ERM - Tape 021 - Paul





1. Did Peter go to Rome

2. Saul becomes Paul

3. Timothy, Aquila, Apollos

4. Paul not a Jew, Heresy

5. Paul to Britain


QUESTION:...Did Peter really go to Rome? We don't find him mentioned so much after Acts 12??

ANSWER:...Here in Jerusalem Herod killed James the brother of John and he saw this pleased the Jews so they put Peter in Prison. But YAHSHUA had other plans for Peter, and (Vs 6) one night Peter is sleeping between two soldiers bound with chains, and an Angel came into the Prison and woke Peter and the chains fell off. The Angel told them to put on his sandals and his cloak and the Angel led Peter outside of the Prison, and then Peter went to the house of Mary the mother of John Mark. He knocked at the gate and Rhoda came to the gate. She was so excited when she heard the voice of Peter that she ran back to tell the others that Peter was at the gate instead of opening up the locked gate of the compound surrounding the home. The others didn't believe her for they thought that probably Peter was to be killed as James had been. Finally they let Peter in thru the gate and great was the rejoicing of their group. When daylight came the soldiers were in fear, for where was Peter? The keeper would be put to death because he had escaped. Herod was very angry because of this work of the Apostles and disciples which they were doing in his area. Those not of Israel rallied around Herod, and they bowed to Herod saying he is god, but then Herod soon died anyway, because of course he was not a god, sure not the God of Glory, and with his death then the word of this witness of the disciples and Apostles spread more rapidly.

Barnabas and Saul left Jerusalem and went back to Antioch taking John Mark with them. And then Peter disappears out of the accounts here in the Book of Acts of the work being done by the Apostles in Palestine and close areas there. But old records tell us that Peter was in Britain for a while at Glastonbury, then worked in France, and finally we find him in Rome with the followers of YAHSHUA in the catacombs of that city. Peter finally did become a Bishop in Rome and was crucified hanging head down in that city.

Now; Philip also disappeared from the ministry in Palestine. Old records tell us he preached in Gaul and in Greece, his daughters traveled with him, and we find them later in Egypt. Philip was crucified at Hielopolis in Egypt and was buried there along with his daughters.

Now; we believe that Luke wrote the first twelve chapters of this Book of Acts, and then the Apostle Paul wrote the rest.

QUESTION:...Saul becomes Paul from one chapter to another of Acts 12 and Acts 13., why and how?

ANSWER:...Well, we have told you before that Saul was being prepared for his ministry. He was taken into the heavens and the time has now come for him to take his place as the Apostle Paul (Acts 13:9). Barnabas would go with Paul as the Holy Spirit instructed them, and John was with them for a while. They went to Cyprus and other places and they preached...'the word'. They found this deputy of the country, on the island they were visiting and he was a sorcerer, or a false prophet, a Jew and his name was Barjesus. He tried to interfere with the Apostles teaching the deputy and Paul now uses the power of the Spirit to denounce this false prophet (Vs 9). This man was struck blind. The Apostle Paul is thus using his power of Spirit, and after going back to Antioch Paul goes to the school of the scribes (Acts 13) and the men here ask Paul and his group if they had any word for the people gathered here. It is translated synagogue, but notice verse 16 who Paul is talking to. Paul then stands to speak to the sheep gathered around and he said:...'Men of Israel, ye that love YAHSHUA give attention (vs 17) The God of this people of Israel chose our fathers, and exalted the people when they dwelt as strangers in the land of Egypt, and with a high arm brought HE them out of it.' Then Paul goes on with the story about the forty years in the wilderness. Then the destruction of the seven nations in the land of Canaan, and how the land was divided among the Israelites. How YAHWEH gave them judges, then gave them a king who was Saul, from the tribe of Benjamin. Then after YAHWEH removed Saul as king. David was raised up then as the king of Israel. David was the son of Jesse 'a man after mine own heart who will fulfill all my will'. Thus said YAHWEH (vs 23) 'Of this man's seed hath YAHWEH according to His promise raised unto Israel a Savior..YAHSHUA ...after John (the Baptist) had first preached before his coming the Baptist of repentance to all the people of Israel.

Paul goes ahead to tell the story of how even tho Pilate found no fault with YAHSHUA yet the rulers of Jerusalem wished him slain. After all prophecy was fulfilled, the crucifixion over then YAHSHUA was taken from the Cross and placed in a tomb. But HE raised His body from the tomb and was seen for many days by people from Galilee to Jerusalem.

VERSE 42:...When the Jews were gone out of the gathering the Israelites asked Paul to preach again unto them the next week. Many of the Israelites and religious proselytes then followed Paul and Barnabas. The next week almost the whole city came to hear the 'Word'. But the Jews of this city did not like the things Paul was speaking, however Paul said that 'The Word' was to be spoken unto the Judah kingdom in Palestine first, and then they were to go to the nations (gentiles) of Lost Israel. In fact YAHWEH said: 'I have set a light to the Ethene'...meaning Lost Nations of Israel. When the Lost Sheep heard this they were happy and Glorified the WORD of YAHWEH, and many were ordained, and believed the witness of Paul and the word was circulated thru out the region. But the Jews stirred up the chief men of the city and raised persecution against Paul and Barnabas, so they left and went to another city.

Again Paul and Barnabas go to the school of the scribes where the Jews were taking over, and they spoke to a great multitude both of the Judeans and also of the Greeks, and most of them believed. But the unbelieving Jews stirred up the people, and tried to turn them against Paul and Barnabas. Thus this city was divided, part of the people held with the Jews and part with the Apostles. (Acts 14:4) And since there was talk of stoning Paul and Barnabas they left and moved on to other cities where they preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. At the city of Lystra was a crippled man, and he had never walked so Paul heals this man, and the people then got carried away, and they had been worshiping idols so long, that they were not able to do anything, so they called Barnabas-Jupiter, and Paul-Mercurius because he was the chief speaker. The pagan priests, and the people then decided to hold a sacrifice and worship Paul and Barnabas, but the Apostles were very disturbed about this and they talked sternly to the people saying don't do that, we want you to turn to the 'LIVING YAHWEH' who made heaven and earth, and the sea, and all things that are therein. You are not to worship men like us, for we are just HIS messengers.

