ERM - Tape 020 - 12 Q&As From Various Gospels & Acts





1. On the road to Emmaus

2. John 20:29

3. It is written in the Book of Psalms

4. Pentecost

5. The Book of Acts

6. The gifts of the Spirit

7. Speaking in Tongues

8. Acts 5:1-10

9. Joseph of Arimathea and his party to Britain

10. Acts 6:9

11. The Eunuch from Ethiopia

12. The sheet let down from Heaven


A short time after the Resurrection on the other side of the old city of Jerusalem, two of the disciples were walking to the village of Emmaus. (Luke 24:13) These disciples were very depressed, what would they do now, all seemed to be lost, the Messiah was dead. Soon a third man joins them and walks along with them. They do not pay any attention to him for they are so deep in their depression, and finally HE asked them why they were so sad. They replied:..surely you have heard, you must be a stranger or you would have heard that the Chief Priests and rulers of Jerusalem had put YAHSHUA-Messiah to death??? Then the stranger began to talk to them, and He asked:..Should not YAHWEH as Messiah embodied in the flesh have taken all transgression upon Himself, been crucified so that He could raise His body from the tomb? Then He went on to outline the story of the Scriptures from the days of Moses on down to their time. Strangely their hearts were thrilled as they listened to HIM, and since they had not eaten for some time they were now hungry, and they suggested they go into the Inn near by for a bit of food. They had not been allowed as yet to see YAHSHUA, but even tho His words had strangely moved them, the time was not quite right. But there at the table as HE broke the bread for them then their eyes were opened and they could see the nail prints in HIS hand, and now they also knew that HE had Risen. And in a radiant burst of Light He was gone from their sight. The disciples now hurried back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples gathering there that they had seen Messiah, He had spoken to them, He was alive.

Then YAHSHUA appeared to some of the others, but Thomas was not with them. Later they told Thomas that YAHSHUA was alive, they had seen HIM, but Thomas would not be comforted, for he had heard HIM say:..'It is finished'. Thomas had seen HIM drop His head..Messiah was dead.

After 8 days the disciples were in Galilee and Thomas was with them...and suddenly YAHSHUA just came thru the wall and stood among them. Then turning to Thomas He said:...Come Thomas I am flesh and bone, come put your fingers into the nail prints in my hands, and know that I am real..I am Alive. His voice was too much for Thomas, he did not need to touch the nail prints for now he believed that Messiah was Alive...for HE was with them. YAHSHUA then gave Blessings for all His children thru out all time and history, and He said:...'Blessed are those that shall believe that I have Risen, tho they have not yet seen.' John 20:29.

I have heard people say that no one has seen God, so no one knows what He looks like. But they are forgetting that this 'ONE' who walked in Palestine after the Resurrection was also the 'ONE' who completed His Ministry and was laid in a tomb. And this 'ONE' was also YAHWEH embodied in the flesh. 120 people saw HIM after the Resurrection, as many as 500 or up to 700 people saw HIM after the Resurrection where as thousands saw HIM before the Crucifixion. Pontius Pilate in his reports to Rome described HIM. Yes, people have seen God if you know who God is. HIS name...YAHWEH in Spirit, YAHSHUA when embodied in come to HIM as YAHSHUA for you are also in flesh.

When the time came for HIM to leave this earth in this Resurrected body then He took His disciples out upon the HILL and gave His final instructions, then stepped into a space chariot in a cloud and disappeared from their sight. Here these disciples also saw Him leave this earth, and were assured that He would return again in the same way they saw HIM leave, they understood that He was YAHWEH of the Heavens who had come to redeem them... they had seen God, and nothing that was done to them in their time of persecution could shake them from that experience.

The disciples were instructed to stay at Jerusalem until they received their power from on High. They would need this power of the Spirit to help them in their mission just ahead. They were to bear testimony to the Resurrection of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA. This would become the arch and keystone of the Christian Faith. Other religions may have their tombs of their gods, they may show you where their prophets lay, but we have the testimony of an empty tomb, a Risen Savior. All the Apostles but John would die a martyrs death rather than repudiate that Resurrection for each had seen the Risen Christ. Thousands more had caught the impact of this great manifestation of HIS power, and tho they had not seen still they believed and all died as Martyr's rather than deny His Resurrection.

Now; we have thus established that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh, as Messiah, Savior, and Redeemer. We find that He preached the Gospel of the Kingdom which is His program for restoring the world back to Divine rule. That the Adamic race has a great part to play in this plan. That as the Adamic race was established in earth to produce His kingdom then under the influence of Lucifer as Adam and Eve fell it was then necessary for HIM to come as the Spotless Lamb of Sacrifice. Thus HE..YAHWEH..came, embodied in flesh, and HE picked certain Apostles and disciples to carry on the work after the Resurrection.

The ritual of sacrifice was always a mark of Israel, it would not depart from Israel until with the Crucifixion as He said:...'It is finished'. At that time as the lightening bolt of Divine fire struck the veil in the temple it was consumed and this Holy of Holies was not open to human gaze, and the Priestly ritual of substitution of sacrifice was finished for Israel. There was no way thru the law to consecrate it once it had been violated.

The Sadducees, these Asiatic rulers knew that YAHSHUA had raised His physical body, but they could not accept His Resurrection, or they would lose control over this nation. They weren't about to acknowledge His deity, but they still did not reinstate that ritual of substitute sacrifice even over the years they had control even tho they talked about it.

As for Israel since HE arose from the tomb the sacrifice symbol now moves and continues on the communion table. But we do not celebrate a dead sacrifice, now it is a Living YAHSHUA who came as a Spotless Lamb of sacrifice. This then is 'HIS Table', and it shall not depart out of Israel until the day when HE has restored His Kingdom and decrees something else. The sacrifice ritual then was a symbol of Substitution, and now it was completed by YAHSHUA forever, efficiently and effectively. (After the Israeli War in 1967, there was much talk of the Jews rebuilding the old temple in Old Jerusalem, and then reinstating the ritual of sacrifice. But that my friends was only foolish talk to fool blind Israel.) Most of all Christians, these followers of The Christ should know that the substitution is not necessary since the Crucifixion, since the real sacrifice was made.

