ERM - Tape 016 - Various Questions And Answers Re Gospels




1. John 2:4

2. Luke 5:36

3. The Blind leads the Blind

4. Mark 3:18

5. Mark 4:3-8

6. Matthew 8:12

7. Mark 8:14

8. Mark 8:32

9. Matthew 9:20

10. Matthew 9:37-38

11. Do we bury the dead?

12. Matthew 10:5

13. Matthew 20:1

14. The Good Samaritan Luke 10:33-36

15. The Woman at the Well John 4:7



QUESTION:...John 2:4.....'What have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come.'

ANSWER:...This was at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, and YAHSHUA was gathering His disciples, but he and they were invited to this wedding. In the Ferrah Fenton Bible this is translated as He replied to His mother when she said they had run out of wine. 'What is that to you and ME mother? My time has not yet come.'

Good wine is not wine with an alcohol content. So YAHSHUA did not turn water into intoxicating wine as you might have thought. The process of fermentation is not a natural one. Nature never forms spirituous liquors, she rots the grape upon the branch, but it is an art thought up by men that converts the juice into alcoholic wine.

In the Book of Josephus he makes mention of Herod’s fortress called Massad. There Herod had stored large quantities of grain to enable his army to survive for a long time. Here also was wine and oil in abundance with all kinds of herbs, vegetables, and dates heaped up together. These products were also fresh and full, ripe in no way inferior to such fruits laid in, altho they had been there almost 100 years.

Such facts regarding long preservation of fruit and other foods are confirmed by many other historians, this seems to be something this world has forgotten.

In Spain they found a secret for preserving grapes sound and juicy from one season to another. There was three ways to prevent fermentation and the ancients knew this, and that there was no wine sweeter to drink than that from grapes without any fermentation. They would turn their grapes to thick syrup, and put it away in a dark place then add water to make sweet wine. In the parable of the NEW wine not being in old bottles of Matthew 9:7., this was the literal meaning that they would not put new wine into old bottles, but into new bottles, and thus both are preserved. The fermentation process depends on the access of air to the grape juice.

Thus there are two types of wine, and it was the new wine, non-alcoholic, wine that was used for HIS purpose in HIS ministry. After all, fermented wine is decayed wine. That cannot be the symbol of the New Life in the Spirit. The cup of YAHSHUA and the cup of Lucifer are two entirely different things. As YAHSHUA created bread to feed the 5000, He did not create moldy bread for HE is the creator of LIFE...not death.

QUESTION:...Parable (Luke 5:36) 'No man putteth a piece of a new garment upon the old; if otherwise then both the new maketh a rent, and the piece that is taken out of the new agree not with the old. No man putteth a new wine into old bottles; else the wine will bust the bottles, and be spilled and the bottles perish. The new wine must be put into new bottles; and both are preserved. No man having drunk old wine straightway desireth new; for he saith the old is better?'

ANSWER:...What has YAHSHUA been talking about since the Sermon on the Mount? Of course, the Kingdom. Here the time is coming for the atonement and the kingdom then moves into a new phase. It is a new covenant, it does not do away with the old, but just improves on it. Jeremiah 31:31..'I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel, and the House of Judah different than I made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I am going to put my spirit in your heart. I will write my law on the tables of your heart; I will thus give you a spiritual feeling for this, and this will be for both houses of Israel.'

Remember the miracle of the wine at the wedding when YAHSHUA turned the water into wine, and everyone thought this new wine was better than the old? The New Covenant is marked by the prophecy of taking the stick of Joseph and his companions, and the stick of Judah and his companions, and today we would say:...take the kingdom which is among the Anglo-Saxon people, and those nations of Joseph’s brethren, remembering that the throne is now located in Britain, and you call them all one stick. Then take the stick of Judah which is in Germany, and his companions and make them one stick. Both are in the hands of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA and he says:..I will thus make them one mighty power and drive the Soviet bear into the Sea. But he did not say he would do this with diplomacy. He is not going to join all Israel into one nation, but joins you into One Kingdom of different Israel nations, this is a theocracy, this is the kingdom of YAHSHUA. This is a part of the new covenant, a part also of this Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preached. Israel of the Old Testament now becomes Israel of the New Testament.

Now; the Messiah is in earth, and the atonement is near, and Israel moves forward in her destiny which will climax in this last battle finding both Houses of Israel back together, standing side by side as the kingdom comes forth into view of the World Order.

The enemy has tried so hard since W.W.II., to wipe out the German people and keep those two Houses of Israel apart. To keep the kingdom from coming forth as ruler of the world.

But YAHWEH carries out His plans, and HIS WILL be done, and one of these days the blinders will come off, and our people will see thru all the propaganda that has been thrown at them to blind them.

In 1983...we saw Germany stand with the President of the U.S. and go ahead with the installing of the new missiles. This man at the head of Germany stood where other leaders had always bowed. Even the 'Greens' with their Peace protest...anti-nuclear scare tactics were uncovered as being in the pay of the KGB. He also received threats that the Soviets would unleash a nuclear strike at Germany if he went ahead. But he called the Soviets bluff, and they did walk out of the peace talks, but they backed down on the nuclear strike, and the missiles were installed. This is the first time since W.W.II., that Germany has had a leader who stood tall in the face of threats. They even took the T.V. show the 'Day after' to Germany and ran it there as well as England. The Press kept the pressure on, helping the cause of the Soviets, and yet this happened, so one for the kingdom was scored.

QUESTION:...Can the blind lead the blind, shall they both fall into the ditch??? The disciple is not above his master; but everyone that is perfect shall be as his master. (Luke 6:39)

ANSWER:...This is a parable, it would only be someone who was blind to this program of YAHWEH for the earth, laid out in the Scriptures, who would lead people into this modern Laodicean philosophy of mongrelization, one world government, love everybody, and set the anti-Christ as ruler of the world.

The Laodicean age means that in this age the hierarchy of religion has become the great apostasy of blindness for Israel, and with those leading blind Israel then they both fall into the ditch of false theology.

The MASTER here is YAHSHUA, and the disciples were not above HIM, but when Israel reaches her perfection then those of the kingdom will be as the Master...will have their aura back, and will be immortal....this is all a part of the program of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA, and this program will be the victorious victory for HIS people, and thru them for the world.

