ERM - Tape 014 - Geneaology Charts; Birth & Early Years Of Yahshua




1. Genealogy Charts

2. The Birth of YAHSHUA

3. The early life and missing 18 years in the Life of Jesus


QUESTION: How does the genealogy chart at the first of the Book of Matthew fit into the story of the birth of the Christ Child if he is the son or embodiment of God?


ANSWER: Well, as you know the Bible is the story of the relationship of the Adamic Race and their father YAHWEH. We now know that YAHWEH is the Eternal Father, and embodied his name is YAHSHUA . . . our Redeemer and Messiah. As for HIS embodiment in earth HE selected a mother thru whom He was to be born. Thus this physical body of the man called Jesus The Christ would be formed in the womb of a woman of the Adamic Race, but the fullness of YAHWEH would abide bodily within this body, Mary would produce. This is one of the purposes of the MOST HIGH which He declared before the foundation of the world. Why would HIS household come into earth this way . . . also embodied . . . as babes out of this Adamic Race He established with Adam and Eve? This is His program for bringing back the earth into its rightful orbit under His rule. Thus He would then come to establish His identity with His race, and come the same way thru physical birth out of the Race. No wonder then that the enemy tries to hide this fact from you. Thus you are to remember those in opposition to this wondrous story, this fulfillment of prophecy, and remember who they are, what they are saying, and that these enemies killed thousands in order to stop this race from arriving at the time when prophecy said HE would come forth from the race, and then they killed babies trying to stop His birth in earth. Thus the enemy only seeds to hide the wondrous story of HIS Testimony as to who this babe was, and that HE came to visit His people, and to do the wondrous things HE had promised to do.

Remember also that the great dynamics of our race and its culture lies in two great events of history, those being His birth in earth, and His Resurrection. A majority or our race says:..MY LORD and MY GOD, and because you believe, there is not enough darkness in the world today to overthrow this Kingdom of LIGHT with YAHSHUA as KING.

We have had men over the years try to attack this story for they say there are two different stories about his birth, one in Matthew and one in Luke, and that there is a discrepancy in the two. So we will try to outline these events for you in their right order for there is no discrepancy in the Scriptures if it is understood, even tho the enemy tries to garble the facts in their effort to hide the true story from you.

In the Alexandrian texts, and in the writings of Clement, and out of the records of Rome we do have the story which only adds knowledge to complete the sequence of events.

In the first chapter of St. Matthew you find the tracing of the genealogy line back to Abraham. It includes the King line, and Joseph the husband of Mary and her babe, showing that YAHSHUA also is the Lion of Judah, and was to come thru that same lineage.

Now; in the Gospel of St. Luke chapter 3, you will find the genealogy of Mary. But old modernists were always attacking the Virgin Birth, and of course that was the status of YAHSHUA (Jesus), so here in the Book of Luke they worked to change some inserts that this was the genealogy of Mary, making as tho it is the genealogy of Joseph her protector-husband. In verse 23, they translate it as:...'When Jesus was 30 years of age, being (as supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli, and on down to Seth, and then Adam who was the son of God.'

Of course YAHSHUA was the embodiment of YAHWEH, the Son of Mary, but not the son of Joseph. As you come to the name of Matthat . . . then Mary is tied into this lineage. She is also of the Levi, for Levi was absorbed into all tribes. She is out of the House of David of course as is Joseph her protector, both were the rightful descendants of the Davidic lineage. If Mary had not been of this lineage, she could not have been selected as the vessel to produce the body for YAHWEH to dwell in as Messiah. He had to come of the House of David, which is out of the House of Judah so that all prophecies be fulfilled.

Lets for a moment then compare these two genealogy charts. Matthew 1:16, Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary who begat the Christ. Then in the Book of Luke 3, it says:..'Joseph who was the son of Heli, the son of Matthat.' This is not the same Joseph as the husband protector Mary, not the same person at all. And this translation:...'Being as supposed the son of Joseph, in a insert here, and translated this way was to try to deny the deity of the Virgin Birth. It was not in the original, but shows up first in translations at the time of the Vatican and Douay versions being translated. It shows up here in the King James Version because this was translated out of the same text. But it is in parenthesis which tells us that it was not in the older texts.

What we are pointing out to you is that from the Book of Matthew and the Book of Luke we have recorded the household lineage from which Joseph and Mary came, and we thus have the proof of the legal authority as to the marriage of Joseph and Mary. Thus the whole household was in the legal line of the Davidic throne, fulfilling all Prophecy. Mary was thus of the King-Priest line tied together which is the symbolism of the Melchizedek Priesthood. So here in genealogy we are tracing YAHSHUA back in all his earthly contacts, back to Adam, and this is very important because you are also told . . . Matthew 1:21 . . . that YAHWEH came as Savior to 'save his people from their sins'. And you have by these genealogies established that His people are the Adamic Race. He thus came thru the process of birth, as you did, but he emerged Incarnate Deity, the fullness of YAHWEH (God) dwelling bodily. The only thing he left off . . . was His Shekinah Light . . . for if He had left that in place they never could have crucified Him.

If the program of YAHWEH'S KINGDOM had been co-existent or appeasement as they try to tell us today, then YAHWEH would never have come to earth, and there would have been no birth of a Christ child to celebrate, and this solar system would have been left to go its own way with the people under the domination of Lucifer forever. But if there was any great event of history that had an effect, a great impact upon the human race, it was this one of Matthew 1:18, . . . this birth of Jesus Christ . . . who we know is YAHSHUA-Savior. If there was any event that affected the whole course of the Adamic destiny it was this coming of our Savior. It was this reunion of our Father out of the spirit, identifying with a physical embodied race which he had begotten, and to whom HE had promised to come while you were with HIM there in Spirit so long ago.

