ERM - Tape 008 - Stones Of Fire; Color In The Celestial: Third Eye; More


TAPE NO. 8 - By Ella Rose Mast


Subjects are:

1. The Stones of Fire

2. Color in the Celestial

3. The Third Eye

4. The Urim and Thummim

5. Laser Beam


QUESTION:---The Stones of fire in Ezekiel 28:14-16----what are they?

ANSWER:---’Thou hath walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. I will destroy thee from the midst of the Stones of Fire.’

In this chapter of Ezekiel, then YAHWEH is talking about Lucifer, about how he once was a great Archangel and could approach unto YAHWEH, Himself. But then he rebelled and was driven out of his place. This Satanic nature must be destroyed.

The Stones of Fire are the colors of the spectrum---all the radiation of the total light band of the ultimate Holy of Holies---out of Celestial white which is a golden light.

At one time, then Lucifer could approach this light before his rebellion. But you, being children of HIS Spirit, begat in Spirit so long ago, can enter this light. You can ans will be surrounded by this light, this color. This sets you far about Angels. And the Stones of Fire are also referred to as the ‘Living Stones,’ sons and daughters who make up the Kingdom.

These Stones of Fire are going to lead us into the following subject:---color in the Celestial realm, the third eye, and the Breastplate, Jewels of the High Priest of Israel, and the Urim and the Thummim, and even the laser beam of today.

First, let us see what we can learn from the Swift tape ministry as to the color of the Celestial. We know that the Celestial plain consists of light. And of course, there is color in light. All the colors of the spectrum are the reflections of ‘light’ in various vibratory levels upon the atmosphere and upon objects. So the vibratory pitch of objects when it comes in contact with the ‘light’ field, produces what we call the colors of the spectrum. Now, John saw a rainbow around the throne. And the predominate color was Green, symbolizing ‘the light of life’ radiating out from the throne of YAHWEH toward earth.

Now, there is a relationship to color and the nervous system. This is because all ideas are set up in image form. They come in as vibrations and are translated in an area of the inner area of the brain and erects the image in the nervous system. And this highly complex unit of transmission is made up of chemical factors that are essential to parts of our body. But when this energy pattern comes in, a person sees in color. There are various waves of color energy which can come in that is very helpful to different parts of the physical body. This is getting into something which is controversial because of the use of Satan and his children of color and lights. But there is another side of this and if a person is in proper meditation, they might see this color really fill the whole screen which would be the thought screen, and might find it is directed to certain parts of the body with strength and affinity. Also if you had the lens with proper clarity, if you had the proper type of lenses, and did not have the wrong factor in it, then you could bring it thru with such a color seed of transmission, it would enter the physical eye into the nerve center, and reflect this into the conscious center, and it would have a healing portion with it. And according to the wavelength of that particular color ban, and the affinity of that wavelength to the color factor of certain glands and organs, you would have the result of healing. It would be a synthesizing and soothing effect which would help to catalyze the parts of the body. One thing it does is to reduce toxic waste and tensions.

Now there are colors which are good for the eyes and for other parts of the body. And Enoch was told that there was a color to heal every disease known to man. Again, this is Celestial color moving out from the throne of YAHWEH to effect the Universe which is this earth in part. But this is not Orthodox teaching. And if you were to mention this, then of course, it is not true. It must be Satanic. But there is a big, big difference in the color of the ‘Light’ from the throne of YAHWEH and the color of the ‘light’ which comes from Lucifer and his kingdom. And this spirit can synthesize thru the subconscious and this is the area of directing healing forces to the physical body.

One thing made known to our Patriarchial forbearers, is that since our bodies are made out of the sheer energies of YAHWEH’S mind, that all chemicals are composed by these energies grouped together by HIS WILL, that HE can send energies into areas where they would catalyze and send thru out the body, these waves of energy for a purpose. Thus if you are healed by the Spirit then you are healed by a dynamic charge of energy which balances out every avenue of the body, in every part of the molecular mass, otherwise it is out of balance.

