ERM - Tape 050 - Mysteries & Secret Societies; Gospels Contradict?; Amer History






1. Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies.

2. The four Gospels seem to contradict themselves?

3. An episode from American History.



At the beginning of the article is a picture in Symbolism which shows the lighted entrance to a tomb with the bright Star of Bethlehem above the raised Light is of a man with white wings, and a Lion's head, and above the raised right hand are 8...5 pointed stars, and above the Lion's head is a golden key. In the left hand a sword with a golden handle is to be seen, and wrapped around this figure from the feet upward is a red serpent whose head reaches up and over the golden key, and in the center of the key, but not over the lock. Three bowing figures are below the block on which the figure stands on an illuminated globe.

Now; this is the explanation of that picture which is entitled 'Mithra' ...(Quote) 'At the pinnacle of the Divine hierarchy, writes Franz Cumot, and at the origin of all things, the Mithraic theology the heir of that Zervanitic Magi is boundless time. Sometimes they called it Saturnus, but he was considered ineffable, bereft alike of name, sex and passions. The figure signifies the inevitable victory of boundless time (eternity) over every creature and condition. In time all beings reach completion, in time all wrongs are righted, in time salvation is assured to all. The head of the Lion signifies that the mortal concept of time is the despotic ruler of the animal or irrational creation; that its strength is supreme, and that it devours all the lesser powers which exist temporarily without it. The coils of the Serpent represent the motion of Heavenly Spheres thru the Zodiac, which is shown by the Human Body. The golden key indicates that time is the key to the mysteries of existence. The sword is the instrument by which the demon of man made time is slain, and his body divided into past, and future, while to the gods is given rulership of the everlasting now. The double set of wings signifies the flight of time thru the inferior worlds of four elements. The 8 stars are the spheres upheld by time. The Dome of the Mithraic cave is ornamented with stars to typify the Universality of the Divine cult, and the radiant globe upon which the figure stands is the Universe. The resurrection of the figure from the darkness of the tomb reveals the ascension of boundless duration from the narrow limitations of the three dimensional world which is length, breadth, and thickness, which bow before the limitless aeon. (Unquote)

Now that is quite an explanation of the symbolism of this picture. To me it is surely a modernistic, humanistic explanation of an Ancient Symbolistic picture in so many ways. As we look at this picture we see an almost altogether different story. Here I see a golden key, the Serpents head loops over the middle of the key with his head hanging down toward the Lion's head, but not with its mouth over the part of the key...the lock which would unlock the mysteries. I see 8 stars above the outstretched right hand of the figure which signifies authority of Deity. The white wings portray a Heavenly Presence, and of course YAHSHUA was the Lion of Judah..of the tribe of Judah. In his hand he holds a sword which signifies the 'Sword of Truth' which issues from HIS Mouth. He comes from a Lighted Tomb to take up the symbol of authority covering a Lighted Universe which is to be totally fulfilled. I see much more to the story in symbolism that came down from the Zervanitic Magi, thru their Mitraic theology than is interpreted here with only a very earthy basis.

Now; as to these Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies which have influenced modern Free Masonic symbolism (quote) ..when confronted with a problem involving the use of reasoning facilities, individuals of strong intellect keep their poise, and seek to reach a solution by obtaining facts bearing upon the question. Those with immature mentality on the other hand when similarly confronted are overwhelmed. While the former may be qualified to solve the riddle of their own destiny, the latter must be led like a flock of sheep and taught in a simple language. They depend almost entirely upon the ministration of the Shepherd. The Apostle Paul said those little ones must be fed with milk, but that meat is the food of the strong men. Thoughtlessness is almost synonymous with childishness, while thought- fulness is symbolic of maturity. (unquote)

This article then from the philosophic-religious doctrines of the pagans were thus divided to meet the needs of their people, and were thought to be discerning...receiving what they considered spiritual or deeper meanings, and the unqualified received only the literal interpretations. Thus to bring the truths of nature, and the abstract principals of natural law, the vital forces of the Universe were perceived as gods and goddesses of the Ancient Mythologies. (unquote)

Even the early Christians were divided in their ability to understand according to the Apostle Paul and we even see this today...don't we?

But in the Ancient world were temples for public worship and offerings. In every community were philosophers and mystics deeply versed in natures lore. The individuals banded together forming exclusive philosophic and religious schools, the most important of these groups were known as 'The Mysteries'. We would say they were patterned after the Ancient Mystery Schools of Enoch and Job's time, but without the understanding of the symbolism they set in place. There were many celebrated 'Mysteries' pertaining to gods and goddesses. The initiations into many of these so called Mysteries were very cruel. The supposedly purpose of the schools were not understood by Pagan leaders of those schools and this allowed cruelty to come into use instead of Wisdom.

