ERM - Tape 018 - 11 Q&As from the Gospels


TAPE NO. 18.........BY: Ella Rose Mast



1. The marriage feast of Matthew 22

2. The parable of the fig tree

3. The parable of the unjust Steward

4. John 16

5. The spirit of truth promised to send, John 14

6. Did Lazarus remember the spirit when he was brought back?

7. The people crying Hosannah to the Son of David...who were they?

8. John 10:16

9. Matthew 24:14-46

10. Luke 17:22-24

11. John 17

12. Luke 19:20-24

13. The parable of the fig tree


QUESTION:...The marriage feast of Matthew 22, some would come, the elect are invited, and when they wouldn't come then everyone was invited???

ANSWER:...Now wait a minute, that was not the elect who refused to come. This was a King and he was inviting the rich and the powerful, so they went out and asked all these people in the sovereignty of that king to come. In fact this is again in areas of physical identifiable capacities of authority and power. But everyone who did not come was those who did not have the spiritual capacity to understand, in fact these were those with no spiritual capacity. But out on the highways and by ways of the world was Lost Israel, who had spiritual capacities, and they were brought to the wedding. The people who were invited were symbolic of natural honor to people in high positions of wealth and responsibility, power and prestige, who would be naturally invited, but they had some excuse and they couldn't come.

This man without the wedding garment, there is some question about as to whether this translation is true or not. In the Darby version, and some of the others this wedding garment is imputed righteousness, and this is given to all with the capacity to respond. What we are up against here in translation is the fact that the church tried to ghost this into shape, so as to cover some area of their interpretation. There is to many facets to this as it has to be tied into the wise and the foolish virgins, and all this wedding story has to be brought together. It is not something up in the sky, it is not so many years with something happening such as a rapture, to take people out of this world. This is all a garbled area of doctrine which a sect in the church started by rumors, and then tried to translate around it. Then they started to build doctrines around it so there is no sequence to this story. You see YAHWEH already is married to His bride, His race, and thus Israel is the bride. And the embodiment of the man Christ Jesus is YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA-Savior. He identifies with His people when He comes. And since the spiritual center, that followed HIM are the 'called out ones', or the Ecclesia then He refers to them as His Bride, and they also make up the church. He talks to the church as the spiritual embodied intelligence and thus you are His body in the world today. The two witnesses symbolically then are the national household, and the ecclesiastical household. This is the unity, like church and state. Therefore since you are embodied people in the world, He was Christed or embodied in the world, and today HE is not here embodied so you are the body of Christ in the world today. The spirit which dwells in you is the spirit of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA and you find recorded that it is the Christ (spirit) in you which is your hope of Glory.

Thus this parable of the wedding feast is a bit garbled, they wanted to get a bit of churchology in at the last. Verse as to say if you don't accept salvation, and be saved then you are going to be cast into outer hell, and all they rolled into that word.

But even tho you would invite the rich and powerful of the world order they are not interested in the kingdom, they won't even respond, don't have the spiritual capacity to respond, but when Lost Israel hears the call as HE calls His sheep they come, and a wedding garment which is symbolic of imputed righteousness is also Total Faith, it is given to them, and it is not taken away from them because perhaps they did not go thru some ritual churchology dreamed up.

QUESTION:...What about the parable of the fig tree? Matthew 21:17-17.

ANSWER:...This is more than a parable, it is an experience, and more because this symbol of the fig tree goes back to the Luciferian problems in the earth. You will remember that Lucifer was the Archangel who in his rebellion became Satan or the devil. One of the things Satan always identified himself with throughout all the pagan temples of the world...was the fig tree. Hinduism and Buddhism weave the fig tree symbol into all their temple friezes, and backgrounds. All the Luciferian houses, all Snake cults use the fig tree as their emblem. Remember that after the seduction of Eve and Adam that they were ashamed to show themselves when YAHWEH walked in the Garden because they knew they had violated Divine Law, and they had covered themselves with what??...fig leaves. This was symbolic of the fact that they had accepted the symbol of Lucifer's kingdom order, and they wore the tunic of the Luciferian order. Remember that YAHWEH as HIGH Priest of His race had stripped the Luciferian tunic off them, and put the proper clothing on them symbolized as the skins of sheep. He therefore restored His household and set them on course to complete the work they came to do.

Now; Israel is the Olive Tree, that is her symbol. But when the Cainanites tried to enter Israel by claiming they were from the son of Judah and the Cainanite woman, this was not possible under Divine Law, and besides they carried the fig tree symbol, where as the law says that:...'Kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself'. The race question then has always been important, for no other way could YAHWEH'S program for the earth be successful. Thus the entire Old Testament is written to the Adamic race, it carries instructions of the Patriarchial patterns of revelation, with the message, the leadership, the personal intervention of YAHWEH running thru it from one end of the Bible to the other. And other races are talked abut, other kingdoms, other empires, but always the Olive Tree people are not to intermingle, or mongrelize their seed, by fusing with other people. This follows all the way thru the Old Testament, and there is no change in the New. For the symbol of the fig tree is an Ancient symbol which now governs all races and religions except the Faith of YAHWEH'S kingdom people. This is an established fact, and it calls for racial purity all thru the Scriptures.

In Judea as YAHSHUA walked in His ministry the Yehudin controlled the temple and its priests. In fact this temple had been built by Herod and it had fig leaves on it as well as serpent symbols. Yes, it was beautiful and most of the Israelites still went there, attracted to its wealth and beauty no doubt, but perhaps not even thinking beyond that.

But when Jesus gave this parable of the fig tree, and then cursed the fig tree, then right away those in control of the temple cried out. They said He spoke this parable against them, so they knew who they were, and who true Israel was. But YAHSHUA knew there was not any fruit on this fig tree that was any good. None of the fruit (Message) from it was any good for Israel, or any of the other races as well, for it was this fallen Archangel who in rebellion went totally opposite from what he once was.