We learn from the writings of Enoch as to how the Wisemen from their observatories had been watching so long for a certain star, and the records in Rome also record the events which occurred in Palestine at the time of the Birth of YAHSHUA (Jesus). Thus, the old records along with the Scriptures bring us the story . . . the wondrous story.

Now; as the Wisemen were making their long journey to the birth place of their King there were many events taking place in Palestine. There was some of the Israelites, among which a great expectancy was felt, they were expecting something to happen. They knew the prophecies as to how a Virgin was to bare a Son, and they were looking for, and hoping for their Messiah. The Gospel of Luke then fills in your story as in Chapter 1 of Luke is recorded the things that were told to him by eye witness accounts, of these events.

There was in Judea when Herod the Cainanite was King, an Israelite by the name of Zacharias. He was a High Priest in the little Temple in Bethlehem. His wife was named Elizabeth, and she was of the Levi Lineage, out of the House of Aaron. Both Zacharias and Elizabeth were of good age, and then had no children, altho they had both walked before YAHWEH and kept the commandments and ordinance. At their extreme age they no longer expected any children. But one day the Angel appeared to Zacharias there in the Temple in Bethlehem, and told him that Elizabeth and he would have a child, and that this child was to be called John. The Angel told Zacharias that John would be speaking by the power of the Holy Spirit even from birth. That this child would turn many of the children of Israel to YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA . . . Savior.

Verse 17, is a multiple prophecy for remember that Elijah went into the heavens without seeing death. But here in John the Baptist, the Spirit of Elijah would return to dwell in a physical body again, and this time John the Baptist was to prepare the way for YAHSHUA. To alert the Israelites to the fact that Messiah is in earth . . . that was his mission. And here at the end of the age . . . in our day, an Elijah empowered ministry is to turn our people back to their roots, to the knowledge as to who they are, to make them aware of the rising of the Kingdom to destroy Babylon.

Here however in the small Temple in Bethlehem, the only Temple of Israel left in the land was an Israelite High Priest in charge . . . this was Zacharias, and before him stands this Archangel Gabriel who has come with a message from YAHWEH. Zacharias cannot quite comprehend how he and his wife will be able to bring forth this miracle child. And because of this tiny doubt Zacharias is to remain speechless until the baby is born. Zacharias lingered long in the Temple and the people wondered why he did not come out to them. But as Zacharias came out, they realized something had happened to him, surely he must have seen a vision for some experience had affected him greatly, and he was also unable to speak. But after completing his work at the Temple Zacharias started to his home, and he met his wife on the way to meet him, for she also had a visit from an Angel.

Do you really think that those events leading up to the birth of the Christ child were not planned for . . . very carefully? Oh! Life in Palestine went on per usual. But then Herod from the Isle of Pergamos ruled in Judea, and the Temple at Jerusalem was now in the hands of the Sadducees almost completely. It still functioned as the head temple even for the Israelites but the High Priest of this Temple would know nothing of the great events which were to effect Israel which were going on, so to speak almost behind the scenes.

The old books were telling us how the True Priests of Israel were choosing a husband-protector for the Virgin who was to be selected to bear the body for YAHWEH to dwell in. We learned from the old books as to the birth of Mary, and her training for this most important task. Then Joseph is selected as her protector-husband, and he was a man of old age. He didn't exactly want the job, thought it should be someone younger, but YAHWEH made the selection . . . did you ever read how? Can't you just catch this vision made how YAHWEH is fulfilling prophecy which was to have him born a babe, out of His household here in earth, while life went on in this old land where the rulers did not even know the prophecies? It would have been difficult for those non-Israelites to have caught the Majesty of these events, but they were best kept in secret, for they hated the name of YAHWEH and would totally later deny YAHSHUA as the Messiah-Savior. But the Israelites of Benjamin, Judah, and Levi living in Palestine at that time were in political and economic bondage, and yes even religious bondage. In fact they had much religious bondage, ever since the days their ancestors were taken into Babylonian captivity. So surely these Israelites were looking for a deliverer, a Messiah-King. Their mighty YAHWEH (God) would set them free. Yes, they hoped for and anticipated the birth of such a ONE. In fact there were rumors running among the Israelites and expectations also because they knew of the visit of the Angel Gabriel to Zacharias their High Priest. They knew of this promise of this child Zacharias and Elizabeth were to bare, and they knew this child would come before Messiah. No wonder then that the expectations in the underground of Palestine was beginning to be felt in many areas.

Yes, the plans of YAHWEH may seem to grind exceedingly slow, from the standpoint of human measures, but they have over the years come with an exactness that causes you to know that all things are in the hollow of His hands. Think back to the many conquerors who swept down out of the Steppes of Asia to destroy this Adamic Race. How many hoards of the Cainanites and others had come against this Kingdom Race trying to wipe it out, even before this birth in Palestine almost 2000 years ago? And yet it did take place, in the time table established before the foundation of the earth.

Yes, Elizabeth conceived, and six months later right in the midst of a world holiday the Angel Gabriel went to see the Virgin Mary who was in Nazareth of Galilee . . . Luke 1:26. And you will notice that Mary was in the care of the household of Joseph at the time Gabriel, the messenger, came to tell Mary of her part to play in this story. This translation that said Mary was betrothed to Joseph is telling you that Mary . . . the Virgin was to be under the protection of Joseph as had been decided . . . but not as his wife. Since Joseph had been selected for her protector, then legally she would be cared for, and he would be called her husband. No, I cannot think that he would be surprised when her pregnancy began to show . . . after all, this was what they were waiting for. But it is translated as tho an Angel told him to accept her pregnancy, and of course he did that as he accepted the position of protector-husband as the Priest carried out the ceremony to chose a man of Israel for this position.