Again (vs 19) Jews came from Antioch and other cities and tried to stop the people from listening to Paul and they stoned Paul and threw him out- side the city thinking he was dead. But as the disciples stood around him, he rose up and came back into the city, and the next day he and Barnabas left and went to another city. As they moved from city to city they taught Israel in every city, taught them about the kingdom, and about all the tribulation that would come before they entered into the kingdom. Then they returned to Antioch and gathered all the assembly of Israel together and told them how YAHSHUA had opened the door of Faith to all Israel. (translated Gentile)

In chapter 15 of Acts we find that some of the Judah Kingdom still trying to set doctrines of circumcision and things of that nature were standing in the way of reaching Lost Israel. There is quite a discussion so Paul and Barnabas go to Jerusalem and there Peter tells them that he learned from YAHWEH himself that there is no difference in an Israelite of the Judah Kingdom, and any of Lost Israel, purifying their hearts by Faith. (vs 9) Do not try to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples because thru the Grace of YAHSHUA who was embodied among us...all Israel shall be saved.

Paul and Barnabas then tell of the miracles and wonders that YAHWEH- YAHSHUA did among the nations of Israel. And James then speaks of how YAHWEH visited the nations to take out of them a people for HIS NAME. He then goes ahead with the history of Israel, and it is the same story you have heard over and over, yet it does not stick with most of our people for they do not seem to hear it, thinking it is just Jewish History.

Paul and Barnabas then stay at Antioch with the others for some time studying and peaching, and a better understanding is being developed of 'the WORD'. Paul and Barnabas then decide to revisit all the cities where they had preached 'THE WORD'; and see how the different assemblies were doing. Barnabas decided to take John with them, but Paul didn't think this was necessary so Barnabas took John and those two went to Cyprus, and Paul and Silas then traveled together.

QUESTION:...Timothy a son of a certain woman which was a Jewess and believed, but his father...was he a Greek?? Who were they? (Acts 16:11)

ANSWER:...Timothy was a disciple of YAHSHUA, his mother was a lady of the tribe of Judah, and she also believed, and his father was a Greek, a Sythian of Lost Israel. And Paul then went to Timothy and it says that he was to circumcise him...but this means that Paul was to teach bring Timothy to a total understanding of 'The Word'. Translation is sort of messed up here, but this is the message, this total understanding is circumcision of the heart. Paul and Silas then went thru all the cities delivering the decrees to be kept as were ordained by the Apostles at Jerusalem. This being that the ritual of circumcision did not stand in the way of Lost Israel hearing the call of the Spirit. They could reach total understanding as Sheep just as could the Judah Kingdom who still practiced the ritual of circumcision. Remember the Apostle Paul was chosen to go to the Lost Sheep of Israel. This is why YAHSHUA had stopped him on the road to Damascus and turned him around in his thinking.

The Apostle Paul then had a vision:...a man of Macedonia stood before him asking Paul to come to Greece and help them understand. So immediately Paul thinks he must go to Macedonia which is Greece because YAHSHUA had told him to preach the Gospel to the Greeks. And here Lydia of the city of Thyatira heard the call of the Spirit, and she listened to all Paul had to say. Her whole household were baptized and Paul and Silas then were invited to dwell in her home. That day as they went to pray they saw this damsel who was possessed with a spirit of divining, and much money came to her masters because of her soothsaying or fortunetelling. She followed Paul and Silas for several days always saying:...'These men are the servants of the MOST HIGH GOD which show unto us the way of salvation.' Paul finally tired of this spoke to this spirit that obsessed her:...'Come out of her, I command you in the Name of YAHSHUA.' And the evil spirit came out that same hour.' Of course her masters saw that their money making scheme is finished so they caught Paul and Silas and brought them before the magistrates in the market place saying:...These Israelites (yes, it is translated Jew, but Paul could not have been a Jew because the Jews were trying to kill him, and they don't bother their own), so these Israelites do trouble over our city, they teach customs which are not lawful for us to receive, neither to observe being part of the Roman Empire. So the people cried out against Paul and Silas and they were beaten and cast into Prison, and they even put their feet in the stocks. But at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto YAHWEH, and the other prisoners heard them, and soon awake were all the men in the prison. Suddenly there is a great earthquake, the foundation of the prison is shaken and all the doors are opened, and every ones hands are loosed. The keeper of the Prison awakened and seeing the prison doors open supposed the prisoners had fled, then drew his sword to kill (vs 27). But Paul called to him telling hm not to harm himself for all the prisoners were still in place. The keeper of the prison then called for a light and came into the prison and fell down before Paul and Silas. He brought them out of the prison and asked them:...'Sirs what must I do to be saved?' They replied:...'Believe that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh, and you and your household shall be saved.' Another one of Lost Israel thus heard the call of HIS SPIRIT, and another household was added to the sheepfold. This is salvation for Lost Israel is to be grafted back on their own Olive tree. Now they can come to total understanding of this message that Paul and Silas brought to their land. The keeper of the prison took Paul and Silas into his own home, and bathed their stripes and fed them, and then they baptized this household in the name of YAHSHUA. The next day the magistrates sent word to let Paul and Silas go in Peace, but Paul said:... 'they had beaten and thrown them into jail so let the magistrates come themselves and bring us out.' So after hearing that Paul and Silas were Romans they came and brought them out of Prison and asked them to leave the city. Paul and Silas then went to the home of Lydia and after seeing the brethren, they comforted them, and then left the city.

In Acts 17., again you must distinguish between the word Jew, Israel, Judean, or Judas as per usual, for they are all translated as tho the same even tho at times it does not make sense. Again in the school of the scribes Paul reasoned with the People gathered there for three different Sabbaths. Paul preached to them the reason why YAHSHUA came, suffered the cross, and arose again from the dead. Some of them believed and gathered around Paul and Silas, many of the devout Greeks and quite a few of the women believed. Yes, these were Lost Israelites, Lost Sheep answering the call of the Spirit. (Vs 5) But the Jews who believed not gathered a crowd of riffraff and came in a mob to to the home of Jason and thought to catch Paul and Silas there. But since they didn't find Paul and Silas they took Jason to the rulers of the city saying that Jason received Paul and Silas who has turned their world upside down saying there is another king besides Caesar, and his name is YAHSHUA.

Once again Paul and Silas left a city and moved on in the night. They came to Berea and again went into the school of the scribes, but here the people received them, as there were many of the Greeks who still believed they were Lost Israel. But the Jews of Thessalonica heard that Paul and Silas were at Berea then here they came to stir up the people, and once more Paul and Silas had to leave a city because of the Jews. (vs 14)

Next Paul goes to Athens, and then he sends for Silas and Timothy, and as he waited for them he is deeply troubled for here is a city with many Lost Israelites in it, but it is totally given over to idolatry. He disputed in the schools of the scribes, now called synagogues with Jews in charge, and he tried to reach the people who were not so caught up in idolatry, they are translated as the devout. Always as he moved thru out the city Paul talks to the people. Greece was full of philosophers, and at one time intellect was of the highest, but now they were simply philosophers looking for a new idea. Many of their young men had been schooled at ON in Egypt, and returned home with what to others was a strange doctrine. These philosophers said that they understood that Paul was teaching of strange gods, he was teaching about YAHSHUA and HIM raised from the dead. (vs 8) So they invited Paul to come with them and tell them of this strange God who rose from the dead.

