ERM - Tape 019 - Passover, Crucifixion, Resurrection





1. Events leading up to the Passover, thru the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Where do we find these things in Scripture...etc.


QUESTION:...would you review for us the events leading up to the Passover, thru the Crucifixion and Resurrection? Where do we find these in the Scripture? Also why do we try to learn so many things when in the Book of Mark 13:22....even Jesus did not know certain things?

ANSWER:...We will take the last question first because if you think for one moment you would question this translation. Let us look at that verse ...'But of that day, and that hour knoweth no man, no not the angels who are in heaven, neither the son. But the Father.' ..Since you now know that the son here in translation is YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, then the correct translation would be:...'Not the Angels which are in heaven, neither the son (embodiment) if not the father.' In other words He said:..if I were not YAHSHUA the embodiment of YAHWEH here as Messiah I would not know. The translation of son instead of the word embodiment has always bothered people. But the term 'son of man' in translation is to reveal the pattern of Messiahship, the Eternal YAHWEH embodied in flesh. The translation of son in this instance is the same pattern.

YAHSHUA referred to Himself as like a man taking a far journey, and leaving His children of the kingdom as servants to watch, to occupy until he returns. So be alert, be not like the five foolish Virgins, keep the Faith, hang on to the truths you have learned, for He will return, and He wants you to be expecting HIM.

Now; the events of His ministry here in Palestine were coming to a climax. He had made it plain that the Yehudin (Jews) who ruled here in Palestine were no part of Israel. The Book of John stresses this thoroughly so there will be no question of who the enemies of the kingdom really are. YAHSHUA himself had tied these leaders here in Jerusalem back to Cain lineage. Caiphas the High Priest had sent out his army to 'take' YAHSHUA so they could put him to death, but the soldiers were afraid of the crowd of people who followed the Messiah wherever He went. The City of Jerusalem would soon be filled with Israelites coming in from afar for the Feast days, and the High Priests would have liked to have disposed of YAHSHUA before anymore people came into the city, but the soldiers were afraid to touch HIM because of the great crowd of people who followed HIM and listened to every word.

In the Gospels you will find the story of the events leading up to the Passover, and the experiences in the Garden of Gethsemane, and in the Book of John starting in chapter 13, in Luke chapter 22, and Matthew 26, and Mark 14., you will find this story. There are so many facts not found in the Scripture such as in the Essene company records, and the History of Joseph of Arimathea, and others that help fill in your story as to the activities at this time. They also tell of this Blue Tunic Army which Dr. Swift brought to our attention.

When you turn back in the pages of history to the time of the ministry of YAHSHUA here in Palestine we learn that there had been a tremendous operation of intrigue going on for many years in this land, and particularly in the City of Jerusalem, and inside the temple of that old city. About 500 years before the birth of Messiah as a few thousand of the Israelites from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi came back to rebuild, and be in place for the birth of the Messiah, a mixed multitude came with them. Always we see this mixed multitude move with Israel. In the New Testament they are described as 'tares among the wheat'. You have asked who are the mixed multitude? The Books of Nehemiah and Ezra the Prophets will tell you about these people and what that situation brings about. It seems that Israel was to a certain extent marrying outside their race. This occurred even more in the higher circles of the race, the ruling class perhaps, but at that time even the Priesthood had did this violation of Divine Law. And Israel thus produced the mixed multitude that does not possess the spirit of YAHWEH. And they then not able to think as Israel thinks draws Israel always from the path they are to follow. According to Divine Law it takes ten generations to restore a child born out of such a union, back into the true Israel fold. But think of the families of the race this would effect in that process. And this fifth column inside of Israel's dwelling places then reaches out to the World Order for mates, and the Yehudin thus comes in, and this has brought great catastrophe to Israel.

Here in Palestine at the climax of the ministry of YAHSHUA, then by conspiracy the Yehudin had taken control of the Government, and the Temple, and they were not only influencing the mixed multitude, but even some of Israel with their theology. Always then Cainanites, Amalekites, and others would infiltrate Israel by route of this mixed multitude until there would be these Ancient enemies of the race in positions of power in government, and in the religion of Israel. The Sanhedrin thus fell under this infiltration, and this was the ruling body under Ancient Israel law. Dr. Swift had a copy of the Mishna..the Ancient oral law, then coded...and then came the oral interpretations of the Rabbi and they added to it many times, thus it did not remain the coded Mishna, but it became only the oral law which YAHSHUA condemned. It was now simply a man made religion and it is today called Judaism. The Israelites who came back to Palestine to remain in place until the crucifixion and resurrection called their Faith Judean, meaning YAHSHUA was to come thru the House of David, the tribe of Judah. The Jews then called their religion Judaism and the Christians don't seem to know the difference.

Here at the time of the ministry of YAHSHUA then the Sadducees were in control of the Greater and the Lesser Sanhedrin and the Temple thus they controlled the government and the religion. The High Priest of the Temple was then Caiaphus and he had an army, and was always trying to use this army to stop events taking place which pertained to YAHSHUA'S kingdom people. The Essene company also had an army and their leader was Barabbas. This army was formed for the purpose of protecting the Israelites of the land, but also they hoped to be the army of YAHSHUA if He took the Crown. This was known as 'The Blue Tunic Army' because they wore short blur tunics with the Golden Crossed Fish on the front of the tunics. The week before the Passover as the Israelites tried to crown YAHSHUA king, this army had been exposed, for they had supposed as they exposed their blue tunics to the gaze of the false Priests at the temple that HE would take the Crown, but now the Priests even knew the name of the leader of this army. As you know YAHSHUA did not take the Crown that day when it was presented to HIM. He had said that altho it was His right to reign, still if He took the Crown that day then He would rule over Israel still in bondage, still under the guilt complex of transgression...sin. Thus He told the Chalice instead of the Crown so that He would keep His covenant and promises He had made to be the Lamb slain before the foundation of this creation. He would also thus take the Cup of His Priesthood, for our deliverance. However He also said that the day would come when His servants would fight and His kingdom would not be left in the hands of the Jews.

Now; the week following this attempt to crown YAHSHUA king had been a tension filled week. As the disciples saw HIM take the Chalice they realized that their hopes for the re-establishing of the kingdom had been postponed so what would happen next?

