ERM - Tape 017 - Nicodemus; Prodigal Son; Ten Virgins; More





1. Nicodemus

2. Mark 7:24-29

3. Matthew 15:21-28

4. Prodigal son

5. More questions

6. The Ten Virgins


QUESTION:...Who is Nicodemus of John chapter 3, who came to Jesus at night? How does he tie in with the other disciples for he came with Joseph of Arimathea later after the cross?

ANSWER:...Since we have done the topic 'Born Again' and twice born people, and their differences will tell you here what we know about Nicodemus, and others of this close knit group of YAHSHUA'S ministry other than Joseph of Arimathea who we have spoken of before also.

In the time of YAHSHUA'S ministry there were several wealthy Israelite families living in Judea. In Jerusalem itself was the home of the father and mother of Mark who wrote one of the four Gospels of our Bible. This was a large home in the center of the city...on Mt. Zion. It had more than one story and it was in the upper room of this house where the Passover supper was eaten. Here many times the upper room was used when the disciples or YAHSHUA came to Jerusalem. The mother of John Mark became a great hostess, and her home was known as the House of Mary. And this Mary is the 4th., the Scriptures.

Joseph of Arimathea of course owned a home in Jerusalem, but a much bigger home outside of Jerusalem on the North East of the City. Then he owned a farmland ranch home in the city of Arimathea a few miles North of Jerusalem. Nicodemus had a residence in Jerusalem and he, like Joseph of Arimathea, was a member of the Sanhedrin. He was also a Scribe in the court of Pontius Pilot, a theologian, and he knew what was going on in this old city. But Nicodemus also had close connection to the Bethany home in the city of Bethany which was about two miles East of Jerusalem up just over the crest of the Mountain. It was to Bethany where Nicodemus came to see Jesus at night, and where the conversation of John 3 in the Scripture took place.

Now; just outside the old city of Jerusalem was a brook...Kedron, then the Mount of Olives, and here also was the Garden of Gethsemane, then as you climbed the Mount of Olives you could look down on the whole city of Jerusalem. And just over the crest was a city called Bethany which was also a great gathering place for YAHSHUA and his disciples.

Then 4 miles on the West side of Jerusalem was the little city of Emmaus, and here was the residence of Cleopas, and also of Luke who wrote one of our Gospels. Some think that Luke was one of the two men walking home after the crucifixion when the risen YAHSHUA joined them.

Now; in Bethany at that time lived the family of Martha, Mary and Lazarus, and we are told that they possessed much land, money, slaves, and that they owned much of old Jerusalem besides the city of Bethany, and they also owned a great home at Magdale which was on the West side of the Sea of Galilee. They also owned land, and a home at Bethabara which was along the crossing of the Jordan where John the Baptist came to preach. Then at the time of YAHSHUA'S ministry Martha, the eldest of the family, handled the administration of their property which was left by their parents. We are told in the old records that the mother of Martha was named Eucharia, and was a descendent from the Royal family of the House of Israel, as you remember Joseph the Husband-protector of Mary the mother of YAHSHUA, and Joseph of Arimathea and others were also of this lineage.

Now; Martha had a much younger sister who was a great beauty, and also a much younger brother named Lazarus, and Martha's younger sister was named Mary. These children were noted for their fine character and intelligence and for their knowledge of the language of Hebrew in which they were well instructed. As this younger sister, Mary of Bethany, grew up she moved to the residence in Magdale where she inherited this home at a certain age. And there she became the wife of, or the mistress of, one of the rich inhabitants who dwelt on the borders of the Sea of Galilee. It is thought that this man she lived with was not of the pure Israel race, and her family was unhappy about this. She became well known in the circles of the wealthy even in Jerusalem. So like many of our Movie Stars perhaps and this also worried her family.

Now; you have the account of a woman taken in adultery in John 8, but the Ferrah Fenton version of the Scripture says that this was a spurious account, and it was not in the sacred Scriptures, so it must have been added for a purpose. It is included in some of the other versions a little differently but in Luke 7:36...we find Mary of Magdale, now called Mary Magdalene, in the home of Simon the Pharisee who was also an Israelite. YAHSHUA came to this home here on the shores of the Sea of Galilee when he was invited, and we then have this account that this was Mary Magdalene who came and washed YAHSHUA'S feet with tears and dried them with the hairs of her head. Remember that Simon thought that surely if YAHSHUA knew the type of woman this was he wouldn't have allowed this. So YAHSHUA turned to Simon and asked him the question in verses 41-42...just who loved HIM most. And from the old records we know that this was when Mary Magdalene the former Mary of Bethany was forgiven by YAHSHUA, and she became his disciple, and He delivered her back to her family at Bethany. And from the homes in Magdale, and Bethabara, and at Bethany then Martha and Mary Magdalene became the hostesses for the gatherings of YAHSHUA and His disciples. At times the crowd of them was great, and it was quite a job being the hostesses of so many men, but Mary Magdalene was always listening to every word that YAHSHUA had to say, she could not seem to get enough knowledge about this kingdom, and all it meant to her and to her people. But remember that there in the home of Simon that YAHSHUA had said to her:...Thy faith hath made thee whole. (Luke 7:50) After such a forgiveness by none other than YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA then how are you going to be able to condemn her or anyone??? In the old records this Simon in whose home this took place is said to have also been related to Martha by ties by blood, and of friendship. In Luke 8., we find the names of Joanna, and Suzanna who joined with the Bethany sisters in helping this Ministry of YAHSHUA.