YAHSHUA explained this parable by another saying that a husbandman had gone out leaving his field (kingdom) and another had come in taking over the field. But these now in possession were not the heirs of the kingdom. So right away the Yehudin in control of Jerusalem said:...'We must kill this one or we will lose control over all this property.'

Remember that first YAHWEH sent his servants (the Adamic race) and then He came himself embodied as YAHSHUA-Savior and then they wanted right away to kill him, thus proving they knew they were not the heirs of His kingdom. They knew that Judah and Benjamin were part of Israel. This is why they never wanted to recognize anyone from Galilee, for they knew those people were the Light bearers of Israel. Besides this...the YEHUDIN never said that YAHSHUA was a Jew, they said He was a Galilean (Luke 23:6). So why much later did the Christians begin to call Jesus a Jew? Well, that is all a part of the great conspiracy to take you inheritance from you.

Now; do not compare a fig as an eatable piece of fruit with the fig tree symbol. This is not the purpose of these symbols. But the Yehudin, Satans people, had so long identified themselves with the fig tree that it became their symbol. They put it on everything to identify themselves. Just as Herod did when this Temple was built. They covered it with gold leaf, and around the rim of this temple was the fig leaves and the serpents, all interwoven with the six pointed stars, overlapping and made out of serpents heads. Anytime you see this marking on a synagogue or any other building take a good look, for the six pointed stars overlap and are made out of serpents with the ends of it being the serpents with the tail in the mouth of the serpent. This is an old, old symbol of identification. And the fig leaf has always been identified with the mysterious political rule of the serpent.

Now;..YAHSHUA came along and there was a fig tree and he wanted to point out something to His disciples because anyone connected to the Temple knew that Israel was not in control of the Temple. They knew that this was the ecclesiastical order of Lucifer now in control. So when they came to the fig tree YAHSHUA said:..find me some fruit on that tree. Well the disciples came back and said there is no eatable fruit on that tree. And YAHSHUA said:..I know, there is no eatable fruit on that tree, this Luciferian tree. It is cursed forever, and never will be able to bring fruit, never be able to bring forth any eatable fruit forever. The disciples looked at one another for they also knew that the fig tree was the symbol on the temple. They knew also that YAHSHUA had just taught them a lesson, and when that afternoon they came back by that tree, the leaven on the tree was turning brown, and then the whole thing was withering away and they were amazed. This story was spread around the area and the Priests of the temple heard it and they knew that YAHSHUA had wrought this miracle to teach them a lesson and to instruct His disciples, and it was against them, so that afternoon they began to plot together to see how they might put YAHSHUA to death. Now; this was a parable, but it also signifies how rapid the last part of the fall of the Babylonian kingdom will be, for prophecy says in one day.

Now; some people thought they shouldn't eat figs, but there isn't anything wrong with the fruit called figs, it is just that the Luciferian kingdom selected this fig tree symbol long ago and YAHSHUA was pointing out that there is nothing worthwhile in the Luciferian theology for Israel, and he chose this way to explain the situation to His disciples. In verse 21, again YAHSHUA speaks of this mountain which is the Luciferian kingdom with the fig tree emblem, how if Israel has faith in His program and promises then they will eventually see this all destroyed, and they will even help in the destruction.

QUESTION:...The parable of the unjust Steward, it is hard to understand??

ANSWER:...This is found in Luke 16....this certain rich man had a steward, this man had been investing his talents, he was responsible for the material things of his Master. He had wasted some, and hadn't put himself forth to serve his Master diligently. So when his Master called him to account he said:...if you put me out, I don't know what I will do. I can't go out and beg. ...He could, but he didn't want to dig ditches or beg, so he resowed what he had, ....he decided what he would do when he would be put out of this stewardship. So he called everyone of the LORD'S debtors and said to them:...How much do you owe the Lord? The first man said:...a hundred measures of oil. So this man sort of like a politician who figures he is about to lose his job begins to make deals with different people, so they will owe him, and take care of him when he gets thrown out. So he said to this first debtor...'Take your bill and write 50 measures of oil on it.' Well, the Lord forgave some of these measures, but he commended the unjust steward because even tho he had done unwisely he knew that the children of the World Order are in their generations wiser than the children of Light. This word commended is not the proper word. In the Darby translation this is the correct translation:...'I perceive that thou are a very cunning and smart man and like all the children of the World Order you are more cunning than the children of Light.' This is just like saying...that the Jews are far more cunning in the manipulation of money than the children of the kingdom. The white man won't bleed you like a Jew unless you get some twisted minds who sell out for any loot, but generally that is not the average thing.

What you are being told here is that the children of the world order are more cunning than the children of Light, and since you are the children of YAHWEH then don't make your friends with mammon or the world order as the Jews do. They don't have any spiritual connection, and when you fail they will receive you into their habitation, but for the children of the kingdom this is no place to be. Here Jesus is saying that this man is a child of darkness because of the way he handled HIS possession, and that he had proved who he is so out into the world order he goes, outside the kingdom.

In otherwords YAHSHUA knew who this man was, and the man identified himself as being who he was, thus YAHSHUA was not commending him for being a rat, He just have proved who you are, and you are pretty smart, pretty sharp, what you did was a sharp thing, you went out and bought friendship of your own kind, thus we aren't going to keep you here. This is the status of this parable. He that is faithful in that which is least is also faithful in much. So he who is unjust in the least is also unjust in much. So having been caught in one area of unjustness he just proved how far out he was when he went out and made a total deal with the world order.

Now; you have to hate the program of Lucifer's kingdom, and love that one of YAHWEH'S kingdom, for you cannot serve two masters. Either you are begotten children or you are Satans children, so you can't love both YAHSHUA and Lucifer. But there is a day coming when the first shall be the last, and the last first. Luke 13:30. This is symbolic as to areas of authority and power. Today take a look at who runs our finances and so forth. They move in with the power of the purse. But the first shall be last when this situation changes. Their whole life has been built around substance and wealth, in the kingdom it will be just reversed. Even those of our own race who are so materialistic that the things of God are not important as the material wealth, those who have worked only for themselves not for the kingdom, will find that as the kingdom moves into its fullness, that the areas of leadership are responsibility are given to those under that criteria of who had been considered last, but under the standards of YAHWEH they are now first. In otherwords there are some people who will be glad to be just door keepers in the kingdom where as today they think they are very important. One of these days there are some who will be glad to just come in and sit down, for they have nothing to contribute but their own


YAHWEH who is YASHUA is not mocked, He knows every secret thing, and people better level with HIM for he knows their hearts, the more they realize this the better they become.

