ERM - Tape 049 - The Legend of Hiram the Abiff, from the Old Big Book





1. The Legend of Hiram the Abiff, from the Old Big Book


We have told you about the beginning of Philosophy, and also about the symbolism of the Human body from the Old Big Book. Let us then take a look at this Legend of Hiram the Abiff who came to Jerusalem from the King of Tyre to help with the building of the Temple at the time when Solomon began that great work.

At the beginning of this article is a picture about this Hiram Legend... it is a big picture copyrighted by Manly Hall. The idea for this picture is taken from the TALMUD LEGEND, and is entitled..King Solomon and the Shedd. Now; the Shedd is an Elemental being, thus this is quite interesting taking into consideration as to where this legend came from. This is a picture of the upper part of a man's body with sort of a dark-demon like face, and only two fang teeth in the mouth. He looks as tho empowered with Bat wings. In his left hand is the statue of a white king, presumably King Solomon with robes and crown. On the next to the little finger of the left hand is a six pointed star as you see it today, but now in two colors, The pyramid or triangle pointing downward is red, and the one pointing up is blue.

According to the TALMUD there was a remarkable stone called the 'Shamir' and it was the magical Jewel or 'worm' used by Aaron to cut the stones for the Breastplate for the Israelite High Priests. King Solomon when ordered to build the Temple without the sound of hammers could not cut the stones in the usual manner, but laying the 'Shamir' against the side of the rock the stones instantly and noiselessly separated according to any desired pattern. In order to learn the whereabouts of the 'Shamir' King Solomon turned to the ELEMENTALS, those who grew in darkness, lived in darkness, and they told him that ASHMEDAI the great king of the Shedds could give him the desired information. Solomon therefore sent his faithful General Benaihu to capture ASHMEDAI, and the General did this with the aid of a chain with the name of God engraved upon its links. From Ashmedai then Solomon learned that the Ruler of the Sea had entrusted the 'Shamir' to a wild rooster, from which Solomon speedily secured the stone.

Ashmedai was held captive by King Solomon until the completion of the Temple, when the Great Elemental effected his liberation in the following manner:...Solomon became curious as to the magical powers of Ashmedai and the King of the Shedds told Solomon that if Solomon would remove the chain bearing the name of God and lend him the Signet Ring that Solomon wore then he would demonstrate for his supernatural power. Solomon complied with this request and the Shedd picked up King Solomon and cast him 400 miles into a distant country, and after taking on himself the figure and appearance of King Solomon he ruled Israel in Solomon's stead. A sadder and wiser man King Solomon finally regained his throne, and Ashmedai after many adventures spread his wings and ascended his throne in the Elemental world.

Now; that is the legend found in the TALMUD, and now you also understand why that picture was painted of the Elemental King with the bats wings, and the Jewish six pointed star ring, flying toward the city of Jerusalem you see in the distance. The tiny figure of the white almost obscured clutched in the Elementals dark left hand. That legend thus will reveal and also conceal..but King Solomon was the King of Israel at that time of the building of the Temple into which the LIGHT of YAHWEH came as the Israelites placed 'The Ark of the Covenant' in the finished Holy of Holies. We have told you before of how YAHWEH'S power thru the Ark of the Covenant was used to build the Pyramid, so can't you just see YAHWEH allowing Solomon was so inclined to go into the world of darkness for someone who was supposed to have more power than Solomon under the guidance of YAHWEH, and have that power used to prepare the Stones for the foundation of the Temple???

According to Dr. Swift...Shamir was the name of a Sadducee who professed to be a true Pharisee believing in all things the Israelites believed in, but when installed in the Sanhedrin showed his true colors as a false Prophet. As to the installing of the Jewels in the High Priests Breastplate... cosmic power was used there such as the laser beam we are learning so much about once again. Aaron would not have used anything but the power of YAHWEH to prepare those Jewels for the Breastplate. Thus this is a wild story but we told you where it came from and the artist did well in the picture he painted as to revealing and also hiding truth.

Here in this big book there is in this Legend about Hiram another picture, it is the drawing of a Masonic Apron with symbolic figures. This was taken from an earlier picture of a hand painted Masonic Apron. But remember that the Apron worn by the Master Masons was a simple square of white Lambskin with appropriate flaps and was not ornamented in any way with figures and colors. The Ancient Mystery figures taught that the size of the Apron exclusive of the flaps consisted of 144 square inches, thus making a people symbolism. (unquote)

This Apron here in this design in the Old Big Book is adorned with all kinds of symbols and they are Masonic symbols and Albert Pike is mentioned as telling how symbolism was lost, but if I remember correctly Dr. Swift named Albert Pike as one who helped obscure the Ancient Mysteries. But here we read:..(quote) To Mars the Ancient planet of cosmic energy, the Atlanteans and the Chaldean 'Star Gazers' assigned ARIES as a dural or daytime throne, and Scorpio as a Nocturnal throne. Those not raised to spiritual life by initiation are described as 'dead from the sting of the Scorpion' as they wander in the night side of Divine power. Thru the Mystery of the Paschal Lamb or attainment of the Golden Fleece, these souls are raised into constructive 'day' power of MARS, and into ARIES the symbol of the Creator.