Many of the Judeans who had still been going to the Temple, which was under the control of the false Priests, had after the rising of Lazarus from the dead left the Temple, and were now following YAHSHUA. So this was another worry to the false Priests and they intensified their planning as to how to kill Him, but also thought about killing Lazarus if they could do it so the people would just think he died. They then would talk about killing this man who YAHSHUA had restored to life, so that the people here in the old land would stop following the Messiah. The false Priests of course did not know whether to believe that YAHSHUA was the embodiment, of YAHWEH, but even if He was, they still planned to kill Him for by this process they hoped to hang on to the control of this nation and the Temple where the Israelites tithe still came in. Great caravans would come in to the city of Jerusalem, bringing supplies, and also this tithe from all over the lands where Lost Israel now lived. And the Blue Tunic Army being desperate for supplies and such then began to strike this caravan at times, and thus Barabbas and his army were thought to be thieves and robbers. They used their ill gotten gains to help the Israelites of the land survive, as well as the Essene Company, but to those of the Temple, and to Rome they were seen as thieves. The Temple received reports of the miracles which YAHSHUA then began to bring about. They had also reports that once He had said to Israelites who followed Him, and Jews were gathered around so they reported it to the Temple...and this is the translation:..(John 10:34-42...'Is it not written in your law that ye are Gods? If ye be Gods unto whom the WORD of God came, then the Scripture cannot be broken.' You will find this also in Psalms 82., of the Old Testament, the word Gods is Elohim...meaning the family of YAHWEH thus those are the ones HE came embodied to find...thus the WORD was made flesh. And if this be true then the Scripture cannot be broken. For (vs:38) the father (spirit) is in me and I (embodied) am in the Father (spirit). In otherwords one more time...HE is YAHWEH embodied in the flesh as YAHSHUA-Messiah, Redeemer.

Now; the time was drawing close for the Passover which was to be eaten in the upper room of the large home of the parents of Mark. This was in Jerusalem proper, on the Temple Mount as we have told you before. Preparations were thus made, but there seemed to be an event that was to climax the time. There came to Bethsaida, in Galilee certain people, they are called Greeks, they had come to the feast, and then came on to Galilee hunting for YAHSHUA. (John 112:20) I have never been able to establish who these people were who arrived from Greece, altho I have an idea. But after he was told that they have arrived then YAHSHUA immediately began to tell His followers that His hour had come when YAHWEH embodied in the flesh would be Glorified. Thus the parable of the corn and wheat, that if it die will bring forth much fruit was referring to His embodiment in the flesh, and as His physical body died then He would raise it by the spirit and redeem His many children. For this cause He came to earth, so HE would not say 'Spirit save me from this hour'. (vs:25) Here in translation the translators were trying to carry on their idea of a trinity, but you are told in verse 32, that as this embodiment is lifted up at Resurrection that He will draw all Adamites to HIM.

Now; at the last supper, the Chalice and the cup were used again. Here YAHSHUA His ministry as Messiah coming to a climax had broken bread with His disciples. At this last supper He had shared with His disciples the bread and wine of communion. At this...the unction of His spirit was consecrating it to them as He said:...'This is my body, and this is my blood'...thus He gave to them the fellowship of His suffering. But a great many people have little understood the mystery as later the Apostle Paul would say:..'if we partake of the fellowship of His suffering we shall know the power of His resurrection.'

There is none of course who could partake of the fellowship of HIS suffering if they had to endure HIS Cross. There is none other who could have taken the CUP which proceeded it. But having under the symbol of His own communion consecrated by the unction of His own have received many times the fellowship of His own suffering, and the assurance that comes with it, of the power of HIS resurrection.

The disciples had put their hands with HIM in the cup, the very dish from which HE ate. Here at the last supper YAHSHUA had identified himself one more time. He laid out the formula for His table which He instructed the disciples as to its use for Israel. Later He would ordain the Apostle Paul to instruct the followers as to its use. The symbol was THE CUP He accepted that day in the Garden. But here as YAHSHUA broke the bread He said:...This bread is my body, it is being broken for you. And as the disciples partook of the CUP He said:...Drink...divide it among yourselves for this CUP is my blood of the New Covenant which is being shed for you. The disciples received this, and in the explanation of what YAHSHUA gave to them to understand was that the unction of His Spirit was consecrating these elements, and rejoining them, and recharging them into flesh of His Flesh, bone of His Bone, and now even blood of His Blood. They understood that by this pattern of this covenant and the assurance that these things to come were to also be shared by them in that He had become for them...THE SUBSTITUTION! The disciples did not fully understand, and altho they did grasp the fact that the Passover Lamb had been substituted for their errors, and transgression, had now also become the sign of their deliverance. As YAHSHUA continued to speak to them of things of importance as the kingdom and its place in earth was explained, we point out to you that every once in a while we have people who are not very realistic about this program of HIS kingdom. They do not realize that in the midst of these events that were taking place, there was not changing of the plan, or the purpose of these events now taking place. His atonement was just ahead. His plan was ready for His disciples to go out, and spread the WORD and was already in unfolding revelations.

Here at the 'Last Supper' after the breaking of the bread, having given them the sacraments, then HE said to His disciples....When I sent you forth previously I said you were not to take purses or script, or shoes, but did you lack for anything? They, but this time they walked in the abiding presence of their King. Even in the hour of the birth of the King of Israel, the wisemen of the race had come fulfilling their responsibilities, and they brought the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, the crown and the robe. These gifts were sufficient for the provisions of the disciples during the ministry of YAHSHUA. But the hour would soon come when they would be parted from their Messiah. Events would soon come about when HE would not be with them bodily, altho HIS Spirit was never to leave or forsake them as they moved out on their mission. Thus here at the Last Supper then YAHSHUA said:...Before when I sent you out I told you to take nothing, but now when you will soon be going out then he who has a purse, let him take it, and likewise take his script, or his records, his valuables and his securities. Then He also told them to buy a sword, if they did not have a sword then sell their coat if necessary, but buy a sword. Why? Because what is written must still be accomplished;...'And He was reckoned among the transgressors; for the things concerning Me have an end.' (Luke 22:26-37) This is referring to the climax of His earth life. The disciples said to HIM...we have two swords, and He replied:...'It is enough'. But the early church records point out that He instructed His disciples to go forth armed. He was sending them forth this time as Sheep among Wolves, and He was not asking them not to defend themselves. He was not asking them to make the same sacrifice as He was doing for HIS was the payment for all times. But this period after the Crucifixion and Resurrection will be a most difficult time, and they were to protect themselves until their work in earth was finished. The disciples thus were given their instructions as to their work yet in earth and how to prepare for it. And now that the 'Last Supper' is ending then HE told them that one here would betray HIM. Think of the emotions for these Israelites as each thought that surely it could not be one of them. But each would then ask:...'Master, is it I?' Then eventually Judas of Iscariot knowing he was in the presence of Omniscience still asked this same question. And YAHSHUA turned to him and said:...'Go do the thing you have to do' John 13:27. And Judas of Iscariot went then straight to the High Priests for he had the information he had been waiting for. Here at the 'Last Supper', he had learned that YAHSHUA and His disciples would soon go to the Garden of Gethsemane. The High Priests had cautioned Judas of Iscariot as they made the deal for the betrayal for the 30 pieces of silver that they must take YAHSHUA in their own way. That they must seize HIM without a great demonstration because if they would take HIM in the daytime when the people could see what was going on then there would be trouble. So Judas of Iscariot could now tell them that this very night YAHSHUA would be in the Garden of Gethsemane with only His disciples, thus they could take HIM in secret and Judas of Iscariot would betray Him, or identify HIM for the soldiers of the Temple.