Plato was criticized because in his writings he was said to reveal to the public many of the secret philosophic principals of the Mysteries. But remember that Plato was revealing by his writings to Adam-man just as the Apostles in their people..who were given the capacity to understand the Ancient symbolism if they would try. (Quote) Every Pagan nation had, or has not only its state religion, but another into which the philosophic elect alone gained entrance. Many of these secret and Ancient cults have survived the test of the ages, and their mysterious symbols are still preserved. In much of the ritualism of Freemasonry we find this ritualism based on the trials to which candidates were subjected to by the Ancient instructors before the key of wisdom was entrusted to them. (Unquote) see that Freemasonry received most of its symbolism from pagan forces who were not capable of understanding the deep mysteries of the Ancient Mystery Schools, thus only a humanistic understanding, a humanistic understanding which is a literal meaning is found, and this on an earthly level.

Robert MaCoy a 33 degree Freemason in his 'General History of Freemasonry pays tribute to the part played by the Ancient Mysteries in the rearing of the edifice of human culture. He says in part:...(quote) It appears that all the perfection of civilization, and all the advancement made in philosophy, science and art due to those institutions which, under the veil of Mystery sought to illustrate the greatest truths of religion, morality and impress them upon the hearts of their disciples. Their chief object was to teach the Doctrine of 'ONE GOD', the resurrection of man to Eternal life, the dignity of the human soul and to lead the people to see the shadow of Deity in the beauty and magnificence of splendor in the Universe.

With the decline of virtue which has preceded the destruction of every nation of history, the mysteries became perverted, and sorcery took the place of the Divine Magic. Indescribable practices were introduced and perversion ruled supreme; for no instruction can be any better than the members of which it is composed. In despair, the few who were true sought to preserve the secret doctrines from oblivion, in some cases they succeeded, but more often the mysteries were lost, until only the empty shell remained.

Thomas Taylor has written, and I would substitute Adam-man..(quote) Adam-man is naturally a religious person, from the earliest dawning of his consciousness he has worshiped and received things as symbolic of the invisible Omnipresent, indescribable things concerning which he could discover almost nothing. The Pagan mysteries opposed the Christians during the early centuries of the church because they declared that Christianity did not demand virtue and integrity as requisites for salvation. They scoffed at the Christian mysteries as those called were sinners, unwise, those who were miserable, these the kingdom of God will receive. It was thought that Christianity was based on the early Pagan mysteries, thus those called should be pure of all wickedness, whose soul is not conscious of any evil, one who leads a just and upright life. (unquote)

By My friends:...that was not the ones who YAHSHUA CAME TO SAVE FROM THEIR was it? Since Sin is the transgression or breaking of the law then He came to redeem His people who were not able to redeem themselves thus He came to Lost Israel now scattered among the Pagans. And only understanding of the Mosaic of the Scriptures would reveal this.

And now from the Old Big Book again (quote)...'The Ancient philosophers believed that no man could live intelligently who did not have a fundamental knowledge of nature and its laws. Before man can obey he must understand, and the Ancient Mysteries were devoted to instructing, concerning the operation of Divine Law in the terrestrial sphere. Few of the early (now called cults) actually worshiped strange deities altho their symbolism might lead one to believe they did. They taught Adam-man to use his God given faculties more intelligently, to be patient in the face of adversity, to be courageous when confronted by danger, to be true in the midst of temptation, and most of all to view a worthy life as the most acceptable sacrifice to god, and his body as an altar sacred to Deity.' (unquote)

This the pagan mind would not grasp and the mind of Adam-man today doesn't grasp it to well either, altho some and perhaps most still hold to these thoughts. But remember that we have told you from the Swift Tapes about Atlantis and how the sun was considered as a symbol of YAHWEH by those who understood symbolism. (quote)...Sun worship played a part in the early pagan mysteries for the dwellers on Atlantis were Sun Worshipers. The sun was portrayed as a beautiful youth with long golden hair to symbolize the rays of the sun. He was slain by wicked ruffians who symbolized the evil principals of the Universe. And by certain rituals this wonder god of good was brought back to life to be the Savior of His people. The secret process of his resurrection was to symbolize the means by which man is able to come to a higher plain. The Mysteries were organized for the purpose of assisting the creature to reawaken the spiritual powers he once retained.' (unquote) In otherwords man was offered a way by which he could regain his lost estate. (quote) 'In the ancient world nearly all the secret societies were philosophic and religious. During mediaeval centuries they were chiefly religious, and political, altho a few philosophic schools remained. In modern society these secret societies especially in the old countries are largely political, and fraternal, but in Freemasonry some of the Ancient religious and philosophic principals remained. Altho the Mystery Schools were usually associated with civilization still the pre-historic people had a knowledge of them which shows their Masonic tinge. (unquote)