Now, do not for a moment think that color is something which has its affinity basically only in the atomic field of the world of substance, or the Universe of substance. Because all of these areas which you and I record as color are reflections of vibrations and of substance. These reflections of vibrating substance give us a concept of color. Understanding this, then you can see there are areas in which there are interchangeable patterns of law. There are sounds and color. And both of them move with octaves of vibration, and can move in Celestial as well as physical or electronic fields. Because of this, Celestial beings can appear in any octave of color, if they step up that particular vibration to make this appearance. On the other hand, color has a stable form in the dimension of spirit which is light. Thus when John saw the colors of the rainbow around the throne, he had stepped into the Celestial---a door opened and he was told to come in.

In Photosynthesis, you see the translation of the full spectrum of ‘light’ transplanted to almost a white intensity. And its impact on physical substance which possesses life and is growing in areas of the bacteriological field up to the botanical field, is to create a changing pattern of carbon thru what we call photosynthesis. And the area of the storing of this energy is basically what we call chlorophyll. This is a little ‘light’ synthesis of the law of the Celestial or the ‘Light’ realm. And it supplies energy power to be used in the physical.

The Celestial realm is of course in perfect fore. What we see, what has been revealed to us, we confirm now with the areas of scripture and with areas of research. There is no secret thing being withheld. As the spirit guides meditation, and we find in the field of light---in the absorption thereof, that there is no waste. There is total consumption. And this is perfection. In otherwords, you eat in the Celestial and all food is consumed in power. There is no waste. Enoch, Paul and John all learned this as they moved in the Celestial.

The Apostle Paul records that the spirit of Jesus Christ hath made me free from the law of sin and death. Then he said in Romans 8:---’But if the spirit of HIM that raised HIS body, dwell in you, then HE shall quicken your mortal body by that Spirit.’ This can extend the acceleration and speed the revolution of energy election around its nucleus and it shall stimulate again the radiant consciousness and the emanating glow of the aura of YAHWEH’S Spirit. This is a prophetic pattern, a Divine Law. This is the ‘Light’ of the people of the Kingdom with their Father. And this light will be so bright that it will sort of blot out the light of the sun, moon, and stars. This is what Lucifer feared. For it blots out the darkness of his kingdom. This is why he works so hard today to keep you blind to your destiny.

Scripture tells us that there is a promise. ‘I will be as a wall of fire around you.’ The actual translation is, ‘I shall be like the moving of red light.’ This is a flickering flame, so they translated it ‘fire.’ But this is a wall of vibration which seals off anything from the seat of your consciousness.

In the law of the Octave, which is a light law, we discover the use of various values of light. This is of tremendous value physically as well as in the areas of perception. You would be surprised what light vibrations thru the eyeballs can do the wavelength of the nerves. This gets back to the 3rd eye. It gets into of perception and can send the vibration pitch which can wall off various areas, and build up the thinking areas especially for resistance against repetitious error. This was known way back in the days of Enoch, as they knew that there were waves of color which could reactivate and rebuild every function of the body. In otherwords, t knew of this lost aura which so slowed down this process. But there are ways to catalyze it and bring it forth again. This is one thing which we will yet learn.

Again, as the New Jerusalem, the city set on a hill---this race, as the illumination, the effulgence from the Glory of YAHWEH covers them, this is the ‘Light Aura,’ the color which the darkness cannot stand. This is the aura Adam and Eve lost. This is the aura that Eve didn’t realize was so vital, or she wouldn’t have listened to Lucifer.

Color can go into a wavelength not visible and still show color in the plain where it is coming from. Thus the basic pattern of color fills the spectrum. As far as color wavelengths are concerned that is in the law of the Octave. And the purest plain of Light is in the highest plain of Spirit. Thus sound color in their octaves, in their wavelengths have healing forces and do effect vitality and life. And altho you may not see the colors which come from the heavens above, because of the various suns bringing in different colors, still they are visible by scientific experiments.

