ERM - Pt 2 Winds Of Change



By Robert Ghost Wolf

Body, Mind and Consciousness---or The Other Side of the Coin.


Book Report by Ella Rose Mast ( )


(Today we hear a lot about hell, that place the bad people go. Well, Hell can exist, but it only exists within confines of limited reality. For you can make your own hell if you wish. It is not a place where we find ourselves going down a lava river being tortured and burned for all of forever. That was probably a vision induced by severe indigestion. Hell is a state of existence where we experience being totally separated from the source (our Maker) while experiencing TIME. It is a state where we wind up repeating the same scenario over, and over and over, never hearing the voice of the Creator in our hearts and never going beyond.

An example of Body, Mind and Consciousness would be like:---Say you get a fish tank and put some little Guppies in it. They reproduce rather quickly. Then put a divider in the fish tank and leave it. The fish will swim up to the divider time after time. Wait a few years, and now you have several generations of Guppies in that small space, so remove the divider. The Guppies will still swim up to where the divider was and turn around. It will take several more generations of Guppies before one will swim further and discover there is no divider anymore.

Being an old farm lady I have noticed that if you have a fence which is a hot wire, then take down that wire and lay it on the ground, and for some time the cattle will not cross it. And if they do, they go by jumping it.

We are called Sheep in the scriptures. And some time this race acts like that. We seem to be caught in a cycle of limited reality experience. We have been conditioned to accept limitations, and not question them. But when we no longer question our experiences, and those who we have given power to run things while we were "out to lunch," we become then like Sheep waiting for the slaughter.

A message from the Native Americans as to what is about to occur upon this planet, and our interpretation with those who are stepping forth from other worlds to mingle with us in the human experience would be -- "Do not trust blindly.” Remember what has happened to you as a race, many times in the past. You can forget more easily words written on paper.)

But words that come from the heart hold the breath of life within them, and retain their integrity. It is not easy to forget your heart, for it is a part of you. Is it the deliverer of evil that is remembered beyond their time? Or is it the one who expresses beauty and encourages dreams, and brings hope to people? Is the later not the one that is remembered in their hearts?

(The WINDS OF CHANGE being upon us, then you will be faced with a choice---whether to go forward into the Kingdom or live outside in rebellion.)

The WINDS OF CHANGE are coming whether you recognize them or not. Is this what is wrong with the youth of today? Have we failed to teach each generation to keep moving forward, looking for tomorrow?

As for the FOLLOWERS OF THE DARK STAR--those in the dark robes, the ones who are called Jesuits ---many of them are no more than the Illuminati of the Priesthood. They have told the indigenous people of the loving God, who was God of all things. But it was already in their sacred teachings and they already knew this. For the Indigenous (created) people also had a Messiah. But because of a common link, the people listened to them and to what they had to say, and let them stay upon the land. Then in the cover of darkness, they sent for their missionaries and they came back with soldiers who were mercenaries. Their ranks were compiled of thieves and murders who had come to this land to enforce their will upon the people.

These same Priests who had spoken of the one God of all things, then said that Indians are without souls. They are to be considered less than animals. They must accept the teachings of the church or be exterminated. This is on record with the Papal Bulls. Unfortunately it did not become common knowledge.

There are written accounts of these very words spoken by Black Robes, throughout South America and North to the Turtle (the U.S.), and the people of the great plains. Thus, says the old ones of the Indians of today. They say these Priests are none other than the Illuminati.

They wore a medallion showing within the Pyramid, a hooded Priest carrying a carved sword. When they showed these medallions to the soldiers and even generals they then acquiesced to their wishes. This is not limited to past history, for these conditions are going on today. Their deeds are just covered up by clever PR. And this is just as the Dark Star people desire.

Now each civilization, it seems, has applied a name to an area of the Universe. And today it is most commonly known as the Milky Way. Think for a moment. The ancient Mayans looking thru their observatories to the stars did not use the names we use today in our homogenized global society.

Ghost Wolf refers to one of the surviving bodies of knowledge of the Indigenou-people, in specific the Lakota People. And here in North America the Lakota people had a word for the Milky Way, which was --Wanagit Canku---which meant--'The spirit path, or the pathway of the souls. It is also some times referred to as the breath of the Great Spirit. There are others born in the Universe who do not have such souls. They are born of our experiences. (We would say that from the Biblical story there are those who have begotten spirits and souls such as the children of the kingdom. And the other spirits and souls are the created ones, created by our Father God, but not begotten of Him such as His Children of His kingdom. The Hopi tell us that there were other people who would be able to move beyond TIME and space and would attain a degree of immortally. They thought that this would also be for them in time. This knowledge was held by the Maya and the Inca fire keepers (priests), and in America by the Hopi people. Others of the indigenous people had this knowledge, and part of their teachings would be found in their Star Maps. Often it was said that the secrets of their future are also to be found in the Stars.

(We remember that in the Ancient Mystery schools of the Adamic race many such things were taught.) And as time goes on then the difference in people will be more clear. It was taught there also that the method of reincarnation would be a safe manner for the created ones to express the physical form of life. This was understood by those who were eternal, (of the kingdom) with their spiritual body and awareness encoded in the DNA.