The Apostle Paul then stood on Mars Hill and spoke to these people of Ancient Greece, many of them were of Lost Israel now living among the world order which was taken over by idolatry. These Israelites had almost forgotten who they were, and where they had come from, but that silver cord was still there, and when the Sheep call of the spirit came they would hear. The Apostle Paul said to these people:..'Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are superstitious. For as I passed by and beheld your devotions I found an altar to the unknown God whom therefore ye worship ignorantly...I DECLARE HIM UNTO YOU. This God that made the world and all things within, seeing that He is YAHWEH of the heavens and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands. Neither is He worshiped with mens hands as tho he needed anything seeing that He giveth to all life, and breath, and all things.'

Now; then verse 26 has been used to further the cause of mongrelization so you should analyze the word...blood...and see just what the Apostle Paul did say here on the hill in the high court of the city.

In the Ferrah Fenton Bible this is translated:...'Because HE made by ONE (YAHSHUA-his embodiment) every race of men to dwell upon the whole face of the earth having provided proper methods, and guides for their research in seeking YAHWEH, IF ONLY THEY WOULD FEEL FOR AND FIND HIM (YAHSHUA), and yet He is not far from every one of us; for from HIM we live and move and exist; as also some among your own poets have said:...that we originate from HIM. Therefore possessing an origin from YAHWEH we ought not to imagine the Divine nature to be like gold or silver, or stone, carved by human skills or genius. YAHWEH HOWEVER OVERLOOKING THOSE PERIODS OF IGNORANCE now calls to all men (Adamites) everywhere to change their minds; because HE has appointed a day in which HE will judge the world with justice by a man whom HE hath provided having given the strongest evidence by raising HIM form among the dead.'

Now do you see what the Apostle Paul is telling these men of Athens? He said:...This unknown God who is YAHWEH in the spirit hath made by ONE... HIS embodiment or YAHSHUA all things are made that was made. And Paul reminds these people that their own poets...there he is revering to Plato.. had at one time told them that being Israelites they were the children of YAHWEH. And even here in the King James version this is very plain in Verse 28..for there they are called offspring. And since they had their beginning in spirit with YAHWEH then they should not be worshiping these idols made of gold, silver, wood and stone. Paul goes on in verse 30 to tell them that thru the time of their migrations YAHWEH had winked at their ignorance, but now the time has come for the Israelites to repent, to turn in their thinking for the day will come when He will judge the inhabitants of the world in righteousness because this ONE YAHWEH in the flesh came as YAHSHUA-Messiah, and by HIS Cross redeemed His people, and then raised HIS body from the tomb.

When the people heard about the resurrection this produced sneering on the part of some, but others heard the call of the spirit and they wanted to hear more, and more and more.

QUESTION:...Acts 18...Aquila a certain Jew...was he really a Jew?

ANSWER:...No..Paul came from Athens back to Corinth and there was now in residence this man named Aquila, born in Pontius but who lately had come from Italy with his wife Priscilla. The Roman ruler had commanded that all Judah-Israelites should leave Rome because of the tensions there, for trouble was being stirred by the Jews in power of the money system, they wanted to stop these followers of YAHSHUA from gaining a foothold in Rome, so Aquila and Priscilla came to Corinth one of the headquarters of the Apostles and disciples. Their business was tent making and since this was also the same as Paul grew up in, he went to stay with Aquila and Priscilla. He preached each week in the school of the scribes (translated synagogues after it was decided that the Jews were the chosen since they were the Last to leave Judea)...and Paul persuaded many to turn in their thinking. Israelites would hear and then turn to the truth, but the Jews when they heard that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh would scream and yell and finally the Apostle Paul said to them:..Your blood be upon your own heads, I am clean from now on I am not going to even try to talk to you, I am going only to talk to Lost Israel (translated gentile).

Now; verses 7-11..In the King James version:..The chief ruler of the synagogue believed on the LORD with all his house. This again is why so many people become confused for here it says the leader of a synagogue believed in YAHSHUA. But this was the school of the scribes and there were Israelites who came to learn what was in the Scriptures. This man was a Israelite, and many of the Corinthians believed, and were baptized, thus more Lost Sheep were back in the Fold.

Now; while Paul was here he has a vision, the Holy Spirit spoke to him and told him to not be afraid to speak, to go ahead and help the people understand for there are many people in this city who he will reach. And as the spirit calls they will answer. After all this is not surprising, for YAHSHUA said:..'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out'. Thus Paul then stayed here for a year and a half teaching the Israelites of this city.

Then again the Jews moved to break up the teaching of YAHSHUA and the resurrection, and they brought Paul before the judgment seat of Gallio and said:...'This man persuades people to worship God contrary to law. But this time the leader did not listen to the Jews, and drove them from the court (vs 16), and the Greek Israelites then took the chief Jew and beat him.'

But Paul had taught Aquila all the message, brought them up to date on all the facts of the crucifixion and resurrection, and now those two were ready to teach Lost Israelites, so the Jews were not having much luck in stopping this teaching of YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA, the atonement, and the Resurrection.

Paul then left to go to Jerusalem, then he went to Antioch, and on to Galatia in order to strengthen the disciples in areas where he had been before. Always he was busy going back to see that the Faith was still growing in the areas where he had been before, because the Jews did all they could to sidetrack the message.

QUESTION:...Apollos, a certain Jew. Who was he? (Acts 18:24)

ANSWER:...This man was born at Alexandria, Egypt and he was an eloquent speaker, and a mighty student of the Scriptures. This man thus was raised in Alexandria which was a Roman Province, but he was a Greek by birth, but like many of the Israelites had been raised sort of under the influence of the Jews, yet he still was quite a student of the Scriptures that they had which was the Old Testament. And hearing about YAHSHUA and the resurrection this man accepted that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, and he then taught all he knew. In the writings of the early church fathers you find that Apollos was a Greek convert, an Israelite. He then began to teach boldly that the Baptism of John the Baptist had occurred, and from there on all that he knew. Thus Aquila and Priscilla after being taught by Paul now heard this man speak, and they explained some things to him so that he could tell the story more perfectly. He had not as yet joined the group of followers of YAHSHUA which at this time was sort of like an underground movement spreading out, but functioning as well. And remember that Aquila and Priscilla were of Royalty, they had been in Rome, had been in Greece, they were a Royal family of devout followers of YAHSHUA in the early excursions of this movement today called Christianity. They had authority, and wealth, but they then took Apollos into their home, they are doing the right thing in expounding this truth, but we want to tell you the rest of the story. So then they told him even greater things than he knew, and he asked to be baptised into the death, burial and resurrection of YAHSHUA, and he was thus baptized.

