplishing it. And there is no limit upon his resources to bring it to pass. Virtually the whole Universe is put together by him, held together by him, and for him. The Apostle Paul has this brought back to his cognition and he declares it in the book of Colossians, after his heavenly experiences. As far as God is concerned there is no limit upon what, he can do and what he will do. And of course if there was something that needed to be put together to accomplish that results God would also do this as he has declared. Thus it is that anything that relates to divine purpose shall be brought to pass. So within the course of these things we learn certain things about judgment.

Judgment, we associate with the patterns of Justice. And we associate Judgment with human behavior, or the behavior of any type thru out God's universe. We have been given certain concepts which we associate with justice. Largely our thoughts of judgment is built the incompleteness as we deal with the problems of law within our society or in the course of the patterns of existence. As they relate to us as those of our race who have dwelt in earth, we think always of Judgments in relationship to the law. And obedience to the law bringing a condition wherein there is no requirement for judgment . . . a relationship, which requires no judgment, just a full understanding as to how and why the law has been violated. This is especially true as we relate to the social law in our own society and we place human judges upon the bench and then depend upon their sagacity to interpret the law as it has been written. Unfortunately we are living in a generation when this is not always the result, however, that was intended by our founding fathers, that all standards of government must be based upon a principal of law. The law must either been handed down with a divine oracle, or be the byproduct morally and ethically of the compounding of his destiny and obedience. Around those areas thru which a society passes. As far as divine law is concerned, it is final and it is ultimate. The laws of God are based around things as they are put together. They were not created to scare people. They were not created to hold people in repression. The whole process of God's creation is open, expanding and frank. It is beyond the ability of any man to understand and perceive at a given point . . . this process of God promises again to you a race, begotten of his spirit before the world was framed, the restoration and understanding of this part of his universe and their destiny. At the present time you must deal with the law which you find yourself existing in. You are at the present time dwelling in earth, as you are aware. And as such you are classifying yourself as people. And in this instance, all of you are members of the white race, and you are a specific ethnic group in the world, altho a lot of churches are trying to obscure this reality that you belong to an ethnic group and that you have a specific destiny and a specific faith and a specific background which is different than any other people on the face of the earth.

Now; we do not have to prove these facts for they are self existent. As I look out upon this congregation, it is also evident that the status of what you and I agree to marks you as separate from mongrelized and incompatible congregations. We point out to you that at this moment we are concerned about our existence in the earth and our relationship to it. But I want you to know that you are not to look into tomorrow with fear and not look at the word judgments ahead with any fear existing in the seat of your consciousness. This is because judgment is not working against you. And in the first place the patterns of law which might relate to spiritual law and obligations . . . this has already been settled at one final point in human history. This is the lifting of every condemnation from you, every white man descending from Adam, every individual or your household and race. There has been lifted from you at one given point . . . all judgment which would rest upon you for any violation or principal of law . . . that you may have by and design or inadvertently committed.

Now; you say but this is not justice. But it is justice on a divine scale with its greatest manifestation in the English language for your race. For you are the children of your father. And you may be happy in that this afternoon. For if you were not the children of your father and lacked the spirit for restoration in the height of his destiny for you, then you might not be in such a good position this afternoon. The reason why we may sing such hymns of praise is because God is worthy of such praise and is constituted in the majesty of his working that is beyond anything you or I have earned or could achieve were it not for his intervention.

So I tell you that when we say judgment, it is rather a wide word. If people are thinking of a personal judgment that relates to every individual act and every thought and every process, which has gone thru their lives while they exist, then because of theological teaching, have been told that they must worry about this when all of these points are divided up someday before a great court, it will determine what their eternal destiny is going to be.

