ERM - Tape 015 - John The Baptist; Gospel Of The Kingdom; Sermon On Mount





1. John the Baptist

2. The Gospel of the Kingdom

3. The Sermon on the Mount

4. Mark 3:23-29


QUESTION:...I have always wondered about John the Baptist because Jesus said:...he was greater than any man born of woman, but I don't understand why Jesus would need to be baptized by John?

ANSWER:...Well! We will see what the Gospel has to say about this. Matthew 3:1-12..'In those days came John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness of Judea saying, Repent ye; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. This is he that was spoken of by the prophets saying: The voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the LORD; make his path straight.' This John had raiment of camels hair, and a leather girdle about his loins; and his meat was locust and wild honey. They went out to him from Jerusalem, and all of Judea, and all the region around about the Jordan River, and were baptized by him in the Jordan confessing their sins'.

You know that John the Baptist born to Zacharias and Elizabeth about six months before YAHSHUA was born. He was taken to the Essene company to be raised in a safe place after Herod tried to kill all the babies in Bethlehem. This baby John was to come before YAHSHUA to turn the Israelites in their thinking, this is what repent means. John was saying:...'The kingdom of heaven is at hand'..thus YAHSHUA the king of the kingdom was on earth, and would soon make himself known thru his get ready to receive HIM. The Israelites always thought he would come to redeem them, so now He will soon be here. The prophet Isaiah in chapter 40 verse 3., talks about John saying what is recorded here, that John comes to prepare the way for YAHSHUA because HIS ministry is about to begin here in Palestine. It will be an intense ministry, and it will be about the Gospel of the Kingdom, this stone kingdom of Daniel 2:44. And since the king of the kingdom will soon be there to redeem them, to be the sacrifice for them, then start remembering who they are and why YAHSHUA is in earth, so follow the path toward HIM.

So what did John look like? He came wearing a garment of camel skin, with a leather girdle around his waist. It is recorded that he ate locust and wild honey, and looking up the word locust we find it is the top of vegetation. This is telling you that John was living off the fruit of the land not grasshoppers as the translation would have you think. He dressed this way, and he ate this way so as to set himself apart from those who dwelt in Jerusalem, and were at the head of the religion in that area. He was quite a contrast to them, and Israelites from all around there were coming to him to be baptized, confessing their sins, and being expectant of the coming of their savior.

Verse 7:...But here came many false Pharisees and Sadducees, and John said to them:...'O generation of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?' Since John called them a generation or race of vipers (Serpents), that is why I translated this as False Pharisees and Sadducees. Knowing the history of Judea at that time we find that the true Pharisees believed in the Resurrection, the Atonement and the coming of Messiah. But to take control of the Sanhedrin way back there from the Israelites, then some of the Sadducees pretended to believe in the same things as the Israelites who were called Pharisees, and they acquired seats on the Sanhedrin in that manner, then became what they really are, and on the inside of the government they voted with the Sadducees, and took over the government and the Temple rule away from the Israelites. Thus in your study of the Gospels you have to determine between who are the true Pharisees who were Israelites, and the false Pharisees who were Sadducees. This is just like using the word Jew for Israel, or Judea, or Judah, no distinction made as Lucifer's family try to take away your inheritance. Verse 7 is inserted here for the purpose of alerting you to this face of the difference in the people of that area as the ministry of YAHSHUA starts.

Verse 8:...John goes back talking to the Israelites urging them to come forward in their thinking, these Sadducees may claim to be Abraham's children, and later they did just that, but it is not enough to just make that claim because there is a promise of a certain child to Abraham, and then thru Isaac would come the kingdom race for these days..and Jacob was the chosen one for the lineage to continue, where as the latter days started at the birth of The Christ. John said he would baptize with water for the repentance of this sin, but that YAHSHUA would soon be coming and he would baptize with the Holy Spirit, with the Shekinah LIGHT which is translated FIRE. This Light blots out the error in your thinking. Thus He will blot out all error, and gather His wheat..who are His children to HIM, and all error of course is then burned up.

Remember the symbol of the woman of the heavens, she is Israel, and holds the stocks of wheat in he hands. This is what John is talking about, that the Redeemer of Israel is close at hand.

Now; lets see if Mark adds to this story in his Gospel...Chapter 1:1-8. This is virtually the same story as Matthew recorded. Then Luke in chapter 3:1-18 tells much the same story going into details perhaps a bit more. The people wondered if John was the embodied YAHWEH (God) so John assured them he was not. But there were multitudes of Israelites coming to be baptized. So no doubt this was very disturbing to the Sadducees who were now in the seat of power in Judea.

Then John in his Gospel records these same events...John 1:1-28 but in a different manner. John wants you to thoroughly understand who this is that John the Baptist is announcing. Thus he starts his Gospel saying:..'In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God...the WORD was God'. So John is telling you that YAHWEH embodied is YAHSHUA and was from the beginning, thus all things are made by HIM. That HE is the Life Giver, the Life which was the Light of men. And Here he is talking about spirit men or Israelites who are spirit of His Spirit. John then says in verse 5., that this Light...this YAHSHUA was in earth, but hose of the darkness, who are of lucifer's kingdom did not understand, they couldn't absorb what HE would say for they are not of HIS Spirit. Later HE will tell them they are not HIS Sheep. Verse 6...This man sent from God is of course John the Baptist who came to bear witness of this Light of YAHSHUA so that all Israelites might know this is their redeemer. That this John the Baptist was not YAHSHUA but was sent to bear witness of who HE was.