This Apron when worn over the area related to the animal passions, the pure Lambskin signifies the regeneration of the procreative forces and their consecration to the service of Deity. The size of the Apron, exclusive of the flap makes it the symbol of Salvation for those old Mysteries declare it must consist of 144 square inches. (unquote)

The Apron shown here contains a wealth of symbolism, the Beehive is said to be the emblem of the Masonic Lodge itself. The Trowel, the Mallet, the Trestle board, the rough and tried Ashlars, the Pyramid and hills of Lebanon, the Pillars, the Temple with the checkerboard floor, the blazing Star..all are square, representative of the Macrocosm (the Great Universe) and the Microcosm (or the world in miniature) and with man as an epitome of the Great Universe, and the alternately black and white serpent of Astral Light. Below is an Acacia branch (Ancient) with seven sprigs representing the life centers of the superior and inferior man. The skull and crossbones are a continual reminder that spiritual nature attains liberation only after the philosophical death of mans sensuous personality. (unquote)

I might mention that this black and white serpent of Astral Light is in a circle with the tail in the mouth of that serpent. There are 9 teardrops inside the downward V, and the upward V shows tools forming a Pyramid with the Ancient branch below that.

Now; always we find there is truth in these writings and much error also thus both black and white. In one article in the Old Book I find the Israelites called Jews at the time of Solomon, and that the writings of Josephus is 'The history of the Jews' altho he was a Judean-Israelite, a Historian who just became a Jew in English translation. (We have told you that the Ancients his their knowledge in symbolism and that even the pagans carried this forward, therefore we look for this thru out these writings.)

Again from this Hiramic Legend:...(quote) Solomon, the beloved of God, builder of the Everlasting House and Grand Master of the Lodge at Jerusalem ascended the throne of his father David. He consecrated his life to the erection of a Temple unto God, and a Palace for the kings of Israel. David had been a friend of the King of Tyre and when King Hiram heard that the son of David sat upon the throne of Israel he sent messengers with offers of assistance to the new ruler. Josephus mentions that copies of the letters contained puzzling questions as they tested the mental ingenuity of the other. Solomon then made an agreement with the King of Tyre for workers to help in the building of the Temple, and Hiram supplied the Cedars and other fine trees, which were floated by sea to Joppa then taken inland to the site of the Temple. King Hiram then sent the Grand Master of Architects...C Hiram Abiff, a widows son who was considered as having no equal among the craftsmen of earth. (unquote)

As I told you earlier Dr. Swift said that this Abiff when he came to Jerusalem was not allowed to work on the inside of the Temple, for he was not an Israelite. But as the Priests of Israel were building the Molten Sea this Hiram Abiff threw himself into it and committed suicide. And in his clothes the Priests found all sorts of statues of idols. They poured out their work into the sand and rebuilt it because it was contaminated.

Now; in this Hiramic Legend according to...the Freemason's Pocket comp- anion...Published 1771...C Hiram is described as a Tyrain by birth but of Israelite descent, but also as the most cunning, skillful, and curious workman that ever lived whose abilities were not confined to building alone, but to all kinds of work whether gold, silver, brass, iron, linen, tapestry or embroidery he was considered as an Architect, statuary founder or designer, in all equally excelled. That he designed all the rich furniture for the Temple and that Solomon appointed this Abiff to fill the chair as Deputy Grand Master in his absence, and as Deputy Grand Master even in his presence. (Modern Masonic writers differ as to the accuracy of that last sentence) (unquote) I am sure that Dr. Swift would not have agreed with that either for the man was not an Israelite and he would not have been allowed to fill that chair in the Mystery School at that time. I think he was a half-breed...first generation.

Again to this legend:...'Solomon's Temple' was not a large building, there were numerous buildings around it and vast treasures of gold and precious stones used in its construction, making a great amount of wealth concentrated within the Temple area. In the Temple stood the Holy of Holies sometimes called 'The Oracle'. It was an exact cube each dimension being 20 cubits and exemplified the influence of Egyptian symbolism. The building of the Temple group were ornamented with 1,453 columns of Parian Marble magnificently sculptured and 2,906 Pilaster decorated with capitals. There was a broad porch facing the east, and the Sanctum Santoroum on the west. According to tradition the various buildings and courtyard could hold in all 300,000 people. Both the Sanctuary and the Holy of Holies were entirely lined with solid gold plate encrusted with Jewels.

King Solomon began the building in the fourth year of his reign on April 21., and finished it in the eleventh year of his reign on the 23rd., of October. The Temple was begun in the 480th., year after the children of Israel had passed thru the Red Sea. Part of the labor of construction included the building of an artificial foundation on the brow of Mt. Moriah. The Stones for the foundation were hoisted from quarries, directly beneath Mt. Moriah and were 'trued' before being brought to the surface. The brass and golden ornaments as well as the wooden parts were all finished before being brought to the Temple site thus the building was put together without the sound of instruments, all its parts fitting exactly without the hammer of contention, the axe of division, or any tool of mischief. Thus the 'Dragon Temple and the finest structures of Sidon and Tyre could not be compared with the Eternal God's Temple in Jerusalem.

Anderson's much discussed 'Constitution' of the Freemasons says that there were no less than 3,600 Princes of Master Masons working according to Solomon's instruction with 80,000 hewers of stone in the mountains. This Author lists many thousands who worked on the Temple, but the Masonic Legend of the building of the Temple does not parallel the Scriptures version, and especially is this true of the portion relating to C Hiram Abiff.