Since the Disciples and Apostles were sent only to Lost Israel, and a Lost Israelite is just someone in trouble where he lives, which is him mind ...then he needs to be put back where YAHSHUA reaches him. They are simply Sheep who have perhaps strayed, but still Sheep and the Apostles and Disciples would tell them that the true sacrifice had been made. Messiah had come, the Crucifixion had taken place and the Resurrection accomplished. Now; the development of the kingdom moves into a new stage. You pick up the story in the Book of Acts which outlines the first 70 years of what is termed the church. This would find Lost Israel located and established there in the proof of the Resurrection which is the Arch and keystone of the Christian Faith.

QUESTION:...'It is written in the Book of Psalms': Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein; and his bishopric let another take, ....What is this all about?

ANSWER:...This is talking about Judas of Iscariot the one who betrayed HIM. Here in the first chapter of Acts we are told of the last instructions to the disciples then YAHSHUA disappeared from their sight, as the cloud received HIM. Verse 9., says He was taken up, a cloud received HIM. The disciples are told by two standing there who stepped out of the dimension of spirit that they are to go back to Jerusalem and wait. They then again went to the Upper Room in the home of John Mark, and the women of the ministry were with them. Here they were deciding who would take the place of Judas of Iscariot in their ministry. Finally it was decided that Matthais would be the one who was numbered with the Apostles as they move out in their work. (verse 26)

As to Judas of Iscariot we are told that he purchased a field (verse 18:19) now known as the 'field of blood', and there hanged himself so that he might go back to his own place (verse 25). In some versions this was going back to his own place in the Netherworld.

QUESTION:...Pentecost. Acts 2....please explain?

ANSWER:...The disciples were all in the Upper Room of this home on the temple mount. The women were there and they were rejoicing and waiting for this promise of restored power.

Now; the spirit of the Living Father had been with each of the Adamic race down thru the ages. But here during His Ministry He had walked among these followers even tho most of Israel did not have the cognition out of the spiritual mind into the consciousness of their soul. Some of Israel such as Priests and Prophets had been given areas of this Holy Spirit so they could write with inspiration. But this had not been poured out on any great number of the House of Israel as a whole, and in large measure, and on all the House of Israel in a small way. But when Pentecost...meaning the 50th., day came, this outpouring of spirit descended upon these disciples gathered here in the Upper Room. Here would be the first time since the fall of Adam that this restoring of the spiritual connection was witnessed in such volume. Such men like Enoch, Elijah and others had felt this. But now this clear cognition of the mind of YAHSHUA would come to these people who were so close to HIM, who had walked with HIM, had seen the miracles He had performed. Altho YAHSHUA had taught them many things still their understanding was not clear. Thus this coming of the Holy Spirit is described as tongues of fire, but it is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is Shekinah Glory which burns out error, out of their thinking. This was the power of the sword of truth coming to them. In the Book of Joel this is termed the 'former rain'. It is also said to be moderate at Pentecost where as at the time it comes again as the 'latter rain', then it comes without measure meaning whoever receives it will be able to talk, to correlate facts, and tell the story so that our people will begin to turn, to see the kingdom rise. It will intensify as is necessary to bring victory of the kingdom as prophesied. The translation here (Acts 2:2-4) is as tho the sound of a mighty wind came, and filled the house, and there appeared unto them cloven tongues of fire, and it sat on the people gathered in the Upper Room.

Now; whenever the Glory of Divine Spirit approaches any substance whether it is human flesh, or a bush or a mountain it glows with Shekinah Light. It radiates with energy and power because the power of spirit is greater, more manifest than the substance created. So the disciples were almost reeling under the power coming into their bodies. These cloven tongues of fire showed that they were being filled with the Holy Spirit, the intelligence from the mind of YAHWEH.

Verse 5:....There were many men of Israel still in Judea after the feast days. There had been much excitement and mystery in all the events that had occurred. Then here was these Apostles and they were speaking to these men here who had come from Germany, Britain, and other Israel nations. But the Apostles were speaking in the languages used in each country these men represented. You have heard that this was speaking in tongues, but these Galileans were speaking in the language known to the men from these different lands. What better way to get their attention. This outpouring of the Holy Spirit had made a tremendous difference in Peter who was so afraid of bing identified with YAHSHUA before the crucifixion when he felt the power of the Jews. This was not the same Peter here filled with the Holy Spirit. For Peter began to speak and the crowd became very quite and listened intently. Peter said:...'Ye men of Judea, ye who dwell in Judea, and all of you who dwell in Galilee, and all of you other Israelites gathered here... ye men of Israel I tell you that YAHSHUA of Nazareth was delivered by the determined council of the rulers, altho foreknown that this would occur, and wicked hands crucified HIM. (verse 22:23) However, this YAHSHUA has Risen, and we all are witnesses. He has not only Risen but has Ascended, and we saw HIM leave. (Verse 36) Let all the house of Israel know that this YAHSHUA who was crucified was YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA...Our Messiah. The translation says both LORD and Christ, but Christ means embodied and YAHWEH is His name...YAHSHUA is His name as Messiah. Lord was substituted but that was only to take His name out of your mouth. Verse:37., When the Israelites heard these things they asked what they should do to get away from error and back to their Faith, for now we believe that this YAHSHUA of Nazareth was YAHWEH in the flesh...what do we do?

Verse 38:...Peter replied:...'repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the Name of YAHSHUA for the remissions of sins, and ye also shall receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, for by this route comes truth.'

Alright; think of the testimony being given here, and is it then important for you to know who Israel is in this Bible? Peter tells you as he says:...'The promise is to you (if you are Israel), to your children, and to all Israel afar off, for them will YAHSHUA call.' And the results of this testimony was that there were about 3,000 people here who were added that day to the numbers of followers of YAHSHUA...and here the Holy Spirit was calling everyone of the House of Israel and the Sheep were hearing the call of the SHEPHERD and were coming into the Sheepfold. After all no man is as LOST as one who does not know who he is, or where he came from, or where he is going. Here after Pentecost after learning that YAHSHUA...this one crucified was YAHWEH in the flesh, now they know that prophecy had been fulfilled, and they were redeemed, the atonement had been made, and their hearts were filled with joy. And now they understood what Peter meant as he said:...this is what was spoken of by the prophet Joel (Verse 16). They understand the power given to the Apostles as the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, and they learn the name of who to call on, for baptized in the name of YAHSHUA you come out of the water Resurrected in HIM.