I want you to know this afternoon that your eternal destiny has already been settled in the heavens. And nothing that you have done or are going to do is going to change that destiny, for you are going to measure up to the image of the Son, you are going to receive the full glory of God. And you are going to fulfill in the destinies of tomorrow that which God willed before you ever came into earth. You have nothing this afternoon to fear. Perfect knowledge and perfect love casts out all fear. But I did not say that you have been taken out of the area of being touched by any judgment. The process of the violation of divine law in a living society is generally a process of disintegration, because it takes out of balance the living organism in which you live. It is impossible for you, me, or any creature to get out of the environment of the existence of God. It is impossible for us to get out of adjustment with the will of God and the laws of God without getting out of adjustment with the very Universe which He holds together. There is no greater disintegrating force which works in the physical body of men than for their consciousness to be out of alignment with God. And the catalyst of forces which is then in motion, can destroy even the structure of the body and can bring great waves of catastrophe upon whole areas of society. When we point out to you that everything is held together by these forces of divine energy we then point out the whole electronic universe that you have round about. In fact, the physicist well understands that the book keeping elements that holds the electrons and the protons together to make that electron a reality. The holding and the firmness of this form, this substance in itself is mentoid energy. It is the wavelength of divine energy which is a particle even of the atom. The Universe and all that is therein is dependent upon the nature of God. This being so the individual who is out of adjustment with God and even in the areas of his own understanding, and even in the patterns of his own thought waves is affecting the society round about, and is affecting his own well being as to the physical point of that well being.

Thus it is that we look out again at a universe made with these patterns of law organized by patterns of divine energy, by a God who is enough to add to any condition of environment the eventual circumstance to bring to completion what he purposes to do. Whether in the course of human experience, whether you dwelt in earth, or became an active participant in carrying out a portion of God's program in establishing his kingdom, or the putting down of areas of darkness and evil, or whether you were a part of the casualties involved in this struggle, and were not fully aware of what you were doing . . . there was out of this process and its patterns of experience that which in the mind of God, had determined was worthwhile, for he sent you into the world for the expansion of your own life style.

Now we point out to you that All things are made on the patterns of law. And this law is quite universal. Thru out the Universe as the spectrograph will show us from the furthermost planet to the areas thru out our sidereal system and from the burning suns which are held together from the same patterns of energy, and that the elements are the same all over the Universe according to this pattern of light. Thus, we are well able to see the vast scope of God's organization.

Now; we tell you this afternoon that there are also laws of organization. In fact every law that is related to any individual’s existence is according to organization of the way that they were made. We well understand that there are certain chemical laws in existence if you bring certain chemical substances together into combinations. Some of them will immediately start to foam and some may produce an explosion. Thus you have mixed substances together which are not compatible to stay together without an explosive factor. And if that explosion takes place and you lose a hand or an arm, then God is not mad at you. If something transpired because you put together the wrong combinations and you did not know it, then you can say.. I am a victim of my own ignorance. If you knew this thing would happen and you put them together, still this does not mean that someone is mad at you. It is still just the result of a law . . . a law which is fixed and a law which is firm. And when these policies are carried out this then is the explosive results. The same may also be stated that this would be a natural judgment, a judgment of the law of things as they are. The great pattern of divine law says that as a man sows so also shall he reap. This is not talking about the expanse of human nature or the expanse of the human soul of the everlasting patterns of the eternal spirit. This is talking about the fact which God brings out to the Apostle Paul, that the field in which a man sows is also the field in which a man must reap. So therefore the areas in which sowing and reaping take place are in the very existence in which these situations have developed or been made. There are areas of sowing which effect a whole society in which a society in part may be partly responsible and whole societies may be effected by it. There are areas of sowing and reaping which pass down thru generations in the world, and still in the earth. And therefore we may then say that the sins of the fathers and the mothers pass down to the third and the fourth generation. Not because God is angry or trying to bring about a revenge, but because of certain patterns of natural law which were thus violated. Thus in the areas of these unchangeable catastrophe are the violations which concern the ethnic laws and the laws of spiritual foundation, in the thinking of man, God's warning to your race from the days of the fall of Adam and Eve on down to the various areas of your race makes one of the greatest catastrophes which could have happened to your race, . . . this the intermingling of your race with other species, with other races who had different origins and different capacities. This would bring about the mutation of your species and bring about great catastrophes and this would descend upon your offspring to the third and fourth generations, and even up to the tenth generation, as far as the leadership, or attainment inside of your society. This being so, this violation of law brought its social impact. There are patterns of law which concern moral and ethical conduct. God saved you an experimental pattern by giving such laws which were given to Moses on Mount Sinai. There were laws of instructions which were given unto the patriarchs. There were conversations with God as to how things were. These were given to Adam and to Seth, as well as all of the offspring of Adam. There has never been an age where God’s Grace has not given it law.