John goes on in verse 10 to tell you that YAHSHUA was in the world...this creation was made by HIM, but the World Order wouldn't know HIM, they were looking forward to something other than His coming. Herod proved that when the Wisemen came, and he didn't even know a baby KING was to be born.

Now; verses 11-13 have been quoted and explained in many ways:...'He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many received HIM, to them he gave power to become the sons of God, even to them that believed on HIS name, which were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the WORD was made flesh and dwelt among them, and we beheld his glory, the glory of the only begotten of the father, full of Grace and Truth'. Thus John said:...HE..YAHSHUA the very embodied YAHWEH (God) came to his own land and the rulers of that land received HIM not. But you remember that Mary owned the land around Bethlehem, held it in trust for her first born. YAHWEH gave all the land of Palestine and much more to the Israelites, but those who ruled it now received HIM not. But the Israelites were looking for HIM, they were flocking to be baptized by John the Baptist so they were going to receive HIM. And when HE called His sheep by name they would come. Read verses 12 and 13., very carefully for you see that those who He gave power to become the sons of God as it is translated are those who are born of God. Thus they are the Israelites thru the promised seed line, those born of the Spirit. If you aren't this spirit of His Spirit then you are not a son or daughter.

Verse 14...'The WORD' which in the beginning remember was YAHWEH then came in the flesh born as a babe in Bethlehem, out of this Adamic race. This is identification, this is YAHWEH, now as YAHSHUA-Savior...and John the Baptist is telling Israel who this ONE is that comes to redeem them. Then John goes on to record that the Law was given by Moses, but Grace and Truth comes thru YAHSHUA.

Verse 18...'No man hath seen YAHWEH (God) anytime, but the only begotten issue...YAHSHUA here embodied hath declared this'...declared what? That this is the only time HE has come embodied out of this Race. That this is the only time an atonement was necessary. So He came embodied as a baby, just as you come into earth, and He identified with HIS children in this way. Verse 19...The Yehudin (Jews) sent Priests from Jerusalem to ask John the Baptist who he was. And John the Baptist tells them he is not the embodiment of YAHWEH as Messiah. So they then ask if he is Elijah that is supposed to come?

In the Book of the minor Prophet Malachi, chapter 3., we find that he also records the coming of John the Baptist. And in II Kings chapter one and verse eight we find that Elijah also dressed similar to John the Baptist as he was on earth. Later YAHSHUA will tell you (Matthew 11:10) that John the Baptist was Elijah who was to come if you were able to understand this. Thus this was the spirit of Elijah here in the body of John the Baptist, and this is the first time we see this happen in the Bible and the last. This was why YAHSHUA would say there was none born of woman (Israel) greater than John the Baptist because Elijah had gone into the heavens without tasting death, but here he is back as John the Baptist to prepare the 'way for YAHSHUA'.

Now; we became 'The Elect' of the Scripture because we were 'Selected' out of all the children of spirit who VOLUNTEERED to come to earth. And here is Elijah back a second time to do work in the earth, thus he was greater than any other of Israel.

There is also another side to this prophecy, and it is for our time of today. The spirit of Elijah is also...symbolic of perfect understanding. For Elijah the first time in earth understood and followed the program of YAHWEH so perfectly that he left earth without tasting death, thus this spirit of Elijah is symbolic of a great understanding, of this program and purpose of the Almighty YAHWEH (God). Thus the spirit of Elijah is in symbolism which we find thru the Scriptures, like 'The Day of the LORD', for in symbolism it means when YAHSHUA was in earth...a short time, where as the Great and terrible Day of the LORD is talking about this spirit of Elijah His kingdom people, and restore them to their understanding until they would turn in their thinking and consider who they are, where they came from. It would thus cause the children of the kingdom to remember their background, their history, their forefathers, and would protect that heritage of their children. This is the message from the prophet Malachi, it means that racial self respect comes back upon the race, and they remember they are of the kingdom, and they lift up the Standards of the kingdom. In other words the 'Spirit of Elijah' in our time is to bring the children of the kingdom into the knowledge of their identity.

John also records in his Gospel that false Pharisees came out to see John the Baptist, and they wanted to know why he would baptize people if he was not the Messiah, or Isaiah, or even Elijah. But John the Baptist just explains that he is simply baptizing with water, turning the people thus in their thinking so they will follow YAHSHUA who is coming soon.

Then the day came when YAHSHUA came to be baptized, and this is recorded in the Gospels..Matthew 3:13-17...Mark 1:9-11...Luke 3:21-23..and John 1:29-34. The four Gospels tell much the same story of the coming of YAHSHUA (Jesus) that John the Baptist declared..that HE (YAHSHUA) was the LAMB of God. Remember again that He was the Lamb born in the stable. He came to be the spotless Lamb of sacrifice on the Cross. He was born 'King in Judea' to redeem His people because of their violation of Divine Law. This translation of the spirit coming like a dove is telling you that John the Baptist thru inspiration was receiving the message that this was Messiah...this was YAHWEH as YAHSHUA to carry out his work as the spotless Lamb. This translation has been used to try again to divide God into three parts, to conform to the Babylonian doctrine, but this is but translation by those not understanding the message of the spirit. You will notice here that John the Baptist did not recognize YAHSHUA as a cousin or relative of his, so these two while growing up weren't going to the Temple in Jerusalem three times a year, and both living in their areas and visiting back and forth with relatives.

