ERM - Strange Effects Of Faith Bk 5 Vol 1


Report by Ella Rose Mast


Booklet 5, Volume 1

By Joanna Southcott



Joanna, in this book, gives a short account of her life so that you may better understand her writings. She says,---From my early age, the fear of the LORD, was placed deeply on my mind and heart. Reading the Gospels of Christ, and all the persecutions he went thru makes her love him more, and fear to offend HIM. And she felt her heart burn with indignation against his accusers. As she grew in years, she also grew in Grace, and in fear as to offend the LORD. There were instances in her early life when she see things that happened to members of her family, and she sees these as warnings to her nation, that the end of all things was being revealed. Joanna's mother was also a lady of great faith and she expected great things from her daughter, for she was informed that her great faith would be rewarded as she saw this daughter do many things. She was sure that great promises were made unto her in prayer for her daughter, before she was even born. Joanna remembers her mother saying to her, 'Dear child, mayest thou be a mother in Israel.' These things Joanna did not understand other than she thought it had to do with her salvation. But she pondered these things in her heart.

Joanna recalls thing that happened as she went to work outside of her home for people, so as to earn her living. This was a trying time for her, for she did not realize that her faith was being tested, at this time. She had many arguments with an atheist who work at the same place she did, and he made her life miserable, there, where she worked. She then comes to the realization that the death then of her mother, and even the death of the atheist. She believed that these things were to happen for a purpose. For if you did not believe there was a God in this life then surely you would find a devil in their death.

She writes long, long verses to try to tell her story. Of the different disguises that the devil will use to destroy you. She says that God placed the morning star to appear before the evening star disappears so that his family here in earth will always know He is with them in one form or another.

"Earth and hell may now combine in vain

The fiery serpent may in man contain

But soon you'll find my glittering sword appear

And the two stars upon the top see clear.

That at my coming I’ll the woman free

She cast her blame on Satan not on ME

Thus, be sure that upon her I will not cast blame,

But now my Father's promise I shall claim.

To make the serpent now to lick the dust,

And above all --men to receive his curse.


Joanna goes on to say that if all this had not happened to the woman, she would never have cried out to her God. Then no star would have been placed above her head. (Rev. 12) Nor, ever could Satan at her feet bow. In pain to be delivered --by her God, must then be the language of her God. For such a heart he will quickly free.

Now as to the book of Revelation, she says,---Contrary to how the Jews understood the law and the prophets. So wrong also has the Gentiles (Nations) misunderstood the gospels and the Revelation of John. He that does this does it from his own wisdom and must consent to the truth of them at last. If he does this, he adds all of the plagues on to himself. And now those plagues are coming fast on man. Many add to the scriptures to pervert them, to their own condemnation.

As she closes this booklet, Joanna says, if you say I speak in mysteries, I will prove that the Bible does also. You have despised me for placing the blame on the devil, for all of our troubles. What madmen are ye to wish to abide in your claims which are bound by Satan?


O’ England, the axe is laid to the tree (of good and evil) and

It must be cut down.

Will you fall out with one another,

And lay your fury on one and the other?

Who is he that came from EDOM--

With garments from Bozrah;

That speaketh in righteousness.

Mighty to save all that trust in HIM.

Mine enemies I will trample them in my fury,

For the day of vengeance is come.

Do you still say that you

Will not lay our fall to the devil?

Only on ourselves.


Therefore awake O’ Zion, (the seat of Israel's old government)----Put on thy beautiful garments O’ Jerusalem, (the set of the temple and their faith) For the year of thy redeemer is come. (Remember how Hale-Bopp pointed this out?) For Zion's sake I will hold my peace (understanding). And for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest until the righteousness of the LORD goes forth, or the brightness there of, is understood.