It is written that YAHSHUA cast out seven devils out of Mary Magdalene but these were not necessarily Satanic devils. She had done things she should not have done as an Israelite, a daughter of YAHWEH, she had stopped worshiping, had not followed the customs of her own people, and these sort of things as well as perhaps married outside the race line, and things of that sort. But now she is forgiven, and restored to her family, and is always reporting all this which YAHSHUA had to say. But of course remember that Judas of Iscariot is always reporting all things back to the Yehudin at Jerusalem. And of course in their type of minds they were even reporting that YAHSHUA had been having an affair with Mary Magdalene. They could not understand how she could change so much after she met YAHSHUA. And besides they were always trying to find some way to discredit her as well, since she had nothing to do with them anymore. They were trying to tempt YAHSHUA in some way, so to see if He would break the law, if His decision would include Mary Magdalene in any way. So when YAHSHUA asked them to cast the first stone, they knew He saw right thru their plan as they were really after HIM and not Mary Magdalene, and since HE knew their purpose they slipped away. If John had recorded this type of story he would have done it only to show the nature of the enemy of YAHSHUA for He would have known that YAHSHUA had already forgiven Mary Magdalene and restored her to her family and her place in the Kingdom.

Now; you are beginning to see the close relationship of YAHSHUA and his Apostles, and many of His Disciples, this is a blood relationship going back to Jacob, to Isaac, Abraham, and on back to Seth and Adam. These are just some of those mentioned in Scripture in this Ministry of YAHSHUA here in Palestine. And the four Mary's of Scripture were:...The Virgin Mary, the wife of Cleopas, Mary of Bethany called Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary was the mother of John Mark.

It was then at Bethany that YAHSHUA raised Lazarus from the dead and this also disturbed the Jews until they wanted to kill Lazarus. And now you understand the animosity felt for YAHSHUA by the Jews of Judea, while His Israelite people were turning toward HIM. And you can see why they thought they must kill HIM before He gathered all Israel to HIM, and they lost control of that country which they had taken control from the rightful owners...the Israelites.

And yes, Nicodemus wrote a Gospel, but it was not canonized and included in our Scriptures. We will touch on some of the things in this Gospel of Nicodemus as we go into the crucifixion, and then you will see why it was not included, for by the canonization of our Scripture, the enemy was at work trying to blot out from you some of the things that you were now learning.

There is one other thing we might say about Mary Magdalene, this lady of Bethany who YAHSHUA forgave, because as He said:..'She loved much'..and He was referring to the fact that as she turned to the truth she never looked back at her old life with longing in any way. Clements wrote about this incident and he quoted Mark but he was stressing that there was no degree of sin. For sin is violation of law, but the Grace of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA draws His Sheep to HIM. And YAHSHUA told Mary Magdalene's accusers that He who hath not transgressed by looking, or by activity then go ahead and cast the first stone. When HE forgave Mary Magdalene this was not concerning error, but this Grace according to patterns of environment and conditions is HIS prerogative. There is far more tolerance on the part of YAHWEH for an area of transgression which is related to human emotion, and natural failure than for conspiring to foreclose on widows homes, or killing the Prophets, and fighting the Faith. Clements thought that all had violated the law either by acts or thoughts, so forgiveness would be a work of Grace. Thus over the years there has been arguments, pro and con, and it is like the straining at gnats and swallowing of a camel. You can permit your- self to do anything, and get away with it, or condemn yourself for the smallest act and make it stand. So you see people have learned to get around these passages, but we would say the spirit of YAHWEH is a greater guide in some of these things than the so called instructions and ordinances.

Mary Magdalene thus so loved the truth when she found it, found out who she was, and why she was in earth, and she turned completely to the new life. Her accusers could not understand this, but then they were not capable of understanding. But Mary Magdalene was renewed in her mind, and she could see what the future held in store in this new direction, and she became a great disciple. We will learn more of her work later.

QUESTION:...Mark 7:24-29 and Matthew 15:21-28....I do not understand why YAHSHUA would answer this woman as He did:...'It is not meet to take the children's bread and cast it to the dogs?'

ANSWER:...We answered this before under the title of 'Give not that which is holy unto the dogs'...but perhaps we didn't make it clear. There are two words for man in the Scripture, and they are Enosh and Adam, and both are translated man, no distinction made as there should be for your understanding. But now you know that the Adamites are the family of YAHWEH..spirit of HIS Spirit..begat in the spirit so long ago. The Enosh are those beings of creation who are formed and given breath and life and given the ability with the brain to reason, but they did not possess the 'living spirit' as the offspring of THE MOST HIGH. There was also different scales in the category of those creations translated Enosh. In the Scripture the lower end of the scale of the Enosh creation were in the old translations 'dogs'.

Here in Matthew 15:21-28...this woman was a servant woman no doubt, a Negro woman, at least one of the Enosh, but living in the household of an Israelite. She was seeing the miracles performed, thus she sees the power of God here, and she had a sick daughter so she cried out to the disciples first, and then to heal her daughter.

The fact of the matter is that the disciples were sent to Lost Israel, and YAHSHUA said he came only to the Lost Sheep of Israel, thus this was not a woman of Israel, and even YAHSHUA is ignoring her at first in pointing this out. But the woman kept following and crying out and YAHSHUA finally said:...'It is not right to give the children (of the kingdom) bread to the dogs.' Why did He say that? Because they would not have the right spiritual wave length to receive. Still the woman persisted and she said:...'Yes, LORD, but the dogs want the crumbs from the children table.' She was calling attention to the fact that she knew she was of another race. She was not unhappy about this, or made about it, she was just stating facts. The word used here as Faith is radiation, and since she had absorbed so much truth by being in a household of HIS people, then YAHSHUA healed her daughter. She sensed that He was the Almighty by the way HE was healing people. But after YAHSHUA healed her daughter then He turned again to His disciples and told them to go only to the Lost Sheep of Israel. For He was sending them out to those could build His Kingdom. And He did not plan to waste time doing things that did not help the Kingdom. The program is to straighten out Israel first, and then you can move out to help the world.