Alright then...the Mystery Schools set in place by Enoch and Job were found in connection with civilization, and they had a knowledge that today Freemasonry has lost, altho some of the symbolism still shows that tinge of Ancient Masonry. We have told you about the people of Atlantis who under the guidance of their Priest migrated into the land of Egypt. They had a knowledge of YAHWEH-Putah-Savior who was to come to establish his people in bodies of flesh, and thru them these Ancient people thought they would learn of the power and promise of the resurrection. Everything we study now enforces what we have learned of the great mosaic of our Fathers plan and purpose for this earth, and his kingdom people, and their place in the Universe and so forth. Symbolism being the Universal language then look for the key to unlock the Mysteries of Revelation 3:7-8....'To the angel of the church of Philadelphia write...these things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth, no man openeth; I know thy works; behold I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it; for thou hast little strength, but hast kept my word and not denied my name.' This my a nutshell is:... 'To the church of brothers (Adamites) living together..these things he said, for the story comes thru the House of David with YAHSHUA. And we find that the true church is thus co-existing with the Laodicean church in this end of the age. Verse 9., is the pronouncement of judgement on those who have deceived, claiming to be someone they are not.

We have told you also before this about the Druid mysteries of Britain and Gaul, and here in the old big book we find both true and false as Druidism is described. (quote) 'The primitive and original inhabitants of Britain, at some time..some remote time, revived and reformed their national institutes. Their Priests or instructors had been simply named Gwydd... but it then became necessary to divide this office between the Priest and another whose influence would be more limited. Thus the Priest was the Arch Druid and the latter Ovate, and both were teachers of wisdom and were called Bards. As the system matured it was split into three classes, the Priests, the privileged Bards and the Ovates.

The origin of the word Druid is under dispute, some said it comes from 'Drui'..the Irish word of the Oak trees. The Greeks called them Dryades...the Gaelic word was Druidh, meaning a wise man, and in the Sanskrit the word was 'dru' meaning timber. At the time of the Roman conquest the Druids were thoroughly entrenched in Britain and Gaul. Their power over the people was unquestioned. There are instances on record where the armies about to attack, sheathed their swords when ordered to do so by the white robed Druids.

The early Encyclopedia Britannica was to show that geography, political science, natural theology and astrology were their favorite studies. That they had a use of herbs and simples...which is a medicinal herb. They used the mistletoe, very carefully cut their medicine. In time we shall understand the secrets of these spongy plants, their use in medicinal science, which will be new because it is old. The Mistletoe grows upon the Oak tree which made it symbolic of the Universal medicine. The Druids worshiped the Supreme Deity who was likened to the Giant Oak Tree, thus anything growing upon that tree was sacred. At certain times of the year an Arch-Druid climbed the Oak Tree and cut the mistletoe with a golden sickle consecrated for that service. The Mistletoe was caught in a white cloth lest it touch the ground and be polluted by earth. The Druids were initiates of a secret school which closely resembled the mysteries found in Greece or Egypt with Osiris, these were termed Druidic mysteries. And these Druid Mysteries were communicated orally to specially prepared candidates. (Unquote)

Much truth as we understand it is proclaimed here, and then Robert Brown a 32 degree Mason has this opinion: (quote)...That these British Priests secured their wisdom from Tyrian and Phoenician navigators who thousands of years before the Christian era, established colonies in Britain and Gaul while searching for tin. (Unquote) How about that?? Then Thomas Maurice in his book 'Indian Antiquities' discourses at length on Phoenician, Carthaginian, and Greek expeditions to the British Isles for the purpose of procuring tin. And then others are of the opinion that the Mysteries celebrated by the Druids were of Oriental origin, possible Buddhistic. (Unquote) Thus not following the Divine Mosaic, yet reaching for the truth then men start guessing as to what they write. They even concluded that the proximity of the British Isles to 'Lost Atlantis' may account for the sun worshiping of the Druids. Still they do not understand that the Ancient people considered the sun as merely a symbol of YAHWEH..because without the sun there would be no earth as we know it. Then when the Romans came to Britain they were amazed at the knowledge they found there, and they decided that these Druid Mysteries were not the product of Britain and Gaul, but must have come from one of the more Ancient civilizations.

This article tells us that the school of the Druids with its three distinct parts and secret teachings embodied therein are practically the same mysteries concealed under the allegories of the Blue Lodge of Masonry (unquote). Dr. Swift told us that the Blue Lodge was once the 'Light Carriers' of Ancient Masonry.

We have told you before of the type of clothing worn by the Druids, the different colors of uniforms, and here in the Old Big Book it says that they were blue, green and white for these were the sacred colors of the Druid order. That the Druids dressed always in white with the sashes of different color to designate their order.