Next they go to the Temple, and they test their power as Peter said to the lame man:..'Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have I give to thee. In the name of the YAHSHUA of Nazareth rise up and walk.' (Acts 3:6) Peter then lifted the lame man up, and immediately the man walked. He entered the Temple walking and leaping and praising YAHSHUA.

Those in the Temple were amazed, after all they thought this sort of thing was finished at the Crucifixion. But here was these Apostles doing the same thing as YAHSHUA of Nazareth had done. Peter then went on to tell these rulers here in the Temple:...YAHWEH..God of Abraham, of Isaac, and Jacob hath Glorified His embodiment, this YAHSHUA whom you delivered up, denied HIM in the presence of Pilate as he was determined to let HIM go. You killed the Prince Of Life, but we are His witnesses that He raised His body from the tomb. And Brethren if any of you helped with this thru ignorance know that this has fulfilled prophecy. (Verse 18) He hath returned into the heavens until the restitution of all things which the prophets have spoken of since (this Adamic) this world began.

Verse 25:....Ye (Israelites) are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which YAHWEH made with out fathers saying unto Abraham, and in thy seed (thru Isaac) shall all the kindred of the earth be blest. Unto you first...Unto who? 'Unto Israel'...having raised up His embodiment, for YAHWEH (spirit) sent His embodiment (YAHSHUA) to bless you, to turn every one of you (or Israel) from your iniquities.'

Now; we received a letter or two saying:...but you are changing translations. All I can say is that if you still think this Book says that all people came from Adam and Eve about 4004 B.C., and then all were wiped out by a world wide flood, but Noah and his sons and their wives, thus all people of this Book then came from Noah and his sons and their wives, just a few short years before Abraham, then how do you explain the translation of Acts 4? And here as the Apostles spoke then true Israel heard but the Priests, the captain of the army, all the people who were not Israel in this old land, they being Sadducees, reincarnationists, those who YAHSHUA had said to them:...'Ye are of your father the devil, the lusts of your father ye will do' ...these people didn't like the Apostles preaching the story of the Resurrection, having witnessed this, so they laid hands on Peter and John and put them in Prison (Acts 4:3). But here also in verse 4, we find that about 5,000 men who had heard the Apostles now believed that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, and that the power of the Spirit had raised the physical body, so yes, they believed the Resurrection. There is no other way to explain this translation that is there, for there was a difference in people here in Judea.

The next morning (Verse 6) Annas, the High Priest and Caiaphas and John Alexander and many as were of the kindred of the High Priest gathered to- gather...but wait a minute, how did Annas get to be High Priest when a short time earlier Caiaphas his son-in-law was High Priest at the time of the illegal trial for YAHSHUA? At that time altho he was not High Priest still Annas was the one in control because remember they had taken YAHSHUA to him first. So the Apostles are brought before this group to answer questions, and they ask by what power and by what 'Name' did they do these miracles such as making the lame man walk?

Peter the fisherman, but now empowered with the Holy Spirit, and able to draw out of the mind of our Father then begins to speak. But first remember who is gathered here, those of the rulers, and thus this translation of 'Elders of Israel' is not correct. You have been told at the beginning of this chapter that these rulers are Sadducees, thus the translation should be 'Elders over Israel'. But Peter then says in verse 9:...'If we this day are being examined because of the good deed we did in making this lame man walk then we tell you, and the people of Israel that it was by the name of YAHSHUA of Nazareth the ONE you crucified, whose spirit raised that body from the dead, by that 'NAME-YAHSHUA' this man walks before you.' This is the stone which in symbolism was not put on the pyramid or in Solomon's Temple, but is now the Head of the corner. (or the capstone of the stone kingdom) 'For there is none other 'Name' under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.'

These rulers here in Judea (verse 6) consulted together about Peter and John, just as earlier they had consulted concerning YAHSHUA. And this time they said:..what shall we do with these Apostles for they have done a miracle, and we cannot deny this, but just so this story does not spread among the people we rule then lets threaten them, and command that they speak no more in any way in this name of YAHSHUA. (Verse 117) So they called Peter and John and commanded that they were not to speak or teach in the 'Name' of YAHSHUA.

Now; at one time this would have scared Peter, but not anymore. There was no way they were going to stop these Apostles from telling what they had seen, and heard. Nothing would stop them but death, and this was not in the cards for now, this was sometime in the future for they had been empowered for this mission. The rulers there in Jerusalem then threatened them further and then let them go being afraid to punish them further for fear of the people they ruled over.

The Apostles went back to their own group and reported all that the chief Priests and Elders had said unto them. The little company were praising, and calling for strength so that they could speak with boldness and heal in the 'NAME OF YAHSHUA'.

Again the place was shaken where they were meeting, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit until they could speak the words with boldness. (Verse 31). The Apostles then with great power testified as to the Resurrection and the Israelites began to bring their tithe to the company with the Apostles, and no longer did it go to the Temple, as these Israelites under- stood. No wonder then that the rulers were disturbed with this turn of events.

This Book of Acts will list many miracles performed by the Apostles. They would have the power to heal the lame, and the sick, and even raise some from the dead as YAHSHUA did. There is an area of prophecy related to this as we have told you before. It is found in the writings of Joel which shows that this outpouring of His Spirit was to come to put His Life and vitality upon His kingdom (Joel 2:23). And Peter had referred to this prophecy to explain at Pentecost that the Apostles because of this could now speak so forcefully. Here at the time of the former rain then YAHSHUA had redeemed Israel from her sins, healed their bodies, and under the impact of this outpouring of the power from the Spirit, the kingdom would move forward under this power for maybe 150 years, altho the enemies of Lucifer's kingdom worked at destroying the people of the kingdom as hard and as fast as they could.