Those who do not understand the program of YAHWEH has laid out, talk of color as colored lights, flashing lights, psychedelic lights and so forth. But these are but substitutes by those who do not understand the law of the Octave. Color of the Celestial has its part in ‘the Light of Life’ being restored to HIS children. Scientists have discovered that if you cover different plants such as an orange tree for instance,---cover it every night,---even tho you uncover it in the day time---that orange tree will produce only oranges of a very light color. Therefore, sometime in the night, we pass under a set of stars which somehow add the color. There are vegetables they have experimented with where they found the same results. Thus color must have an effect on the human specie and everything in the Universe as well.

Now you understand the controversy of this subject and Dr. Swift never wanted to go into the discussion of the law of the color Octave because people might not understand, might get mixed up. And in reaching for that understanding, get mixed with the occult and their use of color and lights. This would be a dangerous field to be experimenting in by a child of YAHWEH.

There is an aura which you possess, and it is generally not visible to the physical eye, but it at times might stand out around you--say four or five inches. And it is light. And the more an individual seeks the knowledge of YAHWEH, the more it stands out. And this Celestial light is generally the color of golden light---white. If the aura is strong, we don’t think you are as open to these frauds that move among us. But this aura is the ‘Light of the Spirit.’ And even tho incense is violet, yet violet is closer to this golden white light than you might think.

The Scripture does talk about the ‘Light’ of the righteous and the ‘light’ of darkness. And since light is also color as you see it, then one of the wavelengths of light is of extreme brilliance while the other is the wavelength of utter darkness.

Now, we find that Lucifer has a counterfeit. He duplicates as he is able, almost every symbol of YAHWEH. For instance, the Weegie board is one of his operations. It is a part of witchcraft and should not be in Christian homes. This reaching for gold and silver and precious metals, or jewels on the part of Lucifer and his children is so that their body can have some of this light that they sense is there. The shine from the gold and silver gives them some light.

Now as the spirit of YAHSHUA raised HIS body in the tomb, the soldiers reported the light was as bright as the sun. They referred to it as the brightness of Jupiter. But it was a ‘golden white’ light of spirit. And if this spirit dwells in you, then it bothers them. They want to shut off that light, which as we have said, is out of the Celestial.

Remember---Shekinah Glory is all light---color--illumination, in Celestial plains. The ‘lake of fire’ of the scriptures is this Shekinah light. It is Divine energy which adjusts the whole Celestial being. In the Strongs Concordance, you find the word which should be fused for fire is Shekinah. In the Old Testament the word is the same for this Divine aura which emanated from the presence of the Father. It is not flames of torture, this is the translation for the Constellation Ara, which is being called that because it is pictured as an Altar. And it is translated as ‘lake of fire.’ So people thought of this as a lake of torture by fire. But YAHWEH does not burn spirits in fire. This Shekinah Light just removes everything from your mind but truth, which is also referred to as Light.

Ephesians 6:12:---’We do not fight just against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness in this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places.’ This is the reason that the sons and daughters need the immunity of the spirit. This is Celestial energy which you have a right to claim. For this cause YAHWEH says, ‘I will be like a wall of fire around you.’ Or I shall be like the moving red light. In otherwords, this flickering flame--and actually this is the wall of vibration which walls off anything from the seat of your consciousness. This is only one instance of the patterns of the ‘law’ of the Octave. And in the law of the Octave, which is a ‘light’ (Celestial) law, we discover the uses of various values of light and its color. This has a tremendous value then physically as well as in the areas of perception. Today, this is almost a taboo subject. This is something the enemy wants hidden from you. And Orthodoxy has given this area all over to the occult. But you would be surprised what light vibrations can do thru the window of your nerves. In otherwords, what pure color can do coming thru the eyeballs, in wavelengths, to the nerves. This alone gets back to the area of the ‘third eye,’ gets into the area of perception, and sends the vibration pitch which call wall off various areas and build up the thinking areas especially for resistance against repetitious error. This was known back in the days of Enoch. It is something the race has lost that needs to be restored. Why? Because there are waves of color which rebuild and reactivate every function of our being. It is the lost aura which has slowed this down, but there are ways to reactivate or catalyze it. And this we shall discover once more.