QUESTION:...John 16, is not a parable, and YAHSHUA explained it to the disciples but I still don't understand it.

ANSWER:...Many people think that the whole Bible is built around John 16. They run around talking about it all the time. But this instead of being some of the greatest of Scriptures is a condemnation Scripture. It hinges on HUMAN will from whence no good is come, instead of on the WILL of God from which all good comes.

Now; turn to Isaiah 45....thus saith YAHWEH the Holy One of Israel:... 'Ask ME concerning my sons'...concerning MY SONS. Thus His household are out in the world to set the captives free. They don't do this for any type of reward, but do it because they have an urge to set people free. They do this because this is a motivating force, they are moving today to the ends of the earth to aide Our Father in rolling back superstition, darkness, ignorance, and to take people out of bondage. YAHSHUA is telling His disciples here in John 16...that even tho this is the mission of the kingdom, still the enemy is going to do everything in their power to side track you. They would even through translation of Scripture try to have you think that the enemy is the 'chosen people', so as to capture your inheritance wouldn't they??? But only the Devil himself could have figured that program out, and then having figured it out he designed the program to carry it out. Then YAHSHUA goes on to tell them that much will happen to him, and to them, but that eventually things will be fine for you inherit the kingdom. But until then HE will send the comforter, this Holy Spirit which unveils truth for them, and gives them the strength to carry on. He finishes by telling them they will be scattered, and He will return into the spiritual realm. But HE has been telling them these things so they will have understanding (Peace) because out in the world order you will have tribulation, but don't despair for HE will overcome the world order by Resurrection and its promises, and besides the kingdom is for you.

QUESTION:...What is this spirit of truth that HE promises to send in John 14?

ANSWER:...Sometimes this 'Paraclete' or 'Spirit of Truth' is translated as the Holy Ghost, and sometimes translation tries to make it another person of the Godhead, when there is only One...the Eternal YAHWEH... LORD GOD is also YAHWEH-YAHSHUA...spirit, soul, and body. He is the Eternal Living, and He said:...'He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father'..'I and the Father are ONE.' Then after he was to go back into the Celestial after the Resurrection HE said HE would send the Spirit (Paraclete)...'I will come unto you.'

The moment we get this multiplicity, idolatry and pagan patterns of YAHWEH who is also YAHSHUA out of our minds then we expand in our perception of HIM, and of ourselves because we are spirit, soul and body as well. We are one individual capable of residing in a plane of light dimension (spirit) where the solidity is just as real in that dimension as it is here in the physical world. The physical world is an electronic world synthesized and made up of all the particles to make atoms, and molecular masses, and you reside in it, and have all the balances chemically and electronically that make you a resident consciousness. You have a soul seat, and this is the dimension of idea, and this brings you a panorama of the continuity of form. So you can exist with in this realm for you in the minds eye can travel back into areas of remembrance that you have experienced. Or you can by inspiration be carried forward by having your consciousness residing in ideas that are ahead even tho you are residing here in a physical body, and a spiritual body. You are not aware of the spiritual body, but if there was not a spiritual tuning to this truth it will not make an image for you to see.

Thus Jesus was speaking only to those who were spirit of His Spirit when He said to His disciples:...When this spirit comes (this complete consciousness re-dawns on your Celestial being) it will bring all things to your remembrance. Thus you had to have experienced it or you could not remember. Thus it 'will lead you to the knowledge of all truth' and anything HE knows then we can know. Then HE went on to say that this perception of truth or spirit cannot be received by the world (order). But you HIS children of spirit are to lead the world into the recognition of the right God. YOU are to repudiate the areas of Luciferian catastrophe and lies, and to overthrow Witch doctors, and pagan priests and lift up....ONE STANDARD.

This is the reason you are here today, to produce the kingdom, and now to bring it in, this is our Fathers Universe, and this is our destiny.

Now; this kingdom isn't some spiritual entity wrapped up in theory, it is administration, the ruling of earth under Divine Law, by YAHWEH'S household, and He who is YAHSHUA. Ruling earth with the recognition of the people who are able to receive this 'spirit of truth'.

There is a certain nostalgic remembrance, and the spirit does bring things to your remembrance. Jeremiah experienced this in chapter 4 of his Book, he saw the earth without form and void. YAHWEH was stimulating the spiritual consciousness of Jeremiah so that the soul consciousness could catch this wave, and he wrote it down in his Book. Moses wrote 3400 years after the events, but he did this because the spirit activated the consciousness to record.

Dr. Swift tells of a man who was in a foxhole over in Germany in W.W.II., and a shell came over and landed in his foxhole, and it didn't go off. He just sat there looking at it, afraid to run. Then he saw a number on it and it was the same as the number of his dog tag. This was a numerology coincidence but the man said:...they had my number, but they couldn't pull it off, so I am not afraid anymore, and he came home feeling this way. But YAHWEH knows where you are, has from the beginning because none of His race are just accidents in earth as far as knowledge is concerned. The very pattern of emotions, the very characterizations of sending His sons into earth were known to HIM from the spirit. Therefore Spirit of His Spirit, life of His Life, and He is not taking a chance on Lucifer because He plans to put him back into his right dimension one of these days.

Remember there is nothing so soothing to the consciousness of the mind than to have an answer when you are searching for knowledge. So the comforter was the perception of total truth. This gives a serenity to the spirit because this is the thing it desired to know, and now it knows the answer. Jesus was speaking in Aramic, and the Greeks understood and they translated the word as Paraclete, then the English reduced it to comforter. But YAHSHUA said:...I will lead you to the knowledge of all truth...I WILL COME UNTO YOU.' 'Ask and ye shall find'...think of that for a moment. This then is just that simple, if you want the answer you have to know who you are, and why you seek the answer, and whence it comes. You have to desire to hear, and desire to know, to use it for the greater good of the whole purpose and plan of the kingdom.