It seems that we are slated to go thru this Laodicean age, and we have seen this prevailing for some years now. Back in the 60's they even went so far as to decide that God was dead.

But HIS WILL prevails, and we do not have to worry about that, and our people will someday find out who they are, and when they do this Laodicean philosophy will be destroyed, and we will emerge as Children of HIS Spirit ...heirs of the Kingdom. HE embodied performed the atonement, and then he became Immortal once more, this is the path we must follow...and he has laid it out for us, and will be there to help us accomplish it.

QUESTION:...Would you give us the names of the 12 Apostles. Some are named in one place and some are named in another, but their names seem to change? (Mark 3:16..Luke 6:13..Matthew 10)

ANSWER:...As you know, when YAHSHUA was moving around Galilee teaching and healing people, then every so often He would say to some young man, 'Follow Me'. He had many disciples, and multitudes followed HIM, but out of those many disciples he ordained 11 Apostles. The first one He called was Andrew. And then Andrew found his brother Simon Peter, and told him to come for we have found the Messiah. Simon Peter came to the Messiah and he is called the 'little rock' because Peter will be an important part of this 'Stone Kingdom' in earth. Remember YAHSHUA would later say to Peter:... 'Feed My Sheep'.

The next one to be called was Philip for YAHSHUA said to him also:... 'Follow Me'. And then Philip went hunting for Nathaniel and told him to come because they had found the Messiah, the ONE who was to come. Remember that Nathaniel was a bit skeptical, but he came and YAHSHUA so surprised him as he said:...'Behold an Israelite indeed in whom there is no duplicity'. Nathaniel asked:..'When did you know me?' and YAHSHUA answered:...'Before Philip called you, when you were sitting under the fig tree I saw you sitting there.' Remember that Nathaniel had said:...'Can there be anything good come out of Nazareth?' The Israelites still considered the Jerusalem Temple the seat of their religion. And they knew that strangers of the fig tree lineage now controlled the Temple, but still they hung on to that Temple, probably didn't even realize how much their faith was being changed until YAHSHUA came saying:...'Master, thou art the King of Israel.' (John 1:49)

So Nathaniel answered the call, even tho he was still under some delusion as to this fig tree culture that ruled in Jerusalem. YAHSHUA said:...'Do you believe that I am King of Israel just because I told you that I saw you sitting under the fig tree?' In the Ferrah Fenton Bible it goes on with YAHSHUA saying:...'You will see more than that, you shall see the planes of heaven (spirit) open and the messengers of YAHWEH ascending and descending upon this embodiment of YAHWEH (God).'

The day then came when YAHSHUA would ordain the 11 Apostles, and you find this recorded by Mark 3:16..Luke 6:13..and Matthew 10, and their names are given which they will carry as they move out to Lost Israel. And with these 11 He also named another one to round out the number of 12, and this one was Judas of Iscariot. The names of these 12 then are;

1. Peter (Simon)

2. James (the son of Zebedee)

3. John

4. Andrew

5. Philip

6. Bartholomew (Nathaniel)

7. Matthew

8. Thomas

9. James (the son of Alphaes)

10. Thadaeus

11. Simon (the Zealot)

12. Judas (of Iscariot)


Now; Mark 3:18..the translation says that Simon was a Canaanite, but this was Simon the Zealot, from a certain town, now as I have heard that he was also a son of Simon the father of Judas of Iscariot. As you noticed no last names are used, but you trace their genealogy thru the fathers which is the custom in Israel. Simon was called a Zealot because he was so intense, and he so wanted to learn, that when he found YAHSHUA he followed Him with his whole heart.

Luke 6:13 is a little different translation in the names for these 12... but Matthew 10., names them as I have listed them, and so does the Ferrah Fenton version.

Many have asked why YAHSHUA would name Judas of Iscariot to his 12, and even put him in charge of the money bag, when he must have known that he would betray him? At first glance, and to many this might seem strange, but there was a purpose in all this. Remember that YAHSHUA has been preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and the Kingdom was only for His sheep, but Judas of Iscariot being of a different specie then YAHSHUA is calling your attention to the fact. He was to say:..'I have picked you 12 and one of you is a devil.' (John 6) Now the Kingdom has lots of enemies, and He spent much time pointing them out to you. The Book of John has been called anti-Semitic, and many other things for John spent a great deal of time calling your attention to the identification of the Kingdom that YAHSHUA was always pointing out. The significance of this would show up later, and stand as an object lesson for all times. 'One of you is a devil' is a common identification which all can understand. This is not an epithet which you hurl at someone, this is a simple fact for HE chose 11 Israelites and one devil. You don't make an Israelite out of someone who is Satans offspring, thus Judas of Iscariot came from his father who is a devil, and YAHSHUA did not pick him to convert him, but to identify him.

Satan remember had lost his spiritual insight so as to catch the vision of YAHWEH'S purpose. He lost his spiritual insight, and could not pass anything of this order on to a son. YAHSHUA thus chose Judas of Iscariot to carry the money bag for the ministry which was the gold the Wisemen brought and this was also for a purpose...He was pointing out something to you HIS Sheep. Judas of Iscariot was picked so as to show his disciples, any you, that follow that even tho he walked with the disciples, and shared the ministry of YAHSHUA still Judas of Iscariot did not have the capacity to grasp what it was all about, and that in the end he would betray HIM.

In plain words...The mother of Judas of Iscariot had a husband whose name was Simon, and he was a Sorcerer. But Judas was an offspring of Lucifer and the wife of Simon because she bore him out of incubi, or devil conception. This is why later YAHSHUA would call Judas of Iscariot the son of Perdition. He said:...'I have kept all of you (spirit) hath given me except this son of Perdition, so that the Scripture might be fulfilled.' Thus Judas of Iscariot was not HIS Sheep, he was a devil from the town of Iscariot, he was a Yehudin, and the Yehudin here in Judea were very angry as YAHSHUA made this identification...thus YAHSHUA then had to walk in Galilee for in Judea they sought always to kill him. There were some Yehudin in Galilee but they were not in leadership positions as in Judea where they controlled the Temple and the government, where they had an army and an assassin force.