Now; this man was not a Jew by race, he had studied the Scriptures, a man of Greek parentage, but had studied under the influence of the Talmud which had scattered out all over, even tho they did not have to contend with the Kazzar Jews as we do today. This man then spoke in the school of the scribes altho now pretty much a synagogue still not a place of worship as such. But when he heard that YAHSHUA had come as Messiah, the teaching of the synagogue had no more influence over him. He was a great debater and an eloquent speaker and was known in the early church history of as one of the great orators for YAHSHUA and the Faith. There was however certain things he did not understand at first such as the areas of Grace, which the Apostle Paul understood because he had been instructed in those things. Thus then Apollos seemed to be in dispute at times until he learned these things, so some people said:...I am of Paul, and some people said I am of Apollos. But finally the Apostle Paul said:...Look we are all ONE in YAHSHUA. But here you had two great personalities involved, both eloquent speakers, both brilliant students of theology as the spirit of YAHSHUA unveiled it. Here you have the Scripture account to show that apparently the people were following these two great religious leaders of their time. But Paul ended the argument by saying:...'Do not follow us, follow YAHSHUA ...we are all following YAHSHUA, this one called Jesus Christ today who was YAHWEH embodied.

If we could only have a translation that would make a correction in the ethnic areas of translation, in other words saying:...Judean, or Judahite, instead of saying Jew as it should be, or say a man was worshiping and studying where those of the sect of the Jews worshiped, then you wouldn't get this race of Israel mixed up with the Jews. But we do not have that today, and as we have said, the Bible is a library of Books to be studied, it does not read like a story book, or a novel. After all it was not to be taken that way, for he talked in parables, and in mysteries but gives you the power to understand if you search. Today most people don't seem to feel the call to study, they just follow the teaching of their church, or follow the road of the least resistance. I am thinking of the Methodist Sunday School Lesson for April 15., leading up to Easter Sunday as Resurrection day is now called. Yes, the word Israel was there, then everything became Jewish...people were told they should go find a good Jewish friend and share the Passover with them, for after all Christianity had its background in Judaism. And then went on to say that the early church seemed to get mixed up in their feelings for the Jews. I guess people have not read the Book of Acts, or understood it, or they would not sit still for such teaching in their Sunday School lessons.

Now; once again when Judah and Benjamin came back from captivity they called their religion Judaic. They tried to reestablish the Faith and to cleanse their race, but when the enemy finally took control of the Temple and the land, the religion was a mixture of everything rolled in. Later it would be called Judaism, but if a young Israelite studied then it was sort of like today...blind leads the blind, but not all teachers of the Levitical house believed the things the Jews...Sadducees and false Pharisees taught. So there was quite a division in theology as there is today. But the Apostle Paul at that time straightened out this argument by saying:... 'Look we are all followers of YAHSHUA.' If our people would say that to their Jewish friends that they are supposed to visit, bet we could predict the results.

Now; the Apostle Paul as he traveled to each city had to find a way to interpret the theology so as the people understand what he was saying so the Lost Sheep would hear the message he was bringing them. In some places all they knew was that John the Baptist had coming preaching repentance. In other places they had heard of the resurrection but they knew nothing of the Holy Spirit. Thus Paul would then Baptize them and the Scripture says that they received the Holy Spirit. This means they are now able to understand why the crucifixion was necessary, and that the Resurrection sets them free, and they now knew who they were that Messiah had redeemed, and they would quit bowing to pagan gods. Now that they knew that the spirit in them was spirit of His Spirit they could turn to HIM for guidance. So the Apostle Paul was chosen for this work because he was so well educated, and a great linguist and speaker. He was then able to reach the Lost Sheep of the different areas by understanding their languages, and could put over the fact that YAHSHUA had been YAHWEH in the flesh, and had been crucified and then rose from the dead, and this important pattern of Scripture was now fulfilled and these Lost Sheep understood, and accepted and were baptized in the name of YAHSHUA.

Remember that the Apostle Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin as were the other Apostles and Paul could not have been a Jew altho it is translated as tho he was. But in the area where he lived as a boy the Jews were in control of some areas of the Israelite religion so YAHSHUA let him get a good education as to who the Yehudin were, before he stopped him on the road to Damascus, then made this Great Apostle to Lost Israel out of him. After his trip into the heavens no one would ever take from the Apostle Paul these things he had learned.

QUESTION:...I know that Paul was not a Jew; but how do I prove it?

ANSWER:...Well that depends on who you are trying to prove it to. If someone is thoroughly convinced that the King James version of the Bible is every word out of the mouth of YAHWEH, and is no student of Scripture, then you will spend a lot of time trying to convince them, and won't have any luck until our Father steps in and opens up their understanding.

Many Christians of today have been given a very false concept of the Jewish religion. They have been told that the people of the Old Testament are Jews, and that their religion is Jewish, and that these people rejected Christ, and therefore they were dropped from Gods plan, and that the church was formed by Jesus out of any who would accept HIM, and thus form a new substitutional society for God in earth, in place of the Jews until a specified time.

Now; this of course if you are willing to stop to think about it could not be true for by this philosophy you are reducing YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA down to below the power of men. Saying he couldn't control men so had to change His plan. Actually the Jews never did embrace the inspiration of the Scriptures, they did not and do not embrace the things advocated by Moses and taught by the men of Israel who wrote as they were moved by the inspiration of YAHWEH. They just took the Scriptures and rewrote them and twisted them and set them according to the decision of the Rabbi. They thus give lip service to the areas of the Mosaic Law while twisting its doctrine. They set up all kinds of professions of the Rabbinical house and taught their version of the teachings of YAHWEH. They changed His name to God and Lord and the statement that the Rabbi's statements are greater than God because he is just one where as they are many Rabbi's. When blind Israel carried the Book, and lets non-Israelites translate the Bible for them, making no distinction between the people of the Book, then it is hard for you to show your fellow Israelite anything in the Book. It is only when HIS spirit calls to Lost Sheep that you can get past this blind spot with them.