Now; adding to the church as it is translated simply means that as the many Israelites responded to the call of the spirit..they came..they joined with the other Israelites and they accepted the fact that YAHWEH here in the flesh as YAHSHUA had completed the atonement, and then came out of that tomb. This was the beginning of the fulfillment of the prophecy...'All Israel shall be saved'...Romans 11:26. This is the grafting back of prodigal Israel on to their own race tree, the grafting back of the wild Olive Branches on to their own tree. This is ISRAEL'S salvation for she can then identify with YAHSHUA. And these Apostles...a fisherman, a doctor, a tax collector and others were under the power of the Holy Spirit, and now able to tell the full story from Abraham or even from Adam up to now to these Israelites listening because they also heard the call of the Spirit. For now in baptism in this symbolism they were buried with HIM, but then raised with HIM in Resurrection, because you are spirit of His Spirit, and as His Spirit calls then they added these Israelites again to the Sheepfold.

QUESTION:...What about speaking in tongues. I always thought that was what the Apostles did at Pentecost?

ANSWER:...The Apostles thus with the power of the Holy Spirit were able to speak in the language of each man of Israel gathered there, and this got their attention, and they then understood that YAHSHUA of Nazareth who was crucified had arose from the dead and He was thus YAHWEH in the flesh, He was redeemer, and as Messiah He fulfilled His promise.

Now; there are nine gifts of the Spirit, and each Israelite is given at least one gift whether they know it or not, this is simply the WILL of the Father. And one of these gifts was the ability to speak in a language which you are not familiar with. This was a witness, if these people knew this person wasn't familiar with this language, then without training this would be a great intellectual and spiritual perception. This is why it surprised these listening men when these Galileans began to speak, but it also got their attention in a hurry. This was a gift then of the spirit. But there is also an area of prayer, as the Celestial consciousness prays, whether you know it or not, this spirit consciousness has the semantics of heaven. This is a pure language, and He has promised to return to us a pure language. This is an unknown tongue, and sometimes there is a synchronization of the soul consciousness and the brain at a given point can then pick up the communication of the Celestial until that person then can speak in an unknown tongue. 'How be it, no man understands?'...The Apostle Paul would say that the inner spirit is speaking unto YAHWEH. Under this instance there might be a message descend this way, but there would also be an interpreter present. Thus in a service if there was an outpouring of spirit at that time, a special message would come thru for this congregation, or for some area of prophecy, and sometimes it comes in a known language of earth, but maybe no one was there who understood that language. But if it comes from the Spirit and even tho no one was there that from that particular country to which it pertained, still some one would get the interpretation from the spirit, and would interpret it. If there was no interpreter then it was out of order. Never did this happen more than two or three times at the most said the Apostle Paul, or it was all fake.

There can be more emotionalism involved at times. The wilder the meetings in areas of emotionalism, and with vain repetitions of the heathens such as repeating over and over, then perhaps the intelligence of YAHWEH is insulted. We have been taught that in order to receive the intelligent guidance, or the power of a gift from YAHWEH we do not have to repeat over and over the same word to capture the attention of YAHWEH. This is what the Buddhist do, but you are told not to use the vain repetitions of the heathens. If you have to shout before He can be reached, then He will never hear you. Since HE is as close as His spirit connection with your spirit, He can discern the thoughts of your heart, and the procedures of your mind. Since this is true, then it is not the height of sound that reaches HIM. If even the meditation of the heart is known unto HIM then there is no reason for an audible spoken voice except others are in contact with you, to synchronize the thoughts, but if a person is alone, to speak out is unimportant.

What we are trying to point out to you is that in trying to capture minds of devout people many times Lucifer needs to produce a substitute. We have today whole areas which have a form of Godliness, but which is not Godly in performance. There are many things out of these areas where YAHWEH sees the hart of an individual, and may supply him with certain areas of blessings. But He does not support, and is not behind the areas of vigorous fallacy. And as people come to the truth they move into another area. Remember that still water runs deep, it is not therefore a sign of knowledge to be noisy.

Now; the knowledge of YAHWEH is to cover the earth, and what you know about Him is thus power. It is thus power to know these things by inspiration, to know them correctly, that is power. The Spirit, and the seat of consciousness is where you live, so if you live where you think that is thinking right, and is most important.

There is then a gift of tongues which no man understands for you are not speaking to men, you are speaking to YAHWEH. This is not every ones gift, and the Apostle Paul said:...I have spoken in tongues more than ye all, but I would rather speak one word in my own known tongue whereby a man could understand, than 10,000 words in an unknown tongue which no one understands ...this is realism.

There is no doubt that the spirit in you is in communication in a language unknown to you, in the fullness of its wave length. This is an area which could crop out in an individual at any time, but not in an area of hysteria, and only for a definite purpose. So if a person would yield to YAHWEH, and He wanted you to talk to someone, to startle them, to wake them up He might put words in your mouth that would be in that persons language. But the gifts for our occupation of earth are knowledge, discernment, wisdom, these are the ones that will do you the most good if you will just seek after them.

QUESTION:...Acts 5:1-10...This man Ananias and his wife sold their possessions and they did not give all to the Apostles so they both died, I don't understand this??

ANSWER:...There is much distorted translation here, but also the first 11 verses of Chapter 5 were not in the original. However Peter did have the idea that since persecution of the followers of YAHSHUA were become so intense here in Palestine that it would be a good idea if all the followers sold their homes, since they were probably going to have to flee the land. Peter thought that if they stayed in a close knit group they would have more protection. So he suggested that they sell everything, put all in a common treasury, and then buy the things they needed from that. Peter and some of the others were thinking that the Apostles would be able to move out to spread the word around the Israel world in a short time, and these here in Palestine would have more protection banded together. But this idea did not come from YAHSHUA and it was not going to work. This was sort of like the idea of circling the wagons during an Indian raid. But that attack would soon be over where as this mission of spreading the word was just to begin here at Jerusalem, and then they would move on from this old land. In not to many years there would not be an Israelite left in that old land. This idea of Peter was tried for a while and then abandoned as these followers began to realize the scope of their mission.

Now; this we do not believe in this story of Ananias and Sapphira...we do not believe that they died because they didn't bring all their money. Dr. Swift felt that this story was added later perhaps to influence the people to bring in their tithe, or they would be in big trouble. We do not believe that YAHSHUA struck two people dead because their offspring was not big enough. He would not do this if they brought no offering at all, He doesn't need it. We do not believe that Peter reported this, but that it was woven into Scripture later for another purpose. It was not in the early Alexandrian text, and there are several other reports here in this Book of Acts which were not in the early Alexandrian text.