Just think, only a few hours earlier then Judas of Iscariot would have set with the other disciples and YAHSHUA...listened as HE talked of the kingdom, of how He would soon be leaving them, of their responsibilities as they would move out on their own now to Lost Israel. Some were wondering who among them would be the greater, and YAHSHUA said that in a short while this would not be a probable issue for them. Some of them did not understand many of the things that YAHSHUA was telling them, but He told them there would be made a great test of their Faith. You remember Peter said:..don't worry about me, because I will go with you to prison or even to death. But YAHSHUA had then told Peter that even before the third watch (the cock crows thrice) that Peter would deny Him. Peter remember was not thinking of the situation of the Messiah in the hands of the Jews, and how earlier 'none had dared speak openly of YAHSHUA for fear of the Jews.

Now; remember that Judas of Iscariot had left their presence here in the Upper Room, and finally the Apostles sang a hymn and then they go out to walk in the Garden on the Mount of Olives. Mark 14:26.

Darkness then came there in the Garden, and leaving all of the disciples but Peter, James and John then YAHSHUA went deeper into the Garden. Then even leaving them He goes further into the Garden to the spring of clear water. Now the Cup which had been taken with them into the Garden will soon be used for its purpose. We are told that YAHSHUA drew apart to pray, but it is very vital that you understand what happened here. Translations and attitude of theology in trying to break God up into multiple parts has obscured the magnitude of what was actually happening. For this was the fullness of YAHWEH dwelling bodily here as this man called in translation Jesus the Christ. This was the Eternal YAHWEH (spirit) in the flesh, and He had walked here embodied as YAHSHUA-Messiah for the purpose of fulfilling His own Divine Plan, from the time the Virgin Mary this very body of flesh for HIM to dwell in. This was the ONE who now stood here in the Garden holding this CUP. He walked then to the spring and fills this CUP with clear water, and lifts up THE CUP. And here in the humanity of His physical consciousness he begins to feel the great weight, the grief, the shadow of the impending death which HE knew so accurately was to come. He knew that death for YAHWEH was an impossible experience except HE had prepared for this. He had left off His enveloping aura, His Divine Nature, so that it would not prevent the death of His physical body, so that He might taste of death for you and for me. The only time we have record of that Majesty being revealed is for that one moment in His humanity as He wanted to reveal to His disciples the Glory of His Eternal being, this was on the Mount of Transfiguration. He allowed it to pass on to HIM, and then off again so that He might finish His task, but they would also see. If He had left on Himself the Glory which is rightfully His, and was also the Adamic right before the fall of the race, the crucifixion would have been impossible, and His death would have not taken place. The Apostle Paul understood all this as later he would one man...Adam came death, by the second Adam came Life. But 'the Life' had to come in flesh like yours, in a body of flesh capable of feeling and being effected by pain, and by problems like ours. That in all these things might this Spirit triumph, and having triumphed, in this body, fulfilling this work called Atonement. To accomplish this, then it had to be a Lamb without spot or blemish, it had to be an individual without guilt, and that is the reason it could not be just anyone of the Adamic race, for no one measured up to this, no one had the purity of thought, the excellence of perfection that rested upon this 'ONE' who stood here now in the Garden with THE CUP in HIS hands. He filled the CUP then laid it down and walked back to the disciples and found them sound asleep. He walked back to the CUP and then thinks of all this...CUP of clear water...what it signifies. He walked back one more time and looks at the disciples, then says to Himself:..'Let them sleep for it won't be long now.' Even here as He is about to drink the CUP of clear water, the timing has to be exact. He then walks back once more and again fills the CUP full of clear water and lifts it up and holds it before the Hosts of Heaven saying...would there have been another way, another was not death that He feared for He knew the mighty power of the Spirit. This was death however accompanied by all the transgressions of the world, all this He was taking upon Himself. To drink this CUP now meant that by the literal covenant of drinking a CUP of clear water, He took upon Himself every transgression ever committed in the whole Universe. Thus here in the Garden, in this exact moment He was buying the world to free HIS children now in the world. He could not just atone for only a few transgressions. He was our Redeemer, Kinsman Redeemer, and was paying the price for all our transgressions. But He had to pay the price for all transgressions even assuming with this CUP His ability as YAHWEH in the flesh as stop Lucifer's rebellion which He had allowed. So this CUP covered not only all the Universe, but it covered as well even the day when Lucifer will be restored as star of the morning. He then took this CUP of clear water for the last time and said:...MY WILL AS YAHWEH-YAHSHUA...and He drank this CUP to the last drop. Then upon HIS sinless nature, without one mark or one fact, or one single act which made this a blemished Lamb ...He took in the consciousness of His soul the guilt of all transgression. He alone could alter or stop at any place or time this rebellion, but for this purpose of atonement had let it run until this was necessary.

Do you realize how great this act of this Cup of clear water really was? So great was the strain that no human experience could compare with the agony of that moment. As the tensions came upon HIS being, then from the perspiration of His body there dropped great drops of blood. And in this moment was the great test of time, for Lucifer was loosing his struggle for the earth, because the Great Deity of the fullness of YAHWEH creator of the Universe, here in the flesh body assumed upon HIMSELF, at that moment, the absolute fulfillment, the completion of all transgressions. That He might confirm also that without the shedding of blood there was no remission of transgression. Oh! thru out the time of the Priests of Israel those Priests had made 'substitutionary' offers for Israel, and each time the heart of YAHWEH suffered. But now...all at once, and for all times then YAHWEH here in the flesh settled the sin question. He thus raised that Cup and drained it to the last drop and then the Cup was dropped by the rock. It was only a few moments then before the soldiers with their arms entered the Garden. The disciples came awake and as Peter saw Judas of Iscariot coming toward YAHSHUA he drew his sword. Judas came to YAHSHUA and gave him a kiss, the symbol of his betrayal.