In Masonic allegory Hiram Abiff was murdered, in fact in Freemasonry this figurative story is grounded in the fact of a personality mentioned in Scripture. But his historical background is of the accident and not the essence, and the significance is in the allegory, and not in any point in history which may be behind it. According to Freemasonry C Hiram was the foreman of all the builders working on the Temple, and he is said to have secret knowledge, but three workers were wanting more exalted positions and they lay in wait for him and when he refused to reveal the Master's WORD..then each ruffian in turn struck him in three different gates to the area, and he fell dead. This legend then goes on to declare that C Hiram Abiff was raised from the dead by the Master Mason with the grip of a Lion's Paw.

Now; thru Free Masonic thought see how this man is raised from the dead to a position of deity. (quote)...To the now initiated builders the name of C Hiram Abiff signifies...'My father the universal spirit, one in essence, three in aspect.' This murdered master so says this old book according to Free Masonic a type of Cosmic Martyr, the crucified spirit of good, the dying god (small g) whose Mystery is celebrated thru out the world. Among the manuscripts of Dr. Sigismud Bacstrom the initiated Rosicrucian appears the following extract from Von Velling concerning the true philosophical nature of this Masonic C Hiram. The original word is a radical word with three meanings..the word..Chethrauchmen...Cheth signifies Chamah...or the suns light, the universal invisible, cold fire of nature attracted to the sun, manifested into light and sent down to us, and to every planetary body in the Solar system. RESH signifies the Hebrew word Rauch which is spirit, air, and wind as being the vehicle which conveys and collects the light. Then the Solar rays of Light are agitated by a circular motion and manifested in heat and burning fire. The water, humidity, in fact the mother of water, or a kind of condensed air called radical humidity. These three then constitute the Universal agent or fire of nature in one word which is C Hiram..not just Hiram. Albert Pike mentions several forms of the name of C Hiram, those being Khirm, Khurm, and Khurom the later ending in the sacred Hindu monosyllable OM which may be also extracted from the names of the three who murdered C Hiram. Pike further relates the three ruffians to a triad of stars in the Constellation of Libra, and also calls attention to the fact that the Chaldean god Gal or Bal...metamorphosed into a demon by the Jews, appears in each of the names of the three murderers, whose names were Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum.

To interpret the Hiramic legend requires familiarity with both the Pythagorean and Quabbalistic systems of numbers and letters, and also the Philosophic and Astronomic cycles of the Egyptians, Chaldean, and Brahmins. For example consider the number 33...this Temple of Solomon stood for 33 years in its Pristine splendor. At the end of that time it was pillaged by the Egyptian King Shishak, and finally in 588 B.C. it was completely destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and the people of Jerusalem led into captivity to Babylon. In Robert Macoys...'General History' of Freemasonry we find that King David ruled for 33 years in Jerusalem. The Masonic order divides into 33 symbolic degrees, there are 33 segments in the human spinal column and Jesus was crucified in the 33rd., year of His life. (unquote)

Now; according to this report this Legend is comparatively modern in its present form, (and we told you where it came from) but the underlying principals run back to antiquity. Modern Masonic Scholars say the story of the martyred C Hiram is based upon the Egyptian rites of Osiris whose death and resurrection figuratively portrayed the spiritual death of a man, and his regeneration thru initiation into the Mysteries. (unquote)

Now; in this article C Hiram is also identified with Hermes thru the inscription of what they call the Emerald Table. But remember Hermes was Enoch, the man who walked so perfectly with YAHWEH and was taken home without seeing death, so you see how thru the years the kingdom of darkness has taken over the Ancient Mysteries and added to, and changed them until they are almost opposite their beginning. Thus the Mysteries have been hidden in Paganism but still some truth is there if you find the key to unlock that truth.

This article goes on to say that (quote)..As Adam after the fall symbolizes the idea of human degeneration so C Hiram...thru his resurrection symbolizes the idea of human regeneration. (unquote) Thus in the eyes of the modern Philosopher then Adam-man is human..degeneration so C Hiram is resurrected and symbolizes human regeneration...which is totally opposite.

At one time 'The Knights Templar's had much knowledge then Freemasonry began to influence this organization and the story of C Hiram was linked with the Martyrdom of Jaques de Molay the last Grand Master of the Knight's Templars...who was burned on a pyre March 19, 1314., along the SEINE River in Paris, when he refused to reveal the Philosophical and magical knowledge of the Templars.

Later some even thought to identify C Hiram with the murdered King Charles, and with the Mystical Philosopher who invented this Hiramic Legend, who was a member of the Rosicrucian Fraternity. But by that time we also know that 'The Rose Cross' of Ancient Masonic School had become the Rosicrucian and was an 'ism' and totally corrupted. King Charles I., was dethroned in 1647 and died on the block in 1649., leaving the Royalist Party leaderless. An attempt has been made to relate the figure of speech applied frequently to members of the Masonic Order...this term..'The sons of Widows' this incident in English history for when her king was murdered England became a widow and thus all Englishmen...Widow's sons. (unquote) There is of course some truth here for the widow also referred to Divorced Israel, and her king crucified, and the Englishmen are sons of Israel, thus Widow's sons.