The Apostle Paul could not have been a Jew, or he would not have become the great Apostle to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. he would not have been able to say:...all our fathers came thru the red sea and drank of the same rock, because Israel in earth started with Adam and Eve and came on down thru Seth, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as a race of people. They believed in One God whose name was YAHWEH. And they expected that He would come embodied to redeem them. After the Resurrection then as the Apostles moved out, when the people understood that this YAHSHUA of Nazareth was YAHWEH in the flesh, then they knew they were redeemed, and they followed HIM. Thus only Lost Israel could be reached by this message and the Apostle Paul by his response could have been only an Israelite. Oh, he was trapped for a time in the Jewish religion, and he later was not proud of this fact for he said he was 'like one born out of due season'. But as soon as he became the Apostle Paul, speaking the truth then right away the Jews hated him, they delivered him up to their synagogues, they beat him, always they were trying to kill him. His family being a powerful family in the Roman government, the Jews did not think they could get away with killing him after they found that out, but they harassed him in every way they could. Even went to court to try to stop him from preaching. They tried him and then tried him again, and as you understand the things he is telling you in Scripture. When the blindness drops from Israel's eyes as Great Babylon falls they will see. In the meantime if someone remains blind then move on helping those of Israel who are being awakened.

QUESTION:...Acts 19:13. These vagabond Yehudin, who tried to cast evil spirits out, who were they?

ANSWER:...Paul had been moving around all over Asia Minor, south eastern Europe and both Judeans and Greeks had heard of the miracles which YAHSHUA performed by the hands of the Apostle Paul. He had cast out devils, or evil spirits using the Name of YAHSHUA like the Apostles did. You notice verse the evil spirits said...I know who YAHSHUA is, and I know who Paul is but who are you?. The man under the control of this evil spirit jumped on these Jews and they fled from the house wounded. This became known to the people of Ephesus, and fear fell upon the Jews, but the Name of YAHSHUA was magnified and many came to the Apostles and confessed and were baptized. They brought their idols and books and burned them. It must have been quite a pile of junk for the value was counted as 50 thousand pieces of silver. Thus the Lost Sheep were discarding their idols and false teachings, and following YAHSHUA and the number grew of them every day.

Paul then decided to go to Jerusalem one more time, and then he planned to go to Rome. But there was a disturbance in that the silversmith saw their business being ruined so they made trouble for Paul, after all they saw their business going down the drain for they made money making these idols and shrines for the goddess Diana. He called all the craftsmen together, this head silversmith and reminded them that Paul is telling people that there are no gods which are made by hands. But this great Temple where Diana is worshiped is a magnificent Temple, all Asia and the world worships this goddess, so they must stop the work of this Paul and his disciples or their business will be ruined. So they stirred up the people, and the city was in confusion and they gathered some of Paul’s disciples and brought them into the theater. Paul would have gone in also but his friends thought he should not go into the mob.

VERSE translation then Alexander is a Jew which of course is incorrect. He was a Judean Israelite who now lived here and has been with the disciples for some time. And when these people learned he is an Israelite and follower of YAHSHUA they screamed for two hours crying...Great is Diana of the Ephesians.

Now; you should really read about this goddess Diana that they worshiped and see her picture. Some of the old Bibles have pictures of her and some of the great temple built where they worshiped her. Since everyone was supposed to have a figurine of her in their homes no wonder the silversmiths cried out that it was ruining their money scheme when people started following YAHSHUA, and then burned all those figurines as well as the books written about her. Peloubets Bible Dictionary has a picture of her, rather a modest one from some I have seen. But it identifies her with Astarte and other female divinities of the east, she thus tied in with Kali, the serpent goddess and even the Black Madonna.

The town clerk finally quieted the crowd men of Ephesus what man is there that knowest not this city of Ephesus is a worshiper of the great goddess Diana, of this image which fell down from Jupiter. In the Ferrah Fenton Bible Diana is called the great Artemis and this image which fell down from Jupiter is just called a fallen god, but this is also in symbolism referring to Lucifer and his rebellion. For Jupiter is a symbol of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who ran him out of the heavens, so you get an idea of the idol worship of Greece at that time where Lost Israelites lived.

QUESTION:...This young man of Acts 20:9...did he really die?

ANSWER:...From all accounts he was dead, and the Apostle Paul then raised him and brought him back to life. But then YAHSHUA told His Apostles they would do even greater things than he did if they knew how. Paul was given the power of the Spirit so as to comfort these followers of YAHSHUA, for life was pretty rough for them.

Paul prepares again to leave for he wanted to be at Jerusalem the day of Pentecost. He called his followers together and talked to them one more time, as this would be the last time he will see them. He realizes that only trouble awaits him wherever he goes, but he must finish the ministry which he received from YAHSHUA.

VERSE 26:...'I am anxious this very day to prove to you that I am clear from the blood of all men. I never hesitated in declaring unto you the whole purpose of YAHSHUA. Guard yourself as well as the whole of the fold in which the Holy Spirit has appointed you shepherds to nourish the church which He has purchased with the blood of His own embodiment. After I am gone from your midst then grievous wolves will enter among you not sparing the flock. Men even of your own selves will rise trying to draw away disciples after them, I have been with you three years, but now I commend you to YAHSHUA, AND TO THE WORD OF HIS GRACE.7

The Apostle Paul is very touched by having to leave this little flock and he kneeled and prayed with them then they accompanied him to the ship. Things had not been easy here in Greece with the Apostle Paul with them, so what will it be like without him?