The Angle Gabriel said to Mary:..'Hail, thou that are highly favored, YAHWEH is with thee, blessed art thou among women'. In other words Mary is informed that she is the daughter of the race chosen to be the mother of this body of YAHWEH to dwell in. For sometime several girls of the race had been trained for this purpose, and had wondered who would be selected. Thus by cosmic conception (thought, power) Mary conceived at the time of year which would be about our Christmas time. Mary is told by Gabriel that this child she brings forth is to be called YAHSHUA. He is to reign over the House of Jacob forever, and of His Kingdom there shall be no end. This babe was to be known as the 'Son of God' . . . Luke 1:35. Thus, HE was the embodiment of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA. And in the Aramaic it was recorded as it is for 'The Son of man' but with the tetragram above it.

Mary was told that her cousin Elizabeth was with child, and in her sixth month, but that with YAHWEH anything is possible. Luke 1:37

Now; remember Mary had been raised with the expectation that she might be selected for this great work. So she, like Joseph, knew they were involved in this drama being played out here in Palestine, knew they were moving in destiny, altho quite possibly not understanding the magnitude of this destiny.

Mary decided to go see her cousin Elizabeth, and yes they had little donkeys in those days, but they also had horses and carriages. Mary went from Nazareth in Galilee across Sumaria, and into Judea to the home of Zacharias and I don't think she went by a little donkey this time either. But as Mary came into the home of Zacharias and called for Elizabeth the babe in Elizabeth's womb leaped. Elizabeth then filled with the mighty vibration of the wisdom of YAHWEH . . . termed the Holy Spirit . . . realized that Mary was the girl selected to be the mother of YAHSHUA . . . the Savior of Israel, and she then testifies to this.

In the Lost Books of the Bible there are some things which we can't quite believe, but perhaps translators not understanding things of spirit were only doing the best they could, but we do know that at least some of Israel knew what was taking place here in old Palestine while the world order around them did not.

Mary stayed with her cousin about three months before she returned to Galilee, and these two women of Israel must have had much to talk about as they planned for these babies they were bringing forth.

The Gospel of Luke records that the time came when Elizabeth brought forth her baby, and on the eighth day friends and relatives came to dedicate this baby to YAHWEH, and they were calling the little boy Zacharias after his father, altho Elizabeth protested. They argued a bit about the name, for no one in that close family was called John. Finally they appealed to Zacharias and he signaled for writing paper and pen, and he wrote:..'His name is John'. Immediately Zacharias could speak, and the people were strangely stirred, they wondered what kind of a child this would be for they saw the hand of YAHWEH was with this child.

Zacharias remember is the High Priest of Israel at this time, and he is now filled with the understanding of the Holy Spirit, and he begins recalling the prophecies given about the coming of the Messiah who would rescue his people. St. Luke records this for you, and in verse 76, Zacharias talks about this child . . . John . . . who is to go before Messiah to prepare his way. You are told that John would live in the desert until time for his work in preparing the way . . . Verse 80. We now know that because of Herod’s work in trying to kill all the babies of Bethlehem, as he tried to destroy YAHSHUA, that this baby John is taken to the Essene company for safe keeping until time for him to fulfill his mission on earth. But there would be another drama affecting John before he was taken to the Essenes for safe keeping. We know that John talked of heavenly things from the moment of his birth until he was about 12 years of age. He told them that Messiah came as Savior of His people . . . that he was born on earth a few months after his birth, he told them that at this time he would not take the crown. The Essenes recorded the words of John and we know that these words spread quietly thru the underground. So there was expectancy in the land, and the quiet wait for the time for events to be fulfilled.

But what of Mary . . . six months after the birth of John the Baptist she was to have her child? Do you think that YAHWEH was not moving to fulfill all prophecy as a decree came from Caesar Augustus that all the people of the Roman Empire must go to the city close to where their property lay and there be taxed. Luke records this for us in chapter 2. YAHWEH thus using a normal earthly event would bring Mary to the proper spot at the proper time. For Mary and Joseph must go to Bethlehem, for remember that Mary owned that which was known as the 'old threshing floor', and an area around Bethlehem. She being the mother, then could only hold this land in trust for her first born son, but Mary must also go the Bethlehem. And YAHWEH was moving her to the place where prophecy said she would be delivered of this child which Luke records in chapter 2:7.

So Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem, and Scripture says that there was no room in the Inn, but the Inn is symbolic of the World Order. Remember that Mary's cousin Elizabeth lived here in Bethlehem, so do you suppose they would refuse to take her into their home for the birth of this baby? Of course not, but prophecy must be fulfilled, and heaven was bending low to earth this night as YAHWEH was born in earth. Remember he was to be the spotless Lamb, the perfect Lamb to redeem Israel. So where would a Lamb be born? Remember there was a farm on the outskirts of Bethlehem where they raised the animals for sacrifice at the Temple in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. There was what we would call a barn today at this farm, or maybe you could call it a stable, but everything was kept very clean here, and Mary and Joseph moving in destiny made their way to this stable, and then Joseph hurried so the old records say, to try to find a midwife. He hadn't gone far before he met a lady of Israel running toward the stable, so of course everything had been planned for and provided for this night. But as Joseph and the lady came back to the stable the entrance was covered with a bright cloud which became a bright light within the stable. Gradually the light diminished and they saw this young girl holding her baby to her breast. The Spotless Lamb who would become the sacrifice on the Cross for His people, was now in earth. A tiny human baby, the most helpless of all little ones must now be protected until he could grow up and complete His mission as Messiah.