According to James Gardner..(quote) there were usually two Arch-Druids, one residing on the Isle of Angle sea, and the other in Gaul. These dignitaries carried golden scepters and were crowned with wreaths of Oak Leaves symbolic of their authority. The younger members of the Druidic order were clean shaven, and modestly dressed, but the more aged had long grey beards and wore magnificent golden ornaments. That the Educational system of the Druid in Britain was superior to that of their colleges on the continent, thus many Gallic youth went to the Druid colleges of Britain for their philosophic education instruction and training. Eliphas Levi states that the Druids lived in strict abstinence, studied the natural sciences, preserved the deepest secrecy, and admitted new members only after long probationary periods. Many of the Priests of the order lived in buildings not unlike the monasteries of the modern world. They were associated in groups like the secret societies of the Far East. (unquote) ...We would say like the Master Builders or Magi of the Far East. Celibacy was not demanded of the Druids but many retired from the world and dwelt in the depth of the forests, and here they prayed and meditated, emerging only to perform their religious duties.

The Welch Triads tell us that there were things they strived collect into the soul the properties of all acquire knowledge of all things, and to find power to conquer evil. There were three things which were to continually grow less such as darkness, falsehood and death. The three things which are to constantly increase are:..Light, Life and Truth.

The Druid Mysteries were divided into two parts, the moral code was taught to all people, the deeper doctrine was given only to initiated Priests. To be admitted to the order, a candidate was required to be of good family, high moral character, and no secrets were imparted to him until he had been tested in many ways. The Druids taught the immortality of the soul, and before a candidate was instructed in the secret doctrines he was bound to secrecy. (unquote)

Now; the writers here in the Old Big Book think that the Druids must have believed in reincarnation, but we think this was because these writers did not understand the secret of Immortality. Another thing they did not understand was that the Druids considered the sun as just a symbol of YAHWEH, and they were not sun worshipers. They say that December 25., was celebrated as the birth of the Sun god but again they did not understand the mysteries of the conception of The Christ child which occurred at that time, and that he was then born nine months later. The Druids had a virgin mother and child in their Mysteries, and they had the Cross, and the Serpent and all were understood. The Druids (quote)...had a great feeling for the nature spirits such as fairies, gnomes and undines, the little creatures of the forests and rivers. Their Temples where the sacred fires were preserved were generally in dense groves of Oaks, in the form of a circle, for the circle was the emblem of the Universe. (unquote) We learn here that the 'Cross' was regarded as an emblem of regeneration, and if it was a winged cross it represented the motion of the Divine Spirit.

We also find that HU- the Mighty was regarded as the first settler of Britain, and that he came from a place which the Welch Triads called the summer country, or the area of Constantinople and further east. Not understanding...then some of the writers think that the people worshiped Hu- the Mighty as their god, but he was a great leader and they were simply paying tribute to him for that, since they knew who their God was.

Then along comes Albert Pike and he says that the lost word of Masonry is concealed in the name of the Druid god..HU-the Mighty. (Unquote) We maintain that no longer did Freemasonry know the deep secrets which came from the Ancient Mystery Schools, and thus could not understand the Druid Rituals either.

Here in the Old Big Book they talk of the Breastplate of the Druids, this would be the Arch-Druid or High Priest, and this was a most striking adornment...we would think like the Breastplate of the Israelite Priest. The Druid Tiara had a number of points on the front to symbolize the Suns rays which they considered to be symbolic of the coming of the power of YAHWEH. On his belt the Arch-Druid wore a buckle and in the middle of it was a large white stone, especially cut so that the suns rays concentrated thru it would light the altar fires. In his hand the golden sickle with which the Mistletoe was cut from the Oak. The Scepter was in the form of a crescent and this crescent was said to be symbolic of the sixth day of the increasing moon, and also of the Ark of Noah. An early initiate of the Druid mysteries related that the admission to their midnight ceremonies was gained by means of a glass boat, symbolized by the moon which floating upon the waters of eternity preserved the seeds of living creatures within its boat-like crescent. (this is taken from Welcome's ancient Cymric Medicine)

Now; in the beginning of this article we told you of the picture of 'Mithra' lets look at that teaching which came into southern Europe from the Persian mysteries, and you see how the Druids of Britain carried their knowledge, and then embraced any that came in from the same source. Mithra teaching came from Zoroaster the Persian. We have heard Zoroaster described as a pagan priest, a Persian fire magician and so forth. Dr. Swift described Zoroaster as an Aryan Priest who had much of the mystery knowledge, and who was looking forward to the coming of Messiah, the crucifixion and the resurrection. Here in the Old Big Book we are told that as the Persian mysteries came into Southern Europe they were quickly assimilated by the Romans and carried to nearly all parts of Europe. The teaching of the Mystery Schools was left on Bas-reliefs, cut on the faces of rocks and on stone tablets and are still to be found today in the western provinces of what was once the Roman Empire. Many are still found in Germany, more in France and in the Isles of Britain, and are discovered on the walls where once the 'Picts' lived.