It was in one of the school of the scribes in Galilee, translated Synagogue, where they wanted to throw HIM over the cliff. They had infiltrated this school of the scribes, and of course they would be against YAHSHUA. But it was not any of Israel that wanted to throw him over the cliff. Today when YAHSHUA is not here embodied they go after you, for you stand for this kingdom and for HIS NAME.

There has not been a moment since the Adamic race came into earth that Satan's kingdom has not been after the sons of Light. That is something you would expect, after all if they do not stop you and YAHWEH'S Kingdom comes to its fullness, they lose control of the world.

After the Resurrection then Judas of Iscariot would go back to his place for he was out of his environment walking with YAHSHUA, and his disciples, so we are told that he killed himself so as to go back to his own place. But Prophecy had also been fulfilled, and the identification had been made. Later then Mathias was chosen by the disciples to be numbered with the 12 as they moved out to Lost Israel.

QUESTION:...Mark 4:3-8. The Sower of the Seeds:..'There went out a sower to sow; and it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the wayside, and the fowls of the air came and devoured it up. Some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth, and immediately it sprang up because it had no depth of earth. But when the sun was up it was scorched, and because it had no root, it withered by the way. And some fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked it, and it yielded no fruit. And others fell on good ground, and did yield fruit that sprung up, and increased and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, and some an hundred fold'.

ANSWER:...Remember that only to His disciples did he say:..'Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom, unto those not of the kingdom I speak in parables, so they do not understand, and join you, and work within the kingdom to destroy you.'

Alright then what is sowed by the WORD..and John 1:1-5..points out so thoroughly that this WORD is YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA. Thus the message that YAHSHUA IS NOW HERE IN THE FLESH, IS THUS SOWED IN EARTH WITH ALL OF ITS MEANING. And YAHSHUA goes on to explain how this message will be received, what will happen as it is sown in good ground, or brought to those of the kingdom who will not only hear the WORD but will put forth the effort to understand the parables, and pass this message on to others of their race. If you hold up this light (Truth) to the kingdom people then more and more will see, and you will learn more and more, and the seed will grow. Thus the kingdom is like a seed sown into the world by Our Father, and it is to grow and to develop into His kingdom to rule the world.

The communist always use verse 25 to try to tear down our Faith. They always quote this verse and say that is Christianity for you...'For he that hath, to him shall be given, and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath.' The communist liken this to the rich man who gets everything, and the poor man has taken away from him even the little he has. So they say communism is for the little man, we will take from the rich and give to the poor. But that was not what YAHSHUA was talking about ...not at all. He was talking of the Gospel of the kingdom being sown in earth, and he that hears and works for the kingdom then more knowledge will be given unto him. Someone who does not have much knowledge of his Faith, or someone who is not of the Faith that tries to pretend, will find that even what he has will be taken from him as he follows the pagan philosophy.

Verse 26:...YAHSHUA went ahead telling His disciples that the kingdom of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is to grow like a little seed cast into the earth. This is what YAHWEH did as He placed Adam and Eve into physical bodies, and they were to grow and to expand, for this Adamic race carried a holy seed. And by the time the fruit of the kingdom is brought forth then it is time for the harvest. Here in Old Palestine all Israel was turning to YAHSHUA as He called HIS Sheep, this will happen in our day as well...when HE calls His Sheep they will answer.

Verse 30:....Again YAHSHUA likens the kingdom to a mustard seed which is sown in the earth. And yes, it is a very small seed for this kingdom started with one man's family, and when it is grown it becomes a great and mighty kingdom which will cover the whole earth.

As we have said before...YAHSHUA talked always about the kingdom and with these parables he was also pointing out that there is still much growing to be done before the kingdom reaches its destiny. Today we are almost 2000 years older, and the kingdom is still growing, altho the pace has been slowed thru abortions, and harassment, and mongrelization, but still it grows.

QUESTION:...But the children of the kingdom shall be cast into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. What is this all about....Matthew 8:12?

ANSWER:...This Centurion was a Roman and he didn't think that YAHSHUA would have to come to his house to heal his servant. He thought that YAHSHUA would only have to say the word, and his servant would be well. YAHSHUA then said that he had not found so great a Faith here among the Israelites in Palestine. But also from old records we find that the Romans were mostly from the tribe of Gad or other Israelites that might have paused in their country in their migrations. Thus this Israelite of the Roman Empire still had a great faith, and was sure that here was Messiah, so he only had to speak, and his servant would be healed. YAHSHUA then went on to say that many shall come from the east, the west, and shall sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the congregation of the kingdom, but the children of the kingdom would be cast out into outer darkness; there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Now; outer darkness means outside the inner circle of the administration of the kingdom, or even outside the great nations of the kingdom. This is talking about those of the children of the kingdom who served the enemy. They may have to dwell outside the area of the kingdom and its blessings, out among the pagans for a season. Outside the center of true light will seem to be in outer darkness as they begin to learn the Gospel of the Kingdom, and see thru their blindness. There is an area of correction, and area of chastisement for those who have become the proselytes of the enemy, in which there are formative periods because the millennium does not start all at once. First we whip the enemy, then we put the world in order, and then the administration and coronation of authority takes place. But there comes a cycle of preparation, and there comes a beginning of a perfect administration. And between the beginning of the millennium and the perfect administration things will be put in order. As to what degree the chastisement and such will go, these things are not totally determined, we do know that in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye that transition will come, and that which is imperfect will put on perfection. We do not understand all these things, thus we leave them to our Father's plan.

As to the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, this signifies an unhappy situation, but mostly this is because of being outside the kingdom, and it signifies as it applies to the enemy, that there is great unhappiness because they are being removed from an area where they had lived so long as parasites.

QUESTION:...Please explain the parable Mark 8:14.

ANSWER:...Just before this some of the false Pharisees came to question HIM, in fact they were tempting HIM to say something so they could attack HIM. And they asked for a sign from heaven. In fact they were doubting that HE was who the disciples thought HE was. And YAHSHUA had told them that there would not be a sign given them..out of the heavens..for HE was here, but they could not grasp the truth of this moment.