That same night Essene shepherds on the Judean hills suddenly saw a great light, and they heard heavenly hosts singing above them. These shepherds were the ones who guarded the paths of the Israelites as they went to and from their underground quarters, and for their work they were rewarded with a secret visit that very night to the stable where this tiny babe lay, and there they worshiped Him . . . this embodied YAHWEH as Savior. They left their sheep in the care of the heavenly hosts, and made their visit to the stable then returned quietly but elated to their flocks.

As the heavenly hosts were singing to their shepherds, giving them the news of this wondrous birth, a few miles away in Jerusalem a great crowd of people were celebrating, not having any idea of the events taking place in Bethlehem.

Oh, there were Wisemen of our race on the move, Wisemen who had finally seen the Star they had been waiting for. Saw it come into the sign of Aquila, and then move to the head of Virgo, and they were on their way to worship their King. They had seen the conjunctions of Saturn the symbol of Lucifers kingdom, and Jupiter the symbol of YAHWEH'S Kingdom come together three times in so many months, and then they were moving for the fourth conjunction, and yet this time it was different, for Mars the symbol of War was now in the picture, Mars was squaring, meaning danger for the child who was their King. They had delayed in Egypt waiting for the fourth Wiseman, but now they set out for Jerusalem, but realized that the baby would be born before they arrived.

Then here with Mary and Joseph, since prophecy was fulfilled by his birth in the stable, then Joseph would move Mary and the babe to the home of Zacharias, and the Wisemen would find Him there.

The Wisemen approached Jerusalem and they went straight to the Palace, but here was a YEHUDIN King in control of an Israel nation, and this disturbed them very much, but they still asked:..'Where is HE born King in Judea?' And yes, I know the King James Version you are studying says:.. 'Where is he, born king of the Jews.' But think a moment, here you have traced the genealogies of these Adamic people from YAHSHUA back to Adam, have traced the Patriarch-king line back to Abraham who was traced back to Adam who is recorded as the son of God by Luke in 3:32 . . . and not once in that long period of time represented by these genealogies did you see the word JEW? Not once, so how come this baby YAHSHUA (Jesus) is now translated as king of the Yehudin or Jews??? Why would Christians then pick up this error of translation and parrot it unless they had been brainwashed and did not know what they were reading? You can turn to the Strongs Concordance, and yes it has the word Jew, for it is written for the King James Version, but it also suggests that this word Jew can be considered as a country, or Judea.

Now; the civil records of Rome confirm the Biblical record of Matthew 2, as to the coming of the Wisemen. In the Aramaic, in the original text this verse reads as we have quoted:..'Where is HE born King in Judea, for we have see HIS Star, and have come to worship HIM.' This is tremendous testimony from the Wisemen of our Race.

We have told you before of how the Magi organization was formed by Enoch so long before. The Magi were a respected group of men, known as great scientists, doctors, a wealthy and respected group of our Race. Rome granted them permission to come and go throughout the Roman Empire, as they wished, and no one was to hinder or touch them . . . NO ONE.

We can thus trace these events in Palestine at that time, for the records are available to students such as Dr. Swift, and each record revealed more and more of this wondrous story. From the Essene company who lived in the caves of the area, the leaders of the underground movement at the time of Christ, came the Jerusalem manuscripts, the Assyrian manuscripts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Isaiah, and the Books of Enoch, and even the Book of Job with more extensive coverage than the one we have today. The Christians world was excited by this find and were trying to get this information into the Western Christian hands as fast as possible. But then Israeli demanded they see the old scrolls, and those Syria sent to them were never again seen. And the Christian hierarchy forgot the knowledge gained by that discovery and covered up this knowledge and began calling Jesus a Jew once more.

But these Wisemen who came into Herod’s court asking where the King was to be born knew that Herod should not be king over Israel. They also knew that they had seen the Wanderers in the sky with their message, and that the fourth conjunctions had signaled great things. Today we know that these occurred at the Conception of John the Baptist, the Conception of YAHSHUA, then the birth of John the Baptist, and the fourth conjunction at the birth of YAHSHUA, and this one showed Mars squaring the other two which meant great trouble for Israel and for HE who was born King in Judea.

Dr. Swift belonged to the Harvard Astronomical Society which drew the map of the heavens for the time of the birth of YAHSHUA. With our knowledge of today we can chart the heavens backward to that time, to back up the Biblical records, and to understand what the Wisemen were seeing. But the enemy in Los Angeles was also at work in the sixties, and they finally were able to ban the showing at Griffith Park Observatory this lineup of the planets the night YAHSHUA was born. The Jews claimed that this was city money being used each Christmas to put on this story and they were able to get it banned, so Christian kids cannot see the story there anymore and watch the stars lineup, and the Wisemen come hunting him born King in Judea.

Here in Jerusalem Herod the king was greatly troubled . . . Matthew 2:3 . . . and so were the hierarchy of Jerusalem. This was not a star of course stars are bigger than earth, and they don't come down to run ahead of men on earth. Roman records said this was a Great Light which led the Wisemen, and we believe this to be true. After all heaven was bending near to earth at this time period and great ships of space shone lights down on the shepherds a few miles away, a few nights before this.