Someone said;--there is no Grace in law. But there is a lot of Grace in being given an understanding of law, so that you do not have to tear yourself apart and move into an age of ignorance. Your race never came, my friends, into this earth without inspiration or guidance. The earliest of your race had a written language, as well as a spoken language. You had the knowledge of technology, and astronomy and so forth that the other races did not have. Those round about had superstitions instead. You have always possessed this because you were a transplanting from heaven to earth. This plays an important part in your understanding. You are children of Adam after the flesh but you were the children of God after the spirit. And you were children of spirit before your residence in earth ever took place. Because of this you are subject to spiritual laws, which are far different than those for some people who were created in earth, or other parts of the Universe. We bring this out because there can be no understanding of the vastness of the things we find by faith in this complex and tremendous document, except we know the foundation of these patterns.

There is one thing I want you to know, that placing you in this environment, knowing what the conditions would be before they transpired, this being a quality of omniscience, God had made complete provisions to restore and put into place any area of casualty which might effect you, and which any violation of law might bring upon you. Wherein these patterns are ethical and economical, or whether they relate to the conduct of society, or whether they might be interpreted because of the tremendous areas of its violence, or the weight of catastrophe, which might induce whole areas of social and economical plight or even areas of wars and destruction. Because they seem larger and greater to it because of the numbers affected in this impact. We may measure it by aberrance and selfishness all which are beneath the status of a son of God thinking correctly, synchronized with his father, and knowing that he is the heir of all things . . . and that these attitudes of human behavior are not necessary.

We point out to you then that in the magnitude of God's purpose and Grace He has made this statement;---He has determined from the beginning that for misconduct and human behavior, in which the normal natural processes the wages would be death. But as it relates to the consciousness of the soul and the eternal nature of the spirit, God has established an understanding of the law.

Now; --this is the law of the spirit, and this law is immutable. It makes no difference whether every clergyman, ever Bishop, every Priest or Pope say that this is not true. God has said that the spirit is Eternal and is incorruptible . . . that you have been born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. Thus, no one is going to destroy it. No one is going to touch it. No devil, no force, nor evil can touch the spirit with which you were begotten in the spirit. And your Celestial or spirit body is beyond the touching of any force or power in God's universe.

Now; this does not mean that everyone possesses a spirit like this. But every Adamite, everyone in your household possessed a spirit like this before they came into earth. This is the reason that in the heavens above there are dimensions of spirit which only the spirits out of God's own essence can turn to. Under these circumstances this is the reason why Jesus said;---No man can ascend into the heavens lest he came down out of there. This is talking about the highest of the heavens.

Now; this has nothing to do with God's creations which he created in many forms, the original creation upon the earth, which were not of course of the Adamic race. They have their relationship to God, but they did not come down out of the heavens, for they were created on the earth. This is the area in which they started and this is the area in which they will stay. As far as others, there are people in earth today who were brought into earth in Lucifers rebellion. Their race lines do not belong here. And ultimately they will be put back where they came from. The fact remains that they were God's creation, but they were not the issue of God's own life, as is your Adamic race.

Now; when we talk about judgments, then judgments are the violation of divine law. The greatest depression that can come to the human soul is a guilt complex. For awareness is brought upon him by the continual rightness of the spirit, which acts as a guiding balance, a variable meter in his consciousness, which gives him an awareness that he has not been doing the things which are right. And with this realization that his conduct was not right, then he developed what we call a guilt complex. This is an oppressive pattern which drives men to full insanity. And the weight and enormity of their actions upon other people sometimes develops in their consciousness. There is no need today for a psychiatrist to deal with a true Christian. There is no need for anyone who has a relationship with Christ to have to turn to a mechanical process, or a self-annalist idea of these results. Because I want you to understand this afternoon, that in this purpose which God himself wrought. He has taken all judgment off of your soul. He has utterly removed from you any condemnation. And He said He did not come in to condemn either you or the world, but came that he might bring life.

