ERM - Pt 2 The Last Cry


Report by Ella Rose Mast


by Robert Ghost Wolf

Part 2

(More of the Hopi thoughts from the book.)


Our author attended a council in July of 1995 of the Hopi and other tribes. From these comes some interesting thoughts. According to their remembrance, first there was the Creator and then the Universe was formed. And this earth finally took its place in this great plan of Life. Our earth people thus believed in evolution. But to them this was just the development of things from the hand of God. Thus the first world then was of a spiritual nature, thus the creator at work. Then came physical things, the world then of minerals, rocks, crystals, water etc. Then the trees, and flowers, grasses and so on. Thus this was the fourth world. And as mother earth dreamed, then the Creator fulfilled her dreams and whatever earth needed it was given, thus man came into reality.

The 5th world is the one we are about to enter. In this new world we will learn to balance our spiritual and physical natures. Those other people of inner earth and so forth have been waiting and watching for the race to come, from which a large scale of interaction will bring forth results. In fact the fifth world is already here, but it is just that we as a people have forgotten to dream and to chose life. If we do not awaken, life will come to an abrupt end.

The world today has fallen into the social belief that God is living out there on some piece of real estate. That spirit is something strange, existing only in a different reality. All of the Hopi prophecies have come to pass except the ones for the end time. And this will be a time of renewal for this is what the creator has programmed. All the prophecies given by the Peacemaker have come to pass, except for the end times. All of the prophecies of the sacred Mayan calendar have come to pass, but those for the end times. All the prophecies written and carved deep within the temples of Egypt have come to pass except for the end times. The same truths that existed among the Tibetans, the Aztecs, and even the Cherokee are the same. We are entering the end times of renewal. They are here. If you feel no kindred spirit with the native Americans then read the works of people of your own race, even the works of such as Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet----FOR WE HAVE ARRIVED.

So what now? Are we doomed?----Of course not. This is just the plan of action. The earth changes are occurring on time. Most of what you will hear will occur, but not exactly in your present context. For you see -- you will change as well and this will alter the outcome for you. There is a lot of information out there to assist you in learning how to become sovereign. Knowledge is pouring into this plain in such abundance that it is often hard to decide what to focus on.

The Hopi say that when the times speed up, life will get confusing. There will be no time for children, no time for parents, no time for just living. That is when you must slow down. What is the hurry anyway? The boat leaves --when the boat leaves. This is the journey that gives richness to our lives. If it is complicated then it is not from the Divine.

Now, it is time to stop to smell the flowers floating upon the wind. To listen to the laughter of the children playing without any sense of time to clutter their feelings. Time to allow the God within you to come forth, in accordance to his great plan. Remember statutes were never built to honor critics, they were built to honor those who have the courage to be criticized.

Thus, get your house in order. The Christ is coming. He will come to each of you in the way that fits his plan, and in the end all will be satisfied. (The restitution of all things.) Thus our author says that he met with this group of people representing many nations in the obscure mountains of Arizona, and he listened to their prophecies, and their dreams, for they had seen many things from thousands of years before and they had the words to express what their visions had seen thousands of years before they had a written language to record their thoughts or the process which to record them. This was a story of a peaceful people. The story of the Hopi way as thru time they have experienced much.

Robert Ghost Wolf says he once asked a grandfather why he lived in Arizona which is so barren and desolate, for there are so many other beautiful places in this planet; He said this old grandfather turned toward him and the light that shown thru those ancient eyes was very bright as he replied:----"we chose this place so that we would not be easily found by those who wandered with no direction. Those who kill are marauders here below. We also chose it here so that we would always look up to the creator and remember our purpose for being here. The Hopi have been looking up so long that all we see is the creator--in everything. (Thus said grandfather David.)

The Hopi tell a story of human history that is slightly different from what most Americans are accustomed to hearing in the school rooms. They say that man did cross the land bridge which did connect the America's to Asia. The Hopi however say the migration traveled in the opposite direction from America to Asia, for life as far as the human drama is concerned began here in the western Hemisphere.

(We trace our race from the high Himalayas westward, always westward. But the Adamic race is also the last race to be established upon this earth. There are many ancient stories and will be many more to come as to when and how our race came to America. But this was long, long after Atlantis and Lemuria sank beneath the waters.)