Matthew 2:9-11 . . . tells you that by the time the Wisemen came it was the fifth night, according to ancient records, and the Wisemen entered the home where the babe and Mary now resided. This was the home of Zacharias and Elizabeth, and there the Wisemen presented their gifts and worshiped before their King. The gifts were Gold from Britain for His ministry later, and Frankincense and Myrrh were presented for his anointing and for his burial. From these gifts these Wisemen presented for His Anointing and for His burial. From these gifts these Wisemen brought you to see the scope of YAHSHUA'S work in earth. The gold was given to Mary who held it for her Son. It was given to Messiah when His ministry started in Palestine, then remember it was turned over to Judas of Iscariot as he carried the money bag for the disciples. This picking of Judas of Iscariot for this job was for an example for our day, but not many catch that significance. The Frankincense was used for His Anointing, and this took place in the home of Joseph of Arimathea on the day that the disciples pledged to follow Him in the establishment of the Majesty of His Kingdom. In the writings of Clement and Polycarp those early church fathers tells us of this anointing in the home of Joseph of Arimathea. And of course the Myrrh was for His burial, and it was kept at the home of Joseph of Arimathea as well.

The Wisemen were still very troubled at the situation in Jerusalem and they warned Joseph as to the danger to the child, and then did not return to see Herod, for their mission accomplished . . . they quietly left that area.

The next day Joseph quietly moved Mary and the babe to the home of Joseph's brother called Joseph of Arimathea. For this brother was the leader of the family, and he had a great home on the North East outskirts of the city of Jerusalem. He also had a home a few miles to the North at the city of Arimathea. This Joseph is the one who owned many ships, and also the tin mines of Britain. He was a man of influence, and a member of the Sanhedrin as well. Thus Mary and her babe were safe here until they could leave this area after all prophecy, all ordinances of the law were fulfilled.

Now; on the 8th, day YAHSHUA (Jesus) was presented at the Temple as the ordinances required. Then on the 21st, day Mary went to the Temple according to the ordinance requirement . . . Luke 2:24. Notice how all this was happening right under the nose of Herod and all the Sadducees. Notice how it was arranged so that an Israelite Priest of great age would receive spiritual guidance, and come to the Temple to fulfill the ordinance as was the custom in Israel. And now Simeon could face death because his eyes had seen the promised Savior of Israel, this ONE who was the Light of Israel was there in his arms. Joseph and Mary marveled at all that was happening. Simeon blessed them also and said to Mary:..'Behold this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against . . . I Peter 2:7-8. The World Order was not going to accept HIM, and many are the things which were to take place. Also did all this take place in the Temple at Jerusalem right in the midst of the Sadducees, these Yehudin . . . or did it take place in the little Temple in Bethlehem which was not at that time under control of the Yehudin? Something makes me think this is where Simon held the Christ Child in his arms, and we will touch on that later.

On the 21st, day Mary and Joseph took the babe to Egypt . . . they were helped by Joseph of Arimathea in this task, took the babe to the safe keeping of that White Priesthood at the City of ON, and there they remained until the death of Herod . . . Matthew 2:15. The story of their return to Nazareth picks up in the Book of Luke.

But as these events were taking place what of the Wiseman who was bringing the Great Robe for the crowning of Israel's King which they and the people were hoping for? He also was bringing the Jewels for the Crown, and remember the great robe had been started in Rome and in Spain. It had been carried to Egypt for the brocade work of gold and silver thread and then taken to Persia to be lined with beautiful scarlet to match the robe. This was what the 4th, Wiseman carried as well as those great Jewels for the Crown, and also this Wiseman carried a great Pearl. According to the old stories this Wiseman was delayed . . . first by storms, and then by a sick man lying along the road. He conversed with the sick man, and was told that when he reached Judea that he must not look for the King in Jerusalem, but hurry rather to the Temple in Bethlehem. Finally the sick man was improved enough to leave, and the Wiseman and his companions hurried to Egypt, but his friends were days ahead of him, so he hurried on to Judea. As he passed thru Jerusalem he saw in the courtyard of Herod, an army armed and with many men. And they were receiving their instructions which did not appear to be for worship expeditions. The Wiseman hurried on to Bethlehem, and went to the Temple. Here he found Zacharias and his wife and yes their baby son, but the King of the Universe was not there, no they had left the residence of Zacharias after the other Wisemen had come bearing their gifts. And as Zacharias and this Magi stood there talking a great cry rose over the little city of Bethlehem, for Herod’s soldiers had arrived, and they were searching for all the boy babies living in Jerusalem up to two years of age. As they found those baby boys, they killed them, and the mothers were weeping for their children . . . Matthew 2:18. They were killing the children of Rachel and Isaac, the children of the Kingdom, and in this way they would surely get rid of this babe 'Born King in Judea'. Here in Herod’s testimony that he was not an Israelite, for he was surely doing the work of Lucifer . . . Revelation 12:3-7.

And here in this little Temple of Bethlehem was this baby John who was to prepare the way for the Messiah, and he must be protected for his great work. And now you realize that the fourth Magi had been delayed for a purpose. But the story of the killing of the babies was put in your Bible for a purpose as well, for it was identifying the race, and for the purpose of showing you that those you preach brotherhood will also kill babies in order to stop the progress of YAHWEH'S Kingdom, also even many do not like to mention it still there was a purpose for this story being in your Book. If you don't believe this is still going on today then look at the abortion record, and our congress uses your tax money to pay for this evil practice.