So to get away from them then YAHSHUA went on to the little ship on the Sea of Galilee, and they went over to the other side. Remember that the disciples forgot to bring anything to eat, but there was one loaf of bread on the ship. But YAHSHUA was still instructing His disciples, and he warned them to beware of the leaven of the false Pharisees and of Herod. And here Herod is linked with the false Pharisees so you know they were of the opposition kingdom. But the disciples were wondering what he meant...they could not connect what He was talking about, with the fact that they had not brought any food to eat. So YAHSHUA goes on talking to them trying to get across to their thinking which is mostly of earthly things, that there was a different meaning. So He reminds them of when HE broke the 5 loaves among the 5000, and he asked them how many baskets of fragments did they take up. They answered...12. Then HE reminded them of the time when 7 loaves were divided among the 4000, and how many baskets of fragments did they take up, and they answered 7. Then HE asked them 'How is it then that you do not understand.'

Alright....HE told the disciples to beware of the teaching of these false Pharisees, and of Herod for remember that the temple in Jerusalem at that time was Herod's temple, and it had the fig leaf emblem on it, and the serpents around it. Thus even tho Israelites still went there, and paid tithe there it was now a false religious institution. The He gave them the kingdom symbols of 12, for the tribes of Israel, and 7 for Adams number thus showing them the difference between the two kingdoms, that He had been demonstrating as He fed the multitude both times.

QUESTION:...Was Peter really rebuking YAHSHUA in Mark 8:32?

ANSWER:...YAHSHUA had been instructing His disciples, telling them that He was to suffer many things, that He was to be rejected by the Elders, the Chief Priests and Scribes of the religious hierarchy then in Jerusalem, that He later will be killed, but after 3 days He will raise that physical body which they would kill (vs 31). But Peter who had just made the confession that YAHSHUA was the very embodied YAHWEH, NOT REALIZING AS YET WHAT THE ATONEMENT CALLED FOR, and thinking that with YAHWEH even now embodied as YAHSHUA: AND BEING ALL POWERFUL, SURELY THERE WOULD BE NO NEED FOR HIM TO DIE; He could just set the kingdom in place and everything would be fine. Peter remember was very impetuous, and he tried to argue a bit with YAHSHUA. But as I have told you before, YAHSHUA was not calling Peter a devil, He was telling him that he was allowing the thoughts of Satan to guide him, because he did not understand all the things that were necessary for YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA to do. Peter was just thinking the thoughts of an earthly man, and after all that did look so reasonable to him.

YAHSHUA then went on in another parable (vs:34-38) explaining things that were to happen to those who would follow HIM. For the story of the Cross, the suffering of that generation of followers you must go into the old books...for the story. In fact in this parable HE includes all of us up unto the time when He comes in the Glory of Spirit with Heavenly Hosts. But today many of our people have no idea of the suffering, the things did to these followers of the 'WAY' at that time, especially after the resurrection. Unless you study the old books you have no idea of what happened in those years as the Yehudin tried thru the manipulation of money to destroy the Christian Faith throughout the Roman Empire. This resulted in the dark ages which came about because so much of the LIGHT (Truth) was removed from the Faith.

QUESTION:...Why did not the disciples fast? Matthew 9:14.

ANSWER:...In fasting the idea was that this way you could let the spirit speak more clearly, but why would the disciples need to fast when YAHSHUA was there with them, and instructing them.

QUESTION:...How could the Messiah tell when the woman touched HIM? Matthew 9:20.

ANSWER:...YAHSHUA was dwelling bodily, yes the fullness of YAHWEH (Spirit) was here, but He left off His Shekinah Light, His Aura as He came embodied like you did. The aura which shown like the sun off of HIM would have protected His body, but to take a body like His children, He left off this radiant aura and His physical body was thus without its protection. He was instructing and healing His people, and he would pour out so much life out of His physical body, even tho He held the Universe together with spirit, that the human aspect required a stimulation by the soul conscious- ness, actually directing this energy to Himself, for HE could become very tired in HIS physical body. Remember He was healing His children, and He was very touched by the sickness He was finding. You experience this feeling somewhat as you care for loved ones with their infirmities. Thus as YAHSHUA moved among His people they would reach out and touch HIM, and this was draining Him of life and vitality thru His lips and thru His mind.

Now; this special woman had been sick for six or seven years, and when she touched HIM, she drew out enough Life to be healed, but HE said:..'Who touched me,' and yet of course He knew who touched Him. She was thus healed for she was an Israelite, and in Faith reached out to our Father.

But you will notice that every so often YAHSHUA would go into the mountains, to be alone. He was taking the time to draw into His physical body the strength He had lost, because He did not protect His physical body with HIS aura, as He came embodied in flesh. But since He came as His children came, then He had no more protection than you have in your physical body, since Adam and Eve lost their Light for the Adamic violation of law. But HE took a body just like you have so that He could experience all the feelings of earth, and its infirmities. He never used any special privileges just because HE was YAHWEH-God. This is why He had to go down into Galilee so the Yehudin wouldn't kill His physical body ahead of HIS TIME. He did not want to have to be constantly stepping thru walls and so forth, just to keep His physical body alive.

We are told that YAHSHUA took a body a little lower than the Angels, thus His Aura he left off would have been a vital immunization, and strength for HIM, as it is for His children as well, when they regain it. This is the only thing He said that He missed here as He walked in a physical body.... it was this glorious Light which surrounded His Celestial body.

QUESTION:...Matthew 9:37-38. 'The harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few. Pray ye therefore that the LORD of the harvest will send forth laborers into HIS harvest.'

ANSWER:...Remember the condition of His people as he went throughout Galilee healing the sick multitudes who were following HIM. Only John the Baptist announced HIS coming, and the Jews soon put John in prison. Thus YAHSHUA was the only one healing and teaching His people. But pray that soon even tho He is leaving that He would send the disciples, and Apostles out to Lost Israel to turn them to their Savior. This they would do after the Resurrection, and Israel would know He had come to redeem them.

QUESTION:...Jesus said:...'Follow me, and let the dead bury the dead.' I don't understand why He would do that? Luke 9:60.

ANSWER:...Remember this is part of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and He spoke in parables much of the time so don't take this literal as tho He was insensitive to the pain of physical earth. He was YAHWEH the Almighty here embodied in earth for the purpose of the 'Atonement', to redeem HIS children. His ministry here in Palestine will be short. He will find His disciples and Apostles, and teach them all they will need to know when He is no longer with them. Thus as He met certain of those who would become Apostles and He said:...'follow me'...and 'let the dead bury the dead', this meant that you were to let those who are not called for work with HIM at that time, let them do the necessary things that need to be done in physical life, such as burying the dead, caring for the sick, and so forth. As for those who were called to follow HIM, they were being instructed as to the work they will be empowered to do in the difficult time which will follow the Resurrection.