Now; Mithra was the Zend title for the sun..this symbol of the power of YAHWEH, and this teaching of this Mystery School was a simplification of the elaborate teaching of Zoroaster the Persian. According to the Persians there existed Angels and Archangels, and then one of the Archangel rebelled and became the spirit of evil. Their pictures carry the symbolism of animal sacrifice as well, and it states that during the fourth period...the power of evil will be destroyed and good will return to earth again, and evil and death will be vanquished and at last the spirit of evil will bow before the Throne of YAHWEH.

Now; listen to this:....(quote) There are many points of resemblance between Christianity and the cult of Mithras. One of the reasons for this probably is that the Persian mystics invaded Italy during the first century after The Christ, and the early history of both cults..Christianity and Mithras were closely inter woven. (unquote)...The Encyclopedia Britannica makes the following statement concerning the Mithraic and Christian mysteries:...'the fraternal and democratic spirit of the first communities and their humble origin; the identifiable resemblance which..whether real or only apparent enabled Mithraism to prolong its resistance to Christianity. (unquote) We hope you noticed that both Mithraism and Christianity are called cults. That is the word used today about any difference of opinion to the standard doctrine established by the church hierarchy. We would say that the mysteries of Mithra did not oppose early Christianity after it was understood, but joined it, for now part of their teaching had come true, Messiah had been in earth.

At the beginning of this article there was a small picture of a man emerging from a broken rock. The smaller figure of a woman stands by the Rock. The picture is entitled 'the birth of Mithras', and says that Mithras was born out of a Rock which when breaking permitted him to emerge. This occurred in the darkness of a subterranean chamber. The church of the Nativity at Bethlehem seems to confirm the theory that Jesus was born in a cave. Other writers say Mithras was put to death by crucifixion and rose on the third day. (unquote)

Now; lets look at that little symbolism and from the book of Deuteronomy 32...YAHWEH is the ROCK, and Adam was formed in paradise in Inner earth so as to carry forward the seed of the Adamic race for the kingdom in earth. Eve was the lade to help him carry forward this work. Thus this picture tells in symbolism that Adam emerged from THE ROCK, then Eve came from Adam so they were one flesh for the purpose of restoring earth and the creation to its former glory as their father destined. In searching for answers the translators of symbolism then term this picture as YAHSHUA emerging from THE ROCK..which is also true for spirit came into flesh to dwell, but they have no explanation of the figure of the woman, however they do pick up the story of death by crucifixion and resurrection on the third day. They do not realize this was necessary because Adam and Eve could not save themselves after their fall.

John P. Lundy wrote:..Monumental Christianity..and in his book it states that Zoroaster was the first to consecrate a cave to the worship of God because a cavern was symbolic of earth, or the lower world of darkness. He describes the Cave of Mithras as follows:..(quote) 'This cave was adorned with signs of the Zodiac, Cancer and Capricorn as representative of the summer and winter solstices, and as the gates of souls (spirits) descending into this life, and passing out of it in their ascent to God. Cancer the gate of Descent and Capricorn as Ascent. Thus there are two avenues of the passing up and down from earth to heaven, and from heaven to earth.' (unquote) Alright this just shows once again how 'Truth' has been carried down thru symbolism.

Again from this Old Big Book:...'The chair of St. Peter in Rome was believed to have been used in what was considered this pagan mystery of Mirhras, for the subterranean grottoes were used by the early Christians as they met in the early days of their faith.'

Godfrey Higgins writes that in 1662 while cleansing this sacred chair of Bar-jonas, the 12 laborers of Hercules were discovered upon it, and that later the French discovered upon the same chair the Mohammedian confession of Faith. Written in said: (quote) Candidates who passed the initiations into the Persian Mysteries were called..Lions..and marked with the Egyptian cross. Mithras is often pictured with the head of a Lion and two pairs of wings as you saw in the picture I described that belongs to this article. Thru out the ritual there was always repeated references to the birth of Mithras, of his sacrifice for man, and his death that men might have Eternal life, and his resurrection and the salvation of all humanity, by his intercession before (or on) the throne of the Eternal God. This so called cult of Mithras did not reach the philosophic heights attained by Zoroaster still its effects upon civilization of the Western world was far reaching, for at one time nearly all of Western Europe was under this doctrine. The reference to the 'Lion's Paw' in Masonic degree could have originated from this cult. (unquote) No...that came from further back in the Mystery Schools. The theory that Mithra was originally a title for the Supreme God of the heavens, putting the sun out from court, is the only one that answers all the requirements for these writers.