As we have said, Satan has a counterfeit for almost every symbol or law of YAHWEH (God). And most people do not understand this. If they did, they would not have been fooled by the Zionist six pointed star, for instance. But in this area of Celestial color the negated spirits of Lucifer’s kingdom can materialize in almost an orange-red, because they are trying to break thru the wall of resistance. But they can’t stand much of this color. They sometimes try to come in purple, but cannot get into the pure violet field. That would cause them too much trouble. They fell, remember, from their light. And they move now in darkness. Thus we call them a kingdom of darkness and their aura is black. Psalm 18:---’the light of the wicked is black.’ In otherwords, when the Psalmist says light, he means the reflecting vibration. And therefore, the aura of that which is wicked is black. As the Psalmist talks of this, he says that Lucifer made war with YAHWEH and he made darkness his hiding place in the blackest of pavilions as he fled from the presence of YAHWEH whose fitful lightnings (streams of light) pursued him, and it did shake the earth. And in several instances as YAHWEH intervened, then continents did sink and upheavals came in the world which Lucifer had taken command of long before the Adamic race was placed here. There is then also such a thing as the catalyzing of the setting up of energies which are destructive until they have to be counteracted by Spiritual forces, and this is an area which you have little perception of at the present time. But it requires Divine intervention and the resulting clash caused catastrophe in earth. This is why there is a relationship to the concentration of the essence of Divine Law, and what we call judgements, where the forces released do take their toll.

At our time in history, as the climax of Armageddon comes, it will not sweep down on an unenlightened people. This is the miracle of the hour. You will be occupying earth. But YAHWEH wanted you to retain out of this remembrance of the Celestial plain the ability to defeat Lucifer’s kingdom. There is power here which you will be using and it will have more power than the most effective weapons of today.

In the synthesis of the Universe, the application of these spiritual laws become idea forms in the mind. And once you have spiritual ideas in conscious form, then you are strengthened with it. This is manna. This is spiritual food which moves into the consciousness. A lot of people are searching for this. They want to get into the cupboard and get some spiritual food. But where they are looking doesn’t have much but crumbs and husks. Why? Because the men who are to fill those cupboards, don’t know what it is. Have never applied for or sought it. And when religion becomes the dead husks of created Priestcraft self-righteousness that is not necessarily righteous, it then becomes a barrier to spiritual perception, and there is no color. Nothing for the spiritual health of the individual in that type of food.

Now, today the symbol of the church is carried by the Laodicean age, but it is neither hot nor cold. A middle of the road person is no help to the Kingdom. Thus this Laodicean church age has not much light. It is the hierarchies of the church who move out to carry the image of the church, but not the power of the True Church.

As you know, number 7 is a Divine number. It is the number of Light energy forces of spirit that moves forth from the Father. It gives you the colors red, orange, green, blue and violet, and then the sheer white light that these combined make. Seven is the number of Adam in the flesh with his ego. And the spirit of the LIVING YAHWEH in him, this makes a Divine number. He is 777, when unpolluted, a Holy Seed, physical soul consciousness with capacity for residence of a spiritual being. And your destiny calls for you to reach the fullness of all that is promised. With that in mind, then what is it that is different about the inner Adamic man in the area of his thinking?

QUESTION:---What then is this third eye and where is it?

ANSWER:---In the structure of the human body, is an established area of communication with the living YAHWEH. HE established this area when forming our bodies. In the area of our intellect, in the heart of our intelligence, is a conscious contact with the MOST HIGH. We refer to it as a ‘third eye’ so to speak. Altho it does not crop out on the outside of your forehead. (Ha) But is does stay within an area of its intention. It is a ganglia of nerves that are made like the nerves of the eye. In the Asiatics this area is found, altho not very active today---sort of dried up. In the Negro, this area is almost non-existent. Sort of like a hard lump. But in the White race this is a vibrant and active area. These nerves do not have an eye outwardly, but they do have a sensitive area of perception which is where HIS Spirit can contact the spirit that is within you. This area within the structure of HIS Celestial children now in the flesh can set up the image of the sight and senses and the patterns of things YAHWEH would have us know. So the way you are put together is rather important. For beyond the seven senses is the idea center, inside the center of consciousness which is generally in the head to this degree. But the nerves run from head to the solar plexus. Many don’t realize that this is all a very definite center of energies and receptive energies as well.