This is sort of like Matthew 7:13-14...'enter ye at the right (straight) gate'...He is teaching His disciples this route which HE laid down by HIS law, and for HIS purpose. Thus it will be a rough road ahead for these disciples, and He will spend much time with them teaching them, and after Pentecost they will understand what He was doing now.

We have held this question for a long time, so we will go to that next and get it out of the is about burying this physical body.

QUESTION:...Do we bury the dead?

ANSWER:...From its earliest conception an instruction bears on the eventual pattern of resurrection, and it says...yes. Now as far as the elements of composition are concerned they may be reduced to ashes, and the body turned into gas by the process of cremation, but they will still always be existent some where. Our race has always been taught to pay respect to the body, to embalm the body and bury it. In fact our race taught the Egyptians the art of embalming. The Egyptians knew nothing of this practice until Enoch and Job and their great company went down into Egypt to build the city of ON, with its great Temple, then erect the Sphinx, and the Pyramid.

The Egyptians referred to those of the Adamic race as the children of YAH ...the Ka of Ra or Light and resurrection. In otherwords they identified our race with the embodiment of YAHWEH, the embodiment of the God of Light, and whose soul was the embodiment of resurrection. So it was clearly taught that it was the Adamic race who taught the resurrection pattern to the Egyptians, and taught that the body was to be laid away until resurrection day. In fact this is demonstrated by the fact that the Egyptians had the idea of two resurrections. The early doctrine surrounding our race established the fact that the violations of Divine Law hd lost our race its immortality. And that the spirit never dies, it took its flight into dimensions of spirit in what was known as death. The Egyptians were the first to catch the concept of the soul crossing the River Styx into the Netherworld, until it was resurrected. Then when resurrected its soul could take flight into the sky, or its soul might be resident in the earth.

The Adamic race is the only race teaching resurrection, the Asiatics did not teach this because they did not know, and of course Africa did not teach resurrection. Baalism of Asia started the practice of cremation. There that practice of cremation belongs to Kali worship, to Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva of India. The body is placed on high brush piles, and then cremated with all types of profession to their devil gods. The spirit is then supposedly absorbed into what ever pattern of demon theology they have. They believe in reincarnation, and the more they serve Kali the better the chances they have of a higher evolution in return. However in this instance all cremation was by some route made to the Queen of Heaven. It became thus a sacrifice of the body to the Queen of Heaven. Even the Queen of Nimrod...Semiramis was given the title of The Queen of Heaven.

But the Bible teaches resurrection, taught that YAHWEH as YAHSHUA would demonstrate this process. That the soul consciousness would enter back into that body, and as to its condition it would be judged according as to the areas of chastisement and development. Thus the judgment seat of God was always identified as a great resurrection and judgment day, which would come before the throne of the MOST HIGH. But this had nothing to do with the Israelites for they had only one judgment before their Father, different from that of other people. Being the children of an endless Life, their spirits under their bondage of violation of Divine Law, would go into the Netherworld where they were held back from Celestial freedom until the Messiah would come. And when Messiah would come, who was the LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION, then would come redemption, and this was the doctrine they knew 5000 years before The Christ. They taught that He would come and conquer the Grave, cross the River Styx for all His Household, to establish His power of His Kingdom in the orb of earth forever. And that the power of HIS Light of this Sun of Righteousness He would then release the spirits of His children held in bondage in the Netherworld. And their spirits thus released would then be able to ascend into the Heavens with HIS triumph over death. Then when they die in earth, their spirits would immediately return to a Celestial plain. So this doctrine was carried into Egypt by Enoch and Job who understood this, as did their savants who accompanied them into Egypt.

Thus it was taught that you do not destroy the body, rather to preserve this because the body shall be instantly transformed, and changed in the elements of its being. The Light of Life will again activate it. Thus even back in the days of Seth our race was instructed as to what to use to preserve the body, and they learned to make the type of parchment like cloth with which to wrap the body. Our ancestors have placed bodies in caves, in tombs and buried them in the ground waiting for the day when YAHWEH Himself embodied in earth would triumph over death, and the spirits would be released. And then after the atonement was made, in the hour of HIS Majesty, our race has been taught that as He raised His physical body, so would we...everyone of this race, all dead bodies would raise, and those bodies would stand upon their feet.

Even today we have only a slight modification in our theology, but still we put the bodies in the ground. This is not just a fetish with our race, it is a fact that we have been told to put this shell...this physical body in which the consciousness dwells...put it in the grave. And then no areas of Satanic power was to triumph over this race for even this body is to be changed in the elements of its being...will be changed...raised...the soul consciousness of the Celestial being will be enjoined with it, and it will be enveloped in light. Thus this body puts on immortality and never dies again. The synthesis then in the electronic field (physical) as well as the Celestial field, and the conscious field will be complete. The individual would be able to exist in Celestial fields, and in physical dimensions, anywhere in creation as well as in the plane of soul consciousness. This is what the early church taught. This is what the Apostle Paul meant when he said:...'Absent from this body, is to be present with the LORD.' This Celestial has Eternal Life, therefore the only portion of us which is mortal is the physical body. This being so then mortal puts on immortality. Whether it does it by a process of Faith in these later periods, and never tastes death or whether it goes into the grave and comes up out of it.... Christians thus believe in Resurrection, this is our Faith. Therefore as an evidence of this...that we believe in Resurrection, we thus preserve our bodies until the resurrection according to our abilities.

You have had an example of this preserving of the body beginning with Adam. There are instances when this was not done because of certain circumstances but just remember that YAHWEH can summon elements, and He will raise that body. But still the teaching of the race is to preserve this body when ever possible. But the graves will give up their dead, for we are the children of resurrection, this is a matter of measure. Since they went to so much trouble to preserve the body of Adam until it could be resurrected, as they followed direction, instinct and promise until they hauled this body of Adam almost half way around the world, then I would think we the children of Adam, the children of Osiris, the LORD of LIFE and RESURRECTION bear testimony to this in the service we attend where we commit this body to the ground until resurrection day.