Now; he also stated and the scriptures bear testimony to this, that He came to justify his own household, having taken upon his own body. And we are told in Romans . . . and this would be the judgments of death and the curse of the violation of divine law. He said; I take this upon myself, nailing it to my cross. I have taken this curse of judgment off of you, and nailed it to my cross. Therefore, you are no longer under condemnation. And because I have become your substitute, you have passed from death unto life. Your guilt complexes can roll away and you can move without fear. And when you become aware of an area of error, then you can correct that error without worrying about what is going to transpire, because of the error that is in the past.

Now; as far as eternal life is concerned Jesus has already declared that this is untouched for he said;---I give my sheep eternal life and they shall never perish. Never let any ecclesiastical person ever proclaim gloom or doom on any individual who is a part of the household of God. You do not have to worry about what has been pledged to any other society outside of your own race, because you do not have to answer for anything but yourself.

Now; we find that the scriptures talk about various judgment seats. We are told about various kinds of judgments. The most important areas of these judgments lies in the areas in which you are living . . . the violations of divine law bring their own catastrophe. The great problems facing America this afternoon are problems of judgment. We are told as Peter writes, that judgment begins at the house of God. And if we who are believers, carefully survive the violations of divine law, what is going to be the end of those who do not understand, and do not believe? We are not talking about their eternal destiny, but we are talking about the end results of their violations of law. If we had paid attention to divine law, we would have paid more attention as to who would make up the population of this nations. If we had been aware of divine law, we would not have strangers dwelling among us, in any permanent residence and in opposition to our God, and inassimilable by our race. And we would not have allowed them to gain positions of authority as teachers of our children, or to move into the areas of political life. If we had obeyed the economic laws of God, we would not have permitted these people to start their economic system of Babylonian usuary in our society. And we would never have had depressions, or been involved in wars where we sacrificed thee blood of our sons for their greed, and their avarice, and their world design. So when we point this out there is tremendous judgment, these conditions that we are suffering from here in America this afternoon, the 'right winger,’ the intelligent ones which the LA Times does not care for . . . these intelligent, awakened people, are aware that we are in a process of judgment. And we don't like it and want to do something about it. This being natural judgment from an area of divine law, means that you have to start rectifying the condition to get out of this continual process of reaping what you are sowing.

He did not say that he had sent this depression on you because he was angry. He told you what to do and you ignored the law of God and in this instance turned to let the stranger take over the economy, and you got a depression, you have a war, you have trouble, and you have created destruction just like the chemist who created the mixture which did him harm. There is no anger in God as to the relationship of what you eat or drink He has told you to be intelligent and be temperate in all things. He has told you that there are some foods that you cannot digest. And he has given you the knowledge in the areas of biochemistry to help you to know these thing. Back in the days of the Old Testament, we had excellent advice and this advice was given tremendous input, and it had input.

Now; you may eat what you want to and you can get sick and die, but God is not mad at you. For you did it yourself. I can tell you this, that whatsoever God had unveiled is true, and whatsoever He has told our race is true. And a smart man will listen to God before he listens to a man like Kennedy. And I want you to become aware of this . . . that even in the areas of these processes of law, or the laws of society whereas you become upset and unbalanced. The majesty of your father to throw power and energy into these situations is great. So when these forces surround you, in this area when what you sow, you are now reaping, whether in a biological area or whether this be in a social area, or whether this might be in an area of impact which might affect your home or your life there is a reversal of these processes. For the individual son or daughter has the right to appeal to the great judge who says, I no longer condemn you --but these are the areas of the natural reaping. His Grace can set aside that spiritual concussion, and he can pour in spiritual energy which trains men and change conditions even in your environment. And this is your petition, which is called prayer, which is a means of communication by meditation and by desire. For God not only knows the desire of your heart but he is more willing to fulfill the desire of your correction and your needs, then most people in cognition reach for.