Now, the seat of consciousness and the recording of all areas of awareness actually is in the head. And there happens to be a center of nerves referred to as the ‘third eye.’ In various periods of time, this was given various names. In early medical schools they gave one set of names to this ganglia of nerves, and they were metaphysical terms, because of areas of perception. There are also theological terms for this area. But I want you to know that there is a seat in the head of perception which has the same type of nerve factors that are behind the eyes. Very much the same. The only thing is that this ‘third eye’ doesn’t have the lenses before the optical nerves which set up the image of and translates this, bu light vibrations, which are at this receptive point translated into miliamps of electricity.

At the back of the head is another point of nerves which come to a focal point. And in this ganglia of nerves, they also pick up these waves of energy and these miliamps of electricity form images in the consciousness of a person. It is like closing your eyes and thinking about something you are going to do and then you see the pictures. Your spiritual being remembers all the yesterdays of the Celestial plain in images. And the spirit which is such a basic part of you is also still a vibrant part of the Father. Thus this makes a great difference in the way the Adamic race can respond to a quickening of consciousness. This is why scripture tells us that a forgetfulness was drawn over our eyes. Because we were strangers and pilgrims in earth, this shuts down the ‘third eye’ contact. But it is still there. And this is the reason why you are also told that as HE comes ‘in the twinkling of an eye,’---that you will see as HE sees and know as HE knows. How could you learn so much so fast? Because the spirit knows it now. If your spirit was to now take over your thinking, we would probably all leave earth. In otherwords, there is only one way to set people free. And that is to overthrow the tyranny that holds their consciousness.

But Lucifer operates with temptation and error. He erects the wrong images in peoples minds. He does it with Priesthoods in the areas of religion, and with Semantics in the areas of languages. He does it with fallacies and errors. But the way the Kingdom is to set the world free, is to learn who you are, how your race holds this connection with the Father, that you are a part of an endless tomorrow. The more you learn, the more the ‘third eye’ restores knowledge which has been lost, and the closer you are to piercing the veil that was drawn down to keep you here. This was understood better back in the days of Enoch, for instance, because they lived 900 years or more. Yet, they still had a guilt complex. But you can set yourself free from this guilt complex because it has already been paid for. So seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.

Our Father established us in physical bodies and we are by this process able thru the senses to see, taste, touch, and smell all patterns of the senses. Our soul consciousness resides in this house, beholds all the natural and elemental world. But at the same time, this soul consciousness altho dwelling in this physical body, is perfectly free. It thinks independently of the body, altho it records with the senses the things that may be around us, or the things that are in this area of our environment. Also it reaches to the center of our perception. The essence of the ‘third eye’ focuses on the same area of sensory nerves that we record with the natural eye, and we see with the natural eye. In otherwords, we see in color. We record in color. We think in reality and we behold---eventually all things. The heavenly plains are existent like the physical plains and the spiritual planes of spirit. Thus it is that we translate the concepts of spirit into flesh.

YAHWEH wants a people that builds HIS Kingdom, that HE can communicate with. And it is thru this ‘third eye’ that we meet HIM.

Your spiritual body is in light. Thus it can be the same wavelength as the physical, yet separate and distinct. And as we reach for the consciousness of the spirit ,we are reaching for the guidance of the things YAHWEH has for us to do. We are told that even as we are sleeping, that the spirit is praying and meditating. As we find ourselves thinking of the things of the Kingdom, the program for YAHWEH, who is our YAHSHUA, we go inside where HE meets with us. Even tho this contact point has been somewhat closed, still HE can galvanize HIS children into action by reaching out to you by this process of spirit. Today you find the New Age people trying to do the same thing, altho they do it as the children of Lucifer outline it for them. And this is the danger of doing things you do not understand. You may sometimes think you have had a vision as tho out of a clear sky, but this came by way of this center of consciousness, and it is because YAHWEH’S spirit has broken thru and given you this vision. HE does this at times because as the scripture says:--’without a vision, the people perish.’ (Proverbs 29:18) Thus the witness of the spirit is an assurance which comes as we reach into this area.