Remember that our Father is going to finish this task. His children shall be immortal, and He will lose nothing, not even this physical body that you dwell in. Besides you may need a physical body sometime on some planet when you want to move into a physical dimension. But spirit...aura went off their beings as Adam and Eve violated Divine Law, and they were no longer enveloped in Light. They were thus mortal and YAHSHUA also..His physical body..was mortal as He left off His Light to be like His children. Remember the fallen Angels left off their aura, and they became embodied then mixed with earth, and thus could not get back their light. YAHSHUA left off His Light (aura), but kept the law perfectly and put back on His Light. Always HE sets an example by the things HE does, sets an example for His family now embodied in earth.

QUESTION:...Matthew 10:5. 'I send you forth as sheep among wolves'.

ANSWER:...YAHSHUA was sending out His disciples. They were to go only to the LOST SHEEP of the House of Israel. Gentiles here in translation is non- Israel nations. Samaria at one time was the home of the northern kingdom of Israel, but only a few are there now in the mountains, and YAHSHUA goes to them Himself. The disciples are to tell Israel that the Messiah is at hand, and they are to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. They are given power to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils. YAHSHUA said:..'I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. But beware of men, for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues.'

This is a parable, these serpents are men of the Luciferian kingdom thus beware of them and their synagogues...these gatherings of Gogites. YAHSHUA was making it quite clear as to what kind of men they were to look out for. Sheep is the symbol of Israel, we are the sheep of His pasture, the people of His household, and race. Thus He says:...I send you forth as sheep among these wolves...these workers of iniquity. Then He wise as the serpent, but as harmless as doves. In otherwords be diplomatic, be careful, but beware of these men who move up to you and say come on into our council. Don't let them persuade you, don't be taken in by them, because if you do they will gather you up, and deliver you to their synagogues and scourge you. But you are to be brought before governors, and kings for 'MY' sake, for a testimony against them, and the nations they control.

But when they deliver you up don't worry about what you are to say for in this hour this will be given unto you. 'For it is not ye that speak, but the spirit of your Father which speaks for you.' YAHWEH was talking to His disciples who were farmers, fishermen, doctors, tax collectors, and they fitted all these walks of life. And altho they had challenge in the ministry, they had not been indued with the force which would charge them, and bring all things to their remembrance. So they naturally were a bit disturbed as to how it would be if they got in a tight spot, so YAHSHUA told them to be careful of certain people, but if they got in a tight spot they would be given the things to say. Because the spirit of the Father is in them, they would say the right things. He told them this so they would know that they would say the right things at those times.

Then when the day came...after Pentecost they went out without fear, and they denounced the mob, and even in jail they couldn't shut them, couldn't turn them off. They were provided with a coordinated constant flow of material as things were brought to their memory. In otherwords the Gospel of the kingdom is a broad, broad subject and things could be brought back to their memory until they could talk and talk, and talk and still the story would continue.

As to the instructions when they entered a house, remember a man's house is his castle in the kingdom. When you enter into a house which opens up its doors with hospitality to you as a messenger, and ambassador of the kingdom, as the disciple of YAHSHUA as you enter. And if it repudiates your message, then curse it. This may seem strange, but if the people of the house did not receive the Gospel of the Kingdom, then you are to shake the dust of that house off your feet. This is going to separate the 'seed' from those who are not seed. But any house which was to receive the disciples then they were to bless it, and salute it. This would be when His spirit calls to His sheep, and they would be able to receive. Being delivered up to the Synagogue is for our days as well. In verse 13....this worthiness was built not on what they had accomplished but on who they were. Thus they would be Lost Israel...His sheep, those who were Life of His Life and spirit of His Spirit. In fact YAHSHUA sent them out to those who could receive them. When they entered into a home they would soon know if they were LOST Israel.

Verse 25:...Beelzebub was a fallen Angel who became a devil in rebellion, and he ruled in the Netherworld after the fight with Lucifer here in earth. Yes, they called YAHSHUA a devil, so it is not surprising that they would also hate you because you hold up HIS NAME.

Verse 28:...In bad translation you are to fear those who try to take over your thinking so that you become blind to who you are, and to your destiny.

Verse 34:...In the original this is the translation....'Think not that I came to join evil, or to coexist with it, rather I came to lift up a sword against evil.'...the sword of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is Truth.

Verse 38:...'He that taketh not his cross and followeth after me is not worthy of me.' Here he is preparing His disciples for the job which they would be called on to do after the resurrection. As you know they would also give their lives for following HIM. But of course they lose their physical life would find their Celestial Life. (vs:39) But if you give only a cup of cold water to any of His disciples, then you are helping the kingdom.

Now; this Gospel of the Kingdom will divide households, there will be some with more understanding than others, but when you find it you never give it up for someday all Israel will hear. take up His Cross and follow HIM have to understand why it was necessary for HIM to come, and to be hung on that Cross. You have to understand the process of atonement, and to understand this then you must know who you are, and where you came from, and what you are here for.

Verse 23...Here a double meaning. The Apostles would not get over all the cities of Israel before they would be killed, and we find that as their spirits left their physical bodies YAHSHUA was there to welcome them, no doubt saying...a job well done. Here at the end of the age as things get rough, as you preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, the time will be short when some of Israel are manifested as sons and daughters, but not all Israel will turn before He comes to help win this victory for His Kingdom. We are talking about this short work of righteousness before He enters human affairs to bring this victory to HIS children.

QUESTION:...What about Jesus and His disciples breaking the Sabbath? Matthew 1:2.

ANSWER:...Here you must understand that the Mosaic Sabbath was never always on Saturday. That idea came about with a not so clear understanding of the first part of Genesis. They say that God created the earth in six days and rested on the 6th., day. They do not know that these were Sabbatical cycles of many, many ages of re-creation. They say God rested, but in this period when he ceased from work of producing the areas of environment, He did not cease from producing Life, because in this seventh period when He was resting He said:...'There is no Adamite to till the soil'. So He brought forth HIS own issue in the seventh era, but He did not consider this as toil.