Many have said:...why was this necessary, why permitted? And someday you will understand more fully this restoration and atonement. And only a child of Lucifer could betray and stand in judgement at the same time, thus Judas of Iscariot fulfilled prophecy. The soldiers then moved forward to take the Messiah, and Peter swung his sword. His aim was not too good, so he only managed to cut the ear off a servant of the High Priest. YAHSHUA told Peter to put up his sword, but Peter was amazed, for it had only been a short time earlier when HE had told them to buy a sword. Peter was always getting ahead of his time, and tho he did not understand, still the sword was not for use at this time. YAHSHUA did not need a sword in the hand of Peter for protection for this place was surrounded by a whole legion of those in Celestial planes. And He could have brought in and materialized great hosts and mighty power, but that hour for that demonstration had not yet come. However it is reiterated three times in the Scripture, and before Pilot that the day would come when....'My servants will fight and the kingdom not be left in the hands of the Jews'. But for now, and here in the Garden then Peter was told to put up his sword, and then YAHSHUA restored the ear of this servant of the High Priest, and they then led YAHSHUA from the Garden taking Him to face His accusers in that illegal trial.

Now; the trial...and yes I said it was an illegal trial. In the Ancient Mishnah, the Ancient law of Israel it was a capital offense to hold a trial at night, thus it could only be held from sunup to sunset. A capital offense could only also be tried by the Lesser Sanhedrin unless it is the trial of a High Priest or a whole city in blaspheme. Thus in the codification of the old law it sites that the Greater Sanhedrin and the Lesser Sanhedrin could neither sit at night. And even the council of the Sanhedrin's could not sit at night for the indi, like a grand jury of today. They were to suspend all operations at the setting of the sun. It is very important that you remember this fact, that the Sanhedrin could not legally sit at night. It is also forbidden for it to sit upon the day which is the evening of the Sabbath because the second day after the indictment the defendant has a right to defend himself under any indictment of capital offense and crimes, and must make his preparations on the second day. Therefore it could not be done on the day before a Holy day such as the Passover, it could not be therefore take place if this was Passover week, which it was, or even on the evening of the Sabbath which would have been a Friday night if the Sabbath was on a Saturday that year. Any violation of this law of Ancient Israel was a violation of the Mishnah, and all of the codification of the laws of Palestine were thus involved in this one.

Now; we would also point out that Judas of Iscariot who betrayed YAHSHUA was an agent of the court, and an agent of the court cannot take money for having betrayed a man into their hands, and yet he delivered YAHSHUA into their hands at night when an agent must deliver the daytime only.

You thus notice that every law was violated this night as YAHSHUA is brought before the High Priest and his followers. Even today the enemy moves under a double standard of law, one for them and another for the followers of YAHSHUA. We see the magnitude of this mis-trial, for in this instance YAHSHUA was in the Garden at night, and it was in the dark when the agents of the Temple moved in to betray Him, as he came with the army of the Temple and they were armed with spears and swords. After all YAHSHUA had been right in the midst of them all day, and they could have seized HIM at any time, but here they come at night.

The first thing they did was take YAHSHUA to the home of Annas. This man had been thrown out of the office of High Priest because of bribery, but he still ran this conspiracy or Cahilla did he not? Four sons of Annas had been High Priest, but now Caiaphas his son-in-law was the High Priest. And you now begin to see the power which this rascal Annas had with his gold.....over Palestine, and even over Rome. And now you have the evidence that altho Annas was not the High Priest still he controlled the heirship here in Jerusalem, and it was his son-in-law Caiaphas who thought they must put YAHSHUA to death lest they lose control of that nation and its Temple. Having taken YAHSHUA first to Annas they sought to set up a special counsel that night for interrogation; so they took YAHSHUA next to the house of Caiaphas the High Priest because there was a council chamber there in that place. Caiaphas then began to ask YAHSHUA as to His disciples and the doctrines that He preached. As the soldiers had been taking YAHSHUA to the home of Annas one of the students of Nicodemus by the name of John Barnabas was hurraying to his quarters in the city when he saw as he followed the streets, these soldiers, and to his dismay he saw that their prisoner was YAHSHUA, and they had chains on Him. He ran to the home of Nicodemus saying:...Oh! teacher, behold YAHSHUA the Mighty Rabbonia is being taken to the house of Annas, and he is bound in chains. Nicodemus said:...but this cannot is must be mistaken, he cannot be arrested at night. The young man saw HIM, and they have him in chains and they were taking Him to the home of Annas.

Nicodemus then sent the young man to the home of Gamaliel to inform him, to have him gather the true Pharisees and to come quickly. Nicodemus then went himself to the home of Annas, but they were not there so he hurried to the home of Caiaphas. This was the hall where the Lesser Sanhedrin was to sit and here he found it packed with Sadducees. Even the spaces where the alternates were to sit was also packed. There were 35 men in the room which was also illegal. This could not be the Greater Sanhedrin either for thy had to have 71 men present for it. And this could not be the Lesser Sanhedrin for it only had 21 members. This was thus a conglomerate council put together by Annas and Caiaphas, and they hadn't sent for any of the true Pharisees who were Israelites.

Then Nicodemus walked in, and Caiaphus was seated behind the magistrates desk and he said:...Nicodemus enters to take his seat in the Greater Sanhedrin for it cannot sit at night. So Caiaphas turned to the scribes and said:...'How readiest thou?' The scribes replied that the Greater Sanhedrin cannot meet at night. Caiaphas then replied:...Nicodemus must take his seat in the great council. But Nicodemus replied:...the great council cannot sit at night, for we are not allowed to indite a man at night. It must be done between sunrise and sunset. Caiaphas said:...You shall take your seat or we will eject you out of here, for we never asked you to come, so you must be seated. Nicodemus said:...I shall not be still against any violation of the law of Israel, the Mishnah or the Keeper. So they said:...Nicodemus takes his seat in the inquiry.

