ERM - Pt 1 Winds Of Change


Report by Ella Rose Mast


By Robert Ghost Wolf

Part 1

(To unlock the keys to the present world, then perhaps before we go forward from last months material, then maybe we need to return to the past. Remembering our Biblical History we are told that we need to search for our past. We are told to go back to Abraham and to Sarah, and ask them for knowledge of who we are and why we are here, and what we are supposed to be doing while here. Abraham and Sarah thus would be more in tune with the past, with the knowledge that we as a race once had and which we were to pass on to future generations.

We have been over these past 30 years trying to understand that very thing. We have found that understanding in our scriptures and in the old records which we searched for and found. We have traced these Aryans from the High Himalayas thru the Tarim Basin, and down into northern India, where they built a great Civilization. And then on westward, always westward. We found them for a time in Egypt. And always they left the marks of their Faith and their knowledge for those of the race who would come later.

Since we stand today at the end of this westward migration, we also then have to take a look backward to see what we lost. We can step backward into the time of the Maya of South and Central America and we find that this is something that has been hidden until we have, almost as a people, forgotten as to what this civilization taught.

To renew our minds as to this Mayan culture, then what does the word Maya mean, and where do you find the word? And we find that there is a difference between the Mayan and the Aryan philosophy. And the Mayan is actually, in its beginning, older than the Aryan. So what is the meaning of this word Maya? It means the origin of the world or the world of Illusion. In the Sanskrit the word Maya means --great---measure--and Mind. In the ancient Veda from Northern India the word Maya was also the name of a noted Astronomer as well as the name of a great wandering group of Navigators---perhaps the Magi.

Thus from northern India long ago, this was the home of metaphysics and spiritual adventure even in those first generations of our race. And there you found this name of Maya. You find the word Maya in Egyptian philosophy and its meaning there was Universal Order.

It is found in Greek mythology. And there you also find the mythology of the Pleiades, the seven sisters of the Pleiades and also the sisters of Hyades. Here you will remember that the Pleiades and also Hyades are carried in the Star Bible as being in the sign of Taurus the Bull which pertains to our race. Our month of May is derived from the Roman Goddess Maia--the great one,--the goddess of spring, and so forth---the daughter of Faunus and wife of Vulcan in Mythology.

Turning then to the Maya of Central America, we find their name is derived from the word Mayab, which is the term given to describe the Yucatan Peninsula, the key area of the Mayan bio-regional home base. Thus who were the Maya and where did they come from? And why does this name appear across so much of the rest of the world? Is this just a coincidence? This we doubt.

So where did the Maya come from? To read the Mayan text such as the "Papal Vuh" you get the impression indeed, that the Maya arrived from afar. Later would come those from the other side of the sea. And also in this description of those later arrivals we find the words --Celestial and Cosmic. In fact perhaps not a geographic place, but from a point of entry, from one world realm into another. Thus the Mayan origin resembles the Hopi, who also describe passage from different worlds.

Today then, we learn that the original Maya came from the continent of Atlantis which went down beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They brought teachings from the Temples of that early land, where the Children of God taught them in their ancient Temples. Dr. Swift and the Old Big Book gave us much of this knowledge. And the Hopi also came from an ancient civilization. For at one time there was another continent that existed long ago in the Pacific Ocean. But at one time long ago those ancient people all worshiped the ONE God. All this before the rebellion in the heavens.

Leaving aside then this question of the origin of these people, then we find that the Maya represented one of the great civilizations of earth. Thus, scattered across the jungles of Yucatan and Guatemala are many ancient cities and Temple sites. You find the towering step pyramids, finely laid out Plazas and Ceremonial Centers. And here we find that there are exquisitely adorned stones, sculptured stones, covered everywhere with inscriptions.