But here along the Jordan River the Unction (Glory) of YAHWEH shown around John the Baptist and YAHSHUA, and John the Baptist saw it, but as far as the other people round there we doubt that they saw or heard any- thing, altho the Israelites would probably have felt a great expectancy. But then John the Baptist was so far advanced in spiritual knowledge and understanding, much more than those he was baptizing. And YAHWEH is not divided into three parts as some would have you think, for YAHSHUA of the New Testament is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA of the Old Testament, and if not He would not have been the spotless Lamb, and not Messiah. But John the Baptist went to great length to assure you that He is YAHWEH...the everlasting Father, and embodied is YAHSHUA the Prince of Peace, this son born to Israel.

Now! why did He have John baptize HIM? Well! John's baptism remember was for turning Israelites to YAHSHUA their Messiah. Thus YAHSHUA told John the Baptist to baptize HIM, for by this symbolism HE was joining HIS called out household. For as YAHSHUA was buried, so also in Baptism in like manner you are joined to HIM. When you are baptized in the Name of YAHSHUA you put on this symbolism, you go into the water, and are buried with HIM. You come out of the water raised with HIM, this is a symbol of a finished work. And this Baptism is an ordinance, not a sacrament, and YAHSHUA set this course so he could tell his disciples...'Follow Me'.

With this Baptism the ministry of YAHSHUA (Jesus) started in Palestine, and now that John the Baptist had baptized HIS sheep...then the sheep would hear HIS Voice and they would be expecting the voice of their Messiah, and they would turn to follow HIM.

Here in our day this spirit of Elijah is to help unclog the channel between the soul consciousness and the spirit. If you could think with the two in connection you would be able to see easily what was causing your troubles. People today are in bondage in their minds with this idea that the Yehudin are the people of the Bible. Even the disciples had trouble in this area to a small degree for they wanted to hang on to this magnificent temple that Herod built, and they considered that the rest of Israel did not know what they did. We will learn more about that as we go along, as YAHSHUA straightens out their thinking.

Now; about here in talking to people someone always asks:...well, why would Jesus if He is YAHWEH come as YAHSHUA the Messiah...why would He have to go into the wilderness to be tempted by Lucifer the Devil?

You find you answer in Matthew 4:11...Mark 1:12-13...and Luke 4:1-13. Re- member we are His children, as we came into the flesh, we fell under the temptations of Lucifer. And YAHWEH thus comes embodied as Messiah and He took a body just like we have, so since the Devil is Prince of this world being allowed this position by YAHWEH, Himself then Lucifer will be allowed to tempt YAHWEH now embodied in flesh. This is showing you that YAHWEH here in the flesh as YAHSHUA-Messiah still has outranked Lucifer even tho Lucifer is Prince of this world for an allotted time.

So we find that Lucifer said to YAHSHUA...see I control all the kingdoms of the world, so if you will bow down and worship me, then I will make you king over this world, and I alone will be greater than you. Quite an offer wasn't it, for the king of the Universe? But remember that is what Lucifer tried to do in the heavens...take over the throne of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. But he was run out of the heavens, so maybe he thought that here with YAHWEH embodied in the flesh, that he would have better luck.

The words of YAHSHUA in Matthew 4:7 identifies who this is that Lucifer is trying to tempt:..'Thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy God.' then... 'Get thee hence Satan, for it is written thou shalt worship YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA, and him only shalt thou serve.'

Now; YAHWEH allowed Lucifer to rebel, for a purpose, He allows many things to happen in the physical that are hard to understand. But what we sow in the physical, and reap here in the physical seems to be for our education. But it has nothing to do with the spirit, for we did not fall in the spirit. The real you is HIS Spirit inside of you, and it being of HIM is thus perfect, it could not, and did not fall.

So...why was John cast into Prison if he was only preaching and baptizing people? Luke answers your question in chapter 3 verse 19...for it seems that in his preaching, John the Baptist had preached about all the evil things that Herod the king of the Yehudin was doing. One thing Herod had done was to take Herodias the wife of his brother Philip...for his own. Herod didn't like this preaching of John the Baptist. Besides the Sadducees there in control of the land were getting very disturbed by all these Israelites flocking to learn more of YAHSHUA after they listened to John the Baptist, and at that time they didn't find YAHSHUA so they took John the Baptist and threw him in prison.

Please note that as YAHSHUA heard that John the Baptist had been thrown in prison that he went into Galilee. You will see this often in the Gospels, for as the Yehudin rose against Him in Judea then He would go to Galilee where there was not so many of them, and He was not in as much danger. Remember He was here in the physical body, and altho He was ALMIGHTY YAHWEH still he would need to protect His physical body until He had fulfilled His mission of Atonement.

Galilee was the place where a great part of His ministry was carried out. Matthew 4:16..'Galilee of the nations'...the people which sat in darkness saw a great light, and to them that sat in darkness in the region and shadow of death...light sprang up.

You find Isaiah in Chapter 42:7 is talking about this as well, and you are again reminded that this is YAHWEH as YAHSHUA..He is the light of His people. Even those of the Adamic race who were waiting in the Netherworld for deliverance would soon see this light. Those who die before HE goes thru the Atonement won't have to wait very long in the darkness before HE comes. John tells you in his Gospel that this YAHSHUA is the Light of each Adamic child of Spirit that comes into the world.