This is not being unkind, this is the program, for you put the sons and daughters back on the right track to restoration, do things in their sequence as they are planned...first things first.

When the veil of the Temple was split at the time of the crucifixion then spiritual guidance would begin to move back over the people of His Kingdom, and it would not require Priestcraft to accomplish this, only a ministry. This is all part of the purpose of YAHWEH. It is not an animosity to anyone outside the kingdom, it is just a matter of evaluation. This is a part of the new Covenant as He stimulates His spirit in you. This is a part of the new wine which you do not put into old bottles, it is an understanding of HIS purpose, His plan. This is what the Bible is all about.

QUESTION:...Matthew 15:13....'Every plant which my father hath not planted shall be rooted up'...what is that all about?

ANSWER:...The actual translation:...'Every plant that the heavenly spirit has not planted shall be rooted up.' YAHSHUA was not talking to people blindly, He was simply stating an accurate fact. He had already told the disciples concerning the magnitude, the purpose of HIS plan, and the strength of His Kingdom. He had sited that every good seed that has been planted was planted by the Father (spirit). He told them of 'tare time' and of the great mystery that is involved in tare time. He had sited when talking about this that the field was the world, and His planting was the embodiment of the Spirit of YAHWEH, WHO IS YAHSHUA. Thus He explained how HE had sown HIS seed into the world, and these were the good seed, the children of the Kingdom. He also tells of how the Angels, the ministering spirits came and said:...'Master there are tares in the field shall we tear them up'? But HE replied:...'I did not plant that seed, for they are children of the wicked one, they are the offspring, the progeny of evil.'

Today there are many, many ministers who disallow that there is any possibility that there is any progeny of Lucifer. They say there is no capacity for Lucifer or fallen Angels to have any progeny because Angels are without sex and gender. But they are missing the fact that you are told in the Book of Jude that these fallen Angels did not keep their first estate, but they co-mingled with children of flesh. The Book of Genesis tells us that these Nephilin co-mingled with women of earth and produced great Giants...monsters before there was any segregation of their mutations. The MOST HIGH speaks about the progeny of the wicked ones and says:...'Every thought out of them is evil continually'.

Thus the disciples were told that the enemy planted the tares, but the Angels were to let them alone for now because as the wheat was just coming up the tares also look green, and you would destroy most of the wheat to get rid of the tares. But as the tares grow with the wheat, when the time of the end comes then the Tares will turn red, and the wheat golden, and you see a great difference in them. Then they could be separated, and the tares taken out, and the wheat gathered to HIM. To emphasize this thus YAHSHUA said to His disciples...'Every plant which the Celestial spirit did not plant shall be plucked up by the roots and done away with'. The wheat is a symbol of the Kingdom. And everything which offends the kingdom, harms it in any way will be eventually removed from the area of the kingdom.

QUESTION:...John 8:37...'I know ye are Abrahams seed, but ye seek to kill me because my word hath no place in you?'...Is this correct?

ANSWER:...We have called this to your attention before (vs:32). 'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.' YAHSHUA had just said this to those Judeans who believed on HIM. These were Israelites of Judea, and then some of the Judeans answered HIM and said:...'we be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man; how sayest thou we shall be made free?' There were here admitting they had never been in bondage, thus marking that they were not Israelites, for all Israel had been in bondage in Egypt, the Northern Kingdom in bondage to Assyria, and the Judah Kingdom in Babylon. In Vs:37 there is a word left out for it should read:...'I know ye say ye are Abraham's seed, but you seek to kill me because my word hath no place in you. I speak that which I have seen in the spirit, and ye do that which ye have seen with your father. Still they insisted they were Abraham's seed, but YAHSHUA said:...'If ye were Abrahams children ye would do the works of Abraham, but ye seek to kill me.' Thus even if they were of Ishmael, or of Keturah’s children which they were not, they still would not have been of Israel. Vs:42...He goes on to identify HIMSELF, telling them He is Agra Pheumas ...or fullness of spirit, here in the flesh. But to them he says:...'Ye are of your father the devil, the sons of Belial, and the lusts of your father ye will do.' Then goes ahead to tie them back to Cain who murdered Abel, saying that Cain was a liar, and the father of Cain was Lucifer who also was a liar. Later he would accuse them of killing all the righteous from Abel to Zacharias...thus they were not of YAHWEH (God). So this made them angry and they said that YAHSHUA was a demon, and finally they took up stones to kill him (Vs:59).

Now; these Judeans who were arguing with YAHSHUA were trying to claim the connection back to Abraham thru Shelah, who was the child of Judah and a harlot. But Shelah could not have been counted as an Israelite because Judah had violated Divine Law, he fathered this child. This child had gone with his mothers people, and into the Satanic line of Cain and then five generations later had some of the offspring returned in time of the reign of Rehoboam, and tried to say they were relatives. Then much later here they were saying to YAHSHUA that they were relatives of the Israelites of that area, but YAHSHUA was not fooled he knew exactly who they were. And any offspring of Esau would have been the same for he also stepped outside of this race to raise children.

QUESTION:...John 3:16....'For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.'