Now;..(Quote)...To the mystic Christian Mason C Hiram represents Christ who in 3 days ( 3 degrees ) raided the temple of his body from its earthly sepulcher. His murderer's accordingly were Caesar's agent (the state), and the Sanhedrin (the church) and the incited populace (the mob). Thus considered...C Hiram becomes the higher nature of man, and the murderer's are:... ignorance, superstition, and fear. The indwelling Christ can give expression to himself in this world only thru man's thoughts, feelings, and right actions. These are three gates thru which the Christ power passes into the material world, there to labor in the erection of the TEMPLE OF UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. Ignorance, superstition, and fear are these three ruffians thru whose agencies the spirit of good is murdered, and a false kingdom..controlled by wrong thinking, wrong action is established in its place. In the material Universe evil appears ever victorious. (unquote)

My Friends according to this article...this is what a Christian Mason is supposed to believe as they accept this legend about C Hiram the Abiff who we say tried to corrupt the Molten Sea of the Temple. Oh! Christians remember Christ and His resurrection, but nothing remains here of the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached. Instead they are to believe that the Christ Spirit just passes thru man to labor in this material world to build a Temple of...UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. This word...Brotherhood has caused many Christians to forget there was a literal kingdom, and even to deny the power of YAHWEH...who came as YAHSHUA in the flesh as Savior.

To continue with this article, the modern Free Masonic Order was profoundly influenced by Sir Francis Bacon and his secret society which had two great ideals, those being Universal education, and Universal democracy. (unquote) Yes, Sir Francis Bacon and his secret society used many Mystery School symbols as they had come down thru the years in true Masonic symbolism...called rituals by those not understanding. And here in this article they tell us that..No student of his 'New Atlantis' could fail to recognize the symbolism therein. According to Joseph Newton, the Temple of Solomon described by Bacon in that Utopian romance was not a house at all, but the name of an ideal state. (unquote) (we will tell you more about Sir Francis Bacon in a later tape...but he was writing about the Universal Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth...the ideal state...yes)

In an old manuscript appears the statement:...(quote) The Free Masonic Order was formed by Alchemists and Hermetic Philosophers who had banded together to protect their secrets against the infamous methods used by avarice persons to wring from them the secret of gold-making. The Hiramic Legend does contain an Alchemical formula, thus the building of Solomon's Temple is to represent the consummation of the 'Magnum Opus' which cannot be realized without the assistance of C Hiram..this Universal agent. The Masonic Mysteries teach the initiate how to prepare within his own soul a miraculous power of projection by which it is possible for him to transmit the base lump of human ignorance, perversion, and discord into an ingot of spiritual and philosophic gold.

Sufficient similarity exists between the Masonic C Hiram and the Kundaline of Hindu mysticism to warrant the assumption that C Hiram may be considered a symbol of the spirit fire moving thru the sixth vehicle of the Spinal column.

Now; the lost key of the Ancient Mystery Schools is that tracing of the spirit which existed in the Body of Adam-man was their goal, but in Freemasonry it is taught that when the spirit fire..represented by C Hiram is lifted up thru the 33 degrees, or the segments of the spinal column, and enters the domed chamber of the human skull, it finally passes into the pituitary by them called..Isis, where it invoked Ra (the pineal gland) and there demands the Sacred Name. Operative Masonry in the fullest meaning of the term signifies the process by which 'The eye of Horus' is opened.

Now; Wallis Budge has noted in some of the papyri illustrating the entrance of the soul of the dead into the hall of Osiris, that the deceased person carries a symbolic staff, the upper end being in the form of a pine cone which was called the Thyrus by Bacchus. In the human brain there is this big gland called the Pineal body, and later this was said to correspond to the third eye of Cyclops. Little is known today concerning the functions of this Pineal body, but it was thought to be the abode of the spirit of Adam-man. This is the 'eye single' which modern Freemasonry says cannot be opened until C Hiram...the spirit fire is raised thru the Sacred Seals which are called the seven churches of Asia. The this Oriental type painting showing three sunbursts. One sunburst covers the head, then in the midst of this sits Brahma with four heads, his body a mysterious dark color. The second sunburst which covers the Solar plexus and the upper abdominal region shows Vishnu sitting in the blossom of the Lotus Flower on a couch formed of the coils of the serpent of so they say...Cosmic Motion. Its seven hooded head forms a canopy over the god. The third sunburst is over the generative system, in the midst of which sits Shiva, his body a grayish white and the Ganges River is flowing out of the crown of his head. This painting was the work of a Hindu mystic who spent years concealing great philosophical principles within these figures. The Christian legends could be related also to the human body by the same method as the Oriental, for the Ancient meanings hidden in the teachings of both schools are identical. As applied to Freemasonry the three sunbursts represent the three gates of the Temple in which C Hiram was struck and killed, there being no gate in the north because the sun never shines from the northern angle of the Heavens. The north is symbolic of the physical because of its relation to ice (crystallized water) and to the body (crystallized spirit). The light shines toward the north, never from it because the body has not light of its own, just shines with the reflected light of its Divine life particles concealed in the physical substance. The moon then is accepted as the symbol of mans physical nature. C Hiram is thus the mysterious fiery airy water which must be raised thru the three grand centers symbolized by the ladder with three rings, and the sunburst flowers of the Hindu painting, and it must also pass upward by means of a ladder of seven rungs, the seven plexuses proximate to the spine.