Paul then came to Caesarea close to Jerusalem. Philip was still there with his daughters at that time. There is prophecy that Paul will be bound at Jerusalem, but Paul is determined to go, he said he was willing even to die for YAHSHUA at Jerusalem. Paul tells them all the news about how the WORD of YAHSHUA was received by the Lost Israelites, as he visits with James and some of the others at Jerusalem. There is discussion that Paul is not preaching circumcision or other things to the Lost Sheep only that they keep themselves form worshiping idols, from mixing their blood. There were four men who have taken a vow, so Paul purified himself also, and with them entered the Temple. When the seven days of purification, fasting were almost over then here came the Jews, here listed as Asiatics which we know they are, probably Cainanites. Here they try to turn the Israelites against Paul because he did not teach all these rituals to the Lost Israelites. They were about to kill Paul, were beating him but the Chief Captain of the Romans came and took Paul, bound him in chains. Paul said:...I am an Israelite of Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, a citizen of no mean city. Suffer me to speak to these people. And he stood on the steps and spoke to the people. He tells then how he came to Jerusalem as a young lad to sit at the feet of Gamaliel, and was taught according to the manner of the law of the fathers and was Zealous toward YAHWEH as 'ye are today'. I persecuted the followers of YAHSHUA delivering them into prison, both men and women. I went to Damascus with a commission to bring more followers of HIM... bound to Jerusalem. The Apostle Paul then goes on to tell the people how YAHSHUA of Nazareth stopped him on the road to Damascus, and how he was blinded by the Glory of the Light that shown down on this group of men. How he was led into Damascus. And how Ananias then came to him and he received his sight. Paul also recalls for them how he stood by when Stephen was killed and had not lifted a finger to help him. How he was the sent by YAHSHUA to the Lost Sheep of Israel (gentiles) as Paul finished speaking the Jews cried 'away with him, it is not fit for such a one to live.' What saved the life of the Apostle Paul at this time was the fact that Paul said to the centurion:...'is it lawful for you to scourge a man that is a Roman?' The Chief Captain then demanded to know if Paul was a Roman, and when assured that he was indeed a Roman citizen then he was worried because he had bound Paul.

The next day they brought Paul before the council and the chief Priests were there. Paul spoke to the council saying:..' I have lived in good conscience before YAHSHUA until this day.' Remember that at one time the Apostle Paul had been working with the High Priests of Jerusalem to harass followers of YAHSHUA. And now the High Priests of Jerusalem ordered that Paul be struck on the mouth for saying this. Acts 23:1. Paul said unto the High Priests:...'YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA shall smite thee for you are whited walls; for sitest thou to judge me after the law, and command me to be smitten contrary to law?' The men that stood said:..Revilest thou Gods High Priest?

Now; think of the courage of this Apostle Paul as he stood there before the enemy and he replied:...I wish not brethren that he was the High Priest for it is written:...thou shalt not speak evil of the ruler of thy people. But Paul now knew that these rulers here in Jerusalem were not true Priests of Israel. He had just called this High Priest a whited wall meaning that outwardly he was filling the office of High Priest but he should not have been in that office, for there was no spirit inside.

Paul realized that there were many Sadducees in this council, and some false Pharisees, and a few true Pharisees. He said:...I am a true Pharisee ..I believe in the resurrection of the dead. This brought a great cry from the scribes that were true Pharisees, and they arose and said:...we find no evil in this man, if a voice from the spirit had spoken to him let us not fight against YAHWEH. The Chief Captain commanded the soldiers to go and to take Paul to the castle. That night YAHSHUA came to Paul telling him to be of good cheer, and since Paul had now testified of YAHSHUA in Jerusalem, then he must now go also to bear witness in Rome.

The next day the Jews banded together and bound themselves under a curse, saying they would neither eat nor drink until they had killed Paul. There were more than 40 of these Yehudin of this conspiracy. They came to the chief Priest, and Elders and told them of their vow to kill Paul. And they conspired with the High Priest to call for Paul to be brought back before them the next day as tho they would inquire of something about him, then as Paul is brought back before the Priests, they would be ready to kill him. The sister of Paul lived in this old city and her son heard this plotting about lying in wait for Paul so the young man came to the castle and told Paul. One of the Centurions was called and Paul had him taken to the Chief Captain where this nephew of Paul told of this plot of the Jews to kill Paul as he was brought down to the council. Told them there would be at least 40 of the Yehudin waiting for Paul the next day.

The Chief Captain, a Roman, then let the young man depart, and he called two centurions to him. These Romans here were in place because this is a province of the Roman Empire, and these Romans had their education here as they watched the Jews in control of the temple. But the Captain called these two centurions and gave orders, and 200 soldiers would be ready to move in the night at the third hour. They took Paul and a letter of explanation of the affairs here in Jerusalem to the governor at Caesarea. After finding out that Paul came from the governor, he was sent there and the governor said he would hear Paul when his accusers came. So Paul was thus kept in Herod’s judgment hall.

QUESTION:...But this I confess unto thee that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers believing all things which are written in the law and in the Prophets. Acts 24:14. ??

ANSWER:...Five days after Paul was taken away in the night from Jerusalem then here comes the Jews, the High Priest and some of the Elders. They brought a smooth talking lawyer with them, and he begins flattering the governor who was Felix. He tells him that Paul is a mover of sedition among all the Jews thru out the world (the Roman Empire), and a ringleader of this sect that follows JESUS OF NAZARETH. This Paul, he said, had tried to profane their temple at Jerusalem so they took him, and would have judged him according to their laws but the Chief Captain took him from their midst with violence. Paul is then called to speak for himself. This was one more chance for the Apostle Paul to give his testimony. In all these places he would declare his stand on the declaration in the Book of Ephesians, that no other foundation can we lay except it be laid in this embodiment of YAHWEH visiting his people in earth as Messiah...YAHSHUA of Nazareth.

The Apostle Paul never attempted to lay any other foundation, but he launched the spiritual dynamics which was to sweep out over the world of the white race, and would so stimulate the Lost Sheep until Christianity has become the most stalwart philosophy of individual and personal victory that men have ever known. You cannot therefore build or accomplish except you accomplish it upon this foundation, and unless this culture, and this knowledge of your background is understood. Today we find that the cunning of the enemy has been able to so brainwash the center of instructions until ministers come forward with the idea that the kingdom of God is up somewhere in heaven, and the only thing to worry about is getting up there. That their responsibility to the earth, to the kingdom in earth, to put it back under the administration of YAHWEH...this they do not understand. In fact if you talk about a literal kingdom here in earth under the administration of YAHWEH’S children, this Adamic race, then the ministers will get up to say this is heresy, this one is a heretic. But just remember that they said this about the Apostle Paul as he said:...'After the way which they call heresy so worship I YAHWEH the God of our fathers.' Based upon the Scriptures, upon its content, and upon all the wisdom and knowledge His Spirit brings our race, the biological and anthropological patterns of the law, the testimony of our theology, the testimony of science, this connection between true science, and the author of all creation who made all true science which does thus established. Thus He who put all things together knows all there is to know, and since the Apostle Paul was taken into the heavens and instructed then as he talked here to these people in his defense then we feel he said more than is translated here. But he told them of the resurrection, and all that it means to our race, and even tells them there is a resurrection even of the unjust. But because the Apostle Paul had left the teaching of the Jews to follow YAHSHUA the Jews would never rest in trying to kill him.