ANSWER:...Remember that YAHSHUA had just been talking to Nicodemus and explained who the Israelites were. Then in Verse 13 he said:...'no man hath ascended up to heaven, but they that came down from there.' Now remember Elijah had gone back into the heavens and Moses and probably some others of this race, so more than one of the race had done this. Then Verse 15... this is a conformation verse because you are to remember where the resistance came from? And Verse not a Sheep call, for after this Lucifer and his hosts could not say they did not have a chance, they could choose to reject if they wished, and they did. But YAHWEH so loved the world that He gave his only begotten embodiment..out of the race, so these who believed on Him, who He said were Israelites, would have everlasting life. Then went on to say:...but everyone that doeth evil hateth the Light, neither cometh to the Light, lest his deeds should be reproved. He that doeth truth cometh to the Light, lest his deeds should be made manifest that they are wrought in YAHSHUA. Thus the word HE is plural...for more than one has ascended into the heavens that came down from there. And when you get that straightened out then that is not so hard to understand is it? He even gave Lucifers seed a chance, but they would not come, and he knew they would not come at that time, but they still cannot say they did not have a chance.

QUESTION:...John 3:13...'No man hath ascended up to heaven but that he that came down from heaven, even the son of Man which is in Heaven.'... This is a bit different?

ANSWER:...There has been a bit added to this verse, which is in heaven on the last was added. But since the word plural, then it is they who came out of the heavens, even the son of man who is of course YAHSHUA. Remember that the expression 'Son of Man' signifies Messiahship. Soon after YAHSHUA would say this...after the crucifixion and resurrection he would lead the Adamic spirits out of the Netherworld into the heavens.

Now;..this does not mean ascending out among the sidereal systems, or even out among the planets, but to cross into that dimension or plane in which you have form or capacity to move. In otherwords since you are in a physical body down here, and you can move from it into a Celestial plane, then that plane does not have to be way out in space, but can be right around us, right here. If we could suddenly turn on a wave length illumination, and you could see the inside of the room you would be surprised for there are Celestial beings surrounding you right now. This does not mean ascending way out somewhere, but we are told there are a great company of witnesses, guardian Angels also around us, and if you could see some of these hosts you might feel more secure. Sometimes there is a redirecting back into the dimension right around about us of some of our own kin who have passed into Celestial planes, then are given guidance over certain households. Yes, we are told that we are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses, but then YAHSHUA promised:...'I will never leave you or forsake you even unto the end of the age, because His spirit carried this Omnipresent capacity, and he passes some of it on to you, and we are never alone.

Since we are His offspring, the breath of His breath, life of His Life, light of His Light then a portion of the entity of his is in all of us. And because of this there is a wave length within us that is in constant communication with the Eternal Spirit, and the adjustment of God's Mind. The spirit thinks and records. It knows and changes even the soul, and the things in your remembrance which you have forgotten will be brought back. The soul is the seat of your entity, as a ego in earth. Embodied in earth your senses come out of the brain, out of touch, taste, sound and smell. Thus all temptations which effects you in the flesh has to come by this process. All areas of temptation have to come thru the senses, so if the reasoning areas is properly balanced by the spirit because it has sought its guidance, it is strengthened to resist these areas. The response therefore of the Household has to be kept informed, and for this cause YAHWEH established the message of truth to the Patriarchs, to the congregations of His Oracle.

QUESTION:...'Then he charged his disciples that they should tell no man that HE was YAHSHUA the embodiment of YAHWEH.' Why would He do that? Matthew 17-20.

ANSWER:...YAHSHUA had just been asking His disciples just who people think He is. Some thought He was Elijah, some John the Baptist, and some thought He must be one of the Prophets. The He asked them, who do you think I Am? So Peter said:...'Thou art the embodiment of the living YAHWEH, and verse 16...YAHSHUA reveals that Peter would not have known this except the spirit revealed it to him. And upon this confession that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the is translated that He would build His church, and the gates of the grave (hell) shall not prevail against it. The church is the spiritual center of the kingdom. And 'I will give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt lose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.' In the original this was the translation:...'That of the Nethermost which ye bind will working in earth shall be bound. What you release of the Celestial for the kingdom shall be released in earth.'

As to why He told His disciples not to tell anyone is simple...the main point in many of the parables of both Old and New Testament is that the kingdom has been hidden in the world order. The people of the kingdom were lost, and the nations of Israel buried in the field which is the world order, thus they are unrecognized, unknown. The kingdom is YAHWEH'S best secret and mystery. If it were not a mystery there would have been no need for parables, and symbolic mysterious teaching. Thus while the time has not come for its restoration and discovery, the mystery deepens and the wonder grows.

At the time when YAHSHUA was here in Palestine, the Israelites were anxious to know when this secret would be made known, when the kingdom would again be centered in Israel, re-established in earth. Remember Nicodemus was wanting to know this as well. But to their question YAHSHUA tells them the kingdom is not going to come openly for a long, long time. It will be unobserved, and not recognized by the men of the world order, but it will develop unseen. But while hidden it will develop to a position of strength and power, yet no one will know it is there. Thus the kingdom comes not with observation, but it has been growing in secret. In our time today we are looking for the kingdom, to find public acknowledgment. But at the time of Messiah, and even now it is right in the midst of the world order, and no one has said....Lo there, lo here it is, but it has been there all the time, a secret known unto YAHWEH.