Several things strike you about these magnificent Maya ruins. Chief among them being their isolation. This Mayan artistic style is unique, and here it is located in the Central American jungle and yet we are also struck by how late, in global history, these Maya appeared. For after so many thousands of years, after the peak of Pyramid building in Egypt, the Maya thrust themselves onto the scene. Then more dramatic is their sudden abandonment of that scene. After about 500 and 600 years of intense history these principal centers were left to time and jungle. Thus it seems that the Mayans abandoned their civilization at its very height.---WHY?

One of the things that the Mayans left was their finding of the computed lengths of the earth’s revolution around the sun, to within a thousandth of a decimal point of the calculations of modern science. They kept calendars of the lunar and ecliptic cycles, and recorded the calendars of revolutions and synchronization of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. On certain of their monuments, we find the dates of events occurring as much as 400,000 years, and perhaps much longer in the past. They did this with a simple yet flexible numerical system that counted by 20's instead of 10's, and used only three notational symbols.

Then we find a clean break as to their disappearance. By the time that the Spaniards arrived, it seemed as tho all understanding of the past had been forgotten. And yet the Mayan Calendar remained as a clue, for WHOM? No matter how many volumes of literature that are written about the Maya, it is always assumed that the Maya civilization is just a thing of the past, but, of course, not as advanced as our own. Isn't it time for us to drop this idea that we have all of the knowledge ever available on this earth? And even tho we came from the ‘monkeys’, still we see how we evolved into the greatest technological world ever seen. ?????

We owe the work of Dr. Swift in his research for our understanding as to what took place in Central America. Perhaps it is time to drop our idea of technological superiority and go back and consider the Maya story from the book "The Path Beyond Technology,” by Arguellis, The Mayan Factor.

In that author’s way of thinking, the shift line of this unfolding Mayan story is a Galactic tale portraying our shift into the last 25 years of the Galactic beam.

My. This finally rang a bell. For all of these years I have been searching for the last of Dr. Swift’s predictions. He gave us the date of February 4, 1962. So then, what next? He thought the time should be counted next by 25 years. This would take you up to the year 1987. Dr. Swift would be gone on home by that time. But here we are still trying to figure out ‘WHAT NEXT?’. But today the seven thunders, or seven Trumpets, show us.

Thus here we are in 1998, and we have been trying to trace the coming into earth of the Adamic race thru the Biblical story. (Genesis 5:1) Thus with the help of Wesley A. Swift we think that now we have succeeded.

We ask: Have you then read the story of "In Search of the White God,” pertaining to this building in South America, or "Those Amazing Aryans,” of my work, also? Perhaps they will help you to understand. And possibly, you will be more inclined to accept the coming of the Manasseh people into the Mayan country about 600 years before the birth of the Christ Child in Bethlehem of Judea.

You will find that they taught the Mayan people all they knew of the coming of the Adamic race, and what was expected of them. They taught the Mayans many things. And the Mayans thought of the Aryans as the children of God, who came from across the sea.

As life became more difficult for the Manasseh and Mayan people, we find that the Manasseh people and some of the Maya left that land of the Maya and made their way north. Eventually, they would come into the Southwestern United States, into Arizona, and there found a great civilization. And now the Hopi would also be involved. We owe Dr. Swift for much of that work on establishing these facts, as to the Maya, the Manasseh people, and also the so-called Indian people. He did much research which helped us understand.

Today here we stand in June of 1998, and time seems to be flying by. Thus we are interested in what is to happen next. Last month we gave you a part of the work found in the book "The Last Cry" sort of as a wake-up call. And now we have given you a bit of the history of the Maya. So once again, what is next?)

WINDS OF CHANGE will carry on some of these old Hopi prophecies. And we will try to see how they fit Biblical prophecy. First we look at our so-called Judeo-Christian writers. What have you been taught as to what is ahead of us? Are you expecting the Rapture or just what?

Thus with inspiration, with Faith, and some understanding of the word ‘Works,’ let us look forward as to what our heavenly Father has planned for us, his servants, to do here at the end of the age as we are building HIS KINGDOM. We are, after that, to evangelize the earth. For it is not possible until we, thru HIM, are in control of the Kingdom, and Lucifer is no more left here to oppose us.