The nine segments of the sacrum (a triangular shaped bone at the base of the spinal column), and the coccyx...(the end of the spine) are pierced by ten foramina (short passages or openings in a bone) thru which pass the roots of the Tree of Life. Nine is the sacred number of man and in symbolism of the sacrum and coccyx a great mystery is concealed. That part of the body from the kidneys downward were termed by the early Cabbalist...The Land of Egypt into which the children of Israel were taken. Moses the Illuminated Mind as his name implies led the tribes of Israel (the 12 faculties) out of Egypt, and by raising the brazen serpent in the wilderness upon the Tau Cross revealed much. Not only C Hiram but the god-men of nearly every pagan ritual are personified as this spirit fire found in the human spinal cord. The Astronomical aspects of the Hiramic Legend must not be overlooked it is said, for the tragedy of C Hiram is enacted annually as the sun passes thru the signs of the Zodiac. (Unquote)

Now; remember that I have given you the report of the Old Book:..'The Gospel of the Stars' written by a man of our race, for an understanding of the symbolism of the Zodiac, and now from this article in the Old Big Book I want to give you the explanation by Albert Pike of Freemasonry of the Journey of the sun thru the twelve signs...this should show the great contrast in the work of both men.


From this journey of the sun thru the 12 signs comes the legend of the 12 labors of Hercules, and the incarnation of Vishnu and Buddha. Hence comes the legend also of the murder of Khurum or C Hiram representative of the sun, by the three fellow crafts, symbols of the winter signs, Capricornus, Aquarius and Pisces who assailed him at the three gates of heaven and slew him at the winter solstice, hence the search for him by burial and resurrection. (unquote)

From other Authors in this article we learn that they also consider Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius as the three murderers of the sun in as much as Osiris was murdered by Typhoon, to whom were assigned the thirty degrees of the Constellation of Scorpio.

In Christian Masonry, Judas of Iscariot signifies Scorpio and the 30 pieces of silver for which he betrayed his LORD represents the number of degrees in that sign. Having been struck by Libra (the state), and Scorpio (the church) and Sagittarius (the mob) the sun or C Hiram is secretly born thru the darkness by the sign of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces and buried over the hill (which is the vernal equinox) Capricorn has for its symbol an old man with a scythe in his hand. This is father time with his scythe a symbol of Capricorn, then the interval of 90 degrees between the two signs will be found to correspond to that occupied by the three murders of C Hiram. According to doctrines taught secretly the Urn containing the ashes of C Hiram represents the human heart, Saturn the old man who lives at the north pole and brings with him to the children of men a sprig of evergreen is familiar to the little folks as Santa Claus for he brings each winter the gift of a New Year. (unquote)

Notice the mixture of false and truth as this article continues 'The Martyred Sun is discovered by Aries a crafts-man, and at the vernal equinox the process of raising of him begins. This is finally accomplished by the Lion of Judah, who in Ancient times occupied the 'Keystone' of the Royal Arch of Heaven. The precession of the equinoxes causes various signs to play the role of the murderers of the sun during the different ages of the world, but the principal involved remains the unchanged.

Such then is the Cosmic story of C Hiram the Universal Benefactor...the fiery Architect of the Divine House, who carries with him to the grave the lost WORD which when spoken raises all life to power and glory. According to Christian mysticism...when the LOST WORD is found it is discovered in a stable, surrounded by beasts and marked by a Star. After the sun leaves Leo ...writes Robert Hewitt Brown:...'the days begin to grow unequivocally shorter as the sun declines toward the autumnal equinox, to be again slain by 3 autumn months, be dead thru three winter months, and be raised again by 3 vernal months. Each year the great tragedy is repeated, and the glorious resurrection takes place. This is taken from Stellar theology in Free masonic Astronomy.

C Hiram is termed dead because in the average individual the Cosmic creative forces are limited in their manifestation to purely physical and correspondingly materialistic expression. Obsessed by his belief in the reality and permanence of physical existence man does not correlate the material Universe with the blank wall of the Temple. As the Solar light is said to die as it approaches the winter solstice, so the physical world may be termed the winter solstice of the spirit. Reaching the winter solstice the sun apparently stands still for three days, and then rolls away the stone of winter and begins its triumphal march toward the summer solstice. The condition of ignorance may be likened to the winter solstice of philosophy, and spiritual understanding to the summer solstice. From this point of view initiation into the mysteries becomes the vernal equinox of the spirit, at which time the C Hiram is man crossing from the realm of mortality into that realm of Eternal Life. The autumnal equinox is likened to the mythological fall of man, at which time the human spirit descended into the realms of Hades by being immersed in the illusion of terrestrial existence.

In an Essay on the 'Beautiful'...Plotinus describes the refining effect of beauty upon the unfolding consciousness of man. Commissioned to decorate the Everlasting house C Hiram Abiff is then the embodiment of the beautifying principle. Beauty is essential to the natural unfolding of the human soul. The Mysteries held that man in part at least was the product of his environment. Therefore they considered it imperative that every person be surrounded by objects which would evoke the highest and noblest sentiments. They proved that it was possible to produce beauty in life by surrounding life with beauty. They discovered that it was possible that symmetrical bodies were produced by minds surrounded by examples of mental nobility. Following this idea, the substitution of the discord of the fantastic for the harmony of the beautiful constitutes one of the great tragedies of every civilization. Not only were the savior-gods of the Ancient world beautiful, but each performed a ministry of beauty seeking to effect man's regeneration by arousing within him the love of the beautiful. A renaissance of the golden age of fable can be made possible only by the elevation of beauty to its rightful dignity as the all prevailing idealizing quality in the religious, ethical, sociological, scientific, and political departments of life. The Dionysiac architects were consecrated to the rising of their master spirit...cosmic beauty...from the sepulcher of material ignorance, and selfishness by erecting buildings which were such perfect examples of symmetry and majesty that they were actually magical formula by which was evoked the spirit of the martyred Beautifier entombed within a materialistic world.