But remember this baby John was the mystery man of the times, and Jesus would later say that there was no greater man born of woman, for this was Elijah sent back as the messenger to go before the King. This then was the coincidence of the 4th, Wiseman being late in his arrival. As Herod's soldiers came close to the Temple, this Magi hurriedly unpacked the great robe, and put the Pearl in his pocket. The Magi then gathered up the baby John in his arms, and they wrapped the great robe around him as this captain of the army of Herod came up the steps of the Temple. The Magi strolled out to meet him at the top of the steps. Remember the Magi were to be treated with courtesy, and not hindered in any way in the Roman Empire, and here came this Magi wearing a great robe, and this captain paused and his men following stopped. The Magi asked their business here and told him that he was disturbing him after his long journey. The captain saw the company of the Magi camping in the courtyard before the Temple, and he saw this great figure of the Magi standing at the top of the steps, but still he told him that he had a job to do. They were to search the Temple and the living quarters looking for babies. The Magi said:..Surely there is not a baby in the Temple so that you need to disturb me, but he pulled the Great Pearl out of the pocket of his robe. The captains eyes gleamed with greed and the Magi knew that he had won this contest. He held out his hand with the Pearl in it, and the captain came close, then grasping the Pearl he turned to his men, and sent them to look other places for babies, as he followed them dreaming of the great wealth he had acquired.

The Magi walked back into the Temple, and placed sleeping baby John in his mothers arms. And it was after this that the baby John was taken to the Essene company for safe keeping until he could grow up and fulfill his destiny. But according to early writings this boy told the Essenes many things about the make-up of the heavens, and about what YAHSHUA King of the Universe would do at the proper time.

Some people today worry, they think we are being taken over completely here in our nation, and the other nations of Christendom. All I can tell you is that if you think this is going to be allowed until our nation is no more, then you do not understand what our Father has in mind. When He an send a Star, to keep an appointment, can bring it to the exact place to signal to men of earth that the time has come for a great single night in history, when he can proclaim the measure and men of our Race can record it thousands of years before it happens, when these Wisemen chart it, and then come to a certain spot and say:...'We have seen His Star' . . . then we are sure of the victory over communism and this International conspiracy. We are sure of the rise of the Kingdom of YAHWEH until it rules the earth. We are sure of the reign of YAHWEH . . . YAHSHUA with His people, and we are sure that the Light of this Truth shall never go out. This ministry that started with the Babe in the Manger was to electrify the world, and no Anti-Christ can put out that LIGHT.

Now; let us just recap events of that period of time, when 'The birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise' as Matthew records in chapter 1:18. On the night when the Christ Child was born in that stable as the Perfect Lamb of sacrifice, the shepherds were rewarded by being allowed to come in a group to worship, after they were given the good news by the messengers from heaven. Then Joseph moved Mary and the babe to the home of Zacharias and Elizabeth there in Bethlehem. The prophecy's of YAHSHUA'S birth had now been fulfilled so they could go to the home of their relatives. Here the Wisemen would find the babe, and they leave their gifts for the child with Mary as they worship their KING of Israel, now here in earth as a tiny babe. Their mission is accomplished, and they warn Joseph of the danger to the babe, that they felt in Jerusalem. The Wisemen do not go back to see Herod, instead they leave quietly another way. Herod is very disturbed and so were others of this people in high places in Jerusalem. They are hearing rumors and these Israelites that he thought he controlled seem to be in a state of expectancy, thus something is happening that they do not know about. They are looking for an uprising by the Israelites who might try to take back their country.

After the visit by the Wisemen then Joseph moves Mary and the babe to the home of His brother Joseph of Arimathea on the outskirts of Jerusalem. They must stay in the area where all ordinances and prophecy will be fulfilled for this time. But Mary and the babe are safe in the home of this wealthy and powerful man.

Now, I know that the Bible says that they took YAHSHUA to the Jerusalem Temple, but by the time the Scripture was in English version they didn't seem to remember that there was this little Temple in Bethlehem, with an Israelite High Priest in charge . . . and by that time the impression given to you was that everything and everyone in Judea was a Jew. But old records tells us that this High Priest named Simeon who received this baby YAHSHUA, was an Israelite of ancient age, and we also know that Simeon was promised that the would not die until he had seen Messiah . . . in the flesh . . . he had been assured this by the Holy Spirit. We know that Herod sent his armies to Bethlehem to kill the babies after the fifth night had passed, and that the last Wiseman arrived in time to save baby John, and then John was taken to the Essene company to be raised in a safe place so he could fulfill his mission in earth. We know from old records that Herod tried to find this baby John. That these soldiers of Herod came again to the Temple at Bethlehem and because Zacharias would not tell them where Baby John was taken that they then killed Zacharias near the altar in the court of the Priests. From the old record we find that quickly the Priests of Israel took counsel to see who would succeed Zacharias to complete the work here at this Temple, and they chose Simeon who was a very old man. Remember he had been assured by the Holy Spirit that he would see the Christ Child and now this had happened. Knowing all this I had wondered . . . did Simeon this High Priest go to the Temple in Jerusalem, ruled by the Yehudin Priests, where as this Temple in Bethlehem was established for a purpose, and maintained thru all this drama until it had fulfilled its mission here in our story. We think that after Mary made her trip to the same little Temple for her purification, that with this ritual accomplished that the little Temple then fell into the hands of the Yehudin, but it had already served its purpose as had the Jerusalem Temple, and also the schools of the scribes as well. Gradually the Israelites had been losing their hold over their nation completely, and by the time YAHSHUA came back to complete His ministry at the age of 30 years, then the Yehudin were in complete control of the area, altho the temple in Jerusalem would still be regarded by the Israelites as their base . . . until the crucifixion.