There is not question but that YAHWEH was reaching men of old such as Adam, Moses, Abraham, Elijah, and Isaiah to mention a few. HE talked to these men and they knew HE talked to them. This was very real---a part of their existence as HIS children. There was thus this meeting place---spirit with spirit inside of you. But being spirit of HIS Spirit, makes the difference in you and the other races. And of course, the Tares are a separate and different specie. They were planted to destroy, to choke out ‘Light and Truth.’ And you were not to let this happen. Thus the battle between the Light and the darkness goes on until the tares are removed.

Now, when YAHWEH set up HIS Kingdom at Sinai, HE set different rituals in place which would carry until HE came to redeem HIS race. HE established the Levitical Priesthood. And HE gave orders for a Breastplate which the High Priest would wear. And also you will notice still the colors used in the clothing of the High Priest--these were also carefully chosen. The Breastplate was also carefully made of a certain size (Exodus 39). And it was set in 4 rows of stones, three stones in each row. The precious stones of the same number as the tribes of the children of Israel. Remember, these 12 stones were them. But in this Breastplate of the High Priest (Exodus 28:30)--’Thou shalt put in the breastplate of Judgement the U’rim and the Thum’mim.’ But first in the breastplate the stones were as follows (Exodus 39:10)

First row: 1. Sardius 2. Topaz 3. Carbuncle

Second row: 4. Emerald 5. Sapphire 6. Diamond

Third row: 7. Ligure 8. Agate 9. Amethyst

Fourth row: 10. Beryl 11. Onyx 12. Jasper


(Now in the Old Big Book, these are listed out of the book of Josephus as in the........

First row: 1. Judah-Sardony 2. Issachar-Topaz 3. Zebulun-Emerald

Second row: 4. Reuben-Carbuncle 5. Simeon-Sapphire 6. Gad-Jasper

Third Row: 7. Ephraim-Ligure 8. Manasseh-Agate 9. Benjamin-Amethyst

Fourth Row: 10. Dan-Chrysolite 11. Asher-Onyx 12. Naphtali-Beryl


These stones were to be enclosed in gold. Why were these certain jewels chosen? They must have had a special significance as did the U’rim and the Thum’mim.

QUESTION:---What is the U’rim and the Thum’mim that was to be upon Aaron’s heart which he went before YAHWEH to learn the judgement of the children of Israel?

ANSWER:---Some commentaries say these are vibrating Oracles. Leviticus 8:8 says:---‘The orders were carried out and Aaron and his sons were clothed as ordered. And Moses put the Breastplate upon Aaron over his heart. And then put the U’rim and the Thum’mim in the Breastplate.’ Thus the U’rim and the Thum’mim must have a vital factor in the identification of this Household of YAHWEH in the earth, and of the High Priest of HIS Household.

Now, after the fall of the Adamic race, the ‘light’ (aura) of YAHWEH went off the race. And the basic pattern of Aura (light of spirit( no longer rested upon the Adamic family. But YAHWEH then poured out HIS wisdom upon a prophet, or a leader, and now the High Priest of Israel, HE set in place. This was a program of speaking to these HIS children in the earth thru different individuals. And now a High Priest that HE had raised up. HE had raised up the Patriarchs and Prophets and poured out HIS guidance, but this High Priest of Israel was now to go thru certain rituals in this process. And as he did this, he wore over his heart a breastplate with the 12 stones, one stone each for each house of Israel. But here also was now placed this point of contact---the U’rim and the Thum’mim. Today you find that most of the ministers of Israel do not know what the U’rim and Thum’mim are. They are just mysterious objects that have cut off, but no more are the deep secrets of scripture in the hands of the ministers.

The word U’rim means ‘lights, burning lights and color, or the fire---Celestial lights of color. It means then the Lights from the Celestial realms. The word Thum’mim means perfection and perfection means understanding. Thus from the U’rim and the Thum’mim comes forth out of the area of Divine Lights two things. One of mystical answers and two is the area of full cognition of what was on the mind of YAHWEH. This descended to the Priests and would also be discovered in the Thum’mim.