Now; this seems to get us in trouble if we report that something was not in the early Scriptures. Some people are satisfied with every translation of our Bible. They seem to think there could be no mistakes, or add on’s from language to language in translation. Thus if you feel this way then we will not argue with you, but please do not begrudge us the privilege of reaching for a deeper meaning.

Now; here in Palestine the Apostles and disciples were reaching out as the spirit moved them, and they were also learning. And as they healed the sick and performed the miracles that YAHSHUA performed then of course this disturbed the High Priest and the others of that area, and they realized that they must stop the Apostles, or they would lose control, so they threw some of the Apostles in Prison. Then they brought Peter and John before their council and told them not to speak, or to heal in the Name of YAHSHUA but of course this did not stop them.

In the old Books we find that there were threats of death being made in that old land, and the Israelites were thinking of leaving Palestine. They appealed to Rome for the privilege of migrating, and Roman records state this was granted. It was thought that Mary, the mother of YAHSHUA, and others of the women of the ministry should now leave. Joseph of Arimathea had been quietly transferring his treasures in this land to his ships since they had imprisoned him, because he buried the body of YAHSHUA in his tomb. He was trying to persuade Mary the mother, and others of the group to go to the Isle of Britain where Mary would be safe, for there were rumors that the High Priests of the Temple had plans for her. Thus Mary decided she would leave this land where she had known so much joy and sorrow in such a few short years. Plans then were made in secret, and the Blue Tunic Army is called to help protect these who are getting ready to depart swiftly. Even the Essene company were burying their libraries of Scriptures and preparing to depart.

In the Scripture (Luke 7:2) this Roman official, the centurion is now at Caesarea. This is the Port city of Jerusalem, thus to this port came Mary, the mother of YAHSHUA, Martha, Marcella the housekeeper of the Bethany home, and Lazarus and several others. They were getting ready to board one of the ships of Joseph of Arimathea prepared for them. Remember they had permission of Rome to leave this old land, but that mattered little to those who controlled. From the old records we find that this little party headed by Joseph of Arimathea is intercepted. They were put in a row boat in the dark of the night, in a storm without oars or food, or water, and set adrift on the Mediterranean Sea. But remember that YAHSHUA had provided a home for His earthly mother in the Isles so this little trick by the enemy in Palestine would not work. The little party were quickly rescued and placed on the ship prepared for them. Some of the Blue Tunic Army would go with them also on to Britain so always to be close to the little mother of the body for YAHWEH to dwell in earth.

As this little group were on the ship moving westward others in old Palestine would also be planning to escape from that old land, and the migrations would now start. There are many traditions and stories about this ship traveling westward and one of the reports that seems to be the most reliable says that the ship developed troubles and finally docked in Southern France. There the little party was met by Druids from Britain at the Port of Marseilles, France. The word of the crucifixion and resurrection had gone before them, thus they had many things to talk about as they traveled across France, then took a ship on to Southern Britain. Then came to the River Breu and went inland to Avabury and Glastonbury. Here on the 12 hides of land Joseph of Arimathea was given, they established the oldest church in Christendom. They built the Great Abbey on this land where YAHSHUA had as a young man prepared a home for Mary. Here was the little cottage for her, the Wattle Chapel and Mary’s Well. Here Mary would live out her days surrounded by those who loved her. From this place the disciples would come and go as well as the Apostles. The Great Abbey was to be the headquarters from which the Word would go out to Lost Israel. We find that Mary of Magdalene, Martha and Lazarus find their work in France, and there is much evidence of this as well as the pictures of their burial places. Peter would also go to Britain and then back to France, and work on down to Rome, but he was not the first Bishop of Rome according to old records.

While we are on this subject of the establishing information:...the first year after the great Abbey was built they held a great celebration, and they called it Christ's Day, and they celebrated HIS birthday and HIS Resurrection. This was a seven day celebration of feast day. They celebrated HIS birthday at the beginning of the seven days, and at the end of the seven days they celebrated HIS Resurrection. People brought their tithe to the Abbetry from Britain during this celebration and from all known areas. This tithe was to sustain the Abbetry and also to be used in spreading the Gospel. Resurrection Day in the early time was called 'Victory Day'. It was about at the approximate time of our Easter of today. It was a celebration of victory over pagan concepts. It was a challenge to the world that YAHWEH was born in the flesh, that He conquered death by HIS Resurrection, and that he did this for Israel. This story was scattered and became known by all the people of Europe. It was the story of the Valkyrie that you find in the Scandinavian countries. This being that the hosts of heavens were those of the race released from the Netherworld into the heavens, by YAHWEH as YAHSHUA. The soldiers of the kingdom in those early days recognized them as a great crowd of witnesses. Yes, before the New Testament Scriptures were all written, this celebration was held of HIS Birth and HIS Resurrection. Many of the Apostles and disciples attended this first celebration, and here at this time of this first celebration, they also decorated a tree... a Living Tree..a Green tree. They did not do this as the pagans do (Jeremiah 10:7) for this Green Tree pertained to the King of Israel, for Jacobs descendents...HIS Israel. (Isaiah 46) For this Green Tree was to grow and expand in the west. They decorated this tree as they celebrated His birth. They finished their celebration that week with the joyful music of His Resurrection. The rulers of Jerusalem had confirmed that He Arose when they tried to bribe men to deny it...tried to bribe the soldiers who watched at the tomb to deny what they saw.

Now; how then did we arrive at the date of December 25 for our Christmas Day? When those of Rome visited Britain they found this great Abbetry and now they held two great celebrations as at first only now they were held one month apart. Then the second great Cathedral of Christendom was built in Rome, and by this time they had established a Pope in his high position and Cardinals and so forth. The Roman Pope decided they would also celebrate the birth of The Christ, and the Cardinals and Bishops would decide the day. Thus December 25th., was chosen, and they held a great Mass, a High Communion and called it Christ's Christmas Day. Thus today the celebration of Christmas is still on December 25th., but it developed from that first celebration of Christmas in Britain from the place Mary was taken for safety. Incidentally December 25th., would be close to the date of His conception by the Virgin Mary, but I doubt they thought of that as the day was picked, but still the Man upstairs, the Creator of the Universe still rules this earth.