In the Masonic mysteries the Triune spirit of man (this light spirit) is symbolized by the three Grand Masters of the lodge at Jerusalem. As God is the prevailing principle of three worlds, in each of which He manifests as an active principle, so the spirit of man partaking of the nature of Divinity dwells upon three planes of being, the supreme, the superior, and the inferior spheres of the Pythagorean. At the gate of the inferior sphere (the underworld or dwelling place of mortal creatures) stands the guardian of Hades, the 3 headed Dog..Cerberus who is analogous to the three murders in the Hiramic legend. According to the symbolic interpretation of the triune spirit, C Hiram comes forth as a flower...and is cut down and he dies at the gates of matter, he is buried in the elements of creation. He is the third of incarnating part, the Master Builder who thru all ages erects living temples of flesh and blood as shrines of the MOST HIGH. Then like Thor...he swings his mighty hammer in the field of space, sets the primordial atoms in motion and establishes order out of chaos, as the potential ability of cosmic power within each human soul. C Hiram lies waiting for man by the elaborate ritualism of life to transmute potentiality into Divine potency as the sense perceptions of the individual increase, how- ever man gains a greater control over his various parts and the spirit of life within gradually attains freedom. The three murderers represent the laws of the inferior world such as birth, growth, and decay, whichever frustrates the plan of the builders. To the average individual, physical birth actually signifies the death of C Hiram and the physical death, the resurrection then the resurrection of C Hiram.

To the initiates however the Resurrection of the spiritual nature is accomplished without the intervention of physical death. (unquote)

Now;...intellectual philosophy my friends does more concealing than revealing. But listen to this:..(quote) The curious symbols found in the base of Cleopatra's needle now standing in central Park, New York were interpreted as being of first Masonic significance by S.A. Sola...33 degree ...Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Egypt. Mason's marks and symbols are to be found on the stones of numerous public buildings not only in England, and on the continent as well as in Asia. In his...'Indian Mason's Marks'..of the Mogul Dynasty...A. Gorham describes scores of markings appearing on such buildings as the Taj Mahal, and the famous Masonic structure, the Kutah Minor. According to those who regard Masonry as an outgrowth of the secret society of architects and builders which for thousands of years formed a caste of Master craftsmen..C Hiram Abiff was the Tyrian Grand Master of a world wide organization of Artisans with Headquarters in Tyre. Their philosophy consisted of incorporating into the measurements and ornamentation of the Temples, Palaces, mausoleums, Fortresses, and other public buildings their knowledge of the laws controlling the Universe, then every initiated workman was given a hieroglyphic with which he marked the stones he trued to show to all posterity that he thus dedicated to the supreme architect of the Universe each perfected product of his labor.

Concerning Mason's marks...Robert Treke Goul writes:...'It is very remarkable that these Mark's are found in all countries, in the chambers of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Herculeneum, and Pompeii, on Roman Wall, and Grecian Temples, in Hindustan, Mexico, Peru, Asia Minor as well as on the great ruins of England, France, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. (see the concise history of Freemasonry) (unquote)

Now; in summary....(quote) from this viewpoint the story of C Hiram may represent the incorporation of the Divine secrets of Architecture into the actual parts of and dimensions of earthly buildings. The three degrees of the craft 'bury' the great secret in the actual structure they erect, after first killing him with the builders tool, by reducing the dimension less spirit of Cosmic Beauty to the limitations of concrete form. These abstract ideals of Architecture can be resurrected by the Master Mason who by meditating upon the structure, release there from the Divine principals of Architectonic philosophy incorporated or buried within it. Thus the physical building is actually a tomb or embodiment of the creative ideal of which material dimensions are but the shadow.

More over the Hiramic legend may be considered to embody the vicissitudes of philosophy itself. As institutions for the dissemination of ethical culture, the pagan mysteries were the architects of civilization. Their power and dignity were personified in C Hiram Abiff the Master Builder, but they eventually fell victim to the onslaughts of that recurrent trio of state, church and mob. They were desecrated by the state, jealous of their wealth and power, by the early church fearful of their wisdom, and by the rabble or soldiery incited by both church and state. As C Hiram when 'raised' from his grave whispers the Master Mason's WORD which was lost thru his untimely death so according to the tenants of philosophy the reestablishment or resurrection of the Ancient mysteries will result in the rediscovery of that secret teaching without which civilization must continue in a state of spiritual confusion and uncertainty. When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance, when the church governs he is ruled by superstition, and when the state governs he is ruled by fear. Before men can live together in harmony, ignorance must be transmitted into wisdom, superstition into an illuminated faith, and fear into love. Despite statements to the contrary, masonry is a religion trying to unite God and man by elevating its initiates to that level of consciousness wherein they can behold with clarified vision the workings of the Great Architect of the Universe. From age to age the vision of a perfect civilization shall stand a mighty Universe... wherein both the sacred and secular sciences concerning the mysteries of life will be freely taught to all who will assume the philosophic life. Here creed and dogma will have no place; the superficial will be removed, and only the essential be preserved. The world will be ruled by its most illuminated minds, and each will occupy the position for which he is most admirably fitted. The Great Universe will be divided into grades, admissions to which will be thru preliminary tests o initiations. Here mankind will be instructed in the most sacred, the most secret, and the most enduring of all mysteries...SYMBOLISM. He the initiate will be taught that every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an Eternal principal. Here mankind will learn that C Hiram (or truth) lies buried in every atom of the Cosmos, that every form is a symbol, the tomb of an Eternal verity. Thus education, spiritual, mental, moral, and physical men will learn to release living truths from their lifeless coverings. The perfect government of earth must be patterned eventually after that Divine government by which the Universe is ordered. In that day when perfect order is reestablished with peace Universal and good triumphant men will no longer seek for happiness, for they will find it welling up within themselves. Dead hopes, dead aspirations, dead virtues shall rise from their graves, and the spirit of beauty and goodness repeatedly slain by ignorant men shall again be the master of work. Then shall the sages sit upon the seats of the mighty and gods walk with men. (unquote)