Enoch talks about how YAHWEH would give this ‘Lively Oracle’ a vibrating Oracle to HIS people. This they would have until such times when HE would pour out HIS consciousness upon men when they had this Oracle in their hearts.

In the book of ‘The Bee’ which followed the ‘Book of Seth,’ we again discover the great mystery called ‘The Living Oracle of the MOST HIGH.’ Thus whatever YAHWEH declared as a position and effective work was referred to as an Oracle. Under the loss of spiritual awareness which Adam man lost in the fall, then this mechanical way for them to receive the guidance of the MOST HIGH was set in place. This was the way for Israel to receive the Living Oracles of YAHWEH.

Moses then was instructed to take the Stone of Fire and color (this is the Opal). And this stone then was to be set on a band of gold and the band of gold to be set inside a sounding box. And there the Opal, the Stone of Fire, would vibrate at certain times. The ritual was---then the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies where the ‘Light’ of YAHWEH would dwell. This light would then answer the question put by the High Priest. The question would be one which could be answered by a yes of a no. The Light of YAHWEH’S presence then shinning on the Jewel of Fire would make it vibrate if the answer was yes. Then the High Priest would put his hand over the vibrating stone---and this vibration, being caused because of the Light of YAHWEH’S presence, shinning off the Stones of the Breastplate on to the Opal, and the strange Firs which came out of the Opal, would then move into the Thum’mim.

Now, this Thum’mim box was also lined with precious stones. And the High Priest would then place his hands over the Thum’mim and instantly into his physical body would flow a wave of spiritual consciousness. And he would know the exact things which the MOST HIGH wanted to tell the House of Israel. He would hear it as tho listening to a telephone. As tho one were listening to this telephone and one was sending a message into the spiritual consciousness of the High Priest which was the wisdom and knowledge out of the mind of YAHWEH. Thus, from the presence of the MOST HIGH into the U’rim and the Thum’mim, came what was referred as the reception of the radiant light and the perfection of understanding. Thus when great problems effected Israel, the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies and the light of YAHWEH shinning down on the stones of the breastplate into the center of the U’rim would thus ignite the light of the Opal which then reflected into the Thum’mim. And as the High Priest places his hand upon it, then it was as tho like a tube in a radio set. You would hear the transmission of sound. The intelligence of the High Priest would be activated, and with the vibrating Oracles of YAHWEH, he could speak with accuracy and with truth. This was a tremendous phenomena, but by this process YAHWEH communicated and guided HIS people.

Now, as leaders of Israel prepared to go out on their missions, they first went to the High Priest and he would consult the U’rim for the yes or no answer as to whether the time to march was now. And if the answer was yes, then the Priest placed his hand over the Thum’mim and was told where to go, and how to conduct the campaign. Thus as the High Priest’s hand touched the vibrations, the translation of thought and ideas came into his mind.

Scripture says that HE will give you a heart of flesh instead of stone and HE will unveil HIS mind to you; will bring back to you the knowledge of all truth. Bring back to you the thoughts of the spirit which you possess as the spiritual children. Thus HE can bring all things to your remembrance. And as this takes place, you no longer would need a High Priest as an intercessor for you. Instead, HE will come and speak unto you. And you can go into the Holy of Holies that is deep within the heart center of your spiritual consciousness and consult your own U’rim and Thum’mim and get the answers as YAHWEH activates the process of the unconsciousness and areas of information. This discernment is a gift of the household of YAHWEH. And as you approach and ask, you can receive the answers. And as you seek HIS face, you can catch HIS advice.

Now, HE gave these vibrating Oracles to Israel, and to no one else. Two of those tremendous Oracles, Paul was reminded of when he was in the heavens. These are that we are spiritually begotten and had dwelt in the heavens. He was to declare to the children now in earth that we were with HIM in the Eternities of yesterday. And altho now embodied in flesh, still the presence of YAHWEH’S Spirit never forsakes HIS children. That the children existed in HIS abiding presence and reached out to enter into tomorrows with a pattern of Eternal Life.