QUESTION:...Did Lazarus remember the spiritual when YAHSHUA brought him back....John 11?

ANSWER:...Lazarus never forgot anything concerning the fact that he was in the Netherworld, and came back out of it, but he was not carried back beyond that time of death. In otherwords he did not tell them all the mysteries, the knowledge and the wisdom that he possessed which would have been even of this nuclear age. He didn't do that, but he did tell them all the inherited knowledge that he possessed. We know he told them this from the Scriptures and from the Book of Nicodemus. Because of the reports of the two sons of the Priests who were raised, and they told of what happened when they died. They told of waiting in the Netherworld, and how each Adamite who came in remembered what was happening on earth there in Palestine at that time. Those two had died less than two years before Lazarus, and they came back to write of their experience since they did not talk, they were not restored to life like Lazarus was, theirs was a different type of resurrection.

Now; YAHSHUA knew that Lazarus was sick and that he had died. But He had a purpose in not going to comfort the Bethany sisters. He allowed this for an example to His disciples and to you. He showed you a type of restoration and also HIS power. This is why some of the Judeans wanted to even kill Lazarus, they didn't think they could let YAHSHUA go around bringing Israelites back to life like that, or there would be one more reason HIS Sheep would return to Him, and they would lose control of that land they had taken from the Israelites. So they planned on having Lazarus die again. But here in Scripture we see that there were Judeans who came to see YAHSHUA raise Lazarus from the grave, and some of them then went to the High Priest and Pharisees, and told them of the many things which YAHSHUA was doing. But the High Priest and the false Pharisees said:...'If we let this YAHSHUA LIVE then all men (Adamites) will believe on him, and the Romans (who were also Israelites) would come and take both Jerusalem and the nation from them. Then Caiaphas the High Priest of that year said:...'This man YAHSHUA must die to save this nation for us'..(John 11:48). Then Caiaphas the High Priest and the council together from that day forth took council as to how to put HIM to death.

So again YAHSHUA had to leave Judea, so He took a short trip to a country of Ephraim (a country of the Israelites), but remember Caiaphas said:... that YAHSHUA must die not only to retain control of that nation of Judea, but because if they let him live He might 'Gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad. (John 11:52). So you see they knew there were other Israelites besides those in Palestine didn't they? Of course because tithe still came in from scattered Israelites to the Temple at Jerusalem as yet. And also Israelites came to Jerusalem for the feast days when ever they could.

QUESTION:...'The people crying...Hosanna to the son of David'...who were they, because the chief Priests were very displeased when they heard this?

ANSWER:...You find this in Matthew 21:1-16 and Mark 11:1-11 and then Luke 19:29. Remember many things had happened in the old land of Palestine. The Israelites thought that Messiah was born, and then came John the Baptist, and they were more sure. Then came the miracles and the teaching of YAHSHUA. And the Essene company of which Joseph of Arimathea was a member thought maybe He would take the crown and restore the kingdom to Israel. Altho they knew that the child John the Baptist had told them He would take the cup instead, still they were hoping, but they also had a chalice prepared. YAHSHUA and His disciples would come to the home of Joseph of Arimathea and they would talk about the kingdom, about things which were to happen. And as they talked then Demetrius the silver Smith from Greece watched them, and he engraved the faces of YAHSHUA and His disciples on the Chalice, all but the face of Judas of Iscariot. Then finally he carved that face with Judas of Iscariot turned away so his face is not seen on the chalice at all.

Now; the Essenes had members in every community and town throughout the land of Palestine, and now they were all prepared for what might happen. They watched YAHSHUA travel many times in and out of Jerusalem, and every time they thought maybe this is the time. The Disciples were aware of this plan to crown HIM King. And you remember the mother of James and John not being aware this was still a secret came to YAHSHUA and asked if He would grant that these, her two sons, might sit....the one on the right hand and one on the left in thy kingdom? And she of course was thinking of an earthly kingdom being established there as it was in the days of Solomon. But the word then spread that YAHSHUA was approaching Jerusalem, He was coming from Bethphage, and the Essenes thought that this time they would crown HIM King. Many Israelites from all over were in the city to celebrate the Passover, and they would be so happy with a new King of Israel over them as well. So the word had spread that YAHSHUA was approaching Jerusalem, and the people became excited. Of course the Israelites had horses, beautiful horses and carriages, but YAHSHUA gave orders to the disciples, and they found the little ass with its colt and brought them to YAHSHUA. Someone then threw their coat upon the animal, and YAHSHUA sat upon it and they came to Jerusalem. He paused before they entered Jerusalem to remind them that this would fulfill prophecy which said:..'Unto the daughter of Zion, behold thy king cometh, riding upon an ass, a colt, the foal of an ass.'

As He got closer to the city a great multitude of the Israelites came to meet HIM, and they cut down Palm branches and strewed them along the way and they shouted 'Hosannah in the highest, blessed is HE that has come in the name of YAHSHUA: BLESSED IS THE SON OF DAVID.' Here the people were acknowledging that this was YAHSHUA born out of the Adamic line out of the House of David, thus the King of Israel. The people remembered the writings of the Prophet Isaiah...'Unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders; His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.' And here He came and He was going to the Temple. The Essenes had brought the true Priests, the robe and the crown, and they were prepared to crown HIM King, but they also brought the Chalice. The procession stopped at the steps of the Temple, the crowd quieted, and the true Priest of Israel came before YAHSHUA and said:...we would crown thee King of Israel, for thou art YAHWEH come in the name of YAHSHUA, thou art the Son of David, we would crown you King. As the High Priest lifted the crown, the people cried:... 'Hosannah in the Highest, crown HIM King.'