If you will turn to the book of John you find in the record of how they took YAHSHUA to the house of Annas, and then to the court of Caiaphas, and there in the court of judgment which was totally illegal, one of the first things they demanded to know of YAHSHUA was what He taught. YAHSHUA said:..I have never hidden what I have taught, I have spoken openly in the temple, and even in the schools of the scribes so why do you ask me what I taught? If you do not know what I taught then why have you brought me here? Caiaphas cannot talk that way to the High Priest. But under the law YAHSHUA had the legal right to answer any question He did not care to answer at that time. So under this instance the question was asked concerning HIM, and I point out what was said to HIM. Caiaphas said:...what was it that you advocated daily? YAHSHUA answered:...I preached daily of the kingdom of YAHWEH, and the laws of our people.

They then led YAHSHUA slightly away, and brought all the Priests and scribes together, and they sought to find false witnesses so as to put HIM to death. At first they could not find false witnesses so as to put HIM to death, but then they found some who would for a price, bear false witness. And one of the false witnesses came forth and said:...HE said that He would tear down this temple and in three days build it up again. Another said:... He blasphemed and called for sedition.

Nicodemus then said:...I demand that you bring in these witnesses one more time for only by the mouth of two are these things established. So they brought in these witnesses for each charge, and all the men then disagreed on how the charges happened, and where they took place. Then Gamaliel came into the council room and Caiaphas said:..Gamaliel takes his seat, and he said:...but this cannot be the Sanhedrin for it cannot sit at night. They went thru the same procedure as they had with Nicodemus and then finally Caiaphas sit or you will be ejected.

Now Nicodemus and Gamaliel were the only true Pharisees as this council continued. The false witnesses could not agree on anything, so Caiaphas turned to YAHSHUA and had Him brought back before him again and demanded that YAHSHUA tell them whether or not HE was the embodiment of the Living God. The word always used in translation for the embodiment of YAHWEH is of course son, thus issue. The Old Testament Prophets always referred to HIM as 'the son of man' with the mark above the Tetragramation, or tetragon meaning YAHWEH in the flesh. YAHSHUA answered:...'Thou hath said, nevertheless I say unto thee hereafter ye shall see the son of man sitting on the right hand of power coming in the clouds of glory'. This was the proclamation that He was Messiah (Mark 14:62). This was the evidence...'Thou hast said':...Thus I AM the embodiment of the Everliving.’ This excited the High Priest and he said:...we don't need to hear anymore, He hath spoken blaspheme, behold!...what say ye? The mob then cried:...'HE is guilty', then someone struck Him across the mouth saying:..You cannot answer the High Priest thus. YAHSHUA asked them:...'Why do you strike me, for you asked a question and I answered you?' So they struck Him again and began to cry for HIS death.

Nicodemus then rose and said:...'What is this?' You cannot hold council at night, you can't arrest a man at night, there is nothing legal about this, you can't sentence HIM to death!' But the gathering of Sadducees kept crying:...'Put Him to death, Put HIM to death'. And they even came and spat in his face. Here was the embodiment of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA standing here and these evil ones spit in His face? Here this evil crew would not have had any bodies except He maintained the matter that held them together. Here again He demonstrated His patience. But here the patience of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA was permitting these people to defeat their own purpose. So they spit on HIM, and they smote HIM with the palms of their hands, and they said:....'prophecy for us Messiah, and then tell us who smote you from behind.'

Dawn was coming when finally the Elders said:...He must be put to death but we better not do it. If we take Him out and stone HIM we might start a riot among the people, and they will turn on us. Besides this Blue Tunic Army under Barabbas might strike us, and we would be liquidated, so lets let Rome do it for us. So they took YAHSHUA to Pilate, and woke him very early. The Scripture (John 18 and Mark 15) say that these chief Priests and their illegal council had decided to put HIM to death so they came with HIM to Pilate. Remember that Caiaphas had said it is expedient that we kill HIM or His message will reach the children of God scattered abroad, and they will all accept HIM and overthrow us, and we will lose our power. (John 11:48)

Now; Pontius Pilate remember was an Israelite, he knew from his records that Joseph of Arimathea was related to YAHSHUA in the flesh thru Mary. He knew that YAHSHUA had been to the British Isles. Pilate’s wife had been talking to YAHSHUA, and she had told her husband of His miracles. This Pilate said to the Jews gathered here:....'What charge do you make against HIM?' They replied:...We charge Him with sedition, and with blaspheme, and we demand that He be put to death. Pilate replied:...Am I a judge in your courts? If HE is guilty then why didn't you put Him to death? The Jews then came up with the idea that they did not want to rob Rome of its prisoners since HE was guilty of sedition. So Pilate asked them where has He committed sedition?

Now; you do not find all this in the Scripture but it is in the Roman records. There it is recorded that the Jews said they had not authority but Caesar. They had remembered that YAHSHUA had said:...'Render unto Caesar the things that be Caesar's, and the things of God, to God.' And they thought that this would make Pilate angry, this was the reason they brought it up. This had occurred as YAHSHUA had come back to Palestine to start His ministry and had paid the custom tax of a stranger.

Pilate then told the Yehudin that it was not the custom of Rome to interfere in the religion of the people and in the declaration of their Faith. Then he asked:...'why do you hate this man who had done so much good in your midst?' They replied:...He is no friend of ours, He has blasphemed us, and He serves not Caesar, thus we demand that He be put to death, so you have HIM crucified.

A crowd of people had now gathered, even the women, and Mary was with them in the crowd. They were confused, what were they going to do with YAHSHUA, what happened thru this past night as they slumbered? In the Roman records we are told that over 100 people came forward who responded as Pilate asked for witnesses in HIS defense. They came saying:...HE did nothing but good in our midst. He healed my child, He opened my eyes, He healed my leprosy, He unstopped deaf ears, and on and on. He is a great man, a prophet and we believe that HE came from YAHWEH.

But the Yehudin also kept gathering their mob of riffraff, and they hired them to come forward to shout the loudest...KILL HIM, KILL HIM. Pontius Pilate then took YAHSHUA into his chambers and he asked HIM:...What am I going to do with thee? YAHSHUA replied:...'You must do as it is written.' Pilate then asked:...why do the Jews hate thee so? And YAHSHUA replied:..'Because I have proclaimed the truth'. Then Pilate asked that famous question:...'What is truth?'