Over the years many things have been added to this celebration of HIS birth, some are pagan such as the Yule Log because in Ancient times the pagans always brought in a huge Log at this time in December and roasted a hog over it because it was a wild boar that killed the son of Nimrod and Semeriamas. But our celebration of HIS birth has no place for the Yule Log. Even tho we know this is not the time of HIS birth still if you keep Christ in Christmas you keep before the world the fact that 'Unto us a son is born'. (Isaiah 9:6) This you remember as you acknowledge HIS birth, and with Resurrection Day we proclaim our Faith and the Great Hymns of Christ- endom tell the story.

QUESTION:...Acts 6:9...What is this synagogue of the Libertines, those who came against Stephen?

ANSWER:...We find that the Apostles chose seven men to work with Stephen to direct their activities so that the Apostles could spend all of their time spreading the WORD. The Apostles then prayed and laid hands on these men who were installed in their official positions. And after this the 'WORD' spread rapidly and more disciples came to the 'called out' company, even the lesser Priests or Levi of Israel scattered throughout the land came. In fact all Israel as soon as they heard were leaving the temple in Jerusalem and coming to follow with the Apostles, and serve among the disciples.

Now; (Verse 9) certain of the syngogue from different areas, the Libertines included which were from areas of the Roman Empire such as the Island of Cyptru, Alexandria, Egypt, and Cilicia of Asia Minor began to dispure with Stephen. This should answer your question but if not, then again the religion of Judea had been pretty well taken over in Judea before and during YAHSHUA'S Ministry. And now here after the Resurrection the Jews from these different areas came to argue with Stephen to try to stop the work he was doing to spread the witness of the Resurrection.

You will notice in verse 9-10 that when they were not able to prove him wrong, they begin to stir up the people, and then they took Stephen before the same council where they had taken YAHSHUA, and they used false witnesses against Stephen as well. (Verse 15) The face of Stephen was glowing with Light and these Sadducees looked at him as he stood there before them. The High Priest said to Stephen:...are these things they charge you with true? (Acts 7:1) Then notice how Stephen begins his coorelated answer starting with YAHWEH coming to Abraham telling him to get out of that old city of Ur. He ends his story in verse 51-54 by denouncing these who thru the years had slain the Prophets and now their descendents who had put YAHSHUA to death.

Of course when these rulers here in the council room heard this they were angry, and they rushed upon Stephen to stop him from speaking. Then they took him outside the city of Jerusalem and Stephen being moved upon by the Holy Spirit, and looking up into the heavens said:...'Behold, I see YAHSHUA standing in the place of power.' In otherwords Stephen said that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH standing there, and this enraged the Jews and they rushed on Stephen and stoned him to death. (Verse 58) Stephen just kept looking up as they killed him saying:...'Father receive my spirit', and Stephen became the first Martyr among the disciples. But did you notice that there was a young man standing there as Stephen was killed?

We have told you much about Saul who became the Apostle Paul, and we will now follow his work here more closely in this Book of Acts. You remember that young man, an Israelite, was well educated, and he became entrapped in Judaism. So here we find Saul in Jerusalem after the Crucifixion and Resurrection which he did not witness, and had not had the experiences of the other disciples who had walked with YAHSHUA and then been witness to all the events of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. But Saul was swayed by the rulers and the High Priest, and the richness of this Great Temple, and this blind Israelite even consented to the death of one of his own people... Stephen. Acts 8:1.

The Persecution of the followers of YAHSHUA was now so great that the disciples were scattering out to other areas of Judea outside of the city of Jerusalem. And the Jews would use this young blind Israelite to persecute his own people. And this he did for he was always dragging people out of their homes and bringing them to Jerusalem, and standing them before this council of the High Priest to be condemned.


QUESTION:...Philip and the Eunuch from Ethiopia...please explain?

ANSWER:...We find Philip in Samaria bearing his witness to those Israel- ites in that area who had been visited by YAHSHUA earlier. Peter and John then go to help Philip in Samaria to Baptize these Israelites, and more Lost Sheep are brought into this fold. But this Eunuch of Ethiopia was not as you have been told the first negro convert to Christianity. At one time everyone who dwelt in North Africa was called an Ethiopian, but that did not always mean they were negroes. Today however when people say a leopard does not change its spots, and an Ethiopian his skin they are refering to the Negro.

Now; in August of 1960., an article was carried in the Saturday Evening Post, and Life Magazine, from an interview with Billy Graham. This article quotes Billy Graham as having said that (Quote) 'Peace in the world must be won by Christian sacrifice and spirit. We must be willing to do this on every level from Africa to America. I want you to know that the first convert to Christianity was the Ethiopian Eunuch. So let all Christians realize that they should gather the African first, and we should follow that order today. (Unquote) Don't forget that Billy knew better than this at one time, but to go International he sold out his race, if he is Israel.

Now; notice that Verse 26.,...Philip was told to go south of Jerusalem to this man from Ethiopia. This man held great authority under the Queen of Ethiopia. This man had charge of the treasury of that Empire, and he had come to Jerusalem to visit the temple, no doubt bringing tithe, and he thus must have been an Israelite. He seemed not to have come in contact with the Apostles or disciples and did not know what had happened in that old land, so Philip was led by the Holy Spirit to another Lost Sheep. As Philip appr- oaches the carriage the man is reading the Book of Isaiah (Verse 32).... 'He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb before his shearers so opened not his mouth; in his humiliation, his judgment was taken away, and who shall declare his generation for HIS life is taken from the earth.' The man from Ethiopia said:...I cannot understand this, so Philip now could tell this man all about YAHSHUA and what happened in that old land of Judea. After Philip witnessed that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh (Verse 37). Then Philip baptized the man from Ethiopia and another Lost Sheep was added to the fold. This man then went home to spread his witness for he now believed altho he had not seen.