Now; these are not patterns of sanctimonious platitudes but these are patterns of law that relate to living . . . the patterns of divine living and the seat of your consciousness in parallel with his own divine mind. Thus we point out to you that these are processes of law. We have had depicted by translators, and especially by theologians who thought that the process of human conduct would be best served by processes of fear. The more terrible they painted the judgments that went beyond the grave, the more they thought they were going to bring men into areas of obedience. Sometimes because they had a desire to improve upon their conduct according to their vision, or because they wanted to hold them under the power of their ecclesiastical authority, even more aware in this design than they were of their well being. So there can be no substitution of truth for the whims of Clergy in order to accomplish a management of control. There is no greater power to synchronize a people together than to be synchronized with the will of God and the knowledge of God, and to understand the love of God.

There is no greater process than to know your destiny, the graciousness of God, the will of God, and the love of God, does not forestall, however, chastising judgment. It is important for you to understand that except where the lesson is learned, chastisement is a process of the law as he says. The scripture tells us that those he loves he chastens, just as you chasten your child to make him obey so that he might grow up and be in stature a young man or woman of whom you could be proud. One of our great problems today is that we have gotten away from chastening in the home and we have turned this all over to the psychiatrists and the principals of God and over to the aliens into raising our youth. This is why you are told way back in the patterns of the scriptures, that you could spare the rod and spoil the child, and that is biblical.

Now; you are not going to upset their psychological balances when you make them obey. But you will upset the whole balance of all youth if you do not make known to them the patterns of righteousness and enforce them. You will get no more out of society than you have sown in your own home, or in the areas where you had contact.

Now; the patterns of judgment --there is no design on the part of any balanced person, or parent to chasten, except where that chastening will be for the good of the structural life of the child. And God in the magnitude of his Grace and his love so far is above anything which you and I can perceive, tho the heavens be above the earth, his understanding his light is Great above that of yours. For yours is a reflection of him, whereas you treat your children with love and with grace, he infinitely has treated you with Grace, and has transplanted these concepts into your heart. Thus we call your attention to the fact that the judgments that we are reaping today are on our daily life. And we are reaping them today because of the areas of violation of divine law. Therefore the nations that obey the law of God and rectify the areas of their existence in relationship to this law where they have been out of joint, suddenly come back into areas of blessing and prosperity.

This great nation of ours has truly been blessed of God. Our forefathers were guided to this land in the performance of a great destiny. And here with spiritual faith, and a desire to make this a concrete foundation, we watched the expansion of these colonies of this great nation under guidance and blessing. And we watched this spiritual blessing which became a material understanding as we developed the resources of this great society. And all of the problems that you have in America today come from this violation of divine law, from people who are unassimilatable or processes of law which are not workable. So again we point out that there must be a restoration of this process.

There are those who say that we should not pay any attention to law for we have passes the area of law unto Grace. We have not passed from the law unto Grace in the process of the working of the law, because if anyone tells you this afternoon that the law is not good they err. For the law was good and the law becomes the schoolmaster instructor to bring you up to the higher concept of the divine life in Christ, the light and the glory to bring you into life, and light and perfection. Because there is not a man or woman under condemnation of the law today as far as your soul nature is concerned, has not eliminated from you the reaping of judgment for the violation of law by society and your part in it. We point out that these are processes of judgment. When we look out over the world we see that there are many judgments that are developing and these judgments sometimes become the great holocausts of nature and of time. It is an understood pattern also, that a great number of individuals in their thinking and in their purposes are out of synchronization with the mind of God. And they catalyze these energies to carry out an evil operation, that they set in motion great waves of energy which can have an effect upon the physical world round about. This is a spiritual law higher in understanding than the materialist will understand.

We point out to you that there have been records in the scriptures and there will be more, of the areas of the intensity of Satanic vibrations was so great that as they sought the destruction of God's people, that the very earth quivered and opened up and swallowed up the evil. There have been times like this in the persecution of the men of God. There have been times when earthquakes and floods brought judgment. This did not call for a vengeful attitude on the part of God who put all things together. But is the result of that energy catalyzed in darkness, which set up that wavelength of vibratory reaction which upsets the balance of nature. And when he says;---a thousand can fall at your side and no harm will come night to thee.