Now; from the top of the steps of the temples the false Priests looked down and they said:...we don't dare move down among this group of Israelites, there are to many of them, so what can we do? You will remember that Judas of Iscariot was with the group and he had been playing both sides of the fence, but now he got carried away for after all he carried the money bag, so he even said:...take the crown, for he thought he would be the treasurer of the kingdom. Roman records tell of these things as does the Essene records as to what happened that day. Both accounts were in the Swift Library. But of course YAHSHUA would not take the crown because he would not rule over His people before He had lifted the bondage of Luciferian control off of them. First He must set them free, and this He would do by assuming transgressions of all His people. So He reached for the chalice and now it was handed to HIM. There were now many other things he must do before He took the crown. So He took the chalice and then handed it to John, while He looked up the steps of the Temple to where the money changers were standing. In fact it was almost like a great supermarket for they were buying or selling things on the steps of the Temple which was supposed to be a House of Prayer. So he took some cords and knotted them together and started up the steps of the Temple overturning the tables of the money changers, as he went, and they scattered to the right and left before HIM as He said:...'Ye have made what was supposed to be a House of worship into a den of thieves and murderers.' The High Priests at the top of the steps drew back, they were frightened as they saw the mystery of the power of YAHSHUA was wielding, for the crowd of Israelites were ready to follow HIM if He but said the word. But that day was not the time, and then YAHSHUA left Jerusalem, and went back to Bethany.

QUESTION:...John 10:16...other sheep have I, where??

ANSWER:...YAHSHUA said:...'Other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them I must bring also, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold, one shepherd.' Here He was speaking to His disciples, here in the land of Palestine were in was the city of David-Bethlehem, in which as prophecy said....he was born. Mary His mother and Joseph her protector husband lived in Galilee, but He was born in Bethlehem as they went there for taxation purposes. People of Judah and Benjamin, those two tribes lived in Palestine, and they were sheep of His pasture, but YAHSHUA said:...'I come only to the Lost Sheep of Israel'...then in John 10:22-26....he said while in Jerusalem standing on Solomon's Porch of the Temple as the Yehudin came and asked Him:...'how long doest thou make us wait, if thou be the Christ (Messiah) tell us plainly.' YAHSHUA said:...'I told you and ye believed not, the works I do they bear witness of me, but ye believe me not because ye are not my sheep.' Thus the Yehudin were not His sheep but these children of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and their quota of Levi were His sheep, and there were many of the sheep who had migrated. Some were still to be found in Sumaria, a few Ephraimites, but most of the other Israelites of the ten tribes, and many of the Judah kingdom who had been under captivity of Sannacharib had migrated and moved into Europe. So the Lost Sheep were all over the continent of Europe, thus when YAHSHUA said He had other sheep then they were not of this Judah kingdom, but those who had migrated to Western Europe, and to the Isles and so forth.

So YAHSHUA said:...Other sheep I have which I must also bring in, then He sent His disciples out and they gathered His sheep because 'all Israel shall be saved as it is written. The Apostle Paul understood this for he said...the Ethene...called gentiles are Israel. Thus the gathering of the nations is the salvation of Israel. They were grafted back on to their own Olive Tree. The Olive Tree is always the symbol of Israel, always has been since Adam. Thus other sheep He had besides those in the fold in Palestine, and He must bring them, but they shall hear His voice, and there shall be one sheep fold, and one shepherd. The Scripture says that when the message came out to the sheep they hear His voice, and they do not listen to the stranger. The Scripture says the spirit calls these sheep, and He leads the sheep as He calls them by name. Thus each of His sheep had their consciousness quickened at one time by the Father (Spirit), but they were sheep before He called them.

Now; He calls His sheep by name, and salvation is to restore men to things which they possessed in the spirit before they came to earth, to renew their minds to the great wisdom of God, which eventually is to restore them unto Glory as sons of God to finish the building of the kingdom, and they will hear His call.

Salvation for the pagan races would be to bring them back to what they were before Lucifer rebelled. This does not make them sons of YAHWEH but it is to put the whole Universe back in order because our Father has a purpose for all creation where eventually every knee shall bow.

But the other sheep YAHSHUA talked about was that Adamic race scattered to the west. Thus after the Apostles and disciples moved out the Sheep became Christians. Many today are behind the iron curtain, but deep in the heart of these people there, be they Greek or Roman orthodox, still all worship YAHSHUA and hide their pictures and symbols of His message. Communism has not been able to crush this out altho they have killed them by the millions. But YAHSHUA did gather them for they were told...Messiah had come, and they welcomed their Savior.

QUESTION:...Luke 17:22-24.....'The day will come when ye shall desire to see one of the days of the son of man, and ye shall not see it, and they shall say to you...see here! or see there!, but go not after nor follow them. For as lightening that lighteth up the heavens unto other parts of the heavens, so also shall the son of man be in his day.'...What does that mean?

ANSWER:...YAHSHUA was instructing His disciples and you find this story about the same in translation in the Book of Matthew. He was talking about the coming of the kingdom, and he as head of the kingdom. And when it comes to its fullness you will know it because of its brightness (or truth). So don't you run here or there looking for it for you will know it as it shines forth.

But first many things happen, because He must suffer many things, and be rejected by this race (generation). Here He is referring to His crucifixion and the mob who follow the High Priests and false Scribes. He also said it would be as in the days of Noah as the kingdom comes to its fullness, and is exposed to the world order...set in place. We know what it was like back in those days in the Tarim Basin, and we see much the same pattern today as the enemies of the kingdom have pushed integration, and mongrelization, and tried to destroy our Faith. The promise is that this time the destruction of the enemy will not be with water, but with fire. YAHSHUA was pointing out that here as the kingdom rises that these same type of people, and the same conditions will exist as they did back so long ago. As it was in the days of Noah, it was the mongrelizers, the destroyers who were wiped out, and all Israel in that valley were in the Ark.

QUESTION:...Matthew 25:14-46...Does not this parable justify usuary?