QUESTION:...What then was this Gospel of the kingdom that YAHSHUA was preaching as he went all around in Galilee?

ANSWER:...This is recorded in Matthew 4:23 and Mark 1:14. You will remember that the Bible is the story of the Adamic Race, and how our first parents Adam and Eve violated Divine Law causing death to come upon this race as well. Thus there was a law of sin (violation of Divine Law) and death. When organic creations are in perfect harmony with their creator, and when organic balance is chemically maintained, and there is no principal violation of Divine Law, then there is no death in the higher orders. In other words when spirit is enveloped in Shekinah Light of Divine Presence there is no death, no aging of tissue for there is perfect glandular balance. But when Adam and Eve in their fall violated Divine Law, it called for an atonement and deliverance. Why? because YAHWEH told them this would happen...before the foundation of the world, when all His children were with HIM in spirit. He promised He would take a body..a physical body like we have, would be born out of His Adamic race, and would redeem our race, restore back to us everything we would lose by not being able to remain perfect in this Luciferian controlled world. As He finished the atonement then in time He would empower His race to finish the task, they came to earth to do.

Thus this Gospel of The Kingdom is the transference of YAHWEH'S kingdom from heaven to earth...with a spiritual seed. His own sons and daughters would come into physical bodies to establish His kingdom in earth forever. The Gospel of the kingdom which Jesus preached starts in the Book of Genesis and carries thru the rest of the Books of the Old Testament. These set up an outline of the order of the kingdom. Gives us the commandments, the statues, and judgments for the operation of the kingdom. By honoring the Gospel of the Kingdom Joshua defeated 31 kings, and their nations.

Now; here in Matthew comes YAHWEH embodied as Messiah, and He is preaching this Gospel of the Kingdom which is His Blue-print for taking back the control of the earth from this fallen Archangel whom He allowed to rebel. And imbedded in this Gospel of the Kingdom, then HIS Grace...reaches out to the ends of the earth, to the people of every race, for it is His purpose to bring them into proper relationship with Him, which they also lost as they fell under the influence of Lucifer. To teach them the error of following Lucifer, to given them the captivity to think correctly then is one of the goals of His kingdom administration which will be in perfection with total justice for all.

Here in the physical earth the administration of His kingdom is to be conducted by His children of spirit, who have this spiritual capacity to think His thoughts. Only the offspring of YAHWEH, having been begotten of spirit in the beginning before they came into earth, can be the administrators identified as YAHSHUA-Messiah we find HIM teaching His disciples this Gospel of the kingdom which is this story of the Bible. But strangely enough in the Denominational churches, and in the Roman Catholic churches as well the people are told that the only message Jesus preaches was salvation for everyone on the face of the earth with the idea that all will then go off into heaven which is some- where in space. This seems to be the only message that Jesus preached.

There is no question of the fact that He preached salvation, but this was just a part of the Gospel of the Kingdom. He declared as to who he came, and who and how they were to be saved. He preached the basic philosophy of the Gospel of the Kingdom, that it is an administration of government here in earth. It is a political and social Gospel outlining how the physical earthly kingdom is to be administrated, how it will effect areas of society. This is not only a Gospel of salvation which he spoke little about, but a Gospel of the purpose and plan of YAHWEH (God). This Gospel of the kingdom carries the affidavit that He YAHSHUA is the Eternal YAHWEH embodied. To enforce this then YAHSHUA said:..'Before Abraham...I AM.

In the Gospel of John he unveils part of the mystery of the kingdom as he said to his disciples:..where I go you know...How, because they had been there. Came out of the spirit, embodied thru the Adamic race, and He said: ...'The way I go you know', and we will go into that more fully as we go to that later.

Now; YAHSHUA spoke of the kingdom most of the time, spoke to the children of the kingdom explaining that He had come to consummate the promise of redemption promised to Adam. He also wanted His children to understand that things would get very rough for a while, for them, after the atonement was finished. He was strengthening their Faith so they would be able to pass thru this period.

In proclaiming the Gospel of the kingdom He also pointed out the enemies of His kingdom, who they were, and how they would act. Not only would they hate him and call for His crucifixion, but after the resurrection, they would be after His family left here in earth. And talk about persecution, if you only understood a little of the persecution of these followers of YAHSHUA, this translated Jesus the would not have fallen for the story of the Jewish Holocaust which is supposed to have happened in Germany in W.W.II.

Now; YAHSHUA would make it plain that you the children of His Spirit would be able to understand the mysteries of the kingdom. He was talking to Israel, to this Adamic race only, and if this be white supremacy then so be it.

The Yehudin could not understand this Gospel of the kingdom, they only felt that it was a danger to them so they must try to stop it. But the body of YAHWEH (God) in the flesh walking as YAHSHUA-Redeemer here in earth unveiled the mysteries of the kingdom to the children of the kingdom.

Whether you realize it or not 55% of the Gospels are taken up with denunciation of the enemy, so that the children of the kingdom will know who their enemy is, and how they try to destroy the people of the kingdom.

Thus the four Gospels of our Bible are also the Gospel of the kingdom, for these men could write no other Gospel because they were taught by YAHWEH who was in the flesh as Messiah-Redeemer of ISRAEL. So the New Testament as well as the Old Testament in correct translation is the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus taught. And in our study from now on we will be learning more and more about the content of this Gospel of the Kingdom, about this earthly kingdom which will be exposed to public view at a certain time.