The Hopi grandfather said that after each race was established, they were given their areas of guardianship of earth. The White race was sent to the north and given the guardianship of the knowledge of fire. (Shekinah light to us.) The Hopi are said to be well aware that the ancient races traveled to and from North America establishing settlements long before the appearance of Columbus. There is a wealth of artifacts to substantiate such movement from the Mounds of Mississippi Mound builders to the pyramids discovered in Tennessee. Thus these surviving artifacts prove that many people, including the Celts, the Egyptians, and the Chinese and the Hebrews were here in north America long before Columbus landed on the Caribbean beaches, assuming he had discovered the western passage to India.

Thus some of the ancient people who settled in Arizona called themselves the Hopi, meaning the Peaceful ones. And high on the Mesa top safe from marauders, the Hopi built their ancient cities. The Hopi were the ancient fire keepers of Atlantis. They say that the Motherland then was an island that is now beneath the Pacific ocean. They say this first sinking was followed by a second sinking. In this second sinking then Atlantis also disappeared beneath the great waters, and along with all its people was never seen again.

After the sinking of Lemuria, and Atlantis the people had in their possession stone tablets which tell of the beginning of time, the time of the separation, and the eventual time of their potential reunion. Each of these stone tablets held its piece of the original instructions, and teachings, and carried a part of the original instructions from the Creator to each specific people.

We are thus told that we are now coming to the end of what is called the fourth world. It has served its purpose. We have learned all we can learn from this part of our journey. Up until this time we always had more time, but now we are at the edge of time. We have come to this place where time as we know it is about to once again become a ‘no’ thing. But we also have the beginning of the story from the Hopi perspective.

We are told that the ancient stone tablets of the Hopi came from Lemuria, and they carried knowledge as to the health care of the people. Today we have synthetic chemical copies of the plant structures that supply the demands for health. You know some of these synthetic copies by the names of Ephedrine, Penicillin, Procaine, and even Aspirin. Nearly 80% of the food products consumed in the global diet have been derived from native American food sources. Even the potato.

Thus, the native American people of both North and South America truly have become the keepers of the knowledge of the earth. The knowledge of the stone people is also within the domain of the earth keepers. The crystals in our radios, watches and in laser communications, are technological imitation of early crystal healing technology, those indigenous people possessed. These methods of communication have been utilized by native Americans for thousands of years. (Remember "In Search of the White God.”)

The ancient tablets of the yellow race (Asiatic) were kept in Tibet. They have been moved because of the political climate. The decision as to reveal their location is up to the Dali Lama. The yellow race was given guardianship of the wind, which is the breadth of life. Many healing’s can occur within the human body, simply learning to breathe consciously and spherically. A technique that our brothers of the sea, the Dolphin does naturally. (Do you remember the Dolphin story from the Swift tapes?)

The stone tablets of the white race are in Switzerland. This white race was sent to the north and given guardianship of the knowledge of fire. (Shekinah light) Thus from this race we see brought forth the combustion engine, electricity, the light bulb, nuclear energy, and even the match.

Unfortunately this race also developed high tech warfare, which escalated into the hydrogen bomb. Warfare was utilized by the Creator with this white race in a most unusual way. In this instance it was said of the English that “The sun never sets on the English Empire.” (We as members of this white race then remember that Britain was just fulfilling prophecy of a company of nations. Where as the U.S.A. was the Great nation of this prophecy.)

The Hopi think that we are at the end of the 5th cycle of the 4th world. That in the 5th world men will walk upon this earth in full spiritual awakening, possessing full memory as to their origin. They shall claim their rightful position among these brothers of the stars, uniting with their spiritual source, in balance. This will be God-man realized, for from Tibet we also learned that ‘HU’ means God, thus there are those who will be known as HU-Man---God-men taking their place in the cycle of understanding. Along with God-man thus comes Hu-woman and this calls for the awakening, to proceed to our full potential, all being in their proper place in prophecy. Today people are only using 8% of their potential brain power. But the awakening that is coming will be the awakening of our memory to our complete genetics. Thus the moment that we awaken as a race, to the truth, that has been within us for eons of time, then this knowledge will unfold and you learn your eventual destiny.

So it was that long ago, longer than most have memory of. In the time of their original instructions the Hopi were told that they were to remain on their mesas, and practice their ways as the keepers of this ancient original knowledge and wait for the signs. They were told not to mingle with those of the lower lands or they would eventually lose their memory of the original instructions. (This was on Atlantis.) If they moved to follow those on the lower lands then the great plan for human kind could be lost forever.