Now; we see this symbolism carried on down thru the ages, sometimes even in Paganism and now in misunderstood early Christianity as well, which came from Ancient Asia...from the time of Adam-man, moved into the mid-east and on into Egypt then on even to the remote west.

QUESTION:...Why does the 4 Gospels seem to contradict the timing, one to the other?

ANSWER:...We do not think that they do, so perhaps this will help in understanding those four Gospels. Each of the four Gospels has its own special character and design. They are four distinct presentations of 'The Messiah' and together they form one perfect Mosaic. Only those events, miracles and discourses about Messiah..which were needed..were selected and used in each presentation. Only those were used in each presentation of Our Messiah-Savior and His ministry that bear upon, and illustrate and emphasize the special object of each Gospel. This is why certain words of the Messiah are repeated on other occasions with varying words. This is the reason why you find the 'figure of speech'...'the kingdom of heaven'... only in Matthew where as it is the 'kingdom of God' in the other Gospels.

It has been generally assumed that events and discourses which are similar are identical, but that is not the case. By failing to distinguish or to 'try the things that differ' (Philippians 1:10), and to rightly divide the words of truth (II Timothy 2:15) as to its times, then great events separated by great landmarks of time are brought together and treated as tho they are one and the same, thus creating many difficulties for understanding. There then is a diversity in the four Gospels as well as a unity, for all are presenting The Messiah..AS YAHWEH IN THE FLESH AS YAHSHUA-SAVIOR.

Now; Matthew presents HIM as Savior-King (Zechariah 9:9)...'Thy king cometh'. Then Jeremiah 23:5...'Behold the day cometh that I will raise up unto David a righteous Branch, and a king shall reign and prosper and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth'...This is found in Jeremiah 33:15 as well, and this represents a Royal genealogy from Abraham thru David on down, thus Matthew presents (Matthew 1:1-7) Messiah, as HE is before man...which is the highest position on earth...a King.

Mark then presents in the flesh, as the servant of the Spirit translated Father, but HE is the Branch, and no genealogy is required for HE is presented as HE is before YAHWEH (Spirit) as the lowest earthly position, or the ideal servant.

Luke then presents Messiah as...behold the perfect man..whose name is the Branch as outlined by Zechariah. And here you need human genealogy back to Adam. (Luke 3:23-38) and here the House of Mary comes into the picture altho no female names are presented because Israel's genealogy charts always trace thru the male lineage. But verse 23., was not in the Alexandrian text, and this would deny the Deity of Jesus. And verse 24., give Mary's House...Matthew was the son of Levi..this is Mary's connection and this brings her down thru the House of David. And Luke thus presents the Messiah ...YAHSHUA as HE was...The perfect man in the flesh.

Then you come to the Gospel of John and the Messiah is presented as YAHWEH ...God Himself in the flesh. Thus the reference to Isaiah 40:9... 'Israel behold your God.' Thus Isaiah 4:20...'In that day shall YAHWEH'S Branch..or He as beautiful and glorious'..and here no genealogy chart is necessary; for he is presented as what HE is...DIVINE.

Thus we find that the four Gospels are the continuation of the Old Testament or Covenant. And there are 23 Hebrew words translated...'Branch'.. in the Old Testament and all refer to 'The Messiah' and there are four characteristics of the 'Branch' and these four characteristics are thus set forth for us in the subject matter of each of the four Gospels respectfully.

In the writings of Jeremiah 23:5-6., and Jeremiah 33:15., Messiah who is today translated as Jesus Christ is presented as 'The Branch' or King to be raised up to rule in righteousness. This then forms the subject matter of Matthews Gospel.

In Zechariah 3:8., HE is represented as 'The Branch', or servant brought forth for YAHWEH'S (Spirit) service, entering at once upon His Ministry and this is the substance of Mark's Gospel.

In the writings of Zechariah 6:12., HE is presented as the Branch, growing up out of HIS place, the perfect man of flesh, and this is Luke's Gospel.

Then John brings you Isaiah 4:2..the presentation of 'The Branch' as YAHWEH (Spirit)...Himself embodied as Savior..thus 'Behold your God'.

In this way the four Gospels thus form one complete picture, showing the four aspects of His life, as the four great offerings required to set forth the four aspects of His death. No one Gospel could do this, thus it takes the four to bring us the understanding of His life, His death, and resurrection in earth. And since He had a purpose in giving us four Gospels, then there is no design to make each in harmony with the other, and any attempt is very unsatisfactory, and is not the Divine purpose. You are to understand this or you may end thinking one contradicts another, and this is also not the purpose of the Four Gospels. Anyway Scripture never intended that you read it as a continuous story book, it is a library of Books to be studied.