QUESTION:...What was this place called a synagogue where Jesus went on the Sabbath to preach, and where he healed people?

ANSWER:...Now; YAHSHUA healed people wherever he found them. He was very touched by the condition of His people. He found they had all kinds of diseases, they were obsessed by devils, some had lost their minds, some had palsy, some had become blind, some were deaf and so on. People were coming to Him from all over Galilee, from Judea, from Jerusalem, and even from beyond the Jordan River, for the word had spread throughout all the lands as to the healing miracles done by this man from Galilee (Matthew 4:23-25). As to the word synagogue, this is the English translation. Turn to Mark 1:21-27...and you find that this has to be the school where the scribes read the Scripture and explained to Israelites. The Yehudin in control of the Temple in Jerusalem were also moving into these schools of the scribes and changing the Israel doctrines wherever they could. So YAHSHUA came to the school of the scribes every Sabbath day to teach the right doctrine from the Gospel of the Kingdom. You are thus told that the people were astonished at what HE taught because it was so much different than what was being now taught in that place.

There was here in this one school or assembly of the scribes a man who had an unclean spirit, in plain words...a devil had taken residence in him, and YAHSHUA drove this devil out of this man. The people watching were amazed saying:...'even this unclean spirit obeyed Him'. You will notice that this devil, this evil spirit recognized who YAHSHUA was. Mark 1:34. How about that???

YAHSHUA preached in these assemblies to the scribes because he was reaching out to his people. This was the assembling place for his people to learn of the word in the scriptures. This assembly of the scribes is then translated in English as Synagogue, but a synagogue is an assembly of God people..the enemy of the kingdom, and this was mostly an Israelite gathering so the word synagogue is inappropriate here in this English translation.

At one time in Palestine there was a school of the prophets, and there were assemblies of the scribes where Israelites learned their history, their purpose in earth, but by the time of YAHSHUA they were being infiltrated, and the truth was being taken from the Israelites, so YAHSHUA came into those places to proclaim the truth to His people, who were then astonished at how far they had been led from the truth.

YAHSHUA told those being healed to go to the temple and go thru the ritual of purification, but not to tell other people, but of course they told everyone they met, and people there then coming to HIM from all over. If he came into a city they surrounded the home where he was staying. Once they even took a portion of the roof off a building to let down a sick man into HIS presence. Notice how YAHSHUA said to this Israelite:..'Son thy sins be forgiven'. Mark 2:5. This sickness came because the race violated Divine Law, this is sin. YAHSHUA could have said:..'Take up your bed and walk' it would have produced the same results. He was healing His people, forgiving their violations of law, and everywhere He found sickness He restored the peoples health. One day He came to Nazareth and went into the assembly of the Scribes, they were reading from the Book of Isaiah. So YAHSHUA took the Book of Isaiah, and this is what He read in chapter 61:1-2. 'I have come to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the poor, I have come to heal the broken hearten, to preach deliverance that are bruised. And to proclaim the acceptable of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA.' Then He closed the Book and gave it to the Minister (Luke 4:17-21). You will notice that YAHSHUA READ ONLY AS MUCH AS PERTAINED TO HIS MINISTRY. Then He said: ...this day is this Scripture fulfilled in your earth, for there He stood, reading to them. And Isaiah in inspiration was announcing that this very day would arrive. When YAHSHUA came to Palestine preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, the day of YAHSHUA had come as Messiah..and yet in the near future we hope will be the Great and terrible day when it will be a great day for the children of the kingdom, and a terrible day for the enemies of this kingdom.

QUESTION:...The sermon on the Mount?

ANSWER:...This is found in the Gospel of Matthew starting in chapter five. Because of the great multitude of people always pressing around YAHSHUA He went up the mountain to rest for awhile. The disciples however followed and they came to HIM, and He begun to teach them.

Now; remember YAHSHUA is teaching here in 'this sermon on the Mount' only the disciples and thru them the Israelites these truths, he was not teaching the world order children, only the children of His kingdom. Therefore He would say:...'Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.' In otherwords blessed are these children of spirit who have been so abused by the world order, for the kingdom belongs to them. 'Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.'..Remember that the Israel kingdom fell, they could not maintain the kingdom here in earth, in this World Order, under an earthly king, and they did mourn and wonder when it would be restored. We today are still looking for the kingdom rule. 'Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth'. Blessed are they who have struggled thru life here in the flesh, not knowing much of the time who they are, or why they are here, but they shall inherit the kingdom. 'Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.' Those seeking to learn this Gospel of the kingdom, this program of YAHWEH for his earth are to be given the understanding so as to learn what their Father wants them to know.

'Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain Mercy'.

'Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA.'

'Blessed are the Peacemakers for they are the children of YAHWEH.'

'Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven'. Always the Adamic race has tried to bring Peace to the world, but have been persecuted for their belief in YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA...the only Prince of Peace.

'Blessed are ye when men revile ye, and persecute you; and say all manner of things against you falsely for my sake'..Today we are well acquainted with the method of how the enemy persecutes anyone who stands up for the standards of the kingdom, for their Faith, and it has always been this way back thru history every since the coming of Adam and Eve.

'Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven; for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.'

'Ye are the salt of the earth; but if salt have lost its savior, where with shall it be salted? It is henceforth good for nothing but to be cut out, and to be trodden down.' Israel is the salt of the earth, but mongrelize that seed and the kingdom of Israel in earth would be finished, and there would be no redemption of the earth.