After the Adamic fall then they were told that they should rest one day in seven from their labor. This was for their own physical good, they needed a change of pace. And in this period of time they worshiped YAHWEH, and they enjoyed themselves. Adamites never broke this cycle of worship even when they were away from the centers of their congregations. Always they broke for worship on the seventh day. But you cannot start a measure with say year one and come on down with every seventh day to the Sabbath. Calendars have been changed, days added, whole king lines of time have been taken out of the Old Testament as they tried to say that Jesus was not the Messiah, thus this would be impossible. But after the Exodus then YAHWEH gave thru Moses the Law to Israel, and in that law He said:...'that as the moon crossed the Vernal Equinox, that this was to be a rest period, and then the seventh day there after was to be a Sabbath for Israel thru out that year. Thus under this instruction the moon might cross the Vernal Equinox on a Wednesday, and each Wednesday would be the Sabbath for that year. And Israel then set the Sabbath day for each year by the moon, the times and the seasons. This then was the Mosaic Sabbath, not a creative Sabbath, and Israel then set the Sabbath day for each year by the moon, the times, and the seasons. This then was the Mosaic Sabbath, not a creative Sabbath, and Israel did not have a creative Sabbath anymore, but they did have the Mosaic Sabbath. The main thing was that they set aside one day in seven to rest and to worship.

Later in the time of King Rehoboam, the Yehudin (Jews) came into his court and they protested, and were disturbed because they had to close their business on different days each year. So they influenced Rehoboam and others to change this setting of the Sabbath as YAHWEH had outlined for Israel. And they established Saturday for this day every year, and they did not call it Sabbath, it was just called....The seventh day.

Now; at the time of YAHSHUA the Essenes here in Palestine were still setting the Sabbaths for the year according to the measures of the moon. And according to the Essene records when YAHSHUA and His disciples walked along the road and stopped, and plucked some corn to eat (Matthew 12) then right away as the false Pharisees saw this they cried out...'Thy disciples do that which is not lawful to do upon the Sabbath.'

Of course YAHSHUA knew this was not the real Sabbath for that year, this was only a Jewish set day that they were accused of breaking. And He told them that they served times and seasons they knew nothing about, but that they had changed the time for their own convenience. Thus YAHSHUA then goes on to tell them that the Sabbath was made for man (Adam) not man for the Sabbath. It was established as a time for man to rest from his hard labor. But it was not a time for him to starve because it wasn't work to pick an ear of corn or an apple to eat, not much work in that. This was not as tho they had gone out to get sacks of corn, and took them to the market and sold them. The disciples had just picked some ears of corn to eat. Thus YAHSHUA answered His accusers with the remark that the Sabbath was just made of Adamites, not Adamites for the Sabbath.

Over the years some people got the idea that they were not even to laugh or enjoy themselves in any way on the Sabbath. In fact they would try to almost make themselves miserable. But there is nothing like this in the Bible. Some people just set up more tradition on this matter than the Bible called for. Then some people go the other way, and take to lightly the areas of responsibility for they are to Worship. But YAHWEH never put a bondage on people where you were to sit down and wait until Monday.

Now; after the Resurrection and after He came forth from the tomb on the first day of the week, the followers of The Christ were now inspired to assemble on the first day of the week, this was Resurrection Day, new Sabbath for them, and they worship HIM on that day.

We are told that the followers of HIM, then brought in their tithe from the Blessings they had received, and set them to work so they might bear their responsibility. They thus came together, would break communion, and many times they would eat lunch together. It was a day of rest from their labor, but also a day of relaxation, and happiness along with their worship period. Thus when Christian churches were established they always came together on the first day of the week, and this became known as an unrestricted Sabbath. This was the day Christians assembled, the first day of the worship and also it was a day of freedom from heavy labor.

Then the Church fathers began to argue about this. The Nicene Fathers got into many arguments over this, and they said that there might be some areas of responsibility where in some people might have things to do on what was to become known as 'The Lord's Day' they decided that all men should have one day in seven to relax, to improve their mind, to do as they wished, but if they did not worship on 'The Lord's Day' then they should take some time out to worship. And even these people might not be able to assemble to worship still they understood that they didn't get the catalyst of thought until two or more got together....'IN MY NAME'. This is why families should worship together, or congregations come together, or friends get together because the catalyst will leave a much clearer impulse. This is a part of our culture, our heritage, a part of our racial destiny.

QUESTION:...Who is the good Samaritan of Luke 10:33-36?

ANSWER:...Verse 29...There was a certain lawyer who asked what he was to do to inherit Eternal Life, and YAHSHUA had him to answer himself in verse 27. He was a master of the law of Israel, so he should know the answer and he did. But then he asked:...'Who is my neighbor?' And YAHSHUA answered him with the parable called 'The Good Samaritan'. 'A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and then departed leaving him half dead. And by chance there came a certain priest that way, and when he saw him he passed by on the other side. And likewise a Levite when he was at the place, came and looked on him and passed by on the other side. But a certain Samaritan as he journeyed came where he was, and when he saw him had compassion on him. He went to the man and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil, and wine, and set the man on his own beast, and brought him to an Inn, and took care of him. And on the morrow when he departed he took out two pence and said unto the Inn Keeper:...take care of him and whatsoever you spend, when I come again I will repay you. Now which of these three thinkest thou was neighbor unto him that fell among thieves?' The man replied:..'The one who hath mercy on him'.

Now; we have even here this explained that this good Samaritan was a communist, for they have more concern for the common man. But remember this is a parable about this kingdom of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA so lets find out who this neighbor really is.

Remember that at one time Samaria was the home of the ten tribes of Israel. The Northern Kingdom was then captured in the days of Sanacharib, but some of the people hid out in the mountain areas, and were left behind when the captivity of the Northern kingdom took place. But these people were Israelites of the Northern kingdom who were left behind, and their ancestors were still here at the time YAHSHUA came thru this little country which was between Judea and Galilee.

The Judah Kingdom remained at Jerusalem, and in Judea, and they were very disgusted because the Northern Kingdom in the days of Rehoboam had split off by themselves, and they decided they were the only true Israelites left because they had stayed with the Temple in Jerusalem. When the Judah kingdom went into captivity, and they returned to rebuild they still retained this feeling toward their fellow Israelites of the Northern kingdom. What they were forgetting was that at the time of this split of the kingdom that YAHWEH had told them that this was from HIM. After all He was moving His people in their migration of destiny whether the Judah kingdom knew it or not.