Remember that Pilate was a Basque of Spain, educated in Britain, had married a girl from Britain, and as she died he then married the daughter of Caesar, and became governor of Jerusalem, for Judea was then a Roman province. He was a master Mason of the school of spiritual wisdom of Ancient Israel. The Mystery...'What is truth'...had been answered by YAHSHUA when Pilate was in Britain, in the school of Masonry there in the Isles. It was the wisdom Pillar to which he had been initiated because of his high birth. Now Pilate perceived that YAHSHUA belonged to an order which had been dedicated to the preservation of 'truth' higher than He was. We have told you...that by Roman Records as well as the early church that Pilate had said:...'I perceive that thou are a master, and hold high chairs in the Universe? What then shall I do with thee?'...Pilate had confessed that he was not a student of what was written in the Scriptures, so what is it that he should do with YAHSHUA? Then YAHSHUA replied:...'It is written that I shall be crucified.'

Pilate was very troubled. He knew of the work that YAHSHUA had done, and that HE possessed great wisdom, that He was so much better for the people than those who cried:...KILL HIM...KILL HIM. So Pilate refused to condemn HIM, but of course He would finally have to do...'As it is written'. But again Pilate went out before the mob and looked into their faces as they cried:...what is your decision? Pilate replied:...I find no fault in this man. But the mob cried all the louder, we want HIM killed. Thus the judge said not guilty, but the mob hired by the Priests, and prodded by them said:...'Kill HIM anyway.' Pilate walked back inside to where YAHSHUA was waiting, and then came a messenger saying that Herod was now in Jerusalem and seated in His court at the home of his family on the hill, so Pilate sent YAHSHUA to Herod who was king under the governor. Herod asked YAHSHUA ...'Art thou the Messiah as I have heard?' And YAHSHUA replied:...'As thou hath saith thou', but Herod had YAHSHUA scourged, put robes on HIM and then sent him back to Pilate.

Again Pilate was trying to find a way not to have YAHSHUA crucified, but he is now sick of this spot he is in, so he covered YAHSHUA with a purple robe and brought Him before the people and said:...'Behold your king'. This of course set the rabble screaming and they said:...'HE is not our king, we have no king but Caesar.' Pilate said:...but He comes from the line of kings of Judea, what would you have me do...release to you your king, or Barabbas who has raided your caravans, as well as the Roman caravans. He has been a thorn in your side all the time, thus who would you have me release to you?

Now notice that here these Yehudin so loved their money, and their trade but still they cried:...'Release unto us Barabbas, turn him loose, but crucify YAHSHUA, crucify HIM. Here He had been before the false courts, and now before the civil Roman courts as they tried to bring about His death, and now they had to depend upon the decision of a judge for all purposes of jurisprudence, and this judge said:...'Not Guilty'...but they still cried:. ...KILL HIM, KILL HIM.' Again Pilate turns to YAHSHUA and said:...What shall I do? And YAHSHUA told him to turn HIM over to the mob.

Next we see an act of Roman law, actually an Ancient Israel law, for a bowl of clear water was brought and set before Pilate. And then Pilate dipped his hands into this bowl of clear water and this covenant of clear water I bear testimony before you that I wash my hands of the blood of this just and righteous man. I am powerless for HE made no defense and has ordained that I deliver HIM to you, this I do, but I do this without guilt. Pontius Pilate could do no less for YAHSHUA declared:...'I lay my life down, and I will take it up again, for you have no power over me lest I give it to you.'

Pilate was not angry as you sometimes read, he was very stirred by these events, so he turned to the crowd and said:...Here HE is...see to it. Then the Jews cried:..Oh, no we cannot crucify HIM, Rome must do this for this is our Holy Day.

Now; realize that altho the judge declared that He was not guilty, tho they condemned HIM in an illegal court, and altho they forced Roman soldiers to do the work still the blood of HIM is on the head of Jewry today because they cried:...'HIS BLOOD BE UPON US AND OUR CHILDREN.' (Matthew 27:25) In the Swift library was the report of Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar according as to what happened in Palestine even after the crucifixion. The report of Pilate's defense when he was called by Caesar to give an account of what happened under his administration there in Palestine during the time of YAHSHUA'S crucifixion and resurrection. I would like to add this because of the many things you may have heard about Pialte. He became converted and a complete accepted follower of YAHSHUA. He was one of the most ardent, staunch, admirers of YAHSHUA, and after the resurrection became identified with the early companies of Christians. He and his wife later stood before Caesar, and told her father what had happened. Then Caesar asked Pilate:...has your wife became a Christian? Pilate replied:...yes, and I also take my lot with HIS, and I will stand with YAHSHUA who rose from the dead. Reports say that Pilate's wife, who was Caesars daughter then passed away right there before Caesar, and Pilate then took the cup, a Roman Patriarch to the last, refusing to give up HIS Faith. Thus this son-in-law of Caesar also died with the testimony of YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA on his lips.

Here in our time the trial of YAHSHUA will always remain open, for after all HE was the judge and the victor. He these same accusers.. 'Where I go you cannot come, for I am from above and you are from beneath.' Those who judged HIM had no power for they were standing there in the presence of the MOST HIGH. And yes, I know that you have heard it preached that those who shouted 'Hosanna in the Highest' one day, then turned around a few days later and shouted:...'Crucify HIM, Crucify HIM.' But no my friends they were not the same, and now you know the difference in the forces at work in Old Palestine at the time of HIM Ministry. I would suggest that you read the following booklets of different sermons by Dr. Swift:....HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST...REOPENING THE TRIAL OF JESUS.....NOT GUILTY.....THE BLUE TUNIC ARMY....THEY SYMBOL OF THE CUP.....THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION.

We will now look at events thru the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. We think of the intensity of this hour as we see Pilate powerless to hinder these events. Then giving the orders, and with a crown of thorn's on HIS head YAHSHUA begins the walk to Calvary. The disciples are feeling defeat, the women of the ministry walk with Mary HIS mother. Perhaps they still hoped for a miracle not realizing that He was about to do what no one else could do. He alone had the authority, over all the principalities, and over all forces of nature. He thus took upon Himself the fullness of 'all guilt'. How do we know? Because HE told us before the foundation of the world that He would become transgression, so that He might lift transgression for all times from His people.

Simon a Cyrenian, the father of Alexander and Rufus came to bear the heavy Cross for YAHSHUA whose physical body was so tired. Remember He had sweat great drops of blood in the Garden, gone thru that long night of the illegal trial, and this day so far as the enemy had pushed for His crucifixion. Yes, I know that you have been told that this man Simon who carried the Cross for Him was a black man, but that is not true for he was the father of Alexander and Rufus, that is your clue as to who he was. And after he came to Judea then events happened fast didn't they? Thus this man was in place for his part in this great drama.