'Ye are the light of the world, a city set on a hill which cannot be hid.' This Sermon on the Mount is the teaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom for a Christian society, a New order of Christian civilization. These instructions relate to a people who have spiritual capacity to receive it. YAHSHUA is instructing the disciples, in how HE would deal with the problems and the people the Light Himself. He tells them that YE..Israel.. Ye people of this Adamic race are the Light of the world. And Light is a symbol of spirit and truth. You are the New Jerusalem of the New Order, and you can't be hid because you are to grow and keep on growing. By the time YAHSHUA was here on the Mountain instructing His disciples He had already accomplished the transfer to the west of most of the kingdom people, and the throne of David. As soon as the Atonement would be finished here in Palestine then those Israelites in place for this part of the program would move on in their destiny, and Old Jerusalem after that was to become 'a cup of trembling' of the Scriptures. It would be fought over time and time again while New Jerusalem is building in the Christian west. This New Jerusalem is LIGHT...the Light of Spirit (truth) which is in HIM and His people. Revelation tells you that no other illumination is necessary as He joins His Kingdom people. Thus the Light of Spirit is the Shekinah Glory of YAHWEH who is embodied as YAHSHUA...and you share this Light.

Thus the dimensions of spirit are dimensions of light and this light can be made manifest in this physical place. This is heaven coming to earth, and when Malachi 4:2 is fulfilled:...'But unto you that love my name shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and ye shall go forth and grow as the Light (truth) He has protected in his household.' When he sees this fulfilled, then earth will be as heaven, and our prayer He taught us to pray shall be answered. (I quoted Malachi 4:2 in its early translation, not as it reads in the King James Version) When the day comes and New Jerusalem is understood then earth will be illuminated in a way that has never been anticipated by the World Order, and even many of the children of the kingdom. 'Ye are the Light of the world' because always the truth of the kingdom survives the attack on our Faith. Why? Because this is YAHWEH'S program for earth, and there is never enough evil influence to wipe it out completely. Our Father holds the Universe in His hands and always restrains Lucifer's influence so that he never quite reaches his objective which is the destruction of the kingdom. But then we are YAHWEH'S Stone Kingdom, and He as YAHSHUA is the Capstone, and the Pyramid is the only building which can hold a capstone, thus this symbolism belongs to Israel, and YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA...Redeemer is the Stone of Stumbling to Satan's children who are pushed away because they have a different background, and are on a different wave length.

'Neither do men (Adamites) light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.'

In otherwords when you learn who you are then you tell it, tell it, tell it, you hold up the light (truth), and you live this as an example to others of the race. They may reject it at first, but you have set the truth in motion. You know this is truth as Satans children come against you because of this light. Remember they couldn't stand Adam and Eve to begin with either, but our light clashes with their darkness of light.

'Let your light so shine before men (Adamites) that they will see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.' Thus the commandments, judgments, statues of the kingdom are being ratified by YAHSHUA, and the old Levitical Priesthood is set aside as after the atonement then YAHSHUA is once more Melchizedek Our High Priest, and you can go straight to your Father with your problems. YAHSHUA then went on to say (vs 18) that not one jot or title would pass from the law until all things proclaimed by the Prophets had been fulfilled. Thus 'Whosoever shall break one of the least of the commandments, and teach men to break them shall be called the least in the kingdom. But whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom.' Notice he did not say that if you broke a law, or even teach Adamites to break it, that you are thrown out of the kingdom, sent to hell, or some place, no...but if you do those things you are not helping the kingdom, and your work in occupying for the kingdom isn't producing results for the kingdom.

'For I say unto you that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees, ye shall not enter into the kingdom.'

Now; righteousness means perfect Faith, the keeping of the law of the kingdom, but here in Palestine the false Pharisees, and scribes were changing the laws of the kingdom as fast as they could.

'Thou shalt not kill' (vs 21) in the Old Testament meant not kill another of your own race, but the enemy attempting to kill you is another matter. Remember YAHSHUA is talking about the conduct of His people of the kingdom. You don't get angry with one of your own race without good cause. You do not take the law into your own hands. But (vs 39) this turning of the other cheek is only to one of those of the kingdom. For some of your race you walk the last mile in forgiveness, but you never do anything that hurts the kingdom, even then. Turning the other cheek is done only with someone of the kingdom, do not do this with your enemy or you will lose your head.

'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'..this is for the enemy of the kingdom. You are not to take your fellow Israelites to law, you will lose if the law is taken over by the enemy. But when it come to helping a fellow Israelite, if he is working for the kingdom then give him your cloak as well. In otherwords help all you can.

Verse 44:...There has been more sermons preached over this verse, as they try to make pacifists out of you. This word enemies, that you are to love, in Greek means..'inimicus' and it means a private enemy, someone of the kingdom who for lack of understanding has turned against you. In Psalm 139 and verse 20., you will find a public enemy, and this one who is against the kingdom you are to hate with a perfect hatred. But if you love the children of the kingdom even tho some may abuse you in their blindness then you are showing the patience a child of the kingdom should have. But always stand your ground on the Gospel of the Kingdom because eventually they will come to its light. You have something to appeal to inside the race, a sense of responsibility to define law. There is no spiritual emotion to appeal to outside the household, outside your race, as you deal with these enemies of the kingdom.