Since 1941 the main branches of Anglo-Saxondom have by the force of world events been compelled to come closer together for mutual aide and protection. The various parts of His kingdom has become more closely knit, so it is growing, but yet is hidden. For behold the kingdom of God is in you. The words as kingdom is within or among you. He did not say the kingdom was in your heart, a spiritual thing only. But the kingdom is in the midst of you, among you, but hidden as yet, not open to your eyes. And standing there among them was the King of the Kingdom, and beside HIM were men who would sit on 12 thrones in the kingdom, but who were quite ignorant of that fact. They had eyes, and could not see, they could not observe, it was all within or beyond their understanding at that time. But many of the parables are hidden, they are of a hidden kingdom. YAHSHUA spoke of the kingdom as a seed buried in earth, growing secretly, yet active in their midst. Thus the kingdom was the treasure hid in the field (the world) and as yet had not been taken out of the hands of the Jews. Matthew 13:44.

But by the new Covenant YAHWEH kept His promise to restore this racial stream of life and its spiritual vitality which is also the kingdom. Always remember that putting the kingdom here to begin with was an act of Grace, to bring life into earth. Thus the Light of Life, the Tree of Life are mysteries of the Kingdom. The Light of Life is the aura we lost, and the Tree of Life is of course the Adamic Race, with spirit of His Spirit, these are thus some of the keys to the identity of the kingdom.

QUESTION:...who then is the Prodigal son of Luke 15:3?

ANSWER:...This parable again deals with a mystery of the kingdom, and this mystery is Sonship. When you pray that prayer which YAHSHUA taught us to pray 'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.' You are talking about a blueprint of Divine destiny which has been ordained by YAHWEH to be channeled thru His children, and thru the ultimate revelation of His own person.

But the purpose of the kingdom of darkness has a purpose also which is to retain control of the earth, thus they oppose you of YAHWEH'S kingdom.... night and day they oppose, and you must recognize this and expect it, and be able to discern the difference in people of the world order, and the people of the kingdom. For the program of YAHWEH then calls for the redemption of this earth, which is for the welfare of HIS creation, to put all things back into proper balance. To stop the terrible catastrophes which descend with an all punishing judgement because the laws of the Life and Living are violated. Thus it was the Grace of YAHWEH which reached out to the ends of the earth to pour in elements of adjustment by Divine intervention, to put into proper order a Universe gone astray under Lucifer. Thus the kingdom of YAHWEH in earth is a part of this restoration, and His embodiment as YAHSHUA was also required as was the crucifixion and resurrection. Thus the parables are about the kingdom, some aspect of the kingdom in earth is outlined in each parable.

Now; the prodigal son is an extensive parable. It has always been a normal process of inheritance in the Adamic race especially when under the blessings of YAHWEH that as the family acquired property, and a son became of age, that an evaluation was made, and the son could have a portion of his inheritance if he wanted it so as to start his own household or business.

In this parable YAHSHUA tells of a son having attained his normal adulthood, and then turns to his father and said:...I would like a portion of my inheritance as your son. When this was given unto him the son took his inheritance and immediately departed for a far country, far away from the family. There he spent his money on riotous living, for he found plenty of acquaintances to help him spend his money. Well when his money was gone he looked for a job, and finally we are told that he was feeding swine, and got so hungry he was eating the husks of the corn he fed to the swine. But remember this is a parable, thus he was tending swine and eating husks of some of the food that was fed to the swine. Finally being an Israelite the spiritual consciousness reached thru to job his soul, and he began to think of who he was, and where he came from. And his acquaintances who helped him squander his inheritance had all moved on to greener pastures. He remembers his fathers household, and the life there, and he decided to go back home and tell his father that altho he is no longer worthy to be his son, still would he give him a job as a servant for the servants were all better off then he was out there feeding swine. You remember the symbol of the swine, the son arose and started back to his fathers house, and little did he know of the great spiritual destiny, or the forces which were at work to bring him back to this fathers house. Nor did he know of the relationship of the Fathers mind to that of his son.

At home each day the father had watched down that road for his son to return, and finally he saw him coming and the father ran to meet him, and he kissed his son, and then ran to tell the servants to prepare a feast for HIS son was home. The son had his speech all ready, but the father said:... You are my son, you were LOST, and now you have returned. You were as tho dead, but now you are alive, but you are still my son, always have been my son even if out there among the swine pens of the earth. Even tho you were out there among the pagans still you are MY son, Lost for a time, but now returned, still my son.

Now YAHSHUA was talking to the kingdom, and about the kingdom, but the ecclesiastical world has taught that the whole world is prodigal sons. But when they accept the teaching of the church, and follow the formula laid out they become sons. If you confess that Jesus is the Christ, sign the church book, and it doesn't make any difference which part of the world they come from, or what race, color or creed...they are told they have suddenly become a son of God. Now the prodigal son has become a son who had returned to the father.

Of course there is nothing wrong with coming to YAHSHUA, but a son is a son because the father begat him. The son didn't have anything to do with it. Nothing which you did or do has anything to do with the fact that you are a son or daughter of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA in the flesh, or that some people are created, not begat. This was the declaration of the Father of this parable...nothing changed the status of Sonship.

Now; there was another son, and he had stayed at home, and worked but never asked for his portion of inheritance. He comes in from work and sees the fatted calf for his brother who left home, and he asked his father what has been going on? When told, he in surprise said:...'But I have worked here all the time and never had a calf slaughtered for a celebration for my friends, come father? And the father looked at him in surprise and said:...son you have always been in my presence, you have shared in the administration, and the blessings of this household, have always been in the center of things. Thus the important thing to be made known here was that the son who had stayed with the father hadn't missed anything.