So ends the story of the Legend about Hiram...both truth and error as well as imagination and Symbolism are here. Always there is some truth to lure the followers of YAHWEH so they will follow. We are lured by beautiful words and ideas, for we have this built in longing for home, where everything was perfect. Here we must use the gifts of the 'Father' to try to find our way.

Dr. Swift told us that when the 'Dead Sea' scrolls were found those now in Jerusalem claimed that they did not go along or claim the writings of Enoch because he taught so many things that was diametrically opposed by their beliefs. Thus they sought to destroy the Books of Enoch found with the Scrolls. This man from the University of Jerusalem said that the children of Shatan must penetrate the Mystery Schools or the Hebrews, Phoenicians, Israelites would take over the world and claim it for their God. So they built up the symbols and mysteries they found and they called them the Mystery Schools of Asia, and Hiram King of Tyre was one of the Grand Masters of the Indian School of Mysteries...Yes David had joined with the King of Tyre one time as they defeated the Assyrian fleets, but when the King of Tyre suggested they join their governments, their religions, then David replied:...'YAHWEH would not allow this.'

The Ancient Masters of the Rose Cross were from one of the great schools of spiritual wisdom of our race, and the Ancient Masters of Masonic history were from the other Mystery School where they understood the great spiritual laws of the Fulcrum, the Divine ordained laws of technology that moved thru out the race. These two Schools of thought came on down to the days of Solomon's Temple, therefore the enemy would always be trying to penetrate and to destroy this wisdom. Over the years they formed many organizations as they worked out their purpose of trying to destroy Divine knowledge. Thru the Legend of Hiram should come as no surprise to us, for it was just one of those vehicles the enemy came up with to hide Israel's Identity and to destroy it. The Rosicrucian organization and thru transcendental doctrines tried to gain knowledge, but the Rosicrucian by that time was penetrated by the Illuminati.

QUESTION:...What are the Elementals?

ANSWER:...Before this question comes in thought I would try to answer this to the best of my ability. Dr. Swift told us much about the Elementals in 1964-65. Elementals are the basic foundation in earth in which consciousness existed in forms and beings. Elementals are those beings who are capable of living in various areas of Inner earth, and dimensions of earth or close around it. They served Lucifer before his fall and of course were under him in all times during his fall. They take instructions from him now. Those who lived in the Inner earth used to come out on the face of the earth and go back in as they pleased, for they knew the cavern systems of the Inner earth and the routes in and out. They knew where to avoid areas of heat. This idea that the middle of earth is a hot ball has been discarded by all geology. Some areas are cold, this depends on the chemical makeup of the earth.

Yes, there are Elementals capable of residing in different conditions, different dimensions. There are Satanic Elementals who thus dwell in darkness because of the knowledge they possess. There are also Celestial beings who counteract them, one is negative and the other neutralizing. There are dwellers in water, in air, in fire itself, even in the sun. It is after all the outside of the sun only that is blazing hydrogen, there is the rest of the planet, and besides being in another dimension the fire does not effect them.

Dr. Swift never mentioned the Shedd as in the article about the Hiramic Legend, but the Talmud calls him king of the water. And yes, the Elementals of darkness are here in earth dimensions. Some are of the Luciferian hosts who rebelled, and some are those who worshiped Lucifer and followed him in rebellion, these are those considered Elementals of Darkness.

The Elementals of spiritual form are able to dwell in the substances or pass thru solids as YAHSHUA did by stepping up or decreasing the electrons, but the Elementals of Darkness could not do this as well, and were confined to the earth or the first realm around earth.

Now; whether you want to believe this or not, it is a part of the knowledge of the kingdom which we are a part of. It is time we realized that this kingdom with YAHSHUA as King will be triumphant over every sphere and every plane. There is thus a multiple plane surrounding us again which we have little idea of. The All powerful father who has established all patterns of law for all realms and dimensions which are subject to this law... holds the all powerful synthesis of all things which holds all things together.

The Rephaim mentioned in Scriptures are dwellers of the depth of the sea. They were not mortals back when the cities of these beings sank into the sea, as the continents sank in the Luciferian catastrophe. These were those who kept not their first estate, and then they proceeded to mongrelize with every evil. There were other beings who became water bound with them, but they are changed in their being and were given temporary respite, or a place to dwell until their liberation. You find this knowledge in Ancient manuscripts in the Zohar and other places. For instance we are speaking of the Dolphins who were a race of people, but will not receive their liberation back into human form until the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH takes back control of the earth.