The babe, Mary and Joseph were to be protected by the White Priesthood still in the City of ON, Egypt, which had also remained in place until their part in this great Mosaic would be completed. The program of YAHWEH for the redemption of His people, and thru them the world was moving forward on schedule.

The program of YAHWEH needs to be understood a bit before you catch the magnitude of this panorama, and you so need to think upon this whole sequence of events, you need to know the part played by those of our race in this panorama. Then you don't feel that we are being so chastised today as we see prophecy fulfilled.


QUESTION: What about the early life of Jesus from the age of 12 years until His ministry starts in Palestine, surely He did more than work in a carpenters shop?


ANSWER: At the age of 12 years according to Scripture . . . Luke 2:49-52, Mary and the family were back hunting for YAHSHUA after they had started home from the visit to the Temple in Jerusalem. They stopped at the home of Joseph of Arimathea, and found that YAHSHUA was not among them. But when they found HIM in the Temple then YAHSHUA said to Mary:..'How is it that ye doubt me? Don't you know that I must be about my Fathers? That is the translation . . . and we then know that they say that Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. In spite of the translation this does not sound as tho he was just a carpenters son as we so often hear, now does it? Also remember that children grew up fast in those days.

We will try to fill in the gap just a little between that time, and the time when He came back to Palestine to finish His Ministry as Messiah. The Scripture does not cover these 18 years and perhaps that is why we receive Christmas cards such as this one entitled:...One Solitary Life. It reads:. ..Here is a young man who was born in an obscure village, the child of a peasant woman. He grew up in another village. He worked in a carpenter chop until he was 30, and then for three years was an itinerant preacher. He never wrote a book, he never held office, never owned a home, never had a family or attended college. He never traveled 200 miles from the place he was born. He never did even one of the things that usually accompany greatness. He had no credentials but himself, and while he was still a young man the tide of public opinion turned against him. His friends ran away. He was turned to this enemies. He went thru the mockery of a trial, He was nailed to a cross between two thieves. While he was dying his executioners gambled for the only piece of property he had on earth, this was his coat. He was nailed to a cross, and when he was dead they laid Him in a borrowed grave thru the pity of a friend. Nineteen centuries have come and gone today, and he is still the central figure of the human race, and the leader of the column of progress.

Now; I hope I have been showing you of this tape circuit that did not know before, that there is so much more to the story of why HE came to earth, was crucified and then rose from the dead. In looking at these 18 silent years I hope to show you that He was fulfilling His ministry to his family, and that He did not spend much time in Nazareth in a carpenter shop, altho He came home at times to see His earthly mother.

Yes, the family of Joseph, the protector-husband of Mary owned a carpenter shop in Nazareth of Galilee. Old records tell us that Joseph the protector-husband died early in the life of YAHSHUA. Remember that the mother of Mary had come from Britain to Palestine, and there Mary was born. Remember there was no Israel king in Palestine, the throne had been transferred long years before to the West. And this family:...Joseph the protector-husband of Mary and Joseph of Arimathea, and the Mother of Mary were brothers and sister, and all had connections both in Britain and in Palestine until their part in this drama was finished here in Palestine. Joseph of Arimathea and Mary were left here to play out their destiny as the life of YAHSHUA unfolds.

There are many sources for filling in these lost years. I have some of the old books in my library, and the Swift library contained many more. One book especially quotes from many sources pertaining to our story, and this book is 'The Drama of the Lost Disciples'. These we find contain traditions, legends and facts as to the connection to the British Isles with this family of Joseph of Arimathea, and the young man YAHSHUA. Scripture assures us that Joseph of Arimathea was a rich man, an honorable councillor, meaning a member of the Sanhedrin . . . Matthew 27:54 . . . Mark 15:43 . . . Luke 23:5-51. All four Gospels praise Joseph of Arimathea as being a good man, and say he was a disciple of Jesus altho perhaps he remained discrete about this because of who ruled in Palestine. He had to be considered a relative of YAHSHUA because Pontius Pilot gave him the body of YAHSHUA from the cross to be put in his own tomb. Thus the Palestine tradition that Joseph of Arimathea was an uncle of YAHSHUA, and that the wealth of the family came from the British Isles, and this program of YAHWEH establishing a kingdom in earth was progressing on its time table of events. Here YAHSHUA now passed the age of 12 years was setting out on His ministry to His people which would be finished as He came back to Palestine for those final years that are recorded so thoroughly in Scriptures.

Old records tell us that in 3500 B.C. Britain was still connected to the rest of Europe, but eventually the rest of the land sank, and the Isles were thus separated from Europe. Cut out as tho without hands and recorded now as a rock, a stone by herself with a moat protecting her from the rest of Europe. Ancient writers record that the Phoenicians were the earliest traders who brought tin from the lands beyond the straits of Gibraltar. For without tin it was impossible to make bronze and copper, for it is the tin which hardens and strengthens them, so tin was very valuable. Records say that many Galleys of other nations tried to follow the Phoenicians to their homeland where the tin came from. But they being excellent sailors were usually able to escape from any ship following them. Records tell of one Roman ship which tried to follow, and when they could not shake them off the trail, the Phoenicians wrecked their ship rather than to lead the Roman ship to their homeland. The records also tell us that their countrymen reimbursed the captain and the owners of the ship, being grateful for having them protect their secret land at so great a cost.

Now; remember that the Phoenicians acquired that name because they were descendants of Enoch. Others of the Adamic kingdom as it expanded, and they became sailors of the sea were also called Phoenicians, such as the sons of Dan and the Zerah line of the House of Judah. In 1600 B.C. some of the tribe of Dan who dwelt along the Mediterranean Sea, left that land because it was too small an area for them. The Zerah line left before the exodus out of Egypt.