Felix then gives orders for the Roman Centurion to keep Paul, let him have liberty and let any of his acquaintances come to him. Then later Felix came with his wife Drusilla who was of the tribe of Judah, a Judean, and he sent for Paul, and they asked concerning the Faith in YAHSHUA. Felix was troubled, the more the Apostle Paul talked of the Faith of Israel, of the coming of Messiah, and the purpose of the Cross, the judgment to come, and finally he sent Paul away. He was hoping that a way would be found so that he could let Paul go free.

After two years of semi-confinement then Festus came to see Felix and Felix to show pleasure to the Jews then had Paul bound. The Romans in Judea were even a little afraid of the Jews, and they tried to get along with them. Festus went on to Jerusalem and the High Priest tried to persuade him to have Paul brought back to Jerusalem so they could kill him. But remember that YAHSHUA had told Paul that he was to testify of HIM in Rome. Acts 23:11. So you knew they would not be able to kill Paul at Jerusalem. But when Festus came again to Caesarea to sit on the judgment seat the Jews came down from Jerusalem and stood around and accused Paul with many complaints. Paul answered them telling them he had done nothing against the law of the Jews, or the temple, or against Caesar to offend anyone. But Festus willing to do the Jews a favor asked Paul if he was willing to go up to Jerusalem, and there be judged of these things before him? Acts 25:9. This then was when Paul appealed unto Caesar because he was to go to Rome and this was one way of getting there. But did you notice how most of these rulers of this Roman Province bent almost over backwards trying to do something which the Jews would approve of at Jerusalem. Do you see any resemblance in this situation of today?

The King Agrippa and Bernice came to Caesarea to salute Festus and after many days then Festus tells Agrippa about Paul who was still in bonds. Tells him of how the Jews of Jerusalem visited to have Paul brought there to be tried in Jerusalem. Festus said he was informed the Jews that it was not the manner of the Romans to deliver any man to this death before he is face to face with his accusers, and has a chance to answer them. He told King Agrippa that when the charges were brought by the Jews they were not anything as he had supposed they would be. The main thing the Jews had against Paul was that he preached that YAHSHUA who was crucified...lay dead in the tomb, was now alive and was YAHWEH OF THE HEAVENS. (Vs 19). Since Paul had appealed to Caesar then he was still in custody here in Caesarea. King Agrippa said that he would hear Paul in his own defense and on the morrow then King Agrippa and his wife, and the others of the court were seated and Paul was brought before them to answer all the charges against him where as the Jews desired him killed.

In Acts 26., you read what the Apostle Paul told this gathering in the court. Here this great orator stood to speak in his own behalf, and he started his story back in his early life, and came forward telling them of all that had happened to him; and why he was now accused by the Jews. He starts his explanation of how he came at an early age to Jerusalem where he studied, was a Pharisee in philosophy, became a devout Apostle of the temple even to the harassing of the followers of YAHSHUA. (vs 16) Now I stand and am judged for the hope of the promise made by YAHWEH to our fathers. By this promise our 12 tribes of Israel instantly serving YAHWEH WHO IS YAHSHUA. Actually in early translations the Apostle Paul said to King Agrippa:....the Jews persecute me because I have revealed the promise of our God, the ONE who our twelve tribes serve. The Jews have no part in the 12 tribes of Israel, and going on Paul said:...and because of this hope of HIS return King Agrippa I am accused of the Jews. Thus the Apostle Paul tells the king the story of Identity, of the twelve tribes of Israel, their hope of restoration and their belief that resurrection brings that hope closer.

Then the Apostle Paul went on to say that it shouldn't be such an incredible thing for Agrippa to believe that YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh had risen from the dead. However Paul said at one time he thought that he should do things contrary to YAHSHUA of Nazareth. He had done these wrong things in Jerusalem where he helped shut the Saints in prison after receiving the permission or authority from the Chief Priest. And even when they put Stephen to death he went along with it. But then he was going to Damascus and there on the road YAHSHUA stopped him, and informed him that he was to be a minister, and a witness of the things that he had seen and learned. He was to go to the gentile..the Ethene..or Lost Sheep of Israel to open their eyes, and turn them from darkness unto Light (truth), from the power of Satans bondage, to YAHSHUA so that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and their inheritance among those who are sanctified by the Faith that Paul had found. Verses 14 to 18.

Paul then said:...O, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision. I have witnessed from first at Damascus then Jerusalem, thru out the coast of Judea, and then to the Ethene, Lost Israel, that this they should do...repent and turn to YAHSHUA, and do the necessary things for repentance. It is for this cause that the Jews caught me in the temple and tried to kill me. But having obtained help from YAHWEH I continue unto this day witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than that which the prophets, and Moses said should come. That YAHSHUA should suffer, and that He would be the first of the race to rise from the dead, and show light to His people here in Judea, and Palestine, and to the Lost Sheep now translated gentiles.

As Paul spoke, Festus said:...surely you are mad, to much learning had made you mad. But Paul replied: No, I am not mad, I speak the words of truth in soberness. You know these things, such as the resurrection for I am persuaded none of these things were done in secret. Then turning to King Agrippa Paul said:...believeth thou not the prophets? I know thou believest. King Agrippa replied:...Paul, almost thou persuadeth me to be a follower of YAHSHUA. Yes, King Agrippa was a Roman, and an Israelite, and the Apostle Paul then said to him:...I wish that not only you, but all that hear me this day were both almost and altogether such as I am except these bonds. Then King Agrippa and the Governor, and Bernice arose and talked among themselves, deciding that Paul had done nothing worthy of death or of prison bonds. If he had not already appealed to Caesar they would have let Paul go.

QUESTION:...Why do you call people Anti-Christ when they deny that Jesus is the Christ, if His Name is YAHSHUA? This is hard for me to understand.

ANSWER:...This is one of the questions that came in...only here it is in a mild form. But this is a matter of semantics, used in translation of the Scripture. His name is YAHSHUA, he is Jesus Christ in translation, meaning that He is YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA Savior, Messiah. The Apostle Paul always declared the deity of YAHSHUA, and those that deny that He, YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh then deny His deity. This the Yehudin (Jews) denied, and still do. In fact today they place themselves...the entire race as Messiah, and are still looking for their total rule of earth under their God who is not YAHSHUA.

QUESTION:...I have always wondered why there was so much trouble for this ship and the prisoners on it when Paul was under the guidance of YAHSHUA on his way to Rome?