When speaking of the Secret Mystery Schools the question is did they continue on down in some form until the U.S. of A. was born? We believe that they did even in spite of all the efforts to enter and destroy them.

(Quote)..From the Old Big Book...'Many times the question has been asked was Sir Francis Bacon's vision of a 'New Atlantis' a prophetic dream of the great civilization which was so soon to rise upon the soil of the New World?' (unquote)

Today we know that a corrupted version of the Ancient Mystery Schools then called Secret Societies of Europe conspired to establish upon the American continent..'a new nation' conceived so they said in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal'. This was also the goal of the Ancient Mystery Schools except when they spoke of all men.. they were speaking of the Adamic Race and not of a 'One World Brotherhood' such as the secret Europe had in mind. These secret societies were such as the Illuminati and all its tributaries. They had guided the destiny of people, religions, and nations which were created by them as vehicles for the furtherance of their ideals. And while nations were true to those ideals they survived, but when they varied from them they vanished just as did 'Atlantis' of old when she ceased to know her God.

Now this is the story that Robert Allen Campbell tells as to the designing of Our Flag..the Colonial Flag of 1775...He tells of a mysterious man, concerning whom no information is available other than he was on familiar terms with both General George Washington, and Dr. Benjamin Franklin. This story tells us that little seems to have been known concerning this old gentleman and in this account he has no name, is known only as the 'Professor'. He was obviously beyond his three score and ten years, and he often referred to historical events of more than a century previous just as if he had been a living witness to their occurrences. He was still erect, vigorous, active, hale, hearty, and clear minded, as strong and energetic every way as tho in the prime of his life. He was tall, of a fine figure, perfectly easy and very dignified in his manners, being courteous, gracious but also commanding. He was very particular as to what he ate, mainly of cereals and their products, fruit ripened on the stem in the sun, nuts, mild tea, and the sweets of honey, sugar or molasses.

He was well educated, highly cultivated and possessed extensive as well as varied information. He was very studious and spent considerable time in patient and persistent deciphering, translating or rewriting a number of old books and ancient manuscripts. These books and manuscripts together with his own writing were never showed to anyone altho he mentioned them in a casual way to the family where he resided. But he locked them in an Oaken chest when ever he left the room. He seemed to have plenty of money, and he was a quiet and genial person, at home with any and every topic which came upon the scene in any conversation. He was in whom everyone would notice and respect, altho one who few would feel well acquainted with, or whom no one would presume to question concerning himself, as to whence he came and why he tarried, or whither he journeyed.

By coincidence the committee appointed by the Colonial Congress to design a flag accepted an invitation to be guests, while in Cambridge, of the same family where the professor was staying. Here General Washington joined the committee for the purpose of deciding upon a fitting emblem. By the signs that passed between them it was evident that both General Washington and Dr. Franklin recognized the professor, and by unanimous approval he was invited to become an active member of the committee. During the proceedings which followed, the professor was treated with the utmost respect, and all his suggestions immediately were acted upon. He submitted a pattern which he considered symbolically appropriate for the new flag, and this was un-hesitatingly accepted by the six members of the Committee. They immediately voted that the arrangement suggested by 'the Professor' be forthwith adopted. After the episode of the flag...the 'Professor' quietly vanished and nothing further was known concerning him in that area.' (unquote)

Here in the Old Big Book the question is then asked:..Did General Washington, and Dr. Franklin recognize the Professor as an emissary of the Ancient Mystery Schools which have long controlled the destinies of this planet??? The Old Big Book goes on to say that...(quote) Ben Franklin was a philosopher, and a Freemason possibly a Rosicrucian initiate and he and the Marquis-de-Lafayette, also a man of history, constitute two of the most important links in the chain of circumstances that culminated in the establishment of the original thirteen American colonies as a free and independent nation.' (unquote)

Now; we have told you before that there were, from the Swift Tapes, still 'Light Carriers' in Masonry at the time the U.S. was established, and that George Washington had much knowledge as to the secrets contained in the Great Pyramid, and that George Washington and Ben Franklin had an understanding as to the background of our race, and understanding thus from the Ancient Rose Cross and Master Mason...Ancient Mystery Schools handed down from the time of Enoch and Job. But my friends neither were initiates of the Rosicrucian organization which was a corrupted version of the Ancient 'Rose Cross Mystery School'.