Today we have many divisions and strong feelings about these divisions in the Christian religion. But when YAHWEH as YAHSHUA walked in Palestine then the Temple had been taken out of the hands of Judah and Benjamin and their quota of Levi, and was under the control of the Yehudin. And yet even tho they no longer controlled the Temple in Jerusalem, still the Israelites of Judah and Benjamin still retained a feeling that they were all that was left of true Israel, altho some knew better, those in the inner circle of YAHSHUA and His ministry were finding out that the kingdom reached out to Lost Israel. But many of the people of Judea, and the Yehudin also, did not want anything to do with the Samaritans who came from Lost Israel. And especially those people who were brought in to settle in Samaria after most of the Northern kingdom left in captivity. So again you have to understand who the people of the Bible are before you know who Israel really is.

When YAHSHUA said for His disciples not to go to the Samaritans then know who these people were. Basically He sent the disciples to the 'Lost Sheep of Israel', and these were mostly of the ten tribes, but there was also some of them that were of the Judah kingdom that went out with the Northern kingdom at that time.

YAHSHUA himself would visit these scattered Israelites left in Samaria, and His ministry would embrace them as well as the Judah and Benjamin Israelites of that area. Again the word 'Jew' must be analyzed here in the Scripture for your true meaning to emerge.

Now; this parable of the good Samaritan. This is about life in the kingdom, so an Israelite got in trouble outside of Jerusalem, outside of what was considered the true center of the kingdom at that time. And the Priest that came by first was from Jerusalem, this was a YEHUDIN, not a priest of Israel at all for now they controlled the Temple at Jerusalem. In fact Herod had built this Temple. Then came a Levi symbolizing the Judah kingdom, those who thought they were all of true Israel that was left, so he did not help this man, no didn't think he was their neighbor. Then along comes the Samaritan, and he is of LOST Israel...of the ten Northern tribes, and he helps the man. Took care of him, in fact took him into his own conveyance and took him to an Inn and paid for his care when he left him.

Remember 'Lost Israel' was moving in their migrations in the patterns set for them by Adamites long before they were called Israelites, yet they were all of the Race, of HIS Household, and they were to help each other. And any of the race are your neighbors.

YAHSHUA took this most extreme position here because the Judeans would normally have nothing to do with the Samaritans, and remember that YAHSHUA Is going to send His disciples and Apostles to these lost tribes of Israel, and they are going to have to accept them as some of the race. But in this instance then this man of 'Lost Israel' would still have enough of the Grace of YAHWEH in him so he would stop to help one of his own race. And YAHSHUA was pointing out that there was more Grace left here in this Lost Israelites than was in dead Phariseeism or the Sadducee doctrine combined in Judea at that time under the religions that controlled the land, with the Yehudin in charge. And He told this man that He should go and do likewise, meaning go to Lost Israel and be sure he realized that any of the Adamic race was his neighbor.

QUESTION:...The woman at the well, of John 4:7...who was she?

ANSWER:...YAHSHUA had left Judea to return to Galilee and He would of course pass thru Samaria. He came to the outskirts of a city near which was the well that Jacob had put down so many years ago as he gave that land to his son Joseph. It was about the noon hour and YAHSHUA paused at the well while His disciples went into the village to purchase some food. This is when a woman of Samaria came to the well to draw water. As the woman drew the water then YAHSHUA said to her:...'Give me a drink of the water.' The woman of Samaria said:...'How be it that thou a Judean ask a drink of me for I am an woman of Samaria, and as you know the Judeans have no dealing with us Samaritans.' The word translated Jew here was from the Greek word Ioudaios, and it means simply...Judean. But YAHSHUA answered:'if you knew who it is that asked for this drink you would have asked for 'Living Water', and He would have given it to you.' This woman then tells YAHSHUA she is of the lineage of Jacob who gave them this well. That her fathers worshiped in these mountains, but the Judeans say that in Jerusalem (at the temple) is the place where men ought to worship. This feud between the people of Samaria and Judea was an old one, and as we have told you before that even at the time of YAHSHUA it was hard for the disciples to let go of that idea that only at the temple was YAHWEH to be worshiped, even tho this temple was now Herod's temple.

YAHSHUA went on in verses 21-23 to tell this Samaritan that the hour is soon coming when here in this mountain where some of Lost Israel still live, and even at Jerusalem they will no longer worship YAHWEH...why? Because Salvation comes out of Judea, and after all YAHSHUA-Savior was born in Judea, in the little town of Bethlehem, but he did not stay there, he moved out now the Lost Sheep. The hour comes and now is...for HE was on earth, here in His ministry when the true worshipers shall worship YAHSHUA ...who is come in the flesh. He told her that YAHWEH is spirit, and you must worship HIM in spirit, and in truth, because now truth is that He is now embodied as our Savior and Redeemer.

Notice that this woman has to be an Israelite for she knows that some day Messiah would come and tell them all things. YAHSHUA said:...'I am He' and she hurries back to the village and tells her people to come and see this man for He is Messiah, and they went out to meet Him.

In the meantime the disciples had come back bringing food, and they urged YAHSHUA to eat. Then He said to them the words of the parable of verses 34-38....'My meat (work) is to do the will of the spirit from whence I came. There are yet 4 months, and then comes the harvest? Behold I say unto you..lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.' Here YAHSHUA was saying that in the fourth month of a year would come the crucifixion and the Resurrection, thus the harvest of the Israelites would come...not only from the Netherworld into the spirit, but here in Palestine remember how they were added to the church, the body of Christ by the thousands as the Apostles moved out to Lost Israel. But He went on to say that He that soweth was the spirit, whereas He in the flesh was preparing for the harvest as He called to LOST Israelites. Thus you were sown or begotten in the spirit, and reaped by Him embodied in earth.

Thus many of the Samaritans, these here of Lost Israel, heard the call of the spirit, and they came, and here HE stayed with them for two days teaching them and healing them, and they testified in verse 42 that He was indeed the Savior of the world, and that He came to redeem His people. As YAHSHUA testified that a prophet hath no honor in his own country (vs 44) remember that He was born in Bethlehem of Judea and his mother owned that land where he was born, but those who now ruled the land were of Lucifers kingdom, and were not about to recognize HIM as Savior, or even a Prophet.