ANSWER:...Well, the mission of the Apostle Paul was not an easy one, he met persecution all the way. But he was to do certain things, and he was under the protection of YAHSHUA (Acts 27:23) for he tells of YAHSHUA standing by him to reassure him and promising he will be brought before Caesar, and all these who sail on the ship will not lose their lives either. Thus Paul all thru these troubles was witnessing to the power of YAHSHUA to protect His own, to see that he would be able to complete his mission. The Centurion was determined to save Paul when the ship was breaking up, so all escaped and were finally safe on land. The little Island called Melita, on your map...found the people of the Island helping the survivors ashore and they built a fire to help dry them out and warm them with the fire. Then when Paul gathered the bundle of sticks and laid them on the fire, a viper (snake) came out and fastened on this hand. As the people saw this they thought this man is probably a murdered, and even tho he escaped from the sea now he will still die for this was a very poisonous snake. But when Paul did not swell up and fall down dead they changed their minds and said he was a god. This had surely caught the attention of these people didn't it? After Paul healed the father of the Chief man of the Island then others came to Paul and were healed. Paul had just reached more Lost Israelites and you can be sure that he preached the deity of YAHSHUA, and the identity of the race.

The followers of YAHSHUA in Rome hear that Paul is on a ship coming to Rome and they go out to meet him. Finally they do reach Rome and the Centurion delivers the prisoners to the captain of the guard and Paul is allowed to dwell by himself, with a soldier as a guard.

VERSE more time you find the word Jew is translated, but remember that Paul came to Rome because the Jews were trying to kill him in Jerusalem, because of his testimony of the Deity of YAHSHUA, and because of his message of 'Identity' to the Lost Sheep. Thus he called the leaders of the Judean Israelites here in Rome and they came together and he said to them:...'men and brethren'...thus the translation of Jew is totally incorrect as used here. Paul then tells them all what has happened in the east, and how he had to appeal to Caesar to escape the Jews in Jerusalem. 'for this cause therefore have I called for you, to see you, and to speak to you because that for the hope of Israel I am bound with these chains.' (Vs 20) The people said they had not heard anything out of Judea about Paul except something good, but they were anxious to hear what Paul had to say. This sect that were followers of YAHSHUA knew they were spoken against everywhere. There is some mixed up translation in these last verses, but a day was set and many came to Paul who was lodging here in a rented house, and he taught them of the kingdom, persuaded them that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, that He had raised from the dead. He taught them from morning to night...their identity...using the Books of the Prophets and the teachings of Moses.

Now; verse 25 and 27 are strange verses which do not agree with verses 23 and 28...for in verse 28 the Apostle Paul tells them..'Be it known unto you that the message of salvation wrought by YAHSHUA as Messiah is sent to the nations of Lost Israel and they will hear.' These Judeans living in Rome would depart from each session with Paul with much to think about and to talk about among themselves. Paul then lived there for two whole years in his own hired house and he taught all who came to him. Always he preached the Gospel of the Kingdom, and all things which concerned YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA. Paul taught with all confidence as tho he had been well instructed...which he was...and no man forbid him to instruct these Lost Sheep of Israel.

QUESTION:...Did Paul really go to Britain?

ANSWER:...There is a translated pamphlet entitled the Long Lost Chapters of the Acts of the Apostles. This contains the account of Paul's journey to Spain, and then on to Britain. An original manuscript was found in the archives of Constantinople, and this is a translation from the original. This pamphlet carries an account of Paul's journey after his two years of enforced residence in Rome, in his own hired house where he taught Lost Israelites. It reads like a continuation of the Book of Acts. In this Booklet we are told that Paul, full of blessings of YAHSHUA and abounding in the Spirit, departed out of Rome deciding to go to Spain and had also wanted to go to Britain. Paul had heard that certain of the Children of Israel, after the Assyrian captivity, had escaped by sea to the 'Isles' afar off as spoken by the prophets, and called by the Romans...Britain. Since YAHSHUA had commanded the Gospel of the Kingdom to be preached far off, hence to the gentiles who he now knew were the Lost Sheep of Israel, and since no one hindered him as he testified boldly of YAHSHUA before tribunes, and among the people, then Paul took some of the brethren who abode with him at Rome, and they took a ship for Spain. There in Spain people gathered to hear the Apostle Paul as they had already heard of the work of the Apostles, and the miracles they had wrought. Paul preached in Spain, and a great multitude believed, and were baptized thus more Lost Sheep were reached. Then Paul went to Britain and when the word passed that the Apostle had landed, a great multitude of the inhabitants came to meet him, and they treated Paul courteously and took him to the House of a Hebrew, one of his own nation where he was to stay. The next day Paul stood on Ludgate Hill, and Broadway where St. Paul's Cathedral was later built in London, England. The people thronged at the gate, and assembled in the Broadway and Paul preached to them about YAHSHUA and they believed the testimony that he carried. In this Pamphlet is this prophecy which Paul is recorded to have given as the Holy Spirit ascended upon him:...'Behold in the last days YAHSHUA shall dwell in the cities; and the inhabitants therefore shall be numbered; and in this seventh numbering of the people their eyes shall be opened, and the Glory of their inheritance shine forth before them. And nations shall come up to worship on the Mount that testifieth of the patience and long suffering of a servant of YAHSHUA. And in the latter days new tidings of the Gospel shall issue forth out of Jerusalem, and the hearts of the people shall rejoice, and behold, fountains shall be opened and there shall be no more plague. In those days there shall be wars and rumors of wars, and a king shall rise up and his sword shall be for the healing of the nations, and his peacemaker shall abide, and the glory of his kingdom, a wonder among princes.'

Now; certain of the Druids came unto Paul privately, and showed by their rites and ceremonies that they descended from the Adamites...Israelites which also escaped from bondage in the land of Egypt. And we find that the Apostle Paul stayed three months here preaching the deity of YAHSHUA, the resurrection, and the Gospel of the Kingdom. We are also told that Paul traveled thru Gaul and preached in Roman garrisons and to the people. That there came some from Belgae (Belgium) to inquire of Paul what new doctrine that he brought. And again Paul proclaimed the coming of YAHWEH to earth as He had promised, coming as YAHSHUA of Nazareth, and that he came to save His people from their sins. There is no doubt that Paul had heard of the 'tin Island', there is no doubt that Paul traveled to Britain as did many of the Apostles and disciples. In Paul's prophecy he spoke of the seventh numbering and some have suggested that this was the seventh census taken in the British Isles about the time when the British Israelite movement began, and which has led to the movement called 'Identity' in all western Christian Nations. I have wondered......if this will climax when the seventh Angel sounds, then all Israel will know who they are? In your study of the Scripture as we leave the Book of Acts, we will be studying in the Epistles that the Apostle Paul wrote, and he gets much deeper into the meanings of Our Bible.