We will leave this area because it would require several Sundays just to discuss the catalyst of mental power, and its impact upon the earth. But I tell you that God knows how this great catalyst builds up, and one of the greatest judgments of all times, a judgment sown by the very powers of it, will be a catastrophe which will hit Israeli, split the Mount of Olives, and swallow up a whole area of evil which they have engendered against his kingdom.

We point out to you that in this hour in which we live we are approaching a great day in history, and it is called "The day of the LORD." Sometimes referred to as the day of YAHWEH, and also called the Day of the judgment. And this day is called a great judgment day because of the things which are going to happen. Turn to the book of Revelations and you discover that this is the kind of judgment where God intervenes, to put things in their proper balance and order. In the book of John, we are told that Jesus said he had been given all of the powers of judgment in the earth. That the Eternal God holding his body in the heavens would put all powers of judgment under Him, all powers of balance in his hands.

Now; in the structure of the book of Revelations we see that a lot of things have happened which historically, had been prophesied and fulfilled. There have been many martyrs put to death for the testimony of Jesus the Christ. The powers of darkness have waged war against Christian civilization and its powers behind the iron curtain has brought unprecedented anguish, in your time. And in your lifetime there has been millions and millions of people put to death because they were Christian. So Communism despised and hated them. And whether Mr. Mott likes it or not, it was the politics of the devil. We point out to you that within that same strategy there comes a time when 'it is enough'. The cry of the Saints is for deliverance . . . the call of judgment which sometimes says;--come and avenge, Oh, God.

Now; it is not the policy of an angry God riding in for vengeance. It is the pattern of the law which must destroy the darkness and break the power of evil so that righteousness can continue. There are people here in this world who do not belong here and would be better off dead. There are people of a species that is unadaptable to the white cultures, and they have no place with the white God. They are descended from fallen Angels and they are mutations. 'Every plant which my father did not plant will be plucked up by the roots.' There are classifications that belong in other parts of the universe. And there are some beings which belong back in other dimensions. But they will have to go thru quite a chastening before they can get back there. However, they can be removed from the earth. And that is one thing about this judgment. Evil is going to be removed from the earth.

Now; that does not mean that all of the Asiatics and all of the Africans at one moment are going to be all wiped out. But evil has taken over the Asiatics, and Africans were brought in during the Luciferian rebellion. They will come. This will not be liked by the NAACP. But this day is going to come when all of the Negroes will be back in the planets from which they originally came from, before Lucifers rebellion. And we will never miss them. Someone said that is not just, it is not fair. But they do not even remember what or where they came from. So they do not know what is right and good. But whatever God put together was right and fair. As far as the Asiatics in your world are concerned, they have been brought under the seduction of Lucifers powers. They have had faith taken away and idol worship has replaced it. And they have been under bondage of devil and witch doctors. The scripture says that the day 'will come when all of that will be eliminated. And the judgement is not necessarily falling on them. Instead they have been under the judgment thru the violation of law and they have paid for it with famines and superstition and with bondage, and all of the suffering which has enveloped Asia thru out the millenniums. They have been reaping exactly what they sowed. And don't let someone tell you that their souls have passed off into some great burning torment. There would be no justice in a God to do this to these individuals who had no capacity to know because they were not in the environment where it was taught. God never even suggested something like this, for it took some demented mind or some theologian out of balance to create this strange catastrophe.

You know thru out the ages what we needed was to save Preachers. I mean that when a Preacher’s mind is in adjustment with God then he is saved from all the errors they have been delivering to everybody. We point out to you that the scripture tells us about the fact that there is coming an hour in earth, in which God steps in for a judgment day. In the hour of this appearance, it tells us that there are great astronomical signs. There is even movement in the heavens. And all of the unkingly figs of the fig tree which have been creating such a catastrophe, revolutions and troubles in the earth, will be at the very height of their activity when God reenters human affairs.