ANSWER:...No...these are talents put into a parable, this would then be money invested in production. In otherwords the program of YAHSHUA'S kingdom supports the fact that money is not to be loaned as money to bring back money out of money, such as the Federal Reserve system of today. Interest in this condition of usuary as such is forbidden except where the money is in a sort of partnership procedure, and is put into areas of production. In otherwords if a man has a field, but does not have any seed, and he doesn't have any money to buy seed, thus you go to a man who can help you in this situation, and whatever you agree to as his share of the production, this is not usuary. This is produced wealth for you took nothing out of another persons dollar, you produced with it. This is true in any area in which you produced the capital to increase by production. But to loan money or their income in which they had no way to produce what you were giving them to make money with, this is forbidden. Why?...because this is the process which the leaches used to take widows houses, to take advantage of families with sickness and so forth. There are social operations which rest upon the people of our race, upon our standards, and our ethics which calls for assistance to people in their problems. The basic law we must remember our society which YAHWEH has ordained is...the law of the family, then we start the downfall of our race with this manipulation called usuary. When we set the Federal Reserve system in place in secret in our Country in 1913...this was one of the goals of the enemy, now brought about. But we have been taught...honor thy father and thy mother, and it was always the responsibility of the children to care for their parents as they became old, after raising their family, care for them and assist them, but they are no longer with an earning capacity, so this is not charity, it was responsibility, a love operation to care for the elderly. Thus again it was the responsibility of Israel to produce offspring, for the increase of the kingdom, and of course there are always situations where certain actions might burden them financially, and this was where the charity of the whole community of our race was responsible to assist this individual. We see today how far this situation has been turned around. Think of the money raised in each community which is for charities, but not much used in the local community. The system of usuary has been used until that your people are so burdened in most cases they can't even put away anything for their old age, so they also depend on the government to do it for them as well. The family life as established in the beginning is almost finished is it not?

Now; the idea was never formed within this process that assistance was to be given, to be extracted with usuary until they confiscated the few things families might have left.

Lets face it, Satan’s children have been exploiting this area ever since he gained control over nations and people. They live like parasites, they do not produce, they always seek to gain control over all areas of production, but not joining in production, but they try to swindle all areas of production. There is thousands of years of history in this kind of operation.

Now; the talents were in support of the fact that YAHSHUA placed these talents in the hands of these people, it was not in the significant pattern of individual gain. This was a symbol of YAHSHUA placing in the hands of people things for the growth of His kingdom, and they were to put it all to work for the kingdom. So some didn't put it to work, maybe because they didn't feel that they were to get something individually out of it, or they were frightened, sot they just hid it in the ground, and it did not produce. In otherwords, money just stored doesn't do any good, it isn't working, and it doesn't do any good for anything, just as truth just stored where it might be used to enrich someone of the different than just truth stored is no value unless it is shared, passed on. We live today in a time when it might be to some advantage to have some money buried as such for an emergency, but the fact is that isn't what it is talking about here.

If you take large amounts of money out of circulation, where it would have grown thru production then it effects the economy of a nation drastically. See what happened to the industries of our nation, when you put money into production, you produce, for instance automobiles, then you have more than you started with, and people are working, and you have created something with this money. But this method has not been working in our nation for some time by design, to bring this nation to its knees, and most people don't understand why it is happening. YAHWEH has blessed this nation so much, and we staggered along with the parasites on our back all these years especially since the Federal Reserve system was set in place. And by this system the enemy squeezes the small man out of business. He dries up the capital and then gives you a false premise today which says you must control, or you over produce. But no...not really, you never get over production, until you get total consumption. Until every one has all they want, or can consume. This attitude that the economy is built on scarcity, thus we raise the price thru scarcity is all a part of the program to bring you down. The economy in YAHWEH'S kingdom is built on worth and value. Thus the more you create the more people can acquire, and the more wealth a country, and its people create. In otherwords wealth does not consist of dollars in themselves, but the things that the dollars can buy. The individual should be able to know that because he works and accumulates, it is the same thing as working capital. That this working capital continues to work for him, but he joins now in keeping it going, not letting it stagnate.

Now; YAHWEH warned that if we let the enemy come in this would happen, and our economy would be effected, and we have proof of that today as you understand who is in control of the economy of the Western World.

Now; if a man puts his capital to work, if he expands and brings in more business, and things keep rolling then this is not usuary. But today we are watching increasing population with reduced production. This has been going on for a long time, so our wealth does not pyramid, or grow as it should. The labor says they need more money for less time worked, but what we should be doing was to produce more goods because the more goods produced increases the earnings so people can buy more goods. Thus more goods produced here in the U.S. would build here FIRST, and eventually in that process it would be possible for a man to produce everything he needs all over the world in three days of the week, maybe even less.

Do you understand how far we have turned from the program of the kingdom, almost full circle which identifies this progress that governs the world today as that of Lucifers kingdom. When we return to an economy backed with production, not backed by printed phoney money, then there will be plenty for everyone, and everyone will be a producer. As an example:...the mother thru her children will be a producer, the teacher is producing necessary service for our society and so forth. Thus we would do lots better with equity and equators, than we do now with International Bankers and their monetary fund. In YAHWEH'S plan you end up with people owning homes they want, with the purchasing power to buy them. This is real wealth, not some imaginary money that can evaluate next week, or take away like the right to even own gold and silver if you want to.

Now; that is the meaning of this parable as we would look for it today. If you take the talents to mean truth of the kingdom then it still holds true. There is some mistranslation which usually occurs, but verse 26-27 is pointing out that if you just hide the truths you have learned about the kingdom, then those truths just as well be taken from you, and put out again so they will do those of the kingdom some good. This would then bring in a return at the rising of the kingdom. Translation would like for you to believe that usuary is an acceptable part of the economy of the kingdom, but it is exactly the opposite of truth.

YAHSHUA goes on in verses describe the rising of the kingdom administration, and how it will work. He gathers the nations before Him and separates those of His kingdom from the goat nations, for they are to inherit the kingdom which was prepared for them from the foundation of the world. The Everlasting punishment for Lucifer's kingdom..on the left.. is their being thrown into the Shekinah Light until all error is burned out of it.