As we think about "Winds of Change,” and searching for answers, we find this prophecy of ‘The Seven thunders.’ I would think that perhaps this would go along with Biblical history of what would be the sounding of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation (8:6). This should also bring on the rise in consciousness that will help us as the 7th Trumpet sounds. And then we are told that "Time will be no more.” Meaning that no more will the enemy be allowed to oppose the children of the Kingdom.

We are told that as the writers of "Winds of Change" try to get their message out, that they have also been harassed. This even going so far as to threaten the death of the whole family. So who is so against our emerging from this web of falsehoods which we have been caught in?

Perhaps we should then give you a little rundown as to what has happened during the time of the Seven Thunders, or Seven Trumpets. Starting in 1978, in the time of the 1st Thunder or Trumpet, then we found that in the cities was the on-going battle of Civil Rights. We entered the time of the scientists as they tried to blame everything that is wrong on earth as being the fault of God. We think it was because people walked away from their Faith and become confused. And they must now acknowledge this confusion so as to think ‘right’ once more. On the other hand, today we now see people remembering these Ancient Temples and schools of knowledge which have been hidden away. But we still see people who blame the Creator for everything as tho this was their world.

In the time of the 2nd thunder, then the enemy would try to use technology to control the earth. Thus this is where our troubles of today started from, such as the shut down of the Computers before the year 2000, now thought to begin in 1999. We would remind them that without spirit, nothing will work like it should. Thus we get the warning that life as mankind (Adamites) have known it is coming to an end. The children of Creation must look also to the past for their understanding of the future.

As for the children of the Kingdom, you are reaching the edge of TIME. Thus this is the ending of what was, and at the same time the birthing of what WILL BE. And we noticed that it was a woman that was bringing this message:----"Come do not slumber. It is time for you to realize that you are passing into the time that had been declared.”

In the time of the 3rd Trumpet, or Thunder, then comes the idea that as a global people, we are all living together and we need to find our own paths. This is when culture, social, and genetical beliefs will clash, and we must find our own way. Now the oppressor is attempting to make slaves of another race (the Adamic race) and to hold that slavery in place for all times.

The 4th Thunder or Trumpet, found all people walking away from what the Indians call the ‘Good Red Road,’ and they were getting lost upon the ‘black road.’ Thus, we have lost our abilities to call up our spirits as we once would have done. The Eagle's voice said: --TIMES WILL BECOME WORSE AND WORSE UNLESS YOU RESTORE THE OLD WAY. And the created people who do not possess begotten souls and spirits, are they also being led astray.

As we passed into the time of the 5th Thunder, or Trumpet, then we were passing into ---THE POINT OF NO RETURN. Thus this is what the Thunders are bringing to us. They are warnings indicating that the end time is approaching. This would also be the time that HAARP would be taken over by the oppressor and now be used to hold control of this One World Government under their thumbs. After all, this looking back to your beginning must be stopped. But there are, after all, "Living Stones," stones from the Biblical story. And these old stones cannot be easily destroyed. So we find people then looking backward to the PROPHECY STONE found in the Yucatan. This will lead on back to the knowledge of these lost cities of Atlantis which the native people of South America and Central America called the "Cities of prophecy.” Do you realize that there are domed cities lying beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, ranging from the Yucatan as far east as the Caribbean? There were other cities further east, which today, are said to be rising to the surface. In this time of this 5th Thunder, we would also see the beginning of this war on hunger which has been pushed so fanatically.

During the time of the 5th Thunder or Trumpet, then we began to see many strange deformities among the animals and yes even among the people, especially the children. But the 5th Thunder comes before we are thru with the fourth, telling us that we are experiencing a Quickening. For as the Old Wisdom Schools were destroyed, there went the knowledge of the children of the Kingdom. Undold millions lost their lives in the name of Christ as the ‘Papal Bulls’ of the Church of Rome, now in the ranks of the ‘Illuminati,’ ordered killings by decree. Thus, the religion of the children of the Kingdom was corrupted.