Well! Who was this man from Ethiopia? We must go back into the back- ground story of the Adamic race to pick up the beginning of our story. Re- member that Heber had twin sons named Peleg and Yoktan. Follow chronology down from Peleg and we come down to Abraham, then on down thru Isaac to David and Solomon. Not much is shown in the Scripture about Joktan but his children are listed in I Chronicles 1:19-22, and notice that the name of one son was Sheba. Through the old records we trace these children of Joktan thru the lands of the Persian Gulf on down to YEMEN of today. Then in the days of Solomon (I Kings 10) the Queen of Sheba came to Jerusalem. She came with a great caravan of gold, spices, and precious stones. She also came to ask many questions. She came from the Sheba Kingdom, and she was of the lineage of Joktan. Her kingdom was in what is YEMEN today as well as in Ethiopia. She had heard much abut the wealth of this Israel kingdom in Palestine, and about the wisdom of King Solomon, and about the house that they built for YAHWEH. She tells Solomon that now she believes the reports that the had heard:..(Verse 9) 'Blessed be YAHWEH who delight- ed in thee, and set thee on the throne of Israel; because YAHWEH hath loved Israel forever, therefore made thee the king to do judgment and justice.' We are told that King Solomon gave unto the Queen of Sheba all her desire, whatsoever she asked. Besides Solomon gave her of his Royal bounty and she returned to her own country.

Now; according to old records, this Royal bounty included 1000 Nobels of Israel, and their families, who went with the Queen of Sheba to form a court for a child she was to have. The child was a son and his name was Manalex I, he was the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, and as he grew up he then married a girl of the Israelite court families that Solomon had sent with the Queen. These people of this court maintained their race line for years and years always marrying within this circle of Israel surrounding this son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and then his descendants.

This kingdom was still in place, still while when the Eunuch came to Jerusalem and Philip baptized him. And in the September, October Archaeology Magazine in 1982., I found quite a story entitled:...'Empires, Capitals, landscapes and Ancient Ethiopia.' In this article you trace this Empire back to 400 B.C., even to 500 B.C., when it was still joined with Yemen. And even between the fourth and sixth centuries after YAHSHUA this Ethiopian kingdom was recognized as one of the four world powers. Hundreds of years later beginning in the fourteenth century fabulous reports came out of that area, and it was from Ethiopia, of a Christian King of the interior of Africa known as Prestor (Priest) John, and it intrigues many Europeans.

In A.D. 1543., Portuguese soldiers rescued Ethiopians from Somalian invaders. Then Catholic missionaries came in to try to wean these conservative mountain people from their long tradition of coptic Christianity, but were expelled by the Ethiopians in 1632.

In 1935-36...Ethiopia then fell to Mussolini and Ethiopia was finally opened to the gaze of the modern world, and now you can see in this public guaze the obelisks, the rock cut churches and castles of this Ancient land. You find its semetic language background, and that the early religious and political beliefs were introduced from the area now called Yemen.

Putting this story together from old records, and from the report in the Archaeology Magazine, we come to the conclusion that this Empire established for this son of the Queen of Sheba and Solomon, held its greatness until finally after hundreds of years mongrelization brought it down. But after this Eunuch returned from Jerusalem these people had tried to establish a New Jerusalem in this mountain country of Ethiopia. They planted Juniper trees in placeof cedars, the stream running thru the area was called the Jordan River, and a grove of African Olives became their Mount of Olives. Archaeology is uncovering many things in that old land, and it is an interesting story.

Now; many have asked about Haile Selassie....yes, he said he was of the lineage of David and of the Queen of Sheba. He came out of this Empire to be sure. This accounts for his feathers and his stature of a king, but the color of his skin shown forth as the results of integration which finally brought down this great Empire. About eleven generations back from Haile Selassie the mongrelization started with the fall of one of the king lines. They tried to correct this violation of law, but were never quite able to come back and maintain their greatness. The finding of the Book of Enoch in that high mountain kingdom with a better translation than one found from a western Scholar can now be explained. The report of the fall of this White Kingdom is a great example for America today, much much better in my opinion than Mr. Graham's explanation of a bit of Scripture which he seems not to understand.

QUESTION:...The Jews plotted to kill Saul after he had caused so much trouble to the disciples??? Acts 9:23.

ANSWER:...Yes, but remember that after even helping the Jews and entering homes and dragging people out to put them in prison because they would not give up their belief that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, and had raised His body from the tomb. This young Israelite even went to the High Priest and permission was given to him to go to Damascus and there if he found any followers of YAHSHUA then he was to bring them in chains to Jerusalem to be tried. But on the way to Damascus (Verse 3-8) this young Israelite heard the Sheep call as YAHSHUA said:..'Saul, Saul why persecutest me?' As we have told you before this young Israelite was stopped in his tracks by this call, and after this education as to who the Jews were and how they fight the kingdom of YAHWEH, then he gets his eyes opened. His blindness which was lifted was that now he could see and believe that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh as Messiah. And this young Israelite then became a great Apostle to Lost Israel, and as the began to preach that yes, now he believed that YAHWEH came in the flesh as YAHSHUA-Messiah, to redeem his people then the Jews in Damascus took council to kill him. This was when the disciples let him down outside the wall of the city of Damascus in the night and Saul went back to Jerusalem to convince the disciples that now he saw the light. After he stayed here for awhile with the disciples then convinced that he is now one of them, they then sent Saul to Tarsus. (Acts 9) Peter was still in the area, and he is the one in the Name of YAHSHUA performs many miracles. He even raised Dorcas or Tabitha from the dead at Joppa.

QUESTION:...This sheet let down from heaven with all the unclean animals in it...please explain??

ANSWER:...Remember up to now most of the work of the Apostles and disci- ples has been in old Palestine except the little company with Joseph of Arimathea who left that old land, and Philip would also move out further reaching Lost Israel. But as yet Peter was still working in Palestine. But the time is coming for him also to move out, for his work here will be soon done. But the Apostles had been raised in this country and they still held a little resentment toward Lost Israel for leaving the center of the king- dom. So even tho the Holy Spirit had come, and they now speak out so well in witness, still Peter needs a nudge to move him out to find Lost Israel., or he will want to start saving people all over again. So Peter is visiting in the home of a friend and he goes up on the roof to pray and rest, and there he has this vision of Acts chapter ten and eleven. 'He saw heaven opened and a certain vessel descending upon him as tho it has been a great sheet knit at the four corners, and let down to earth. In it were all man- ner of four footed beasts, creeping things, and fowls of the air. A voice came to Peter saying kill and eat. But Peter said:..NO YAHWEH, I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean. And the voice spoke to him the second time and said:...what God hath cleansed call that not uncommon. This was repeated for the third time and then the vessel was taken up into the heavens.