Here you find a connection to the parable....'a penny for service of' ...Matthew 20:1-16. Many people who think they have worked always for God ...such as a Clergyman or a person who thinks they work full time at what they think is service to God...then sometimes they are a little disturbed if you suggest that a son or daughter of Israel who has been out in the world order until almost the end of their occupation time in earth, then comes home as a prodigal son or daughter, and steps back into this Sonship position. But the best thing which could happen to you as you occupy earth in your allotted time span would be to find the circle of those at the Fathers table, being in the area where things are right and good. Your reward after all is that you live with the serenity of spirit, that you live without the catastrophe in human emotions which effect those who are lost sheep.

Let me make this clear to your understanding, Eternal Life is predicated on the spirit, and the spirit of a son or daughter has always been right. The soul consciousness is the area of error where there has been discrepancies, in the physical body, and the decisions of the soul. But Eternal Life was the process of having been begotten of the spirit to begin with. This prodigal son was a son even outside the family circle, and he became a found son, but still a son.

There is something else you should understand...being lost isn't talking about something which happens when you die. You don't get lost in the world order, and found in the planes of spirit when you die, because the spirit wasn't that part of you that was lost. As we have told you before, you do not sow in one field and reap in another. But today my friends, if you are trying to live as the World Order, and trying to feed yourself upon the Philosophy of the World Order, wrapped up on One Worldism, mongrelization, and all those patterns of today, being supported by the world, then you have a starved soul whether you know it or not. It is for this cause therefore that sooner or later there comes a hunger in the heart consciousness of people of our race, and they say...why do I dwell like this, why don't I go back to my fathers house.

The most significant thing for you to understand is that you were never robbed of anything while in your father's house. If you are living within the law, you are a happier person. Some people have one foot in the philosophy of the kingdom, and the other foot out in the world order which brings them much difficulties. Remember we are not talking about the harmless patterns of enjoyment which belong to anyone with the intelligence to participate. We are not condemning any normal or natural process, but there is a force in the World Order that gives accent to darkness, there is a policy that seeks to destroy morality, and ethics of society. This is a program that aligns itself with the darkness, and some people think they are missing something because they are not int the midst of that.

Now; remember how the man wanted to get his crop in the barn in (Matthew 20) and he went out and hired workers at the beginning of the day. Then hired workers at noon, and later when only two or three hours of daylight was left he hired some more workers. As the master of the crop then paid off the workers, and each received their penny, or 20 pieces of silver. But those who worked all day got the same 20 pieces of silver as those who only worked for two or three hours so the first ones grumbled about it?

Now; remember this is a parable, so if YAHWEH-YAHSHUA blesses and bestows Eternal Life, and His blessings on every one of sons and daughters irrespective of the time when he brings them home...shouldn't you be glad they received enough to live on, and all are restored? Thus understand, Our Father shall pour into this environment we live in the necessary ingredients to bring everything to its destiny which He ordained from the beginning, when HE pre-destined everyone of His sons and daughters to eventually conform to His own image. The most important thing then which you can know is ....SONSHIP.

There is much mistranslation which we will go into more fully in the Book of Romans and other places, but always we come back to Sonship, and your place in the Household of Our Father. Always remember that it was not the spirit of Adam that died in the Garden, rather it was the loss of Glory which started the process of death of the body.

Now; this is not a message of hate as we point out the difference in the people of this Bible, it is a message of Divine Law, a message for the understanding of the difference in creatures, and creation, in origin and background. There are followers of The Christ who are not His offspring, who do not belong to HIM by issue, but they have become His by conversion, for every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that YAHSHUA and YAHWEH are one and the same. But the whole family in heaven and in earth is called by the name of Our Father, and yet there are lots of people who are not HIS family, but HE is their God. Today our Father wants His children to awaken, to challenge the darkness, to know who they are, to proclaim the destiny which belongs to earth, thru the kingdom.

Thus this prodigal son was LOST ISRAEL...and he came only to Lost Israel. And He brings them back to Him thru the call of the spirit. Those with Him in Palestine as He walked the earth, they did not especially want to go to LOST ISRAEL, but when He sent the spirit upon them at Pentecost they moved and thought as they were supposed to do.

Oh! you say:...that is salvation? Sure, bring them back...being saved is being brought out of error and illuminated with Divine knowledge, and wisdom, by HIS SPIRIT, which is also in you. Thus when people are saved from error and are adjusted for this conscious revelation of Divine Truth, then they are being adjusted to know who you are, where you are, and what is going on.

Again we think this message:...'the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sands of the sea which cannot be numbered, nor measured,' ...'and it shall come to pass; that in that place, where it is said unto them, ye are not my people' (where you are called gentile, pagans) where you have tried to turn you inheritance to Satans children....'in that place it shall be said unto are the sons and daughters (offspring- progeny) of the Living YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA.'

We know of no other prophecy which can thrill your soul any more than that one, for no one can take it from you. Wander from HIS table...Lost, yet when found still a son or daughter. Dead yet now alive as He reconnects the spirit and the soul so that you can begin to understand this message. Thus those that can are to help bring our people back to where home base really is and be happy when we bring them.

QUESTION:...I do not understand why as Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain that they just wanted to stay there? Matthew 17.

ANSWER:...There is some bad translation here, but YAHSHUA just wanted to show some of the disciples a bit of the Glory He had before He came into the flesh. This is the Glory of Shekinah Light and with it in His face then He did shine as the sun, and His raiment was white with Light. Then all of a sudden Moses and Elijah stood there talking to YAHSHUA, and the disciples were allowed to the spirit...and they just wanted to stay there where everything was so peaceful and beautiful.