Another thing taught was that the emanation of consciousness would be expressed in mankind’s higher self. That eventually it would be possible for the created spirits to raise their expectations to the point of full enlightenment. We are told in "The Winds of Change" that there are records found in the "Dead Sea Scrolls" which are interesting and enlightening. But keep in mind that they are accurate, yet not representative of all people and all cultures. (Of this we would heartily agree for the Dead Sea Scrolls are for and about the Children of Abraham, the children of the Kingdom, and not for the oppressors.)

Our author, believing it seems at times, in evolution and reincarnation, would not see things as we see them. But this we understand and try to interpret for you. As to the Great Seals, our author believes that they are the doorways to higher consciousness which can only be opened when one attains a certain ability to maintain and express thru the higher frequencies of consciousness, these Great Seals (Rev: 7), so says our author, exist within us, as well as within the Universe. The Incas called them cycles of ‘Los pachacuti---the Time of Great Change.

(Now the seven seals of Revelation are also for us as they tell of what is to happen in earth, just as do the seven Thunders and seven Trumpets. They are mostly history except for the part which will be fulfilled when the 7th trumpet or Thunder blows.)

"And I beheld when HE had opened the 6th seal, and lo there was a great Earthquake and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon would become as blood. And the Stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind."

(Dr. Swift thought that here we were talking of a time when the Atomic Bomb would be a threat. So what do we have still going on today? He thought that the stars that fell from heaven were the Hierarchies of the Christian Religion, who followed the Fig Tree Teaching and then fell as the fig tree is shaken with a mighty wind.)

As the seventh sounds then comes the judgment on the kings of earth, and every mountain (nation) and every island (small nation) are moved out of their place. For the kingdoms of this world are to become the kingdoms of our LORD (YAHSHUA) and His Christ (HIS kingdom people.) For in this great Day of HIS Wrath then who shall be able to stand?

Now some of the scientists are telling us that this Global Warming scare is a Hoax. It is they say the result of our tampering with the atmosphere; a very, very serious development has resulted. We had natural changes occurring that were not foreseen at the period when the experiments were first attempted. Complications have also resulted from the reckless use of HAARP technology. It is as tho there is a great bubble around our planet which kept out the excess radiation and so forth. But we are told now, 'That which has been hidden will be revealed'. This is what the Elders are saying about these times that are upon us.

We now have people disappearing almost into thin air, and yet you are not told of this. Then there is the appearance of the Chupacabra, sightings of UFO's being witnessed by thousands of people. Read the National Geographic Magazine and it tells of the finding of prehistoric animals throughout the Globe. So what is the meaning of all of this? These things are not off the wall. You can read about them thru the books being published; books such as ‘The Secret Schools’ and ‘Fire in the Sky,’ by Travis Walton, and ‘The Day After Roswell,’ by Col. Corso. Then you also have the Philadelphia Experiment.

All of this is finally being told by reputable, intelligent people, such as Doctors, military officers and so forth. All are accountable, documented stories about experiences our government tells us ---never happened.

But the Inca, way back there in time, told us that there would come this time when it would be a period of ---The time of Changes---when there would be a doorway opened thru which we could walk outside of Time.

(Now then just what is time? We read that the end of Time is when no more will the Serpent and his people be able to oppress the children of the kingdom. Thus TIME is this period, from the coming of the Adamic Race into physical life until the Almighty calls a halt to the work of the Devil.)

It opens to many for those who come from the stars, for this last great event of Change. For we are heading into the Photon Belt and Scientist are very aware of us reaching Zero point. And now we learn just what our government has been doing these past 50 years as they have been hiding things from us. It is thus now the TIME OF TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCE.

Now there is such a thing as a biosphere; so don't be suckered into one. These have been used to keep people blind as to what truly is happening on our planet. BUT THE BUBBLE IS BURSTING AND SOON TIME WILL BE NO MORE. Many of the things we only dreamed about in the 70's are quickly becoming experienced realities.

As you start to see beings from other worlds, spirits that your spirit does not want to acknowledge, then be careful for all are not benevolent. Many people today are playing with knowledge the native people have known for thousands of years. The ‘New Ager’s’ who think that they have the new knowledge and understanding can only confuse for they are only awakening to what already is, only they do not know they never discovered something new. (Always the Adamic Race has been aware that there was a Devil, and that following him and the World Order that he rules would bring catastrophe.)

Today as the bubble collapses, the TIME factor is also dissolving. And we are experiencing it merging with the Light Spectrum, and the Dimensions. There are thousands of books and videos being produced about this information covering everything from the Secrets of Sacred Geometry to the Star Maps, and the alignment of the Pyramid of Giza. This is knowledge that your ancestors (the Adamic race) left behind in their walk upon this planet earth, which is something that needs to be honored. Then it will be empowered. The true art is in connecting the memory not coming forth with this New Age information which is in error, and only confuses.

We must also remember that we here in earth are all connected. For we have only One God. And HE is also the Creator. HE holds everything in HIS Hands. And someday people will realize that they need to do things HIS WAY.


Until next time ---May YAHWEH bless.