So you don't believe that Christ is going to come and reenter human affairs? Then you also don’t believe in the judgment day. But we must tell you about the judgment on his specifications and whether you believe it or not, it is going to happen. So there will be a judgment day.

Now; when this judgment day comes, we are told that we being his household, we are believers because he has quickened our consciousness. And justified it by HIS Grace in that moment when he enters into this area, we shall know as he knows and understand as he understands, and great knowledge and wisdom will be restored to our race. And it tells us this. That among the enemies of God's kingdom, among the areas of the Russias, across the Steppes, where they move in darkness, and in every synagogue scattered thru out the country, it says that these kings and rulers of these people are going to try to hide in caves and they are going to hunt for places to hide because of their utter fear, as a great guilt complex dawns on them, that they have been in opposition to the all powerful potentate of the universe. It tells us that judgement day has arrived it tells us right here in the 6th., chapter of Revelation, it tells how they will seek the dens in the rocks in the mountains and everything else. Of course today they are already digging them because they are afraid of one another. What would they do if God appeared on the scene?

Now; what do we know about the finality of his matter? We discover that the scriptures tell us in the book of Revelation in the 20th. chapter, that in the hour in the return of Christ all of the martyrs who have been put to death because of Christ . . . all of the believers of your race from the days of Christ's resurrection to your time and on down from the days of Adam to your time . . . it tells us that at that moment their bodies shall be raised for their spirits he brings with him and their bodies are transformed in a moment, or in the twinkling of an eye. Every last one of the Adamic race that was covered with the atonement of the Christ, shall be raised in one moment. And all we who remain right here in these air breathing bodies are going to behold and will participate in this event.

Now; the scripture says that the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousands years are finished. So you see some of the dead live again. What is this talking about---it is a fact that in that resurrection when Christ comes there will not be any Asiatics? There will not be resurrection of the Negroes. There will not be any cycles of return, and not be any reincarnations or anything else for the Asiatics. They are not going to live again. Their celestial consciousness is not dead . . . it is in the Netherworld. But it will not move into the physical world for 1000 years. As far as the Negroes are concerned, it will be after the thousand years before their final judgment. And then the earth and the sea will give up all of their dead.

Now; in this instance, note that the scripture tells us that a great white throne judgment is set up on the earth. And we are told that the dead, small and great stand before the Eternal YAHWEH and the books are opened.

Now; there is one book that is opened in the final judgment areas which is a book of Life. And this is not a book of judgment. This is a book of the past. And in the opening of these patterns of judgment someone says what is going to be the end results. The end results according to God's measure, is the Restoration of all things. Even Lucifer and his hosts who are put into what is called the Shekinah Glory of God, and this is translated as Eternal fire . . . altho it is Shekinah Glory, it is an enveloping force which will refine and purify, and bring back obedience, until even Lucifer someday is going to worship at your feet. Someone says that still is not a bad chastisement. Well, if you had all of the awareness and the knowledge which shall descend upon these people, probably the weight of these guilt complexes, and those experiences which are there, and which you will never experience, for this has no part nor lot with you, under the Grace of God What so ever place he brings them thru is perfectly all right for God does all things well. Anytime you can take Lucifer and restore the devil back to the place of the Archangel, you have the right process, regardless of what it is.

Now; when we talk about some of these unassimilable people, the Jews . . . what is going to happen to them? There will be no Jewish question. In the first place, they will be moved back out of your environment and they have to be restored back in the direction from which they came which means they came from a fallen Angel who did not keep his first estate. So they have to pass back into that mutation. For they have no part with earth beings, except they be multiple descendants and will be thrown back into the area from which they came. As far as your race is concerned God says;-- I will cleanse again the blood of my people, and not one point of contamination will rest upon them.

Now; someone said what about the great white throne judgment? This judgment contains its patterns and its statements. But these judgments do not relate to Celestial and spiritual plains beyond earth. For every individual must reap in the areas in which he sows. And as far as your personal spirit is concerned, it is not before him in the area of transgression. As far this goes as it carries its own guilt complex, this God lifts to give you that rest in every pattern of your being, which is the serenity of your spirit. The violations and catastrophe which effect the earth will run their course and they affect this time and area in which you and I are living in, at this era of time, and you will witness tremendous impact. In fact our subject now is related to our subject tonight as we will talk about Armageddon. This is the total result of all of these energies coming to completion in this hour.