The awakening of the Feminist, of the woman, (Revelation 12--Israel) would come. But before it has a chance to flower then we have the feminist movement and that helped put the men back on the wrong road. Thus, the chaos continues. However, other women will be able to carry on as the Winds of Truth. For the Christ places no gender above or below the other. Neither is more powerful than the other. Those not living in their truth have only two pathways to choose from, madness of surrender, or the gateway to fear. Women shall begin to return to their power thru the rebirth of ancient memories. This light shall burn so brightly it will allow mankind a new chance to turn around their cycle of destruction. Of course this will call for the tearing down of many personal relationships and mini societies that exist within this circle of disharmony, (divorce and teen pregnancy, and so forth.)

In this process of reaching for truth, these processes we have passed thru will result in woman and child, as unnaturally alone. It is sad that mankind has again accepted enslavement to dogma, and the experience of senseless judgments born from the distortion of Patriarchy. This limited consciousness has enslaved mankind and especially (Adam) man for thousands of years. But this is the final time when all mankind might be able to avoid the final Thunder and the Sword of Shiva. (Shiva an ancient god of India, the assassins.) And this influence shall be felt all over the land.

The 6th Trumpet or Thunder brought heating to the oceans. This brings many troubles as we have already witnessed. Smoking oceans bring sulphur breezes far inland. Earthquake activity will increase in frequency. You will see this even in Canada, and around the Great Lakes and even in the Mississippi Valley area. It is reported that El Nino will wreck havoc twice over two years. Occurring with greater fury with each visit. El Nino is a voice from the earth responding to Mankind’s refusal to change their ways.

THE WINDS OF CHANGE HAVE NOW COMMENCED. These are whirlwind spirits, according to the Hopi. We must learn now to move on shifting ground. This is just a warning as to what is still coming. This is ‘devil winds’ and tornadoes; they can be any size.

(This reminds me.---About three weeks ago, I was sitting in my chair out in the alley way planting flowers when I heard a noise. It sounded like an old clunker car coming down the alley way. So I checked to see that my walker on wheels with its basket of my tools and my phone in it was out of the way --- and that Ebony was out of the road---and just went on planting petunias. About that time there came a roar and a little Devil wind dropped down over my fence a few feet from me and on it came in its whirling motion. I did not have time to move and it did not upset me, but my walker went flying on down the alley way and then turned over on its side and my phone and tools were strung out into the street. One of the containers went whirling on over to the school yard. My neighbor to the north came down the alley way and helped me collect things. Pam then informed me that the trampoline in their yard had been picked up and moved half way across their yard. This was just a little Devil Wind no more than 2 feet wide in its swirl. And it had just dropped down out of no where in the yard to the north of my home and moved the big trampoline. And we watched it then after upsetting my things move on over to the schoolyard and dissipated as it raised up over the schoolhouse. Ebony, my cat, had been caught in the edge of it and it rolled her over. And of course she was scared. But she escaped unharmed, except for a good scare. So I know how a Devil Wind works. I have seen them over the years out on the farm, but did not realize they had that much strength.)

We are then told that only with mankind reconnecting with their true spirituality will they be able to stand in this time of the Winds of Change. This old prophecy then says that there will be a big explosion of little sister (which the Hopi think is the volcano near Mexico City.) This will cause the Grandmother (the volcano under the surface) to explode. As she blows, the people there will be spit into the sea. And when this happens, the tail of the turtle (the U.S.) will begin to break in two, and Mexico City will be under water. There will be a great shifting of the plates of the earth and the ancient Domed Cities will slowly rise to the surface in the Gulf of Mexico. Eventually what is now the Gulf Coast of America will be as high in elevation as the Himalayas. (That is pretty high, so will wait and see about that.)