Now; this has nothing to do with the health laws, or with eating of hog meat. People have said, taking this out of context that God cleansed all meat so now you can eat any of it. But HIS law still stand as to what is good for you and what is not good for you. What YAHWEH was pointing out to Peter was that he was not mad at the Lost Sheep of Israel. This vision was to make Peter realize that Lost Israel may be doing things, and eating things that Peter still remembered was not good for them. But they are still Lost Sheep even tho they had gone away from the Judah kingdom, had gone into migrations into Europe, and were now called even by different names such as Goth, Anglo-Saxon, Celts, Scandinavian and so forth, but they were still Israelites. Those of Judah and Benjamin here in Palestine had still retained this feeling that these scattered Israelites were sort of unworthy and unclean, were cast out and weren't quite as good as those who had returned from captivity to Palestine. Peter remember had been raised here in Jerusalem or close by and when YAHSHUA came along he followed Him, but now he is just a little hesitant to go out to Lost Israel s he was supposed to do if he was to do as YAHSHUA had said:..'Feed my Sheep'. So YAHSHUA just sort of nudged him along with this vision, and then helped him understand it. So now Peter understands that all Israel is in the plan, and he is to go preach the Gospel of the kingdom to the Lost Sheep, not only just to those of Judah and Benjamin in Palestine. (Verse 28)

Three men had come to see Peter, and they were probably Romans of the tribe of Gad as was Cornelius, and Peter is thus acknowledging that now he knows that they are a part of Israel. Thus in Verse 34 Peter said he now realizes that YAHWEH does not acknowledge just some..but ALL of Israel. And now you will see the word Gentile in translation often. But it means nations, and it was 'Ethene' in Greek meaning Israel nations. So Peter is now ready to go preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all Israel. This word plowing is associated with the Gospel of the Kingdom because Plowing is hard a word. There is more Satanic resistance to the Gospel of the Kingdom than to any other Bible Truth except the fact that YAHWEH was embodied as YAHSHUA. You will remember that YAHSHUA came preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and the enemy crucified HIM. After all this Gospel of the Kingdom is bad news to Satan and his children because it declares that the nations of Christendom are Israel. Thus no man having put his hand to the kingdom Plow can go back, and still be any help for the kingdom. This is not talking about personal salvation.

But Peter is now made to understand and he convinces the Apostles and disciples that YAHWEH put away the other sheep for their own good, so now Peter is about finished with his work in this old land, and then he must move on to Lost Israel. He is to know that these of Lost Israel have also been cleansed and they are to be brought into the sheepfold, this was what the atonement was all about. Peter now understands that everything that has happened is for Israel's own good, and now Peter is ready to go. Thus YAHSHUA told the Apostles and disciples that when they find Lost Israel, and a host sets something before them to eat, then don't make a big deal about it, and upset the host, just eat and ask YAHWEH to see that it doesn't hurt them, and then move forward in instructing and bringing in to the sheepfold these of Lost Israel. This verse in the Bible then did not mean that those within the structure of the Christian church were to sudd- enly become eaters of hog meat.

Peter then goes on to say (Verse 36) 'The Word which YAHWEH sent unto the children of Israel preaching peace by YAHSHUA'...and remember that Peace means understanding. 'That Word' was thus to begin in Palestine after the Baptism by John the Baptist, and then spread out thru all the areas, and then translation trying to divide God into three parts takes over in verse 32, but you know now who YAHSHUA really is. Thus Peter said:...'now you understand that YAHWEH came in the flesh as YAHSHUA-Messiah and was cru- cified, then raised His physical flesh from the tomb. Not all people wit- nessed all things he did, but unto certain chosen witnesses who did eat with HIM after He arose from the dead. (Verse 41) And He commanded us to preach to people, to testify that HE is the judge of the Quick and the dead. This Quick means those with the spirit. The distinction is made for those of the kingdom who are spirit of His Spirit, and they can respond to the call of His Spirit, and they follow HIM for they are His Sheep. The people of the world order are the created people, who are not spirit, begat spirit of His Spirit, and at this time they are under control of Lucifer. Thus His program calls for the kingdom administration to be in place, then comes the rescue of the world order people. We must do it His way.

Peter then goes on to say (Verse 43) that it was to these who could be quickened, who were given the Prophets, and who witness to this program. And now all are astonished that hear Peter because they realize that ALL Israel are included in the kingdom, that ALL Israel has the Holy Spirit (Verse 45). Thus this message from the Apostles is to go to the Ethene, or Israel Nations now far scattered from Jerusalem. And Peter goes on to say in Verse 47:..'can any man forbid that these of Lost Israel not be Bapti- zed since they also carry His Spirit as well as we'. This was quite an education in understanding for Peter, wasn't it? But it was also necess- ary before he moved out to Lost Israel.

In chapter 11 the Apostles and disciples in Judea were to argue with Peter, but Peter goes over the whole story with them and ends up saying: ...'I remember the words of YAHSHUA who said that John the Baptist would baptize with water but he would baptize with the Holy Spirit. Verse 16-17.

QUESTION:...When the Jews were fighting YAHSHUA so hard, why were the Apostles and disciples preaching only to the Jews? (Acts 11:19)

ANSWER:...Doesn't make sense does it? But this word Jew is of course a translation, notice when the Apostles were moving out to preach..Cyprus, Antioch, Cyrene, speaking to the Greeks and so forth. Thus the word was not Jew but Israel, and then again Jesus sent them only to the Lost Sheep of Israel. Verse 25:...Barnabas goes to seek Paul and they establish an assembly at Antioch, and stayed there a year reaching many followers of YAHSHUA. At Jerusalem however the persecution became worse, and even food was scarce for the little group still there, and those in Antioch were determined to send relief unto those still working in Jerusalem. Saul and Barnabas were selected to go to Jerusalem with these supplies for their group of followers.