The Hopi grandfather foretold of a time when a strange people would come to their land from far away. They had been told to be careful as to opening their hearts to these people. To be careful to watch for signs. And they were given a sign to recognize as to who these people were by the things that they taught. The Creator had thus given them a sign of a certain greeting by which these people would be recognized. Great spider webs would appear across the land and these new comers would communicate across these webs. And Grandfather was told that when these webs were seen in the heavens that the time of the Purification of the earth was near. (So who do you connect with the spider web?) This time would be seen as tho the world was out of balance. But this was a warning to open their hearts and in a moment events could go the other way. The Hopi was told that in this time the Creator would send the Eagle spirit who will grab the earth and shake it in an attempt to awaken the people. Then if any sign is given that the ways of the CREATOR’S plan is understood, then the future will be altered. Until this happens, there will be shaking after shaking and each shaking will intensify. The creator warns people two times. If the third warning is required, we are on our own. Thus after each shaking then we are to see if people are ready to enter into this Greater Age.

Another story existed with the Hopi people, and it was of the Pale Prophet. This seems to have been that a people would visit and bring much wisdom and spiritual understanding to many people including the Mayan people. Perhaps the stories of the Messiah blended over thousands of years with the story of the Pahana. (The representation of the coming of the Gods).

What the Hopi do agree about the Pahana is that the coming of these people from beyond the stars is that they will be the sign for the Hopi that shows that they have the memory of the original instructions. The Pahana will bring to the people a way that is like no previous way of seeing the world or life as we know it presently. It will be knowledge directly from the creator. Their coming will be a sign that the Creator Gods are returning. They will visit the created people of earth thru this time of transition as we move into the 5th dimension of reality.

These new ways then will bring about a time of great spiritual growth. Human kind will awaken from their slumber and realize their true purpose here, and will once again become one with the Sacred. But we (the created ones) must remember their connection also to life born here on earth, as well as that born beyond the stars. Thus, the Hopi are a very ancient people. They do not claim to be perfect. They are however a part of the original people who came to this surface after the last destruction. They were the original fire keeper--or keepers of the faith in the temples of Atlantis.

(We have written before of Atlantis from the old big book and from the Swift tapes. The Hopi then in their memory had the ancient teachings from the sons and daughters of YAHWEH learned in the ancient temples of Atlantis learned before that area went beneath the waters. Today only a few of the Hopi spiritual leaders remember the original teachings, and even still carry the bloodlines of the original people.)

The waters were once abundant in the Hopi homeland, but in many instances it has ceased to flow and the land has become dry and harsh. Victims of an ever encroaching industrial world they have been patiently waiting for the reappearance of the ones from beyond the sun for interaction from the Star nations. This once great civilization of the Hopi had all but stopped by the time of the coming of the white man but the Hopi persisted in keeping their centuries old traditions and beliefs alive. For the word Hopi remember means, 'The Peaceful Ones'.

Life was already harsh by the time the Spaniards arrived in the new land. Pueblo Benito, Canyon de Chelly, Ocatai, and even Mesa Verda were just ghost town when the Hopi looked down from their Mesa tops and saw the Conquistadors coming in their suits of armor. It appeared to the Hopi that the Conquistadors came from the south, as they came into Hopi land from Mexico. They also bore the mark of the Pale prophet upon their cloaks and banners. The mark of the pale Prophet was the four directions symbol. (The Swastika or whirling cross) One could easily mistake the cross of the Church of Rome as the four directions symbol.

The Hopi thought that these Spaniards might be the ones they had been told of in their prophecies, so they sent emissaries out to greet them. But when the Hopi held out his hand as a gesture to receive the greetings, the Spanish dropped trinkets into their palms. Thus the Hopi knew these were not the ones to come, and that even harder times would come to the people of that land.

Later would come the pioneers in their covered wagons that would look like turtles crawling across the land. Maybe these were the ones who were to come as the prophecies said. But times had changed and instead of handshakes, came gunfire.

We read of how the Indians heard of the forming of the United Nations. Perhaps this would be the way to get their message out to the world. But they were to realize that this also was not the gathering of all people as predicted by the prophecies. (It would not be used for that. It was established to become the head of the One World Government.)

The Hopi thought that the First World War to be the first shaking of the earth. If this did not accomplish the awakening then there would be a second shaking as the Great Eagle grabbed the earth this time with both talons. This second shaking would be preceded by the sun rising in the west instead of in the east. The Hopi interpreted this to mean that Japan would enter this picture, and the land of the rising sun would then be in the picture as we entered W.W.II. The Hopi were also told that at this time that they would see the sign of life. This they saw as the Swastika of the Third Reich. ( The whirling cross.)