When this occurs then the Federal Reserve system will be thrown out and the money system for the kingdom will be established following the laws laid down in the Scriptures. No wonder that the International Bankers, and even the Congress who allowed this evil system to be set in place don't want you to understand the money manipulation that has been practiced against you.

QUESTION:...John 17.....I don't understand this at all??

ANSWER:...John records this communion prayer just like he was a part of it. But he wasn't, he was just inspired to record so that the record of time would hold the thoughts which proceeded thru the mind of YAHWEH here embodied in flesh as YAHSHUA Savior-redeemer. This is one of the greatest prayers of all times, for YAHSHUA declares:...Agra Pneumos (which is spirit or father of all matter)...This is actually what is said:...'The spirit gives power to the flesh that HE in the flesh should give Eternal Life to all the spirit hath given HIM.' This then is Life Eternal that they know the true God, that they know that God is YAHSHUA the embodiment of YAHWEH, this is the one they call Jesus The Christ, and this message is to you HIS children. He goes on to say:...I have glorified thee (spirit) in earth, I have finished the work I came to do so now spirit (father) glorify me with thine own self, with this Glory I had when I was in the spirit before the world was framed. I have manifested thy name (YAHWEH) unto men (Adamites) thou (Spirit) gavest me out of the world. Now they have known all things thou (spirit) hath given me are of thee (spirit).

The pattern is this:..that in His embodiment YAHSHUA has spoken to the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH who are in earth in the flesh. But they are sustained by the spirit because they belong to the Great YAHWEH of spirit in the heavens, and they belong to him as HE is embodied here in earth like they are embodied. This is what YAHSHUA (Jesus) is saying, that they know He came out of spirit, they believe this thus He said:..'I pray not for the world, I pray for them.' Thus He only prayed for those spirits...that the spirit had given HIM for 'they are thine (spirit), and thine (spirit) are mine and are glorified in thee (spirit).' Here again the tendency is establishment of the Oneness of YAHWEH (God).

In the translation then they have YAHSHUA saying:...'Holy Father (spirit) keep thou in thy own name, those thou (spirit) hath given me that they may be one as we (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) are one. I am not of the world, but these are in the world. While I am with them in the world I kept them. Now these things I speak in the world that they may have my joy fulfilled in themselves. I have given them thy word (YAHWEH-spirit), and the world hath hated them because they are not of this world even as I am not of this world.' Thus this Adamic race are a spiritual seed transplanted in the physical earth.

Now; John was inspired to write this prayer event tho He didn't hear it. The interpretation of these interpreters...even they are inspired to interpret this prayer that they thought Jesus was praying unto his Father. But it was the communion of the mind of YAHSHUA and the Spirit as He said:...'I pray not that these of the kingdom be taken out of the world, but keep them protected from the evil of the world. They are not of this world, even as I am not of this world.' In otherwords He said:...'I am YAHWEH of the heavens, I came embodied as YAHSHUA, embodied as the children as they came out of the heavens were embodied.' Thus here in the physical body He was communing with the Celestial mind, the tremendous Divine Presence of the spiritual realm. His soul consciousness communes with His spiritual entity for spiritual guidance for the physical brain. You can do this as well, as you reach into your spiritual entity for spiritual guidance of your brain. The more you do this the more you become able to receive. The more your reach for this guidance from the spirit to the physical brain then the more it shows up in the lives of individuals. Of course the physical body performs the way the brain tells it to perform. We can transgress then in this body, sometimes you may not think right, but the spirit is always right for it is begotten of incorruptible seed and lives and abides forever.

He said:...'Lo I stand at the door and knock, and if any man hear me I will come in and dine with him.' In otherwords the spirit of YAHWEH is always in contact with your spirit in the subconscious, as well as spiritual contact. He knows instantly what you are thinking, what you are doing, He doesn't have to reach out for He is one in the element of spirit, and this essence of His being is in everyone of His children.

Spirit is thus Divine Matter, spirit is master of the Universe. It is by HIS spirit which is the entity of His thinking, that He made all things. In otherwords the spirit made all things. And YAHSHUA was 'THE WORD'...thus spirit became flesh and dwelt among us. He made all things because He is ONE with the Holy Spirit. Thus all things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made. He was before all things, and by HIM all things consist. All things, all principalities have their existence in HIM. So don't strain at the words the translators translate, but catch the theme of what YAHSHUA was saying for this concerned His disciples, and you and I who constitute His Church and His Kingdom.

He said:..'I have called them all...Mine (of spirit) they were in the heavens, and here in earth embodied they are still mine.' Since His children were once in spirit He said:...'Thine they were in the heavens, and mine they are in the physical world, because He was then in the physical world. He said:...'I gave them the words, I spake, in the heavens, and they have accepted these things.' Now the world that He did not pray for is the sum total of all the forces, people, races who are not the issue of YAHWEH (spirit), for all have gone the way of Lucifer. John is thus recording these things thru inspiration for you as we see the rising of the kingdom, and know what has happened thru our history. Then we have the Book of Hebrews to back it up. As we see this picture of the great heroes of our race (Hebrews 11:31) then know that the story continues on down thru George Washington and others of our nation.

In this 17th., chapter of John the translators think they have a lot to talk about, but they will discover that they do not, because the spirit which is addressed, is the conscious spirit which is the Celestial consciousness of YAHWEH himself. Thus again He said:...'Thine they are in the heavens, mine they are in earth'...He was saying:...'I YAHWEH now embodied as YAHSHUA...I am still their shepherd. I am the shepherd of my sheep in earth, as I am in the heavens, or in the spirit.

Now; as far as the entity of Scripture is concerned either Jesus is YAHWEH of the Old Testament, if not He is a fraud. The reason we accept HIM as YAHSHUA...Messiah, is because He is the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, also this son born unto us. He is thus 'Hear O Israel, the LORD thy God (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) is ONE.' And we as His children are spirit or His Spirit. Thus this race thru Faith has subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, and out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in the fight, and turned to flight the armies of the aliens. Thus YAHWEH is rising up the kingdom again to come out in a great blaze of Glory. We think that we shall take back our nation, and since we are the land of the Eagle, we shall disarm the world.