These disciples were not only on cloud 9 but they had made it all the way to cloud 13...Ha. They had looked at the Glory and the beauty of our Everliving as that physical body was enveloped with the radiance of heaven, with all the Divine Glory, and the radiance of spirit around that physical wonder they didn't want to leave. Then Moses and Elijah were talking with YAHSHUA and the disciples just to prove to them that there was no death, that these two of the race had just passed into the dimension of spirit. Yes, people say that Moses died, but if he had been dead he would not have been on that mountain, he would have been in the Netherworld along with the rest of the Adamites. This was why the devil could not find the body of Moses, it was not on earth.

But the thing is that what happened to the disciples there on the mountain was so physically real. The thrill of seeing YAHSHUA enveloped in His Glory, and yet they knew HIM, they were His disciples, and the spirit would bear witness immediately that this was Moses and Elijah. Here they were talking about the kingdom, and what would happen next, but the disciples just wanted to stay there on the mountain, and they would put up tent houses or tabernacles to protect YAHSHUA, Moses and Elijah from the elements. YAHSHUA MADE IT CLEAR TO THEM THAT THESE SPIRITUAL FORMS DID NOT NEED ANY PROTECTION FROM THE STORMS. These Celestial forms which slipped out of the dimension of spirit were just as real and tangible as the physical bodies of the disciples.

But there were instructions to go down from the mountain for there was work to be done for the kingdom on earth. YAHSHUA had taken these three disciples here for the purpose of building their Faith, so they would know the power behind them as they challenged the enemies of the kingdom. Now; verse 5 and 6 were added so as to try to enforce a belief in the trinity. But YAHSHUA just put back on the Shekinah Light He had left off so as to walk embodied as His children walked in earth.

As they came down from the mountain YAHSHUA told His disciples not to tell anything about what they had seen to anyone until after the resurrection. And you can imagine what they told the disciples about this afternoon...told all those who had not been with them on the Mount of Transfiguration. You then begin to get a little picture of what those disciples had in the days after the resurrection as they moved out in their mission to Lost Israel, and the oppression that the kingdom of Lucifer would bring to stop this mission with their picture of tomorrow before them.

The disciples wanted to know why the Scribes would say that Elijah would come first. And YAHSHUA said that yes, Elijah shall come first and restore all things. The future, thus the spirit of Elijah shall come over a people, a ministry to restore all things to your memory. This is a promise for our day. Then YAHSHUA went ahead to say that Elijah had already come and the YEHUDIN of that day put him in prison and then beheaded him. This was of course John the Baptist, but YAHSHUA then told the disciples that He also would suffer much from these same people. He was telling them that He must suffer the crucifixion arranged by the same people who had killed John the Baptist.

The disciples were wondering why they couldn't cast out devils, and He tells them it is because of their unbelief. They didn't think they could, and thus were unable to. He told them that if they had Faith as a grain of Mustard seed they would say to that Mountain MOVE, and it would move. He was talking about the power they would have after the ascension, after the coming of the Holy Spirit, and as a mustard seed the kingdom would grow until it is a great kingdom, and with the power of the kingdom then they could say to this Luciferian kingdom (Mountain) remove hence to yonder place, and it would remove itself. In otherwords nothing shall be impossible when those of the kingdom total Faith under HIS GUIDANCE.

But YAHSHUA was also instructing His disciples as to what would happen next, for He here embodied as Messiah will soon be betrayed into the hands of the Yehudin and they will have Him killed, but He promises them that HE will raise His physical body in the third day. He has just showed them the Glory and the Power of the Spirit which He will use to accomplish that resurrection.

QUESTION:...John 14:13....'And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do so that the father shall be glorified in the son.'...This still sounds as tho Jesus was just a son doesn't it?

ANSWER:...When you know that THE FATHER IS SPIRIT then you will read this as: ...'That will I do so that the spirit shall be glorified in my embodiment.' Thus HIS name is YAHSHUA (spirit) and when embodied He is YAHSHUA ...Messiah, Redeemer, and Savior. So anything you ask in His name He will do so that the spirit shall be glorified in the physical. So anytime you ask for forgiveness, healing of your mind in the name of YAHSHUA then believe that He will do this, and stop begging and start praising. This then is the Book of Truth, it sets you free from fear itself. But if you want to get your battery charged then go into the Book of Isaiah to chapter 40:31.. 'They who wait upon YAHWEH-YAHSHUA shall mount up with wings as eagles; and they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk; and not faint.' Then go to Philippians 4:13....'I can do all things thru YAHSHUA who strengthens me.'...In otherwords get acquainted with HIM, and go HIS way and watch the World Order fall. His way is the pride of the kingdom which stems from His Household which He planted in earth, and upon which He placed his name, so carry that name and be proud, and walk tall.

QUESTION:...'Then shall the kingdom be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom. Five were wise and five were foolish. They that were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them. But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. While the Bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. At midnight there was a cry made, Behold! the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.' please explain this parable of Matthew 25.

ANSWER:...This is a parable so who are these people we are reading about? These virgins are not the bride of Scripture...for Israel is the bride. But these people of the ten virgins had lamps...they had some of the trappings of some important responsibility such as lighting the way for the Bridegroom, preparing the way for His coming. So actually this is dealing with the Oracle of the Church. These symbolic, wise and foolish virgins are churches or organizations in the world today, for they have the light, they have the rituals and all the trappings to illuminate the way, to prepare the way for the Bridegroom, thus these wise and foolish make up the Oracle which proclaims HIS coming, and prepares the way.