Thus in the Old Testament times, Israel had these vibrating Oracles thru their High Priests. And the Living witness of YAHWEH’S Spirit gave HIS people the knowledge and understanding as they approached HIM in the New Testament. Thus it is that the mystery of the U’rim and the Thum’mim was that the Divine Light of the presence of YAHWEH cause the U’rim to vibrate and the Thum’mim to unveil the thoughts of the MOST HIGH to HIS people. And now you hear HIM say:--‘I stand at the door and knock---I come unto you.’ And He is speaking to a Christed (embodied) people. For ‘IT IS THE CHRIST IN YOU’ which is your hope in radiant Light and Glory. The Light of YAHWEH shall descend on this race and spiritual witness will come out of this household the Kingdom people.

The Apostle Paul in talking about this, said the children needed to be taught again these Oracles of YAHWEH. When they should have been ready for strong meat after the Resurrection, they still needed to be taught once again these Oracles. (Hebrews 5:10). Today we find the same blindness, not many reaching for this inner point of contact with our Father.

At the time of Pentecost, the spirit was poured out. And different ones moved with strength and power under this outpouring. At the time of the ‘latter rain’ we are promised that the Light of Life will come once more and move upon the Household and surround it. And an aura of Light will come from them who have now reached immortality. No longer will they speak with hesitancy for they will speak as tho with the voice of YAHWEH. This is when the Law will go out of Zion. For this is why our nation is said to be born in a day, born of Light and Glory. And as we see these things transpiring, we will know again, that we ourselves have become vital and Living Oracles. We---the Temple of HIS Holy Spirit will now be revealed.

And as HE poured out HIS Spirit at Pentecost, then the U’rim and the Thum’mim was in their hearts and started to vibrate. And then Peter---for instance---had even denied knowing YAHSHUA the Savior---came forth as an eloquent Orator. And Stephen addressed the people with eloquence until thousands listened and understood. And there stood Peter who was always a little ahead of things, now speaking as a mighty representative of YAHSHUA.

As this period of what is termed the ‘latter rain’ in the climax of this hour, we will be unveiled, with out spiritual heritage as children of the Eternal Father. And we will then remember we were with the Father in the endless yesterdays and shall be with HIM in the tomorrows.

Again the Light of the presence of YAHWEH thru the jewels, into the U’rim and the Thum’mim was only for the use of the High Priest of Israel, until such time as the Spirit and Light of HIS own consciousness would descend into the Living Temple and emerge out of the heart of HIS people with Light and Truth.


QUESTION:---What do we know about the Laser Beam, and how does it work?

ANSWER:---Scientists understand that it is the Cosmic light coming out of the Universe which YAHWEH created---coming thru certain jewels, that make the laser beam. As they bring this cosmic light thru the diamond, or the emerald, they get a vibration. It sometimes vibrates so fast they have to turn it off. In the 1960's they had not been able to completely analyze this so-called mystery. Today this is another matter. Perhaps they know much, much more.

Scientists have as yet caught the concept that by this pattern of spiritual vibration that a soul-spirit could---true to its capacity---could understand even the forces of cosmic unity coming out of the brain, mind and heart of YAHWEH. But we see this. And it is the promise that HE has promised HIS race.

Now, we read that every man’s work shall be tried by fire. (I Corinthians 3:13) And this word fire is a radiant vibrating fire, a pulsing fire much like the cosmic light coming thru the Emerald. You can do surgery with the laser beam without a knife. You can bore thru the hardest of stone. You can do miracles with this concentration of light as it comes thru the various jewels and prisms. But this---as every man’s work is tried by fire, so also---’yet that man shall be saved as by fire.’ Thus he is saved because this fire wipes out of his mind all the concepts of error he had accumulated.

We will know more about this laser beam in the very near future. And yes, Satan and his children probably have stolen secrets. But remember, to make it work, the light comes out of the Celestial---the Cosmic Light of the Universe and our Father is in control. So we do not fear in this hour.

Until next time. E.R.M.