Ezekiel 27:12 . . . written about 595 B.C., mentions the tin trade conducted by the ancient city of Tyre. And we have records then of the tin mining of Britain at least 1500 years before The Christ. A tremendous amount of Bronze was used in the construction and equipment of Solomon's Temple, and most of the tin for this bronze was supplied by these tin mines in Cornwall, England, and also lead was mined there as well.

In the life time of YAHSHUA (Jesus) of our Scripture then Joseph of Arimathea was the family member now in the leadership position of this very wealthy and powerful family. He maintained a home now on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and a larger area, and home ten miles north of Jerusalem at Arimathea. He was also one of the very few Israelites left on the Sanhedrin.

Now; would it be such a strange thing if YAHSHUA as a young man traveled on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea? We find much evidence that shows that Joseph of Arimathea came to Cornwall, and brought a young Master with him, and that this young Master taught the tin smelters a better way to extract the tin, and purge it of the wolfram (which is tungsten).

There is much evidence that shows that YAHSHUA taught in the great Universities in Britain. That He amazed the teachers of those Universities. That He identified himself with the ancient wisdom schools of the past. The Druids of course had their traditional Priesthood background, and they recognized this Master Mason, as the key inside the structure of their house, for the symbolism of the race.

We find that children from wealthy families of Rome and other nations came to Britain to attend these Universities, and that the students followed the words and teaching of YAHSHUA. Some records carry the tradition and legend that Joseph of Arimathea and YAHSHUA assisted by some of those students built a little Wattle Church at Glastonbury, and they dedicated it to the Blessed Virgin, this earthly mother of Jesus. The facts are that at Glastonbury a place was being prepared for Mary, and she would be brought there after the Resurrection to live out her days, protected from the Jews. But any time you read about ancient Britain being a land of Barbarians then you know now that this was not true. A place was being prepared here for YAHWEH'S people from the time of Enoch on. The Magi in Britain were called Druids, but that did not change who they were or the race which they came from. And always the Druids talked about the coming of Messiah, and they considered that little Wattle temple as a loving testimony to Mary.

St. Augustine wrote of this to Pope Gregory telling that he had found on a visit to Britain . . . this little church in the western confines of Britain and it was not constructed by human art, but Divinely constructed by the hands of YAHSHUA himself, for the salvation of His people, but also that YAHWEH could continue to watch over the Mother of God.

We find in another tradition that Jesus came with Joseph of Arimathea to the summer land, and sojourned in a place called Paradise. The summer land is Somerset. In a tiny city at the mouth of the Breu river an old survey map was found giving the name of the area around Glastonbury as PARADISE.

The Ancient Druid or Bard of the sixth century wrote:...Christ . . . THE WORD from the beginning, was from the beginning our teacher and we never lost His teaching.

The valley of Jehoshaphat to the theologians is the valley of final judgement. But we find that in Britain, this spot reserved for the burial of Mary, of Joseph of Arimathea, and the many Martyr's of the race, was called the British Vale of Jehoshaphat. The Celtic language had the same word, and it meant the valley of departed spirits.

Each life of a martyr of Israel is a part of the indestructible chain of 'The Way' welded link by link in unswerving devotion and sacrifice on the part of the Apostles, the Disciples, and the countless followers of The Christ. The Royal library in England contains many ancient treasures, as well as the genealogy chart showing the British Royal line to be in direct descent from the kings of Ancient Israel. Forged on the anvil of persecution, and purged in the crucible of Christian blood, this golden chain links us with the marvelous past, with the assurance that YAHWEH still reigns in heaven, and YAHSHUA His embodiment is ever the bond between Our Father and His children in earth.

Did YAHSHUA ever visit America? We don't find this recorded but why not? We know that the Mayans welcomed the Manasseh people about 800 B.C., and called them white Gods, and we learn this from their records. We know that later these white people went tribal and spread into what is now the United States of America. We know from records that people called Cherokee Indians were white people, and they tried to get in touch with people of their race in Europe. We know that the famous cities of Cabola built in South Western U.S., were built by these white people, and they did use much gold on the tops of their buildings. There is much about the lost people to be learned in New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern Colorado . . . so did YAHSHUA ever visit America . . . why not?

We also find traces that YAHSHUA (Jesus) at one time in those missing years was in Nepal, India traveling on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea. In the book of 'Rig-Veda' . . . the Magi of India record the visit of YAHSHUA as Messiah to Nepal India, and the white civilization found there. They recorded also that Britain was a great center of religious learning, and they record that YAHSHUA taught the same wisdom as did the Druids of Britain.

In other words we find traces of YAHSHUA being seen along the coasts of China, and inland to scattered white settlements where the people greeted HIM as MASTER-MESSIAH, and they tell of how he ministered to them.

People today do not seem to realize that this Adamic Race spread out as they expanded. Don't seem to realize that the Bible only traces a few of the leaders to keep the Kingdom theme moving.

Thus did YAHSHUA as a young man visit those of the Adamic Race who would not be reached by the Apostles as they moved out after His ministry in Judea was over??

Now; as YAHSHUA came back to Palestine to finish His ministry, you find that He paid the customs tax . . . this was a strange tax showing He had not been in Palestine for some time. So was he just a carpenters son in a carpenters shop? We find that He traveled much, much further than that 200 miles from where He was born. He was not just an itinerant Preacher during His ministry here even in Palestine. For He came to pay the price of a great atonement as well as to identify with HIS people.