We think of Mary HIS earthly mother. So much had happened in the short years of her life. And now she has watched as men in control of this old land had even paid the riffraff to cry:...'Crucify HIM'. Had done this after all the miracles He had performed in this land before them. We are sure she is confused, even tho she could catch a glimmer of the reason why He must suffer these many things. This Mary...and the women with her also followed the path to the place called Golgotha. She stood by as they drove the nails in His hands and feet. And at that time the nails went thru Mary's heart as well. Never had her love been so great as she beheld this infamy, as they crucified her son. Never had a mother suffered so much as this one for they nailed His body to a Cross. And when they dropped that Cross into a hole in the rock, with a thud...Mary dropped her head, she could not watch what was done, and she wept softly.

The came the cries from the Cross......E-li, E-li, La-ma, Sa-back, Thaui ...which is translated...My God, My God why hath thou forsaken me? We find today that this translation is not exactly as it should be, for the soul consciousness now cries out to the spirit. In Aramaic as the words were first written, the cry was as tho the flesh felt the spirit leaving, and knew that it was now abandoned unto death. Thus the flesh now spoke and then quickly the words are added;...'So be the Will of Deity'. The flesh was recognizing the sovereignty of the spirit, the right of the spirit to leave as the flesh consciousness knew, that the fullness of YAHWEH dwelt in this physical body. To put your hands on these words in the original text, except you found an Old Alexandrian codex, where as they were taken from the old original text is impossible for most people of today. But the Aramaic from the Book of John, and the other Gospels mention this as the seven cries from the Cross. From study you realize that the flesh is crying out in agony as the spirit was leaving. The flesh was suffering, but it also was willing to receive this suffering because of the WILL of the Spirit. Thus this cry is a great cry of anguish as far as theology is concerned. But anytime you get in translation any display upon the part of the body of YAHSHUA of unwillingness, that is in error. The only thing He did in anguish was to create a background for the intensity of what was involved.

The cry:...'Father forgive them for they know not what they do.' (Luke 23:34) came as He was forgiving the Roman Soldiers who were pushed into the part He played in this drama. There were however two types of soldiers here on the hill, but the Roman soldiers who were a part of Lost Israel were only following orders, and those he recognized. It was the other soldiers on the Cross. They said:...'If ye be king of Israel come down from the Cross?' In translation it is 'King of the Jews', but they as part of the mob had said that HE is not one of us, He is a Galilean.

AS HE hung there on the Cross, He gave orders for the care of Mary, His mother of earth. (John 19:26) John was instructed to take Mary from the HILL because YAHSHUA knew the evil of the forces against HIM on that HILL as they made fun of HIM. He wanted Mary taken from the Hill, and then the other women with her would also go. This was not a safe place for them as He would finish His work here. So He asked John to take her to a safe place symbolized as His home. After all in a short time Satan would think he had won, and He did not want Mary on the Hill at that time. And for that matter He did not want Mary Magdalene or the other women there either. You remember the way the enemy had reacted against Mary Magdalene, as she had turned around in her life style and thinking after she met YAHSHUA, and knew who she was, and who HE was. Mary Magdalene was then like a little girl who loves her Father very much, she followed HIM and sat at His feet and listened to every word. Of course the Jews could not understand this as YAHSHUA said:...'She who hath sinned...loveth much'...the translation does not bring this out, but this came about because of the Grace of YAHWEH, the Love of YAHWEH, and the great spiritual awareness of the close presence of YAHSHUA that had brought Mary Magdalene the utter appreciation of righteousness and goodness, and had made everything evil so abhorrent to her, as she now understood who she was. Of course the evil that surrounded the Cross would not understand this, but YAHSHUA knew their minds, and He wanted His earthly mother removed from this danger, and with her going, He knew would also go the other women.

And then He said:...'IT IS FINISHED'...and this was with the full cognition that the spirit was leaving the body, and it would die within a few minutes. He knew as He released the spirit that it would soon be over. If He had wanted He could have kept the spirit in the body and stayed on the Cross for days. He could have come down from the Cross as well, but that was not His purpose for He had assumed all the responsibility of all transgression. He could have ordained another route, but it would not have been as efficient, and He never takes the easy route.

In every facet the negative is permitted to rise, it is permitted to carry on its program of operation in every way, and then is defeated in every facet. Then when everything is restored to the condition it was in beforehand, it can never happen again. Thus YAHSHUA who came as YAHWEH IN THE FLESH ALWAYS HOLDS THE BALANCE IN HIS HANDS.

Now; remember that in the Garden YAHSHUA had sweat great drops of blood that reached the air and the ground and here on the Cross...from His hands and His feet dropped HIS blood onto the rocks at the foot of the Cross. Thus this sin cursed earth received HIS precious blood as well as the air it passed thru. Then from the wound in His side...which the sword made...came both blood and water, and now the blood of YAHSHUA had been brought in contact with the earth, air and water. Two extremes of vegetation also met at Calvary...the Cross of wood of the trees of the forest, and then they filled a sponge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop and raised it to His lips.

When He said:...'It is finished'...the price had been paid. The blood of our Redeemer had dropped thru the air, flowed with water from His side, and poured upon the ground. The extremes of vegetation had come in contact with His blood. Then we whose sins were as scarlet experience the understanding of having them made white as snow as now by this precious blood, so do not refuse to understand this so great an atonement. Oh, the enemy thought as they beheld HIM hanging there on that Cross, that He was conquered. But they did not realize that He was the conqueror for they would not, they could not rob HIM of His power to forgive.

We now move into the events that occurred after the crucifixion. The women had been taken from the Hill as YAHSHUA was saying:...'It is finished'. John had hurried away with them to a safe place, but they went with a heavy heart knowing the body must be cared for. Soon a great earthquake came and the ground of that Hill rocked and swayed. All around Palestine the ground shook. The sky darkened, lightening flashed and thunder rolled. The earth then shook for 3 solid hours. And as far away as Athens, Greece, the gods fell from their pedestals. In Rome this happened also and the Romans cried:...'why are the gods so angry?'