How do you prove this? Well, who is YAHSHUA talking to, remember no Christian could be more Christian than YAHSHUA himself. And HE said:.. bring hither those enemies of mine who would not have me to rule over them, and slay them before me (Luke 19:27). YAHSHUA was talking about this Satanic power sowed in earth. This is righteousness, from the very summit, this is judgment, this is law, and this is a part of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Thus you turn the other cheek as far as possible to those of the kingdom for when YAHSHUA calls they will come, and there will then be no bitterness of heart to overcome. Remember that as YAHSHUA was instructing His disciples that He would send them out to the people of the kingdom who were in bondage in their minds. They would even have forgotten the rituals of ISRAEL, forgotten their identity, and it will take patience and love to reach them. After all if you try to reach only those who do believe as you do, then there is no growth in kingdom identity. If you salute only those of your race who personally are in agreement, that does not increase the knowledge of the kingdom.

In Matthew chapter 6., YAHSHUA goes on with these instructions to the disciples as to how Israelites of the kingdom are to live. He tells them not to act only as you want people to see you and think of you. This is only playing to the world order, and won't necessarily help the kingdom. If you help people, then don't brag about it, or expect people to compliment you for you then have had your reward. Rather do your work for the people of the kingdom in secret so to speak, and our Father will reward you openly. As you pray, don't pray simply to impress people, who are listening to you, for while you are talking you may not hear the small voice inside of you which is the way His Spirit speaks to our spirit.

Now;..YAHSHUA next taught the disciples what is known as the LORD'S Prayer. Matthew 6:9-13. 'Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the Evil One; for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.' Notice that I translated...deliver us from evil to...deliver us from the Evil One, this is correct according to the Greek. (Christine is taking this course taught in Greek here now, and we are going to see what we can learn. But in thinking about it, we should be praying for our Father to deliver us from 'The Evil One', and the sooner the better).

Verse 19...Lay not treasures up in this material world of this present World Order, for only in the kingdom do we find our true reward. If your treasures are in the material world there is where your heart is, and you will not be working for the kingdom for you can't serve two masters. If you serve the World Order run by Satan's children you will lose all you have worked for when the kingdom comes to its fullness. After all YAHWEH is going to win this battle, and the kingdom rule WILL be set in place.

'Seek ye first the kingdom'...because that is the Faith delivered to Israel, and HIS Righteousness is the perfection of the administration of the laws of the kingdom. Don't worry about tomorrow for YAHWEH'S program will be carried out.

Matthew are not to judge others of your race, for you might not understand what motivates them, how their battles to survive has effected them here in the flesh. Be sure you are blameless yourself before you start criticizing your brethren of the kingdom.

Verse 6...'Give not that which is Holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before the swine lest they trample them underfoot, and turn again and rend you.'

Alright...then anything which comes from YAHWEH is considered holy, thus Israel is told that she is holy unto YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA. To the kingdom, the household of the kingdom which comes from Him, and you are spirit of His Spirit, thus ISRAEL, this Adamic race, the seed of that race is holy. The word dogs would best be translated..Enosh, or those of the world order with only created spirits. Thus give not this Gospel of the kingdom..your inheritance to the world order for this would be considered a great pearl, a treasure which YAHSHUA came to redeem out of the field (the world). Take a look at what is happening today, for true Israel in blindness is trying to give their inheritance to the people, who are the enemies of YAHSHUA, and his kingdom. You can prove this because they work all the time trying to take Christ out of your life.

Websters dictionary also says everything that emerges out of YAHWEH (God) is holy. And we are told that our bodies are the temple of YAHWEH because His Spirit dwells in us. The seed line of the Adamic race was considered by THE MOST HIGH as Holy, and you have been warned time and time again to keep it pure...protect it. The translation of swine does refer to the children of Lucifer's kingdom...Cannibals, Pagan Priests over the years have referred to swine as tasting like human flesh; and they call man in the land of the cannibals..'long pig'. But the reason the name swine was given to the off- spring of Lucifer is because they are mutations as is the hog, they were not created...are just mutations.

Remember how...when demon spirits were cast out by YAHSHUA, out of the man, they asked to be allowed to enter the swine, they had an affinity with them? The Spanish word for swine is 'Marranos', and in the book by the Jewish author Cecil Roth, he talks about the fact that Jews were called 'Marranos' in southern Europe. But he says the Marranos were the hero's of their race because these were Jews who joined Christian churches, but never became Christians. They never practiced Christianity except by word of mouth, while in secret they lived their life by the rituals of their old religion. They moved into the Christian church because it permitted them to gain financially. Inside the Catholic church of Spain these converted Jews were looked upon as true converts, and they became Bishops and powerful leaders in the church. But privately they declared they were nothing but agnostics outside of the church, and now after they entered the church, they remained agnostics inside the church. They were there to contend its doctrines, and to brutalize the control they received over its money. They did this until they were run out of Spain like they had been run out of so many other countries. That my friends is the people who today claim to be 'the chosen people', but they are mutations, and they do not accept The Christ in any way. So YAHSHUA was telling the disciples, and you, not to give them this Gospel of the Kingdom which he was teaching, because it belongs only to Israel.

In further teaching YAHSHUA tells you that everything you ask for, IF IT IS THE TIMETABLE OF THE KINGDOM, will be given to you. Every secret thing is to be revealed to you, the children of the kingdom. If you search for truth you will find it. He uses the illustration as tho a man would not give his child a stone if he ask for bread. Thus if you, His child, ask for truth you will get it. The fish is a symbol of the kingdom, so if you ask for fish Our Father is not going to give you a serpent, which is the symbol of Lucifer's kingdom. So how can those of Lucifer's kingdom give you better gifts than our Father?