As the kingdom of YAHWEH COMES TO THE FRONT, AND THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS STARTS TO TAKE PLACE,...then the Dolphins will be released to again take on human form. This is the reason the Dolphins are not only a friend of man, but their intellect is equivalent to an average person. Their mathematics is perfect, they don't think like a fish, they think like a man. The U.S. Government has tried and succeeded to a degree in establishing the connection between the Dolphin communication system and ours so as to put the Dolphin to work for the Kingdom. We want them to find mines, to give us information on submarines or any work which goes on by the enemy. If we can win over the Dolphins until they could recruit all Dolphins to work for the Western World, then there is nothing that goes on under the sea that we would not be informed of. In 1965 the U.S. was using emblems on patrol boat bottoms so that the Dolphins would know which are the right boats to guide to where these things under the sea are located. In 1965 Dr. Swift told us this story that there were some Dolphins already trained. We don't hear to much of this today, but our point is that way back in Ancient days they knew that the Dolphins were an imprisoned race waiting for the Restoration of all things.

Now; we hope we have not told you too much, so as to make you skeptical, for there is more, much more, and we just wanted you to know a few things that the enemy already knows, since they could come up with such a story as this about the King of the Shedd. We think it is time our people realized there is more to YAHWEH'S Universe and plan than just a little corner of physical existence with the belief there is only heaven or hell...nothing more. The Highest intelligence in the Universe is Our Father, the Creator of all things and we are His children, and His reason, His purpose that the education of Asia and Africa come thru the children as we obtain that full status, this purpose for which we were placed in earth, for we are to lead the world successfully to its ultimate achievement. To do this we must defeat the powers of darkness, and the forces of evil. Because of this we are in conflict as the enemy designs to upset our intellectual and spiritual and mental balances. They have over the years designed to frustrate the electronic memory inherited thru out all the experiences of our ancestors, and one method used is mongrelization and mutation of the race, for thus it dies.

Now; there are some things that many people are not willing to accept. There are things you don't know and now you are learning, many think there are just good people and bad people, but the difference between good and bad is the capacities of perception. In otherwords all of Lucifers children are in the bad column, that is the way they think. And on the other side you can't get a bad child of God because of the way He thinks, but you can have a disobedient one who isn't performing right. But even then badness isn't his inner nature, badness is his outward negation.

Now; the more we know the more we tell you, and the more you know the more you are filled with it, so what happens? Truth grows, it is not just my possession, it was not the possession of Dr. Swift, for we are all children of Our Father and this is the method by which He funnels this to us, thru the intelligence of His ministers to have it poured out to His people bringing us into a feeling of close communication. He didn't send His children down here to try to take the earth back, we came to take it for Our Father, and He will see that we do it.

Thus under the early Wisdom Schools of our race established by Enoch and Job there were many mysteries taught, and many of these secrets of Enoch involved the stories of these Ancient races, and they were understood. Then came the degenerate and pagan entrance into areas of the Rose Cross and Master Masons and their strategy was to seal off areas of information. One of these areas was this knowledge mysteriously referred to as the Elementals. Today we see things in a visible plane of our physical dimension with the natural eye, therefore we look for things only in this place. But there are creatures so synthesized they are identifiable, those of the Satanic line make themselves visible as far as audio frequency is concerned. Sometimes they step up or change their vibrations until visible to human beings, thus this tradition is woven into the Iliad and the Odyssey. But knowing Our Father then we also know there is a counter action to all this, there were beings who counteract the evil, an invisible force and tradition tells us these are little people, or fairies if you wish, and they work for good. There are others in this class also.

Some of you will ask if there is nay truth in all this? And we answer that this is the background of old tradition, they told us that the Elementals, the Salamanders are there, and the Salamanders were rebellious Seraphim who operated for the Luciferian kingdom. The Raphaim were a Satanic mutation, dwellers of the the depths of the sea, and the Nymphs were the counterpart out of Celestial lines. We thus know that there are spiritual as well as negative forces in the realms around us and the Celestial forces battle constantly the negative fores lest they seek to influence earth and create whole areas of mental distress. They do this with evil vibrations and temptations.

Now;....theology has set a trap and walled men in and until they are set free in their minds they will never see the history, the semantics, the ethnic patterns or this Ancient history of this Book. they will not realize that a kingdom is made up of nations, church and throne, and the church is simply the instrument inside the kingdom for spiritual enlightenment. Theology being what it is today then Israel does not find her inheritance, or the Gospel of the Kingdom in the Laodicean church.

Many people are lost then in this struggle to set the Kingdom in place but the Father knows where everyone of them are, and everyone of the race will fulfill their destiny no matter what some think. For some will be resurrected to service, some to rule, ultimately all will conform to HIS Own Image, that is the program and it will be done. As we have told you before... the Millennium does not start all at once. First we whip the enemy then start putting the world in order, the administration of the kingdom, the correlation of authority takes place and the perfect administration is installed and all things are put in their rightful order. This will be under control of HIS Presence...and you will see or know by events taking place that YAHSHUA is MOVING ALL THINGS TO THIS END. And according to II Peter 3:10.. ...the world order will not see the kingdom coming to the fore quietly.