In Palestine those who had cried:..'Crucify Him', now ran in fear from the Hill. The Priests hurried to the Temple and hid in the basement treasury room. Some of the riffraff ran to the caves and tried to hide. There was much damage in some areas of Jerusalem and to the walls of that old city. But as YAHSHUA had said:...'It is finished'..then at that very moment lightening hit the temple and the veil of the temple was split from the top to the bottom, and then consumed. No longer could the false priests say this was a Holy Temple for this Holy of Holies was now open to the gaze of all, and there was NOTHING there. Never again could they hold another sacrifice until they found another Holy of Holies and found a way to consecrate it. After all the true Pharisees who were Israelites accepted Messiah, thus there would not be a Priest available to consecrate another Temple for them to again take over. This Temple is finished for Israel, as to the facts of crucifixion and resurrection.

As YAHSHUA said:...'It is finished', then Joseph of Arimathea was hurrying to Pilate asking for the release of the body of YAHSHUA. Pilate granted this quickly for he knew of the relationship of Joseph of Arimathea to Mary. He also knew of the animosity of the Jews and wished for the body to be quickly removed from the Cross.

Some records say that Nicodemus had to go into the city of Jerusalem, and buy cloth to wrap the body of Our Savior, but no they were also prepared for this. The Wisemen brought the spices, and the cloth and these were kept at the home of Joseph of Arimathea near the tomb where they would lay HIS body. Thus Joseph of Arimathea and some of the others took the battered body of Our Savior from the Cross, and wrapped it in the burial cloth at the tomb, encased it in spices, all the time working swiftly but with heavy hearts. They were afraid that if the earth quit shaking the enemy would come for that body, so they finished their work in the tomb as soon as possible and with help from the heavens they rolled a great stone in front of the entrance to this borrowed tomb.

Oh yes, they laid Him in a borrowed tomb, as the Christmas card says, but Joseph of Arimathea would not need this tomb in Palestine for His work in that old land will soon be finished. He will flee this old land and never return.

After the earth quit shaking the Priests of the Temple became brave once more, and they then seized Joseph of Arimathea, and threw him in prison. Why? Because they had other plans for that body. They then planned to try Joseph of Arimathea on the first day of the week, because he had taken the body of YAHSHUA from the Cross without their permission. They were now very angry as they saw that the body had been laid in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, and the great stone placed somehow in front of it, so they locked Joseph of Arimathea in prison. No longer did his wealth and position on the Sanhedrin protect him in this old land, for he had defied the rulers. Next the Priests of the temple went to Pilate and demanded that an army be positioned around that tomb. They said they were afraid that the disciples would steal His body and then claim He had resurrected. So 100 soldiers were sent to guard the tomb, some were Roman soldiers, and some were Temple troops, and they took positions around the front of that tomb where now YAHSHUA'S physical body lay.

But as HE had said:..'It is finished', then His soul consciousness now transferred to the Celestial body, and only the physical shell was laid in the tomb. Yet even this physical body would not decay because it had not been guilty by its own act of transgression, thus was sealed from disintegration by the Will of the spirit.

Remember as recorded here in the Gospel of is not one god talking to another God, for John in inspiration was only recording for us as to what our Savior wanted us to know so that we would appreciate the Majesty of the Atonement. If not for the inspiration this would not be recognized by sleeping Israel.

Again there are other records especially 'The Gospel of Nicodemus' that carried the story of events from Crucifixion to Resurrection better even than that recorded in the Gospels and in Psalms. You learn of the Saints (believing offspring) for a time coming out of their graves and walking the streets in Jerusalem causing great fear as they did this. Two sons of a Former high priest of Israel walked the streets of Israel until they were Stopped and required to write of their experience since their death less Than two years before. Both, tho in separate rooms, wrote of the coming of YAHSHUA now in his body of light coming into the netherworld. They told of how Beelzebub, the ruler of the netherworld, cried out to Lucifer not to let this YAHSHUA in, or they would lose all the Adamites because they had lost Lazarus not long before, and they could not hold him when YAHSHUA called. But they told of the great light which shone in the darkness, and how the Adamic household were taken from that prison area into the areas called paradise. They told of how they had met the thief from the cross who was waiting there, and from there then YAHSHUA started sending some of them forth to walk the streets for a while for a testimony of resurrection. Imagine the fear of those who ruled there in Palestine as YAHSHUA sent some of the race to walk the streets for a while because these two especially would be recognized as having lived not to many years ago. But then how soon they would forget that fear as the earth finally stopped shaking and they begin anew their plans to stop if they could...the resurrection! As that night began to end and dawn would soon be coming, on the first day of the week Joseph of Arimathea was taken out of prison altho the doors were still locked when they came to check on him on Monday morning. Joseph of Arimathea, they were to learn, was at his home in Arimathea a few miles North of Jerusalem. But then the earthquake had come again and Malchus the Centurion in charge of the soldiers guarding the tomb would tell of his experience. He said that a bright light came and shown around the garden where he and the soldiers were sitting around the tomb. He said this light was so bright but still he saw one like an angel come and roll the stone away. Then 'one' came out of the tomb and his countenance was bright like Jupiter, and a great illumination covered the garden. Malchus said that he and his soldiers fell to the ground as tho dead men, they could not move. He reported later to Pilate that this 'One' who came forth from the tomb was like unto a man, but truly he must have been the fullness of YAHWEH. Pilate answered:...'truly I think that these things are true'. Yes, the power of HIS spirit as it raised HIS physical body shook the earth of this garden. But why not? The Master of the Universe had just raised HIS physical body and brought it forth from that tomb.

Now; Mary Magdalene came with another Mary early that morning, they came from over the top of the mount of olives, from Bethany. This was still very early and the mist was still on the ground, but they were coming to see if there was not something they could do for HIS body since they had so hurriedly laid HIM in the tomb. They were wondering who they would find to roll the stone away. But when they arrived at the tomb the stone was already gone, and the soldiers had already gone to report to Pilate and the temple priests. The women entered the tomb, and there sat one clothed in white who told them not to look for YAHSHUA here in the tomb for he has risen, so go tell the others. Some of the disciples were coming to the tomb and as the women told them they ran to the tomb to see for themselves. But Mary Magdalene still in shock seemed not to quite be able to grasp the fact that HE had risen. She see's a figure in the mist and thinking it must be the gardener she asks:..'where have they taken the body of Messiah?' The figure turns and said:..'Mary'..and she beheld Messiah. No one could say Mary quite like Messiah, and she held out her hands toward this shining glory which still covered HIM. YAHSHUA quickly said:..don't touch me Mary, for the power of this radiation of spirit which had raised HIS physical body was still on HIM. And Mary here in her physical body could not have stood that much radiation. but Mary now knows that HE is indeed risen, and joyfully she hurries to tell others that she has seen the risen Messiah. May YAHWEH Bless----E.R.M.