Here in our mixed up philosophy inside of Christianity today we find ministers pleading with the serpent to accept Christ so they can take them back into heaven with them, or so that finally Jesus can come back to earth, and make the serpents rulers of the world. This again is why YAHSHUA said:...'Cast not your pearls before swine or they will turn and rend you'. As Jesus said for you not to give that which is holy to the dogs, he was thinking of the constitution of the kingdom, the laws of the kingdom, the Christian civilization of the kingdom.

This Sermon on the Mount then is to the people of the kingdom. So when you move in to areas of mistranslation of the Scriptures you must determine who is to receive this message before you can interpret it correctly. At the time when our founding fathers drew up our constitution, the laws of God for this Christian society, the influence of the teachings of YAHWEH were so strong that these forefathers said:..'This nation under God', and now law would be made that would affect an establishment of a Christian nation. Yes, it establishment of a religion, but they didn't recognize anything but the Christian religion, and the Supreme Court has ruled three times that this is a Christian nation. But we have allowed the enemy to come in and communism is their program, and they are a fifth column in our nation.

(In in the U.S. we had Gus Hall running for President of these United States on the communist ticket and his running mate is Angela David, the black girl who was converted to communism in her college years. Along this line check the background of Jesse Jackson and you can trace him back to Martin Luther King, and the same communist school where King was indoctrinated.) No wonder YAHSHUA was warning Israel in His Sermon on the Mount for Satans children would be after the kingdom even here in our day.

Verse 13-14..'Enter the strait gate of the kingdom..this gate you enter thru birth. The wide gate is the World Order under the control of Lucifer's kingdom. Beware of false prophets who come with sheepskins even out of your seminaries, pretending they are ministers to the sheep (Israel).' But you can tell them by their fruits...meaning what they teach, and preach.

Remember that YAHSHUA is the vine..He is the tree..a race tree, and we His people are the branches, and a fruit of that tree or vine is grapes in symbolism. Where as the fig is the fruit of the fig tree which in symbol- ism is the Luciferian kingdom. Therefore beware of who influences your faith. A good tree...a race line brings forth good fruit or truth, while a race line or tree which is corrupted brings forth evil fruit, then as it is cast into the refining fire of Shekinah Glory then all untruth, all evil will be burned up. And even if some have said:...LORD, LORD, and think they are right, still if they were not speaking the truth then they will not be in the administration of the kingdom, for only YAHWEH'S program will remain supreme. If some Israelites do the work of Satans kingdom, then all their works will be burned up...but you, Israel, will be saved out of all that untruth. If you build your house upon this Rock who is the capstone of the kingdom, then your work will stand while that which does not fit in the kingdom will be washed away.

Now; as YAHSHUA had talked to His disciples a mob of people again surrounded HIM, and they were astonished at the things He was telling them, for HE taught they said as one have authority, an not as the scribes who only read from the word and then tried to explain the Scriptures to the people.

(We will now be studying the Gospels..searching for answers to the many parables that YAHSHUA gave as to this Gospel of the Kingdom that He was instructing His disciples to go forth to preach. We will be mostly covering some of these in Matthew, Mark and Luke, and then try to go to John at times and catch up with what he has to say. But remember these parables are also about the in the kingdom, instructions for those you are turning to think of the kingdom and so forth.)

QUESTION:...Mark 2:17. 'They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick; I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.'???

ANSWER:...Those who recognized HIM as Messiah did not need anyone else, HE was there, He healed them. He did not come to call those who were already perfect, but those who were breaking the law (sinners). And those HE called to turn to HIM that is what repentance means. Turn in your thinking and realize the truth.

QUESTION:...Mark 3:23-39. 'How can Satan cast out Satan?' And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided he cannot stand, but hath an end. No man can enter into a strong mans house and spoil his goods; except he first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house:...But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.'

ANSWER:...Here the false scribes who came from Jerusalem said that YAHSHUA was casting out devils, because he was a ruling devil like Beelzebub. But YAHSHUA said:...Can Satan cast out Satan? It takes more power than Satan has to bring him down. Besides Satan's kingdom is divided, the fallen Angels had a fight and tried to take power from Lucifer, and they then were divided up into different areas of power...under Lucifer. And Beelzebub was put in charge of the Netherworld. Thus the Luciferian king- dom is a divided kingdom, and it will eventually fall.

Verse 29...The way to bind a strong man of YAHWEH'S kingdom would be to so cloud his mind that he cannot remember who he is. They would do this with a play on words...brotherhood, everybody, the United Nations and so forth. When Israel of old let the World Order set the doctrines of their faith always they got into trouble.

Verse 29...No forgiveness for those that deny that YAHWEH came in the flesh, as YAHSHUA. This total Blaspheme because if you don't believe that HE did all those miracles..the atonement, the resurrection, because HE was Almighty YAHWEH here in the flesh as YAHSHUA Savior, then where do you think His power came from?

In this chapter He identified Himself with His race, and He said:.... 'Behold my mother, and my brethren?' His earthly mother was of this race, as well as those of the whole household, and in the Old Testament He refers to Israel as His wife.

May YAHWEH Bless-------------E.R.M.