YAHSHUA said:...those of the kingdom were not of this world because HE was YAHWEH from heaven, immaculately born, virgin conceived. And He like we was in a body of flesh fulfilling the prophecy of the Scripture. When YAHSHUA who was the fullness of YAHWEH (spirit) out of his own family said:...HE WHO HATH SEEN ME HATH SEE THE FATHER, I and the Father are ONE...then He sent His disciples to the Lost Sheep of Israel, because He came not but unto those Lost Sheep of Israel. (Matthew 15:24). And then He turned to the Jews on Solomon’s Porch and He said:...'Ye are not my sheep.' This is YAHSHUA speaking, and if He said some of these people of Old Palestine were not HIS sheep then He is the one making the distinction in people, and no one even in a mixed up philosophy can change it. And one who reads the Bible with an open eye can't help but see that this is the story all thru the Book, there were those who fought against HIM all the way, but the moment He identifies one of them they sought ways to kill HIM. And since He is YAHWEH here embodied as YAHSHUA thus in John 17., then the physical consciousness is communing with His spirit, and understanding that this chapter recorded by John is easier to explain. The time was getting close for His crucifixion and His work in earth was reaching that climax point in the physical where as the spirit will play a big part then in the resurrection as well as the time between His death and His resurrection.

QUESTION:...Luke 19:20-24.....Please explain??

ANSWER:...A young man came to YAHSHUA and asked what he must do to have Eternal Life. And YAHSHUA told him to keep all the commandments. The young man replied that he had done all those things all his life, so what did he now lack?

YAHSHUA replied:...If you want to walk the last mile with me then go and sell all you have and give to the poor, and then come and follow me, and your reward will be in heaven.

In otherwords then most of the close followers of YAHSHUA would give their lives for following HIM here at that time, and he wouldn't need any of his wealth would he? This young man was very wealthy and was hating to part with the things he had acquired for himself, just yet anyhow.

Then YAHSHUA goes on with the parable in verse 23-24.....and to explain this, first, there was a small gate into Old Jerusalem for people to enter, sort of like a turnstile, and this gate was called 'the eye of the needle', so YAHSHUA said it would be easier for a camel to go thru this 'eye of the needle' gate than it would be for the rich man to enter heaven, if he thought more of material wealth than of the kingdom.

But with YAHWEH all things are possible, and if He said:...'Follow me' then remember that His Apostles as they heard this call they just dropped everything they were doing and followed HIM.

Now; this young man YAHSHUA did not say:..'follow me'...He just said go and do certain things if you want to be perfect, and then you can come and follow me. Understand that this was not a direct 'sheep call' for an Apostle.

Then YAHSHUA went on to tell His disciples what they would be doing in the kingdom for in fact the Apostles are to be the Supreme Court so that will be a big improvement won't it?

QUESTION:...Mark 13:28...The parable of the fig tree....Please explain?

ANSWER:...This is found in Luke well, YAHSHUA has been answering questions of His disciples as to when all things will happen that are to take place, what would be the sign for the fulfillment of these prophecies, and He said:...there will be many anti-Christs and they will deceive many. There will be wars and rumors of wars, and yet the end shall be far off. Nations will rise against nations, and kingdom against kingdoms and there will be earthquakes in many places, and famines and troubles and these are but the beginnings of sorrows. In looking up the translation of the world sorrows, we find the meaning is of the birth of something. This time would bring great troubles but also something is coming forth which of course would be the kingdom. Then YAHSHUA goes ahead and speaks of some of these troubles, as the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached for as you proclaim the kingdom message then the enemy drags you into their synagogues so to speak trying to stop your testimony of YAHSHUA as being YAHWEH (God). He went on to tell His disciples that they would be given words to speak by the Holy Spirit, so don't worry about being able to speak correctly. Then He gave another sign for this end of the age in verse 14., as well as for 70 A.D., as that old city was destroyed. This was that the abominations of the desolator would be standing where they were not to be. And in 70 A.D., those left in the old city were Yehudin, and today in Old Jerusalem we see it again controlled by the seed of the Luciferian kingdom, and Lucifer is the desolator, thus would be standing where He even ought not to be. Thus great is the destruction promised for that old city and its inhabitants as His feet (power) touches the Mount of Olives.

To me there is also another explanation of this abominations standing in the place where they ought not to be. That is the fact that today we find many people proclaiming that the Jews are the 'chosen people' thus putting them in the place where they ought not to be.

But after the destruction of old Jerusalem in 70 A.D., there would come a worse time than ever before, and if He did not shorten those days there wouldn't be any flesh (Adamites of spirit) left on earth. He is talking of the threat of nuclear war, and how false Christs will try to deceive even the elect if it were possible. Then comes the sign of 'The Son of Man' in the heavens, and finally the gathering of His elect for this final climax. He likened all this to the parable of the fig tree, that this Luciferian kingdom would make one more great try, it will rise once more, and as you see it shoot forth leaves then summer is at hand. In otherwords then the kingdom of YAHWEH is also growing this way, and when a tree puts forth leaves then there will be a harvest before long.

In these latter times when the kingdom of Lucifer thinks it is almost ready to harvest the earth then remember that the kingdom of YAHWEH is also nigh at hand as well.

And this race, this household of the kingdom shall see in that generation the coming forth of the kingdom. In Revelation it speaks of the untimely figs being dropped into the ground, or the earth, and that brings them to the gaze of the whole world, and they see the corruption, and the catastrophe that this Luciferian kingdom has brought to pass. They begin to understand what Zionism has been doing, and today we are seeing people awake as to a conspiracy, but as yet some or many of them have not connected it to the right people, but they will, for the kingdom of YAHWEH is to emerge, and to rule the world, and HIS WILL, HIS purpose is all that will be allowed.