It was seen over 10,000 years ago by the elders that during this second terrible shaking that 'bugs' would appear in the sky. (Airplanes) And great destruction would come from these bugs in the sky. (The bombing of the cities of Germany and then finally Nagasaki and Hiroshima.)

The Hopi were given yet another symbol to assist them in recognizing the coming of the final days. And this symbol was the five pointed star in a circle which represents man being placed in a great circle which represents the Creator. And this meant also to the Hopi that those who ruled this land at that time would put themselves above the Creator. (The Jews?) The symbol of the five pointed star in the circle is seen on military vehicles today. It is thus a sign that we are still in a dream of insanity where humankind has forgotten to think with their hearts, and think only with their minds and to follow the leader. This creates the world out of balance.

The Hopi saw the great house of glass being built on the east coast of the United States, and they thought that perhaps this was a sign that they should carry the Peace Pipe across this land to this great house of glass. Perhaps this would bring an awakening to the people as to what was ahead. As they marched on this mission a great snowstorm came, but an elder marched forward carrying the Peace Pipe, out of the storm and they continued their eastward journey. After arriving on the east coast they marched up to the door of the United Nations and requested to speak to the General Assembly of the Nations. They were told in their prophecies that they should endeavor to continue bringing their message to the world until the last moment possible. They would then in fact bring this message to the House of glass four times and after the fourth try they would return home and prepare for the final shaking. At this point their job of trying to awaken the people would be over.

Now; men's hearts are closed and they would begin to lose the dream of the Creator’s plan. As this final shaking comes closer there will be many, especially grandfathers and grandmothers, who will begin to leave this earth plain in great numbers. Among those who remain there will be much disease and famine. Those who die of natural causes will be the lucky ones. Those who contract the plagues will find no cures. For many of these germs are synthetic and almost mechanical in nature.

Great Comets will start to appear in the heavens. One will bring much destruction to the earth. (They speak of this on the radio at times). Some of these comets will be ships belonging to those who come from beyond the stars. Our scientists are not seeing much. Their eyes are blind. Hale-Bopp was not a comet. It is a ship. There are other ships within our sight. they are just waiting for us to ask for help.

The problem today is that people think that there is no life form that exists but us. Even when they learn something, they soon forget.

Thus it will seem as tho destruction will never end. But finally a day comes when a great star appears in the heavens. The light from this great star will be brighter than the Sun. Some will call this the Day of the LORD. On that day the old ones tell us that the flowers will bloom at midnight and the wind will sing, calling to the people who buried themselves beneath the earth's surface in fear of the forces of nature to come forth into the light of the Great Star. For the day of the Creator will have arrived. The Gods who know all of the universe will have returned for those who remember the original instructions. These will be led into the fifth world as has been promised so long ago.

The problem with this present society is that they think they are the only life form that exists upon this planet. They think they are the only life form in the Universe. They have an attitude that there is only us. They are in many ways like ghosts having no substance. You try to touch them inside and nothing happens. They can be easily filled with anyone else's thoughts. They have no clue about how to call upon their own personal powers, because they have none. They are afraid to feel for they do not know who or what they are inside, where their spirit lives.

In 1993, the United Nations had declared this the year of the indigenous people. Thus the Hopi waited for results, they are still waiting. They were ignored. It might be mentioned that this same year the United Nations came up with the plan developed for eliminating 3/4 of the worlds population by the year 2021.

The Hopi are now waiting for the 3rd shaking. These are the final days in their thinking, thus this is "THE LAST CRY.” In these final days, we will see those created as men in an unnatural manner, and they will be soulless. Many of the people of this time will be empty of spirit. They have no life force in their eyes. (Cloning????)

In those days there will be much confusion between the sexes, between children and their elders. There will be little social order. In those days we will see others who will ask for the mountains to fall upon them, just to end their misery. Still others will appear as if untouched by what is occurring. They will be the ones remembering the original teachings, and have remembered with their hearts and spirit. Those who remember who their father and mother are, and what they were taught.

After a time we will again walk with our brethren from the stars, and we will rebuild the earth. The fire keepers of the spirit from beyond the stars are coming home to see how well we have fared in our journey. Finally the Hopi representatives in 1994 spoke for a few minutes in the U.N. However, the elders were still not allowed to speak. At best, this appearance of the Hopi representatives was only to placate world opinion. But it was hoped that bringing these warnings to the attention of the people of the land, would then make them realize the seriousness of this moment. That we shall be able to help one another to bring about a better way of life. This is the wish of the Hopi traditionalist Caretakers.