Now; the church...this is the spiritual center of the kingdom, it is not a building or a denomination, but is symbolized by the Apostle Paul as the body of Christ in the world today. And in other places He is symbolizing that YAHSHUA is head of this spiritual center of the kingdom, and as such he refers to the Majesty with which YAHSHUA illuminates the whole course of things to come, with HIM as head of the spiritual center of His kingdom. And in the Epistles Paul refers to YAHSHUA as head of the church, as setting it apart, and magnifying the church, and it will not have any spot or wrinkle or blemish as He comes. That it will be Holy and without blemish. He also said we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones, this is the great mystery of YAHSHUA and His church. Thus this spirit in you which is spirit of His spirit...this is the spiritual center of His kingdom, and it is translated church. And when He comes then you will think as He thinks and there will not be any error left in your thinking, or even your actions. Thus this is a spiritual church and symbolic to this spiritual church, this is the status in which it stands as the body of Christ in the world today proclaiming HIS way, HIS truths which He has expressed.

Now; moving into this parable remember at this time there still existed the continuing congregations of Israel, the Ecclesia, and then this moves into what is termed the Church age which at that time was coming, and which has never reached its potential, for the hours of the declarations of the true church will of course be...concerning the total Will of YAHWEH...who came as YAHSHUA. We have seen some of this but it will be the only message to our people one of these days.

Now; we are told there are five virgins who are wise and 5 who were foolish, and the 5 wise ones had oil for their lamps. Oil is always symbolic of the Holy Spirit of YAHWEH. Thus the message of the 5 virgins had to give, the rituals, the functions, and their rights, and their processes, all that went into the wise virgins was guided by the spirit of YAHWEH which was OIL for their lamps, and they left them burning. Even in this latter period of time as they may have been slumbering, their lamps were burning, even when they may have gone into a status of ministry, when it was not widely observed, as it had been in the beginning, still the lamps were burning.

As this area of time called 'the church age' began we saw the power of the Holy Spirit descend upon the spiritual center of His kingdom, and it performed great works. Remember YAHSHUA told the disciples to tarry in Jerusalem as He ascended into the heavens, and they waited there with the women, until they received this power from on high? Then on the day of Pentecost this fire was the tremendous energies of YAHWEH'S Spirit which came upon this 'called out' translated church. And the Apostles and disciples moved out to speak and Israelites by the thousands were added to the group. The disciples were sent out to the Lost Sheep and of course those were the ones who responded as the Spirit called to Spirit. The disciples then went westward where the people were, and they proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom, the coming of Messiah, and the hour that was sometime in the future for Behold the Bridegroom cometh. This is the message for the true church to proclaim. The wise Virgins then preached the activation of YAHWEH'S Spirit, its power to transform men, its power to effect their lives, its power it wins over darkness. And when it preaches; be not conformed to this world order, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, this is so that you may be able to prove that which is good and perfectly acceptable as the WILL OF YAHWEH. This true church then teaches regeneration, the reactivation of the children of the MOST HIGH.

Now; the foolish Virgins, this symbol of virginity here in Matthew 25., is only the symbol applied here to religious activities in which the wise Virgins believed in those things which are good, and hold them up as good and true, where as the foolish virgins have no oil in their lamps, thus they do not have the spirit of YAHWEH, thus they possess none of the ministry of YAHSHUA. In fact they are teaching things which are against HIS kingdom. They are teaching the gathering of the ecumenical conferences, the gathering of all religions. And they are going beyond the structure of Christianity to bring in all the pagans. Thus there is no spirit of life in their message. Oh, they may talk about a great day, and the ultimate revelation of God, but they never talk about who He is, and are never to sure of what HE is. Today they are actually propounding the doctrines of socialism and communism, and preaching that there should be no separation of people, or nations, that they should all flow together, and somehow they are going to find God out there somewhere. Well this is the work of the foolish virgins, for they absolutely have no oil (spirit) in their lamps (messages).

The spirit of the True Church says:...'be ye separate and segregated, and touch not the unclean things'....'What fellowship hath light with darkness, what fellowship hath the believer with the unbeliever?'....Thus you can establish that the foolish virgins are unbelievers because when the cry came: ...'The Bridegroom cometh!'...then the foolish virgins tried to get oil (spirit) for their lamps, and then went away searching for it, while the Wise virgins (Israel) the children of the kingdom just trimmed their lamps and went on in. But the foolish virgins then came back later after they had bought oil and knocked on the door and said:...'Lord, Lord, open up to us.' and YAHSHUA said:....'Depart from me I know you not'.

Now;...many are the sermons that have been preached on this verse, but never did YAHSHUA in any age, or in any condition tell a believer...'I never knew you.' It has been well established thru the parables that the believers are Israel, and that spirit thus calls to spirit. Thus we recognize that the foolish virgins are such organizations as The National Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, with all the symbols and rituals that go with them, but not one single ritual or iota of the Living YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA is in their message.

Thus as we come to the time for the rising of the kingdom into public view, the true church will be preaching of His coming, will be looking for certain things to happen in earth, and will be proclaiming His kingdom, the power of that kingdom. While the false church of the foolish virgins will be working with the powers of darkness and will be saying:...'All things continue as they have been from the beginning.'

Thus in this hour of His coming again into human affairs it will be the true church that denounces this 'new age' evil that seems to stand for the truth of Our Father, but calls for the coalition of evil. The true church will call for the renewing of your mind, so that you may see the great things which are in store for those of the kingdom.