(Remember that these are just prophecies and we wait to see if they materialize before we consider them true prophecies. But it does seem as tho many things are going to occur, perhaps very swiftly.) Then we are also told by this prophecy that as little sister speaks, then grandfather will answer, and this to the Hopi was Mount Rainier, which will erupt in Washington State. The entire Cascade Range is to be activated by the upheavals occurring beneath the surface.

Thus we have been hearing what is to take place as some of these things which we are to go thru. There is said to be three great shiftings as the churning of the plates responds around the Pacific Rim.

All of these movements will cause the earth to wobble. The rapid melting of the northern Arctic ice caps will cause great flooding. At the same time, there will be a rapid freezing of the ice in the Antarctic causing the earth to shake; and this will cause the rising of new land formations and sinking others far below the depth of the new oceans to be formed, as a result of all of this shifting.

The prophecy says that the children from the stars will already have agreed that they will try by direct intervention to correct all this from happening. However, they can only do so much. So there are some truths to the maps which have already come forth indicating the possible outcome of this geographical cataclysm.

The old ones of the prophecies are looking for something to happen soon. They say an event will occur that will be caused by mankind themselves. (HAARP?) Chain reactions will occur along the San Andreas Fault line, and will also cause the Grandfather volcano in Washington state to erupt.

The new maps of the new Millennium will begin to form as much of the western coastline will be altered forever. Large sections of land from the northern California coast will sink and be lost due to tidal waves. Other portions will break off and form Islands.

The 7th Thunder or the 7th Trumpet:---

During the three destructions of the earth with the breaking up of Atlantis and her sinking those people of that time were given a little seed of knowledge. But over time this was almost lost. The time of the 7th Thunder is then the time when the people of the stars come back to see how people have succeeded in protecting what they left. (Resurrection, perhaps?) This will effect different people in different ways. In fact all people will be affected as this time of transition comes. And it will not all occur in an instant. (As we have said before, our race, the children of Israel, must get straightened out first so they can fulfill their mission in earth.)

The 4th Thunder or Trumpet, will then bring much social strife. The financial systems will crash. There will be no answers coming from traditional forms of organized religion as to what is happening. Cities will become armed camps, and in rural areas many who resist the New World Order will be kept in compounds. And in the midst of all this chaos, comes the Antichrist. This is the final thrust of the Illuminati, those who follow the ‘dark star.’ At this time the Watchers of earth will intercede. They are already making themselves known. (Remember that Michael, that great Archangel who fought for the children of God in the beginning, will then come in to help.)

As the 6th Thunders have been occurring, we are looking at the 7th. for it has to do with opening the doorway to eternity. Only thought can restrict the spirit from moving beyond its present self-doubt and self-destruction. The outward signs are beginning to be seen. It is then up to the children of the Almighty, who can stop this destruction of earth by doing the job their Father put them here to do. THE AIM IS NOT TO DESTROY, BUT TO CORRECT. The keys are to be found in the heritage of mankind . . . Their connection to their beginnings as children from the Plains of Spirit. This they gather from their remembrance of their connection to the LIGHT.

As for the created or indigenous people, they are to go to the mountains, and gain strength and knowledge and wait for their time in the LIGHT. Those who have left earth's realm and traveled to the stars are now returning to help those left behind.

The teachings of Machu Picchu will come again; this was of tele-portation moving thru time, traveling back to the source. You will learn to ignite and use the whole of the mind, and travel the LIGHT. Things which today are mockingly labeled sorcery will be come known. But at one time there was routine interaction between those of the stars and those of earth.

Now the prophecies are very positive. They speak of the ending of TIME, only as it is presently perceived. (This means that the time is now past for the enemy to try to block the Kingdom of God from its rightful place in earth. No longer will the enemies of the children of God be able to oppress them.) This then simply allows you the entrance into FOREVER. The prophecies speak of mankind entering into the Golden Age of Peace and Harmony; of the return of the Good and Divine road.

(I think I should stop there for this time, as that is a lot to digest. Just remember who you are and that the promises are made to the children of God who were put down here to do a job. There has to be lots of changes to correct what is wrong. Thus correct, not destruction.)