Here we also find another episode concerning the influence of this strange Professor, in the beginning of our nation. During the evening of July 4, 1776., a second mysterious episode occurred. (quote) In the old state house in Philadelphia a group of men were gathered for the momentous task of severing the ties, the last tie between the old country and Europe and England were called...and this new land of America. It was a grave moment, and not a few of those present feared that their lives would be forfeit for their audacity. In the midst of the debate a fierce voice rang out. The debaters stopped and looked at this 'Stranger'..who was this stranger...this man, who was he that had suddenly appeared in their midst and transfixed them with his oratory? They had never seen him before, none knew when he had entered, but his tall form and pale face filled them with AWE. His voice ringing with a holy Zeal, the 'Stranger' stirred them to their very souls. His closing words rang thru the building:...'God has given America to be free.' As the stranger sank into his chair as tho exhausted, a wild enthusiasm burst forth. Name after name was placed upon the parchment, and the Declaration of Independence...was signed. But where was the man who had caused the accomplishment of this immortal task? Where was he who had for a moment removed all other thoughts from the eyes and mind of this assemblage, and revealed to them a part at least of the great purpose for which the new nation was conceived? He had disappeared, nor was he seen again, or his identity established.

This episode parallels others of a similar kind recorded by Ancient historians attendant upon the founding of this New Nation. Are they coincidences, or do they demonstrate that the Divine wisdom of the Ancient Mysteries still is present in the world, still serving mankind? (we would say... they did of old).....(unquote)

We have told you before...from the Swift Ministry and about the Apostle John, did he die or does he linger until YAHSHUA returns? We have told you of this mysterious stranger..of Prestor (Priest) John, who contacted Adamites left behind in their early migrations from the High Tarim Basin. We have told you of the mysterious visitor to the Swift Meetings, and now we found these episodes in the Old Big Book. We have shared with you the works of Col. Totten as he was chosen to trace the symbolism of our race so as to establish the Seal of the U.S., as well as the history of the men who established our nation. And we now ask:...Where are the books and the writings of this Ancient stranger called 'THE PROFESSOR'..what do those old books contain and where are they today? Surely they will be rediscovered, and we would like to read them for they would be in the language of our time which we could understand. When the time comes I am sure that YAHWEH will see that they be found.

Today we see that men of those secret societies of Europe are still trying to manipulate and control this great nation that YAHWEH set in place, even to marking it with certain stars of a Constellation (Lyra... they harp with the 13 strings) as Columbus sailed west, and recorded this view to the northward. These same secret men have succeeded in controlling this nation to a great extent with their manipulation of the money system, for as one dies another takes their place in leadership in that society. They have succeeded to a great extent in hiding our heritage, and even in turning Christian Faith into Humanism. We see this however only as the working of Great Mystery Babylon which is destined to fall, thus setting the United States...Free at last, as this 'Stranger' who we believe to be Apostle John...made clear to that assembly of men of our race there in the old State House of Philadelphia, as his words rang out thru the Building:. ...'YAHWEH (God) has given America to be FREE'.........

We therefore believe that YAHWEH had a set purpose for this land, has had from the beginning, for He planted the Myrtle Trees here, and then gave you the reference to them in our Book, and then gave other keys as to HIS oath. We therefore are still scratching the surface of the things he gave us to discover as we try to understand the symbolism of HIS Purpose. We find that altho Adam fell, still he lifted up as a servant this Adam-man and gave them knowledge which existed in that lost Golden Age, but which was so beautiful that even the Pagans tried to find a portion of that knowledge for their lives. And altho they misunderstood the meanings still in their mythology carried down the symbolism of a Divine Purpose. And here today we search for the lost keys.

Now; the World Order fears a mind which thinks more rapidly and accurately than its own; such an intellect it self protection. For hundreds of years men have..under the delusion that 'Truth' could be destroyed by murdering those who gave it to the world..carried out that line of action. Altho the Ancient Mystery Schools have seemed to have disappeared as an institution never the less they continue to live as a spirit, and dominate the forces that sought to destroy it. Thus Satan cannot win, he just thinks that he can. This is because of his corrupted mind, and his children wander under this same delusion as they do their work in trying to destroy 'Truth'.

Iran, the country of such Ancient mysteries, announced Sunday that it had uncovered the remains of a Temple dating before the time of Jesus. Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency, monitored in Nicosia said:...(Feb. 23, 1986) that the Temple uncovered in Northwest Iran, in the village of Bowkan contained a stone table, 32 by 60 inches, and it carried on it Aramaic inscriptions. Ishmael Yaghmaei head of the Iranian Archaeological team said that Aramaic...a Semitic language spoken in Biblical times, was the language of Jesus and His disciples. We have told you how the language called Aramaic came into being after the Babylonian captivity and then how it was split into three different divisions. Therefore thought this little item in the paper was very interesting, for Archaeology also has been helping in proving that THE BIBLE IS TRUE.