Now; within this same stratus of thinking, we point out to you then that in this structure of teaching, from Old Testament to New, God's Grace and the manifestation of his power, whereby he is able to subdue all things unto himself. Whereby he is able to bring all things unto himself in reconciliation. And whereby he is able to save unto the uttermost. This is God being big enough and God being great enough. This is a God you can serve and love with your head held high. This is a God you can pray to and say;---"Our father, which art in heaven, hallowed by thy name.” This is the God of the scriptures. This is not a distorted and weird theology that belongs to the cannibals of Africa or the devil worshipers of Asia. This is a God who will finish this course.

There are those who are your critics who will say that the Gospel of the Kingdom is a Gospel of hate. But strangely it has more Grace in it than the average church today, and even in the Catholic faith . . . altho they are Christian, and have embraced the identity and belief in Christ . . . but they have some of the most weird designs as to what is going to happen to people without any biblical foundation for it. But let me tell you this. That in these days which are ahead, much light and truth is going to descend upon the children of God just like rain coming down upon the land. Your knowledge of his Grace is going to expand and your knowledge of HIS power is going to increase. And the utilization of this power to perform the mighty miracle of transition which shall once more meet these standards in hallowed Glory without any pattern of being ashamed because of the pattern of leadership which will be removed. We are in the greatest day of human history. I would not exchange this period which is just ahead for any period in human history which has gone on before. And I believe that the majority of you shall be alive and remain to see these things consummated and shall never taste of death, because you have arrived at this important period, in human history.

Judgments? ---yes there are judgments. Someone said do you fear the judgments? I fear the natural judgments enough that under the keeping and guidance of instruction, and under the design, I seek to keep the will of God that I pay not in natural judgments for its violation. Judgments concerning any condemnation reaching into the future, I have passed from this unto life, because Christ consummated this on Calvary. Afraid of God---no? I can look God in the face and say I am standing on your atonement. That is my passport. We live without fear. In fact the Christian would look with Joy upon the reentry of God manifested into the world when fear is lifted from him. There are some people who are praying that he does not come when being proper Christian they would pray that He come if they were not afraid. Perfect understanding casts our fear.

So when we talk about judgments, there are judgments which will descent upon America. For we are still going to receive judgments. And we are receiving judgments. For this whole racial upheaval has a long influence stirring up these Negroes and making out of it pools of revolution, no less hostile, no less dangerous, and no less of a necessity that you be ready to defend yourself. This is a condition that we allowed when we let the enemy compound this situation. This is true of every problem we have in our society. So we point out to you today that we do not stand out for self-condemnation. We are past that. We are to survey the past, then adjust ourselves in the pattern of reveled divine knowledge. And then press forward with new accomplishments and new attainments without fear. So I tell you that the great and Eternal God who is the judge of all men, and he who refers to that pattern of constant judgment, has set up inside of you as a Christian, a very special factor. This is the judgement seat of Christ. This is where the essence of His Holy spirit is guiding your holy consciousness, making you aware as to whether you are moving correctly or incorrectly. And under this particular throne of guidance you are not under condemnation, you are being led into a judgment of life. Therefore your name which was written in the 'Lamb's book of Life,’ before the foundation of the world "has determined that you a son or daughter of God shall fulfill that great destiny of purpose, and shall conform to his image in majesty, power and in completion of life.”

We will have more to say about this avenue of judgment, but we do not have any more time this afternoon. But just let me bring this to your remembrance . . . that these areas of judgment as they relate to you, are utterly distinct and different than for anyone else, altho the laws of creation are inexorable and the same whether you understand them or do not understand them. And it is in this area that spiritual guidance has made you the technological masters of your environment. And has placed you in higher capacities of understanding with spiritual guidance above all of the people of the earth, who without this channel of spiritual Grace lack this adaptability to it.

End of message.